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This is my first story so please be kind. Enjoy
When I was about 21 years old I was living in San Diego, California. I was enjoying the life there. The nice weather, the cool friends, and most importantly the ladies.

It was a Thursday (the beginning of my 3 Day Weekend) I just got off of work and I didn't want to go back to the house I was living at (I had 5 roommates), so I decided that I would go get me a hotel and relax for the weekend, but I needed to go back to the house and pick up my change of clothes, bathing stuff, and of course my Playstation 2. As I was leaving, one of my roommates came outside and asked me what I was doing for the weekend. I told him that I was getting away and he asked if he could come along. I told him that he would have to pay for his own room, and he agreed.

We traveled to Imperial Beach (I know, not that far from the heart of San Diego but hey...who cares), checked into our rooms and I began to play my game system!

It was around 7:30pm when my friend (Isiah) called my room and asked me for a cigarette (all the rooms were smoke free). I went down and met him and gave him a smoke.

"Hey what game you playing?" Isiah said.

"Oh just playing football."

"Dude! My room is next to these hot girls and their parents!"

"Really?" I said, "And why are you down here?"

"Because those girls just went to the lobby to get another key made I think."

Just then these two girls came out of the lobby and saw us. They giggled then asked if they could have a cigarette. I abliged and gave them a cigarette.

Jan was 19 years old, about 5'4 129lbs brown hair brown eyes, nice 34C cups, and her sister Debra was 18 and 5'1 brownish blonde hair, brown eyes and weighed about 100lbs!

We talked a lot, mostly about where each of us were from. Come to find out these girls never saw the ocean, and this was their first trip.

We chatted for about 30 minutes before Isiah said that he needed to go to the restroom, and everyone decided to head their own ways, but before we left, we gave them our room numbers.

Later that night at around 9:30 I ordered pizza and had it delivered. Things were going alright...I was playing my football game and had it on the hardest difficulty. I was becoming frustrated because I could have sworn that the computer was cheating! I decided that I should take a break and head off to smoke another cigarette, so I went on downstairs to smoke. As I lit up my smoke, I noticed my friend Isiah was locking lips with Jan. I shrugged my shoulders, turned away, and continued to smoke my cigarette. Once I finished it I headed back up to my room. When I got to the door, I noticed something was up. First of all, the "Do Not Disturb" sign was on my door and my door was partially openeded. I began to creep into my own room and I saw Debra sitting in one of the chairs in the room.

"How did you get in here?" I asked.

"You didn't close the door all the way."


"What are you playing?" she asked.



"Nope. Damn computer is cheating."

She laughed and I powered down the Playstation and turned on the TV and to my shock..."Skinamax" (Cinemax) was on. I frantically searched for the remote and changed the channel.

"So that's what you were really doing huh?" she asked.

"Hahaha! Very funny."

We continued to talk and when she looked out the window she saw her sister and Isiah walking away.

"Why are you here?" I asked.

"Well my parents went to the casino about an hour ago and said that they wouldn't be back till later."

"Ahh," I said.

That is when she opened the window and asked if I could give her a cigarette. I told her we couldn't, and we could get caught. She walked over and turned down the lights and said that no one would know. So I handed her a cigarette and we smoked our cigarettes. We talked a little bit more and extinguished our cigarettes and head back on into the room. She grabbed the remote and turned on the TV and sure enough Skinamax was still on. Debra looked at me and asked if I had a girlfriend and i told her no. She leaned over to me and kissed me on my lips. I looked at her and saw a glaze of passion in her eyes and I grabbed her and kissed her back, and pulled her body close to me. I can feel her tits pressing against my chest.

"You are horny! Wow!" she said as she leaned back. My dick was getting hard. Rock hard! At full erect I am an 8 1/2 incher. I laughed and continue to kiss her. During this time I was taking off her shirt and burying my face right into her breasts. She then started to pull my shirt off. Kissing her body, her neck, her lips, her tits...oh it was so good! She tasted so sweet. She got off of me and pulled my pants off then my boxers and out popped my boner! She grabbed it and began to stroke it!

"This is Fucking HUGE!" she said as she grabbed it and pulled it towards her lips. She kissed the tip of my cock, then I felt her lips part and slide my dick into her wanting mouth. The problem is that as she had my dick in her mouth, I could feel her teeth and it was hurting me. As I gently pushed her away, she pushed me onto the bed, and straddled me and kissing me. I continued to kiss her and caressing her nice tight but.

"I like you David!" she said, "I want you! I want you to be my first!"

Suddenly I realized that I didn't have any condoms. Damn!

As she rolled over on the bed, I continued to kiss her from head to toe.

"Do you have any condoms?" she asked.

"No I don't!"

"Oh man! I want this! I want your dick!"

"I want you too!"

Then it hit idea...ANAL SEX! What gave me this idea? I have had anal sex with one guy before

"Debbie, rollover. We can still have sex!"

She rolled over and said ok. I began to lick her back and kiss her spine all the way down to her but. Kissing this beautiful piece of ass, I began to lick her ass crack. Tasting her ass, I began to stick my tongue into her hole and rolling my tongue inside her ass. The moans I heard from her were almost uncontrolable! After about 10 minutes. I decided to take my chances and try to stick my dick right inside her. As I mounted on her I spit right on her ass crack and guided my dick right inside her wanting ass. As I began to penetrate I felt her squeeze her ass and I told her to relax. About every 20 seconds a little bit and a little bit more of my dick went in. After about 3 minutes...I was fully inside her ass! I began to slowly thrust my dick in and out of her ass. Debra began to work her hips with mine in rhythm. Within 2 minutes, her ass was easy to push into and out of as I began to thrust more and more. By this time she was on her hands and knees, and I could see that she was enjoying every bit of it. Her long majestic hair bouncing as her head was bouncing as well, and I decided to reach around and stick a finger into her pussy. She was extremely wet and het panting and mornings began to get shorter and shorter. Suddenly she screamed with I was still fucking her she told me she wanted to get more comfortable. She rolled back over on her back and I mounted her taking her legs in my hand and my dick back inside her ass! I continued to fuck her and she wrapped her legs around me and I could feel her pussy squirting juices on my stomach. This turned me on and sent me over the I began to speed up and tell her that I was going to cum (anticipating my withdrawal) she wrapped her legs around me and her hands around me and said to cum into her ass! I shot one hell of a mega load up in her pussy, and as I did...we collapsed onto the bed...our bodies still intertwined. Within minutes we both fell asleep.

About 2 hours later I woke up and saw her still in bed with me and my dick outside her ass, I inserted it back into her and fucked her again!

That next morning...we made a commitment to each other...condoms we do need if we have regular sex...but anal is good!

We became boyfriend and girlfriend and during the next two days we had anal sex and vaginal sex! She told me where she lived at and I told her that I would come on up on the next weekend.

**There is more to this story if you would like. 3 Somes MFF&MMF**

Let me know what you think.

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