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Carl gets more
It had been two days since Carl had been fucked by Heath spent those two days in his room trying to recover from the brutal fucking

Racial slurs you are warned
I had to get out of this fucking place school would be the last place but it was better than this place. My whore mom letting her ape boyfriend rapes her son. I went downstairs to grab something quick and leave. Mom and Heath was there he was smoking a blunt and she drinking coffee her dress was inside out probably just got done fucking.

“Oh honey sit down I made brea
“No thanks.”
“Sit your ass down and eat whiteboy, your mom worked hard on this food and almost burnt herself. Do you know the skill it takes to take a dick and flip a pancake?” Heath laughed. He reached for my arm and pulled me into the empty chair. Fuck he was strong damn near ripped my arm from the socket. I sat down I was really hungry best to just eat as fast as I could then leave.
I stuffed the a lot of pancake into my mouth and chewed quickly then swallowed. There was something off, Mom wasn’t much of a cook but her stuff was decent this just tasted weird I heard Heath laughing I looked at him and he laughed louder then so did Mom.

“How’s that protein whiteboy.

I spit out the food gagging in the sink Mom and her ape boyfriend laughed more. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” I yelled at her.

“Lighten up Carl, this taste great.” She raised her coffee mug and drank up I knocked the mug out of her hand hoping that it burned her and smacked her in the face. Heath was on me grabing my arm and twisting it behind my back then slammed my head down on the table and kicked out yelling at both of them. My mom screamed at me saying that I ruined her dress.

“Fucking stupid cunt race traitor bitch! You let this nigger tear you away from dad and fuck you? Then you let him rape your son. When I tell dad the both of you will be hanging from trees.” Mom looked at then she laughed she told Heath to let my head up. She then took my face in her hands.

“Oh Carl, stupid, stupid boy. Daddy’s drinking and getting laid off work is what drove mommy away. Heath’s big nigger cock was a bonus. And Carl if I remember you were the one telling this nigger to fuck you. Do you think that when you tell Daddy that his only boy was begging for nigger cock that he would want you alive. Daddy would kill a nigger loving fag son.” She kissed my head and went arounf the table to kiss Heath whispering something to him. “Well I need to get changed out these clothes. Have fun boys but not too much we don’t want Carl to be late.” With that Mom left the kitchen.

Heath looked laughed I admit I was scared but didn’t show it as my dad said never show fear in front of these prch monkeys. I was better than him smarter part of the advanced race. Heath whispered in my ear. “Good thing your mom squirted all over my dick got it nice and ready for your ass.”
Heath removed his robe and stroked his hard thick cock even though I couldn’t see it I could feel it on my leg. I struggled to get free twisting a kicking at him. HE took off my sweatpants and and rubbed my sore ass. I cried out, stopped cursing him and asking him not to fuck me I was still hurting. Heath ignored me and shoved his cock inside my ass, I screamed the more I moved the more it hurt. Heath grabbed my hips and slammed all of himself inside of me I gripped the table tring to stay stead.
“Ooh yes that white boipussy is tight!”

“Shit, ow! Fuck fucking demon prick stop! Fucking coon asshole!” Heath laughed
“Bitch please, you want this shit. You’re over grown clit is harder than a motherfucker.” Heath reached around and grabbed my dick jerking me off hard and fast. I shut my eyes that felt good but it shouldn’t. I had to prove it to myself that I did not want this. I used my free hand to try a reach a knife I got it and raised it up about to stab this nigger and cut off his balls. Heath pulled all the way out completely leaving my ass gaping this was my chance but before I could do it he slammed back into to me so hard I banged into the table and dropped the knife.

“Cracker is you serious?” Heath pulled out again and spun me around punching my mouth knocking me on my back onto the floor.

I wiped the blood from my mouth and looked up at him gasping when I saw his angry hard cock and heavy balls. I licked my lips. It had to be because of the blood and not him right?” His tall black body towered above me. “You surprised I tried to kill you boy!” I said mimicking my Dad the way he talked to the spooks. “I’ll do it you know I’ll fucking kill you!”
“Not until you fall in love with my cock you brave little honky.” Heath got on top of me pulling off my sweatpants entirely he got on top of me I was too tired to fight back he kept me on my back. He then put my legs over his shoulders then eased his cock back inside me keeping eye contact. I clenched my teeth leering at him.

Heath fucked me slower long hard strokes that touched that spot again each time it did my ass squeezed his thick nigger demon dick. “Oh fuck” I bit my lip. Heath went in deeper, I held on to his arm concentrating on the feeling.

“You like that huh?”

“Shut the fuck up. God dammit what the fuck are you doing?” whatever he was doing Heath kept on doing it my dick was so hard it felt like it was going to explode. I wanted to touch it so badly but I didn’t want him looking at me jerk off from having his cock inside me.” I started pulling at my blonde hair watching his dick go in and out grunting at each thrust. The both of us were sweating so much the noises we were making mom had to hear them fuck the neighbours had to too. Heath bent down and kissed me tongue and everything I kissed him back wrapping my arms around him kissing him hard damn that spot inside my ass. Why did that feel so damn fucking good I wanted to cum I wanted him to fuck me until I came.

I stopped kissing him “Fuck me.”

“Beg for it white boy.”

“Please, please fuck me.”

“Naw you know what I want to hear. Tell me what I want.” I looked at him with my blue eyes his face was so smug.

“Fuck me nigger. Fuck me hard” Heath did a 180 and started fucking me hard fast and raw like the wild gorilla he was humping into him. “Holy shit fuck yes!” I screamed
“Louder bitch I want everyone to hear you.”

“Fuck me nigger! Fuck my tight white was with that monster cock!”

“FUCK ME NIGGER” I held on to Heath he was smiling so smug as if he got me. No this black son of a bitch wasn’t getting to have his victory over me. This was going to be about my enjoyment he wouldn’t be smiling I’ll make sure of that. “Fuck me nigger!”

“Yeah you like that Black dick don’t you?”

“Fuck yeah I like it up my white superior white ass. You like fucking tight Aryan ass monkey boy? Does it make you feel almost human? Oww shit” it was getting painful instead now he was mad.
“I’m the supreme one bitch making your ass cream like this.”

“Yeah? You serving my white ass boy! I barking out orders her nigger. Fuck me harder you ugly nigger!” I slapped Heath’s ass.

“You pushing it white boy!”

“Argghhh dammit shit!” it hurt but it didn’t matter I was close to cumming and he was getting the message. “Hump me like your ghetto jungle bunnies! Fuck me nigger! Fuck me like my great-grandaddies fucked your great grandmommas!” I laughed seeing his reaction

Heath punched me again this time he wrapped his hands around my neck chocking me. I flaied trying to breath I started cumming too it felt so good I couldn’t breathe it felt like I was floating heath’s dick punishing my ass that had to be bleeding the way we were going.

“You think you smart white boy, you not! And you gon’ learn today.” I Thrashed about he kept choking me.
“You my bitch right.” I nodded. “You my bitch.” Yes I said. “I own this ass and I’m fucking your mom!” I felt Heath’s hot coon cum shoot inside me I was seeing stars then darkness.
“Oh wow honey you hope you didn’t hurt him to bad.”

“Had to teach the pussyboi a lesson.”

“I’ll call his school and tell them he won’t be in today. But first I need to clean up that cock.”

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