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The warm light filtering through the tall windows warmed Amanda’s naked form. Stretching like a cat in sunlight, Amanda cracked one eye open then the other. Her husband’s still sleeping form was next to her in bed, his horns having gown exponentially in the last couple of weeks. At first it was something concerning for Amanda, but he assured her that it was perfectly natural and part of his final stages of development.

The Taipan demons, of which her husband, Balthazar was one, were the record keepers of the nine realms. They studied other species and wrote books on them. As a species advances, like humans, they take a more interested role, usually keeping to the shadows to avoid “cultural contamination” they called it. In instances like Amanda, cultural contamination can result in an advantageous situation. The Taipan females were growing to be infertile and the race was in danger of extinction. Balthazar’s marriage to Amanda was a test to see if a human woman could carry a Taipan child to term. The news was frightening to Amanda but she had no other course, she was already pregnant.

Once a week she was required to report to Balthazar’s brother Mikel for progress on the pregnancy. The incubation period for a Taipan child was about three months, so it was unclear just how long a mixed child would take and they wanted to be prepared.

Amanda got up, dressed and trudged down the hallway to Mikel’s lab. Entering without knocking she found him reading a book.

“Humans are fascinating creatures.” Mikel commented without looking up.

“How so?”

“In general.” Mikel looked up as Amanda sat in a nearby chair. “How are you feeling today?”

“Exhausted, hungry, tired, a little run down, did I mention sleepy?”

Sitting at his work bench with a stack of books around him, Mikel listened carefully committing everything to his memory. She never saw him write anything, just listen. What was eerie was that he was able to recall the smallest of detail with such precision, you’d think he was reading it.

“How much sleep did you actually get?”

“About nine hours. Which is about two more than I normally need.”

Mikel began searching his work bench for something. Amanda was still unclear of his purpose but Mikel was somewhere between doctor and mad scientist. She wouldn’t be surprised if he handed her a bottle of pills or a rat tail to carry.

Finding a small dram of a yellow liquid he handed it to her.

“Two drops on your tongue when you are ready to sleep. It should be fine for you to take. Now, about your world…”

Amanda sat back and answered question upon question about her world and what the people were like. More importantly what child birth was life for a human. In new territory herself, Amanda had to admit she knew next to nothing about it. The last two visits, Mikel had focused these appointments on her and her background and genetic information. He took some samples from her but never told her why. The change of topic from her to her old world made her sad. She missed her little house, missed her brother and missed her job as a writer. Her new world with Balthazar was fascinating, learning about his culture and their world history. She was still unsure about being a wife and mother and eventually a Queen. But, for some strange reason, she trusted Balthazar not to steer her wrong.

At the conclusion of her appointment with Mikel, she stood, taking her dram of liquid and started heading out of the room.

“One last thing…” Mikel stopped her, “I may need your help with a project. It’s one that I am sure Balthazar would not want you to be involved with but I require your expertise. Can I count on your help?”

“I need to know what I am getting into before I can make that kind of guarantee.” Amanda stopped and turned to face him.

“I need to harvest more of your kind to repopulate our species.”

Amanda stood quietly.


Mikel nodded. Amanda grew angry.

“You don’t harvest people, we don’t grow on trees.”

“Fine, acquire. I need your help.”

“With what? Kidnapping women for you to knock up?”

“I need you to guide me to a large population of females for selection.”

“You’re a pig.”

“This is from the King himself.” Mikel responded evenly.

It was hard to rile Mikel, but it was apparently easy for Amanda to lose her cool.

“I’m sure Balthazar would be very interested in knowing about this.”

“He already knows and he approves but requests that we ask permission first.”

Amanda stood staring at her brother-in-law, mouth open.

“We leave in two hours. Make your preparations.” Mikel turned away from the redhead and went back to his books.

Turning from his room, Amanda was shocked that Balthazar would agree to this sort of mass kidnapping. The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. Wondering the halls without looking where she was going, she decided that she was going to go but only to prevent them from taking these women. Maybe she would stay in her world, terminate the pregnancy and forget that she was ever in a demon dimension.
A sudden pain caused her to double over. Her stomach contorted, as if something was moving inside of her. Amanda moved her shirt up to look at her stomach, still flat but with something clearly wrong. Staggering back to her room she hoped that Balthazar was awake to help her and to answer a few questions.

