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Setting the scene for the next chapters.
Author's Notes - I never intended this story to have intercourse in it. However, it just so happened that a friend of mine delves into this site often and convinced me to try my hand at writing. Knowing full-well the catastrophe this may well cause, I give to you a re-edited (parody, if you will) version of my up-and-coming novel "Dabbling in Water". I will not post it all, only certain bits for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy as this is my first 'erotic' novel. If you feel that I cheated 30 minutes of your life away from you, please deign to tell me how I so wasted your time in the comments section. Oh and one other thing, if you would like me to write in a different genre, let me know. However, these recommendations should not include children, incest or farm animals. This is only the prologue. It's just setting the scene for things to come. Have fun.


The creaking window sill did little to disguise the noises that erupted, like a flowing river of sound, from the room within. Gasps and groans could be heard from within. A male voice grunted as he released himself inside of his lover. Then, the woman followed suit with a gasp and moan of her own, also finding the heavenly release of orgasm. The night air was silent. The lovers lay in quiet contentment with their achieved feat. "Tarrin, my love, when must you return?" the female lover asked quietly, her voice, though calm, was laced with melancholy.

"Love, were I able to stay with you forever, until the end of time, I would. But you and I both know that my obligations to the Master are undeniable. You yourself served under his grace." Tarrin said softly.

"You are a man torn, dear heart. What of our son, my love? Could you not plead release from the Master's service to stay with your own son, even if it were for but a short time?" the woman pleaded desperately. Tears rolled down her pale skin. Her soft features reflected the moonlight. Her straw-blonde hair cascaded softly down her face. Her skin was like a shimmering pearl, unbroken in its beauty and yet so kind in its colour. A small pendant hung about her neck. It glowed dully in the night, illuminating her cleavage perfectly. Her breasts were modest but were firm and perfectly shaped. Her young, firm curves were a sight to behold.

"Cilia, my adulation for you is unexpendable. However, I cannot abandon the Master. For all he has given us, we must repay him." Tarrin said this sadly, his voice catching on his words slightly. However, there was an underlying feeling underneath the words. Subtle but strong, lacing the man's words was fear. A fear that went so deep as to be undetectable unless one were to be listening for it.

Cilia sighed softly in defeat. Her beautiful grey-blue eyes were downcast, as was her soft demeanour.
"If that is how it is meant to be, my love, then so be it. I will love you forever, whatever you do." Cilia said and looked into her husband's eyes. She moved in and placed her lips on his, locking them together as to withstand time and life itself. But this act was but a reed to hold back the tide. Her firm, young body sat up, straddling Tarrin.

Cilia lifted her body up slightly and raised her lover's phallus up to her moist lips. Then, slowly, she lowered herself onto it. As it touched her wet pussy lips, Cilia shivered in anticipation. Without waiting for his lover to drop her body the rest of the way, Tarrin thrust up, impaling Cilia on his engorging penis. She was suddenly stretched open painfully. However, she adjusted quickly and started sensuously moving her body backwards and forwards. Her clitoris rubbed up against Tarrin's stomach, making her groan loudly from the pleasure it gave her.

Slightly annoyed with her slow pace, Tarrin spun her around on the bed so her back was to the bed. He spread her legs around his waist and withdrew slightly. Then, he thrust his dick back into her stretched pussy with reckless abandon. He started pounding her incessantly, causing her to slide up and down along the bed.

"Ugh, ungh, egh, ugh." was all Cilia could explain as her tight pussy was stretched and pounded. Her breasts bounced every time Tarrin pushed inside of her. Tarrin could feel Cilia's walls constricting and flowing around his penis. The peristalsis-like movements of her vagina urged him on. He continued to pound into her. Then, noticing her firm breasts bouncing on her chest, he leaned over and drew one of her light-pink nipples into his mouth. She squealed girlishly as he did this.

His tongue snaked over the nipple several times. He enjoyed the slight, salty taste of her skin as he pounded her and sucked on her nipples, alternating regularly between the small, pink nodes on her firm, pale breasts. He turned her over quickly so she was on her stomach. He raised her slightly so she was able to properly go on all four legs. He then resumed his relentless pounding of her pussy.

