Chapter 6: Secrets

My dad and Lilly returned home the Friday. Ash and I drove to the airport to get them, I really hoped Ashley wouldn’t give us away. But I guess she had been affectionate and flirty before so it wouldn’t be that obvious.
As soon as the parents got home we told them of what had happened with Sara. Lilly cried, which set Ash crying again, she had really liked Sara and hadn’t held it against her that she was pregnant. Some people wouldn’t like their own 13 year old kid hanging around with at pregnant teen. Lilly had never limited Ash’s time with Sara.

Because of the news with Sara and Christmas being only two days away my parents hadn’t told us the news they brought back with them. A couple days after Christmas my parents sat Ash and I down to let us know my dad had gotten the promotion and we were going to be moving to another state. I was indifferent about this news. I liked where we lived but I was a social outcast now so a new start might be nice.
According to my dad part of the trip had been to scout out houses. With my dad going to work for the corporate division it meant a considerable pay raise. With the pay raise meant living in a house no more apartments, which suited me fine. We would have a real home with a yard and 4 bedrooms so Katie and Ashley wouldn’t have to share when Katie came home this summer. Ashley was excited because the things from her old room were in storage and she had been using Katie’s things. Now she could have her own room with her own things.
Dad had to fly back right away leaving Lilly to handle the move here. Ash and I told her that we would help as much as possible. We would only be about 3 weeks behind dad. Five days after they returned we drove my dad back to the airport.

Sara’s funeral was a week after Christmas. Lilly went with Ash and I. It was really hard to stand there and not break down crying. I wasn’t trying to be a tough guy I was simply trying to be strong for the girls so they could come cry on me.
Ash held on to me the whole time crying into my shoulder. I really wished I could take all the hurt away from her. I couldn’t stand seeing more tears. I wanted to kiss them off of her. I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her so she would know how much I cared in that moment. Show her the world doesn’t always hurt.
I couldn’t do that with everyone standing there instead I put my arm around her and held her tight. Lilly came up behind me and whispered, “Thank you.” in my ear tilting her head towards Ashley.

When the service was over we were all invited back to Abby’s house for a memorial pot luck. When we got there Lilly went into the kitchen to talk with Abby’s mom and Ash went upstairs with Sara’s younger sisters . I was sitting in the livingroom feeling really out of place. I felt like an intruder standing in their house.
“Joey,” Abby called.
“What’s up?” I thought she was going to be mad I was there. Instead she grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs. We walked into Abby and Sara’s room and sat down on the bed.
“I wanted to talk to you,” She looked away from me, “I wanted to say I’m sorry.” I just stared at her.
“I should’ve believed you when you told me you didn’t cheat on me,” She still couldn’t look at me, “I should’ve trusted you loved me.”
She turned back to me and I looked away from her. I had been holding back tears all day from everything going on but when she spoke of love I finally lost it. Tears started rolling down my cheeks.
“What?” She said moving my face to look at her, “You don’t love me do you?” She started to cry.
“No,” I said softly, “I really though I did love you before. But never the way you loved me.”
“I thought since you brought Ash to the dance you hadn’t moved on yet.”
“Before we have this conversation. I want to know why you suddenly believe me now after months of me trying to explain.”
She got off the bed and walked to her dresser. She pulled out the drawer and removed a book hidden underneath.
“I found this, I shouldn’t have read it but I couldn’t help it.” She handed me a diary, “Sara wrote that she fell for you by watching how you treated me. She decided to find a nice guy like you. She thought she had found that guy but when he got her pregnant, you know the rest.” I felt bad. This was the exact mistake I was thinking about when I thought about Ash running out and doing something hurtful.
At that moment I fully thought maybe I had made the right decision to help guide Ash though this time of her life. If only I had known about Sara then. I might have talked to Abby about helping her sister along somehow. Now it was to late.
“Sara, was so hurt when her boyfriend dumped her she completely fixated on you. She wrote pages and pages about how much she loved you. She said that spending all her time with you and Ash the last months, she was the happiest she had ever been in her life.”
“Then near the end of the diary she go’s into detail about Ash’s birthday party.” I was stunned, I instantly understood. I just had no idea Sara had even liked me. I had always thought she was hanging around us more for Ash then me.
“She wrote that she found you sleeping and tied you up. She said that you thought it was me until the very end when she told you she wasn’t.”

Abby and I talked after that. I told her that I was sorry I let it happen. She told me she should’ve believed me. We talked about love. I told her that I really had tried to love her the way she deserved but I found in the end it just hadn’t been there. I told her that in my heart I had always loved someone else.
Abby started crying. She said she had loved me enough that she had been willing to give me her virginity. I told her I was sorry but at the time I was still sorting my feelings. I told her we were moving and she cried more. I left her room quietly thinking I would never see her again. It would be a couple year and a couple states away years before I saw her again.

