I just finished the new chapter of this story. I age corrected it to meet the forums rules but I understand they may have changed the age rules again so I apologize to any fans who miss the younger characters. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
Chapter 6

“Aunt Beth,” Dave said in surprise when his aunt opened the door at his knock. The tall red-head smiled up at her only nephew and the teenager got a good look down the v-neck of her tight t-shirt. The short shirt and even shorter shorts hugging her hips should have been inappropriate for someone her age, but Dave’s aunt had the body to pull it off in spite of her age.

“Come on in, Dave,” Aunt Beth said, stepping back to give her nephew room to slide past her into the house. As her nephew walked past her Beth reached down to give his ass a goose and chuckled when Dave jumped.

“Where are Kim and Jane?” Dave asked, he glanced around the living room and didn’t see either of his cousins and didn’t hear them anywhere else in the house either.

“They went out for lunch and a movie with their father,” Beth said, closing the door before Dave even had a chance to turn around.

“But Kim called and told me to come right over,” Dave told his aunt. “I had to tell mom I was coming over to help her and Jane study before she let me out of the house. Of course I had a pretty good idea what she really wanted me to come over for.”

“Well you’re half-right,” Aunt Beth said with a grin, “you are here for sex, but it’s not with the girls. Didn’t your Uncle Ted tell you that I’d be fucking you too?”

“I guess he did mention it,” Dave admitted, blushing as he spoke, “but I didn’t really think about it until now.”

“Does that mean you’re not interested in me?” Aunt Beth asked, running her fingers almost casually along the obvious lump in her nephews crotch. “Or do you only fuck younger girls that you’re actually related to?”

“What?” Dave asked dully as he felt his prick jump at his aunt’s touch.

“Well, I am your aunt by marriage,” the older woman pointed out. “I’m not related to you by blood like Kim, Jane, and Linda are.”

“You know about Linda?” Dave asked as he jumped in surprise, he wasn’t sure if he was jumping because of the squeeze his aunt gave his balls or because of her comment about his sister.

“Linda told us when she was over earlier,” Beth said with a soft chuckle. “Now stop avoiding my question and tell me if you want to fuck, and if so, where.”

Dave licked his lips and considered his aunts question while he watched her play with her own tits. “Well I do enjoy fucking young girls I’m related to,” the eighteen year old admitted, “but I don’t think I’m hung up on age or incest - otherwise I wouldn’t be feeling so horny for you right now.”

“That’s good to hear,” Beth said, pulling her shirt off over her head so Dave had a clear shot of her bare breasts as they bounced just in front of his eyes and he couldn’t help but notice that they were even larger than Kim’s, and just as firm. “So, where do you want to fuck?”

“Well,” Dave said with a slow grin, “if you’re as anxious as Kim and Jane to have a baby, than I think it would be fun to knock you up in the same place I knocked them up.

“So down to the girl’s room,” Beth said wiggling out of her short-shorts so they dropped to the living room floor and revealed that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Dave stumbled after his barefoot aunt, shedding his own cloths as he followed her to her daughters’ bedroom. He couldn’t help but think how this was just like the other day when he’d followed Kim and Jane to their room.

When Dave entered the girls’ bedroom Aunt Beth was bouncing on the edge of the bed and she spread her legs to give her nephew a clear view of her hairy slit as her pussy juice dripped from the curly hair around her cunt. “Are you as ready for this as I am?” she asked, watching Dave slide across the bedroom floor until he was standing right in front of her with his hard cock jiggling just a few inches in front of her face.

“Almost,” Dave said with a sly grin. “It might help if you sucked my prick to make sure I’m as ready as you are.”

“No problem,” Beth said, grabbing Dave’s staff and holding it steady as she stuck her tongue out to lick the tip before she added, “I love sucking cock, especially young horny cocks like yours.

Dave watched his aunt’s hair slide back and forth while her lips moved up and down his shaft. The teenager let out a low moan of pleasure and reached down to hold Beth’s hair out of the way so he could watch her lips as they slid up and down his shaft. “Don’t take this the wrong way, Aunt Beth, but your blow-job is almost as good as Jane’s.”

“I know Jane gives a better blow-job than me,” Beth admitted, stroking Dave’s cock with her left hand as she spoke. “I taught her everything I know about sucking cocks, but Jane’s a natural while I had to learn everything for myself.”

