This story has only a brief sexual interlude. The next chapter will have the steamy stuff, I promise. I was just advancing the story and tying up some loose ends. Again, I ask you to indulge me and read the first five chapters before embarking on this one.
When I awoke, I was still in the back of the Mercedes. I switched my point of view to Mrs. Honeycutt who was driving. She was speeding down the Coast Highway and a saw a sign that said we were still fifteen miles south of Big Sur. I wouldn’t have needed the road sign, I have surfed here many times and new the distinctive landmarks well. I accessed my personal security network and found that no alarm had yet been raised in my kidnapping. Even my house had been fooled by my captors. I realized what a terrible security hole that I had created by trusting these three women with my life. But I wasn’t concerned. I am very persuasive.

The car slowed and took a dusty road to the east, climbing the dry hills on a track that looked like it hadn’t been used in years. We were still a good ten miles from Big Sur. We must be getting close to our destination. I instructed the nanobots in my captors to switch to GPS mode, so I would be able to tell where each was if we somehow got separated. Though I was still wrapped in a bed sheet, I could tell we were entering some kind of structure. Suddenly we were plunged into nearly complete darkness. We were driving underground. Another problem with my technology is that with micro size comes micro transmission ability. I began linking the four of us together with a series of mental commands. Together we would work more like a deep space radio telescope, able to broadcast through solid rock, if it wasn’t too deep. Reception would be sparse unless I could figure out a way to boost the signal at the source or relay the signals from space through a series of relay intermediaries. I was reluctant to reset one of the geosynchronous satellites to focus its broadcast at me, I was sure that someone would notice. I had no way of knowing if they were friend or foe.

The car came to a halt and the engine was shut off. The back doors opened and strong hands took my naked body from the bed sheet and carried me into a well-lit room.

“The package has arrived on time. Yes it looks to be undamaged. We are securing it in the vault now. Yes, sir. We will see you in the morning,” said a military sounding voice somewhere nearby. “Let’s get him strapped down and administer the IV. Move people, we haven’t got much time.”

“Shake hands with everyone,” I commanded the three women under my control. “Tell them they’ve done a good job.” The woman and two teens worked their way around the room, shaking hands and offering congratulations. Each touch infected a new host. Within minutes I was in control of the ten other people detailed to my detention. So far, all were unaware. None of these people had been under my control before, so they weren’t from my personal security detail. I accessed each person in groups of five. Now I knew everything they knew, except the person behind the plot. That name was either kept from them or removed from their memories. I was hoisted onto a hospital gurney and rolled into a room equipped like a hospital room. I was strapped to a hospital bed and covered with a sheet. My feet and hands were bound with leather straps and chains, but I purposely instructed the person doing the work to leave extra room in the shackles and sent additional instructions that no one else could notice. I would be able to escape at will.

A nurse medic approached with an IV bag. It was filled with a strong narcotic and it was supposed to keep me unconscious until I was turned over to the man behind the curtain. There was a prick on my arm and I could feel the IV fluid begin to flow. I instructed my nanobots to deal with that threat and they decontaminated my blood as fast as the narcotics contaminated it. The lights in my room were dimmed and I could tell I had been left alone with a single captor. It was Theresa.

Theresa sat at the side of my bed and looked at me with both fear and desire. She was afraid that I would never desire her again. I explored her memories, even the deep ones locked behind all the others. If she knew who was behind this, she wasn’t able to access the information. Either she was very clever, or she had been under the control of someone who was. In all of the events of the evening, I had forgotten to tell my nanobot symbionts to stop making sperm and seminal fluid. I was full loaded again and feeling randy as hell, all bound to that bed.

“My cock needs release,” my command hit her softly, like a whisper on the night breeze. She stood up, walked over to the side of my bed and pulled the sheet aside. My sleeping cock was already stirring with anticipation. She pulled her long black hair back and tucked it behind her ears, then hoisted my cock upright and swallowed it in one massive gulp. I could feel her tongue sliding around the base of my erection and my cockhead was milked by the contractions of her throat. Only thirteen and already a champion cocksucker. “Faster! Harder! Deeper!” I commanded. She responded by bobbing her head up and down, sucking the length of my shaft and the head as she moved upward, then opening her mouth and throat so she could bury my full length in her gorgeous mouth. She only stopped her downward stroke when her nose pressed hard into the curly hair as the base of my cock shaft. “Get on.”