It was late the night of the funeral and I had barley dropped the old shirt to the floor when my door opened. I had been thinking about Abby tonight and I came harder then I usually did thinking of her. I was just laying down again when Ashley slipped in. She had been crying again and I lifted the covers for her to join me. I sad up and she sat next to me I put my arms around her and rubbed her back.
“It’s going to be alright,” I whispered to her. I kept my voice down. I didn’t want Lilly to hear us and walk in.
“Can I tell you a secret?” She whispered.
“Yes, if it helps you feel better.”
“Will you promise to love me no matter what it is?” She had a pleading look in her eyes. I just told her the truth.
“There’s nothing you could tell me to make me love you less.”
She bit her lip and looked down. I continued to rub her back.
“Your not a man are you,” I asked and she actually giggled for a second before returning to tears, “Tell me your secret.”
“I ..... I..... really liked Sara......” She said softly.
“That’s no secret, I liked her too.”
“No, I mean I really liked Sara,” she said again. Her gaze pleaded with me to not make her say it.
“Oh,” I exclaimed understanding, “You liked her like you liked me?”
“No. I’ve never liked anyone like I love you,” That statement brought the smile back to her face.
“But you two........ were you........?” I didn’t quite know how to put it without offending her.
“Remember I said that I accidently broke my cherry?” I nodded.
“I started out telling her one night how much I loved you and she said she had a crush on you too.” I didn’t tell Ash that I had already found that out.
“She told me she was your mystery girl. She told me about what she had done to you.” Her face turned beat red but she continued telling me the story. Ash seemed to really need to explain.
They had been talking about sex and talking about what it was like and Sara told her that she could show her. One thing led to another and they had fooled around. Ash said it had felt ok but she felt weird the whole time and she hadn’t even gotten off.
When it was over Sara had sworn her to secrecy about their incident and about the one with myself and her. Ash hadn’t liked lying to me but she had promised. That was why she had tried so hard to get Sara to talk to Abby. She had wanted her to own up to it. The only thing Ash had learned over the whole thing was that she didn’t like being with girls. She had just been curious.
I told Ash lots of girls experiment and I wouldn’t tell anyone. I told her I didn’t love her any less. I told her I understood why she had taken Sara’s death so hard. They shared a special secret bond with each other.
“I love you.” She said kissing me. We held each other and kissed for a long time before she snuck back to her room.

With us moving in a couple weeks, Lilly didn’t make us go back to school. That allowed us to help her get things ready for the move. I was upset inside that I had hurt Abby, she had been my first real girlfriend. I was grateful for the time we had spent together. She had taught me a lot about girls, being a boyfriend, loyalty, stamina and being a lover. I would forever be grateful to her it all.
Now having sorted out my feelings for Abby that only left me two girls who I really loved. I loved both of the girls equally but in different ways. I needed to have that talk with Katie that we never got in June.

It was after midnight and the movers were coming in the morning. We had a long drive tomorrow, and I needed to sleep. It would take us a couple days of driving to get to our new home. I thought it would’ve been easier to leave the cars here, fly there and buy new cars.
I lay there thinking about the visit Lilly had with me a couple hours ago. She had walked into my room as I went to bed.
“I wanted to talk to you about Ash.” I remained stone faced. I didn’t want to give anything away.
“What about her.”
“I wanted to thank you for always being there for her. I can tell she really looks up to you.”
“It’s no big deal.” I shrugged.
“You don’t fool me. I can tell you care,” Lilly smiled, “How did you get her through everything when Sara died?” I didn’t know how to answer. I couldn’t tell her I had practically had sex with Ash.
“She was upset. She came in here asking to talk. She was crying. I had her lay down with me and she fell asleep while talking to me.”
“See, that’s what I mean. Your so sweet to her. I can tell you really love her.”
“Maybe a little,” I said with my cheeks burning slightly.
“I just wanted to say I appreciate you protecting her. Her own brother doesn’t give a damn. It’s great she can confide in you.” She kissed me on the forehead and left the room.
I lay there now after midnight wondering how much Lilly knew or suspected. Would she have been so nice to me knowing I was treating Ash like a girlfriend? These thoughts were still buzzing in my brain when my door opened quietly.
“Ash what are you doing?” I whispered quietly. She was taking a big risk of us getting caught, sneaking into my room again.
“I couldn’t sleep and I wanted to see you.” She slipped under the covers with me an wiggled up into me. I couldn’t hide my excitement. She reached behind herself and slid her hand inside my shorts. She giggled as she gave me a quick squeeze.
“Ash,” I said questionably and she removed her hand. She wiggled her butt closer pressing hard against me.
I asked her if Lilly had talked to her about us, or about the night Sara died. She said that Lilly had asked her some questions and all Ash had told her was that I had been very supportive and helped her through it. I told her what I told Lilly incase she asked. We agreed not to say more to her.
With our cover story settled I asked, “So why did you really come in here.”
“I just wanted to feel loved tonight. Everything changes again tomorrow. You told me any time I needed to feel loved.”
“Yes it did.” I pulled her closer. She wiggled her butt a little and rolled over in my arms.
We kissed passionately. I had missed this. We hadn’t had a really good moment for a while. It was well after 2 a.m. before she slipped out of my room. We had kissed and rubbed each other without taking any clothes off. I watched her leave and I could still feel her against my lips.

