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Mike is back and his sex drive is just as high as it was before.
Notes: All characters within this story are fictional, and so are their experiences. I do not plagiarize; do not accuse me of such a crime. If you wish to judge this story, please do so with effort. Leaving comments like “this shit is garbage” won’t really help to improve my storytelling skill. Enjoy. And thanks for reading.
Final part in the Michael Stromen series.

So I get home from school, and I’m completely exhausted, and so I jump onto the couch and kick back. I was so tired that I wanted to sleep right there. And then I hear the front door open. Of course, I was too tired to look, and so I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up a few hours later with Brianna sitting on the couch and looking down at me.

“Brianna, hey.” I wanted to show less anger to her ever since that night before. It was kinda like a barrier was broken.

“Hey babe.” She said it shyly, and although I just woken up, it got me a bit horny.

“Is mom here?” I asked, with dirty thoughts in mind.

“No, the bar hired her. She’s a bartender from like 5 to 11.” More dirty thoughts followed.

“Oh, cool. That means we got all night.” I said it with a laugh and smile, and Brianna smiled back.

“Yeah.” A pause. “About last night…um…I just wanted to say that…fucking you was on my mind for months.” My cock jumped up, and I was fully erect before I knew it.

“Oh, yeah? And I had dirty thoughts about you since you turned twelve. I can’t even count all the moments when I would get hard thinking about you.”

Her birthday is earlier in the year, and I’m only 1 year older than her, so we’re the same number age for a good six months or so. No pedophile here.

But anyway, she started blushing. “O-oh.” was all she could say. So I intensified the moment by reaching behind her and rubbing her lower back. She blushed more.

Like most of the time when we were home, she just wore a pair of panties, a t-shirt or blouse, and a pair of socks, and I could see her left hand - which was on her side that wasn’t facing me – reach for her vagina. I looked at her and smiled, but could still see her slide her left hand under her panties, where every few seconds, she would rub her clit. You could see her hand move around inside her panties, and she would silently moan every few seconds.

As the moment intensified, I decided to move in on her. So I used my two arms to propel me up to Brianna, and when my lips met hers, I could see Brianna masturbate a little faster.

We kissed normally for about a minute - until Brianna started getting hornier. We broke off, and Brianna jumped onto me, where I was able to work her tight panties down to her knees.

With her vagina exposed, I took my entire left hand and reached for her pussy. I was able to reach around her ass and get to her clit, and so I start rubbing her clit hard, and we began French kissing.

I went a step further after that. I took my right-middle-finger and dipped it into her wet pussy. I finger fucked her for a good few minutes, and Brianna, who was on top of me, moaned to the point where we had to break our kiss.

She moaned louder and louder, and I went faster and faster. She was on face level with me, and I gave her that seductive, “I wanna fuck you so hard that you convulse like a vibrator when you climax” look, and she was turned on even more.

So like eight minutes in, she’s finally able to speak. “Fuck me. I want you fuck me like I’m the only girl in the world.” Her tongue was in a knot because of all the pleasure and she could barely speak.”

“Trust me, baby, when I’m done fucking you, you won’t be able to walk for a few week.”

Brianna smiled at me, pulled my hands out of her, and jumped back towards my cock.

She was so wet that she just slipped right onto my fully-erect-cock. She let out a loud moan when she lowered herself completely onto my dick.

So she started riding me. She was on top, and bounced on and off my dick without hesitation. “Oh, yes! Fuck me! I want more, baby!”

“You want more, Bri?” I didn’t let her answer that. Instead, I put both my hands on her waist, and began controlling her movement. I would raise her and lower her onto my cock, and she was in no power to stop me.

She let out a scream of pleasure as I increased the pace.

“You think I’m done fucking you, Bri? Oh shit, I’m never stopping. I’m gonna destroy your pussy.” I spoke at a normal volume. I wasn’t afraid of getting caught anymore. I wanted the world to watch me fuck my little sis and be jealous about it.

“Oh, yeah! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” She started screaming “Yes!” every time I lowered her onto my cock.

I changed my routine. Every thirty or so seconds, I would drastically increase my raise-lower pace, and would fuck Brianna so fast and hard that she probably couldn’t breathe. When I’d do it, she would open her eyes wide, and her mouth would widen and she would scream at the top of her lungs. I honestly didn’t give a shit if she liked it or not – I was so overwhelmed by the pleasure that I was sorta confused.

