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A steampunk erotica story
Bethesda Dorian bounced up and down on the cock of Governor Sowden. Head thrown back, her tits bouncing with her rhythm, she began to cry out as she grew closer to her climax. Rubbing her clit to help her along was like the cream on a slice of pie; the analogy making her smile.

Govern Sowden watched in fascination at the female pirate captain. She said she could be persuasive in getting out of the pirating charges. She did not disappoint. The way she rotated her hips as she moved up and down created the urge to let go and cum but he fought it. It took all his willpower not to shoot his load the minute she sank her creamy pussy lips down around his dick. She used an amazing pressure technique that massaged his shaft as she lifted her ass. Then would drop her 115 lbs frame on to his dick, impaling herself completely. Then there were her tits. She had unbuttoned her shirt but still wore her leather bustier. The constant bouncing movement had dislodged her luscious breasts, making them his for the taking. The Govern had wasted no time in suckling the nipples. He could tell that she approved by the tightening of her pussy on his dick. Biting her nipples softly also received the tightening.

“Ah…! Ah… !” She cried out, her hand rubbing frantically.

Governor Sowden could not hold back any further, he pulled his dick from her body and shot his load all over the tits of the air-captain.

Sitting back, he looked up at the woman.

“Case dismissed.”


Captain Dorian walked up the gangplank to her air ship The Morlock, buttoning her shirt and adjusting her hair. Jumping aboard she found her crew sitting back playing a game of Two Bits.

“Have you ever seen such a lazy bunch of bastards?” She announced.

“I take it things went well?” The Professor asked.

“Case dismissed.”

Hodges snickered.

“Where to?” Lucy asked standing, tossing her cards on the makeshift table.

“Out of here, toot sweet.”

Dorian walked to her cabin and shit the door behind her while her crew made a hasty exit. Sitting at her desk, the Captain looked over her map table. The exchange with Governor Snowden left the good captain in a sour disposition. It wasn’t using her body to get the ship out of trouble, it was her inability to climax fully that was frustrating. In fact she started using her body in exchange for goods and or services in the hopes of being able to fulfill that elusive sense of completion. Each time she walked away more angry and bitter. Perhaps she was destined to be a sexually frustrated woman.

Standing up she walked to a small mirror that hung in her quarters. Smoothing her hair, she took a deep breath, told her that her orgasm was coming (cue smirk) and that she need to be a captain first.
Maybe they needed a vacation. It had been one job after another and they had enough credit and cash to buy them a week or two of relaxation.

Looking over her maps at her desk she decided that the best place would be someplace that could offer a variety of distractions. Smiling, her finger found what she was looking for. Striding out of her quarters, she went to tell the Professor that they were headed for New Blaylock.


Two days later the Morlock slipped silently into the air harbor above New Blaylock in the early afternoon. Giving her crew their share of the bounty and setting them loose, Captain Dorian secured the ship herself before heading out into the city. Wearing black skintight pants, brown leather boots that stopped below her knees and buckled four times, her white peasant blouse beneath a brown leather waist cincher with three buckles and a long black cotton duster she looked exactly how most people of her trade dressed. She wore her long hair down underneath her flat top wide brim hat. Pulling it low over her eyes she walked up the street looking for a distraction from the unnerving pulse between her legs.

Slipping into a saloon along the dock, she ordered a whiskey and proceeded to knock it back. The bartender poured a second glass and went back to cleaning the spilled drink from the far end of the bar. Looking at the amber liquid in front of her, Captain Dorian was now doubting that the break was what was needed. At least for her. Moments like this caused her to think. If it wasn’t about a job, then she felt it was wasted energy. She didn’t want to think. She knocked back the second drink.

The bartender poured her a third slowly. What he didn’t know was that Dorian could drink half a bottle before feeling anything. An unfortunate side effect of boredom.

“You here alone?” A voice spoke up behind her.

Dorian’s eyes narrowed as she reached for her gun. A beautiful copper and silver colored Winchester S series 12 shooter. Pulling the piece and turning around slowly she was looking at Tobias Gillman a fellow air captain. She recognized him instantly.

