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follow up to earlier story which is besr to read before this one
I met the creepy older guy at a service station and he was talking non stop about how much it had turned him on to see the video I had sent him. He said " Your wife is a very classy lady. I know she wouldn't look at me twice. She would probably cross the street to avoid me. It's good to know she slept with my *** inside her last night" He asked what contraception Elaine used and when I told him she was Catholic and would not take the pill, he was really excited. He said ' You mean there is nothing to stop her getting pregnant from this " ? I said " You must think I am mad,but I love doing this" He said "Oh no thats fine with me. Do you want to get her pregnant. We can carry on until I give her a baby if you want to. It's not too far to travel and I will let you have sperm whenever you want for her. I love it that she doesn't know and we have got it sorted so I can get to her properly,so she gets my spunk right up her young pussy. Can you let me have some pics to help me wank ?
I handed the guy some naked pics of Elaine and he went back to his old,battered, Ford . He leaned over and I knew he was looking at the pictures. Then from his movements it was easy to tell he was masturbating After about 10 minutes he walked across and handed me the container. He said "There you are. That should be good,fertile,stuff ". He leaned towards me and he leered as he said in a conspirital voice " What do they call her "? I told him and he said " I bet she has a good job. I heard her on the video. She has a voice like those news readers on the telly. Can I see her ? You know just so I know what's she is like in real life" ? I said " I will see what I can do. He sort of twisted up his face and I saw he had several teeth missing. He gave a sort of chuckle and said " I would love to make her catch on and make a baby with her" !
I drove home as the previous day and kept the man's spunk in my shirt to keep it as close to body temperature as possible. Elaine was already home and thought I had been visiting my friend Joe. She was in bed andhad just finished watching a film. I kissed her and let it linger. Elaine sighed "MMMMMM feeling romantic again are we darling" I nodded and went to the bathroom. I had left the spunk in the cupboard under the wash basin after cleaning it that morning. I took it out and very carefully opened the container. With great care I poured the old perverts sperm into the dildo bulb and sealed it,then went back to the bedroom.
Elaine was in a nice mood and I knew from the alcohol on her breath that she had been drinking wine. We were soon kissing and cuddling and I began to stroke her breasts,then her pussy. Elaine was feeling sexy and got wet quickly,so I knew I could move onto using the dildo straight away. She is always mor receptive when she is ovulating than at other times. I had not had the opportunity to set up to video this but it could not be helped. I began to stroke the dildo between Elaine's pussy lips,sliding it over her clitoris,which was sticking out nicely. She moaned and I moved her slim, small, hand onto the ***** to let her control the movements. I whispered "MMMMM thats good Elaine. I love watching you" She began to slowly increase the pace as she moved it between her labia,spreading them. I said " That's it darling let it go in now" Elaine moved the end of the dildo and the tip went into her vagina. I put my hand over her's and gradually pushed till it was as far as she was comfortable with. I knew the tip would be sliding agains't her cervix , but would go deeper as she stretched to accomodate the length of the dildo. I moved it in and out and she did that lovely thing with her mouth,so she was biting her own bottom lip. Then she sort of shuddered and I knew she had started to orgasm. I quickly gave the dildo bulb a sharp squeeze and saw through the clear plastic tube spunk, get pushed along so and knew a small quantity had jetted into Elaine's vagina. I began to work the dildo in circles, stretching her, knowing it would help the opening of her womb dilate. I sensed this wasn't going to be a long love making session and as she tipped into a second orgasm. I squeezed the bulb really hard and kept squeezing. The tip had penetrated another couple of inches and I knew she was getting lots of the old guys sperm up into her womb and I ejaculated strongly at the thought of it.
The bed was still raised at the end and I cuddled Elaine as she fell almost instantly to sleep, so for nearly 8 hours she laid asleep and relaxed with sperm deep inside her.

The next morning and emailed the old guy. He mailed back a few minutes later and was disappointed that I had not videoed the event, but wanted every detail. From the content of his messages I could tell he was excited that Elaine had an orgasm and then gone to sleep and had not got up to shower. He was eager to know when we could do it again and I told him it would probably be the following Friday.

During the next couple of days I was on adult chat sites on the internet and got contacted by an Asian guy. He was really into my idea and he lived only a few miles away. He came back online later in the day and said he had friends who were also keen to be involved. I was massively excited and got an instant erection thinking about Elaine being inseminated by several men of Pakistani origin, with no contraceptive barriers. I knew Elaine was still at a very risky point in her menstrual cycle and I did not want to delay. The risk drove me wild. I emailed the guy and arranged a meet at a Motorway services outside Birmingham. I asked about the other men and he said they were with him and it would not be a problem to provide the semen I could feel a really strong butterflies sensation in my stomach as I emailed to ask how many men. He emailed back five,maybe more if some others arrived later. We swopped cell phone numbers and I tried without much success to concentrate on work.