Unfortunately, both me and Bri were snapped back into reality when someone knocked on the apartment door. The first knock on that door and I jumped up so fast that I almost threw Bri off of me. She resisted, though.

“Oh shit, oh shit, this isn’t good. Bri, we need to get our clothes on.”

I would try to scramble up, and she kept pushing me back down.

“Bri, c’mon.” I started getting a bit pissed.

“Shhh, shhh, shhhh. Don’t worry about it. I know who’s at the door and we can trust her.”

So I started to get a bit confused. “Yeah? Who the hell do you know knocks on our door at 8 during the night?” I was getting a bit impatient and edgy, but Brianna just put me back in my place and shushed me.
“I swear, don’t worry about it.” She started in at quiet and seductive tone, which just turned me on more. “She was a friend when we were in Philly, and she told me she was your first kiss.”

“Oh shit, Jamie?”

“Yeah, Jamie. We met today, after your school ended, and she said she fucked you during detention. So I invited her over so we could have some fun.” She put her finger on my nose in a playful way and then she kissed me, and got up.

I never looked past the couch, but I heard the door open, and I heard Jamie’s voice.

“Holy shit, Jamie. You were naked out there in the hallway?”

“Yeah, and I gave your neighbor a kiss.” Brianna laughed a bit and they continued.

“So, where’s Mikey?” Jamie had said. I was horny, and so I jumped up off the couch and walked over to the dinner table.

“I’m right here.” I said. And then I leaned up against the dinner table, letting my still-erect cock out into the air.

And I take a look at Jamie, and she’s sexier than before. She was completely naked, and she was wearing make-up now, so her face was about 5 times sexier than before.

“How about you two come over here and play a little game with me?” I was ready to cum at the thought of having both of them play with my cock.

“Well, what kind of a game is it?” Jamie asked in her seductive tone while she was walking over to me.

“It’s that kind of game that parents keep away from their kids. Oh, oh, think it’s called ‘Fuck Her ‘Till She Bleeds’.”

“I think we both like the sound of that.” Brianna said it and followed Jamie.

“Oh, I thought we were going to play ‘Fuck Her Until She can’t Breathe’, or ‘Fuck Her Until She’s Gone Mad.” Jamie said it when she reached me. Then she gave my cock a little stroke and I gave her a quick kiss.

“Well maybe we were going to play all three.” I said it silently and seductively.

“Too bad - I love surprises.” Jamie replied back.

“And who said there weren’t any more surprises?” asked Brianna, who came in behind her and stuck her middle finger in Jamie’s pussy.

Jamie let out a loud moan as Brianna started finger-fucking her – fast, too. Then Brianna surprised me – she took her second middle finger, and as Jamie moaned, put it in her mouth.

So Brianna took her wet finger and stuck it in Jamie’s asshole, and then she put two more fingers in her asshole.

Jamie opened her mouth in front of mine and let out a louder moan, and I was so turned on that I reached down for her pussy and started rubbing her clit.

So Jamie, who had three fingers in her ass, one finger pounding her vagina, and four fingers rubbing her clit, let out a gasp, and began talking gibberish.”

“Oh, yes, get it… oh my god, stick it up… do me good… I love…” She would gasp and moan in pleasure, and was so overwhelmed that she didn’t understand what she was saying.

After a while of going the same speed, I looked over at Brianna, who looked back at me, and I winked at her, and she got the message. So after about ten seconds, we both picked up the pace, and from there, we went faster.

Jamie, on the other hand, was about to reach her climax, and so I took both my hands and started rubbing her clit so fast that it looked like my hand wasn’t moving. Brianna followed by picking up her pace and throwing three more fingers in Jamie’s vagina.

After about a minute, Jamie’s muscles tightened as she began to have her orgasm. She stopped inhaling and her body began to convulse and spasm all over. She had a blank and confused look on her face, and she could only gasp and scream. The orgasm was so intense that Jamie began drooling, and tears began forming at her eye.

So finally, after like twenty seconds, Jamie’s orgasm ended, and she fell to the floor and fainted. Brianna tried waking her up at first, and when Jamie didn’t get back up, Bri left her and crawled over to me.
“She’ll get up eventually, so let me have some more alone time with you.”