“Tobias.” She nodded, holstering her gun.

“Good to see you too Dorian.”

Dorian motioned for the bartender to pour another round after emptying her glass. After the second glass was filled the two pirates toasted good fortune and began chatting.

Though she was a couple of drinks ahead of Tobias, Dorian could hold her own against him but she was starting to feel the liquor. Dorian sighed when she felt that warm relaxed feeling spread across her body.
“I don’t want to alarm you…but that guys been staring at you since he walked in.” Tobias indicated a man seated at a table at the back of the bar.

Looking over Dorian was first struck by his gaze. He held hers without looking away. None of that polite ‘I’ve been caught looking at you.’ Bullshit. His eyes were hypnotically green and his hair was a dark brown and disheveled at best. His had about a weeks’ worth of growth on his face that Dorian was certain was more cultivated than happenstance.

“You know him?” She asked Tobias.

“Chance…something. Or something Chance…”

“Good guy?” She asked.

“Nope, scoundrel, like us.”

“Oh, good. I was hoping I didn’t have to do any killing on my vacation.” She took another shot of whiskey.
Dorian looked up and found that the man continued to stare at her. Something in Dorian snapped. Throwing down the money for the liquor she walked over to the man and stood in front of him. Looking up at all 5’8” of her visage, the man sat back.

“Anyone ever tell you it’s rude to stare?” She asked, hands on her hips.

“Brought you over to me, didn’t it.” He replied matter-of-factly, taking a sip of his drink.

Dorian shook her head and turned from the table. Leaning over she bid farewell to Tobias and walked out into the street. The fresh air helped to clear her head slightly.

‘Damn, was liking that buzz.’ She thought as she wondered further down the street.

Stopping in front of a shop’s display window, she found a dress that caught her eye. Deep red, almost a berry color, and very slinky. No ruffles or layers. She was not much of a dress girl. Occasionally she found reason to wear a dress on a job but pretended she hated it, but this one spoke to her.

“Hell of a dress.”

Looking around, she found that the Chance guy had followed her out of the bar. Embarrassed to have been found being a girl, admiring a dress, she scowled at him and began walking off.

“Are you going to talk to me or am I going to have to follow you all night?” He called after her.

Turning around she gaped at the man.

“What makes you think I want to talk with you?” She snapped.

“Fine,” he walked up slowly, hands in his pockets “Then let’s not talk.”

Dorian rolled her eyes and walked down the street and into a hotel. After obtaining a room key, she walked into the hotel bar and ordered a whiskey.

“I got a bottle right here.” She heard a familiar voice speak up.

Turning towards the source, she sighed seeing Chance again.

“You don’t understand the meaning of ‘No’ do you?”

“Nope. I see something I want, I go for it.”

“You want me?” She asked, growing more impatient.

“Of course, who wouldn’t, you’re gorgeous.”

“That line ever work for you?” She drank her drink.

Chance smiled.

“I’ll let you know.”

Dorian took a deep breath and eyed the bottle.

“Fine, we’ll talk and drink.” She said sitting down and passing her glass to him.

Filling it, he passed it back to her and looked in her eyes.

“You really want to talk?”

Something in Dorian stirred and she knew this was man was going to be nothing but trouble for her. But she looked at his eyes, his hair, his square jaw and her temperature began to rise. It suddenly occurred to her that she had a room, just three flights up and there would be no need for talking. Then the idea of being worse off afterwards clicked in her brain. To reach that level of sexual frustration was starting to take its toll on her. Maybe, if she fucked him well enough, he’d leave the bottle when he was done.

“Okay cowboy,” she said rising to her feet, “Let’s go.”

Her room was nothing fancy but it had a clean soft bed, a bathroom with shower and tub and it had heat, which in this early spring, was a gift from the Gods. Throwing her hat and jacket aside, she walked into the bathroom and splashed water on her face and stared at her reflection.

‘Give em hell’. She always thought before going to bed with a man.

Walking out she watched Chance walk around the room, looking out the window, glass in hand. Taking the opportunity she pulled off her boots and began unbuckling her corset.