The moving people showed up at 8 a.m. Lilly set them to work. Lilly told me to go ahead and get going. With the long drive ahead Lilly decided that all three of us didn’t need to stay and watch over the movers. Ashley asked if she could go ahead and ride with me. Lilly paused for a minute then agreed. It would mean she had to drive out by herself but that was fine.
With Ash with me, Lilly checked twice that I had the maps for the rout and the address for where we were going. She made me promise to call as soon as we stopped for the night at a hotel and let her know where we were. When we were ready Lilly told Ash to go wait in the car she wanted to talk to me.
“I know she was in your room last night.” I was shocked, and I remained quiet, “I’m going to ask this only one time. Are you having sex with her?” She looked me dead in the eye when she asked me.
“No. Of course not Lilly, I wouldn’t do that to you or her,” I told her. It wasn’t completely a lie, “She came to me last night because she was scared about moving again. She’s been through a lot in the last year and for some reason she trusts me to talk about it.” I was hoping I wasn’t completely transparent. I could see Lilly visibly relax.
“I woke up and heard you guys talking through the wall last night. I couldn’t hear what you were saying but I knew she was there. Then I couldn’t hear you guys, but I didn’t here the door.”
“She fell asleep while talking to me. I let her lay there I didn’t want to wake her and make her move if she was comfortable. I went to sleep and she was gone when I woke up.”
“I’m sorry,” she replied, “Your such a good friend to her I should have known better. I just worry for her.” I felt really guilty, I was really betraying her trust. I was just really happy she hadn’t decided to check on us.
“It’s ok, I understand. She’s a pretty, sweet and wonderful little girl.” I used the word little for a reason. I was trying to point out that I thought of her as a child.
She patted me on the shoulder and told me to go ahead and go. I got to the car and told Ash how close we had come to getting caught. We drove away talking about how we would have to be more careful in the future.

It was a long drive and we talked about all kinds of things. I bought a book on tape to listen to in the car. The book helped our conversation flow as the day passed. We tried to guess what would happen next as the story unfolded. It was a fun way to pass a car trip.

When night came we found a motel to stay in for the night. I tried to call Lilly at the house but didn’t get and answer. I hoped that meant she was done and on her way too. I called dad and let him know where we were and he told me that Lilly had called him from a motel in town. She had taken longer to get things done and thought it was smarter to start her drive in the morning. I told him we would be on our way again first thing in the morning too.

I couldn’t believe our luck. Lilly had been delayed long enough to give Ash and I the whole night alone. I hung up the phone turned and kissed her.
“We have all night,” I told her. She squealed and jumped up on me wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I led her to the bed and kissing her until she dropped down off me. She bounced on the bed. She was wasting no time as she grabbed my belt buckle. She opened my pants and dropped them to the floor. With out a single word she pulled down my boxers and took me into her mouth.
She sucked me harder than she had in the past. I was so hot for her and after almost getting caught last night I shot down her throat almost right away. She grinned up at me as she swallowed. I took off my shirt and stepped out of my pants. I pushed Ash to the bed and pulled off her jeans and panties I then slid my hands up her shirt and removed it.
I climbed on top of her and started kissing her lips as I removed her bra. I began kissing her neck and moving down her body. I made it to her shoulder when she stopped me.
“I love you so much right now,” she said to me pulling my head back up to her lips, “I want to do something else tonight.”
“I love you so much right now too,” I pressed my forehead to hers, “What can I do to make you happy tonight.”
“I want to lay together. I want you to hold me all night. I want to feel more loved then pleasured tonight. If that’s ok?”
“Why wouldn’t be ok?” I kissed her again as she rolled her back into my chest. She wiggle her butt up into my erection.
“Because your still ready,” she giggled. She wiggled her butt harder against me. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck.
“Don’t worry about that. I love the thought of holding you all night.”
“I love you.” She kept squirming and wiggling. She was driving me crazy with the bare shin of her ass. I shifted and slid my erection between her upper thighs.
“Ooohhh I love the way that feels,” she sighed. She started slowly sifting her thighs in causing a stroking motion on my cock. It was an incredible feeling.
“I’m going to cum again,” I told her.
“Good,” she whispered. I came the second time on her inner thighs. I calmed down after that. Pulling her naked body closer to me I held her as tight as I could. We drifted off into sleep.

