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Amy gets dirty
--This is the fifth story in my series about Amy, a young girl who finds herself exploring different sexual urges. Also included in this story, Amy’s younger sister Lana and an older woman named Lisa. I suggest reading the past stories and history first if you’ve recently stumbled onto this chapter and have not read them already.—

Character Bios-
Amy: Age 16 Height 5’2” Weight 105lbs Blonde Hair, Blue eyes, Pouty Lips, 38C Breasts, Dime size nipples surrounded by half dollar sized golden areolas.

Lana: Age 11 Height 4’8” Weight 80lbs Red Hair, Blue Eyes, 30B Breasts with large pink nipples, light freckled complexion.

Lisa: Age 39 Height 5’10” Weight 130lbs, Blonde Hair, Green Eyes, 36D Breasts, Dark Tanned Body with a round firm ass.

Almost one week after the locker room sister gangbang had taken place Amy was sitting on her bed, legs crossed with the phone in her hand. She wore a small pair of blue cheerleading shorts with a matching blue tank top, no bra nor panties. It was around 10:30am on a Friday morning, no school today though. Teachers work day was always a much appreciated vacation for the girls. Taking a deep breath she pulled the Victoria Secret receipt closer then dialed the number in. 555-3432 after three rings she heard Lisa on the other end say “Hello?” instantly Amy‘s nipples hardened beneath the sheer top. “Hi Lisa this is Amy from the store dressing room do you remember me?” “Why yes Amy I do remember very well, I’m glad you called me what can I do for you dear?” Now Amy’s sixteen year old pussy felt sparks as she began to get wet, the older woman felt it also as she smiled while she waited for a response. “Well I was wondering if you wanted to get together sometime…” replied Amy as her voice trailed off. “Ah yes honey, I’m sure we could arrange that sometime in the near future, when is a good time?” Amy sat thinking for a moment as her nipples pushed at the top she wore, “well sometime soon would be great for me” she replied. Lisa’s pussy began to dampen her cotton underwear as she said “well how about today? I am free any time since I am off of work”. Amy smiled as she agreed “today is fine how about two this evening?” This would give her plenty of time to get herself ready for the fireworks to come. “That’s fine with me darling” “Ok great and if it’s alright I’d like to bring my sister with me also, would that be ok?” Lisa now pushed a hand down her jogging pants and into her panties rubbing herself, “Yes Amy that would be fine also”. The older woman gave Amy her address, they talked for a few moments then ended the conversation.

Amy now sighed deeply as she fell back into the bed spreading her legs slightly and pushing a hand into her shorts. Her pussy was dripping wet as she recalled the experience in the dressing room. She found her clit and began rubbing it while she caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples. Thirty-nine year old Lisa was on her sofa, within a minute of ending the call she had stripped naked. Now her golden tanned 36D breasts heaved as she slid two fingers in and out of her pussy in rhythm, Amy pulled her blue shorts down her well-toned legs to gain better access. She then continued until her hips pushed from the bed, her fingers slipping deep inside her hole. Her eyes were closed when she felt someone else on the bed; Lana was quickly above her lowering her eleven year old hairless cunt down onto Amy’s face.
Lisa was now on the floor, her 5’10 130lb tanned body shaking as she used four fingers to fuck herself harder. Her large dark nipples pointed towards the ceiling as she thought about the young girl and two o’clock. Lana was positioned over Amy grinding her pussy into her sister’s mouth, her red hair falling to her shoulders. She pinched her dime size nipples with her blue eyes closed as she began to cum into Amy’s mouth. Amy’s body also shook hard as juices flowed freely from her pussy wetting the bed and running down her thighs. Lisa screamed out “Oh Fuckk” as she squirted and lay limp on the floor. Now Lana collapsed beside Amy, her juices covered her sister’s face as they cuddled and kissed. Unknown to each other at this time, both young Amy, Lana and the older women Lisa were moaning as they got off simultaneously yet in separate houses.

