hope this is better then my other ones.....maybe part 2 if enough people like///
We just lay there in each others arms, loving the comfort of it, if only what we was doing was acceptable.

I guess i should explain, this all started on what seemed to be a normal day, me and my brother went to school came home at 3, had dinner then done are own things, that were the day went not so normal...

My names Carly, im your average 16 year old girl, long brown hair, blue eyes, and if i do add, a huge arse and huge boobs both way to big for my petite frame. My brother Taylor was your average 17 year old boy, tall, muscles (that are just, wow!) black long hair but not too long were it looks weired it was nice, blue eyes. I've had this, crush on taylor for a while now, i mean i know i shouldn't because he is my brother but i cant help who i fall for and i fell for who happend to be my brother.

So, after dinner and we did our own things mum went out for a business trip and she was going to be away for 2 weeks, which was good because then me and Taylor had the house to our selves, i went up stairs to get a shower, Taylor stayed down stairs to watch some T.V. I went in to the bathroom and put the shower on, i stripped down and stepped in, it felt so nice, the hot water running down my back, the steam surrounding me, the smell of vanilla mixed in with the steam, i didn't want to get out.
I eventualy got out of what seem forever, i dragged my self in to my room and dryed off and put on a old sweat shirt which was Taylors but it was just so comfy, it hit just above my knees, i didn't put underwear on, didn't see the point. i dryed my hair and just left it.

I went downstairs and saw Taylor sitting there watching some program about cars, i sat next to him and cuddled in to his side, which we have always done but this seemed, diffrent some how, like we were both hiding something, he put his arm round me and played with my hair which he always does, it calms me down, it sent shivers down my spine. Taylor chuckled beneath me.

"What we watching bro?" i asked with a smile.

"Top Gear, the best car show ever!" he said with a bit too much excitment.

"im hungry can we order some pizza?" i said lying on my back so i could look at him.

"Do we have to?" i just stared at him and gave hum a bat of my eye lashes.

"Why do you always do that you know i cant resit that face!" he said with a smile as he reached for the phone.

"I do it cause i know it works, everytime!" i said cheekly.

After we had pizza and watched the rest of Top Gear, i sat on the couch crossed legged.

"im so stuffed after that." i said licking my fingers.

"yea it was nice, i could do with..." he suddenly stopped, i looked at him and seen he was looking at what was between my legs. My heart raced and i completely forgot i had no underwear on, what the hell do i do, i just stared at him, his eyes moved up and then they meet mine, i blushed like a complete idiot!.

"Sorry." i said shy'ly, i looked down and covered between my legs, which was no soaking wet because i was so excited at thought of my brother seeing my mound. My heart raced, my head got filled with thoughts that i knew was wrong but they felt so right.

Taylors words cut me off "Why you sorry?" he said with a smile.

"Cause of what you've just saw." i said looking further away from him.

"Im not sorry." he said seductivily, hes finger was under my chin, he lifted my face up so i had to look at him, "ive been wanting to do this for a while but i wasn't sure if you wanted to, i know i shouldn't have these feeling for you as you are my sister, but i just cant help it, do you feel the same?" A smile hit my lips, i felt like my heart was going to come out my chest it was beating that fast, i just nodded as i couldn't speak, i didn't know what to say, or rather i was scared i was going to say the wrong thing.
A smile hit his lips, he pulled me towards him and are lips touched, this felt so right yet its so wrong.

He pulled back, but i pulled him closer not wanting to stop, he just smiled, he lay down and i in top of him, as our lips touched i felt the sweetness in his breath, i so badly wanted to taste more. I slowly slid my tounge between his lips, they parted easy, as are tounges twised together, i felt as we was one, like we belonged together.

The kiss became stronger more passinate, firey. He sat up against the couch and i straddled his lap, i pulled of his T-Shirt (i mean come on, why would you want to hide his chest!) and traced my hand down the lines of his chest, lightly round his nipples, a moan escaped his lips and we just smiled against each other.

"How can something this wrong, seem so perfectly right?" he said while looking in to my eyes and pushing loose hair of my face.

"i dont know and i dont care but i what i do know is that right know all i care about is you and i want you in ways that you cant imagine, do you want me the same way?" he just nodded as he pulled me in for a kiss, this one was sweet, tender. I stood up, and i tryed to be sexy but i dont think it was.