I woke her the next morning very early. She was lying against me, I moved ever so gently rolling her body onto her back. I slid down the bed and shifted her legs open. I brought my face up to her pussy lashing out with my tongue. Even asleep her body reacted. I could taste her sweet nectar start to build. I started liking her deeper and deeper as her body lubricated itself to my touch.
I had woke up with a physical need to devour her little body this morning. I was like an addict for her juices. I hadn’t been able to get my fix for a month.
“Oh, Oh MY GOOOOOOD,” She cried as her hips began to thrash. She grabbed my head with both hands and pressed me tight to her. I dug in as hard as I could my tongue scrapping my teeth trying to go deeper. Her body tensed and her pussy clamped on my tongue squeezing it.
“OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS,” She screamed. Her whole body arched as she squirted her juices on my face. She fell back to the bed let go of my head and her arms fell to her sides.
“I didn’t know it could be that intense.” She spoke softly, out of breath, “I would say wake me up that way every morning, but Lilly would catch us, there’s no way I could be quiet with that.”
I pulled myself up on the bed and looked into her eyes. I didn’t say anything to her, I just kissed her.
“Thank you for another wonderful night and morning,” She whispered in my ear. I just continued to look into her eyes. Everyday I was falling more in love with this beautiful girl. If this continued I would be in danger of losing my love for Katie. That was a scary thought, I was so confused right now.
We finally got out of bed and took a shower together. We had fun cleaning each other. I was just trying to make the most of our night together. With Lilly suspicious I didn’t know when we would have another chance to be with one another. I didn’t want to let Ash go but I was facing the fact that for the next few years I might have to.

We made the rest of the trip by the end of the night the second day. Our new house was huge, and had a big yard. You walked in to a big open area on the left was a library alcove with shelves and a window box seat. Inside on the right was a large den/office areal. Walking in further just past the library on the left was a grand kitchen area, diningroom and sunken livingroom. Further in on the right just bast the office was a staircase with stairs leading up and down. Up stairs were 4 bedrooms and a bathroom. The up stairs actually had two bathrooms as the master had it’s own. The stairs down led to a large rec-room and behind that an exercise room. Next to the exercise room was a small bathroom with a stand up shower instead of a tub.
This house was beyond expectations. I wondered how this was really happening. It seemed to good to be true. As we set up the new house it was decided that the livingroom was to be set up as a formal livingroom with no TV and a couple couches for entertaining guests. The rec-room however we set up with all the fun stuff. It was quite large so we put the big tv and the computers in there. The den remained for my dad to do business. I liked having a library in my own house now. I talked dad into putting a couch and a desk in there for kicking back and reading or studying.

We settled into the new house and Ash and I went back to school. We both made new friends in no time. We had to put our relationship on hold for a while. We had, had that close call from Lilly before the move so we couldn’t do anything with them home. Lilly hadn’t gone back to work since the move and we didn’t even have the time after school alone anymore. Life just settled on as the school year came to a close.
As the school year ended I started applying to colleges. I kept getting rejection letters. I finally went in and talked to the school guidance councillor for help. He made some phone calls on my behalf and helped me work out a plan. I signed up for some community college corses for the fall. We figured if I took some strategic classes locally I could reapply in a year.