“Don’t put yourself down like that, Beth,” Dave hissed through his clenched teeth. “You’re a great cocksucker. And no matter how much of a natural Jane is, you still taught her the basics.”

“Thank you, Dave,” Beth said, letting her nephew’s cock slip out of her mouth and watching the erect shaft bounce in front of her eyes enticingly. “But right now I don’t care about my skills as a cocksucker, I care about your skills as a baby-maker.”

Beth pushed herself back on Kim’s bed and opened her thighs as wide as they could go so Dave had a clear view of her drooling pussy while she gestured for him to join her on the bed. “I’d ask if you were sure about this,” Dave said, stepping up between his aunt’s legs until the tip of his cock came in contact with the thick blond hair around her wet cunt lips, “but your pussy is even wetter than Kim or Jane; and I know how much they wanted me to knock them up.”

“Oh, I want your baby alright,” Aunt Beth said, squirming around on the bed while Dave teased her with the tip of his cock flicking back and forth across the older woman’s erect clit, “or maybe I should say babies. You see, I figure I’m old enough that I’m worried about my chances to have your baby so I’ve been taking fertility drugs. That increases my chances to have your baby, but it also increases my chances of having more than one. Now stop teasing me and slam that prick inside me until you fill me with enough cum to knock me up for sure.”

“Well I’m not going to argue with you,” Dave said, nudging his cock forward until the head was wedged between his aunt’s quivering pussy lips. Especially since I want to knock you up as much as you want to get knocked up.

Without shifting his cock from it’s comfortable position Dave climbed into Kim’s bed between his aunt’s spread legs and once his knees were firmly on the mattress he leaned forward to suck on Beth’s nipples while he slammed his cock into her tight slit.

Beth moaned with the pleasure of her nephew’s cock sliding in and out of her juicy pussy, the teenager picking up his fucking pace with each thrust until he was slamming into her body so hard he could barely hold her erect nipple between his lips every time his cum filled balls bounced off her ass.

“Fuck me, Dave, fuck me,” Beth said, encouraging her nephew as she wrapped her legs around the boys ass, just in case he tried to escape instead of giving her a load of cum. “Fuck your horny old aunt and knock her up, just like you knocked up your cousins and sister.”

“I’ll do my best,” Dave gasped, fighting to hold back his own orgasm until his aunt was ready with hers. “I like the idea of all four of you walking around with big bellies at the same time, especially when I know they’re all my babies.”

“Don’t forget my tits,” Beth said, her chest up into Dave’s face.

“How can I,” Dave chuckled, “your tits are even bigger than Kim’s, and she has the biggest rack in school.”

“And they’re going to get even bigger when her breasts start filling with milk for your baby,” Beth pointed out. “Just think how big my tits are going to get when they start filling with milk.”

“I don’t have to think about it,” Dave growled, “I’ll be able to watch it while your belly fills with my baby and your breasts fill with milk. It makes me even hornier just thinking about it.”

“I can tell,” Beth purred, your cock is getting even bigger while we talk about it. If you get this big just thinking about it, I can’t wait to see what happens when the baby bump starts showing.”

“I don’t know how big I’ll get,” Dave gasped, picking up the pace of his strokes when he felt Beth’s cunt start to grab at his cock with her approaching orgasm, “but I’m looking forward to finding out.”

“And here’s where it all starts,” Dave said, slamming his cock as deep as it could go in his aunt’s belly and filling her womb with spurt after spurt of thick rich baby juice. He heard Beth’s screams of pleasure as her pulsing pussy grabbed his prick in a vice and milked every drop of cum from his balls.

Dave held his cock in Aunt Beth’s pussy as long as he could, but eventually his prick grew soft and it slipped out of her overflowing slit with a soft slurp. With a deep breath Dave collapsed on the bed next to his aunt when she made room for him. “That was incredible,” Beth told her nephew, cuddling up to him and stroking he chest and stomach as she worked her way down to stroke his soft shaft. “You’re almost as good as Kim, Jane, and Linda said you were. Of course Linda didn’t have much to go on, but I’d still say she was right about you and your cock. You’re as much a natural as Jane is, and I’m going to look forward to every fuck we have.”

“Do you think I knocked you up this time?” Dave asked, reaching over to squeeze one of his aunt’s large breasts.

“I don’t know,” Beth said, pushing her chest into Dave’s groping hand with a purr, “and I don’t care. I’m going to enjoy fucking you no matter how long it takes you to knock me up.”

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