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Annie Goes To High School III

Gangbangs, Teen Male/Teen Girl, Male/ Teen Girls, Cum Swallowing, Ass Fucking

Here is the third installment of my story. I hope you like it.

Cum had begun to slip down the inside of Annie’s thighs. Realizing this, she reached down and scooped it up with her fingers and pushed into her mouth. It was difficult to concentrate on Literature when the amorous (sp) odor of cum filled the air. Thick globs of cum continued to leak from her soaked pussy forming a puddle on the seat of her school desk. It was not long before her naked ass was sitting in it. There were several around her snickering at her predicament, but there was nothing she could do but endure. Raising her hand, she asks Mr. Barnes if she could be excused to the restroom. She was granted permission and preceded, but not before several dollops of warm cum splashed onto the floor.

Outside the classroom she encountered a couple of the boys that had fucked her that morning. ‘Hey Babe’, one replied. ‘Wanna play some more?’ She really did not, but they followed her into the restroom. Turning to protest, she found her lips meeting those of one of the boys. His hands began to roam up and down her back raising her skirt above her waistline, thus exposing her naked ass. Hands were all over her as she was held securely. She was bent over the sinks for ease of access. Her protests were not very strong and were soon moaning at the manual ministrations of the boy’s fingers in her pussy and ass. Cum was pouring down her legs from her previous encounters puddling in her shoes. Her socks were soaked in it. It was then that she heard zippers being opened and knew that she was about to be fucked again. She could feel the tip of a cock as it opened her lower lips and pushed its way into her cunt. ‘Aaaaahhhh,’ she moaned as the cock in her began to push in and then out. Another cock was pushed at her upper lips. She opened her mouth and took it all the way into her throat. She was being fucked now from both ends. Her feet were suspended in the air as she was being lifted by the cock buried in her pussy. Both of the boys were increasing the speed of her fuck. They did not want to be caught in the girl’s restroom, and most especially did not want to be caught fucking. Annie could hear both of the boys begin to grunt and moan in anticipation of cumming into both ends. Her hands were holding the balls of the one in her mouth and knew that he was close. The boy fucking her pussy suddenly yelled ‘Cummmmmminnnnggggg’ and released seven strong ropes of cum into her already soaked pussy. Just as he was finishing, the one in her mouth grunted and released his load down her throat. Despite being six large ropes, she managed to swallow all of it. They both pulled out of her. As they did, she nearly lost her balance. Her cum hit her as they were vacating her body. Annie ran to the toilet as the boys left the room. What seemed like quarts were only a few ounces of cum that spilled into the toilet. She began to think to herself that this new school was going to be alright. She had already been fucked nine times and the day was not over yet.

For the remaining few hours Annie’s day was uneventful, that is, until she boarded the bus to go home. As she climbed the steps into the bus the driver winked at her. Hers was the last stop on his route and he anticipated getting a little fun with the new girl today. A little puzzled, she smiled and proceeded to her seat. She sat near the rear of the bus.

Other students were beginning to board. As they did, she recognized some of the boys that had fucked her that morning. She knew that the ride home was a long one and so resigned herself to being groped and possibly fucked during the trip. She did not mind though, sex was fun and she loved it. She just did not want to get in trouble with the driver. Little did she know that he had his own designed on her body for that afternoon.

There were six boys that surrounded her on the bus pinning her into her seat. Before the bus pulled away from the curb at the school she was being groped. Buttons were being released from her blouse and hands were reaching inside her bra for a feel of her hard nipples. Having lost her panties that morning, there was no barrier to her pussy as she felt fingers begin to probe her opening. Her hands were directed into the lap of the boy nearest her. There she found that his cock was exposed. There was a barrier of students around her preventing the activity from being seen. It was then that her blouse was removed for ease of access to her breast. Her head was lowered into the lap of the boy next to her. She took his cock into her mouth and began to suck. She could feel fingers probing from behind her ass and pussy. One index finger entered her asshole about three inches. She moaned upon the dick in her mouth. Another finger was in her cunt. Her skirt was pulled up to her waste. Hands were groping her tits and pinching her nipples. Continuously she sucks on the cock in her mouth. Two other cocks were thrust into her free hands. She pumped these to keep them hard.

The cock in her mouth began to stiffen and widen. He was getting close to pumping hot cum down her throat. One boy had moved behind her and had thrust his cock into her cunt. He was hitting the doorway to her cervix with every thrust. Each time he hit it she grunted. The boy in her mouth began to groan loudly. Suddenly he released what could not be held any longer. Several ropes of cum hit the back of her throat. Swallowing as fast as she could, she still managed to lose a little at the corners of her mouth. As soon as that one finished one of the ones she was pumping moved to take his place.

Annie let loose a high pitched groan as she came on the cock fucking her. Her pussy muscles contracted around the cock causing the boy to moan. It was then that he came inside of her love tunnel. Seven ropes of cum filled her to the brim. He fell out of her as his cock softened. Another soon took his place. This new one spit on her asshole and began to shove his eight inches deep into her bowels. She had not expected this new turn of events and tried to protest the violation, but could not move from her position. She cock in her mouth was face fucking her with ever increasing speed. He soon would cum what would feel like buckets, but in reality only ounces.

