Part 2 of 3
Part 2

I hit the off button on my alarm before it came on. I woke up twenty minutes before it, and despite having gone to sleep the same time as usual, I was very much awake. I had lots of extra time to get ready for school, so I went downstairs to eat breakfast.

As usual, I walked down to the basement to undress, and I threw my nightgown in the wash. I was completely naked now, and I walked up to the dining room to complete my new daily routine. A week ago was the first time I had masturbated in the window, and it was exhilarating.

As I began to push the table closer to the window, I heard the floor creak upstairs. My mother must be sick, and the only clothes I had were in my room and the laundry room. If she was already up out of bed there was no way to sneak past her. I was busted.

I decided to take my chances and try to get to my room. If she was up, I was busted anyway, so there was no point in delaying my punishment longer than I needed to. I did not hear any more movement coming from her room, but I still had to be careful, so I peeked up the stairs. I did not see her, and the little I could see through the crack in her door suggested she was not up. I quietly ran up the stairs and past her room, barely getting in my room before I heard the familiar creak of my mother's bedroom door.

I heard her shuffling toward my bedroom, so I quickly looked around for something to throw on. I never had the time to throw on underwear, and my small pile of t-shirts laid on my desk never had anything large enough to cover me. Then I noticed my school hockey jersey draped over the chair, so I grabbed it. It was not the largest jersey, so I usually tried to avoid wearing it to bed, but my mother would not find it odd, so it was fine.

I turned around, but the door did not open, and there was not even a knock. Had I imagined the noise? I at least had something on now, so I could go and check. I opened my bedroom door, but there was nobody on the other side. The bathroom door was wide open, and the light was off, so she wouldn't be in there. I walked to her room, and the door was only open a crack, I looked in and saw that the bed was made. I just blamed noises on my own paranoia and turned to return to my room.

That's when he grabbed me.

One arm was thrown around my neck, as the other shoved some material in my mouth. I tried fighting back, but the man was too strong. As I began to calm down, I realized what was in my mouth. I noticed the familiar taste of my own juices, and knew that my panties were the material in my mouth, even though there was another taste mixed in. This also made my realize that Mr. Patterson was the one who had attacked me.

While I was still panicked by the fact that I was attacked, I became quite calm when I realized who it was. It was a bit odd, but I suddenly felt safe, like this man who had just attacked me was not planning to hurt me. My mother had always trusted Mr. Patterson, leaving an extra key in case we ever needed it, letting him take care of me when she couldn't when I was young, and when I was fourteen I had thought about how he would have been a good man for me if I was older. I trusted him like a father, but certainly did not think of him like one.

Now that I had stopped struggling, he began to speak. “You've been a very naughty girl. About a year ago I noticed you like to walk around the house naked, and I started watching every morning, waiting for you to do something.”

He began to move, pushing me toward the stairs, going down each step slowly, talking as he went.

“Finally, a week ago, you gave the neighbourhood quite a show, and then I found you enjoying yourself at the library, with your own makeshift gag. I hope you enjoy it now, I decided to add another flavour to it.”

That would explain the taste, but not my feelings. I knew I should be completely disgusted and horrified by the situation I was in, but with every passing moment I could feel the moisture build up in my pussy.

We reached the dining room, and Mr. Patterson hauled my jersey off, throwing it to the floor. “I can certainly see why you would want to show off this body, it is beautiful, and it is much better up close than from across the street.”

He reached for something in his pocket, and when he hauled it out, he grabbed my two arms, cuffing them together. This was new for me, I had tried a lot of different things, but I had never been this vulnerable. Somehow, though, I still felt safe, almost as though nothing could hurt me.

“I've wanted to do this for months, and your performance last week drove me over the edge.” The wavering in his voice showed he was reluctant, but I did not want him to stop. I could not speak through the fabric, so I let out a loud moan, hoping to arouse him.

It worked. He reached around me, caressing my tits with both hands, pinching and squeezing my hard nipples as he somehow managed to push me toward the window. My pussy was fully saturated now, and I knew I would not last long, with the excitement I got going solo in the window, I couldn't imagine what it would be like to be fucked in front of it.

