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Chapter 4: Unexpected Twists

I had just put on my jeans when I sat back down on my bed again. I leaned my head into my hands more confused then I could ever remember. Was it possible to be in love with two women?
What had Katie wanted from me this morning? We’d had all year to talk about this stuff. Now that she’s leaving, she wanted me to admit my love? She knew I had a girlfriend. I loved Katie more then anything, but at that moment I really didn’t want to choose between them. Katie had said herself we couldn’t have a real relationship together. We would have to move far away, and lie to everyone that we weren’t siblings. I would do it for her, if that’s what would make her happiest.
However, Abby had taken our relationship to a new level today. There was an unspoken undertone that she expected me to take the same step with her. She had told me she loved me and I had narrowly avoided the problem. I felt like an ass, but I didn’t want to lie to her. I knew that the only reason she had been here this morning willing to give herself to me was out of a love she thought we shared. I didn’t want to be that guy who used that to hurt her. But I couldn’t tell her the truth. I could never tell anyone, ever.

I walked down the hall and knocked on Katie’s door.
“Go away.”
“Katie, Abby’s gone. Can I come in.”
“NO!” she shouted, “I can’t even look at you right now.” I heard the door lock click as I reached for the door knob. She had never locked me out when I wanted to talk.
“Katie please. I’m not moving until you open your door.” I stood there for 10 minutes before I finally sat down. I had meant it when I said I wasn’t moving. I thought about what I would say to her anyway. I truly didn’t know what to do. I mean I was just a confused teenage boy. Even if I told Katie how I felt and she felt the same way, she was still leaving soon. There was no way I was going to get in the way of her collage. What kind of relationship would we have when she was cross country anyway?
Abby would be here with me this year. She was already my girlfriend and she was in love with me. Did it matter I didn’t love her the way I loved Katie? At least I would be able to have a real relationship with Abby without having to move away and hide who we were. I was starting to realize that Katie had been right a year ago. We couldn’t date, even in secret.
Abby really was a great girl, no body would ever compare in my mind to Katie, but anybody would be lucky to be with Abby. No matter how I looked at it, I would some day have to settle down with some one else I didn’t love as much.

I snapped out of my thoughts only after I heard the front door open and my grandmother talking. I jumped up and ran into my room. I through on a shirt and headed to the door to greet everyone.
“Joey,” called dad, “Go out to the car and get your grandmothers bags.” I smiled at everyone and headed to the car. My grandmother wished me a happy birthday and gave me a hug. I brought the luggage in and took it down to my parents room. It had been decided days ago that she would stay in the parents room and my parents would use the hide a bed couch in the livingroom.
“Where’s your sister,” Lilly asked me when I returned to the livingroom.
“In her room. I think she’s upset about her boyfriend.” I said as a cover story. It had worked with Abby so I just went with it again, “I’ll go let her know you guys are home.”

I walked down the hall again and knocked on Katie’s door.
“I told you to leave me alone.”
“Katie, Mom and Dad are home.” I heard a shuffle and the door unlock. I slipped into the room. She was on her bed again sobbing into her pillow.
“Don’t bother nothing you say will change anything,” she told me looking up at me, her face was red and puffy, “I can’t go out there. How can I explain how I look? I can’t tell them I caught you in bed with Abby.”
“I already told them you were in here crying about your ex-boyfriend,” I told her.
“Your covered for me?”
“Well yeah, what was I going to do tell them you caught me and Abby and it upset you?”
“We really should talk.”
“Now really isn’t the time,” she said wiping the tears out of her eyes, “Come on lets go get your birthday started.” She got up with out another word and walked to the livingroom. Grandma took one look at her and pulled her into a hug, asking what was wrong. This led to her making up a whole sob story about how her boyfriend had hurt her. But then again she had never told me why she broke up with him so her story could have been true.

I didn’t want to do anything more with Abby until I could talk to Katie, but she was supposed to be coming over tonight. I tried the rest of the day to get one moment alone with Katie that didn’t happen.
Before long friends and guests started coming over for the big party. I gave up trying to talk to her. I decided to leave every thing alone for now and talk to her about it before she left. I mean we did have all summer.
We ended up with a packed apartment that night for the party. Everyone gave best wishes to both of us for our futures. Katie did a great job of keeping a smile on her face while often glancing my way. I didn’t care about the whole party. I pretended to smile while waiting for Abby.