At her room, she was disappointed to find them empty, but the pain had subsided for now. In a foul mood, Amanda stripped her clothes off and headed to the bathroom to bathe. Underneath the faux waterfall, Amanda tried to rinse the morning off of her. Upset and confused about what she was doing and what she wanted, she began to lather her body. Rubbing her breasts with the soap, she found her nipples to be incredibly sensitive. At first surprised, she began to explore this new development. The areolas had darkened and spread while the nipples were now erect and slightly longer. The water on them created a very pleasurable experience, it wasn’t until she rubbed them that it caused a heighten state of arousal instantly.

As her left hand explored the possibilities of nipple tweaking, her right hand instinctively went south. It didn’t take long for Amanda to work up a sweat rubbing her clit. Closing her eyes Amanda stuck her first three fingers inside her and began to work out her frustrations on herself. She only served to work herself up but was having her usual problem alleviating it. Feeling a hand on her back bend her over, she looked back and saw Balthazar taking up position behind her. He entered her easily and began to rock gently. Amanda was thankful that he had arrived when he had but she was still mad at him. Pushing back against him with force, she took her anger out on his cock. Slowly she could feel his knot beginning to swell. For now it stimulated the opening of her pussy before it became lodged inside her.

When it was clear it was not pulling free from her, Balthazar pushed harder and deeper, feeling her muscles contract around him sent ripples of pleasure throughout his body. At the height of his pleasure his body convulsed and he roared like a beast filling her with his seed once more.

Now that she was pregnant and his body have sensed it, it took a few moments for the swelling in his knot to subside enough where he could dislodge from her.

Amanda stood and turned to face her husband, a goofy look on his face. Slapping him hard, she turned and grabbed a towel and exited the waterfall.

“Blast a peirol, what has gotten into you girl?” He exclaimed watching her towel off.

“Harvest women? You really want me to help your brother harvest female humans?”

The venom caused Balthazar to stare at her for a long moment before he could register what she had said.
“Recruit. I don’t want to force anyone.”

“But you would have me go?”

“I’m going too, I figured you would want to ensure the women was coming on their own.”

Amanda stormed into their bedroom and began to dress. She wasn’t happy with this idea but she was less angry knowing that he would be with her. Balthazar came stumbling out of the bathroom toweling himself off but having caught the towel on one of his horns.

“Amanda, having been taking prisoner by those people, I would not want to suffer anyone the same fate or worse. It is important to me that you know that.”

Amanda turned and began to laugh, seeing the towel. Balthazar’s brow furrowed.

“It’s not funny.” He said.

She laughed harder. Walking up to her he bowed his head allowing her to remove the fabric for him.
“I’m not used to them yet.” He ran his hand over the smooth black horn that was now about five inches long.
“I like them.” Amanda smiled.

Balthazar sighed and smiled too.

“I don’t like to fight.”

“Then consider it over.”

She kissed his check and started to get dress. Looking over her shoulder she saw he was lost in thought.

“What is it?” She asked.

“Nothing, just a bad feeling.” Turning, he walked to his clothing and began to dress as well.


A short time later Balthazar and Amanda were standing with Mikel and three other demons in a room Amanda could only assume was a ritual room of some sort. It was a round room with a stone floor and the center removed for the fire pit. Incense burned causing Amanda to become slightly dizzy.

“Do we know this is going to work?” Amanda whispered to Balthazar.


“Isn’t this a little risky and hasty?”

“We are a desperate people.”

Amanda was nervous. Balthazar had said there was no way that they could go back. How could this happen?

As if waiting for her to think it, a light floated in the air on the far side of the room that dripped light to the ground. A rip opened up before them and a blinding light greeted them from the other side.

“Go.” Mikel instructed.

One by one the demons walked through the rip, disappearing from site. Amanda looked at Balthazar and reached for his hand. Taking it, he led her through the tear and into the unknown.

There was light everywhere. It blinded them, it stuffed into their ears making them deaf, it choked the air from them. Soon Amanda realized she had let go of Balthazar and she was alone. Frantically trying to move through the soupy resistance of the interdimensional light, Amanda was afraid that she would be stuck, lost between worlds and without her beast. Grasping around as if she was in the dark, she kept bumping into something that was grabbing for her. Allowing her arms to be taken she followed through and prayed that it was a friend on the other side.

The light continued to hurt her eyes, but it was receding , color and shapes were visible.

“Well, lookee here Marlon.” She heard a man’s voice say.

