A creature of the night walks the neighborhood.
Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 16: Halloween Comes Early in the Neighborhood

I last left you with having gotten Kay back into my life. I had the help of Sherri her ten-year-old daughter and the help of angel Carrie. I also added another happy place into my mind. Kay and I were in my office when she had told me about angel Carrie.

“Just hold me John,” Kay said as she wrapped her arms around me.

I wrapped my arms around her pulling her head against my chest. Kay’s hands rubbed at my back as mine rubbed at her. Kay’s head was lying on its side upon my chest. I held her as I watch the afternoon sun crept across the floor in my office. It crept slowly towards us until it enlightened us both.

Kay said, “Someday I want to see this happy place where we are to meet angel Carrie however for now here in your arms will always be my happy place.”

“It’s a lovely place up on the lake, someday I will show it to you but for now my happy place is here with you in my arms and angel Carrie in my heart where she belongs,” I whisper into Kay’s ear.

I had to go to that happy place later in the day. Kay had started her period in the middle of fucking me on my desk. When she got off me, I sat there staring at her red bloody hairy pussy and the blood all over her thighs. It triggered something in my mind.

The room seemed to be spinning wildly. My head started to hurt as it thumped. Suddenly I heard the rotating blades of a helicopter beating loudly against the air. My eyes seem to roll up into the back of my head.

“JOHN, JOHN, go to your happy place,” “John please go to your happy place,” I know not if the voice I am hearing is my own or someone else’s.

My eyes close as a warm shiny light replaces the darkness. As the light fills the room, I am standing not on the shore over looking the lake. Instead, I am in a little office with Kay in my arms.

Please read my last chapter to catch up with what you have missed. It would be to your benefit to read all of the chapters from the beginning. This chapter will begin where the last one left off.

Rod and I had just spent most of the morning fishing for walleyes at a near by river. The fishing was good however, we left they all go as it was during their annual spawn run. I had gone home and cleaned up then to the toy store to pick up another bear for Sherri.

It was around three in the afternoon as I pulled onto Kay’s street. As I neared their house, I saw Kay and Sherri as well as another man. The man grabbed Kay roughly by her arm.

Kay screamed loudly, “Let me go, Joe,” as she tried to free herself.

I also heard Sherri scream, “You let go on my mommy or else.”

I was still coming up the road when I threw my truck into park. I bolted from my truck and I ran across their front yard. The adrenaline was pumping through my body as I did a fly tackle on the man holding Kay’s arm breaking his hold on her.

“My new daddy has you now,” Sherri yelled out.

I tackle the man to the ground freeing Kay from his grasp. The man landed on his back and I gave him no time to recover. I was on top of him in an instant.

“Has your little fucking whore told you of her past,” Joe yelled out with me on top of him.

I did not reply for my mind had once again taken me back to that dark jungle of Vietnam. I was fighting the war once again the only way I knew how. I heard in my mind “Get them before they get you John.” I used a one handed choke hold I had learned in Vietnam. I was just starting to press my thumb into his windpipe. He started to go under as I pressed harder. His flailing arms started to drop to the ground as I heard.

“SHERRI, get into the house,” Kay screamed at her.

Kay then said, “Let him go JOHN.” Kay yelled again, “JOHN I SAID LET HIM GO.”

I turned my head back to her as I asked with anger, “Why in the hell should I?”

“Because I said so John,” Kay replied in an almost calm tone. “Joe was just leaving,” she added.

I gave fucking Joe one more little push of my thumb into his windpipe as I got off him. The man coughed a few times as he sucked air back into his lungs. I went to Kay; I was reaching out with my arms to take her into them.

“LOOKOUT JOHN,” I heard Kay scream loudly.

I heard an old familiar sound filling my ears from behind. The sound of a knife pulled from it sheath. I turned back to Joe to see him standing there with a rather large knife in his hand. The instant I saw the big hunting type knife my mind switched to the three rules to defend against a knife.

The first and most important rule was “Don’t, get cut.” Some will tell you to get used to the fact that you are going to take a cut during the fight. If you got cut by the enemy knife in Vietnam you were most likely going to die as they had a habit of dipping their knifes. If you did not die from the cut, you were bound to get one hell of an infection that could kill you.

The second rule was not to freak out if you took a cut. You have to remain focused on overcoming the attacker as soon as possible. If you focus, your mind onto your cut the attacker is most likely going to kill you with his next cut.

The third rule is to control the hand with the knife. Unless you control the hand that is holding the knife, once again you are going to take a cut from the knife. They taught us to exploit the element of surprise by performing your disarming move before he has time to react. Those rules flashed quickly through my mind and I went into action.

I am not for sure who was more surprised as Joe plunged his knife toward me. It was a low torso stab at my abdomen. All I had to do was to grab his incoming hand that held the knife. Strike inside his wrist, disarm the knife while controlling his arm with my right arm, and continue by taking the knife with my left hand.

I broke two of those rules as Joe plunged the knife toward me. I do not know if maybe I had gotten slower or what really happened. All I did know was that as he plunged the knife forward it went straight up through the forearm of my left arm and was sticking out the other side.

I did not panic I used the knife stuck in my arm to my advantage. I pulled my arm back toward myself, which pulled him off balance within my right hand range. I struck him right on the bridge of his nose with the palm of my right hand. I heard his nose crack as he left go of the knife still sticking through my arm. Joe ran to the car in the driveway blood flowing from under his hands across his face. I stood there looking at the knife sticking through my arm.

It seemed strange to me that I felt no pain. It seemed even stranger when I looked at it and very little blood was pouring from either side of my arm. I reached up and barely touched the knife causing blood to pour out as I turned back to Kay

“JOHN, your bleeding,” “Dear god John the knife went all the way through your arm,” Kay screamed hysterically.

I looked at her as I asked calmly, “Do you have any honey?”

“YES but…,” Kay started to say before I cut her off.

“Just please get me the honey,” I replied.

Kay returned with the honey and I told her to open it. Kay did as I asked her too. I then told her to pour the honey over both sides of my arm. I know she thought I was nuts but honey is sticky and it will lessen the bleeding. I knew I had to control the bleeding as the hospital was about an hour away. I could not remove the knife, as I did not know if it had done any serious damage. I did know I could not move my fingers.

