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Silk is on the road to learning and she loves it
Enjoying her discomfort, Michael began to look through the Wal-Mart bags to find a thong, her shampoo and conditioner, soap and other bathroom things she might need to take a shower, he sat these on the table. Next he looked in the bag from Madame’s and grabbed the cream colored top that he had picked out, these went on the table too. Lastly he looked through the bags from Diamond’s and got out a collar, a leash and a paddle, these he sat on the chair next to the table. Finally he grabbed the top and thong and went down to the laundry room and started the washer and threw in the top and thong with the sheets. He then came back up stairs and turned towards the bathroom.

“Grab your stuff for a shower and come with me,” he said as he walked away.

She picked up the stuff and followed him to the bathroom. Once there he held out his hands for her stuff and began placing them in the shower, when he finished, he started the water. Next he turned and got out some big fluffy towels and placed them on the counter next to the shower. Then he began stripping off his clothes.

“Strip, slave. From now on you will shower twice a day. Once when you get up and once before you go to bed, I told you I like cleanliness,” he ordered her in a commanding tone.

“Yes, Master,” she said as she began to undress. She watched him as he stripped and desire shot through her body at his nakedness. She was careful control her face as she watched him.

They got in the shower and he began to wash her hair for her, which turned her on even more. He had a handheld showerhead which made washing her long hair easier. Taking it down from the hook, he rinsed her hair and then hung it back up. He then handed her, her soap and scrubby. She started washing herself all over and he watched her with a smile.

“Do you always wash yourself so thoroughly, slave?”

She looked up and smiled, “ Yes, Master, I do. I like to be very clean.”

He started washing himself all over as thoroughly as she was. When he was finished, he grabbed the showerhead and rinsed them both off. He then pointed it down between her legs and she parted them to allow him to rinse her off, when he finished, he rinse himself in the same manner.

“Do you want me to condition your hair tonight?” He asked.

“No, Master, not if I am to shower again in the morning. It would make my hair oily. I can just use my detangler spray. It works well enough to comb out my hair before bed,” she told him.

“Okay, that works. Are you finished then,” he asked her?

She nodded yes.

He turned off the shower, but left the water running. He then grabbed a little hose and turned it on. She noticed a slight stream of water came out of it.

Grabbing her hand, he pointed the steam at her open palm, “See,” he told her, “Not to rough. This is to clean you out inside. Want me to show you how,” he asked her with a grin.

“Yes, Master,” she replied breathlessly. She was really turned on by this point, just being in the shower with him and having him wash her like that.

He tapped her on the thigh indicating he wanted her to part her legs again and then stuck the hose inside her and cleaned her out. Finally he seemed finished and he noticed she was almost panting. Too bad, for her, he thought.

“Are you finished,” he finally asked.

Again she nodded yes, so he shut off the shower, opened the sliding doors and grabbed the towels. He then handed her one and got out and began to towel himself off. Once dry, he wrapped the towel around his waist and turned to leave the bathroom.

“Come in the dining room when you are finished, slave,” he ordered and walked out of the room and turned to the right.

She knew this was a room she had not been in yet. Some sort of secret room she thought and wondered what it contained. Knowing Michael, she figured it was his B&D room. She finished drying herself and wrapped the towel around her chest and went to the dining room as ordered. Once there, she grabbed the comb and detangler spray off the table, sat down and began to comb through her hair and wait for Michael to come back. She knew that he would punish her now.

He went in to his Dungeon, as he called it, when he left the bathroom. He grabbed a pair of cuffs to use in her punishment. He wanted to step up her instruction now since the other slaves where involved. He felt she was ready and this caused him to smile with pride. He knew she was really turned on right now and thought that they would have sex after her punishment. This caused Michael to feel a little guilty because he had already decided that as part of her punishment, she would not receive any pleasure tonight. He went back to the living room, set the cuffs in a chair and then went to the laundry room. Once there, he placed the top and thong in the dryer with a pillowcase to help them tumble well.

Next he came back upstairs to the dining room. He watched her as she combed the tangles from her hair. Finally he came towards her. “Slid down on the floor and I’ll braid that for you,” he told her.

She did as he asked and he sat on the couch behind her and held out his hand for her comb. He combed through it to be sure it was tangle free and tried to get it as dry as possible before he braided it. Finally he was satisfied and began braiding it in one long rope down her back. As he neared the end of the braid, he pushed her forward to finish the braid.

She sat still as he did this, no male had braided her hair for her other then her father. She was rather shocked to find that Michael could braid hair. She wondered what other hidden talents he had as he pushed her forward and finished the braid. Finally he handed her the end.

“Get a hair tie and finish it,” he told her as he handed her the end.

She got up and rummaged through the bags and found one and wrapped the end of the braid in it. Once she was done, she turned to look at him.

“Kneel,” he ordered.

She dropped smoothly to her knees and awaited his next command.