Turning towards the source of the sound she tried blinking the light away. Seeing the shape of a man before her, she looked around. The shapes were starting to come into focus, there were many people around. Turning every which way, Amanda realized she was surrounded. As her vision cleared she recognized faces and wished that she had remained blind.

“Lucinda, we have a visitor. Let’s make her feel welcomed.” The smiling man stated.

Amanda screamed and the group reached for her.


“I won’t leave her to them.” Balthazar hissed.

“You won’t. These are the people she saved you from?” Mikel asked.

Balthazar nodded.

“Good, we have our cattle.” Mikel turned and looked at the three other demons. “Don’t kill, we need them as healthy as possible.”

They nodded in agreement.

“Any objections to this?” Mikel asked impassively.

“Just let me kill the head male.” Balthazar growled as he watched the smiling man grab Amanda by her hair.

“He is yours.”

“We need a plan.” Balthazar said. “Follow me.”

Reluctantly he retreated to Amanda’s house to plan their attack.


The smiling man was standing in the midst of a circle of his people. His right hand holding Amanda by her hair, he looked at his people crouched in the dirt around him.

‘Peons.’ He thought as he spoke. ‘Not one of them worth what little power they hold.’

He paused. Looking at their faces it was clear he had said something they didn’t understand. Again. Disgusted he threw the woman in the dirt at his feet.

“She stole from us. Her body is forfeit.”

Turning, the smiling man walked to the picnic bench to try once again to decipher the book that he had been pouring over for months. The circle swarmed the redheaded woman.

‘Good. Maybe her friend will come to rescue her, then we’ll be ready.’


Amanda screamed as a dozen pairs of hands began ripping at her clothes, pulling at her hair and pulling her into a thousand different directions. A fight broke out over her and the two men were pulled away from the group to duke it out elsewhere. A couple of women took the opportunity to hold fast to a wrist or ankle, preventing her from getting away. An overweight man with thinning hair lowered himself between her legs and smiled. He could have been a doctor or an accountant but he was here, about to become a rapist. He looked at her breasts and ran his hand across her chest apprehensively. His smile grew to a broader grin and he began to lick and bite at her nipples. He jammed his fat fingers up her pussy, roughly moving them around in an effort to get her wet. It only disgusted Amanda.

Her left hand was suddenly free. Looking over she saw that an impatient man mounted the woman holding that hand from behind. In her ecstasy the woman let her go. Taking the opportunity, Amanda punched the man with her left fist. Not her strongest hand and never having punched anyone before, she was impressed with herself that she managed to knock the guy back. The rest of the group was shocked enough that she could free herself through kicking and scratching.

The smiling man looked up and gritted his teeth. Slamming the cover closed he walked over to Amanda and grabbed her before she could gain her balance. Dragging her by her wrist, he headed straight for the house.

Inside the house was dark and there was a pungent smell of incense with herbs. There was a haze in the air that made Amanda’s eyes water. Heading up the stairs, he continued to drag her behind him, stopping at the door at the far end of the hallway. Turning the handle the threw the door open.

Amanda was shocked at how strong the smiling man really was. She tried to hit his arm, pry his hand off her and tried punching him with her other hand, but he continued to hold her in a vice like grip.

The door opened revealing a darkened bedroom. Amanda struggled to free herself, found her voice and began to scream for help. Sighing a heavy sigh, the smiling man clamped his other hand over her mouth, kicking the door behind them closed.

Inside the room, he flung Amanda on the bed and locked the door, pocketing a key. Turning he crossed his arms and watched as she tried to find a way out of the room. Pulling back the curtains she found the windows had been boarded up. Aside from the bathroom, the only other door was on the far end of the room. Pulling those doors open she found a closet full of strange things. Backing away slowly she recognized it as a BDSM closet. Whips, crops, paddles, spikes, knifes, blindfolds, gags and a host of restraints were hung up and displayed proudly.

“Oh God.” She whispered.

Looking over her shoulder at the man she was so totally unsure of what to do that she sat down on the floor.

“Please don’t hurt me.” She whispered.

“Now, where would be the fun in that?” He asked walking towards the closet.

Amanda ran for the door but found that it locked from the inside by a key and remembered that he had pocketed it a moment ago. Turning to face the man she looked around the room for anyway that she could defend herself. She was totally vulnerable.

