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Bestiality and revenge
The old cell phone

Well I’ll tell you right up front, the names in this story have been changed, pretty much where I felt like it.

For starters, I am “the other woman” and no I do not feel bad about it one bit. By the time I figured out that I really wanted to “steal” the man that I married I already was divorced and knew that my new mans wife had spent the last 8 years of their marriage sleeping in the living room to avoid him. All while refusing to work and maxing out credit cards. Yes, I am telling the truth about that.

Well my husband and I had actually been married for 8 or 9 years when this all finally happened. My hubby had gotten a promotion at work, they issued him a new cell phone. He’d had his old number for 15 years at least so we kept paying on it since he was going to be retiring in a few years anyway. Didn’t want to lose the old number. Well anyway one night as he was getting ready for work (he works nights) his phone rang, it showed a Kentucky phone number so I figured it was his son calling the old number again. I gave Bill the phone (I am Janice) and he answered it. I could tell from the shocked look on his face that it wasn’t his son. Then he said “hi Donna” (that is his ex wife’s name) Bill looked right at me and said “yea I can talk, my wife is in the back room sewing so she won’t hear me over the sound of the machine.

Well now I knew that he was keeping me in on whatever was going on, I know his ex is a dead beat and we were figuring that she was going to lose the house she bought with the settlement money sooner or later. How she kept it this long is beyond me. But anyway back to the story.
Bill rolled his eyes and told her how that sounded good. Then also told her that in the past she has always lied about money and sex so that he was going to have to “see some proof”

My god I was livid! She was trying to come on to him to get back into his paycheck and he was leading her on! He gestured to me to hang on and said. Hey look, I’m not saying yes and I’m not saying no. I’m leaving the door open for you that far, but you are going to have to prove that you are serious. I think he cut in on what she was saying next and told her he couldn’t talk long that I would stop sewing soon. He said he had to leave the ringer on for his phone for work but he could turn the sounds off for text or image messages. That he would have to communicate with her that way. And that she could send him her proof that way too. She must have started talking again and he cut her off saying that I had just stopped sewing so he had to go.

Bill then smiled, handed his phone to me and said “have fun, gotta get going to work” O M G
I bet I had the nastiest smile imaginable on my face. He set it up so that I could talk to his ex wife and get her to embarrass herself multiplied by a million! I was in for a good night now, for sure.

Well Bill finished getting his stuff ready, we were laughing and talking about what his ex might do. Bill was convinced that I might be able to get her to do a little but not a lot. He told me that she was really hesitant to show of her tits bare while bending over. For me to try to see if she’d send a picture like that. I smiled and nodded knowing full well that I was going for a lot more then that.

Just as he was leaving the text sound went off, we opened it and oh my god. I mean I am comfortable with our ages and all but still there is something sadly funny about seeing a woman nearing 60 (she is older than he is, I am younger) trying to show a cheese cake photo, on a phone, with no makeup, wearing sweats. Bill busted out laughing and said, she’s gotta find out that I see more than that every day when you’re getting ready for work.

I started typing Bill’s reply, quick kiss on the lips and he was off to work. I typed his ex telling her just what Bill said, then added that she was gonna have to raise the bar if she wanted to “win me back” The next photo was almost as sad as the first. She took off her top, was squeezing her breasts together and kissing at the camera. While not even showing her nipples off! I told her that I wanted to see them hanging down for the camera. She honestly sent back that she wanted assurances that I would not “just leave her again” God I had to laugh. I pointed out that I couldn’t leave her if we never got back together again, and that she was the one that was trying to impress me. That if she wasn’t up to it then fine, I would just continue to live my life.

10 minutes later I got a shot of her tits sagging down in front of the camera, no face shot, bent over just like Bill said she didn’t want to do. Hell I figured if it only took 15 to 20 minutes to get that from her. What could I get if I worked on her all night? I engaged her a little, asking about her boyfriend John (he is no longer in the picture) I smiled a devilish grin, DUMPED! And trying to get the paycheck back!!

Another 15 minutes and I had an almost full frontal nude shot of his ex on his phone, folks we are talking 1970's porn style bush. Except that she had one arm positioned covering most of her breasts. One nipple partially peeking out and her hand covering her slit, just showing the hair. My god, is this woman serious? She’s trying to act coy and sexy at the same time? Then it dawned on me, she must have spent the whole 15 minutes shooting pictures till she got that one right. I told her directly that his wife (me) lets him do me doggy style when he wants. That he wanted to see if she was going to be up for that. First was the text saying yes whatever you want. So I just ignored her, no response. After almost an hour (I was already in bed) I got another text “so what do you want?” I sent back I want to SEE what you will do.

Well she must have already taken the picture because suddenly another message appeared, it showed an almost 60 year old woman on her hands and knees facing almost totally away from the camera. Her breasts were sadly sagging down from her chest and a huge hairy muff was protruding out from her sagging butt end.

I typed that she was showing some serious progress but that still these were all things that I already had at home. That she was going to have to go over the top for me and that her phone had better have some video capability. Next was video, with sound no less, of her dancing to some country song that was barely audible. She was back in her sweats but she did a strip tease! All she had on were the sweat pant top and bottom. They came clumsily off and she was naked and swaying her sagging tits back and forth while trying to put on a sexy smile that looked creepy as

Next she sent me another text saying that she needed “assurance” before she would do any more. I realized that she had no idea about our finances so I lied. I told her that I had over 50 thousand reasons in the bank to stay where I was. Turns out Bill was right about her, she never once seemed to think about how impossible it would be to save that much money if Bill was still with her. All she could think of was getting a hold that money and spending it.