“Now crawl over to the chair where I placed several items and bring each one back to me individually with your teeth,” he commanded.

“Yes Master,” she answered and turned towards the chair as she dropped to all fours, then she crawled over to it and began to grab the items with her mouth.

“One at a time Silk,” he told her, “And I want the cuffs first.”

Noting that there were 4 items on the chair she sighed, this would take a while. “Yes Master,” she replied lastly.

Grabbing the cuffs in her teeth, she crawled back to Michael. Once there she resumed the kneel.

With a smile on his face, he took the cuffs from her mouth. “Turn around with your back to me and kneel up.”

She did as ordered and wondered what now.

“Place your hands behind your back.”

Again she did as he ordered but this time she didn’t have to wonder as he placed her right hand in the cuff and closed it around her wrist, then he grabbed her left and cuffed it too. Now she was stuck. How was she to crawl like this?

“Now go get the rest, collar next.”
“Yes Master,” she told him and dropped her body to the floor. She succeeded in a crawl like motion across the floor but it hurt her back. She grabbed the collar and brought it back to him

He almost laughed out loud when she dropped to the floor like that. He had forgot he told her to crawl. Wondering if he should tell her that she didn’t have to crawl now, he noted that she found a way to do it anyway in that position and decided not to say anything. She was a smart one. As she brought the collar back to him and he tried hard to keep his face blank, but inside he was beaming with pride.

“Kneel up,” he told her as he took the collar from her mouth. He then placed it around her neck and fastened it. She noticed that it was not to tight, but that it was not loose either.

“Now go get the leash,” he told her.

“Yes Master” she sighed and turned and dropped down again and went to the chair. She grabbed the leash and crawled back to him.

“Kneel up,” he ordered and took the leash from he and clipped it to her collar. Next he gave it a jerk, just enough to get her attention. “Look lively slave, am I boring you?”

“No Master…” she trailed off so that he could tell she wanted to say more.

Not that he really cared, but he wanted to see what she would say, “But what?” He asked.

“It hurts my back to crawl like that,” she told him.

He laughed, “So, go get the paddle.”

“Yes Master,” she said and went and got the last item.

He took it from her and stroked it between her breasts. “Do you know what happens now Silk?” He asked her.

“I get spanked Master,” she answered.

“And do you know why?”

“Because I was bad and mouthy,” she stated.

“Be specific slave.” He wanted her to be totally clear on want was allowed and what was not. “You’ll get an extra swat for everyone you miss.”

Thinking about the whole day, she tried hard to remember all she had done that he deemed wrong. Starting at the beginning, she said, “First I was mouthy and acted like a jealous child over my slave sisters, then I was snotty to them and then I argued with you about the cost of things and your paying for them. I also told you to shut up and I argued with you again about money and got really mouthy with you and acted like a child.” She couldn’t think of anything else.

He was impressed; she even thought of a few that he had forgotten. Still nonetheless she was due for punishment and with that he ordered her to assume the position with coldness in his voice, “Down.”

She noted his tone as she lowered the top half of her body to the floor. She felt a little like she was falling but did so with grace anyway. She hoped this pleased him.

He got up off the couch with paddle in hand and came around to the other side of her, she turned her head to him and he smiled at her eagerness to obey. Finally he knelt down next to her and stroked the paddle up her leg and watched her reaction. Finally he swatted her twice with it, not hard but enough to let her know he meant business, enough to sting.

“Once again, you will never tell me to shut up,” he said and swatted her again, “You will not argue with me on what I choose to spend on you,” another swat, “You will answer any question I ask with an answer, not an argument,” another two swats, “You will never act like a jealous lover to or about anyone,” another swat, “You will be respectful to your slave sisters and not act like a selfish child,” another swat, “Once again you will never question me again about the money I spend, its my money and I will spend it as I see fit,” two more swats followed, “And this one is to even it up,” he said as he delivered the last swat.

She took it all even though her ass felt on fire. Once he was done she felt the fire in a different place.

He noted that her ass was very red again and hoped she was okay with all this. He got up off the floor and went to the table, tossing the paddle down, he picked up the crop she had picked out earlier and went and sat back down on the couch. “Kneel again,” he told her as he sat down and grabbed the end of her leash again.

She sat up and turned her body towards him. As she did this she saw that he had the riding crop she had picked out. What now she thought.

“Come closer to me slave,” he said as he tugged a little on the leash.

She inched closer till she was touching the couch with her knees. He lifted his leg over her head so that she was between his legs. She waited further instructions.

“First I have some questions for you and then your going to please me slave,” he told her as he stroked the crop down her front and caressed her breasts with it.

“Yes Master,” she answered even though the crop distracted her a bit.

“First I have to ask how you feel about bisexual relationships. Your slave sisters are bi. I need to know now so I know what I can ask of you and what to expect of what I ask,” he asked her straightforward, all the while, teasing her with the crop.