The man moved and brought her attention back to him. He reached over and lit some incense. Then rested against the wall casually as if he was waiting for something. Amanda stood confused for a moment. Blinking heavily she could not remember how long she had been standing there. No, she wasn’t standing. She was leaning. Against something. On something. What was going on? Shaking her head she couldn’t quite clear her head. It wasn’t until the crop hit against her bare ass that clarity came. She was shackled against a heavy wooden wall that was up at an angle. Her ass burned where the leather met her skin, causing her to scream at each swing.

“I considered using a gag, but I wanted to hear how you’ll scream later.” He leaned in close to her, pulling her hair back and hissing into her ear. “You’ve caused me a lot of trouble, little girl, I should have something to show for it.”

He reached over and hit a lever. The table fell forward and landed level. Turning a crank the shackles began to withdraw into the table and pulled her limbs tight. It was a medieval rack. Amanda gritted her teeth as the tightness of her muscles began to burn from the strain. The smiling man stopped cranking and locked the crank in place. He disappeared from her vision for a moment before returning with a wicked looking machine.

“I’m going to take care of some work, in the meantime I’m going to get you ready.”

He wheeled the machine behind her and between her legs. Unable to turn around, Amanda had no idea what was happening. The sudden whir of gears turning made her heart jump. The feel of something pressing against the lips of her pussy made her whole body jump. With a click, the machine pushed forward and began fucking Amanda’s body. Unable to move, Amanda struggled to get away in vain. The smiling man walked around, needle in hand, smiling at her.

“Soon my dear.”

He injected the liquid into her arm causing Amanda to fall asleep.


‘It smells like dog here.’ Amanda thought as she began coming to.

Opening one eye then the other she was staring at a dog looking at her from behind a chain link fence. She tried to stand up but found that she was contorted into an awkward position and held there with wood and rope. Bent over a wide wooden board which supported her stomach she found a second board prevented her from sitting up. On her hands and knees tied to the four posts holding up the boards, she could not move. The crowd of people stood outside the fence and watched eagerly. Amanda looked around to try and make sense of what was happening.

The smiling man stood on the outside of the fence, very calmly watching her. Turning to a woman nearby he said very clearly;

“Lucinda, release the hounds.”

The man nodded and walked out of Amanda’s line of vision. Her heart raced. She did not want to be ripped apart by hungry angry dogs. But the cold nose between her legs made her realized she was not dog food, rather she was to be a dog toy.

“Are you joking?!” She struggled against her confines as the dogs began to lick her inner legs and arms.

A roar startled everyone and caused the dogs to run from Amanda’s tempting body. Looking around, Amanda watched as people began running in all directions. Struggling, she could not wiggle her way out. Silently she wondered if the smiling man had been in the navy.

Balthazar and Mikel appeared in her sight line and was advancing towards her. Conferring for a moment, Mikel turned to go a different direction as her husband approached the fence. Looking at her with murder in his eyes, he stood silently. Cries and screams in the distance kept the exchange from being totally silent.

“What happened? Were you violated?” He asked, trying to keep his anger in check.

“Only by machinery.” She explained, trying to wiggle out of the knots again. “They were going to watch a pack of dogs have their way with me.”

Balthazar entered the pen and approached her slowly.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I will be once I get out of this contraption.” She said, wiggling again.

Balthazar nodded but then stopped.


“Do that again.” He asked her.

Amanda began trying to wiggle out of the ropes. Balthazar’s eyes glazed over.

“Oh no.” She warned.

Before she could explain the true danger they were in, Balthazar had already began licking her from behind.

“Stop, we got…to get….out of her….” She panted.

“We’re fine.” He said between licks.

“No…he’ll…ugh….kill… for you….power. Uh…” She moaned.

“No, he won’t.”

Balthazar gently flicked at his wife’s clit with his claw, catching it and causing it to bounce around and grow stiffer. Amanda’s eyes flew wide as the sensation grew more intense. In the position she was in, it served her ass up in such a tantalizing way, Balthazar could not help himself and smacked her ass hard. The stinging sensation of his hand on the welts from the riding crop sent pain shooting throughout her body and took her breath away. Another smack and Amanda began wiggling her ass. Another open palm smack. Balthazar was growing excited. Moving into position, he scratched up his wife’s leg as he impaled her with his cock. Both moaned at the sensation of penetration.

With great force, Balthazar plunged into his mate over and over again. The frenzy with which he attacked her pussy excited Amanda. Their quickies tended to be extremely pleasurable and usually resulted in something stationary breaking. This time, the only thing broken was a sweat that covered both their bodies. Grunting and growling, Balthazar suddenly pulled out and came all over her back.