Theresa dropped the shorts and panties she was wearing and climbed on top of me, settling her recently used cunt on my now stiff erection. She was still slick from our earlier fucking. As she slid down, I bucked up. She nearly collapsed with pleasure. She was sitting with her knees on the bed, taking her weight, and her hands on my chest. Now she arched her back, driving her firm breasts toward the ceiling and bending my cock backwards to increase the pressure on her g-spot. Her own hands found her breasts and began to tug and knead them through her shirt. She peeled her shirt off and her bra as well. Now dressed only in the two gifts I had given her, the earrings and the pendant, she began to buck and writhe on my cock. She used me like a fuck toy. Just as I was ready to blast her inner sex with my entire supply of cum, she spun around and put her hands on my knees, giving me a full view of her tight little ass and it’s tighter little brown eye as she rode me to completion. I bucked upwards once, twice, then on the third pump, I blasted away. She responded with a cunt wringing orgasm of her own, milking me for all the juice I could spare. She slowed her bucking until our combined juices were well spread on my cock and balls. Then she dismounted.

“Clean me up,” I instructed.

She responded by licking my shaft and balls clean, even forcing my legs as wide as my restraints would allow so she could lick my ass crack, not quite reaching my starfish.

“Allow me to clean you up.”

She climbed onto the bed and stood with her feet next to my ears and slowly lowered herself until her throbbing and dripping cunt was over my mouth. I licked and sucked ever fold in her young pussy, leaving it fresh and clean. Then I dug deep into her cunt and lapped out all of the cum I had deposited that night. I do not find the taste or texture of cum to be repugnant. I enjoy the flavor. I also licked her rosebud, making it quiver and flex. I pressed my tongue and she responded by pressing her ass down harder on my tongue, eager to get it deeper. There might come a day I would fuck her virgin ass, but that wasn’t today.

“This was a lovely idea you had, thank you! You should feel pleased with yourself that you treated me with such kindness and tenderness. Now tell everyone that I haven’t moved a muscle and they should probably check on me in the morning.” My instructions appeared in Theresa’s mind as her own thoughts. I probed and could not detect any sign that she knew she was back under my control. Of all of my captors, this young girl, so incredibly smart and gifted at the same skills I possess, represented my only real threat. She wouldn’t be out of my consciousness and direct control until I had gotten to the bottom of this. And with that, I fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.

When morning broke I was incredibly famished. But I was supposed to be under the influence of powerful narcotics, so I was certain breakfast wasn’t on my schedule today. I spent the morning hours tracking and cataloging my surroundings through the eyes of my own captures. I had a pretty good layout of the place, as well as all of the security codes. Several of the doors were DNA and fingerprint encoded. It took some doing to find a member of the staff with the security clearance to add my DNA to the master key. Now my DNA would allow me to open all the doors in this underground warren. As the morning grew late, I became aware of several new members of my wardens. As they came into the complex, one of my infected members would make the touch exchange of nanobots and these new people would appear in my stream of thought as new persons to catalog. Again, these were all strangers to my network. I could tell by their actions that they were getting ready for a visitor. Someone important. People began to bustle in and out of my room, tucking in my sheets and adjusting the drip on my IV. I didn’t stir, didn’t move, didn’t change my breathing. I just laid there like a good little captive and waited. After an hour I could see a car approaching through the eyes of one of my infected perimeter guards. The windows were black, not giving a hint of the occupants. The car pulled into the tunnel under the California hills and approached the parking garage. The driver got out and opened the door for the passengers.