Lilly’s sister Linda showed up rather late by herself that evening. I was really happy she hadn’t brought her husband. I hadn’t liked him the night of the wedding because of what Katie had told me about him.
As it turned out her husband had cheated on Linda. This left the two now separated heading into what looked to be a messy divorce. I felt bad that her life was falling apart.

We had lots of family and friends come and go all night long. Not long after Linda showed up, Lilly’s parents arrived. They wished me happy birthday and congratulated Katie on both the graduation and the scholarships.
There were a number of little kids running around I didn’t know, one in particular stood out. She was a little girl about 10 to 12 years old. She had really pretty blue eyes, I remember thinking that she was going to be a really beautiful girl someday.
As the night progressed every time I turned around the little girl seemed to be standing right behind me just gazing at me. I wasn’t sure if I should be flattered or creeped out by her. I would’ve said something to her but every time I looked at her she had the most captivating smile. How could I be annoyed by that adorable face.
“Who is that little girl there?” I asked Lilly after escaping from the child for a minute.
“I knew it wouldn’t take you long to spot her,” Lilly said flashing me a crooked smile, “That’s Ashley.” Soon as Lilly told me her name I knew who she was instantly. I just hadn’t met her before.
“Hard not to spot some one who follows you around all night.”
“That’s cute,” Lilly patted me on the shoulder and walked away. It wasn’t more then a couple minutes and Ashley was right behind me again. It annoyed me less knowing who she was, but I still didn’t need a little shadow. I just hoped she stopped following me around before Abby got here. I really need a moment alone to talk with her too.

While is spent the night trying to avoid my shadow and waiting for Abby little did I know that my grandmother had invited Katie to drive her home and stay with her over the summer. Grandma had told Katie that she shouldn’t let a guy get her so down. She suggested that Katie should just get out of town, spend the summer with her cousins and have fun before school started. Katie thought it was a really great idea.

I heard the news the next day. That gave us only a week to have our talk. I spent the whole next week trying for one moment to talk to her, it never happened. Every single time I thought that moment had come she found a way to be busy and I lost the moment.

“You can’t leave,” I cried out walking into her room a week later. I had, had enough trying to find the right moment. She was packing her bags, “How can you? I............. it was hard enough knowing it would be August, but I’m not ready for you to leave yet.”
“It’s ok little brother,” she said sweetly. She had never called me little brother before, “It’s better this way.”
“But I think I............. I think I love........” I started and she cut me off. I knew I loved her I just couldn’t say it that way.
“Don’t make this worse then it already is.” She walked over and kissed me on the cheek, tears in her eyes.
“We weren’t meant to be,” she whispered into my ear.
“We don’t know that,” I wasn’t willing to give up.
She looked at me and nodded. I turned and left her room. As I walked through the door I turned to look at her. She jumped on her bed and buried her face in her pillow.

Katie left the next morning before I got up. I looked at my watch to find that it was already 11:00. I don’t know if I could have held it together to say goodbye anyway. I would have given it all away in front of our parents. I didn’t want Lilly to know especially, I couldn’t imagine her response if she found out I had almost slept with her daughter. It could break up her and my dad’s relationship.
I woke to find a note next to me. I opened it to read;
I know how confusing I’ve been lately. I’m confused myself. Don’t get the wrong idea, I do love you little brother. But there was no reason to make things harder on ourselves then necessary. I need time. We were kids when all this started, I need time to grow up. I’ll see you next summer. We’ll talk then. If our feelings haven’t changed by then maybe we can work on this problem together.
In the mean time I want you to keep seeing Abby. She is my best friend and a great girl. You guys are really good for each other. As much as I hurt inside seeing you together, you’ve both really grown up this year. Be as good a boyfriend to her as you’ve been a brother to me. I know what a warm gentle man your growing into. If you can be all the things I love about your for her, I will be happy.
Love you always

I was upset that I didn’t at least get to hug her goodbye as she when she had snuck in and left the note. But she was right, only one of my relationships had an actual future. I just had to get over myself to realize it. I made the decision to move on at that moment. I could always have Katie in my mind and heart, just not in body. That was when she became the girl of my obsessions, not of my reality.