Brianna took my whole cock down her mouth. This time, though, she managed to get the cock down her throat, and she never gagged. Like a robot, she started deep-throating my cock. She would get it into her throat, and then she would take it back out to the base of her tongue.

My dick remained in her moist, wet mouth for a while, and she released it for a breather.

“I love your cock.” She was gasping for breath after the long deep throat, and could barely speak straight.
“And I love fucking you.” I said that and started walking back to the couch. “How about I give you an orgasm like we gave Jamie?”

“How about you give me an orgasm bigger than that? I want one so big that I squirt all over you.”
So I reached the couch, and Brianna got to me eventually. She got on top of me, kissed me, and moved back toward my cock.

“How about we finish what we started before, Mikey. I want to squirt, and you better give me what I want.”

“Really? How about we do what I want and I give you two orgasms?”

“Mmm, I like that.” And with that, she mounted on my cock, and began riding me.

We started like we did the first time – Brianna rode on my cock at her own speed, and eventually I took over. I went faster than I did before, though, and every time I lowered her on me, her ass would slam onto my upper-legs. She was so wet eventually that her pussy began to make that farting noise whenever I lowered her on me.

She didn’t scream like she did before. She must have been so absorbed by the pleasure that she only moaned and gasped.

Her behavior started changing a good six minutes into the fuck. I would faster and faster, and she started screaming.

“I-can’t feel my legs!” she would say. I was so satisfied by what she was saying that I was now determined to give her an orgasm.

So about 10 minutes in, her body began to convulse a little, and maybe a minute later, Brianna had an intense climax.

She almost jumped off my dick and her body began to convulse before she started squirting from her pussy.

“A-aaah-aaah..oh-ohhhh..” She would make noises, moan, and gasp, and her eyes would roll in their sockets.

So after about twenty seconds, her orgasm slowed and stopped, and Brianna lay on top of me.

“Oh-oh my god.” She took a pause to breathe. “I squirted. And all over the couch.”

I nodded my head in approval.

“That was the most insane orgasm ever.”
“I told you I would deliver.”

“You fucked me insanely hard for like fifteen minutes. Did… did you cum in me?” She looked back at my penis and saw it was still rock-hard.

“I haven’t gone yet.”

“I’ll take care of that.” We both looked over to see Jamie, who was once again standing and horny.
“You surprised, Jamie?” I asked it when she walked over to the couch.

“More than ever.” She winked at me, and after that, Brianna got up off me and Jamie took her place.
Jamie was able to reach back and grab my cock. So she takes a hold of it so it could stay still, and slid down onto my cock slow.

“Ohhhhh, yes.” was the first thing out of her mouth when she reached the bottom of my cock.

Jamie was much different than Brianna, because Jamie had control over the sex. She went at her pace, and would drop down on my cock harder. She didn’t go for speed; Jamie rode my cock slower than Brianna, but she would drop down on me in a zig-zag pattern, which, believe it or not, added to the intensity of the fuck.

So about four minutes into the fucking, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’m going to cum.” I said, and immediately after, Jamie jumped off of me and put my dick in her mouth.
Brianna, meanwhile, got on her knees on the long couch and started licking and eating out Jamie’s pussy and asshole.

Jamie sucked like a pro, using her tongue to massage my cock and her tightened lips to simulate a vagina or asshole.

“Shit!” was all I could get out of my mouth when I came into her mouth. Jamie swallowed it all up, and made an obvious gulp. A small amount of cum glided out of her mouth, and traveled down her face.

She slowly removed my cock from her mouth, and kissed me. Then she got up, leaving me and Brianna on the couch.

“I want to fuck you again, Mike.”

“And I’m gonna fuck you again, Jamie.” I smiled, and she did too.

“You ruined the surprise.” Brianna added, with her smile.

“So I going to go next door, and see if your neighbor thinks I’m hot.” And with that, she gathered all her clothes, and walked out into the hallway nude.

Me and Brianna cuddled for a bit nude, and then we cleaned up.

So yeah, that was my record for the most girls fucked in a week, and it’s just funny because that was the week I lost my virginity. I mean, I fucked like fucking was going out of style.

So I’m a senior now, and I’ve probably added another fifty chicks to my fuck list. I dated Jamie for like a month in junior year, but we were just fucking all the time, so I didn’t see the point after a while.

Me and Brianna are still fucking after all these years. Shit, I’d marry her if incest was accepted.
And that’s about it. Live well, fuck well, die well
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