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I enjoy gay fiction, but lately, I've been experimenting with supernatural gay fiction. This is my first part of the first story, I hope you guys like it. Please leave me detailed comments, so that I may improve :)
Desmond Riley huffed the last bit of his cigarette before stuffing it into the trash can next to him. He huddled in his worn coat, his breath fogging the air in front of him. He flexed his hands in his gloves, and yanked his cap over his sandy brown hair and ears. The day had been mean to him, as far as he was concerned. His alarm shorted out during the night, he'd rolled over the morning, got a look at his alarm clock, and bolted as fast as he could to his classes. Only to realize they were cancelled. He'd hung around the cafeteria for a few hours, played a few card games, towards the end of the day, he decided to leave. Desmond shuffled his feet, to regain the circulation, then slouched to his truck. He'd been trying to put of going home for as long as he could, but once glance at the clock told him, he'd be missed if he didn't leave soon. As Desmond made his way to his truck, he glanced up at moon. The full orb hung low and heavy in the sky, almost taunting him. Most people saw the moon, with it's pale glow, as an object of great beauty. But since Desmond could remember, it had always been an object of terror. This was because his brother Lyle, was a lycan. The gene ran in Desmond’s family since the beginning of time, but it skipped a generation. Lyle was the only werewolf in the household, when Desmond was little, he remembered Lyle going with their uncle to housing facilities made to withstand Lycans when they first shift. That was almost twenty years ago, now Lyle was almost 25, and had perfect control of his shifts. But on Desmond’s thirteenth birthday, after celebrating with his parents, he tried something he’d wanted to do for years. He followed Lyle to one of the lycan safe houses to watch his brother shift. Brimming with the prospect of adventure and satisfying a huge curiosity, he crept through the woods after his brother. What Desmond didn’t know about werewolves when shifted, was that after the initial shift took place, the wolf in question went into an extreme heat. Most older Lycans shifted in pairs, so they wouldn’t have to suffer the terrible longing of flesh, and become lust ridden. Lyle was unaware of his brother’s presence, until he shifted, alone. He turned to hunt, and locked eyes with Desmond. The two gazed at each other for a heartbeat, when Lyle descended upon his brother. Desmond thought at first, he was going to be killed, realized how wrong he was when Lyle used his razor sharp claws to rip the clothing from his little brother’s body. Desmond scratched desperately at the floor, trying to claw his way from his brother’s grasp. Lyle, ridden with desire, snarled at him, and seized his legs. He hoisted the boy’s lower body skyward, and slid his muzzle to the crack of Desmond’s ass. Desmond screamed as Lyle’s long wolfy tongue slid inside of his ass, his hands scrabbling at the floor. Lyle continued to probe the boy’s ass until he was sopping wet, the drool sliding down Desmond’s body. Lyle lowered his brother’s body to floor, and Desmond whispered desperately to him. “Ly…Please…Please, I don’t wanna do this, please!” Lyle responded with a lusty growl, and leaned forward until he and Desmond where almost eye to eye. For a blissful second, Desmond thought Lyle had come to his senses, and was going to release him. The moment was shattered when Lyle’s massive wolf meat slid into Desmond’s lubricated asshole. Desmond pounded the floor, kicked at Lyle’s legs, and screamed for all he was worth, long and loud. The house was made to camouflage the screams of new wolves shifting, so Desmond’s screams earned him no rescue. Lyle closed his eyes, and leaned his head back, as he slid in and out of his brother’s ass. Desmond’s pleas fell on deaf ears, as Lyle leaned back enough to hoist the boy’s legs around his furred waist, and continue to pump his meat in and out of his brother’s body. As Lyle’s body and mind were churning with ecstasy and lust, Desmond’s filed with agony. He felt as if white-hot pokers were being forced in his body through his asshole. As the fight left him, Desmond tried to drift away, mentally, to no avail. His attempts to get lost in the pattern of the ceiling was interrupted constantly as his body moved from Lyle’s thrusts. Lyle’s thrusts began to quicken, he dug his claws into Desmond’s thighs, and howled as he came inside of his brother’s virgin ass. Lyle relaxed his body, and Desmond watches the curtain of sanity descend in his brother’s eyes from the floor. He felt numb, hollow, and his face portrayed just that. Lyle tensed and slowly looked down the line of his body and froze as his eyes met Desmond’s. Lyle had broken down completely when he discovered what he’d done to his brother. Desmond talked him down from things like suicide to telling their parents. He held his older brother as he sobbed, and howled wordlessly that night, and almost every night following. Their parents never knew what’d happened, neither brother told anyone.