“You are going to have to drive me to the hospital Kay,” I said to her. “Go get a few wet towels and I will meet you in my truck,” I added.

I made my way to my truck standing by the passenger door. I could not open the door, as I had to hold the knife in my arm. Kay was but a few seconds before she returned with the towels and Sherri as well. I wrapped the wet towels around my arm as Kay left me into the passenger side of my truck.

“My mom is not home John so Sherri has to come with us,” Kay said. “Get in Sherri hurry,” Kay screamed at her as she opened the driver’s door to my truck.

“KAY, calm down,” I said to her as Sherri slipped across the seat next to me.

I could see and hear Sherri crying as she did. Kay jumped in, she started the truck, and she threw it down into gear. The truck jerked causing my arm to jerk as well. Blood shot from my wound luckily I had the towels over it or it would have squirted all over Sherri next to me.

“KAY, relax and drive responsibly please.” “Please Kay I do not want to lose the two of you,” I said to her.

I looked down to Sherri as she looked up to me with tears running down her cute face, I smiled as I said, “You called me your new daddy back there,” as I looked back over to Kay.

“I am sorry John I forgot he sometimes carries a knife,” Kay said with tears and her voice breaking up.

“Never mind about that now just drive we will talk later,” I said as I leaned my head against the window of the truck.

I wondered as she drove just who was this Joe. I was also thinking how stupid I had been for not choking him out before I got off him. Then I thought how in the hell could I end up with the knife through my arm. I started to laugh in the truck.

“JOHN, what is so funny?” Kay asked thinking I was crazy for laughing.

I smiled at her as I replied, “I think I need to lay off your taco pie.” “Your good cooking is slowing me up a little bit,” as I leaned against the window again.

“Mommy is John going to be OK,” Sherri asked.

Kay looked at me as I replied, “Yes your new daddy is fine simply fine,” as I smiled to them both at least I hoped I was.

We got to the hospital about an hour later. I looked to Kay as she pulled into the emergency entrance then to the towel wrapped around my arm. The towel was bright red and dripping in blood that had soaked through. I felt light headed as I got out of the truck.

“JOHN, don’t look at the blood just keep walking forward,” Kay said to me.

I staggered as I got out of the truck. Kay was there in an instant she placed her arm around me to steady me. An intern came running out with a wheel chair as he had seen us pull up to the entrance.

“I will take him from here Miss,” The intern said to Kay.

I turned to Kay as he pushed me away, “Please don’t leave me,” with panic in my tone of voice.

The intern wheeled me into a nearby room where a doctor was standing. He unwrapped the towels from my arm and seen the knife sticking clean through my arm. The doctor shook his head as he said, “Get this man to x-ray to see just what that knife is against.”

They took some x-rays then wheeled me back to a room telling me to get up onto an examining table. They laid my arm up onto a cart thing like with a hospital towel or something covering it. I was just about to lift it up to look at my arm however; the doctor came in with a nurse.

“Son did they give you anything for your pain?” the doctor asked.

“NO and I do not want anything,” I replied looking seriously at him.

“Suit yourself son but that has to hurt,” The doctor replied shaking his head leaving the room.

I lie there counting the small little holes in the ceiling tile. There was a small red dot on the tile above my head. I lie there wondering just why it was there. I was about ready to get up and leave as no one came into the room for a very long time. I counted the ceiling tiles five or six times. I was trying to take my mind off what Joe had said which had been, “Has your little fucking whore told you of her past.”

The doctor finally came back in and he said, “Your lucky son that you did not bleed out before you got here,” “Is that honey on your arm?” the doctor asked as he picked it up with his hand.

“Yes it slows down the bleeding,” I replied. “Could someone go get my girlfriend please?” I asked in a near panic.

“I will send her back,” the nurse said leaving the room.

The doctor was fiddling with my arm. Then he would walk away getting stuff laid out on this other cart near by. He must have been happy because he was whistling as he did. To be truthful it was annoying to me. I was just getting ready to tell him to stop that dam fucking whistling while you work crap.

I felt Kay’s hand on the side of my face as she softly said to me, “I am here John.”

I smiled at her then to the doctor who gave me a funny look as he said, “This may hurt,” as he pulled the knife from my arm.

Blood poured and squirted from my arm, as I lie there. The doctor and his nurse were scrambling around the room getting out of the way of the squirting blood. Kay stood there rubbing at my face as I looked into her eyes for I knew I dared not look at the blood squirting from my arm.

“John I am so sorry, I never should have got involved with you,” Kay said.

Kay started to say something else when the nurse said, “Miss the sheriff would like a few words with you.”

Kay started to walk away and I grabbed her hand. The doctor told me to lie still. Kay turned and she rubbed lightly at the side of my face.

Kay looked into my eyes as she said, “John go to your happy place.” Tears filled her eyes as she added, “Go to where the moon dances on the water.” “Where stars shine bright; too many to count.” “You hear the lapping of the waves as they crash against the shoreline.”

I closed my eyes as the vision of that place filled my head. I looked around to see if just by chance Carrie was there. However, she was not. I opened my eyes to see that Kay was no longer beside me. I could see her through a small opening in the screen around my bed. Kay was talking to Sheriff Steve.

“Finished son that is going to leave a scar but it should heal up nicely,” the doctor said. “Been a long time that I stitched anyone up with out the use of pain killers or at least an Novocain shot in their wound in fact I believe the last time was in Vietnam,” the doctor added as he shook his head from side to side and left.

I lie there thinking about why Kay tried to take me to my happy place at the lake instead of to ours. I also questioned myself for going to my happy place at the lake instead of to the office with her in my arms. My arm started to throb as I did. I looked at my arm as I heard someone push the screen back it was Sheriff Steve.

“Your girlfriend told me what happened and I suppose you do not want to press charges against him as well,” the sheriff said. “That Joe is bad news his rap sheets is one of mostly domestic violence seems he likes to beat women up and turn them into his slaves,” He added.