I hadn’t talked to Abby all week, and it was about time I did. I had never given her or our relationship the full attention that she deserved. I hadn’t even called to find out why she never came back the day of my birthday. I was a horrible boyfriend she deserved better. I could be better.

I called Abby right away. She actually apologized to me for not calling. She said that there had been some tension going on at home this week and we needed to talk. I was worried when she said “talk” I knew what that usually meant. Was she mad I hadn’t returned the love comment?
I had known for a while that her family was all extremely religious. Her father was a reverend at the local church, and her mom played the role of the reverend wife to it’s breaking point But her parents hadn’t gotten in the way of our relationship in the past. She told me on the phone that her mother had told her she wasn’t allowed to date anyone now until she was 18. She still had a year until then.
I convinced her to have her mom drop her off at the library and I would meet her there so we could talk. She said that a good idea and agreed to meet. I went and got something to eat before going to meet Abby at the library.
Abby was waiting for me on the steps out front when I got there. I grabbed her hand leading her upstairs to one of the reference study rooms. Closing the door behind us I moved in and kissed her. I couldn’t stop myself. The blinds to the room were open and the door had no lock but I couldn’t stop kissing her.
Abby responded, she swung me against the back of the door and kissed me passionately. I put all my love, sadness, and sense of loss for Katie into my kissing Abby. I longed to be distracted from my hurt feelings right now. She didn’t know any different she took my passion as if it were for her and matched it.
Our tongues danced together like never before. She pulled back for just an instant.
“God baby,” she breathed in my ear, “I should stay a way for a week more often.” I didn’t respond I attacked her neck. Kissing and licking furiously. She moaned deeply and I started unbuttoning her shirt with one hand while running my other hand up her leg inside her skirt.
“Yes, baby,” she moaned in my ear. I slipped my hand in the side of her panties and began to finger her lips, “Oh god yes.” I had her shirt half unbuttoned not wanting to take it all the way off in case someone came along. I slid my hand under her bra and found her nipple causing her to grind against my fingers inside her.
With out warning I pulled away from her, she groaned in response. I glanced out the window, seeing no one I slid down the door reaching up grabbing her hips and drawing her to me.
As I explained before, Abby had wanted to wait for sex. Which meant that she had what we called an underwear rule. She could pull me out of my pants I could finger her though her panties but I was never allowed to pull her panties off. She believed also if I were to ever lick her she would lose control and we would end up having sex. I really wanted to eat her out. I had never broken her trust trying to push her to far.
My birthday was the very first time that we had broke the underwear rule, but she had removed her own panties then. I didn’t count it as a break of the rules if she did it herself. I slid down the door grabbing Abby’s hips drawing her to me. I slid my head under her skirt and pulled her panties to the side. I couldn’t hold out any longer I wanted to taste her. I was shocked that she didn’t complain. Instead she opened her stance wider to let me in. She braced herself, hands palm flat on the door behind me.
I ran my tongue across her tasting her wetness. I couldn’t believe she was letting me do this finally, and of all places in a library. Her moaning was getting loud and I knew we would be caught. I didn’t care. I closed my eyes and in my mind I was licking Katie. I was lost in the moment sliding my tongue inside her. Thrusting as deeply as I could. She drew her arm over her mouth and screamed into it.

Abby’s breathing was heavy and labored as she pulled me up to her mouth and kissed me hard. She reached down and fixed her panties never breaking our kiss. Her shirt still unbuttoned I slid my hand under her bra again as we kissed. I had leaned forward and Abby pushed me up against the door again. She slid herself down in front of me looking up into my eyes the whole time. She unzipped my pants and reached inside.
She began stroking me as best she could then pulled me out. I looked back at the windows again still seeing no one. Abby’s lips enveloped me deep. Her mouth was incredible. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back as far as I could enjoying every moment. It wasn’t as slow and loving as it had been the last time. Considering where we were and how she was working me as fast and deep as possible I came within a few minutes. I loved the danger of this kind of fun but it always caused me to go off even faster. I shot deep down her throat.
“That’s so damn sexy,” I gasped out as she swallowed.
“Don’t get used to it,” she said pulling me out of her mouth, “I still find it gross. But considering where we are I didn’t think it right to spit it somewhere.” She rose back up as I stuffed myself back into my pants. We kissed for a couple minutes before she took my hand and led me to the table. We sat down in chairs facing each other still holding hands.