Linda, and my Grandmother both flew out for my high school graduation and 18th birthday. It was a bigger party then we had, had for Katie the year before. It wasn’t anything personal we just had the bigger house and more money this year.
I slipped out early from my graduation party hoping nobody would notice. I took off with my new school friends and we went to a highschool party on the beach. I hadn’t drank since that last night with Katie a couple years ago.
I found that I held my liqueur better then I would’ve guessed. But that only works for so many drinks. By 1 a.m. I was shirtless and had no shoes and socks. I was running around the beach in just my jeans which were wet from the knees down. I was having the time of my life until I passed out in the sand.
I woke up in my boxers. My jeans wet and sandy hung over a chair behind a desk on the other side of the room. I was confused and my head hurt. I was laying on the edge of a mattress facing away from the wall. I was in a room I didn’t recognize, everything decorated in white. I felt movement behind me and heard a slight breath. I rolled over to see a topless girl laying beside me. She had tan skin and was dressed only in white cotton panties.
I searched my brain, for the life of me I couldn’t remember ever meeting this girl before.
“Hi there,” She said to me her eyes closed.
“Hi......” I replied.
“Don’t worry I don’t bite,” She said grinning.
“I’m just a little confused,” I started.
“Of course you are. You woke up in the bed of a girl you don’t know.” Now I was more confused. But relived at the same time. At least I wouldn’t have to offend her by asking her name.
“How did you know I didn’t remember?”
“Side effect of the drug they gave you.” She started giggling and I was really more confused.
She finally told me that one of the guys on the beach had slipped a drug into a drink intended for a girl and I had rushed in and drank it while I was running around the beach all drunk. She told me her name was Brook she was in collage and we had met the night before and had been having a good time until I got slipped the drug.
My head hurt this still didn’t explain why I was in bed with her half naked. I asked her. She had brought me back to her apartment because she felt it had been her fault as she had dared me to go steal that guys drink. The whole drug thing had backfired on the guy and when everyone else had heard what he had done they kicked the crap out of him. I didn’t disagree with that. I didn’t like those drugging asshole’s who used that to get laid.
Brook said that after I passed out some friends helped her get me back to her apartment and she had taken my pants off to not get sand in her bed. It made sense to me. Other then that she just went to bed next to me to make sure I didn’t get sick from the drug.
I took a chance and leaned in and kissed Brook. She kissed me back. It wasn’t deep and didn’t have the love or passion behind it that I was used to, but it was nice. We kissed for a while and I put my hand on her already naked breast. I figured if she was comfortable to sleep topless around me then she probably wouldn’t object. As we kissed I was getting really hard, it didn’t go unnoticed. She slid her hand inside my boxers and rubbed the palm of her had around the head of my dick. It was a move I hadn’t felt before. She wasn’t stroking just rubbing but It had been months since the motel room with Ash. I came all over the palm of her hand.
“Wow, you must be young?” She questioned with a little hint of fear in her voice.
“Don’t worry I’m 18.”
“Wow. I haven’t been with an 18 year old since I was 15,” she stated, “Even so that was fast for 18.” I turned bright red, I could feel my face burning.
“Sorry,” She said quickly looking at me, “Have you never?”
“I’ve done stuff,” I said not wanting to admit to being a virgin, “It’s just been a while.”
“Oh,” She smiled and kissed my neck, “Since your done, do mind getting me?” She slipped out of her panties and moved my head to her crotch. I was happy to play along. I buried my face in her beautiful tan pussy lapping up all the juices as fast as they flowed out of her. I thought I had understood squirters from Ash but Brook didn’t just squirt she flooded as I ate her.
“OOOOOOK now I believe you’ve ............done thhhhhhis before,” she moaned. Juices kept flowing now much more faster then I could lap them up. It took about twenty minutes or so but she arched her back and pushed my head out from her legs and squeezed her thighs together as a huge flood of juices flowed out of her. My face and the bed were soaked.
“Good god damn,” She panted, “I haven’t cum like that in weeks.” I laid on my back my boxer tenting again. She looked at my shorts.
“Just so you know your not getting laid today,” she told me. I hadn’t actually been thinking about it. I had been side tracked watching her flood the bed. I had never seen anything like that before.
“I........ ok.” Was all I could say in a some what disappointed tone.
“Just so you know, it’s nothing personal,” She smiled at me, “I have no problem fooling around on a first date, obviously, but if you want me, you have to really earn it. That’s my rule.”
“I can live with that,” I replied.
“Though after what you just did for me I might have to break that this time.” She winked at me. I kissed her again.
“Tell you what, I’m not breaking my rule but I will give you something to make sure you call me again.” She leaned over and pulled me though my boxers, “I don’t want you to think this is a line, but I really don’t usually go this far with someone I just met.”
“Ok,” I replied simply.
“No really,” she looked dejected, “I’m not a slut, I’ve only ever been with a handful of guys. I just really thought you were special, so far I don’t think I was wrong.”
“It’s ok,” I said to her, “I never had a bad thought. I kind of like you too.” She took the complement to heart because with in a second she began running her tongue over my dick slowly and meticulously.
She slid my boxers off and continued her tongue play. I had, had blowjobs before but what she was doing was way beyond that. I had never had a girl take time like this and really tease me in this manor without actually sucking me. She gripped me firmly and lowered her tongue to my balls.
“OOOOOHHHHH MY GOD,” I cried as she began to suck my balls. This was something I had never had done before. I liked playing with collage girls! I was glad I had already cum because there was no way I could’ve held back otherwise at this point.
This kind of teasing went on for a twenty to thirty minutes. I would continually get close and will myself to calm down. I didn’t want her to stop. Finally at long last she took me into her beautiful mouth. It took maybe three strokes by that point.
“I’m..........” Was as much as I managed before exploding in her mouth so hard I was really surprised the back of her head hadn’t blown off.
“Wow,” she managed swallowing it all down, “That was a lot.”
“Thank you,’‘ I moaned out. She smiled at me and rolled off the bed, walked to her bathroom and turned on the shower.
“Are you coming,” she called and I couldn’t run fast enough to join her.
After we showered I put my jeans back on and Brook drove me home. She offered me a bath robe to cover up a little more, but I told her either way walking into the house I was going to get it anyway.
We talked in the car, she told me she could tell I was a virgin. I turned red again. She said she thought it was a good thing that I had made it to 18 without actually having sex. I told her I wasn’t a saint I had come very close many times. She giggled she said close don’t count. She said she liked me and if I wanted a chance to earn my way to her body I could call her if not she was great full for the fun morning. She did tell me if I was still a virgin at the end of my first year of collage she would fix that for me. She said she believed nobody should leave their first year without getting laid once. I laughed and said I might take her up on that. She giggled and told me I was cute.
To change the subject I asked her how old she was. I explained that she knew how to do things I had never knew possible. But what it really was, was that I liked this girl. Not just the fooling around, she was genuinely sweet and just plain fun to be around. I wanted to get to know her better. She grinned and said she had just turned 22. I thought that was cool, I hooked up with an older woman! As she dropped me off at home I told her I would definitely call her again.