Out stepped a three-star general I didn’t recognize and then a full bird colonel. Then the man behind the plot stepped out: Assistant Director of the CIA and CIA liaison to the Joint Chiefs of Staff Harold Robinson. Robinson had direct access to the President. In Washington, D.C. being the head of an agency like the CIA was a political appointment which meant that men like Harold Robinson did all the dirty work. There was plenty of dirty work in the world for many men like Harold Robinson. Harold had risen through the ranks of the clandestine services with ruthless efficiency. He had served as special operative in some pretty hairy places, then as station chief in every important outpost from Beirut to Beijing. He wasn’t married, wasn’t involved, and wasn’t concerned with what anyone thought. If Harold Robinson thought a course of action was in the nation’s best interest, he commanded the resources to take that action. Very few men impressed him, and none dared cross him. When Harold Robinson called, the Senate Majority leader would stop a press conference to take the call. He was one of the few men who Air Force One would wait for. The only man I knew that wasn’t wary of Harold Robinson was the current President of the United States. And it was my personal opinion that the President wasn’t concerned because no one had ever explained to him how dangerous Harold Robinson could be.

I had met the man several times, face to face. Each time he was careful to avoid physical contact. Most times it was to observe the operation of one of my new inventions. It was Harold Robinson who had objected the most when I cancelled a contract to provide the technology that would have allowed nanyte robots to control the motor functions of armed men in combat situations, effectively turning them into killing machines. The nanobots worked perfectly, but the men were forced to take actions that their minds could not handle. It was making them insane. It took ten to twelve weeks of intensive remediation to fix what had been forced on them by the nanobots. I could see where this had far reaching repercussions and cancelled the technology, destroying all the records and schematics for the construction of the devices.

This had personally insulted Harold Robinson who considered this to be the ultimate weapon both foreign and domestic. The technology represented a way to control everyone, not just the warriors on the battlefield. He had taken my actions as treason and attempted to punish me for destroying the ability for someone else to take on my project and see it to fruition against my wishes. He had threatened my liberty, my livelihood, and my wealth. None of his threats were idle, but I assured him that I wouldn’t sit still while he violated the very Constitution he had sworn to faithfully defend. He had withdrawn from that confrontation and I had not seen him since. But I had continued my work on the nano-technology as my current generation of nanobots demonstrated. Somehow he had found out that I was using the technology and he had discovered a way to corrupt it. Probably through Rick Cheney who answered to someone below Harold Robinson.

Now it all made sense. Harold Robinson was definitely the kind of man who would not take NO for an answer, not even MAYBE. Somehow he had found a way to crack the encryption of my nanobots and given Theresa the training to control them. This meant there were others involved. Probably hundreds of scientists, engineers, DNA experts, cryptographers, computer geeks, and behavior experts not named Dr. David. Did he have them all infected with a counter strain?

I accessed Mrs. Honeycutt and sent a code to here to greet the visitors warmly. As the three men approached the entryway between the garage and complex, Mrs. Honeycutt was there to meet them.

“Gentlemen, if you will please follow me I will show you to the observation room.” She indicated the direction they were to take and allowed her hand to rest on the arm and hand of the generally who had gallantly offered his arm to this pretty young woman. His infection took a few minutes and as I accessed his life and history, I found that he was funding this whole operation through an off the books budget funded by illegal drug trafficking in the orient. He would be dealt with later. As they arrived at the room adjacent to mind, Mrs. Honeycutt placed her hand on the shoulder of the colonel, to guide him to a seat. She grazed the back of his neck with the side of his neck and I was granted access to his life and portfolio. He was one of the first successful subjects controlled by Harold Robinson’s alternate nanobot technology. He had prodigious experience killing in all manners. He might even be more dangerous than Mrs. Honeycutt. Robinson found a seat without assistance and did not get infected.

“Can I get you gentlemen a coffee? The demonstration will start in a moment,” she asked sweetly. Hoping for an opportunity to infect Harold Robinson during services.

“No thank you, we are fine. Please let the doctor know we’d like to see our patient.” Harold wasn’t pretending to observe the niceties.

“As you wish,” replied Mrs. Honeycutt sweetly, leaving the room. On cue, my Plan B burst in the room.

“Give it back Angela, it’s mine!” Theresa chased her older sister into the room, attempting to get back a small music player. Angela went to the far end of the room, keeping the three men between her and her younger sister.

“You aren’t listening to it, so let me,” Angela reasoned, seemingly oblivious to the men in the room. Theresa made a move to run in front of the chairs to catch her sister and Angela attempted to run out the behind the men. Angela responded attempting to leap over Harold Robinson who ended up with a face full of young breasts and a nice skin to skin transfer of nanobots. The girls left the room. Three minutes later I had all the data I needed. It was time for the show to go on.

