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A hiking trip got exciting and then things got even more exciting at home.
Fbailey story number 722

We Heard Gunshots

My sister Dakota and I heard gunshots.

What was more important was that we were in a State Forest and that it was NOT hunting season.

We did what every red blooded American kid would do. We ran…in the opposite direction of course.

My sister ran smack into another girl that was also running…and was that girl ever scared.

We ran further and hid up in some rocks.

We stayed there for almost an hour without hearing or seeing anyone coming after us.

While we sat there we whispered and found out that the girl had seen a guy kill another guy. Apparently he didn’t want any witnesses.

Up until that point I hadn’t realized that both girls looked alike. They were about the same height, build, and even hair color. They both had on white T-shirts and blue jean shorts with white running shoes. It was uncanny but even their name were similar in a Western motif sort of way.

When we felt safe we headed south toward home. We lived next to the State Forest. Our father owned a lot of farmland adjacent to it. We had hiked in further than usual. According to Cheyenne she had come in from the north.

Using my compass I pointed out a point to my sister and let her lead, with Cheyenne in the middle, and me keeping up the rear.

Both girls were thirteen years old and apparently they both had B-cup breasts and adorable asses. I sure kept my eyes on hers.

We got to the edge of the Forest and walked into our cornfield. From there we knew where we were heading.

Once we were safely inside the house I started to call nine one one but Cheyenne stopped me. She was a run away and that man that was killed had given her a ride. She didn’t know him at all. When the other man ran them off the road she was out of the car and running just as the car came to a stop. She was in the woods a ways before she looked back. She was scared to death and running for her life. She was sure that she could not identify the man even if she saw him in a police lineup.

We knew that we could hide her from Dad for a day or two but then Mom would be home. She didn’t miss a thing.

Cheyenne hid out in Dakota’s bedroom and we slipped her some food and drink.

The next Dad when Dad headed out to the fields with his crew of men, we partied. Dakota broke out the booze and she and Cheyenne proceeded to get drunk.

Being a horny fourteen-year-old I encouraged them to drink more, wear less, and to let me fondle them.

My sister had never been completely naked in front of me before but she did what Cheyenne did.

Cheyenne was one wide girl. It had been her idea to drink, it was her idea to get naked, and it was her idea to let me fuck her…on one condition…that I fuck my sister first. Fortunately my sister was drunk enough to let me.

I was so glad that I had decided not to drink. I was what you might call the designated driver but in this case I was the one to see to it that they didn’t get caught.

Dakota sat on my bed with her feet almost touching the floor. Cheyenne got up on the bed and positioned her knees on either side of my sister’s head. Then Cheyenne leaned forward, grabbed my sister under her knees, and pulled them up. After positioning my sister’s ankles on her shoulders Cheyenne said, “Now fuck her. I’ve got the best seat in the house.”

So I approached my sister, I parted her pussy lips, and then I placed the head of my cock at her opening. I asked her one last time if she really wanted me to fuck her and she did, so I pushed into her. She moaned, I moaned, and then I pushed more of it into her. In a short while I had all of it inside her pussy and just held it there.

Cheyenne asked, “Dakota, were you a virgin?”

Dakota replied, “Yup, I was! But not any more.”

I fucked my sister in long strokes speeding up as I got more and more excited. Finally, I couldn’t hold off any longer and I started to cum in her.

My sister said, “He’s cumming in me.”

Cheyenne laughed and said, “He’s supposed too.”

Dakota said, “But I’m not on the pill.”

Cheyenne said, “Neither am I and in a few minutes he is going to be cumming in me too.”

She was right. In a few minutes I was hard and the girls had changed positions. My cock was inside Cheyenne and my sister was straddling her head as I fucked her. Cheyenne moaned and asked me to go slower.

Dakota asked, “Were you a virgin too?”

Cheyenne giggled and said, “Yup, I was! But not any more.”

The three of us laughed and in a couple of minutes I was cumming in her pussy just like she had said.

Cheyenne really was a wild girl and before I knew it they were rolling around on the bed in the sixty-nine position. First Cheyenne would be on top and then Dakota would be.

I knew that my sister and I would forever be changed from this experience. I was also sure that I would be fucking her a lot in the future…so I slipped my cock back into Cheyenne and pumped her full again.

After dumping two more loads of cum into Cheyenne, Dakota asked, “Hey big brother don’t I get any of that?”

Cheyenne laughed and said, “Don’t worry Dakota I have a feeling that you are going to get a lot more of that in the future.”

Dakota pouted and said, “But I want more now.”

She got more all right. It seems that I hadn’t been doing my job. Dad had slipped into the house unbeknownst to us and had been watching us for about ten minutes.

He was naked and his cock was longer, bigger around, and harder than my cock was.

Dad just rolled Dakota onto her back and slipped his cock into her.

Then he said, “I was just asking your mother the other day when I could start fucking you.”

Dakota asked, “What did Mom say?”

Dad laughed and said, “She told me that I had to wait until your brother had fucked you first. I waited and now I can fuck you too.”

I asked, “What about me?”

Dad said, “Well if I can fuck your girl then I guess you can fuck mine.”

Cheyenne patted my back and said, “You get to be a mother-fucker.”

Dakota asked, “Does that make me a father fucker?”

Everyone laughed.

That evening Dad and I enjoyed our girls. He enjoyed Dakota and I enjoyed Cheyenne.

A few days later Mom came home. She already knew what we had been doing because Dad had told her during their nightly phone calls.

Cheyenne stayed with us for a month before Mom told her that she had to go home. It seemed that Cheyenne’s father had tried to fuck her and that was why she had run away in the first place. After spending all that time watching Dad fuck Dakota she decided that it would be okay if her father fucked her too.

Mom was pleased to see her go because then she would get more of my attention. She enjoyed having a mother-fucker around.

The End
We Heard Gunshots
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