What, she thought, how did she feel, “Don’t I just do what you tell me no matter what?” She finally asked.

“Yes and no,” he told her. “If you are not into being bisexual, then we don’t have you do things that are bisexual. You can still obey with out doing certain things, remember when I read the lists from the girls to you?”

“Yes, Master,” she said with confusion in her voice.

He could see that she was confused about what he was saying and tried to think of a way to clarify it for her, finally he got up and grabbed the list from his jacket pocket and sat back down again, showing her the lists he began again, “See here on their lists, they have want they will do or like to do marked in red, things they’d like to try are marked in blue and things they will not do are crossed off. What I need you to do is tell me what you will do, what you’d like to try and what you will not do. Its called limits Silk.”

“There is so much to cover, I’m not even sure what some of that….” she started.

“Let’s start simple, we’ll cover what I will require of you tomorrow and later I’ll print you a list like this and we can go over it and decide what you like,” he told her, interrupting her.

“Okay Master,” she said with relief. “What will you require of me tomorrow?”

Smiling at her obvious relief, he explained, “Tomorrow will be pretty normal. I already know you like oral and vaginal seems to be okay with you too,” he told her with a wink. “What about anal?”

“I like anal, but I am really tight, so you’ll have to be careful. As for oral, do you mean on me or on you?”

“Both, now what about sex with other girls. I have to know what you will and wont do and how you feel about it, slave,” he told her and caressed her stomach with the crop, teasing her.

A blush crept up her neck to her checks and Michael found this so appealing. Finally she answered, “I have always wondered what it would be like, but never had anyone to experiment with. I guess you could call me curious.”

“Well then,” he said as he stroked her pussy lips with the crop, “Tomorrow, you shall experiment.” He caressed her pussy with the crop and saw that she was close to the edge again. He so wanted to give her pleasure, but she had to learn and going without was the best way to teach her. “Now,” he said as he brought the crop up to her breasts again, “You will pleasure me,” and with that, he brought the crop down hard enough to sting on her nipple.

The crack of the crop surprised her, but it also turned her on and almost made her cum. Her head was swimming and she was so turned on that anything he asked at this point, she would have tried. He cracked her again on her other nipple and she realized that he wanted her attention. He was speaking to her.

“Are you paying attention?” He asked and pulled on the leash, “I told you to lean up over me.”

“Yes Master,” she said as she lifted herself over his lap and noticed the towel was open and his desire was evident, once there he dropped the leash and grabbed her by the hair and she gave him her full attention.

“I said, you would pleasure me, orally slave. Now what are you waiting for?” He ordered.

“But my hands are,” she started.

“You don’t need your hands,” he informed her as he pressed her head down in his lap. With his other hand, he took the crop and swatted her back and ass with it.

She began sucking him and moaned and wiggled as he cracked her with the crop. It was driving her mad she really needed him now. She tried to show him her need with her mouth. He gripped her braid to help her suck without the aid of her hands, but as time went by she really didn’t need his help. The whole thing turned her on and she was fast losing control. If he didn’t take her soon, she would explode on her own.

Damn, he thought as she took him in her mouth, she was so hot. He couldn’t believe that after as many times as they had made love in the last day, she could still bring him to the edge so fast. He gripped her hair and helped her to move since her hands were bound, he knew that she probably felt like she was falling. As she sucked him off, he swatted her with the crop and was pleased to see she liked it. Finally he was close.

He dropped the crop and grabbed her head with both hands. As he lost control, he tried not to push her head down and gag her. “Oh my god,” he yelled as he threw back his head and let go completely.

Silk felt him near and then he exploded in her mouth, she swallowed without even thinking about it. Finally he stopped and she looked up and met his gaze. The look in his eyes gave her confidence. Then he gabbed her braid again and pulled her up his body till his lips met hers. He kissed her forcefully, shoving his tongue in her mouth. This floored her and she melted into his embrace and rubbed against his leg. She was just about to lose it when he stopped and pushed her back so that she was off his leg.

“Down,” he ordered her.

With hands still bound, she got down on the floor as best as she could and assumed the position. What had she done wrong.

He grabbed the crop and stood up. He knew what she was doing when she began the slight rubbing on his leg. He so wanted to let her have her pleasure, but knew it could not happen. Looking down over her in this position really turned him on. Finally, he cracked her ass with the crop, a little harder than he had before but still not enough to really hurt her.

“You did not have permission to cum, slave. In fact you will not have pleasure tonight as part of your punishment. You will learn one way or another,” He told her and then walked away.

As he went down the stairs, she wondered what he meant. No pleasure tonight. Oh god, she thought, she would die. She was so close, so hot.

He left her there to cool off as he went to get the top and panties from the dryer. He also grabbed the sheets and folded them giving her more time. Finally taking the sheets, panties and top with him, he went back upstairs to her. She was in the same position he left her in and looked more in control of herself. He watched her for a few seconds more then knelt down and un-cuffed her hands. “Stand,” he told her.