It was already after twelve in the afternoon when I walked through the door. My dad was angry at my disappearance last night and how I returned home. Lilly sent him to his office to cool down. I walked up to my room with Lilly following me. When I go to my room I walked in and kicked off my jeans. Lilly was standing in the doorway, she cleared her throat. I didn’t really care that much that I was almost naked in front of her. I was losing some of my shyness and after the morning I’d had I was feeling invincible.
Lilly wasn’t as mad as dad was but she asked me what had happened. I put on a clean pair of jeans and pulled on a clean shirt. I laid down on my bed and looked at her. I thought about being sarcastic but Lilly had never been anything but nice to me in the past.
I made up a cover story as I went. I told her that some of my friends had stopped by the party last night and convinced me to come pay my respects to another friend at his grad party for just a few minutes. I told her not wanting to be rude I left with them only meaning to be a few minutes. As it turned out they drove me to a beach party.
I objected but had no ride back home. I’ll tell you the truth, Lilly, I said to her, I met a collage girl at the party and I really didn’t want to come back home. I told her I was sorry that I chose a girl over the family but she seemed really cool and I didn’t want to miss the chance to meet her.
“Ok,” She replied, “I know you haven’t dated since you an Abby broke up, I get it, you’re a guy. But that doesn’t explain why your getting home in the afternoon without most of your clothes.” This one was a little harder to explain so I went with the truth, well sort of. I told her that I had broke down and had a couple drinks since it was my graduation night. She shook her head at me but didn’t say anything. I explained that some how I had been given the wrong drink and about the guy getting beat up for trying to drug the girl and all that. I told her that the collage girl took me home not knowing where I live.
“Well,” she said smiling ear to ear, “Did you at least get laid for all your well meaning trouble?” I couldn’t believe she had just asked me that. I turned red for the third time that day. She giggled at me and said, “Good for you.” With that she left my room.

I don’t know what Lilly had told dad but he didn’t seem to hold the whole incident against me. I was done with school and I now had the whole summer. I wasn’t really sure what I would be doing but I was happy to have some time off before classes started again in the fall.

Katie came to the new house a home a week later. Dad and Lilly were out having dinner when she arrived. She looked like a completely different person then the one who had left last year. She was thinner and more tan then I had ever seen her. Collage life seemed to agree with her. Ash and I were standing in the library talking about the new stories we were reading when the door opened. Katie walked in the door and all my feelings flooded home. She walked in the door bags in hand, I took one look at her turned and walked away.
Katie hadn’t even been home for a full minute when I went to my room and closed the door. I heard Ash start talking to her as I was walking away. A few minutes later I heard Ash talking in the hallway, she was showing Katie her new room.
I hadn’t turned on the light when I walked into my room, I laid on my bed in the dark thinking how would I make it a whole summer with her if I couldn’t look at her for a full minute.
I heard a gentle knock on the door a few minute later.
“Not now Ash,” I called to her. She came in anyway. Ash walked over to the bed and laid down next to me. She wrapped her arms around me.
“I saw the look on your face.”
“It was nothing,” I lied, “I’m just not feeling well.”
“Don’t lie to me,” she said sternly, “I can’t handle you lying to me. Not after all we’ve been through.’
“I can’t talk about it.”
“You were honest with me our first time. You told me you were in love with someone else. It wasn’t Abby was it?”
“I don’t want you to think bad of me Ash,” I started, “I really liked Abby, for a while I thought I loved her. I wanted to. I didn’t use her.”
“But you weren’t in love with her.”
“No,” Ashley was right, she’d never been anything but wonderful to me, she deserved nothing but the truth, “I’ve been in love with the same girl since I was 13.”
“I thought you told me you didn’t find out about each other until Linda’s wedding?”
“I met her years earlier.”
“Really?” I told her the story of Katie and I. I had never told anyone this story. I didn’t go into the details but I told her that some of what is in the story above. I left out the part about the song being a trigger with me. I didn’t want her to remember the winter formal and realize that the song not her had turned me on. I didn’t want to ruin the memory of our first night together. It did feel good to talk to someone about the bottled up feelings I had been holding for the last 5 years.
“Wow,” She said when I was done, “Where do you go from here?”
“That’s the problem,” I told her, “Unlike you she is my real sister. That makes what we did back then wrong.”
“I’m glad we’re not wrong,” She said kissing me. We kissed or a while until we heard the car pulling up outside.
“Dad and Lilly are back.”
“Yeah, I should go.” Ash left my room and I went to sleep, not wanting to see any of them the rest of the night. Ash had really helped me come to a real decision. I felt it was time to give up my fantasy and find a real girlfriend. Problem was I really loved Ash. How would she take it if I started dating another girl? Would she be mad if she knew I fooled around with Brook? I decided for now it was best not to tell her.

Giving up on my fantasy proved to be somewhat liberating that summer. What helped me move past my feelings for Katie were that for starters she had been seeing someone. She called him every night before she went to bed. At first I would over hear her end of the conversation an I would be so jealous I would want to scream and punch something. After a couple weeks of this I started to mellow out.
The simple sight of her sometimes still set my motor running. She would be running around in shorts and a tank top, or she would come to breakfast some mornings only wearing her sport bra and shorts she wore to bed. I would often have to finish what ever I was doing and sneak off to my room and take care of myself.
For the amount of effort I was putting in to making this work the main part of my resolve was Ash. She was my rock when I grew weak. Because she was the only one who really knew what was going on with me she would see me sneak away and she would often follow behind. We would talk things out and I would calm down. Sometimes if we had a minute alone she would reach into my pants and take care of me to help me calm down when we talked.
I was great full to Ash in so many ways, and I felt guilty. She was so in love with me and I so focused on being in love with Katie. I wished I could love Ash the same way she loved me. She deserved that. Mid summer I talked honestly to her about it. She simply told me she wasn’t worried that she knew someday I would feel for her the same as she did for me. She knew in her heart it would happen.