“So, what is your name? I was told Chance.” She said.

“Chance works. It’s my last name.”

Dorian nodded, tossing the cincher off to the side. Standing for a moment she stared at his back as he looked out the window down onto the street. Suddenly Dorian envied working girls. They had time limits. This ass could keep her all night. Sighing, she sat on the king sized bed and began removing her pants.
“Would you like another drink?” He asked her.

Dorian decided that sobering up a little bit around this guy was prudent and declined. Sitting on the edge of the bed in her peasant shirt (which hung to about mid-thigh) she watched Chance at the window. Making no moves toward her, she stood, turned down the bed and crawled in. Looking up, Chance had turned and started watching her. She suddenly became very self-conscious.

“This is not a business transaction, this is desire, plain and simple.” He set down his glass and moved towards the bed. “I’m not buying you for the night. I genuinely want you. If you don’t want me, then I’ll go.”
Dorian looked at him, not sure what to say. Something in her answered without her knowledge.

“I want you.” She whispered.

Chance wasted no time in disrobing. Crawling into the bed he helped Dorian out of her blouse and began kissing her breast and up her neck to her lips. His hands softly caressing her body and not the frantic groping she was accustomed to. She found her lips reciprocating the kisses, her body moving to keep close to his. She could feel him swell against her and felt herself grow wet in anticipation.

Instead of going straight to the sex, Chance slipped beneath the covers and kissed up her legs and up to her waist. Kissing her inner thigh sent shivers through her body. She had never had anyone spend time on her and it was a totally new experience. Spreading her legs apart he began to kiss and tongue her pussy. Warmness spread through her and she could feel herself swell. Chance’s fingers helped to further stimulate her clit as Dorian began to breathe hard and tweak her own nipples.

“Chance… please.” She begged. “Please don’t make me wait.”

Looking up Chance went back to licking and suckling her clit, driving her crazy. She had the sudden need to be filled. She needed his cock inside her.

“Chance, please.” She whined.

Crawling up her body, he kissed her on her lips. She could taste her own juices on his tongue. With a little maneuvering Chance slipped inside of her and began slowly pumping. He continued to kiss her neck, nipples and lips. As he made love to her he buried his face in her black hair. She could feel his body tense, relax, tense and relax.

Dorian wrapped her legs around his waist and held the man close to her as he continued his rhythm. The feel of his cock inside of her made Dorian relax more than anything or anyone had ever done before for her. Instead of focusing on pleasing her partner for a purpose, she was able to just enjoy the sensation.
Chance sat up and lifted both of her legs up. Leaning up against the back of her legs, Chance changed up his rhythm for something with a little speed and aggression. Dorian’s body responded in kind, growing so wet that she began to drip. Her pussy began to tighten and her nipples tingled. Chance stopped momentarily and pulled Dorian into a sitting position. Taking her cue, Dorian began to bounce on his lap before he stopped her.

“Softly, don’t bounce.” He instructed.

Dorian seemed a little lost to his meaning but instead gyrated on his lap, leaning back on her hands. Moving and undulating feeling his dick rub different parts of her, some which were much better than others. This slow build continued to make Dorian wetter and the look in Chance’s eye clued that he didn’t have much more in him.

Pressing her back onto the bed, Chance wrapped her legs around him as he pressed forward. The previous position left parts of her more sensitive then she had ever been before and the slow burn she usually experienced burned hot and fast like a wildfire.

Without warning, her mind exploded in a shower of white and vivid colors, her back arched and a cry rose from the back of her throat, the wildfire in her body erupted into a volcanic explosion causing her to cum and ejaculate in a powerful wave of ecstasy. Captain Dorian had finally had her first orgasm.

Chance, unable to contain himself any further, attempted to withdraw before he came, but Dorian’s orgasm caused her body to tense up and clamp down on his. Unable to pull out he came hard inside of her, filling her up. Once his body was done pumping his seed in her, he realized what had happened. And shook his head.

“I’m…sorry.” He whispered.

“For what?” She asked in a daze.

“I came inside of you. I couldn’t pull out.”

“Oh, that… don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.”