“Just what is he to Kay?” I asked.

Sheriff Steve looked at me surprisingly as he replied, “That is her second husband.”

I must not have hid the hate and anger that filled me as the sheriff said, “I see that look Sgt. J do not even think about handing out your own justice,” as he gave me a look. “Maybe you should just walk away from that woman as she carries excess baggage with her life,” Sheriff Steve added.

“So did I at one time, so did I,” I replied as I got up from the table.

The sheriff wrapped his arm around my shoulder as he said, “Just remember what I said about handing out your own justice John, not in my county.”

I walked out to see Deputy Gail standing talking with Kay as she sat. Sherri was sitting next to her mom with her drawing pad next to her. I had often seen Sherri drawing into this pad but I never knew what she was doing.

Sheriff Steve stopped me as I walked toward them and he said, “It would be easier for me to lock him up for assault than you for what is on your mind Sgt. J,” looking me dead in my eyes.

“Hang around here sheriff I am sure he will show up as his nose is going to need some fixing,” I said to him. “I will get back to you about filing charges,” I added as I made by way toward Kay.

Sherri saw me first and she came running up to me and she hugged at my legs as she said, “John, you are OK.”

“I am just fine,” I assured her as I rubbed my hand over her head.

“I drew this for you,” Sherri said handing me a piece of paper from that drawing pad.

I stood there looking at the drawing she had made for me. There was a sun shining down from the left top of the page. Next to some trees, three figures were standing together. The drawing was remarkably good for a ten year old. The three persons in the drawing had mommy wrote above one of them. I noticed the expression on her face was empty no smile. The next person in the drawing had my name above it with a smile on my face. Sherri had made me bigger than life for I towered over the other two in the drawing. The third person had Sherri wrote above it she also had a smile.

The picture showed mommy holding my hand then me holding Sherri’s hand. Sherri’s other hand was pointing to something. My eyes followed it across the paper. I just stood there looking at the paper. At the right side of the paper stood a strong likeness to the old wooden bench swing where I had once sat with Terri and Carrie when growing up together.

I squatted down to Sherri’s level as I asked, “Why did you draw this?”

Sherri replied as she pointed to different things in the picture, “That is mommy she is unhappy again.” “That is you John you’re always happy and that is me with you which makes me happy.”

“What about this swing here?” I asked pointing to it.

“That is where we take mommy to talk to her making her happy as well,” Sherri replied then skipped away from me.

I stood back up not knowing what to think. I was standing there looking at the drawing when Kay walked over. I showed her the drawing as I told her that Sherri could draw very well for a child her age.

“I was surprised she gave you the drawing most of the time she won’t let me or anyone look at her drawing pad,” Kay said. “John, are you OK you look a little pale?” Kay asked.

I thought what pale as if I had seen a ghost because maybe I had before I replied, “I am just fine let’s get out of here I hate hospitals.”

Kay insisted on driving home and I left her. I sat there with Sherri cuddled up next to me in my truck. I reached down for her drawing pad however; Sherrie stopped me.

“That belongs to me and you’re not allowed to look John,” Sherri softly said. Then she motioned for me to come down to her level, which I did and she whispered into my ear, “I will let you someday when I feel it is right and mommy is not around.”

“OK sweetie I understand,” I whispered back.

“Are you two keeping secrets from me?” Kay asked as she drove.

“Not us mommy,” we both said in unison as we laughed.

“You two,” Kay replied with a smile.

We finally arrived back at Kay’s mom house. Kay took me inside and she had me lie down onto the couch. I closed my eyes and I drifted off to sleep I think. I awoke from my sleep as I heard Kay and her mom yelling at each other.

Kay’s mom said, “You better come clean and just tell that man the truth.”

“I can’t mom he will walk away,” Kay replied.

“What are you going to do when he finds out on his own?” Kay’s mom asked.

“The same thing I have always done runaway,” Kay replied.

I felt a tap on my shoulder as I lay there it was Sherri, I turned my head to her as she asked, “You want some ice cream?” “It always makes me feel better.”

“Only if you help me get it,” I replied sitting up on the sofa.

Sherri took a hold of my hand and we walked out into the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and pointed to the icebox above. I got the ice cream down as she got the spoons. She pointed to the cabinet where the dishes where. Sherri and I sat down in the kitchen having ice cream.

I was sitting at the table with her thinking about what I had over heard Kay and her mom talking about. I knew it must have something to do with this Joe. I was sitting there running a plan through my head. I could not allow Kay to run away in fear of losing her. I did not know what she was going to run from but I knew I could not let it happen. I went from sitting there eating ice cream back to the jungles of Vietnam. I saw myself getting ready for a mission. I knew then what I had to do.

When my mind returned to the present Sherri was looking deep into my eyes. She was up on your knees on the chair staring deeply into my eyes just as Kay does. Sherrie had this look on her face then it turned into a smile. Sherri sat back down when Kay walked into there.

“I did not know you were up John,” Kay said with surprise on her face.

I smiled at her as I replied, “Just having ice cream with my girl here.”

Sherri laughed as she said, “John I am not your girl mommy is.”

“No you both are,” I said looking to Kay.

I happened to look up at the clock in the kitchen. It was about 8:30 in the evening. I yawned a few times before I looked toward Kay.

“It has been a long day I think I will head back to my place,” I said.

I said good night to Sherri before I left. She made me promise her that I would come see her and mommy tomorrow. I told her that I would see her tomorrow as I picked her up giving her a big hug as she kissed at my cheek. I stood up and Kay walked me outside and closed the door.

“John, are you OK?” Kay asked.

“I am fine, just a little tired that’s all,” I replied.

Kay started to cry as she said, “John, I am sorry …”

I stopped her pressing my finger to her lips as I said, “You did nothing to be sorry about,” as I took her into my arms.

I kissed her deeply and with as much passion as I could muster for I had other things running through my mind. Kay tried desperately to look into my eyes but I knew I dared not let her. I told her I would see her tomorrow as I walked to my truck. Kay was still standing there watching me as I backed from the driveway.