She did as asked and met his gaze. She saw that he had her top and some sheets in his hands. He handed her the top and with it some panties.

“Put these on,” he ordered.

She did as he asked and he watched her the whole time. Once dressed, he turned towards the bedroom and walked away, she followed. He tossed the sheets down in the chair next to the bed and swept the blankets off the end of the bed. Then he grabbed the fitted sheet and unfolded it, tossing a side towards her.

“Help me make the bed, you need to sleep.”

She did as he asked, enjoying the company. Finally the bed was made. She stood there as he turned the bed down and indicated for her to get in. She did and he reached over and took off the leash then went into the other room and shut off all the lights, finally coming back to bed and getting in with her. She lay on her side facing away from him close to the edge.

“Don’t pout like a child Silk,” his voice finally broke the silence. “You earned this punishment and you will bare it like you did the spanking.”

“But…” she began.

“But nothing. I don’t want to hear it. Now come over here and cuddle up to me. I like to hold a slave when I sleep with her. If you don’t stop this pouting and carrying on, you will not receive any pleasure tomorrow either. Trust me, you don’t want that, because I will make what you feel now a hundred times worse,” he informed her.

She gave up and moved closer to him. She really liked to feel him next to her anyway. She thought to herself though, that she would not find sleep easily. She was too keyed up.

Knowing that she was still on edge, he rolled over on his back and pulled her head on to his chest. Once situated, he began to rub her back to calm her down. Finally he felt her fall asleep and let himself slip away also.

The next morning, Michael got up around eight and left Silk to sleep longer, she would need all the extra sleep she could get. He was going to push her far today and tonight. He wanted her well rested. With this in mind, he got up and closing the doors to the bedroom, he went into the kitchen and started some coffee to brew. While he waited, he checked his messages and found that his truck was ready for him to pick up. This made him smile. Next he went a surveyed the mess in the dining room. While he waited for the coffee, he unpacked the dresser from its box and began to assemble it.

Thirty minutes later, coffee in hand, he finished the dresser and was ready to move it into the other room. He went into the other room to determine where he would put it. Finally he decided and went and got the dresser. Once in place, he attacked the sacks. He removed all the tags from the clothes and took them to the laundry room for washing. The stuff he had bought at Diamond’s when in to one of three piles depending on which girl it was for. The thought occurred to him that he needed some bins to keep their toys in and made a mental note to pick some up today. Finally he gathered up all the stuff that he had purchased for Silk to use at his house and put them all in their proper places. Once done, he decided on breakfast.

He went into the bedroom and found Silk cuddled up on his side of the bed. She looked so breathtaking that he just stared for a moment. Finally he leaned over and nuzzled her ear. When she stirred, he asked her if she liked omelets, she mumbled yes.

He left her to waken on her own and went to make breakfast. Just about the time he had finished and dished them onto plates, she sat up and smiled at him shyly. He took her a plate of food and a fork and then went and got her some OJ, then joined her with his own plate.

“Hungry little one,” he asked her as he sat down and began to eat.

She took at bite and chewed it then swallowed and answered, “Yes Master, I am,” then took another bite.

He laughed at her eagerness and ate his own. Between mouthfuls he told her, “Eat up, we got a big day ahead of us and you will need all your strength.”

“May I ask, what are we doing besides dancing?” She questioned.

He smiled at the may I and answered her, “Well, we need to go to your place to get your outfit and anything else you might need this weekend. After that I need to pick up something to make for dinner and some other items need for tonight. I also need to pick up my mail and my truck is ready finally. We’ll pick it up first and drop your car off.”

Prying, she asked, “What about after that?”

“After all that is a surprise, one you’ll have to wait and see,” was all he would tell her.

They finished their meal and he put their dishes in the dishwasher along with the ones he used to make the meal. It was full now so he started it. Next he went and picked out clean clothes and laid them on his bed then told her that he was taking a shower and that she could join him if she wanted to or wait and take hers after he was done.

She said she would shower with him and followed him to the shower. Before she got in, he had her take off her collar. Once in the shower he washed her hair for her again then left her to condition it and wash her body while he washed himself. As he did this, he thought that it would be nice to have her wash him occasionally. Mentally he reminded himself to have he do that next time. Finally they were done and he shut off the shower and grabbed the little hose.

She felt him tap her thigh again and spread her legs for him to clean her out. She had hoped he wouldn’t clean her like this again. It really turned her on and she was so keyed up. For what seemed like an awful long time, he cleaned her out. She was panting by the time he was done.

He watched her with closed emotions. He could tell that this stirred her like crazy. Watching her was turning him on too and finally he couldn’t take it anymore. The thought crossed his mind that she had been punished last night and had thus since corrected the problem she now deserved a reward. He dropped the hose at their feet and grabbed her up and as his mouth met hers, he slid into her hot depths.