I looked at her for several minutes before she said anything.
“I’m sorry I didn’t make it back to your birthday,” she started, “I really wanted to but my mom wouldn’t let me out of the house.”
“So what happened?”
“Well you know Sara, “ she started referring to her 14 year old younger sister. Sara was one of 3 younger sisters. He others were Shawna who was 12 and Michelle who was 9.
She explained after she left my house on that Saturday she arrived home to find her little sister crying in their room. It had taken Abby about an hour to find out what Sara was crying about. When the younger girl finally opened up to her she admitted she was pregnant. Sara had gone to her boyfriend that day to tell him the news, he called her a whore and said it wasn’t his.
Joey wasn’t surprised. He had seen older guys do the same thing. He didn’t think it was right but he had seen it many times. Sara had pleaded with her boyfriend that it was his and in return he broke up with her. Joey knew he would never do that to some one, he couldn’t understand how someone couldn’t want their own child. He felt bad for little Sara, he had always felt she was such a sweet adorable little girl.
Abby went on to explain that when she finally got the story out of Sara she told her that she needed to go to their mom. Sara was scared because she knew her mom would over react. Abby knew she would too but she convinced Sara it was the right choice.
Abby walked Sara out to the back yard art studio where their mom had been working all day. Their mom’s hobby was to paint paintings of Christian imagery. The girls walked into the studio and explained to their mother what had happened.
Abby told me that she had known that her mom would be angry but she hadn’t expected the full extent of that reaction. Her mother didn’t just go into hysterics she went into a fit of over dramatics. She gathered up all her daughters, making them hold hands. She made them all kneel down with her and pray to the lord for forgiveness.
When they were done praying she sat all the girls down at the kitchen table to have a talk about premarital sex. When she was done laying into Sara she turned her anger on Abby. Their mother told Abby she was just lucky that she hadn’t ended up with child herself. Abby tried to explain to her that she was still a virgin, but her mother didn’t believe her. She said that being older and with a full time boyfriend she didn’t believe at all she had waited.
Abby tried to argue with her and finally in a fit of anger their mother took the 3 older girls to the doctor. She claimed that Sara needed looked at for her pregnancy to make sure she was safe an healthy. Her mother felt that Abby and Shawna needed to be checked to see if their hymens were still intact. The only reason Abby had agreed to it because she wanted to throw it in her mom’s face that she wasn’t lying. She was just lucky she hadn’t accidently broken it playing sports like some of her girlfriends.