Panting, Amanda sat for a moment before she asked to be released. Balthazar cut the ropes with his claws and helped her to her feet, holding her steady.

“Thanks.” Looking around she realized that the world had grown quiet. “What happened?”

"We've got what we came for."

"But that man..."

“Is no longer a threat to you. He's gone. Let’s go back to your house to get cleaned up. We have a few hours before we have to get back.”

Amanda wanted answers but also wanted a shower. Making their way to the house, it felt like it had been years since she had been home. Standing in her living room she realized that it didn’t feel like home to her. She had only spent a short time in this house. Climbing the stairs, she made her way to her bathroom and started a shower.

“You okay?” Balthazar asked walking in behind her.

“Yeah. I’m just tired.”

Balthazar nodded and disappeared from the room. The clomping of his hooves on the stairs indicated his direction. Amanda stepped into the shower and attempted to wash away the night from her body and memory.

As she came out of the bathroom drying her hair with her towel, she found Balthazar sitting on the edge of the made bed looking at a frame picture of her brother and his two kids.

“That’s my brother, Sam and his son Tom and his daughter Beth.” Amanda smiled.

“Where are they?”

Amanda began slipping on a pair of jean shorts.

“They are up in Charleston. Mandy, Sam’s wife died a couple of years ago. Complications from a surgery. It was a freak thing. Now it is just them. He does the best that he can.”

As she slipped her shirt over her head, Amanda realized she could still help her brother. Grabbing a piece of paper she began scrawling a note that left her house to her brother should something happen to her. Standing up satisfied, she took a last look around.

“I’m ready to go home.” She said softly.

Standing, Balthazar handed her the picture.

“Bring it with you.” He suggested.

Amanda looked at the photo and smiled, setting the picture down on the nearby table.

“I better not.”

Without a further word, Amanda left her house.


“So this is the flock you have culled from the masses?” The king asked.

Amanda, Mikel and Balthazar stood looking at the room with the five women chained to the floor.

“We can harvest…. acquire more later, father.” Mikel replied.

“That is to be seen.” Looking over at Amanda the king smiled. “How are you doing my dear?”

“So far so good.” Amanda smiled back.

There was something unsettling about the king that Amanda could not put her finger on. She had not told Balthazar about her uncomfortableness around his father.

“Splendid.” The king looked at Balthazar. “I hope for a granddaughter.” He replied softly.

Balthazar nodded as the king walked away. Looking at her husband she took his hand in hers.

“And if it is a boy?” She whispered.

“Then we hope that these females can produce.”

Amanda looked at the room with a cold eye. Had she not been attacked by them she may have felt some ounce of pity. Circumstances being what they were, she felt that they deserved a worse fate then the repopulation saviors they would be.

Mikel motioned behind him and five reptilian females entered the room, each taking up a woman and leading them from the room through a back door to bathe and prepare them.


Amanda doubled over, the blinding pain came on fast this time. A tightness in her stomach that stretched her skin and made her feel full, bloated even. Standing slowly, Amanda realized that her stomach was slightly bigger. Looking at Balthazar, shock was written across her face.

“I forgot to mention, we are known for kicking in the womb, and with the hooves…” Balthazar smiled almost apologetically.

A second kick knocked the wind from Amanda. Mikel sprang into action.

“Tongue, stick out your tongue.”

Amanda obeyed and he placed a couple of drops from a small vial onto her tongue. The liquid was sweet tasting, almost like honeysuckle when things dimmed in her view.

“You’re going to sleep for a bit now, Amanda.” She heard his voice far off in the distance.

Wherever she was, she was floating. No longer needing to walking, she glided down the hallways of the castle. Her white gossamer dress flowing around her, her long red hair spilling like a cape behind her. She turned and faced a door to her left. Hand in front of the doorknob, it opened on its own. Inside was a group of humans having an orgy. They were dirty and tired looking but continuing with the sex anyway. Occasionally someone would hit, bit or punch another person otherwise the whole group moved and undulated like it was one organism.