I knew Rod and Cathy were going out tonight as they had asked us to join them. I did not have a chance to tell Kay and now I had other plans. I drove to the bar we were supposed to meet. I walked in and saw them sitting at a nearby table. I went over and I sat down. I laid my arm up onto the table blood still soaking through the bandages.

“What the hell happened to you Kay knife you?” Rod asked.

“Not Kay someone by the name of Joe and you two are going to tell me every thing you know about him,” I replied with hate and anger in my voice as well as in my eyes.

Rod did not know much about him however, Cathy knew plenty. She told me that she could not tell me exactly what Joe had done to Kay as she had promised Kay she would not. I told her that was fine all I needed to know was where he lived. Cathy was not going to tell me however, Rod talked her into it.

“You two enjoy your evening I know I am going to enjoy mine,” I said as I got up from their table.

Rod stood up and he asked, “You need me to CYA buddy?” (CYA means cover your ass.)

“I got it handled,” I replied.

“JOHN,” I heard Cathy scream as I walked away.

I drove to my place where I prepared myself for my mission. I first put on my war paint covering any and all of my exposed skin so I would blend into the darkness of the night. I dressed in black as night pants, which I “bloused” into my boots. For those who may not know this term. I roll the cuffs of the trousers back inside and tighten them over the boots with a cord or an elastic band known as a boot band. I slipped a black tee shirt and a black head hood on before I checked myself in the mirror. I was ready for my mission. Then I saw that white bandage around my arm. It would stick out like a sore thumb in the dark of night.

I thought about just removing it and covering it with war paint as well. However, I did not think that would be too good of an idea as it may cause an infection. I got a black garbage bags and I cut it to size and bloused it around my arm as well. It covered it nicely and it would keep dirt and his fucking blood out of my wound.

I went to the closet in my bedroom and from it; I pulled a big locker type box from it. I flipped opened the lid looking at the vast assortment of weapons I had in the trunk. I closed the lid, as hand to hand was my choice for my mission tonight.

I arrived at the watchers home. The word watcher means the enemy for those unfamiliar with the term at around 11 pm. I drove by a few times to get the lay of the land so to speak. I saw the same car in the driveway that was at Kay’s earlier today. He lived a ways out of town which meant that he had no close neighbors as well as woods to the west side of his house.

I pulled my truck off the road maybe a mile away from his house. I knelt down beside my truck as I said a silent prayer before I slipped silently into the darkness. I made my way to the woods beside his house. I pulled my blacken pocket watch from my pocket and saw that it was 11:25 pm. The watcher had just 35 minutes left to enjoy for my mission was to commence at midnight the favorite time of all creatures of the night. One of which I had now become.

I squatted down at the edge of the tree line. My ears opened to the sounds of the night. I heard the frogs croaking and the crickets doing their late night serenade to the fireflies. I heard the spattering of dogs barking, distant cars on a freeway nearby. My ear filled with the rustling of the oak and maples trees in the wind.

I paused to sniff at the air, the smell of pine trees and mowed grass fills my nostrils. It sure did not smell like Vietnam I thought to myself. Suddenly the sounds of the frogs and crickets cease in my ears. I knew I was not alone in these woods. I lie flat hugging the ground fighting my memories from taking over me. I see a small light beam pass me by shining onto the ground beside me. The sounds of footsteps follow, as I lie motionlessly against the ground.

I peer up from the ground to see Sheriff Steve about five feet from me. He shines his light around the ground then back to the woods. I hear his radio click as he walked toward the house.

“No sign of him out here I am going to check the house,” Sheriff Steve whispered softly into his radio as he started to walk away.

I sprang from my cover on the ground. I silently approach him in the darkness from behind. I slipped my arm around his neck. My other hand went to the top of his weapon on his belt blocking him from pulling it.

“Looking for me,” I whisper into his ear. “I could have easily had taken you life Sheriff just remember that,” I added as I released him.

The Sheriff turned toward me as he replied, “Son of a bitch Sgt. J I think you made me soil my fucking pants.” He shined his light up into my face as he asked, “Halloween come a little early?”

“You know why I am here Sheriff,” I replied as I looked to the house.

“I am here for two reasons,” “One to stop you which could have turned out badly for me,” “Thanks for that by the way,” Sheriff Steve said.

“What is the second reason?” I asked.

“Your girlfriend Kay filed a complaint against Joe I am here to arrest him,” Sheriff Steve replied. “She also sensed that you would be here as well,” “Which I confirmed when I saw your truck back down the road a bit,” he added.

I turned from him starting to walk into the woods as he asked, “Just where you think you are going Sgt. J?”

I turned and I asked, “Why you going to arrest me?”

Sheriff Steve replied, “Hell no I just think it is an damn shame you got all dressed up and never made it to the party,” as he smiled to me. “I got twenty dollars that says he pisses his fucking pants when you kick the door in,” he added.

The sheriff and I walked silently to the front of the house. We peered through the front window. We both saw that Joe was lying on the couch. He told me to make it good as we made our way to the front door. I held up three fingers signaling him that we would go on the count of three.

I kicked the fucking front door in on two. The front door exploded open as I streaked across the front room to where Joe lies on the couch. I grab him from the couch by the shirt he was wearing. I ran to the nearest wall with him in my hands. I slammed Joe hard against that wall. I pushed him up the wall making his feet dangling below him. I stared into his face one that showed panic as well as fear. His nose swollen and dried blood was caked on his face.

“LISTEN good Joe, I do not want to ever see you near Kay or Sherri again,” “If you decide too let me warn you that I know of many ways to make you suffer.” “I will bring you to the edge of death until you beg me to let you die,” I yelled into his pitiful face. “Now shake your head yes that you understood me like the good bitch you are,” I added.

Joe’s head was bobbing up and down yes as I held him up against the wall. I gave him a hard knee to his groin just for good measure before I left him fall to the floor. Joe looked up at the sheriff with pain and fear over his face holding tightly onto his groin area.

“Take me to jail please,” Joe begged the Sheriff.

The sheriff smiled at Joe as he lies there. He then bent over slipping his handcuffs on him. He stood him up as he looked to the front of the jeans. A huge wet spot showed up nicely on the front of his jeans.