Abby said that night had gone on forever. They had a church friend who had his own medical practice, her mother called him and he agreed to meet them there that night. He was doing it more for the sake of Sara’s health then anything else but at least he had agreed.
Abby explained that she had assumed that her mother would let up after she proved to her she was still a virgin. She said of course her mom never needed to know what else she had done, but she could now act like she was innocent.
She said she was really happy that Katie had walked in on us when she did. Ten more seconds and I would have punched through her hymen. I agreed that it was probably the best piece of luck that ever happened to her.
Abby said that after the examinations her mom only minimally calmed down. It was at that point her mother told the girls they were no longer allowed to date until they were 18. She had been happy to find Abby intact but she would be now having her checked every month. Abby knew it was only a threat but she got the point. Her mom claimed that the family couldn’t afford to be raising more babies. I told her I could understand that.
Not long after explaining the whole situation she looked at her watch and said her mom would be coming back to get her soon so she should head back to the front stairs. She re-buttoned her shirt and I leaned in and kissed her, it was just a simple goodbye kiss.
Unfortunately it was that moment the door burst open.
“I knew it!” Abby’s mom screamed, “I thought it was strange that you’d want to hang out at the library. You don’t read!”
“Mom nothing happened!” she yelled back, “I was just telling him about not being able to date anymore.”
“That’s why I find you kissing and this room smells like you’ve been having sex?”
“Mom!” Abby exclaimed shocked, “I would never do that in public!” She put on a really good show of being offended by the statement.
“But I still caught you kissing.”
“Yeah. He was giving me a break up kiss that’s all.” I was hoping I was doing a good enough job hiding my embarrassment. If her mom would have really looked at me, my face would have given everything away.
“Ok,” she mumbled, “I’ll wait outside, with the door open, and you can say goodbye.”
“I know you’re a good boy, Joey,” her mom told me, “But your still a boy. If she told you what’s going on, you’ll understand why I don’t want you seeing her anymore.”
“I guess,” was all I could say. She left the room and I turned to Abby. I was hurt beyond measure I was losing both the girls I cared about in the same day. I kissed Abby deeply for a few minutes, until she pulled away slightly resting her forehead on mine. We looked into each others eyes. I fell for her in that sweet moment between us. Don’t get me wrong I still loved Katie most of all, but I fell for my girlfriend in that moment. She had gone though a deeply personal exam to protect our relationship. I didn’t know what I could do that would be that loving back for her, but from now on I would try.
“Don’t worry it’s not forever.” With that said she turned and left.
“Bye Abby,” I called after her as she walked out. I closed the door and sat down at the table again literally beginning to cry.

With Katie gone from the house, and Abby not allowed out of her mother’s sight the summer was the slowest I had ever had. I ran around town trying to find things to do to keep my mind off of them. Nothing worked. I found myself falling back into the same routines I had before Abby was around to help me with my needs.
I found at 17 my urge to stroke myself was just as bad as it had been at 15 without a girlfriend to help with that outlet. Doing it myself got the job done but it wasn’t anywhere near as satisfying as when I was with Katie or Abby.
I was in a strong depression and couldn’t hold back. I was spending all my time in my room, meaning all my time was spent stroking myself trying to find some bit of happiness.
Most parents would probably have noticed when their kids pulled into themselves and never come out of their room. Not my parents. They both worked and Lilly got herself involved in the community center after work 3 nights a week. It was like they almost forgot I was there.

In mid July just weeks after Katie left to grandma’s house, something happened that changed our family forever. Lilly’s parents had gone on vacation, a romantic weekend alone kind of thing. They were taking one of those tours by air plane when something had gone wrong and the plane crashed. Lilly’s parents had died in the crash.
Lilly left that night with Linda for about 3 weeks out of state. When Lilly came home she had her Ashley with her. I guess I should explain that now because I never explained who she was earlier.
Lilly’s mom died during Linda’s birth. The pregnancy had taken so much out of her she didn’t make it. Lilly being 6 years older then Linda helped her father raise her sister. When their dad was about 45 years old he met a younger woman in her mid 30s who had one child herself. They dated for about a year before getting married.
They decided that they needed to have one child of their own. A year later Ashley was born. This is one of those things that always piss me off. They already had 3 kids but felt they needed one of their own. I hate it when I see couples get together that have a bunch of kids between them and they need one of their own. With the world as it is I don’t see the point.
Anyway so Lilly brings home her step-sister Ashley(who went by Ash), with the reasoning that Linda wasn’t in a good position to take care of her and neither was ash’s step-brother Kevin, the child of her mother before the marriage.
Linda and John were still going through a messy divorce at the time. Linda was about to move out of state to live with a girl-friend of hers. She couldn’t take Ash.
Apparently Kevin was in collage now and in no way capable of taking care of a child. That wasn’t the only reason. For some reason, Lilly explained to me, Kevin didn’t want anymore to do with Ashley. He had said he never really accepted her as a sister because they had different fathers. Lilly of course didn’t tell her that. Ash was aware there wasn’t a lot of love between them but didn’t know her brother actually resented her.
Lilly didn’t have a problem at all taking in her little step-sister. Lilly really loved Ash and looked at it as an honor. I was less happy about it. I really didn’t want a bratty 12 year old following me around all the time from now on. I didn’t get a vote, Lilly had called dad and talked it over with him. He didn’t have a problem with it either, it was decided before I even knew it was happening.