Chance rolled over onto his back and lay next to her panting. Looking over at the woman, he spoke up again.

“You’re not worried?”

“You just gave me my first orgasm, no I don’t care that you came inside me. You have no idea how long I have waited for this.”

“Your first orgasm?” He repeated. “You’re not a virgin are you?”
“Far from it.” She sat up. “I thought there was something wrong with me.”
Chance chuckled.
“Far from it.”
Chance leaned over and kissed her nipple.

“First huh?” He asked. “I guess that makes me memorable.” He smiled.

“Who are you again?” She asked.

He pounced on top of her and began to enter her again.

“Oh, you’re in for it, I’m going to make you remember me.”

“Chance, wait, I’m still sensitive from … oh….God…..”


Lighting a cigarette, Chance passed one to Dorian as she walked onto the balcony of her hotel room.

“When did it get dark?” She asked.

Chance laughed.

“About two hours ago. Hungry? We can get a bite.”

Dorian, looked down.

“I figure you would have bolted by now.” She flicked her ashes off the balcony.


Dorian lifted an eyebrow before taking a drag off her cigarette.

“Ah.” Chance looked off into the distance. “If you want me to leave, I’m gone.”

Dorian paused for a moment. She wasn’t looking for a relationship but one or two nights of some companionship would be fun.

“Hungry? We can grab a bite.”


Chance did not let that be Dorian’s only orgasam. He concentrated his efforts to make the next one more powerful and intense, always the next one. And Dorian, allowed herself to be human for a little while. For the two weeks they were docked at New Blaylock, Dorian and Chance were inseparable. The night before she was to ship out Chance asked to her to dinner at The Capitol, a swank restaurant in the city square. Chance had to go get some appropriate clothing for dinner and suggested that Dorian do the same.

Unsure what to do about appropriate dress, she decided that the slinky dress she saw her first day in town would be appropriate. Trying on the dress, she felt sexy and girlie. It was a new sensation for her. It was a vacation of firsts for her. Buying the dress and a pair of shoes, she headed to the hotel and found a note in her room from Chance telling her he would meet her at the restaurant at six. Smiling, she hung the dress up and decided to take a nap until it was time to go.


Sitting the in the restaurant at their table, Dorian was growing concerned, embarrassed and angry. Chance was two hours late and there was no way she could keep holding the table. Instead she stormed for the restaurant’s bar to have a drink.

Dorian was furious. She had never been so humiliated before in her life. How could she think that she could ever have fallen for anyone? He probably was off somewhere laughing with buddies over making the girl pirate a fool.

‘Well…. He will rue the day he ever crossed me.’ She vowed taking a shot of whiskey.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a slightly older man staring at her. Set on removing Chance’s memory from her mind she approached the man.

“Wanna go?” She asked.

The man was taken aback but smiled and nodded. Taking her arm in his, he led her away from the restaurant and towards his hotel room.

The man had money, it was clear from his hotel and clothing. Dorian didn’t care, she needed to relax and get her mind body and heart back in alignment. A one night stand was just what she felt would do it for her.
As soon as it started Dorian realized that her itch was coming back, the one that only Chance could scratch for her. The man was just like any other, grunting and thrusting, tweaking and spanking, it wasn’t his fault, he just wasn’t Chance. Dorian shut off but continued with fucking this man as best as she could. After switching positions four times, Dorian gave up and began sucking him off. The man had a lovely cock. A good length, fine girth, just big enough that Dorian’s fingers didn’t touch when she used her hands. Running her tongue over the head of his dick, she looked up at the man. Eyes closed and head thrown back, he looked to be enjoying himself immensely. It started to make Dorian mad that she couldn’t get the same satisfaction that he was getting. It felt one sided.

Swallowing as much of the man as she could, she decided it was time to go for her. Bouncing her head back and forth, sucking and stroking as hard and rhythmically as she could, she worked at bringing the man to his climax. Pulling her face away to catch her breath and continue jacking him off, the man grunted once and began to cum, painting her face and tits. Dorian continued to jack him off making sure that he had completely finished before she grabbed the closest thing to wipe her face off, her dress.