"if you want more then follow me!" i said in my best sexy voice, Taylor looked like he just saw the most amazing thing ever or a ghost im not quite sure. I walked up stairs and he was right behind me, we got to the top of the stairs when he pinned me to the wall, i was faceing the wall loving the feeling of being helpless and not being able to move. A moan came out of my parted lips as he moved the hair from my neck and kissed down the side of my neck and over my sholder then back up, another moan came out.

"guessing you like that little sis?" he said with a smile.

"love it bro!" i said fast. He turned me round and kissed me, my arms swung round his neck, his found my waist, he lifted me up and i raped my legs round his waist, he kissed down my chin to my neck and stayed there.

"Where are we going now?" i said rushed, as i panted for breath. he didn't answer he just carried me in to his room and layed me down on his bed, then he took of his jeans, i knew what i wanted to do, i got up and pushed him to the bed and kissed him, i kissed down his neck, his chest, then his stomach then hiting his boxers.

"what are you going to do sis?" he said with a confused look. i just looked at him and pulling his boxers down, showing what i wanted.

"Oh, that what your going to..." i cut him off with a lick of his huge cock, moans came out some quiet some that would echo. I licked the tip then right down the shaft, like i was licking a lollipop. I stopped and looked at him and cocked my head to the side.

"What me to carry on?" i said slowly. He just nodded. i got his cock and i raped my mouth round it and bobbed up and down, slowly at first but got quicker then i would stop and lick the tip then down the shaft to his balls and i would take each one in my mouth the lick back up the shaft.

"God! Sis if you carry on like that im gonna cum. really. soon!" he said breathless. i smiled and took it in my mouth and sucked, his hands got my hair into a pony tail, guessing so he could watch, which he did.

"God you look so hot doing this!" i rolled my eyes and carried on, i massaged his balls with one hand and with the other i would massage the base of his cock.

"Sis. Im. Gonna Cum.!" he moaned and cum he did, i swalled it and just sat up.

"still hard i see bro?" i smiled.

"that was the best ever. Now its your turn!" He smiled, he got up and pinned me down and took (more like tore) my T-Shirt off he kissed me, down my neck, my chest he took one nipple in to his mouth and gently sucked and massaged the other one with his hand.

"Mmmmmm, that feels good bro!" i said through clenched teeth. he moved down my stomach, going down each thigh, kissing round my clit but not touching it, kissing round the moist mound that was between my legs.

"Ok, Please stop teasing me now, im gonna. Go. Crazy!" i said out of breath. he licked from my butt hole right up and this sent a shiver up my spine, a loud moan got sent through the room, i could feel Taylor smiling, he started eating me out then stopped.

"Hey, what gives?" i said sadly.

"wait there i want to do something to...Spice it up." he walked out the room and i was left with me and my thoughts, he came back with black cloth in his hands.

"Im gonna tie your hands to the bed, that ok?" i nodded, loving the excitment of not being able to move he tided me down and went back to the wetness between my legs, My legs closed together cause of the pleasure but he held them up so i was basicly spread eagle, (its like heaven!)

"Oh. My. God. If you keep this up ill be cuming soon!" i said (more like screamed), he hadn't even touched my clit yet and i was cumming every time i played with my self and tried to get of by not touching my clit, it failed. Suddenly he took my clit in his mouth and i screamed with pleasure, i was about to cum and he knew it he put his fingers in my and finger fucked me really fast, my hands were in fists, my back was arching, i had to bite my lips to stop from screaming.

"im gonna cum, bro im gonna. Cum. Ahhhhh...mmmmm....Fuck!" i screamed loud. i cum and Taylor just licked it up, every drop, the kissed back up to my lips, i could taste, well, me. are tounges twisted together as are scents mixed together. He un did the ties while still kissing me and my hands knotted in his hair.

and that is what lead us to being in each others arms, comforting.

"Lets see what happens tomorrow." he said kissing me, i cuddling back in to his chest.
Yes, lets see what happens tomorrow, my thoughts said over and over.......

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autism as an excuse is BULLSHIT your just plain lazy and stupid. missing fingers is not an excuse I type using one finger on each hand you can also if you wanted to. delete and rewrite or get a GOOD WRITER to rewrite it for you, but never ever post a story in this condition again.

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Great story, keep up the good work! :)

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