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A heart warming tale of a young boy who finds himself in a lot of trouble and needs a hero to "cum" and save him!
This is part 8 of "Help!". It continues from parts 1-7. Enjoy :) ...


“Well then sexy boy, I guess I’m gonna have to show you an experience that you will never forget!”

“Oh and what do you have in mind there Danny boy?”

“Ha-ha, wanna find out?”

“Yeah...” Jake replied lovingly before kissing Daniel quickly on his cheek, “but that can wait ‘til later. We really need to get back home. Your parents are worried sick about you!”.

Contemplating in his head, Jake suddenly felt a wave of guilt rush over his entire body. He felt guilty not because of what he had just done, but because of the time at which he had done it. He bowed his head in shame and Danny immediately noticed the concerned expression on his face!

“What’s up baby?” Danny asked wearing a concerned expression.

Jake said nothing. He looked up into those eyes. To his surprise, the look in Danny’s eyes told a story of happiness. Jake couldn’t help but smile slightly when he acknowledged the pleasure which he had provided the other man with. He gazed deeply into those big brown orbs which invited him into the soul of the man he was now deeply in love with.

“You know,” Jake said, “it’s amazing what you can tell by looking someone in the eye”.

Danny looked at Jake as if to say “what the hell are you talking about”, but he didn’t say it. Jake giggled foolishly, likening Danny’s body language to that of a small puppy with those cute brown eyes wide open and glazed over, and his head tilted to the side. Jake was pretty sure that if he could of done it, Danny’s ears would be sticking up!

“C’mon, lets go,” Jake exclaimed, “It’s gonna get dark soon”!

“Okay, I guess we should start thinking about heading home”.

So gradually they stood up, gathered their scattered clothes and got dressed. As the two exhausted young men began to walk back towards the quiet roads outside of the abandoned farm, Danny stopped abruptly and grabbed Jake’s sweaty hand. Jake, taken a little by surprise, was wrenched backwards as Danny firmly gripped his hand. He swung around and smiled but the smile gradually disappeared as he saw the serious expression on Daniel’s face.

“What’s up?” he questioned.

Danny reached out for his other hand and grabbed it so that he now had hold of both of Jake’s hands and said nervously, “Jake, I want you to promise me something”.

“What?” was the simple response.
“I don’t want you to tell my parents, or anyone about any of this.”

Jake paused, unsure of what he should say, but eventually answered with, “Danny, you know that I would do anything for you, I always have done, and I always will do, but...”.

“But what Jake? Come on, please I’m begging you!” Danny interrupted panicking.

“BUT!” Jake repeated louder, “I don’t know if I can lie to your parents about this, this is a serious thing Danny”.

“I know but I really don’t want anybody to hear about this”.

“About what?” Jake questioned with growing concern.

“About any of this!” Danny practically shouted.

Jake just gazed at him confused and worried, his eyes doing that familiar trick of dancing and flickering between those of his friend. He was truly puzzled, not knowing what to think, his brain started working overtime. What was Danny really worried about people knowing, about being trapped in the barn, or about them being together?

In a soft, sort of vulnerable, weak, emotional voice he asked, “Is it that you don’t want people to know about us, about how we feel about each other, or that you want to hide the fact that you locked yourself in the barn?”.

Danny’s point of vision drifted to the ground.

“Danny. ... Danny what’s the problem, you need to tell me otherwise I can’t do anything about it. Let me help you Danny. Whatever it is that’s making you act like this all of a sudden, you have to talk to me about it you hear me?”.

“I want to tell you Jake but it’s complicated”.

Danny stared into Jake’s calming blue eyes and sought comfort as he saw the understanding, and caring concern from deep inside of the guy he had been friends with for as long as he could remember. He wanted nothing more than to blurt out the entire story, and get it all out in the open. The problem he had was that he was scared of what it would mean if he let go of his secret. He was scared of the consequences that he would have to face, but at the same time, he knew that he could trust Jake, and that however he reacted at first, that Jake would be there for him and support him in the end. Danny had always considered himself very lucky to have Jake as his best friend, he was always there when he needed him, always by his side to comfort and care for him when he needed somebody who he could rely on.

“Danny, it’s ok, whatever it is you can tell me”.

Daniel had heard that line before, just before he told Jake that he was in love with him. That time though, Jake’s reaction was less than comforting and Danny didn’t want to risk them falling out like that again. If they hadn't fallen out over that the last time, they wouldn't even be in this mess. All of this added to his uncertainty.

“Okay Jake,” Danny said seriously as he continued to make eye contact, “I will tell you, but you have to promise me that you won’t flip out at me like you did last time. I don’t want this to turn into a huge drama like last time. And I still don’t want you to tell anyone about any of this shit that’s been happening lately ok?”

“Fine!” Jake responded acceptingly. “I won’t say anything”.

Danny took a deep breath.



So that was part 8, I hope you liked it. All feedback is very welcome. Keep an eye out for part 9! ;)

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