Sheriff Steve gave me a smile as he said, “You owe me twenty bucks.” He grabbed Joe by his neck as he added, “If I was you Joe I would listen to what Sgt. J told you because the next time I will hold you my fucking self for him.”

The sheriff got onto his radio and called some deputies to come pick him and the loser up. I walked toward the Sheriff. Joe shuttered with fear as I approached them. I stuck out my hand to Sheriff Steve and we shook hands.

“I owe you one,” I said to him.

Sheriff Steve smiled as he replied, “No you owe me twenty,” “and hey thanks for not killing me tonight.”

I smiled to him as I said, “Sheriff, I wouldn’t have after all your one of the good guys.”

“Get out of here Sgt. J your girl is waiting for you in your truck,” he added.

“Kay is here?” I asked.

“I figured I might need her help with you,” the Sheriff said with a smile.

I made my way back through the woods to my truck. I was at the edge of the woods as the sheriff cars flew by with sirens blaring. I looked to see Kay huddled up in my truck her arms wrapped around herself. I saw that she had her eyes closed tightly. I walked slowly up to the front of my truck.

I saw Kay cowering back into the front seat of my truck as her eyes opened. I heard her scream as my figure came into full view of the lights from my truck. I remove my black hood from my head as I stood there in the light.

“It’s me Kay don’t be scared,” I called out to her.

Kay bolted from my truck. She ran to me as I opened my arms. I took her into my arms as her arms wrapped around my back. Kay’s head lies upon my chest. I kissed at her head a few times.

“Close your eyes Kay, go to your happy place; feel the warmth that surrounds you, nothing can ever harm you when you are in my arms,” I whispered into her ear.

Kay pulled her head from my chest looking up to me as she said, “I was just at my happy place John as I waited for you in the truck,” “John thank you I might be able to face my own demons now with your help,” as she lies her head back into my chest.

I pull her tightly against my chest as I replied, “I have you Kay and no one will ever harm you or Sherri ever again not as long as I am here.” “We will face our demons together as well as the monster that dwells in my soul.”

Kay pulled herself from my arms as she said, “John, you are not a monster,” as she rubs at the side of my face.

I looked high up into the night’s heaven to see a shooting star streaking across the night sky. I did not make a wish because the last time I wished that Carrie and I lived happily forever and that wish was unfulfilled. Instead, I took it as a sign that Carrie was returning to the heavens after watching over me tonight.

“Lets go home Kay,” I said as I walked her to my truck.

As we were driving home, I asked Kay how she knew I was here. Kay told me that when she was tucking Sherri into bed. Sherri had told her that the bad man Joe would never hurt her again. Kay asked her what she meant.

“Because my new daddy is going to see that he doesn’t,” Kay said to me as I drove. “I asked Sherri how she knew that John,” Kay added as I looked to her.

“His eyes told me while we ate ice cream Sherri told me,” Kay said.

I did not say anything but Sherri was right. I had hatched my little midnight mission as I sat there with her. That was why I could not let Kay see into my eyes before I left.

“That and Cathy called me,” Kay said. “I called the Sheriff and told him I wanted to talk to him,” “He came and picked me up and I told him I was afraid of what Joe may do to you,” She added.

“To me,” I asked.

“The sheriff told me that it was Joe who should be very afraid of what Sgt. J was going to do to him,” Kay said as she cuddled up next to me as we drove home.

I walked Kay up to her door I kissed her deeply and passionately. She invited me to spend the night however I told her I had to wash the monster make up from myself. I kissed her deeply again, before she pushed the door open and I stopped her.

“Kay,” I said pausing.

“Yes, what is it John,” Kay asked with her head tilted out her front door.

I smiled to her as I said, “You may want to wash my war paint from your face as well.”

Kay smiled back to me as she replied, “Maybe or maybe I will wear it proudly,” “You will have to find out tomorrow,” as she closed the door.

I returned home where I showered and put my nightclothes away once more hoping that I never again would have to become one of those creatures of the night. I sat down onto the sofa looking to the sign above the fireplace. I read that sign “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you,” as I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke the next morning alone and thought just how much this house needed a woman’s touch. I decided that I would ask Kay to move in here with me. I thought about the idea as I looked around the room. I will be removing that sign as I thought it might scare Sherri if she saw it.

I removed the sign and my medals once again placing them into a box. I also took all the photos from the mantel of the fireplace. I did not want Kay to feel intimidated by any of Carrie’s photos. I went to close the lid on the box when a flash caught my eye. It was the light reflecting off my wedding ring that Carrie had giving me still hanging from a branch around the sign.

I removed the sign and I kissed that gold shiny ring. I said a silent prayer for Carrie and Melissa. I also said a prayer to the angel Carrie thanking her for her protection of us all. I also asked her to help guide Kay as well as myself with our demons. As I placed, the sign back into the box and placed the lid on it I heard.

“John you are not a monster,” Carrie said.

I looked around because it sounded so real. I went from room to room searching for her. I know I had heard her lovely sweet voice and it was not in my head this time. I felt my heart beating fast as I kept looking for her. I realized her voice was not in my head. Her voice had come to me from my heart where Carrie will always be until we meet again. I sat back down onto the sofa smiling to myself.

I had another idea as I sat there. I called Frank and I asked him to do me a favor. I told him when the stores opened today to go find me a cool child’s swing set as well as just an old front porch swing. I told him to call a few of our men and see if they wanted a little overtime.

“Have them set up the swing set out back at my house,” I said to him on the phone. “Have them pick up some lumber enough for me to build a frame for that porch swing as well,” I added before telling him thanks.

I went out to the small building behind my house. I pulled three fishing poles and some chairs from it. I loaded up my truck and I drove over to Kay’s. I knocked on the front door and her mom answered. She left me in as she wrapped her arms around my waist.

“What was that for?” I asked her.

“For being my daughter’s knight in shiny armor,” she replied.

I smiled to her as I asked, “What do you think about me asking Kay to move in with me?”

She smiled as she replied, “I think that is a lovely idea,” as she hugged me.

“Grandma that’s mommy’s man,” Sherri said as she walked into the room.