Amanda floated out of the room and down the hall. In the next room on the right, she opened the door and found a bevy of females both human and reptilian frolicking around a small pond. A golden light shining over their beautiful naked skin. Floating towards the group, she dipped a toe in the water and felt the warmth. Willing herself lower, the dress dissolved in the water. The water felt slightly thicker than normal water and tasted sweet, like honeysuckle. A reptilian woman waded over and began suckling one of Amanda’s breasts. The sensation was amazing. She felt connected to this being, experiencing what pleasure the reptilian woman felt in addition to her own pleasure. Another reptilian woman and a human both came over. The reptilian woman took the other breast and linked into the pleasure chain that started with Amanda. The human woman lifted Amanda’s ass gently out of the liquid and began to suckle her clit. The electricity from the sensation acted like a battery for the other women in the pond. One by one they waded to the group and began to fondle, finger, suckle and caress each other. Soon a web of female bodies moved and undulated in shared and overwhelming ecstasy. There was no release but a slow and constant pleasure that was amazing and pure.

Slowly Amanda opened her eyes and realized that she was alone in the pond. She knew that she had absorbed these women but they chose that fate. Looking to her right was a lone demon female. She held her arms open to Amanda. Rushing to her Amanda wrapped her arms around the woman as well. There was a sense of urgency in her embrace. Pulling away, the demon woman began kissing Amanda deeply, creating a stirring between her legs. Reaching down, the demon woman spread Amanda’s lips apart, slipping a finger inside her. Using her thumb to rub Amanda’s clit, the demon woman worked her hand while she continued to kiss her with abandon.

Their coupling grew increasingly more intense. Leading Amanda to a nearby bed, the demon woman produced a double headed dildo from thin air. Sliding Amanda’s legs open gently, she inserted the dong and began to work it back and forth slowly. Amanda leaned back enjoying the sensation. Looking up, she wanted more, wanted to share the bliss. Pulling the demon woman on to the bed, she positioned the other head at her dark red and swollen lips and pulled her close. Amanda watched the face of the demon woman as she was filled. Their pussy lips touched with the dildo between them. Rocking back and forth, rubbing their clits against each other created a world of pleasures that they circuited between each other, driving the other to a more extreme state of arousal and pleasure.

The demon woman began to rub her breasts and pant and she rocked and undulated against Amanda. Her voice began to rise in levels as she grew closer to her climax. Watching the woman alone was enough to get Amanda close to climaxing, but the physical experience was almost too much for her to handle. Arching her back and thrusting her hips forward Amanda launched into her own orgasm. A second later the demon woman came, shuddering and shrieking.

Looking up, Amanda was alone on the bed and dressed in her white dress again. Rising above the bed she floated out of the room and into the hall once more.

The hallway seemed darker, like a storm was on the horizon. Floating into the next room, Amanda found herself in the dark. Falling to the ground she felt the cold stone beneath her and the presence of another in the room. A flash of lightning through one of the windows revealed she was in a minimally decorated room, with one fainting couch and a table in the room. Walking over to the couch, she sat down. The next flash of lightning revealed the smiling man in front of her, smiling.

Amanda screamed but felt powerless to move away, her body paralyzed with fear. The smiling man pushed her back on the couch and unbuttoned his shirt carefully.

“You’ve caused me a lot of trouble, little girl, I should have something to show for it.”

He began removing his pants when Amanda felt motion in her limbs once more. Trying to bolt from the room, the smiling man grabbed her easily, ripping her dress in the process. Throwing her back on to the couch, he felt under her dress and found what he was looking for. Not bothering to remove the pants, he thrusted forward and entered Amanda in a single motion. Running a hand into her hair, he held her tightly in his grip, slowly making love to her.

Amanda felt sickened and repulsed while her body reciprocated this feeling. The smiling man kissed up her neck to her face and before she realized it, she was returning his kisses. Wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his body she pulled him deeper into her. Raising his head, the smiling man began laughing and faded away.

Amanda sat up and locked around, instantly her body began to rise from the ground and she floated out of the room and back into the hallway. Looking the direction she was heading she noticed hundreds of doors in the hallway and she knew she had to go into each one of them.


“What is going on with her?” Balthazar asked watching his wife’s body thrash about on the bed.

“The child is in the growth state of development and her body is not able to keep up. She’s been experiencing the pain for a short time but chose to keep it concealed. It was only going to get worse for her. So now, we keep her sedated until the child is ready to be birthed. Otherwise the pain will come to such a point that she will beg us to kill her.”

“Why is she tossing and turning, is it the pain?” Balthazar asked frantic that he was unable to help her.

“No, she is dreaming. Must be scary monsters.”

Mikel turned and exited the room as Balthazar watched his wife, terrified that he would be losing her soon. be continued.

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