It was expensive and something that she had liked before she fell for Chance, but it reminded her too much of him. Wiping herself off on the dress, she tossed it aside and walked to the man’s closet.

“I’m…so sorry… I couldn’t help myself.” He panted quietly.

“Not a problem.”

She mumbled as she found a long enough button down shirt. Throwing it on she turned around and faced the back of his head. Walking up, she began slipping her high heels on as she kissed the top of his head.


“You’re leaving? So soon? The night is still young.” He asked looking back at her.

“Not for me, I ship out before dawn.”

Dorian found her clutch purse and opened it. Removing her fake id, her cred card and room key she threw the purse on to the floor next to the dress.

“Well here, wait….” The man jumped up and walked to the wall safe.

“I’m not for sale.” Dorian snapped.

“I never thought you were.” He said over his shoulder at her.

He opened the safe and rummaged around for a moment before finding what he wanted. He closed the door and walked back to Dorian.

“I’d like you to have it. I doubt that it is worth much but it is something that I find particularly striking.”
He held up a chain with a pendant on it. Dorian was not a jewelry girl but walked forward and took the necklace. The chain had little silver balls on it every inch or so, but the pendant itself was very unusual. It was a circular disk with a glyph in the center surrounded by deep blue, green and red stones.

“What does this mean?” She asked looking up.

The man walked up next to her and shrugged.

“Damned if I know. It’s a mystery to me. Much as you are.” He helped put the necklace around her neck as she lifted her hair. “I know that you weren’t looking for me, I also know that I was not able to satisfy you tonight. I hope that whatever I was lacking for you, has been made up for.”

Dorian felt bad.

“It’s not you…just….I got stood up.”

The man nodded. He leaned in and kissed her cheek softly.

“Then he was a fool.”

Dorian blushed and smiled an embarrassed smile. Looking at the man for a moment, she turned and left his room. She wasted no time walking the blocks back to her hotel. At the late hour, she had been propositioned by several people, wearing only a men’s shirt and high heels, but she continued on. Soon, the Morlock would be air bound and she would be the captain again. She needed to get back into the mindset of being captain and the walk helped to find that spring in her step that she had been lacking.
Closing the door to her room behind her, Dorian looked around. She came into the room with the clothes on her back and she had very little else around. Pulling off the shirt and shoes, she hopped in to take a shower and wipe herself clean. This task done, she towel dried her hair and began to dress in her normal clothes.

Chance had suggested she send her clothing to be cleaned and it was all hung up neatly waiting for her in her closet.


Dorian gritted her teeth and slipped on her blouse and pants, tucking the shirt in. She pulled on the boots and buckled them quickly. She wanted to be on her boat, in her own room, as soon as possible. Standing she wrapped the waist cincher on and buckled it, this time a bit tighter than she normally wore it. She threw on her duster and took up her hat. Looking around her room she found her gun and her cards and shoved them in her pockets. She chose to take the man’s shirt with her, it probably would fit the Professor, she figured. Looking at herself in the mirror, she felt back to normal, mostly. The necklace caught her eyes and made her wondered what it meant. The man’s words came floating back to her. “A mystery, like you.” She liked that. Placing her hat on her head, she left her room, crossed the lobby, dropped off her key and stepped out into the night.


Dorian was sitting in her cabin aboard the Morlock when there was a soft knock on the door.

“Enter.” She called out.

The Professor stuck his head in her cabin and smiled.

“And how was your vacation Captain?” He asked smiling.

Dorian looked down at her hands. She had been drinking again, but stopped after her third. She was now amusing herself with her shot glass. Setting it on the table across from her she filled up the glass and indicated for the Professor to take it.

“How was yours Professor?” She asked, trying to steer the conversation.

“Amazing. I had forgotten all about the museums and laboratories here! I was able to pick up some supplies for my lab and I was able to take in the most wonderful movie…”

The Professor recanted nearly every second of his time spent off the ship, to which Dorian could only smile. Her crew were good people and she loved them all as her family, especially the Professor. He was so unlike the rest of her crew. Smart, funny, acerbic at times but always had something worth talking about, when he spoke. He was for the most part a man of few words unless he had something to say. Then he said it. To see his so excited made her heart warm. This was truly where she was happiest.

