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Day 1;
He threw Callie onto the bed and she smacked the back of her skull against the headboard. Stars danced in front of her eyes and she was momentarily stunned. Callie felt her hands being pulled over her head than she heard the click and felt the cold steal of handcuffs around her wrists. Immediately she started to fight even though it was no use.

The man only laughed.

When Callie could see clearly again she saw the man had a leather whip in his hand. His smile was cruel and sent chills down her spine. “P-please d-don’t hurt m-me.” his smile just got wider. He brought his arm back and the whip came down across her stomach with a loud crack making her scream in pain. He repeated this process again and again. By the time he dropped the whip Callie had tears trailing down her checks and she was covered in blood. The man left the room and she tried, once again, to fight the restraints to no avail.

The man returned again with a large duffle bag. She started to beg him to let her go, that she wouldn’t tell anyone. He just laughed and set the bag he was holding on the floor next to her, than he climbed onto the bed and laid on top of her. He started to kiss her neck along her collar bone down to her breasts. Then he started to lick and bight her nipples. Callie cried and begged him to stop but she could feel herself grow wet and that just make her cry harder. The man climbed off of her and undressed. When he was fully naked he reached into the bag and pulled out a ball gag that had chains dangling from the ball, on the end of the chains were two sharp clips. Callie’s eyes widened and she started to fight. He smiled again as he approached her. She tried to fight him but with her hands bound there was only so much she could do. He forced her jaw open and inserted the gag then he clipped one of the clamps on one nipple then the other.
Callie screamed from the pain but it was muffled by the gag in her mouth. Any movement of her head made the chains tug on her nipples causing both pain and pleasure to shoot thru her. Callie felt tears rolling down her checks from both fear and shame. She glanced around for the man and saw him standing at the end of her bed with something in his hand. When she looked closer she saw it was a long thick dildo about 10 inches that had a wire connected to it and the other end was connected to a black box that he’d set on the end of her bed. It took Callie a second to realized what it was but when she did her eyes widened, she started screaming thru the gag, and shaking her head but that only caused her more pain.

Jake smiled down at his lovely victim spread eagle with a gag in her mouth and clamps attached to her nipples. She was crying and shaking hysterically just like he wanted. He stepped closer to her and ran the tip of the dildo along her slit spreading her juices all around her nether lips. She was so excited even thou she fought him.

Jake had watched her for days. Learning her routine and habits and who she hung out with. He knew she had a boyfriend that was away for a few days. Her friends would never suspect her disappearing for a few days. She also worked from home. No one would be looking for her.

He smiled.

Jake slowly pushed the dildo into her tight pussy. Callie moaned in pleasure as he pushed it all the way in. Jake then reached into the bag he brought and pulled out a cat’o’nine tail. Then he reached over to the box and turned it on. As he let it charge up he pulled his arm back and whipped it across Callie’s stomach. He repeated doing it 15 more times. When he was done there was blood along her breasts, stomach, and thighs. He smiled and glanced at the device sitting at the end of the bed.

It was ready.

Jake reached down and turned the dial up to 6. The box emanated an electric shock thru the dildo and into Callie. He watched her body as her muscles tightened and her eyes widen and her back arched off the bed. He waited a few more seconds then turned the dial to 0. He pulled the dildo out of her and before she had a chance to recover he had his pants and boxers off. Then he shoved roughly into her tight hole. Her back arched off her bed as he thrust into her until he felt her release then he let himself go as well.
Spent he collapsed on top of her. After a moment he looked down at his frightened captive. “This is going to be fun.”

Day 2;

Callie woke up the next day hopping it was all a dream.

It wasn’t.

She was still tied to the bed with the man on top of and the gag and nipple clamps still attached to her. She body ached all over and she groaned. The small sound woke the man that was still on top of her. He brought himself up on his elbows and looked down at her. “Good morning Callie. Did you have fun last night?” He asked. She shook her head slowly so that the clamps weren’t tugged on too much. “Well that’s too bad.” He climbed off of her and looked down at her naked body with that same wicked smile that he had all thru last night. He reached down and tugged on the chains that were connected to the clamps causing her to whimper in pain. The man walked out of the room. Callie tried tugging on the cuffs that held her but it was no use.

A few moments later the man came back with a glass of water and almost immediately Callie’s throat went dry. He walked over to the bed and looked down at her. “I’m going to remove the gag but if you scream then I’ll make your experience even worse. Understood?” She nodded. He detached the clamps from her nipples then he removed the gag from her mouth. When he tipped some of the water into her mouth she drank greedily. But before she could finish the glass he took it away and placed it on the table next to her bed.

“M-my b-boyfriend will be home s-soon. Y-you better l-leave.”

He laughed. “Please Callie I know he won’t be home for another two days. Which means I can do whatever I want to you.”

Callie cried even harder. “P-please let m-me g-go I-I h-have money.”

“But I don’t want money.”

“T-then w-what do y-you w-want?”

He gave her that smile again as he reached between her legs and stuck two fingers into her pussy then her started moving them in and out. “I already have what I want.” He leaned down and started licking and biting her already bruised nipples. A second later he switched to the other. Callie felt the tears streaming down her face as she felt her body a respond to the sensations. After a few minutes he got off of her and picked up the cat’o’nine tail and whipped it across her pussy. “I have two rules I want you to follow if you don’t then you will be punished the first rule is you will call me Master.” He whipped her again across her breast this tome. “Two you will do whatever I say without hesitation. Understood?” She nodded. The whip came down across her stomach. “I couldn’t hear you.”

She swallowed. “Y-yes M-master.”

“Good girl.” He dropped the whip. He then untied her feet the second they were free Callie didn’t think she just reacted. Her leg shot up and she kicked him in the jaw. Master didn’t like that and he grabbed her around the neck and started choking her. Callie tried to fight but she couldn’t just as she was about to pass out he let go. Cautiously he untied her feet he released her wrist but not for long. He turned her over onto her stomach and pulled her arms behind her back then put the cuffs back on. Then he climbed back on top of her and positioned himself at her back opening. “This will teach you, you fucking cunt!” He shoved into her and without waiting for her to adjust he started thrusting. Callie screamed into her pillow at the searing pain that it caused. It felt like she was being ripped in half.

“I’m s-sorry M-master! I-I w-won’t d-do it a-again.” But he didn’t stop. He kept pounding into her ass until he came.

He pulled out of her and stood up. He looked down at her for a long while before he re-tied her legs to the end of her bed then he reached into his bag and pulled out two large dildos. He roughly pushed one up her abused ass and the other into her pussy and turned them on. Callie cried and begged him to take them out but he didn’t even acknowledge her. He picked up the gag again and put it back into her mouth and reattached the clamps to her nipples. She could feel and orgasm building up even thru the pain and she tried to fight it but soon enough waves after waves rocked her body as she came. When it was over she looked up and saw he Master setting up a tripod. “See you tomorrow cunt.” Then he left Callie laying on her bed tied up, gagged, clamps on her nipples, and two vibrates shoved deep inside her. The tears Callie thought had dried up came back with a vengeance.

It was going to be a long day.

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