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Friends have sex before the other marries
This is the first story I've ever written, so be gentle.... but all suggestions are welcomed...

Susan was a bartender at a local sports bar where I had gone to watch Green Bay Packer games for a couple of years, being in the U.S. Army, I tried to keep up on my favorite team when ever I could. I would just show up on Gamedays, but after a couple of years I started to frequent the bar more and more, happy hour, Saturday afternoons and weeknight evenings. I got to be a regular and got to know the locals and the staff pretty well. As time went on Susan and I got to be great friends, we go to local night clubs after she got off, we did movie night, went to sporting events, after years of hanging people thought of us as a couple, but she was'nt having any of that... welcome to the friendzone level 10. Susan would try to set me up with her friends and girls from the bar and everytime things got serious, she would get catty and do what she could to make things a mess, and it got to a point when she would get serious about a guy I would get lost, I know this new would'nt want me hanging around, after a couple of weeks I would get a call from her and she'd tell me the new guy was "an asshole", and we'd start hanging again, after awhile it felt like "she did'nt want me, but she did'nt want anyone else to" either.

About 10 years of this going on I got serious with a girl and we moved in together, well Susan was'nt having any of this, I've never seen jealousy this bad, she was bad mouthing my new girl friend, someone she does not know, it got to the point where I had to end our friend ship.

So about a year later I get a phone call from Susan and she invites me to dinner, I accept. When I arrive she feeds me and we dabble in some small talk about what we've been doing in the past year, then she tells me she is engaged and I congratulate her and i felt like the evening was over so I get up to leave, but she blocks my path and says

"I've known about the sexual tension between us in the past, but there is something I've always wondered about."

"Whats that?" I asked her

Susan comes back with "I've wondered what it would have been with you for a night, I want to try it now, before I get married."

I just stand there, thinking real fast, then I lean in to kiss her, she stops me and grabs my pecker and says, "This is want and thats it"

With that I take her to the couch and bend her over it, lift up her skirt and pull down her panties and spread her legs and I proceed to tongue her backside from pussy to asshole. I get my whole face in there and she responds by taking her hands and opening her cheeks for better access, she does'nt say anything but I can tell by her moans she really enjoys it, my face becomes soaked with her crystal clear juices. This is one of the wettest pussies I've dived into.

Now my cock is six inch cock is rock hard, not great size but a little wider than most, I get up, drop my jeans and enter her very wet snatch, Susan shivers as I penetrate her and I proceed to fuck her for all I'm worth, I am just slamming that pussy and she is telling me "don't stop, don't stop", I didnt plan on it. I love hearing me slam into her, the wet noises of me slamming into her wet slit is getting the best of me, after a few minutes I unload into her pussy for all I'm worth.

I pull my limp dick out of her used snatch as Susan lays over the back of the couch, I walk to the front of the couch to sit down and recover. After a minute or so Susan walks around and faces me not saying anything, we just stare into each others eyes, then she straddles my lap and we kiss very, very passionately like the is no tomorrow, she starts to grind her soaked pussy all over my limp pecker trying to bring it back to life, and she is doing a great job of it. I push her back and remove her top to reveal her pretty A-cup breast, I'm a sucker for small boobies, and start to lick, suck and make love to those tits with my mouth while she clutches my head to her bosom and whispers into my ear, "We should have done this before", she then starts to nibble on my ear and bite my shoulder and I fell like I'm in heaven. At this same time I cup her little curvy ass and help her grind on my cock.

Now that I'm hard again she slides easily onto to my cock, and she rides me like a cowgirl, she really knows how to ride cock as she wraps her arms around my neck as she gyrates herself pelvis to pelvis.

"You like that, you my cock, don't you baby" I ask

"Shut up and make me cum" she responds

With that I grab her head by her hair and pull her away from me and suck her great tits and bites her nipples, and Susan starts to breathe very heavy with her breaths becoming shorter and shorter in rhythm, Susan starts to gasp and riding my dick harder and harder, just slapping down on my lap. I look to her face and i can see tears in her eyes, eyes that are filed with lust.

With all the smells, noises and lust in the air I'm getting ready to unload again and start to to meet her thrust for thrust, as i begin my release I found out Susan is a squirter and as cum inside her she exploads with gush of liquid I have never experienced before, as she tries to compose herself she clutches to me and starts to cry, and tells me, "I'll never be able to give this up."

Susan's couch is a soaking mess, and I secretly pat myself on the back for being the cause of this.

Susan and I are married to separate spouses but we still, get together on an occasionally regularly basis to do things to each other that we couldnt from our spouses.

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2012-04-13 00:53:26
you need to go back to english class. also need a bit more details or be more graphical. read my story. i'll show u or explain in detail how its done

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2012-04-09 01:15:28
was too busy jerking my cock to worry about dumb ass GRAMMAR do you think youre a fucking teacher????? great story!!!!! love the feeling of a wedding ring on someones wifes hand jerking me off!!!

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2012-04-08 21:04:43
Good story could fix up the grammer and fix some of the sentences cause they had a couple of the same words right after each other and some didn't make sense but great story


2012-04-08 19:30:47
Not as long as I thought it would be, but i hoped you enjoyed

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