After ten minutes of kissing and holding each other Amy suggested that they get a shower. Lana agreed as they sat up their young naked bodies still sticky from the last hour. Lana walked to the bathroom as Amy stood she thought for a second then grinned to herself. She opened her closet to find what she needed, a black strap-on twelve inches long about two inches wide. Taking it she lay on the bed and hurriedly pushed it into herself, past her pussy lips and deep inside. She wanted it to be well lubricated with her own juices for her little sister; she then stood and fastened it tightly to her body. She heard the shower running as she stepped into the bathroom, Lana was already in the shower soaping herself up with her back turned to Amy. Suddenly she was pushed face first against the wall as Amy grabbed her hips and pulled her. “Oh Amy” Lana cried as she felt the head of the large dildo against her pussy lips. “You ready to take this for me like a good girl Lana?” Ask Amy in a demanding voice, “Yes please give it to me, I want it!” she replied anxiously. “Are you sure you want this cock?” ask Amy as she reached around and pinched Lana’s hard nipples causing her to moan lightly. “Oh yes give it to me hard, I want it inside of me” and with that Amy grabbed her sisters hips and thrust the twelve inch dildo hard into her baby sister.

Lana gasp and threw her arms against the shower wall as eight inches of rubber sank into her eleven year old pussy. Amy stayed in position holding the dildo inside for a few moments gently pushing deeper then suddenly pulled back and slammed her sister forward. She began quickly fucking her hard as Lana gasp and moaned against her, “Yes Amy fuck me, fuck me oh take my little pussy” she said. Her eyes closed as she pushed back into the object penetrating her grunting the entire twelve inches now slid inside easily. “You dirty little slut sister, I love your pussy” responded Amy as she herself began to cum again. Her body shook hard as she slowed then collapsed to her knees and buried her face in Lana’s pussy. Her tongue found the girls clit easily and licked it lustfully until Lana once again tensed as her body gave way to an orgasm squirting into Amy’s mouth. After taking a minute to recover Amy got to her feet and kissed her little girl, they embraced then began cleaning each other. It was almost two o’clock, Lisa had spent an hour in a good hot bath relaxing herself. She’d gotten out and rubbed some lotion over her entire naked body, “Love Spell” it always does the trick she thought to herself. She then opened her jewelry box and pulled out two stud nipple rings and put them in and got dressed. Amy had told Lana she had a friend to introduce her to today. After their morning cravings had been fulfilled they spent the remainder of the time getting ready. Amy straightened her long blonde hair then she put Lana’s red locks into a braided pony tail hanging down her back. They also rubbed each other down with some lotion, taking turns then got dressed. Both girls dressed in short denim skirts with matching red spaghetti string tops. Amy put on a silky blue bra and matching thong panties. Lana wore a pair of Amy’s older lace boy shorts in pink with no bra at all. Most of the time she didn’t wear her glasses, she hated to wear them to school but today she did.

As it turned out Lisa only lived a few blocks away, a short walk for the girls to go. They set out early to be there on time. Two minutes before two o’clock they stood on Lisa’s doorstep as Amy anticipated and rang the doorbell. Lisa tried her best to pull herself together and not show the anticipation to see the girls when she opened the door. “Hey there girls, why don’t you come in?” She said as she took in the sight of two of the beautiful sights she’d seen. “Thank you, we’d love to” replied Amy and Lana while stepping through the doorway as Lisa closed and locked it behind them. “Have a seat, let’s talk” she said leading them through the foyer to a larger room with 60” plasma television and black leather sectional couch. Amy noticed some pictures on the wall of a girl with Lisa, without her and etc. She asks nonchalantly “So who’s in these pictures? Your family?” pausing Lisa said “Yes that’s my daughter Kara, she’s six and is my pride and joy, but she’s at her fathers for this week”. Amy and Lana smiled as they sat down on the sofa; Lisa sat down next to Amy. “So what brings you here today? What can I do for you Amy and?” “It’s Lana responded Amy, my little sister and well, you know what happened in the dressing room, I also told Lana”. Lisa’s mind began going crazy recalling the even then wondered if the girls were trying to blackmail her, she’d be ruined”.