I turned and I squatted down as I motioned for her to come to me. Sherri ran to me throwing her little arms around me. I hugged her as she hugged me. I broke her hug as I looked into her own lovely blue eyes.

“What would you say if I told you that I wanted you and your mom to come live with me?” I asked her.

Sherri smiled as she asked, “Can I call you daddy?”

“You can call me anything you like,” I replied shaking my head yes.

Sherri wrapped her arms around me again and she whispered into my ear, “Thanks daddy I love you.”

Kay walked into the room and she asked, “Now what are you two up too?”

“Nothing mommy,” Sherri replied holding her finger up to her nose looking to me. “It’s a surprise,” she added looking to her mom.

“How about we all go to some place special at the lake for a picnic and some fishing,” I said smiling to them both.

We all got into my truck and we drove up to the lake after stopping for supplies for our picnic as well as some bait. I parked the truck and the three of us walked to the waters edge. We spread out our blanket then I set up the poles. I showed Sherri how to reel the pole in if she saw one of them dancing.

I took Kay by her hand and I walked her to the blanket. We sat down together hand in hand. Kay sat there looking all around us and out across the lake. She turned back to me.

“This place is lovely John,” Kay said as she smiled to me. Her hand brushed against the side of my face as she added, “I can see why you two chose this as your happy place,” smiling to me.

I pulled her hand from my face as I replied, “I know of another happy place that is just as lovely,” as I took her into my arms.

We were embracing each other tightly as I heard Sherri cry out, “I got one.”

I got up from the blanket and I stood beside her as she tried her best to reel the fish into the shore. The fish jumped from the water and I saw it was a huge small mouth bass bigger than any I had ever caught.

Sherri tried to hand me her pole as she said, “It’s too big for me.”

I squatted down behind as I replied, “It’s your fish not mine.”

I helped her hold onto the pole as she reeled the fish slowly toward us. I told her when to stop reeling as the fish took off and jumped again. After about fifteen minutes, the fish had no more fight left in him. Sherri reeled it in to where I was able to pick it up. I squatted down showing her just how big it was.

“Hey you two,” Kay yelled out.

Kay snapped a picture with the camera, as we looked her way. That was the first of many big fish that young girl would catch that day. Kay even caught herself a big walleye. I on the other hand caught one little dam catfish. It did not matter to me because we all were having the time of our lives. We all sat down for some lunch.

“Did you ask mommy yet?” Sherri asked me as we sat eating on the blanket.

“No, how about you ask her for me,” I replied smiling to her.

“Ask me what?” Kay asked.

“Mommy John is lonely at his house and he wants us to move in with him,” Sherri said to her mom. “Can we mommy, please?” she asked giving her the cutest little look.

Kay shook her head yes as she replied, “I think we both would like that very much,” as she leaned over to me. Kay wrapped her arms around me and she whispered into my ear, “Thank you John.”

Sherri wrapped her arms around me as well as she whispered into my other ear, “Thanks daddy.”

Tears filled my eyes as I looked toward the water. There standing not far from us was a girl with long blonde hair. That girl smiled to me as I looked at her before she turned back toward the water. She folded her arms in front of her. A young man in uniform came up behind her and he wrapped his arms around her.

I broke our hugs as I said, “I think we should leave them to their thoughts,” as I pointed to them down by the waters edge,

The three of us silently packed up our gear. We loaded up my truck and I drove them to our new home. I gave them a tour of the outside of the house taking them outback. The new swing sets swing gentle swinging in the afternoon breeze.

“Look mommy a swing set for me to play on,” Sherri yelled then ran down to it.

I stood there with my arm around Kay as she asked, “What is that pile of wood and that porch swing?”

“That my lady is our little project,” “A place to sit and talk about our fears and the demons; that we no longer have to face alone,” I replied to her.

Kay smiled as she looked up into my eyes and she said, “We will start it next weekend just you and I.” Kay wrapped her arm around me laying her head to my chest as she added, “Hold me John and pinch me to make sure this is not a dream.”

I held her tight as I whispered into her ear, “My dreams have been fulfilled once more thanks to you,” as my hand fell to that lovely ass of hers where I pinched it.

“JOHN,” Kay yelled smiling at me as she pulled from my arms rubbing her ass.

“What, you told me to pinch you,” I replied smiling. “Let’s show Sherrie her bedroom as I have a surprise for her,” I added.

"JOHN," Kay replied giving me one of her looks.

I took them into the house giving Sherrie a quick tour of the place. We ended outside of a closed bedroom door. I squatted down to her level.

“This young lady is to be your room,” “I designed it especially for you,” I said to her as I slowly opened the door.

Kay and Sherri just stood there with their mouths hanging open. In my spare time, I had been working on that bedroom. I hoped all my work had not been in vain. Inside that, room was a canopy bed made for a princess. The bed had fluffy pillows and bears all over it. A set of empty shelves filled one wall where a sign hung that read “For Sherri’s bears only.”

The room was full of luxury and glitter that sparkled on the walls as the sun filled the room. The dressers were of exquisite design done in pink with gold trim just as a real princess might have. The ceiling in stars with the moon above, which would glow at night with the lights, turned off. In the far, corner of the room a brand new girl’s ten-speed bike with a big pink ribbon wrapped around it. The ribbon had “For Sherri,” written on it.

Sherri turned to me and she threw her arms around my neck squeezing me tightly as she said, “It is so lovely much more beautiful than what angel Carrie told me I would have someday,” “Thank you daddy,” as she kissed me on my cheek.

“Your welcome, now let’s go get yours and mommies stuff,” I replied standing.

Kay stood there staring at me, she looked deeply into my eyes as she said, “John, you shouldn’t have but I know it is hopeless for me to say anything,” as she smiled to me.

We spent the rest of the day moving their stuff into our house. Kay and Sherri did not have a lot of stuff. However, I would soon change that. We both tucked Sherri into her new bed that night we stood there watching and listening to her say her prayer that night.

Sherri asked god to watch over grandma, mommy, herself and her new daddy John. She also thanked god for bringing her new daddy to her. Sherri was just about to say amen when she paused and looked to the heavens above.