One minute he was cleaning her out, the next she was in his arms. He pressed her up against the wall and entered her as he plundered her mouth. All she could do was wrap her arms around his neck, her legs around his back and hold on tight as he thrust deeply into her. Then all of the sudden she was exploding into a million pieces and she couldn’t stop to ask permission. She pulled back from his mouth and screamed his name.

The intensity shocked him but he held onto her and continued thrusting into her. She was so hot that he felt scalded when she exploded. He just couldn’t believe that she was really his and he thanked his lucky stars for her. Finally the intensity of her orgasm wore off and she allowed him to resume kissing her. He couldn’t get enough of her mouth. He had always liked kissing. To him sex without kissing was not very satisfying and she knew how to kiss the way he liked. He liked it when a woman used her tongue and kissed back. Most just let the man take control and had limp tongues. She actually used her tongue to spar with him and kissed inside and outside of the mouth like he preferred. She even sucked on his tongue, which was a new aspect of kissing, but one he quickly decided he liked.

He stopped kissing her and pulled his head back to look into her eyes. They were glazed over with passion but he could tell she was looking him also. Wondering what she was thinking, he asked, “What’s going through your mind, little one?”

“How wonderful this feels and how much I like kissing you Master,” she told him without hesitation.

“Flattery will get you everything,” he laughed and claimed her mouth once again.

After about five more minutes, he felt the urge overtake him. He grabbed her hands in one of his and held them against the wall, so her legs and his deep thrusts were the only things holding her up. Then he lost it and exploded deep in her. This caused her to explode also, which pleased him. After his breathing returned too normal, he lowered her to her feet, but she still clung to him.

“Are you okay, my pet?” He asked as he held her.

“Yes,” she breathed, “That was so intense. My legs are weak.”

Knowing what she meant, he agreed, “Yes, but earth shattering was the word I thought fit.”

He turned her toward the back part of the shower and reached out to flip down a chair mounted on the wall that Silk hadn’t noticed. He then pushed her into it and then turned around to retrieve the little hose and the soap. Then facing her again, he handed her the soap.

“Clean me off, slave,” he ordered.

She washed him all over including his balls, which surprised him. She then took the little hose and rinsed him off. Once she was done he took the soap from her and pushed her back.

“Place your legs on the sides of the tub,” he told her and he took the soap and began to lather her up. Instantly she got hot again. “Could you cum like this?” He asked as he kept stroking her little muff with the soap.

She gripped the sides of the chair and hissed, “Yes Master.”

Cruelly he stopped and with a sneer said, “Maybe another time.” He then took the hose from her and rinsed her off. He then inserted in her and cleaned her out. Finally he was satisfied that she was clean and turned to shut off the water. Next he turned to her and held out his hand, helping her to her feet as he opened the shower door. Once she was standing, he reached out and grabbed a towel and handed it to her, then grabbed one for himself as he got out.

They dried off and Michael went to get some clothes for the day. Silk grabbed her collar and went to the living room to fetch her clothes from yesterday. She would change when they went to her apartment she thought as she put them on. Next she brushed her hair free of tangles and braided it again. She thought to herself that she hadn’t wore a braid since she was in middle school, but it seemed so easy to manage she wondered why she had stopped doing her hair that way. Lastly she put her collar back on.

Finally they were ready to go. Michael drove again since he knew were the dealership was. One there they picked up his truck and Silk gave a low whistle. It was a beautiful truck and she told Michael so. Next they went to her apartment and Silk changed clothes. She also got out her schoolgirl outfit and showed to it Michael. He nodded his approval. She grabbed the shoes and packed a few more items of clothing for the remained of the weekend and something to wear to school on Monday. Once that was done they were off again.

Next he took her to a store that sold bins and racks for organizing every part of your house. She wondered why they were there and he told her that he needed some bins for their slave stuff. She laughed and agreed that they needed a place to keep their stuff. Next Michael went to Wal-mart again.

“Why are we here again,” Silk questioned.

“I need a few more things, and I also promised dinner,” he told her.

They picked up some clothesline rope, clothespins, some hooks of various sizes and eye bolts. Michael would not tell Silk what they were for, promising that she would see later. Next he picked up large shrimp, garlic, pasta and fresh clams, which he told her, was going to make a great dinner that they could each with their fingers. Lastly he picked up popsicles.

“May I at least know what those are for,” she asked.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Your hot little pussy,” and when she blushed, he laughed.

She decided to let it alone and not ask any more questions. Finally they went to the check out. Silk glanced at her watch and saw it was going on one o’clock. The others were due at three. She pointed this out to Michael who nodded and told her that they were done. Once everything was paid for they headed to the truck and then to Michael’s house.
They got home and took everything inside. Silk put the food away while Michael put the bins together and placed all their stuff inside. She saw that he had taken a magic marker and wrote each of their names on the bin with their stuff inside and sat them off to the side of the dining room. Next he went to the back room, Silk wondered just want he kept in there.