She rather immediately texted back “what do you want to see?” I told her that I wanted to see her fuck the dog. I got no response back, I waited a while then gave up. Hey I have a life to live, so I went to bed. About 4 hours later I was woken up by the cell phone indicating a new message.
I scrambled to see it, god I funny putting on reading glasses to look at what ever she sent me but oh my god it was there.

Donna had some how set the phone up to record her with their dog. Dog is an understatement, my husband had told me about the dog she had bought after the divorce. His son had told him about it, a Great Pyrenees. Now I knew what they meant by “Great” this dog was about the same size that she was. He was at least 120 pounds, HUGE with shaggy white hair. Donna was naked from the waist down and facing partially away from the camera. This “dog” mounted her and I could see her hand move back to grasp his cock. All the sudden the dog was hunching forward and I could see her head fly back with a sudden shriek. The dog continued thrusting and I could see that she was getting pushed forward. Then I heard a sound more like panic combined with a whine, from her! Oh god I realized that he must be shoving the knot at her opening. Then she gave more of a strangled grunting moan as the dog seemed to settle into place. While doing that she was looking back more towards the dog. God this had to mean that the knot was in!
Now as soon as that was done she started groaning while looking down between her legs. I knew that this had to mean that she could feel the dog now emptying his load inside of her. They stood together like that her groaning and him emptying inside of her. Then suddenly he seemed like he was finished, he hopped off of her and turned to go. Her shriek was as incredible as it was to watch him drag her backwards by his cock which was still locked inside her pussy! This dog actually drug her backwards by her vagina all the way out of the cameras view. With her shrieking and screaming the whole way. As he drug her past the camera she swung her hand towards it knocking the camera to the floor giving a nice view of the dust bunnies under her bed.

God this was breathtaking, that is how the video ended. A short time later, apparently after she had time to “clean up” I got a text message asking “well?” I couldn’t believe it, I was laughing and finally remembered what my husband had said about her not wanting to show her breasts hanging down. I sent her a message that it looked good, but, well I really needed to see her do that with her breasts hanging down. I looked at the clock, if she takes the bait, and it takes as long as last time. She might be sending her final video about when my husband would be getting home from work. As it turned out, the video came about 20 minutes before Bill got home from work. This video started out pretty much the same as the last, only this time she was totally naked. Sagging breasts hanging down with her hairy muff peeking out between her legs until once again she was dwarfed by this huge dog mounting her. Again as he got his cock inside of her you could see and hear her reaction as he pounded her with it. Again you could hear her reaction as his knot started pressing up against her and then the change in her voice as it entered into her. Then the dog settled down and began pumping his load of doggy sperm up inside of her.
This time as he finished he again hopped off her back and began dragging her backwards by her vagina except this time after he had drug her backwards about 4 inches the camera froze. Apparently the memory was full, you could see her instinctively turning towards the dog that was now owning her as his bitch. You could see her sagging breasts slapping forward towards her face. Now frozen in mid swing as that is where her camera memory stopped. My god this was going to be embarrassing for her.

Bill came home and was absolutely floored at what I had gotten his ex to do, since this story is about her and not me I’m leaving out what he did to me for a while after he got home.

Rather than sending his ex wife a message right away, which he still promised I got to type. He said he wanted to make a video of his own. I started telling him no f-ing way. But he just stood there and smiled. The video that he made was with everyone fully clothed. I was just too embarrassed to go to the party. My husband took the dirty video to a party with the friends he had since grade school. People that his ex wife knows. He showed me the video before sending it along with my text to his ex. The video showed his friend John laughing at the camera giving it a thumbs up while saying “nice dog sex video Donna” then the phone swung to his wife Karen. Karen was obviously embarrassed and laughing but she looked at the camera while laughing and said “you are sick” Now the camera swung to Tim’s wife who was laughing at the camera, she said “god Donna you are a dirty whore” now the camera looked to Bills face, he was laughing and said “guess you know my answer now don’t you” suddenly the camera swung back to Tim’s wife who had obviously grabbed Bills wrist. She was now looking at the camera and holding up two fingers she was saying “two times, you did it twice! Eeegggghhh” while now waiving both her hands in front of her face . Then the phone shut.

My text to Donna was, “Donna, this is Bills wife here. Bill talked to you first then handed the phone off to me, wow” I know, not much of a message. The fact that she now knows that she was never talking to him and that “we” were in on this together. I think she got the message.


2016-08-23 23:55:54
great get back at her story.

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2016-03-06 11:18:16
LOLOLOL; hilarious and so great that biotch got her comeuppance
Ben Bitten

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2016-01-06 18:24:25
I spewed in my mouth a little lol

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2014-12-29 06:06:16
this is hilarious XDD

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2012-08-22 23:42:49
This is way better than it's rated. People like that conniving bitch DESERVE what she got. She knew he was married and was after MONEY. I was married to a selfish whore like that, once. I wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire, now.... just like this guy didn't.
........... Give it some positive votes. It's well written and it deserves them.

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