“So…any news on our next job?” He asked her snapping her mind back to the present.

“I had not reviewed the list yet. Had you?” She asked.

Most of their jobs came by way of the Transmitter. There was a fancier more official name for the gadget, probably one the Profession knew, but they all called it the Transmitter. If there was a job they could do, she simply highlighted the job and it told the sender they were on it. She had not even looked at it while she was aboard.

“Well, I did and let me tell you there are not a whole lot in the last day or so. But I did find a fairly lucrative one that came in just this morning. I went ahead and put us on it but it is bounty hunter job.”

Dorian nodded, this was good, getting back to business and her life.

“What is the information?”

“Well we are going to get the information sent to us in the next hour or so, which should give Hodges and Lucy time to get back.”

“They still haven’t checked in yet?” Dorian asked, starting to feel a common case of irritation flare up.
Lucy and Hodges both would be late to their own funerals, this was nothing out of the ordinary. They day those two were on time or early, she fear she would drop dread with shock.

“Nope, not yet. So…what did you do while off ship, Captain?” The Professor prodded.

Dorian narrowed her eyes but relented. Maybe talking about it would help her feel better. She began telling the Professor all about Chance and their amazing week together then wrapped up with the dinner. She skimmed over the sex and failed to mention the one night stand man, but tossed him the shirt all the same.

“Picked this up for you, if it fits.” She smiled.

The Professor looked at her for a long moment and she knew he knew she wasn’t telling him the full truth.
“Thank you. That necklace you’re wearing, did he give you that?” He asked.

Looking down, Dorian had forgotten about the trinket.

“No, someone else did. No idea what it means though.”

“It looks familiar. I’ll go through my books and see if I can find what it means.” He said rising.

“Great, thanks Professor.”

The man nodded before walking out of her cabin. Standing and stretching her back, Dorian decided to see to it that they had been resupplied and fueled why they waited for Lucy and Hodges.


“You two…” Dorian scolded as Lucy and Hodges trudged up the gangplank to the ship.

“Hey Captain.” Lucy mumbled as she stepped aboard.

“You’re putting us behind.”

“Sorry Captain. I had to rescue Lucy.”

“Did not.”

“Did too.”

“Did not.”

“Did too!”

“Enough!” Dorian screamed. “Get to work, we’re gone in ten.”

Both crew members nodded their heads and walked to drop their stuff in their cabins. The Professor and Maury, the last crew member, were already making the boat ready to sail.

“Maury, could you take the helm? Hodges won’t be up for a while.” Maury nodded and headed that way.

Once the boat left the air dock and began its accent, the Professor walked over with several sheaves of paper.

“Captain, we got the info on the Bounty.”

“Great, talk to me.” Dorian was tightening up a rope as she listened.

“Uh, not much to tell, smuggler, kidnapper…last seen in New Blaylok, probably why we got the job. Dark brown hair… name of Simon Chance

“Wait, what? Let me see that.” Dorian snatched the flyer from the Professor.

“Isn’t that the guy you were with in New Blaylock?”

Looking at the wanted poster was Chance’s smiling face staring back at her.

“Yeah, that’s him.”

“Huh. That’s interesting.” The Professor bent his face closer to the screen, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“What is?”

“According to the Transmitter Gillman snatched him up, taking him to the Reclamation center.”

“Tobias? Why?”

“Reward Captain, why else?”

“Does it say when the job was canceled?” Dorian asked looking at the screen more closely.

“Yes. Yesterday around 1730 hours. That’s strange that the job would have still been listed as active this morning. Must be a glitch.” The Professor stood up and looked at Dorian, the understanding set in. “That’s why he didn’t meet you for dinner. He didn’t stand you up, he had been captured by then.”

“Aw hell.” Dorian looked up at the skies and tested the wind with her finger.


“Change course. We’re going after him.”


“You heard me. Move.” She looked down at the flyer. “Aw hell.” be contnued.

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