Desmond shook himself out of the memory. He realized he’d been standing in front of his truck, holding the keys in his hand. He shook himself like a dog, and climbed in. As the truck roared into the driveway of the ranch-style 3 story house he shared with his family, he saw Lyle open the front door and stand in the doorway. Desmond parked in the carport, and walked over to his brother, who greeted him with a smile. “Forget about your class schedule today, stupid?” Desmond smirked and aimed a punch at his shoulder. “Shut up. I’ve got a ton of shit rolling in my head, besides, who actually reads notes from their teachers?” Lyle chuckled and stretched his six plus frame and stood aside. Lyle was built like a small mountain lion. His hair was burnished gold, cut close to his head, his eyes were hazel, flecked with gold. Coarse gold hair covered every inch of his body, and laced his muscular limbs. Where as Lyle was a mountain lion, Desmond was a gazelle. He had sandy brown shoulder length hair on his head, and nowhere else. He had the discrete muscle tone of a swimmer, and small feet. If he were a woman, he would’ve been called willowy. He pushed his hair from his eyes and looked around at the dark windows of the house. “Where’s Mom and Dad?” Lyle hopped down the steps and called over his shoulder. “They went to see Uncle Howie. Something about a fight with him and Aunt Laurel.” Desmond snorted. Their mother’s brother was constantly fighting with his wife. He wondered on many an occasion why they were still together. He watched Lyle walk toward the woods. “Where’re you going? The house is this way.” Lyle laughed, turned, and pointed at the sky. “Full moon, smart one. I’m gonna shift in the woods and see how far I can run this time.” Desmond nodded and turned back to the house. “Guess I’ll go get some Chinese then. I know Mom and Dad are gonna be gone for a while.” Lyle nodded, opened his mouth to speak, then shut it. “Good idea, creep. I’ll see you tomorrow?” Desmond nodded and waved behind his back as he walked into the house. Two hours later found him sitting in front of the TV, eating sweet and sour chicken, drinking beer. Desmond dropped the empty bottle into the heap of empty beer bottles beside him. The beer was very much active in his body, when he moved too quickly, the room swam. Desmond, like almost every young man, enjoyed porn. His favorite was hentai, something about the squeals the little women made bothered him so deliciously. After a sloppy check of the house to make certain he was alone, Desmond settled in front of his laptop and flipped to his favorite videos. Before long, Desmond was housing an enormous hard on. The more videos he watched, the harder he became, until he was brimming over with lust. Desmond shut off his laptop, and decided to spend the rest of the night in his room, nursing his erection. As he began to shuffle toward the steps, he saw a flicker in the window over the kitchen sink. He waved it away and made his drunken way to throw his dishes into the sink. Desmond clumsily washed his plate and utensils, stopping every once in a while, as his vision swam. He finally gave up, and turned around, stepping right into Lyle. His brother was shirtless, shoeless, his pants were half unzipped. His eyes were a leaf green, instead of his usual gold. Desmond watched, mesmorized, as Lyle slid a hand around his waist, and slowly moved closer to his brother. Their faces were inches apart, Desmond closed that small distance, and mashed his lips against his brother's. Lyle slowly relaxed into the kiss, the hands running over each other's bodies. As Lyle slid his tongue around his little brother's Desmond lifted a leg to rest on his brother's ass. Lyle leaned back enough to rip Desmond's shirt from his body, and latch onto a nipple. Desmond threw his head back, and gripped the counter. Lyle didn't stay where he was for too long. He dug his his hands into the