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Learning about sex
Persuading the Girl Next Door

Chapter One

Looking back I was very naive but I just assumed my life was normal. I was good at getting people to do what I wanted and, at that age, never thought about it.

When I wanted to play with other kids they would play the games I wanted. Of course their games were also fun so it wasn't like we always did what I wanted. But, if I really wanted something, then that was what we did.

There was a girl next door named Kim and she was two years older than me. We used to play together and if I wanted to play army instead of dolls then she did it. And when I got curious about girls being different we played doctor.

When I hit eleven my I started noticing girls more including Kim. She was already thirteen by then so there was something to notice. I took her out to our clubhouse and asked her about her boobs. I was so used to getting my way that it never occurred to me to be shy about it. Kim was reluctant but talked about her first bra and how she was up to a B cup now.

Didn't it feel different with that extra weight bouncing around up front? She said she was used to it now. I reached out to feel that weight and, for the first time, she resisted, blocking my hands and backing away.

I was surprised at her reaction. I may not have consciously realized my ability at that age but I had learned how to get what I wanted. I concentrated and gave her a "push" and she relaxed and stepped forward dropping her hands to her side.

I used both hands to cup her breasts, feeling the weight through her Tee shirt and bra. She wasn't huge but they were still a handful and I was amazed that she wasn't constantly aware of them hanging out there.

As I felt her up I noticed my penis getting hard in my pants. I had only vague ideas about sex; there was no internet or porn in my house. I had recently learned that when I got hard it felt good to touch it. I thought about taking it out to stroke but I didn't want to stop touching her boobs.

It suddenly occurred to me that her hands were not busy and I could have her take out my hard on and play with it. I told her what to do and again she resisted. I pushed again and her eyes got a distant look as she unzipped my fly and reached into my shorts to pull me out.

I had to tell her what to do as she was totally clueless. I had her try different touches figuring out what felt good. Eventually we reinvented the age old grip stroking up and down. That felt better than anything I had ever been able to do with my own hands.

By this point I wanted to see more of her boobs so I pulled her tee shirt up to see her white bra and started feeling that. I was touching skin around the bra and that felt wonderful.

I reached around to try and undo her bra. I had no experience with this and the distraction from what her hands were doing made it even more difficult. I had just figured out where the hook was when the most wonderful sensation started in my penis and spread to the rest of my body. I was aware that my penis was spurting and felt my hips tense and jerk and I zoned out overcome by the feeling.

Eventually my penis got too sensitive for she had continued stroking and I had to tell her to stop. Her hands were covered in sticky goop and my penis was starting to relax back to its normal state.

I was still taking all this in when I heard Kim's mother call her in. I pulled her shirt back down, looked her straight in the eye and told her to not tell anyone, pushing as I said it. I used my shirt to wipe her hands and told her to go home and wash them before anyone could see. She walked away and I put my sticky penis back in my pants. At home I changed shirts and wondered about what had happened.

I had never heard the word orgasm but I knew what felt good. At school the next day I told Kim to meet me at the clubhouse and I pushed to make sure she would do it.

Arriving home I dumped my school stuff, grabbed a towel, and headed out to the clubhouse. Kim was waiting there for me as I had told her. Like any kid with a new toy I wanted to play again so I pushed my pants to my ankles, sat down on a chair, and told her to do me like she did the day before.

Kneeling in front of me she took my shaft in her hand and started stoking. It was better because she already knew what to do right from the start. As I sat there watching her hand stroke up and down I thought to myself that this was the best thing in the world.

Between the tensions I had built up thinking about this and the feeling of her soft hand stroking me it wasn’t very long before I started feeling like I had the previous day. I got the towel ready to catch my spurts and held it in place as she stroked me to the second cum of my life. I sat back relaxing in the wonderful after feeling finally telling her to stop.

Looking at Kim my eyes were again drawn to her boobs and I remembered I had not gotten beyond her bra before. I beckoned her forward and pulled her shirt up and over her head. This time I was able to figure out the clasp on her bra and I slipped it off her shoulders and stared at her bare breasts.