She didn’t have to wonder long thought as Michael called her to come help him. She went back there and stood in the door as he gathered up some things. She also noticed that he had changed clothes and was now wearing only a pair of shorts.

Handing her an armful of stuff, he told her, “Take these out and place them next to the bins.”

“Yes Master,” she told him and walked away. She placed the stuff where he had indicated and went back to see if he needed any more help.

He handed her a bucket full of black leather items that looked like reins or straps. She took them to the dining room also and returned to find him lifting what looked sort of like a weight bench.

“Help me take this to the other room,” he told her as he sat one end in the doorway.

She lifted her end and helped him carry it to the dining room also. He took it from her once they had it in the room and sat it also off to the side. Next he pulled the chairs out and pushed the table all the way back into the corner. He took two of the chairs and sat them in the garage, which was accessed from a door in the dining room; the other two chairs were pushed back under that table. After some last minute things, he seemed to be satisfied and went into the kitchen.

“Can I help with anything,” Silk asked as he began to prepare to cook.

“You can go get your razor, the disposable razors, the shaving cream, my little electric trimmer that is on the back of the toilet and a bunch of towels and washrags and take them and go in the laundry room. Go through the door that is there and you’ll find my Jacuzzi. Place all the stuff in there then come back here,” he informed her.

She did as he asked wondering what all the stuff was for. Once that was done she went back to the kitchen and watched him prepare the meal.

He had sat the pasta to boil and was mixing the shrimp, garlic, clams and some spices in a large bowl. He also added half a bottle of wine. Once mixed, he placed a lid on it, he then got out a wok and set it on the stove, and added some olive oil to it and covered it. Seeing that she was watching, he explained that he was preparing the stuff so that it could marinate until he was ready to cook it. It wouldn’t be actually cooked until later. While he explained the whole process, the pasta boiled and when the timer he had set went off, he shut it off. Next he drained and rinsed it and then added it to the rest of the stuff. He mixed it and sat it in the refrigerator. Finally he was done, he looked at his watch and saw that it was two-fifteen.

He went to his computer and printed off a blank list like he had showed Silk the night before. Once that was done, he grabbed a pen, then went down to the living room and sat down in his chair. As he went down the stairs, he motioned for her to follow him.

“Kneel,” he told her.

She knelt by his legs and waited for his next command. She saw that he was reading through the papers he had printed and wondered what it was.

He read through the list as he watched her. He was proud to note that she seemed content to sit there and await his commands. Looking at the list he decided that it would be better for her if she read through it with him and decide for herself at this point. Anything she didn’t understand, he could explain.

“Kneel up and lean on my lap and look at me,” He ordered.

“Yes Master,” she said and did as he asked.

“Okay, here is that list we were talking about last night. I’ll read through it and you tell me how you feel about each thing. Right now I need to know if you will do something, if you won’t do something or if you’re curious or willing to try something. If you don’t know what I am saying, I will explain it to you,” He told her.

At her nod, he went on, “The first things I need to know are do you have any health problems or injuries I need to know about that might cause problems.” She shook her head no so he continued, “What level of bondage would you prefer? Tight and snug, uncomfortable or painful and extreme.”

“Tight and snug to uncomfortable Master.”

“Okay level of discipline discomfort. Light, medium or intense,” he asked.

She thought on this, “Light to medium I think.”

Next he explained the different types of attire to which she agreed to all. He went on with lingerie and fetish type attire. Silk had no problem with the lingerie but said no to latex and spandex. She agreed to try corsets and informed Michael that the smell of leather turned her on. Next that discussed costumes and Silk said she would wear most anything that Michael asked of her. Michael also covered that she preferred leather to rubber gloves on him. As they went over this list, Michael noticed a delicate blush on her cheeks, which he liked.

Next they went on to positions. Silk was a bit confused here and required a lot of explanations which turned out to be very time consuming and so they only got about half way through before there was a knock at the door letting them know that others had arrived. Michael told her to answer the door and show their guests in.

Silk did as ordered and opened the door to find her new slave sisters. She invited them in and was surprised when each in turn hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. “Welcome to my Master’s home,” Silk greeted.

Michael sat in his chair watching the exchange between the girls. He was happy to see them greet each other with hugs and kisses. Finally they noticed him and sat down their bags by the door and approached him. “Kneel,” he ordered before anyone could say anything more.

Each girl dropped smoothly to the floor at his feet. Silk was directly in front of him with Stacey on his left and Syndee on his right. He also noted that each girl had her eyes on the floor as was required.

“I am glad that you found the place alright. As Silk said, welcome to my home. I hope you’ll enjoy your time here,” he said with a devilish laugh. “First let’s go over some rules now that all of you are here, then we’ll move on if everyone agrees.” He waited for their response.

“Yes Master,” Silk said first.