By mid way through the summer I felt like some of the tension that I had with Katie before was slowly slipping away. I could finally spend whole days around her without freaking out, or having to sneak away.
Now that we had all this space the family went together one afternoon and bought a dog. I got out voted and we got a Jack Russell. They named it Jessy for some reason. With the dog in tow we spent whole days in parks playing with Jessy. The three of us kids started spending all our time together and I realized how much of the summer I had wasted brooding in my room over Katie. I decided that some time with her was better then none. She would be leaving again in a short time. I made the best of it.
When we weren’t playing with that stupid dog we were at he movies or the mall. Drinking coffee at the book store. Or rollerblading across town. It truly became one of the best summers of my whole life. I spent it with the two girls I loved more then life itself.
As the summer drew to a close Katie and I had decided to do something really special for Ashley’s 14th birthday. She would be starting high school right after her birthday so we wanted to make it fun.
We talked to dad and he said because the family hadn’t done anything in the way of a family vacation since we all had come together we would do something special.
Dad surprised Ashley a week before her birthday and announced he was taking everyone to Disneyland. It was a great birthday for Ash and a really fun way to say goodbye to Katie as she went back to collage. We had a fun filled week full of rides and junk food and laughing. The three of us kids got one hotel room while the parents had one of their own. We stayed up all night and snuck down to the hot tub in the middle of the night. We had more fun then we had ever had together.

The summer ended and Katie left again for collage. She was leaving on a Friday morning, we all had school starting the next Monday. I was up early the day she left, I was feeling indifferent over everything. I walked into the kitchen to look for something to eat, when Katie walked in. She was looking to a snack to take on the road with her.
Katie had been trying to sneak out quietly and avoid the whole goodbye thing. We talked while we ate some cereal. I told her that I still had feelings for her but I had fallen for someone. She was happy for me, she said that she actually felt a little jealous but she was truly happy I had met someone. She asked me her name. I told her that I wasn’t ready to discuss the details yet. She smiled and said she understood.
She said that she had a secret too. She said she was a little nervous about what the family would think so she hadn’t said anything all summer. I told her she didn’t have to say anything she didn’t feel comfortable with. She came out and admitted that she didn’t have a boyfriend. I asked her who she had called everyday. She said that she had fallen in love with another woman.
I laughed out load. I didn’t mean too. She looked hurt. I told her I wasn’t laughing at her, it just reminded of a conversation I had, had with someone before. I let her know I was happy she had fallen in love with somebody. As long as she was happy that’s all I cared about.
I told her that she didn’t need to hide that from the family. She said she wasn’t sure how her parents would react. I told her that dad would probably find it cool. He was very liberal. Though I did agree that Lilly might have the harder time with it. Lilly was really big on the hole traditional family thing. But it didn’t mean she wouldn’t accept her daughter.
Katie asked me to keep her secret for the time being. I told her I wouldn’t tell her secret. We hugged before we grabbed her bags and headed to the car. As much as I had put my feelings aside for a fun summer, my heart broke again watching her leave. I’d had her in some form all summer I didn’t like giving her up again. After she was gone I went up to my room and sat in the dark.

Dad and Lilly went out that night. After having gone on vacation with us kids they decided that they wanted a night to themselves. They were going out to dinner then off to a fancy hotel with a hot tub. They said they would be back in the morning.
I took this opportunity to have the talk with Ash I had been putting off all summer. She came running into my room and jumped onto my bed. We still hadn’t had a real moment alone since the motel room at the beginning of the year.
“Their gone,” she said taking off her shirt, “I’ve missed being with you so much!”
“Ash wait,” I told her. She sat there in her bra and little skirt. I was getting hard looking at her. I needed to get this out before I gave in to her.
I told her that with things the way they were in the house I wasn’t sure if we should continue. I told her that I loved her so very much but if we were caught it was a real possibility that we would never be allowed to see each other again.
“I’m not sure about Lilly’s reaction,” I explained, “I get the feeling sometimes she would be really happy to see us get together someday. But I know she would be pissed if she thought we were fooling around now.”
“Yeah, Lil thinks you’re a really good boy. But I think your right it’s only because she thinks your being a good big brother.”
“It’s dad I’m worried about. If we got caught he wouldn’t understand that we love each other. He would assume I took advantage of you, he’d probably make me move out.”
“No! He can’t.” She pouted with that comment.
“I know, so here’s the deal, Angel, after tonight were going to put things on hold.”
“On hold? You mean no more anything?” She asked with a look of disappointment.
“If were alone like we are now, we can kiss and hold each other but until your 16 I think that should be it.”
“Because it will be legal for you to date me at 16 in this state?”
“Yes. At 16 dad can’t do anything about it. I’m willing to wait if you are. I love my sweet little angel. It will be hard but I will wait.”
“I love you so much,” she sprung on me and through her arms around my neck.
“Ok then we wont talk about it until then,” I told her, “If your feelings haven’t changed by then, on your 16th birthday I will scream to the world how much I love you.”
“Ok,” She said, “But I will tell you now my feelings wont change because there will never be someone else. I only have two birthdays to go until you have to keep that promise.” She was grinning ear to ear.