They were firm with no sag at all. Her nipples were larger than mine and pink with a lighter pink area surrounding them. My hands moved forward to cup each one as if drawn to them. They were the perfect combination of soft and firm and I could not get enough of touching them. I held, rubbed, squeezed, and poked at her tits exploring the newness of the experience.

In spite of having cum I was soon hard again but I continued to work my hands over her body. It occurred to me to kiss her as I had seen men kiss women and I pulled her forward by the shoulders and placed my lips on hers. I was ignorant of the part tongues played in kissing so it wasn’t as exciting as it might have been.

I felt an urge to kiss those nipples. That led to licking and then sucking. Her nipples hardened in response to my mouth and she moaned. I wondered if that would feel as good to me as to her and had her lick and suck on my nipples. It was pleasant but nothing special. Feeling her nipples brush against my erection was a nice surprise.

Exactly where the thought came from I could not say. Maybe it is hardwired into every boy but I was captivated with the thought of her lips on the tip of my penis. I had Kim move down and repeat what she had done to my chest on the tip of my glans. It felt very nice and soon she was taking more into her mouth and it felt still better.

At this point it occurred to me that I had stopped telling her what to do. I hadn’t told her out loud to suck my nipples or my hard on, simply thought it. My first thought was that she was just really good at anticipating my needs. But what were the odds that she would think to suck me down there at exactly the same time I did?

I began actively thinking of what I wanted her to do, taking me deeper, tonguing the tip, sucking up and down more quickly. She did exactly as I wished and I stopped wondering how and surrendered to what she was doing. It was addictive having her do exactly what felt best and I was soon feeling close. I started to reach for the towel but realized I didn’t want her to stop so I could catch the mess. As I finally came I remember feeling the need for her to suck the cum out of me and swallow every drop and that is what she did. She continued to suck and swallow as I came down from my orgasm. I didn’t have to tell her to stop as she slowed down and held my shrinking dick in her mouth. Finally she released it and sat back waiting patiently.

Wow! I had thought that getting a hand job was the greatest thing in the world. Getting sucked off was ten times better. As I calmed down I thought more about how she was doing what I wanted without my even asking. Remembering how she had moaned when I sucked her nipples I wondered how that had made her feel. She spontaneously began telling me how embarrassed she had felt but how the feel of my mouth had made her tingle inside and that she had started to like what I was doing.

I thought that interesting and resumed fondling and sucking on her breasts. I sucked the left nipple until it was hard and then switched to the right. I kept alternating and soon she was moaning. Wondering if she could cum like I did prompted her to explain that she had heard that bad girls fingered themselves down there but she didn’t know how to do it. I put my hand up her skirt on her panties and began gently rubbing starting at the bottom and working my way up. When I neared the top she groaned and said that felt like the spot. I continued to rub that spot and resumed licking and sucking her nips.

I wanted her to cum and that probably helped as much as my clumsy rubbing. She began panting and I continued until her hips jerked and her head went back. I recognized the same reaction that happened when I had cum and gradually slowed my rubbing of her pussy. Damn! This was fun.

Despite having cum twice I was hard again. I allowed her a few minutes to recover, enjoying stroking the naked skin of her chest, arms, and back as I waited. Soon she was back where I desired, sucking up and down my shaft. I relaxed back reveling in the sensations she was giving me.

She sucked me non stop, using only her mouth, for nearly fifteen minutes. This was longer than I had lasted the previous times. I was learning that each cum took longer which meant I got to enjoy it more. I finally spurted into her eagerly sucking mouth and she swallowed doing better than the previous time.

She gradually slowed and stopped holding my prick in her mouth as it softened and shrunk to normal size. I figured I was done for the day but we would repeat this tomorrow. She let go of my penis and spoke saying that she was supposed to go shopping with her mother tomorrow and would not be able to play.

It was getting late and I had homework, dinner, and TV shows waiting for me. I had her get dressed but before she left I had her kiss me again only this time we used tongues. I could see how it made kissing more interesting. She ran off to her house and I returned to mine.


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