“Yes Sir,” came the other two in unison.

“First rule, I told you this yesterday, but want to say it again with all three of you present. There are no ranks here. You are all equal. The only difference is that Stacey and Syndee have more experience than you Silk. Otherwise, you are all the same to me. Second, there will be no petty jealous games. I don’t like them and punishments for them will be severe. Consider this your last warning. Lastly for now, my rules will obeyed without question, if not the punishments will be quick and harsh. Am I understood?” He asked them.

Another yes Master and yes Sir came from the girls. Michael noted that everyone looked eager to begin.

“Okay stand up and strip. Slaves don’t wear clothes.”

Silk did as ordered. She was the first naked and was happy to see the proud look on Michael’s face as she awaited his next order.

Once they were all naked Michael told Silk to take them up to were he had sat their bins full of stuff and told them to each bring back the one with their name on it. In no time they were back in the living room again awaiting his next order. He told them to sit them on the floor. Next he stood up and went into the laundry room indicating they should follow him.

He led then through the laundry room into the spa room where Silk had put the razors and stuff earlier. “Kneel,” he ordered. Once they were all down again, he explained, “I brought you in here to shave your cute little muffs off. I don’t like hair on my slaves. From now on I want you keep your legs, armpits and pussies free of any hair unless I tell you otherwise. Understand”

Another yes Master and yes Sir followed.

“Stacey stand up and sit on the edge of the tub,” Michael ordered. Once she was in position, he tapped her thigh and said, “Spread em’. I need to see it all.” When she did this, he gave a low whistle, “Oh that is so sexy. I think red hair is very sexy, almost sluty,” and with that he picked up the electric trimmer and trimmed her bush till there was only a shadow of red hair left on her mound. Next he took the shaving cream and lathered her up then shaved her completely from the top of her lips down. When he was done, she only had a light dusting hair on her mound, which he told her would stay that way unless he told her otherwise. He informed her that he liked to see the red hair just above her pussy lips. He then ordered her to kneel again.

Next he ordered Silk and Syndee to sit on the edge of the tub like Stacey had done. He told Stacey to shave Syndee’s entire pubic area and then turned to Silk and knelt down again.

“Have you ever had your pussy shaved, slave?” He asked her as he applied shaving cream to her muff.

“No Master,” came a breathless reply.

Michael proceeded to remove every bit of hair from her pubic area. She watched him as the razor scraped the hair from her lips and saw that he was enjoying this very much. Finally he was done and he then used a washcloth to wipe her clean. She looked down and was delighted by the new look. She had trimmed the hair short but had not seen it bald since she was a preteen. Then Michael placed his hand on her freshly shaven mound and the sensation was intense, so intense that a moan escaped her before she could stop it.

Michael laughed and said, “Pretty sensitive isn’t it?”

“Yes Master,” came a shy reply.

Michael caressed her mound as he spoke, “From now on, how you see your pussy at this very moment is how I expect them to always look unless I tell you other wise. Is that understood?”

“Yes Sir,” Syndee said.
“Yes Sir,” Stacey said and added, “You want me to always have this light dusting of hair correct Sir?”

“Yes slave, I want to always see your pouty lips with red hair above them,” Michael told her.

Silk was lost in thought as Michael stroked her freshly shaved pussy. She heard his question, but had not replied. All the sudden Michael grabbed a handful of her mound and she looked up to meet his grave look.

“I said, I am understood, or don’t you feel that you have answer?”

“Yes Master, I understand. Sorry I forgot to answer. Your hand felt so good, it distracted me,” Silk answered quickly.

Michael gave a light slap to her mound and said to all of them, “Good, now kneel.”

The slap was more intense than the rubbing and as she knelt on the floor, Michael saw that she was very wet. He looked to the other two and saw that they were not affected the same. He would have to remedy that.

Next he went to the shower and opened the door, turned on the water to the little hose that he had in the shower. Once it was warm enough, he explained to them how he liked his slaves extra clean and told them that when they were with him they would clean themselves exceptionally well. He also told that that from now on they would clean themselves like this when they got there before they could play with him. Last he said he would show them how he wanted the cleaning done.

“Stacey stand up and come here,” He ordered, “You other two watch.”

Stacey stood up and entered the shower. Michael reached out and flipped down a chair that was mounted to the wall and indicated for her to take a seat. Stacey sat down and waited for his next command.

Grabbing her hand, he pointed the stream of water at it and said, “Just so you know that the stream is not rough or hard. Now spread em’ slave.” He then pointed the stream of water at Stacey’s pussy. Stacey gave a slight jump when the water hit her sensitive place.

Michael smiled when she jumped and then turned to retrieve the soap from behind him. He then lathered Stacey up and watched her face as he did this. She seemed to like it the same as Silk did. Michael decided to push it farther so he kept up the stroking until Stacey began to whimper. Michael could also feel her press against his hand as he stroked her.

