Third and final chapter of the Chamber, i hope you enjoyed it. please comment to let me know how to improve my stories.
Gene pulls up on Michelle’s leash until she stands up and then he walks her over to the bed. “Now you may sit down slave.”
“Thank you master.” And she sits on the bed. Gene stands directly in front of her and removes his shirt, giving Michelle her first view of his toned body. He leans over her and kisses her deeply on the lips, piercing her mouth with his tongue to meet hers.
Then, ever so gently, he lowers her to the bed, laying her upon the down blankets and the satin sheets. She felt more like a princess in this bed then a slave. Slowly, Gene removed her panties that were sopping wet at the crotch. She was now completely naked for him.
Gene leaned over his slave and as his cock met Michelle’s pussy, he thought he saw fear in her eyes, but wasn’t sure. “Are you scared?”
Michelle bit her lower lip and hummed “mmhmm, I am master.”
“Don’t worry, I promise not to hurt you.” As he said that he began to slide his cock into her. He was surprised when he felt resistance and she began crying in pain. He looked at her stunned “you’re…..a virgin aren’t you?”
Tears began welling in her eyes. “Yes master, I am. Are you upset about it?”
He looked into her eyes and smiled warmly. “Not at all. It was an unexpected surprise. I promise to be gentle but it may hurt a bit at first.” Gene remembered asking her in the game of truth or dare if she has ever been with anybody. She replied yes, but only with a couple girls. He assumed they probably took her cherry with a strap on or something. How fortunate for him that he assumed wrong.
Gene leaned over and kissed her again and as he did pushed hard against her hymen. She screamed into his mouth and both could feel the hymen give way to his cock. Tears now streamed down her cheeks as Gene filled her virgin pussy completely with his cock. Once he was fully in, he allowed her to get accommodated with his size and to let the pain die away.
Gene broke the kiss and looked into Michelle’s eyes. “You alright?”
She nodded at him and gave him a weak smile. “It hurt like you said it would, but it’s starting to feel better, master.”
Slowly he began to ease his cock from her. Blood covered his cock. When all but his head was out of her, he gently plunged back into her. Michelle was in heaven. Never before has she experienced such a feeling. In her most intimate fantasies, she never imagined sex could feel so good.
Gene began to pick up the pace a bit, stroking his cock in her faster and harder a little at a time. “Oh master, your cock feels so good in me!”
Soon Gene was keeping a steady rhythm pounding her like a jackrabbit in heat. Michelle was moaning in a mad passion when her second orgasm hit her that night. Her back arched up and her cum coated his cock, making it glisten with crimson and clear.
Gene pulled out of her and before she could catch her breath told her to get on her hands and knees. She did as she was told obediently. She was Gene’s slave and enjoyed being his slave.
Michelle felt him get on the bed, and when she looked back she saw him sliding his cock back into her pussy. “Oooooh, yes master. Fuck me!”
He did just that. He returned to just about the same pace and intensity he left off as he bent over her to grab two handfuls of breasts.
“Oooooooo!” was all that could escape her mouth as she felt him squeeze her breasts hard in his hands. She fell to her elbows when he pinched and twisted her nipples and found that he can penetrate her deeper this way. All she could think about was how good his cock felt in her.
The pain had long since subsided, overdriven by passion and lust. Within moments she came for her third and fourth time. She felt she was going to pass out from this and she forced herself not to.
Gene let go of her nipples and held onto to her love handles. This was why he loved them. It gave him something to hold onto. He never did enjoy the feeling of grabbing onto a petite’s waist and feeling her hipbones.
Then Michelle slide one of his hands along her ass cheek. She thought about looking back to see what he was going to do, but she didn’t need to. As she was thinking she felt Gene’s thumb press against her tight ass hole. Michelle came unglued with ecstasy.
“I see you like having your ass played with slave. Am I right?” Gene inquired.
“Oh god yes master! I love my ass played with!”
“Do you like this as well?” He began pushing his thumb into her ass, the nail and the first knuckle disappeared into her.
“Oooooh yeah!” Once again Gene felt Michelle’s muscles squeeze his cock as she succumbed to another orgasm. Gene couldn’t hold out any longer, cumming deep into her womb.
Michelle moaned more as she felt herself filling up with Gene’s seed. But just when she thought the fun had ended, she felt him pull out of both her holes and press his cock to her ass, using the juices of her blood and both their sex fluids to lube his cock. The remaining mix started seeping out of her and running down her legs, staining the sheets.
Before she could really brace for what was next to come, Gene pushed his cock into her ass. It was so much tighter than her pussy; he had to fight for every inch. When Michelle felt his balls slap her ass, she knew he was completely in him.
The pain felt almost as bad as her hymen ripping, but as much as it hurt and as much as she held in her screams, she wanted this so much.
When Gene felt her ass finished getting accustomed to this new feeling, he slowly began to piston his hips back and forth, pulling out a little more of his cock at a time.
“Oh, your cock feels wonderful up my ass. You’re going to make me cum again master!”
As tight as her as was, Gene would’ve been on the verge of cumming again too if he didn’t just release his load in her pussy.
When he finally was pulling back six inches, he began speeding up his thrusts. Before too long, his balls were spanking Michelle’s ass and the pounding from his pubic bone sent small ripples up her ass cheeks.
Almost as though Michelle’s hand had a mind of its own, she reached between her legs and started massaging her clit. She was so far gone now, she could have been shot and not have known.
As Gene pounded her ass and she fingered herself, Michelle could feel herself setting up for another orgasm. She wanted to make this one last. She figured if she came now, she probably wouldn’t again before Gene did.
Thankfully, that moment didn’t take long as she felt him thrust into her hard and hold her tight by her hips. As he let out a deep moan, she could feel Gene’s cum shoot up her ass. That was all the motivation she needed to let out her sixth and last orgasm for the night. Gene felt her ass tighten around his cock like a vise and he was worried she might tear it off.
When she finally came back to her senses, He pulled out of her and they both lay down on the bed. Gene reached over to the night stand and grabbed the keys, unlocking her cuffs. He also took the leash off the collar.
When he reached to take the collar off, Michelle backed away.
“What’s wrong?” He asked.
“Please don’t take the collar off master.”
“Are you saying you want to remain my slave?”
“Yes master. Nothing would please me more than that.”
“All right. Consider yourself collared. You will be mine until I feel I have no more use for you. You will please me when I say and how I say. Nobody but me will have you unless I say so. Understood?”
“Yes master, I understand.” With a smile she laid her head on his chest. “Thank you master.”
“For what?”
“This is exactly how I hoped I would lose my virginity.”
“You’re welcome.” With that, they both drifted off to sleep to dream up new ways to use the Chamber.



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the build up was worth it great


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this story is really good. i for one actually enjoyed it and would like to read more of your stuff. both my wife and i got off to this story. thanks for some ideas

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