I kissed her leaning her back on the bed. I didn’t waste time tonight I slipped my hand in her bra and began kissing her neck. She moaned as I played with her nipple. I loved how sensitive her whole body was I knew if I kept this up she would have an orgasm before her clothes were off.
I unhooked her bra still massaging her same nipple. I lowered my lips to her other nipple. I didn’t suck it yet. I applied the same technique I had learned from Brook on her nipple. I ran the tip of my tongue across her breast without putting any part of it in my mouth. She was moaning loudly in anticipation. That meant this was having the same effect on her as it had on me. I circled the tip of her nipple with the tip of my tongue flicking it lightly every so often. She was squirming under me like she had never done before. I decided to reward her, I took my hand off her other breast and ran it up her skirt. I grabbed her panties and yanked them down her legs she helped squirm out of them.
I slid two fingers inside her dripping pussy, I didn’t have to move my hand she began grinding against my fingers herself. I continued my excessive teasing of her nipples, and she thrashed against my hand. She finally couldn’t take the teasing any more, she grabbed my head with both hands and looked me in the eyes, “FUCK ME WITH YOUR TONGUE OR FUCK ME WITH YOUR COCK!,” he screamed at me. I had only a couple of times heard her use curse words but never like this. I had her motor running tonight.
I slid down and trust my tongue inside her. I had missed her taste. Brook had been good but it wasn’t Ashley. I buried my face in her pussy literally bitting down on her clit gently as I came back up from deep tongue penetration. It only took only a couple nibbles to her clit to cause her body to go into a seizure.
“MY FUUUUUUUUUUKING GOD!” She screamed as the orgasm took her over. I didn’t stop or slow down I continued attacking her pussy as she sprayed my face with cum. I let it run down my face as I thrust as deeply as I could. I knew the bottom of my tongue would have a sore spot from scrapping my lower teeth tomorrow but now I didn’t care. I wanted to be as deep within her as I could. Her body never stopped shaking as I dove deep within her sweet wet wonderland.
The second orgasm came moments later, she screamed so loud and intangibly that I as glad we lived in a house now. Neighbors would have called the cops on that one. I got another quick blast of fluid on my face. I pulled back my tongue and started biting her clit again before she could recover from the second orgasm. I wanted to see how many I could give her.
I ran my fingers inside her again as I nibbled her clit. She still hadn’t come down from the first two orgasms yet. Her body was still shaking and she was crying out word fragments. It only took seconds for the third orgasm, she let out a scream that lasted at least twenty seconds. I got the biggest blast of fluid from her yet. I thought about the amount of juice Brook had produced, with a little time Ash could be like her. I was great full she only squirted when she came not all consistiantly like Brook. We didn’t need a full puddle here.
The fourth orgasm came by the time she had stopped screaming from the 3rd. She didn’t scream out this time she simply collapsed. She dropped to the bed and stopped moving so suddenly that I had to stop and make sure she was ok.
“Ash?” I called up to her from between her legs. She didn’t respond. I slid up her body I could see her breathing, that was good. I got to her face and shook her shoulders slightly. She made a sound and I realized she had passed out the instant the fourth orgasm hit her. It had been so intense for her little body that it had knocked her out.

I laid down next to her my heart was racing and I was almost as exhausted. The front of my shirt was drenched as was the bottom of her skirt underneath her and my bed. The smell of sex was large in my room. I got off the bed and opened my window. It was still the end of August and still warm enough outside. The fresh air felt good, making the wet stain on the front of my shirt feel cold. I took my shirt off and flung it on the floor. I would have to throw all this stuff in the washer before Lilly came back home. I didn’t want her to find it. There was no mistaking the smell on my shirt.
Ash woke about an hour later. She smiled at me and kissed me.
“Where did you learn to do that?” She asked softly.
“Wow, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.” She looked over at me and grinned.
“Your turn,” she said, I think I’ll do some improvising too.”

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2012-04-18 00:00:49
You are a great writer and this is a great story but I've seen better grammar from second graders.

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You are a great writer and this is a great story but I've seen better grammar from second graders.

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Great story. Keep up the good work. I have two minor complaints however. College is spelled with an e and not an a. A collage is a form of assembled art work. And what you spell as great full is actually spelled grateful....all one word.


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Hmmmm threesomes with Katie......... someone
has been seeing the future. They are going to collage together.......

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you should continue the series even if it melds into fantasy its really good but you should have ash "accidentally" walk in on katie and him going at it and it turns into a threesome i mean katie already came out of the closet to him oh and he should take brooke's anal virginity

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