“Is there something you would like slave?” He asked Stacey.

Before she could answer, Michael dropped the soap and started to rinse her off. He kept up the stroking for a moment then slipped the hose and a finger inside her. Once he was satisfied that she was clean, he then pointed the water at her clit and began to tease her unmercifully. At this point Stacey was starting to tense up and breath hard.

“Please Sir,” Stacey said in a hiss, “May I cum?”

Michael teased her for a few minutes more noting her ability to await he command to let go, then said, “Yes slave, cum for me.” He then shifted his motions into high gear.

Stacey squealed in response and exploded for Michael. Once she was done, Michael smiled to her and said, “Good job. You hold it well.”

“Thank you Sir,” Stacey replied.

Michael turned to the other two, “Silk grab that towel and dry your sister. Syndee get in here, it’s your turn.”

Stacy got off the chair and allowed Silk to dry her off. She smiled at Silk and thanked her when she was done; they both knelt down afterwards to watch Syndee and Michael.

Michael repeated the same on Syndee noting that she was not as affected by him stroking her as the other two were. He kept up the stroking anyway and was finally about ready to give up when he noticed a slight reaction in Syndee.

“Does this affect you at all slave?” He asked Syndee.

“Not as much as Stacey Sir. It takes a lot to make me cum Sir,” she replied.

He began to rinse her off and had stuck his fingers inside her. Finally he felt a reaction in her body. “What about this,” he asked as he also pointed the stream at her clit.

Syndee sucked in a sharp breath, “That feels nice Sir.”

Michael kept it up until she begged him to allow her to cum and when he gave his permission, she let out a loud groan and let go. Michael was surprised at the sound she made. Finally he ordered Stacey to dry her off and for Silk to take her turn in the shower.

Silk eagerly jumped into the seat and awaited the fulfillment to the torture he had begun on her this morning. Michael began by rubbing the soap on her now hairless pussy. She got hot instantly.

When Michael noticed her pant, he laughed, “Are you always this easy little one?”

“Yes Master, “She panted trying to hold off.

Michael could tell that she wanted to cum at that very moment but was trying so hard to hold back. He tried to hurry knowing that she was not as experienced as the other two. He switched to rinsing her off and slipped a finger into her. She gave a sharp intake of breath and gripped the sides of the chair and Michael knew that if it were his flesh she would have used her nails.

Finally she could take no more and asked, “Please Master, I can’t hold back much longer. May I cum.”

Michael noted that she had lifted up off the chair and was panting like a dog at this point so he said, “Cum slave. Now,” and with that Silk let go and exploded for him. A small moan escaped her and her eyes rolled back in her head.

Once she came down from the high, Michael ordered Syndee to dry her off. Once they were all kneeling again, he went into the other room and sat in his chair again. He then ordered them to his feet. Once they were all there he resumed talking again.

“Okay everyone needs to turn and look in their bin and find their collar and hand it to me. Silk don’t worry, your already wearing yours.” He ordered.

They completed the task and handed their collars to Michael. Syndee was the first done.

As she put it in Michael’s hand, he said, “Okay with this collar you are accepting my ownership over you slave Syndee. You are agreeing to all my rules and promise to follow them to the letter and to submit your body to me. Do you agree to this?”

“Yes Sir,” Syndee said in answer and lifted her hair to allow Michael to place the collar around her neck.

Once the collar was fastened in place Michael spoke again, “Now you will refer to me as Master slave, is that clear.”

“Yes Master,” Syndee said finding she liked the way the word rolled off her tongue as she resumed her spot on the floor.

Next Stacey handed her collar to Michael and he asked the same of her to which she agreed and then lifted her hair for him to place it around her neck. Then he repeated the part about her now referring to him as Master and she relied with a yes Master also then took her place.

“Okay a few more rules then we play. These collars are to only leave your necks when you swim or shower. I want to see them on your necks anytime I chose to look for them. So never remove them other wise. Is that clear? After a yes Master from each he added, “Now before we do anything, we need to talk about safe words. I think it is best to use the old stand bys, so we will use red for stop, yellow to slow down or hold off for a moment and green to tell me you are comfortable with crossing your limits. Silk I know that we discussed another word and you are free to use it also, but please remember these words. They are universal and everyone knows and will respect them. Also you need the other two as we didn’t discuss anything for these words.” After her yes Master, he went on, “Lastly you each need an action word. While you know that we don’t show this in public you are still my slaves nonetheless and will behave as such. If I say your action word, you will know that you are to obey or that you are overstepping your bounds. This being said I will assign you each a word,” thinking on it for a moment he said, “Okay since Silk’s word is emerald for her eyes, I think I will go with that theme. Stacey yours will be ruby for your hair and Syndee yours will be sapphire for your eyes. Is everyone clear in this?”

“Yes Master,” they said in unison.

“Alright, grab your bins and lets head upstairs.” He told them as he got up and left the room.


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