waistband of Desmond's jeans and yanked the fabric apart. Cloth ripped, and Desmond's body jerked with the force of it until they were both naked. Lyle seized Desmond's other leg, and wrapped it around his waist to join the first. Desmond grabbed his brother's neck, as he was lifted. Lyle held his brother against him, and ran outside. They were just inside of the line of the forest, they fed at each other's mouths, as Lyle gently laid Desmond to the leaf covered forest floor. Desmond's body was on fire, for him, the world narrowed to his brother's mouth, and tongue, which was running itself in and out of his body, lubricating places that didn't normally lubricate themselves. Lyle reared back, his wolf eyes almost reflective in the moon's glow. His eyes asked Desmond's permission, and he responded with a lust ridden growl, that brought a grin to Lyle's face. Desmond slid his legs to his brother's waist, and Lyle responded by gently easing himself in his little brother's body. Desmond cried out at the sensation, and raised his hips to meet him. Lyle growled, and pulled back, almost completely out of Desmond, before plunging back in. The force and feel of it sent Desmond almost rising from the ground, crying out again. Lyle moaned, and continued his cycle, with growing speed. Desmond did his best to meet his brother's every thrust, all the while, a sweet pressure within his body began to grow. With every thrust, Lyle's moans turned to growls, and his velocity increased. It was all Desmond could do to keep from fainting. Lyle was flying out of hs brother now, at breakneck speed, Desmond noticed the hair on his brother's arms seemed to be growing longer. From his place on the ground, he saw his brother's face begin to move, as if the muscles were resettling. The pressure inside of him was dangerously close to spilling over, as Desmond watched his brother's skin ripple, and move in on itself. Lyle's body hair seemed to grow longer, and soon engulfed his entire body. Lyle's body began to move as if it were underwater, and every inch of him began to grow. Even the bit of his body currently reshaping his brother's asshole. Desmond opened his mouth to speak, but his words turned to babbles and his hands scrabbled at the ground as he came to a monumental climax. His body bucked, and his eyes rolled into his head, as waves of please engulfed his body. He was on one of the last waves, when Lyle threw his head back, and screamed, which ended in a howl. He spurted insde of Desmond, bringing the boy into yet another tsunami of please. Lyle held his brother against him, as his face elongated to give him a muzzle. Desmond lay, completely spent, on the ground, his brother's seed continuing to spill with in him. Lyle slowly lowered his head, as the spurting slowed and eventually stopped. He watched Desmond, panting heavily. Desmond could only give a weak smile and a tiny nod. Lyle leaned forward, and slid his long tongue into Desmond's mouth, kissing him fiercely. Desmond moaned and melted into the kiss, running his hands through his brother's furry back. Lyle pulled back out of the kiss, but remained inches from Desmond's face. Desmond was unsure exactly what his brother was planning, until Lyle, who was still inside of him, moved his hips a bit, to bump against Desmond's prostate. A shiver went through Desmond's worn body, and he moaned helplessly. "Lyle...I can't...I don't have it in me...Let me up, man." Lyle cocked his head to one side and moved his hips once more. This time, he didn't stop moving, and Desmond was soon made aware he could indeed, go again.


2012-07-02 13:08:20
I have to agree, Darling, you need paragraphs for easier reading. As an author using Word, I know how difficult it is to post here - the trick is to make double paragraph spaces where you want a paragraph. That will help. Now I will read again and enjoy...thanks!

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2012-05-29 04:46:22
Your story would be better if you divided it into proper paragraphs and either proof-read it yourself or got someone else to proof-read it for you. But it's still a very good story


2012-04-19 18:56:35
I really like this story ^^ I just wish there was more plot. Good start though and I would agree on more details :D

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2012-04-11 22:40:36
describe his dick more lyles i mean..... i want to visualize his dick...other than that it was great

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2012-04-10 17:39:05

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