Suddenly, he felt himself tensing up as he approached orgasm. Mustering all of his willpower, he quickly withdrew from his wife and sat back slightly, ensuring that he held out for a little longer. Cilia, grunted questioningly as she felt the penis exit her. She looked at Tarrin, seeking an answer for why he decided to pull out of her.

She received that answer a moment later when he crawled up the bed behind her and turned her back onto all fours. He put the head of his penis up to her puckered asshole. She gasped in protest and was about to say something about his intrusion upon her anus when he pushed with all of his might against her tight, virginal ring.

However, despite his best efforts to penetrate her anus swiftly, he only made it 2 (5cm) inches into her tight asshole. She wailed in protest of this intrusion and turned frantically trying in vain to push him out. She grabbed onto the hilt of his cock leaning back so that she could try and pull him out. However, when she turned back, she remembered that it was her lover. She sighed and turned back, releasing his cock, entrusting him with her tight virginal rosebud.

Feeling no resistance but the tight walls of her rectum, he slammed into her. She shrieked in pain at this but Tarrin had finally managed to push his cock all the way up to the hilt in Cilia's tight asshole. Then he withdrew slightly and pushed back in with force. Cilia reached her hand between her legs and started playing with her small clit. The pain was still there for her, but it had eased since he had fully penetrated her inner sanctum.

He started pounding with haste into her tight virginal asshole. On all fours, she was slammed forward with every inwards thrust. She felt so full that she thought she was going to burst. Then, all pain had left her and she started feeling pleasure from the thick dick that pounded into her. 7 1/2 (19.05cm) inches of meat slammed into her relentlessly, stretching her asshole open. Cilia, through a combination of her fingers on her small clitoris and the pounding that was taking place on her tight asshole, shuddered and shook from a rocking orgasm that made the muscles of her body ripple and convulse.

Feeling this unexpected sensation, Tarrin grunted in surprise as the muscles of her ass pulled and pushed at his engorged cock, attempting to milk his phallus of cum. It worked with great affects as he exclaimed loudly, "I’m cumming!" As he said this, a thick wad of sperm and semen shot inside of Cilia's asshole.

Both Cilia and Tarrin, completely exhausted, collapsed onto the bed and cuddled together.

Once again, the night air was silent. But this silence was born not of the contentment that had spawned the previous quiet. The silence that ensued was expectation. The night air filled with silent malice. Fury burned and roiled in the night air. Death was approaching.

Both Tarrin and Cilia heard the flames before they saw them. The soft crackling and singeing of wood quickly turned into a roar of flame. The two lovers sat bolt upright as the house was being consumed by flame.

"My love, we must flee!" Tarrin yelled above the roaring of flames that had engulfed the small wooden building in which they were living in. As Tarrin took Cilia's hand and got up as they went to leave, he lost his grip as he stumbled and fell. Just as he fell, a large, creaking beam of wooden plank from the roof collapsed between he and Cilia. The flame had spread unbelievably fast and had engulfed nearly the whole house. Smoke permeated the air, making Cilia cough hoarsly.

Cilia looked up to see Tarrin shielding his eyes from the flames. However, from overhead, Cilia could hear the creaking of yet another wooden plank. Pin-pointing its direction, she screamed when she realised it was just above Tarrin's head. Suddenly, the beam creaked no more. It fell with a sickening thud on top of Tarrin.

Cilia, who was watching on in horror, wailed in despair, screaming out "Tarrin!" with all of her might. But her attempts to see if he yet lived were in vain. Pure instinct carried her out of the burning room and into her son's chamber. She found him there. She kneeled at his crib and wept. She drew him in her arms. He was crying loudly. Their weeping together formed a discordant melody. Then, no longer able to breath, Cilia retched and coughed in panic. Placing the baby back in its cot, she tried to breathe in some air. However, all she received was soot filled smoke. Realising that she was near death, she unclipped the pendant that was around her neck and quickly dropped it into the child's lap. Then, unable to draw in a clear breath, she dropped to the ground.

As she dropped, a flash of light burst out in the room.

To be continued in Chapter 1.

Other Shit - I hope you enjoyed parody of my own novel. I'm not sure exactly what to label it as. A spoof? A parody? A dog crap? Anyway, this is my first shot at one of these so leave me some feedback if you can and make sure to hit the old like button if you enjoyed it. Thanks again.
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