They called Katie and told her about the situation and asked if she minded letting Ash share her room. Katie was happy to let her aunt move into her room. With that decided Ashley was here to stay filling the place in the house that should’ve been filled with the girl I loved.
What made things worse, with Ash going through that boy crazy faze right now so I never got a moments peace. Starting the very first day she started making kissy faces and winking. She was also having a hard time dealing with her parents death and the transition to our home. One minute she would be flirting with me and winking and the next you might find her in her room sobbing into her pillow.
I did my best to comfort her when I found her crying, but I didn’t know how to handle the kissy faces and flirting. She was a little girl and sometimes it creeped me out a little. After a couple of weeks I actually talked to Lilly about it.
I only brought it up to Lilly because I would never do anything with a 12 year old girl and I didn’t want her to think something was going on behind her back. With the way Ash acted toward me at times things could really be misinterpreted. Lilly was kind of touched by my shyness about the subject. I think it just traced back to my upbringing from my over bearing step-mom a couple years ago.
I told Lilly about the little comments, winks, flirting and kisses. Lilly told me to sit down. So we sat on the couch. Lilly took my hand in both of hers and told me that I was such a sweet guy and that was why Ash was flirting with me. She explained that Ash was at a critical point right now. She was at an age were girls are discovering their sexuality and wanting to feel attractive but at the same time she was having a hard time dealing with the death of her parents. She explained that the flirting wasn’t really serious. It was a coping mechanism for her grief. She wanted to feel sexy and was seeking approval from a me as a way of feeling better about herself.
I asked what I should do in return. Lilly said that it would do the girl a world of good for her self esteem if I just simply played along. She said to smile back and act like I thought she was cute. She told me there was no harm in me flirting back. She thought it was lucky Ash had turned her attention to me instead of some random guy who would abuse her innocence. She knew I wouldn’t cross the line with her, so it kept things safe and harmless. She said as long as I could do that for Ash then maybe it would be enough to keep her from seeking male attention elsewhere.
It kind of made sense to me, I thought about what had happened to Sara. Sara wasn’t much older then Ash, only a year and a half. Had Sara simply been seeking validation of her own sexuality when she had sex with her boyfriend? I didn’t want to see that happen to Ash. I was still a little uncomfortable with the flirting but I would do my part.

Summer was over and I had what was basically a little sister running around. Ash turned 13, 4 days before the start of the new school year. We had a big party for her, inviting all the neighborhood kids, since she hadn’t had much time to make friends yet. Linda actually made the drive to be there for her little sister. Ash thought that was one of the best gifts all day. To have both her sisters there with her meant a lot.
I called Abby’s mom telling her what was going on and I convinced her to let the girls come to the party. She agreed because she thought it was nice that I cared about Ash’s big day and there would be plenty of parental supervision.
We went all out for little Ash’s birthday party. We rented the cabana at our apartment complex for more space for guests. That gave us the cabana the apartment and the outside courtyard off the cabana for the party. It was the first big day that had come along since the death of her parents and we really tried o make it a day to remember. Aside from Abby and who was 17 like me, most of the kids from the neighborhood were about 10 to 12 years old.
I didn’t take more then a couple hours for me to have enough of giggling children. I tried to get Abby alone for a minute but Lilly had promised her mom she wouldn’t let us be alone together. I begged for just 5 minutes and Lilly smiled.
“Well I’m going to use the bathroom for about 10 minutes,” she smiled at us, “As long as Abby is right here when I get back, I don’t know anything.” I hugged her and she walked away. I looked at my dad he nodded, “I don’t know anything.”
We ran to my room.
“God I’ve missed you.” I told her kissing her hard.
“I know...... it’s been all summer...........” she said thought kisses.
We didn’t have much time so all we did was kiss. I was burning inside so badly that I would’ve made love to her in front of the entire party if she would have let me. After about 5 minutes or so she pulled away.
“I have to go. We made a deal.”
“I know.............” I pulled away. She slipped out of the room and I laid down on the bed. I pulled a pillow over my head to block out the noise and the light. I was so hard just from kissing her. It had been a couple months since I had kissed her. I was so tempted to pull out my dick and work it off right there, but with a house full of children I was still afraid of getting caught. Just because I had escaped my step-mother didn’t mean I still didn’t have the same old fears and guilt surrounding masturbation.