“Well yes, it was a heat of the moment thing Amy but…” As Amy cut her off she said “I know it’s not proper but Lana and I have experimented for some time now and I wanted to introduce her to you, maybe we can all have some fun.” The worry went away as Lisa Smiled, at that moment a huge Great Dane trotted into the room, walked up to Lisa then began sniffing Amy and Lana. “Oh my, hold on buddy don’t mind him, his name is Zorro, and he’s a big baby, a girl’s best friend” she said smiling. “Oh ok” Amy said as Zorro licked her hands. Lisa stood and walked to the bathroom door “C’mon boy, let’s go” she said as Zorro reluctantly followed her. Once the dog was inside she shut the door then walked back to the couch sitting down close to Amy. “So you girls are here to play, is that Right?” Asked Lisa. “Oh yes Ma’am we want to have some fun today” Amy answered as Lana’s hand moved to her sisters. “I never did return the favor for you either Ms. Lisa”, “Please girls, just call me Lisa or whatever you feel comfortable with.” “Ok” smiled Amy and Lana to each other as they shifted on the couch. “So Lana how old are you Honey?” asked Lisa “I’m eleven almost twelve” she replied shyly. “Please Lana stand up and let me take a good look at you.” Amy nodded in approval then kissed Lana quickly, she rose from the couch and stood in front of the much older Lisa.

Already she was wet, all three girls were soaked, now this beautiful young thing stood before her so innocently. Lana stood there, in her red top, short skirt, the pair of Amy’s Pink panties,. Lisa admired her tiny body, her red hair pulled back blazed against her freckled skin and blue eyes. “Oh my darling, you look so beautiful” Lisa told her as she held a hand out. “Please, do come here closer to me young lady” , Lana didn’t hesitate but stepped forward as Lisa reached out and put an arm around her pulling her close as she sat almost eye level. “Are you a bad girl Lana?” asked Lisa, as she nodded yes Lisa’s hands slipped down onto the young girl’s firm ass. “Are you sure you want to play with me?” She ask while gently squeezing the young bottom in her hands. Lana again nodded yes then felt a sharp slap on her ass as Lisa pulled her into her lap face down. Three more hard slaps followed the first, it took Lana by surprise as the older woman held her. “If you want me to play with you girls you will learn to obey everything I say” said Lisa calmly yet stern. “Is that understood?” Amy sat on the couch smiling at this and said yes as Lana also replied yes lying in Lisa’s lap. “We will do whatever it takes to please you Lisa” Amy said looking at her sister and the beautiful older woman. “Good I do expect you to, we will have many pleasurable times if you girls want” replied Lisa.

Now Lisa pulled Lana’s short denim skirt up and over her bottom revealing the lacey pink boy shorts. “My first rule in this house is you will never wear any panties at all” said Lisa. She then brought her hand up quickly and down hard on Lana’s left cheek, then right cheek a few times. “Now stand up Lana, take them off, better yet let Amy take them off of you.” Lana stood up with her ass slightly stinging, pussy tingling she watched as Amy got off of the couch still dressed and moved to her. She walked to her little sister and kissed her deeply while her hands found the button and zipper on the skirt and slipped it off moving down her body. She then tugged at the boy shorts pulling them down then off as well. “Good now Lana will you please do the same for your sister?” She nodded “Yes Lisa” then kissed Amy’s neck, her hands fondling her sister’s breasts, slowly moving down to her knees. She then unsnapped the skirt and threw it aside then buried her tongue into Amy’s sweet pussy through the blue thong panties inching them down to her feet. Lana’s tongue still latched to Amy’s sixteen year old pussy, she moaned softly taking in her sisters juices. “Ok now girls, let’s get back to business” said Lisa. They stopped and Lisa instructed them both to get on their knees and bend over on the couch face down. Lisa then opened the drawer on the end table which housed many toys. This time she took out a wooden paddle, about 5 inches wide by 10 inches long. “Now girls, you will both submit to me and what I say, pleasure will come with pain.” Lisa then slapped Amy’s ass hard and firm with the paddle causing her to jump. She then alternated to Lana’s already pink ass.

She went back and forth on both young girls, turning their young soft asses red. Amy held back tears while Lana silently cried except for the occasional gasp. As Lisa stopped knowing it was enough she smiled, “Now stay there girls, use your hands and rub each other.” It only took a second for Amy’s hand to find Lana’s soaked 11 year old pussy and it took Lana the same to have her fingers inside of Amy. Both girls moaned and moved in pleasure as Lisa watched. Her own pussy was soaking, juices running down her legs now as she pulled up her black mini dress. “Girls?” she said getting their attention they both stopped and turned around faces flushed lying on her couch. “Who wants to be first?” Amy jumped up quickly smiling wanting to please Lisa, she walked over to her and got on her knees. “Oh no Honey wait, were going to do this right” Lisa said as she stopped the young girl. “Get up from there” as Amy stood Lisa put her arms around her and kissed her. The older woman’s tongue darted in and out of the teen’s mouth while a hand fondled her body the other rubbing her sixteen year old pussy. “Let’s take the rest of these clothes off shall we? Lisa then pulled Amy’s red top over her head then with one hand unsnapped the blue bra she wore. Amy reached around Lisa and unzipped the black dress she wore then slowly slid it down her body and off into the rest of the pile. “Lana Baby, you just sit back and watch now but remember you’re next” smiled Lisa. With that Lana sat down on one side of the couch and let the recliner out. She began playing with her clit and rubbed her soft pink pussy while she played with her nipples watching intently.