“Thank you angel Carrie for sharing your happy place with us today and you were right I did catch a bigger fish than John, amen,” Sherri said.

I just smiled to Kay before we both tucked her in and kissed her good night. Kay and I walked out into the living room. I asked her if she would like a glass of wine. Kay told me she would like that. I went into the kitchen opened that cabinets pulling out two new wine glasses. I poured the wine into the glasses and I returned into the living room to find Kay standing by the fireplace.

Kay turned to me as she asked, “What happened to the sign, your medals and all the photos?”

“I removed them,” I replied as I sat our glasses down.

Kay looked at me and with a slight angry tone in her voice she said, “Well MISTER you had better just go get them and put them where they belong or else.”

I did not say or else what, I just went and got the box with them in it. Kay was sitting on the sofa as I walked in with the box. I sat it down by the fireplace and looked to Kay.

“Now you put everything back the way it was John,” Kay said as she sipped at her wine. “I share your heart with Carrie as well as our home,” “I know she would do the same for me,” Kay added with a smile.

I returned everything to the way it was before I went to Kay on the sofa slipping my arm around her as I asked, “Care to tell me about Joe?”

I saw the terror return to Kay’s eyes as I looked into them. Kay’s eyes filled with much more fear than I had seen in anyone’s eyes. She looked away from me then back to me. She rubbed her hand to the side of my face.

“Some other day John just not today as I want to remember this day as a happy one,” Kay replied. “Besides when was the last time you changed that bandage on your arm,” she added as she picked up my arm looking at it then shaking her head side to side.

Kay told me to turn out the lights and lock the door it was time for us to go into the bedroom. I did as she asked and walked her back to her new bedroom. Kay flopped up onto the bed like a little girl, she jumped up and down on it until she seen I was looking at her.

“Sorry John I never seen a bed this big,” “You sit here and tell me where the bandages are and I will re-wrap your arm before bed,” Kay said getting off the bed.

I pointed her to the bathroom in our room as I sat down onto the bed. Kay returned and she sat down next to me as she used scissors to cut at the bandage around my arm. The bandage was stuck to my wound as I may have ripped a couple stitches from it last night. Kay ripped the bandage from my arm puling hair and skin with it.

“HEY Damn that hurt,” I yelled out.

When I did, I saw Kay cowering in terror. I believe she thought I was going to strike her. I asked her if she was OK to which she shook her head yes. Kay cleaned my wound with a washcloth then patted it dry with a towel. I watched her as she went to her purse where she removed a paper bag and placed the bloody washcloth and towel into it.

I sat there on the bed thinking how strange it was for her to have a paper bag in her purse. However, I left it slip through my mind. Kay gently and skillfully applied some first aid cream to my wound then wrapped it up in fresh bandages.

“You seem to know your way around first aid Kay,” I said.

Kay eyes filled with tears as she replied, “I had years of practice on myself,” she said before she ran into the bathroom.

I crawled up into the bed thinking that Kay was going to be a very complex woman to understand. If only she would talk to me, I thought as I lie there. Kay had been in the bathroom for almost a half hour. I was just going to go check on her when she walked out.

My mouth hung open and I started to drool. Kay stood there dressed in a sexy red nylon body stocking. It hung tightly against her body. Kay’s hair was once again done up nicely and her lipstick coated red lips matched the outfit she wore. Kay stood by the bathroom door posing for me.

Kay bent over showing me how her lovely tits fell down and hung nicely in the nylon around them. She stood back up and placed her hands up onto her head. Kay shook those perfect tits of hers at me smiling as she did. She turned showing me that lovely ass of hers. Kay bent over showing me that the body stocking had no crotch to it as I saw her hairy pussy and asshole when she pulled her butt cheeks apart.

My cock was hard and throbbing under the sheet as she seductively walked toward me until she reached the bed. Kay climbed onto the bed and she crawled slowly and seductively up to me. Her tits swinging back and forth with each move she made. Kay rubbed her hand against my hard cock that was tenting the sheet from the bed.

“Looks like your ready for some fun big boy,” Kay seductively said.

Kay pulled back the sheet and she crawled up me then turned so that her pussy was just above my face. I felt her hand going to my cock. Kay pumped at it a few times before I felt her mouth sinking down onto my cock. I reached my hands up to that lovely ass. I pulled her ass down bringing her pussy down onto my face.

I licked at her pussy from under her as she sucked at my cock. Kay went to work on my cock as I worked her pussy over with my tongue. I happened to have seen her asshole winking as I pulled her butt cheeks apart. I slipped my tongue from her pussy and I started to run my tongue around her lovely asshole. I started to lick at it with my tongue then I started to poke my tongue into it.

“Mmmmmm if you keep tonguing my butt you are going to have to fuck me in my ass,” Kay sexily said pulling on my cock. “But that is going to cost you extra,” Kay added.

I felt her hand stop as I asked, “What did you say?”

“Nothing,” Kay replied as she took all my cock back into her mouth.

Her hot little mouth felt too good on my cock to worry about what she had said. I went back to tongue fucking her lovely asshole. I slipped a couple of my fingers up into her pussy as well. I rubbed them in and out of it as I tongued her asshole. We stayed like that for almost a half hour.

Kay creamed my face a few times with her juices during that time. Kay pulled her mouth from my cock and she crawled down my body between my legs. She stayed on her hands and knees looking back to me.

“Take me from behind John,” Kay cooed out as her head sunk into the bed.

I got up behind her where I rubbed my hard cock at her pussy a few times. Each time I did Kay pumped her pussy back toward it trying to take it inside of her pussy. I finally slipped my cock into her pussy. Kay backed herself hard onto my cock taking it all up inside her.

“AHhhh yeah,” Kay yelled out as my cock bottomed out in her pussy. Kay looked back at me from the bed and she added, “Fuck me John, fuck me hard and deep,” she added before she laid her head back down onto the bed.

I was to far gone with excitement as I started to plow my cock in and out of her pussy. I was slamming my cock faster and harder into her not thinking whether it may be hurting her or not. Kay’s pussy sucked at my cock as my balls pounded against her clit from under her.