I was laying on my bed trying to resist the urge to stroke myself stupid over the few minutes of kissing, the urge was killing me. I finally just drifted off to sleep when I felt a hand run up my leg. I hadn’t even heard the door open or close but I could feel a hand rubbing me through my jeans.
“Found a way to sneak back in huh?” I asked.
“Shhhhhh,” came quiet sound then a low whisper, “Just relax.” Her hand moved mine away from the pillow when I tried to move it off my face. The next thing I knew hands were sliding up my head covering my eyes with one of my shirts.
“Keep it there like a blind fold,” came the low whisper again. Then the hands tied my shirt to my head so it couldn’t slip away. Wow Abby was getting fun.
“What happened to the promise to your mom, baby?” I asked her. I was enjoying this game we were playing but I did have a touch of guilt about being lying to her mom and Lilly. We were betraying their trust in us, but at that moment I didn’t care.
“Shhhhh,” she whispered again. I felt my hands being lifted first one then the other was tied to my bed frame. Wow Abby was getting REALLY fun. I felt my pants unzip slowly. I was so hard and going crazy when I felt a small hand slip into my pants and pull my dick out. I started to worry then, it didn’t feel like Abby’s hand. Moments later I felt lips on my cock. It really didn’t feel like Abby’s lips. Who ever it was could really suck. She was somewhat inexperienced but she could really suck. I knew it wasn’t Abby because the feel was all wrong. OH GOD was it Ash? I was freaking out.
If it was Ash and we were caught I was tied to the bed. I had deniabillity so I decided to go with it. It was starting to feel really good now so I stopped struggling. God this was starting to be great. I hadn’t had anything since the library. Then I heard another zipper and heard rustling of clothes. Seconds later I felt bare skin against my cock. I could feel her pussy rubbing up against my dick. I had, had this done to me once before.
The last night Katie and I were together she had rubbed me with her pussy without putting it in, just like this. I panicked. I didn’t know who this was but it wasn’t Katie. As she rubbed me I wondered about her intentions, was she going to put it inside her or just rub her pussy against me? I was conflicted I really wanted to feel what sex felt like, but I didn’t want to lose my virginity to mystery girl here and now.
“Bet you liked that,” Came the whisper again moving up my body her thigh touching my dick. In response I came on her thigh, “Guess I was right.” She giggled.
“My turn,” she whispered. I felt her move upside down and take me back into her mouth. She wiggled up on me until her pussy was in my mouth. I attacked it like nothing before. Even after having one orgasm I was more worked up then ever. I drove my tongue in her so deep I couldn’t breath. I licked her as hard as I could with out being able to move my arms. I wanted to grab her ass and pull it to me. I didn’t care who it was anymore she had the sweetest tasting pussy ever.

Her breathing went crazy and she tensed up on me. I went off again in her mouth.
“That was just what I needed,” I said to her. I thought now she would let me see her.
“Me too,” came the whisper. I heard cloths rustling and she stuffed me back inside mine.
“Thank you,” she whispered, “You can have me again anytime you want, if you figure out who I am.” With that she untied one of my arms and ran out of my room. I quickly pulled off the shirt tied to my eyes as the door was closing I had missed who was there.
I untied my other arm and left the room. I scanned around all I knew for sure was it wasn’t Abby, besides she was still standing with my parents outside. I looked around to see Ash and Shawna were standing outside under a tree talking about something and giggling. I couldn’t spot Linda anywhere outside and I hadn’t seen her in the apartment when I was exiting. Would she have done that to me? I didn’t think so, besides I was pretty sure from the weight of the girl she was young. I also couldn’t see Sara or Michelle anywhere, but that seemed almost crazy that I would be one of them. Sara was pregnant and had never showed even the slightest sign she liked me. Michelle was 9 and as far as I knew she still thought boys were icky. That about covered all of the girls I really knew at his party. I shuttered to think about which of the other underage girls it could’ve been. I wondered would this had happened at all if I wouldn’t have happened to have been in there dozing off? How does this just happen at random? Had some one been watching me waiting? That made me think of Ash again. She was always following me around, but this girl definitely had more experience then I hoped Ash did yet.