Annie continued to be fucked in two holes. Another boy slid under her and fucked his cock into her vacant cunt. She was now filled with three hard cocks. Her skirt had been removed and was lying on the floor of the bus. Annie was naked as were most of those around her. It was not long before the one in her mouth blew his load deep into her throat. This time she managed to swallow it all. The boy fucking her ass was getting close. His cock had grown an inch and swelled in width stretching her asshole to accommodate its girth. ‘Aaaaahhhhhhhh’ came his groan as he released his pent up cum. Cum shot up his shaft from his swollen balls and flooded her bowels. She could feel the heated cum within her and her own cum was triggered. She moaned around the cock that was now in her mouth. Her pussy spasmed around the cock that was buried in her triggering his cum. Three cocks had cum within five minutes and there was still one in her mouth that she was working on. He soon let loose a shrill wine and came. Cum shot to the back of her mouth. She swallowed. Her belly was beginning to be full with all the loads that filled her today.

As the bus proceeded, gradually each student got off at his/her stop. Annie’s afternoon gangbang was over. She lay on the seat naked trying to catch her breath. There had been six this afternoon. Some had gone twice. She lost count of how many loads of cum that had filled her holes. She lost count of how many times she had cum herself. She was exhausted. There were a few more miles left till her stop, so she was not in a great hurry to get dressed. She would do that in a few minutes.

She felt the bus slow down to a stop and wondered what was going on. She rose up in the seat to find that the bus had pulled off onto some deserted road. The driver yelled back at her not to worry, he was going to check something out. As he rose from his seat she noticed that he was coming her way. Quickly she tried to cover herself, but he was too quick for her. He began to undo his pants and then she understood. She was to service him as she had done to the group of boys earlier. ‘Remove my cock little girl,’ he told her. Nervously, she reached into his fly and pulled out his member. It was huge. Not yet fully hard, it hung eight inches soft. ‘Now suck on it like you did to those boys earlier little missy.’ She took it into her mouth as she was told. As she sucked, it grew four more inches to a full foot. He was face fucking her with ever increasing speed. She had one hand around the cock at its base and the other holding his balls. The more she sucked she could feel his balls tighten up and knew that he was about to blast the back of her mouth and down her throat with gads of hot cum. She prepared for the largest load that she had had to date. His hands were on the back of her head tangled in her hair pushing her further onto his monster. It was then that she heard the man yell at the top of his lungs ‘Cuuuuummmmmmiiiiiinnnnngggggg’.

Cum shot out of his balls and up the twelve inch monster shaft and down her throat directly into her stomach. She barely was able to taste it. As she finished and he withdrew, she felt this full feeling deep within her belly. She had so much cum sloshing around inside her belly that it felt like she had eaten a full meal. He pulled out of her mouth, but was not going soft. ‘Turn around little girl. I want some of that pussy you have been giving away.’ Annie turned around on the seat and got up on her hands and knees. He raked his monster cock through her wet snatch until he found her hole. He pushed. All of the cum that she had received earlier served as lubricate. He sank into her pussy to the hilt. Pulling it almost out again until just the head remained, he pushed in again all the way. She moaned loudly. She knew that she was going to cum again. He kept up the in and out motion gradually increasing in speed. His balls were banging her pussy. Her hand reached back and took them gently squeezing them. She could feel the cum within them getting ready to shoot into her hole.

Annie held her breath. Suddenly she heard the bus driver groaning and moaning as his cum began to shoot directly into her womb. It was sooo hot. He pushed it as deep as possible to shoot the last of his load. The girth of his cock was so great that it sealed her cunt not allowing any overflow to push out. Finally, he was finished and began to pull out. Once the head of his prick exited her lower lips, gushes of cum flowed from her to the bus floor joining the rest of the cum that had spilled earlier. ‘Clean it up, Little Missy,’ he bellowed.

Without hesitation Annie got down on the floor and licked up all the puddles of cum that had fallen from her and the guys that had fucked her. She swallowed every drop. When she got up she noticed that the driver had returned to his seat and started the bus. She began to dress. Just as she had finished dressing the bus pulled to a stop at her house. As she came to the front to get off the driver said, ‘we will do this again in the morning.’ Annie got off and ran to her house. She could not wait until the next day.

Favorable comments only please. I’ve used spell checker and grammar check, but if something slips through I’m sorry. I hope you enjoy.

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2014-08-31 14:28:39
I used to love to tease my bus driver. I would wear short skirts and little panties. Sitting behind him and give him peeks. I then decided to really tease after a couple of weeks. I would put my panties in m purse and go without on the bus. I bet I made that man's day every day.

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2012-12-04 22:40:07
awesome story. I will forever be an Annie fan.


2012-04-23 03:06:04
not a bad story how about some bondage?

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2012-04-12 19:47:16
except in the first story it specified that she was the last one to get on the bus, and the first one to leave. maybe you got that backwards and it was a very simple mistake of typing, but it confuses the reader.

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2012-04-10 19:40:23
where is there a 12 yo old girl when you need one?

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