“AHhhhhh,” Kay yelled out as her pussy juices flowed over my cock.

I slowed my fucking down taking my time at fucking her from behind. I was almost teasing her with my cock. I would run all my cock up into her then slowly pull it back out. Kay got up onto her hands as she rocked her pussy and ass back toward my cock.

“Fuck me harder John,” “Pull my hair,” Kay said as she tilted her head back toward me.

I lightly rubbed my hand through her hair instead of pulling on it. I went back to a steady fucking of her from behind as I teased her hair with my hand. Kay was moaning lightly as I did. Kay suddenly pulled forward off my cock.

Kay looked back to me as she said, “Fuck me up my ass John,” as she leaned forward and her hands went back to her butt cheeks pulling them apart.

I slipped the head of my cock into her asshole. I held it there as I saw her hands go to gripping hard at the bed covers. I eased a little more into her tight ass. Kay started to rock back against my cock with her ass. Kay soon had all my cock buried into her tight little ass.

“AHHhh yeah John fuck my ass with that big cock,” Kay screamed out.

I started to slowly fuck her tight asshole Kay was squeezing her asshole tightly around my cock as I did. My cock was sliding in and out of her asshole with ease as I started to fuck her ass a little deeper then harder. I fucked her sweet ass for about ten minutes. I felt my cock twitch as I buried it deeply one more time into her ass. I pumped Kay’s hot little ass full of cum as she kept rocking onto my cock.

Kay slipped forward off my cock spinning around wrapping her arms around my neck as she said, “Next time fuck my ass like you mean it,” before she kissed me just once before she slipped from the bed.

Kay went into the bathroom and she came back with a wet warm washcloth she cleaned my cock all up then kissed it. Kay went back into the bathroom and she returned in just her birthday suit. She crawled up into bed next to me I rolled over taking her into my arms cuddling up against her back.

I kissed at her ear as I whispered, “I love you,” into it.

“I love you too John,” Kay replied in a somewhat broken voice.

I just cuddled her tightly as I figured her tears were happy ones. If I had known they were frightened ones I would have asked her what was wrong. I cuddled her until she fell asleep in my arms. The next morning I awoke to find Kay and Sherri standing by the bed with breakfast in their hands.

“You eat while we both get ready for school,” Kay said as they walked from the room.

I sat there eating wondering about what I thought I had heard Kay say to me last night about it costing me extra. My thoughts soon left me as damn the French toast they have served me tasted good. Kay, Sherri and I set up house the rest of that first week of May.

I awoke early on May 10 as I always had. The sun was not up as I climbed slowly out of bed. I did not want to wake Kay. I grabbed my clothes for the day and I slipped into the bathroom in our bedroom. I showered and shaved then faced myself in the mirror as I did everyday.

However, this was no normal day as it was the anniversary of losing Carrie and Melissa. I saw the sadness in my eyes and I felt the sorrow return to my heart. I wiped my tears thinking how awful I was for crying for myself and not them. I pulled myself together and I walked from the bathroom. Kay and Sherri sat silently on the bed dressed in their best clothes. I looked to Kay as she arose from the bed.

I was going to say something when I felt her finger on my lips as Kay said, “You did not think we would let you go alone,” “Carrie has became apart of us all John.”

Sherri walked over to me taking my hand into her little hand as she said, “Come on daddy Carrie is waiting.”

The three of us drove to the cemetery. The sun was just coming up behind the grave marker as we stood there watching it rise. Sherri walked over and laid the flowers we had gotten and she kissed the tombstone. She walked back and she placed her hand in mine as well as into her moms. The three of us stood there watching the sunrise over the grave marker.

“I miss you two,” I said with a broken voice.

I felt Kay wrapping her arm around my waist as she said, “I wish I could have known you both.”

Sherri looked to her mom then to me as she said, “Don’t you worry Carrie and Melissa I will take good care of these two,” as she looked to the heavens above.

We dropped Sherri off at her school then Kay and I went to ours. We were unable to go down to the local tavern after school, as we had to go pick Sherri up from school. However, we made plans with Rod and Cathy to have a BBQ at our house Saturday. I dropped Kay off at home, telling her I would go pick Sherri up from school. When I pulled up Sherri was standing there with three other girls. They all came running over to the truck when I pulled up. I got out and Sherri motioned for me to come down to her level, which I did.

“Daddy, would you take us skating Friday night?” Sherri asked.

“It would be my pleasure,” I replied.

Sherri and the other girls cheered and jumped around. Sherri told her little friends bye and we got into my truck. Sherri and I talked about what she had learned in school today as we drove home. I pulled into our driveway and parked my truck. Sherri just sat there looking at me and she motioned me down to her with her finger. When my face was even with hers, she took her hands and she placed them onto each side of my face. Sherri gazed deeply into my eyes as she tilted her head side to side.

Sherri finally left my face go as she said, “Angel Carrie told me that I could trust you daddy.” “She told me you would never hurt my mommy, I am to give you my drawing book and to tell you to throw it away when you were done,” as she opened the door to her side of the truck slipping out and closing the door.

I watched her as she skipped up to the house. I turned to her drawing book lying on the front seat of my truck. It was an aged looking book as if she had it for a long time. A cold chill ran through my body as my hand touched it.

I drew my hand from it as my mind took me back to the house where Carrie and I lived. The cold chill I was feeling now was the same as I had felt that day down on our dock as I worked on our boat. The same cold I felt in Carrie’s hand that same day as she lies on that table in the morgue with those lovely blue eyes closed never to open again.

The sky seemed to darken as the clouds blocked out the sun turning this sunny day into a dark overcast day. My hand trembled as I reached for the drawing book again. I hoped I was prepared for what I was about to see. I flipped the cover back on it.

That will end Chapter 16. What was I too find in that sweet little girls drawing book? Would I even be able to look into it or did I even want too? Surely, that sweet little girl Sherri had no demons of her own. Find out in my next chapter. As always, please let me know that you are enjoying and thanks for all the wonderful comments so far.

To my fellow veterans out there always remember, “The dawn of each new day may bring a different answer.”
Sgt. J

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