“Angela,” I instructed the elder Vasquez teen. Please go outside and remove your pendant. The cavalry was on the way.

The curtain was opened and the three men got a good look at my sheet covered form. I must have looked less than impressive, with the shackles and the IV. I don’t know what they were expecting, but I did note the look of surprise on each of their faces. I spoke to all three of them in their own thoughts at once.

“What were you expecting? For me to somehow release my restraints and rise?” I allowed them to digest the importance of what they had just heard inside their own heads. Then I slipped off my shackles and removed the ineffective IV from my arm. Just for the effect, I threw off the sheet and walked to the window in all my nude splendor.

“You were very close to achieving your goals, Harold. But just because I destroyed your toys doesn’t mean you get to kidnap the toymaker. Now you will answer to a higher authority for your actions.”

He sneered. “There is no ‘higher authority’ to answer to. I AM the US government. I determine what is right and what is wrong. I am not impressed by you. You are still my captive.”

“Wrong again Harold. The higher authority is right behind you. Would you please join me in here, it’s so inconvenient to speak through this one-way glass. I feel like I am talking to myself.” The men turned around to see Angela and Theresa behind them. Angela was holding her pendant by the chain down by her side. Behind her were forty pissed off security men, all were armed and all were waiting for any reason to kill the three traitors. The girls led the three men into room where I was. As they approached, I pulled on a set of surgical scrubs stowed in the cabinet near the sink. I was tying the waist when the door opened and they entered.

“No need to take a seat, this won’t take long. Girls, do you remember when I asked you what you would like to do to the drug dealer that took the life of your parents? Allow me to introduce him. Colonel Fisher, this is Angela and Theresa Vasquez. You murdered their parents under the direct order of General Abraham. But the ultimate order began with this man, CIA Assistant Director Harold Robinson. Your parents were killed so your DNA could be altered with a stolen technology. In fact, these men weren’t convinced you would be successful. They killed dozens of couples to enroll their daughters in a program designed with one purpose: to infiltrate my security.” I spent the next four hours detailing all the actions these men and many others had taken in order to get me to divulge what I knew. When I was finished I knew the answer to the next question before I asked it.

“Now, knowing all that you know, you girls have a choice to make. What should be done with these men?”

“They should die,” the girls answered in unison.

“Make it painful,” I instructed Mrs. Honeycutt. “Allow the girls to see if they wish. Then make it look like an accident. Captain, if you would be so kind as to assist Mrs. Honeycutt.”

The captain of the guards nodded in the affirmative. There was no need to put the captives in restraints. I had already placed them in a compliant mode, incapable of a fight or flight response. They had seen their last sunrise and would not see the evening sunset.

The three women and I made our way to the parking garage. The facility was already being re-tasked. A bureaucrat in D.C. would be shuffling the inter-departmental paperwork to put it under my control through a shell corporation as a research facility on loan from the U.S. government to a trusted contractor. Standing at the back of the big Mercedes was one disappointed Portuguese.

“Adriano! You missed all the excitement. It was great. First we were under the control of the government and then we weren’t. And we got to meet the men responsible for our parent’s murders. They are going to Hell tonight. Do you want to watch?” Theresa was acting like a thirteen year old on the way to the movies.

“No little one. And you don’t either. It’s time to get you home. Get in the car,” Adriano opened the car door.

“Adriano is right. Those men deserve to die, but they don’t deserve having you having to remember it. Let’s go home.” My orders were followed immediately.

The trip home was uneventful. Back in contact with my satellite network, I spent the time catching up on emails and research reports. As we entered the driveway back to the house, the girls started to cry.

“We’re so sorry, Professor David. We didn’t mean to kidnap you and try to turn you over to the likes of HIM. Please forgive us. We will pack and be out of your house within the hour.” Angela was in tears.

“We have an agreement,” I replied evenly. “And this in no way negates that agreement. First we will have supper and then we will discuss your punishment. Mrs. Honeycutt will stay and be punished as well. And I am going to ask Adriano to help me with your punishments.” Adriano’s dick stirred at the thought of punishing Mrs. Honeycutt.

“Get plenty to eat. This will be a long night.”


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