I stood outside, juices still drying on my face thinking I really wanted to know who the girl was. That had been the kinkiest moment of my entire life. My body was aching again already for more. But at the same time I wanted to tell this girl I had a girlfriend and fun as it was, what we had done was wrong. I felt bad that I had been with someone else.
Abby came up behind me and put her arms around me.
“Hey baby,” she smiled, “I escaped your parents for a minute. Do you want to hide behind the building and make out for a minute?”
“Yes.” I said without thinking. We walked around to crack between the cabana and the apartment building. I started kissing her and she tensed up. The harder I kissed the more she seemed to pull away.
“What’s wrong?”
“You’ve been with someone, don’t deny it....... I can taste her on you.”
“Abby it’s not what you think,” I started.
“Who was she Joey?” Her face was red and tears were forming.
“I don’t know.”
“Don’t give me that shit!” She screamed, “Who was the whore you slept with at Ash’s 13th birthday party.”
“I really didn’t sleep with anyone,” I wasn’t technically lying, “I’m still a virgin like you.”
“I can taste her on you! It wasn’t there an hour ago when we kissed.”
“I really don’t know,” I told her. I sat down with my head in my hands, “I really didn’t cheat on you, I wouldn’t, I’m not that kind of guy.”
“Go fuck yourself!” Abby screamed. She kicked me in the side as she left. I sat there hiding in the crack between buildings not moving for at least an hour. We hadn’t been allowed to spend any time together that summer but at least I had still technically had a girlfriend. I couldn’t say that anymore. Thanks a lot mystery girl. I hadn’t meant to cheat. At first I didn’t even know it wasn’t my girlfriend. I watched as Abby gathered up her sisters and walked them away from the party.

It was Ash who finally found me. I don’t know how she found me sitting there but I wasn’t surprised. She usually didn’t let me out of her sight for long. I looked up to see her looking down at me.
“Are you ok Joey?”
“No. Go have fun at your party.”
“It’s not very fun since Sara left,” she said with a slight pout, “Why did Abby leave so soon?”
“I can’t tell you.”
“Really? What did you do Joe?”
“I can’t tell you. Your not old enough.”
“OOOhh reaaaally? Come on don’t treat me like a little kid. I am kind of your aunt after all.”
“It’s not the kind of story I should be telling someone your age.”
“Joey, please don’t treat me like everyone else,” I could hear the need for approval in her voice. I thought back to what Lilly had told me and I don’t know why but I started talking to her about how I felt about Abby and what had happened today.
To my surprise Ashley didn’t cringe or go “EEWWW” once. I explained what happened and she really seemed to be grown up about it. She asked a few questions and really seemed to want to help.
“You do have to admit that it does sound unbelievable.”
“I agree, but I can prove it,” he took her hand and led him into his room. When we got there I showed her the pieces of clothing where I had left them after unfastening myself. She looked at every thing closely. The only one that still had the knot in it was the shirt blind fold I had pulled strait off my head.
“It’s not much proof.”
“I know.” I laid down on my bed staring at the ceiling. Ashley sat down next to me taking my hand.
“I believe you.”
“Yeah,” she said sweetly, “You’re the sweetest guy I know. I don’t think you would ever intentionally hurt someone.” She leaned over and kissed me. I was so shocked I didn’t react. The kiss lasted about 30 seconds before she pulled back.
“Was it............. was... it... you?” I asked still in shock. She laid down next to me and put her head on my shoulder, “No, it wasn’t me. I don’t know if I’m ready to go that far yet.”
“Good,” I told her. I could see a change in her face. She seemed some what sad so I added, “Not that I wouldn’t be honored when you are ready.” her face lit up again.
“Really?” she giggled.
“Really.” She hugged me and left my room.


2013-12-04 09:53:49
I did publish the complete story it's on Amazon under the name "Love, Lies, Sex And Secrets"


2013-12-04 09:53:41
I did publish the complete story it's on Amazon under the name "Love, Lies, Sex And Secrets"

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2012-04-11 12:29:48
Honestly these are the best stories I've ever read u should write a book about this

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