Later I drove over to the Service station trying to stay calm and cool but feeling excited as hell. I had been texting Elaine with flirty messages that got more and more sexy as I got her into the mood for later. I got to the meet early but when I texted the guy had also arrived. He directed me to his car and I pulled up beside it. Two men were in the car both in their 50's. They were both Pakistani with grey beards and were very dark skinned. The driver signalled for me to go to their car and I got out and the back door of their car opened. I got in and they introduced themseves as Mohammed and Abdu. They said they were waiters in a restaurant. From their strong accents and the way they dressed, I guessed they had not been in the country very long and were maybe illegal's.They wanted details aout Elaine and made it clear that a video was essential. I had explicit pics of Elaine with me and they looked and spoke quickly. I did not need to speak their language to understand that they liked what they saw. Mohammed the driver reached and handed me a plastic cup with a lid on. There must have been 100 mls of sperm in it, still warm. He told me it was from 8 men. I knew that even though it was a good sized bulb on the dildo,I would only get about two thirds of the spunk into it. I shook hands with the men and set off to drive home.

I arrived about 10 minutes before Elaine was due home and ran about like crazy setting up the camera where she would not see it and getting the dildo out. I took the bulb off and took the lid off the plastic cup. I began to pour and kept pouring until it was completely filled with spunk. I was amazed how much I was able to get in it and their was only a couple of teaspoonfuls left in the plastic cup. I opened a pack of wax earplugs,pulled a lump off and sealed the opening of the dildo container,then put it in my pocket to keep it warm.

Elaine arrived home in a cheerful ,flirty, mood. We kissed and I cracked open a bottle of bubbly. She asked what the ocassion was and I just laughed and said that it was her arriving home. As we chatted I looked at my beautiful wife and thought " I am celebrating you having seed from 8 Pakistani men deep in your most intimate,private, place. I want you to get pregnant by a man you have never met" !!!

We drank the champagne and went upstairs giggling. Elaine asked me to get "things" ready and I knew she meant the dildo,then she went for a pee. As I took the bulb from my pocket,removed the wax plug and fitted the tubing into place,I thought " Oh yes my pretty,young,wife, I will get things ready alright. This is going to be like a load of strangers gangbanging you bareback. I had time to set the camera going and met Elaine in the bedroom doorway as she entered.We kissed and I undressed her in full view of the camera. Once she was naked,we laid on the bed touching and caressing. I sucked and kissed her nipples as my hand stroked across her flat stomach,then her inner thighs. When I touched between her labia she was already wet and her clitoris was firm and standing up. I parted her pussy lips with my fingers for the camera and picked up the dildo. I knew there was going to be a big wet patch on the sheet later,but that was normal,as I often put lots of water in the bulb. I eased the tip of the dildo into Elaine's pussy. My heart was hammering and my cock ached,it was so stiff. I pushed it in and out,arousing and getting her fully worked up. I was impatient and just wanted to squeeze the bulb,but I wanted Elaine to cum a couple of times,so her cervix would be dilated wide open. She moaned and gave little cries as I made her orgasm,once,twice,then, as it became a multiple, I began to squirt the Pakistani men's semen up into Elaines contracting cunt. I could feel the resistance of the warm.thick,spunk as I squeezed the bulb several times and when it pressed easily and I could see spunk oozing back out from around the shaft of the dildo. I knew she had got sperm from 8 different men splattered all over the walls of her fertile womb.

I left the dildo inside Elaine like a plug to hold the sperm inside her and also left the camera running. She lay still ,relaxed and breathing heavily in her post orgasmic glow. I cuddled and stroked her for half an hour. I dont know how I knew but some instinct told me she had conceived during that time and the thought of her having some strangers baby growing inside her,a brown, asian, baby excited me. Sure enough 2 weeks later Elaine's period did not arrive on time.

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2016-09-20 05:57:16
What is the mindset of wanting to impregnate your own wife with someone else's
Sperm.are you not able to fuck her yourself and get her pregnant ?
Do you want to raise another mans child ?
I don't understand why you would do that to your own wife.
From Misterjedi

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2013-08-24 20:36:50
Great story and love the concept. Keep writing more stories like this.

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2013-08-22 08:59:53
sick n perverted but most people are


2013-06-05 18:51:46
Hot story...........but a 'strange' concept!!

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2012-11-28 22:15:17
Good story again....thanks... A very interesting senario... I would not have thought of it.

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