Lisa took Amy’s hand and let her a few feet to the couch where they sat down and embraced each other. The younger girl looked into Lisa’s green eyes as they moved their hands over each other’s bodies. “Are you ready Baby?” Lisa asked, Amy smiled in response and pressed her pouty lips to the older woman’s. With their bodies pressed together Amy wasted no time going for what she wanted so badly, as their tongues intertwined Lisa felt the smaller hand find her matured pussy. She broke the kiss then began nibbling Amy’s ear, moving to her neck kissing and sucking as she felt a finger enter her cunt. Amy moaned softly as she pushed inside, Lisa was not like the young girls, she didn’t shave completely and had a nice mound of blonde hair around her entrance. Lisa continued down Amy’s body from her neck to her collar bone to her hard yet soft skinned nipples. As she sucked each one, licking around her 38C breasts Lisa’s hands were moving all around Amy’s young body as her head fell back, both the girl and the woman moaning softly.

By this time Lana had her legs spread wide open on the recliner with two fingers furiously fucking her tight eleven year old pussy. Her large pink nipples were now turning red from pulling and pinching them. Her sweet juices were running down from her hairless cunt as she watched her sister and moaned. She thought about the locker room and how the cocks had felt inside of her, especially in her never explored asshole. She also loved the taste of the boys cum, she wanted badly to feel a raw hot cock inside of her again. But she knew that she would soon and also she loved her sisters pussy and would love Lisa’s also. Amy was now on top of Lisa, pushing her fingers into the woman’s love canal while alternating between her lips, neck and pierced 36D breasts and nipples. She loved to tease and was doing a damn good job as the older woman moaned below her. “Oh yes Amy, yes make me feel good Honey” echoed through the room as Amy worked her, she knew it was almost time. She began sliding down Lisa’s body, licking from her neck to her nipples, biting them playfully she moved on to her soft tanned stomach to her thighs. She could smell the scent of Lisa as she got closer to her objective, it was a bitter sweet and she loved it. Lisa now moved her hands and placed them on Amy’s head playing with her soft blonde hair she pushed her young lover down. Now Amy’s mouth could feel the wet pubic hair of Lisa as she looked up and their eyes met. “Do you want me to eat your pussy Lisa? Do you want me to make you cum? Say Please” With that remark Lisa almost screamed “Please” as Amy buried her tongue into her pussy.

She could now taste the sweet juices of the older woman that had made her cum so hard in the store. It was good and sweet as the hair tickled her cheeks she worked her tongue deep inside of her new lover. Lisa’s body began shaking as she moaned “Oh Baby Girl, eat Mommy’s pussy, make me cum”. Amy pushed as far as she could while cupping the woman’s ass as Lisa pulled her head into her firmly with one hand, pinching her nipples hard with the other. “Fuck Yes oh damn eat it Amy” moaned Lisa as her body gave way and trembled. Amy pulled her tongue from the woman’s pussy and quickly replaced it with two fingers moving quickly into the “come here motion” then placed her mouth over the severely swollen clit, licking and biting gently. Lisa screamed and thrashed as Amy stayed clamped to her, juices shooting into her mouth. There was so much she took a second to swallow and was filled up more times. Amy ended up with her face and breasts coated in Lisa’s juices as they both recovered. Lana was still working on her own body, with three fingers inside she moaned and shook as her orgasm hit, juices running over the recliner and her legs. All three laid breathless and silent for a few minutes regaining their composure. Finally Lisa sat up and looked at Lana, “Hey Baby, remember you’re next right?”

Next chapter if I get a good rating on this, all ideas are welcome. Also must have 20+ comment for the next chapter. Feel free to write me with your own stories/experiences.

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