He did not waste any time. He let go of my tits for a moment to haul his pants down, then he shoved me against the window. I saw his family moving around their house, completely oblivious to the fact that he was across the street, about to fuck me in plain sight. This drove shivers up my spine. I was so close to orgasm, and nothing had even come near my pussy all morning.

That is, until he shoved his cock in it, going right to the hilt in one thrust. This sent me over the edge. He had not even started fucking me, and convulsions were already tearing through my body, as I screamed into my panties. He began to thrust in and out, faster than I had ever taken it before, as I came, my juices engulfing his cock and balls.

When I finally stopped shaking, he continued to fuck my drenched pussy, sliding in and out with ease. My tits felt great rubbing against the cold window, and I soon began shoving my pussy toward him, wanting to cum again, hopefully as he was cumming inside me.

I could feel myself approaching climax again, and by his moaning I could tell he was not far off either. He was still fucking my pussy as hard and fast as before, and neither of us wanted to stop anytime soon. Suddenly I felt his cock jump inside of me.

No, it was too soon, I did not know if he would stop as soon as he finished or not. Two, three bursts, just as hard as the first. I was nowhere close to the end, but I wanted to join him. Three, four. I got my wish with the sight when I opened my eyes. With the fifth and sixth bursts he shot into my pussy, my second orgasm started. Seven, eight. My body was spasming harder than ever before, but all I could do was stare out the window. Four or five more shots went into me as my body began to calm, and I did not move my eyes the whole time.

Across the street, staring at me were the two oldest Patterson boys, Michael and Tony. Michael was in my grade, and had a crush on me for the last three years. Tony was two years younger than us, but could have been Michael's twin.

I did not think they realized it was their father fucking me, and I knew that he did not know they were watching. I felt Mr. Patterson pull out, causing a large amount of cum to pour from my pussy and down my thighs.

Much to my surprise, he uncuffed me, lifted me onto the table, and took my panties out of my mouth. He began wiping down the inside of my thighs. He seemed bothered and regretful, and he looked at me, as a tear rolled down his face and said, “I'm sorry.”

He did not realize how much I enjoyed it. I did not know if he was truly sorry, or if he was just afraid I would press charges, but I didn't care. “That was amazing,” I said, and he looked up at me, completely bewildered at my reaction.

He was trying to think of something to say, but it was my turn to take charge, and I was going to take full advantage of his regret. “Eat out my pussy. I want every last drop of cum gone by the time you're done.”

He was taken aback for the second time, but he obeyed my orders. He immediately engulfed my pussy in his mouth, licking and sucking all the juices out. His tongue had a good reach, and he did a fine job of cleaning me out, but I wanted more.

He made an attempt to pull away once he thought he was done, but I grabbed his head with both hands and shoved it back into my pussy. He understood, and continued to lick and suck, but also began nibbling my clit, and eventually started shoving his finger in me.

Soon he had three fingers in me, and I began playing with my tits. I pinched and squeezed my nipples, occasionally pulling on them, each movement increasing my pleasure even more. His tongue was moving faster and faster, and I could finally feel another orgasm coming on, as my moaning turned to screams.

He soon started fisting me, as his mouth was fully concentrated on pleasing my clit, and the feeling was amazing. The same feeling that I already had twice that morning came over me. I arched my back as he removed his fist in order to get the full taste. Jolt after jolt rocked through the deepest places in my body, as Mr. Patterson lapped up every bit of juice that came out of me. I collapsed on the table.

He threw his clothes back on before helping me reach the bathroom, then left immediately, without a word. I got washed up, feeling fully satisfied, and got dressed for school. What a story I had for Jenny today.

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Yuck ! What you describe from Hershey Lodge is NOT a grleild cheese. It's an Apple Brie Sourdough sandwich.A grleild Cheese sandwich is what it is. People should feel free to eat any grleild sandwich they want but don't call it a Grilled Cheese in the historical sense.Would you take some chopped steak then add Cheddar or Brie, asparagus, red peppers and Oregano then call it a Philly Cheesesteak ? No you'd call it a Veggie Steak sandwich or something else. But you can't take a classic sandwich, switch all the ingredients and then sill call it that classic name !

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Wow! That was absolutely good :) (y) thumbz up!

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