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Six weeks have flown by since I wrote Chapter 4, and so much has happened that I’m not sure where to start!

Dad came home the next day, which meant my opportunities to fuck Mom had come to a shuddering halt. Mom hardly gave him time to say Hi when he walked in, before taking him by the hand and leading him off to their bedroom. Judging by the muffled noises that I could hear halfway across the house she must have fucked him to a standstill, and he came in to breakfast the next morning with an ear-to-ear grin plastered all over his face! Most nights since they have feigned tiredness and headed to bed early, but I was sure sleep was not number one on their agenda.

After two weeks of this I was starting to wonder if Mom would want to resume her games with me when Dad next went away. After three weeks I figured I could be in trouble when Dad was out mowing the lawn, and Mom took me into the bathroom and showed me her freshly pierced nipples and labia. “Your Father thinks this is pretty hot Phil, and so do I!” Was all she had time to say. I finally had a chance to talk to her last Saturday, as he had gone into town to pick up some things he needed from the hardware store.

She was in the kitchen fixing breakfast when I walked in and gave her a good morning kiss on the cheek. She looked fantastic, as she’d thrown out her old nighties and cotton pajamas and now wore silk chemises and classy night-gowns. Her skin had that freshly fucked glow, and she tried to look cross with her hands on her hips. “Is that the best you can do?” She asked.

I took her face in my hands and kissed her deeply on the lips, enjoying our tongue dance until we broke for a breath. “Is that better?” I asked with a smile.

She took another breath. “Much better, and much more like it!” She laughed.

“So my sexy mother, how are things going with Dad now, or is that none of my business?” I asked when curiouisity finally got the better of me.

She smiled like a kitten that had just enjoyed a bowl of fresh cream. “Things are just great honey; in fact I’d say they’re fucking fantastic!” That was great for them both and I was happy they were getting on so well, but where did that leave me? She must have read my mind, and went on before I could enquire further. “Our sex life is back to how it was when we first met, but somehow I just can’t get him to cross the line and treat me the way you do!”

I raised a questioning eyebrow and she continued. “It’s hard to describe, but he’s a lot more interested in me and he’s been willing to try some new things, but……whenever I tell him I’d like him to be rough with me and use me for his pleasure, he just laughs and says he loves me far too much to treat me that way!”

“Sounds to me like you’re just a fussy bitch who’s way too hard to please!” I laughed.

She laughed as well, and I enjoyed the new intimacy between us that had started around the time I first fucked her. I guess once you’ve been involved at that level there’s little reason to keep secrets! She had taken to teasing me mercilessly, and I was a willing participant in her games. Sometimes even when Dad was around she’d bend right over and flash her bald cunt to show she wasn’t wearing panties, or she’d “unintentionally” drop her shoulder to provide a fleeting glimpse of her perky braless tits. She was dressing younger and wearing make up more often, and I had teased her by saying she needed to keep her standards up now that two men were chasing her.

She slowly lifted the hem on her chemise, lewdly showing her smooth pussy before licking her finger and sliding it along her slit. “Keith goes away Thursday honey, and won’t be back until next Wednesday night, so you’ve got a few days to come up with filthy new things to do me!” She sidled over and took hold of my hand, sucking my forefinger deep into her mouth and bathing it with her tongue before rubbing her slit with my slick digit. “You’re going to have be creative honey, and I need you to be really dirty and depraved. I haven’t even been pissed on for nearly two months!”

Two could play at this game, so I slid my shorts down enough to expose my free-balling cock and used her hand to smear my pre-cum over the head and around the shaft. “I could always bend you over now and pump a hot load into your slutty fuck-box; I mean it’s wet enough right now! Or perhaps I could ease slowly into your shitter and fuck you until my cum is running down your legs, maybe that would keep you quiet?”

She giggled like a naughty schoolgirl. “As much as that’s a very tempting offer, we’re going to have to wait a few days. But I’d love a rain check on both please!”

Feeling much better after her assurances I gave her pussy a final stroke. “I’m sure I can come up with some filthy new games to play by then. I might check my school timetable and see if Friday would be a good day to schedule a headache. You might want to see how work looks for you as well!”

“Good idea honey! I’m sure I can clear my desk by then.” She laughed.

I’d stayed over at Rick’s place a couple of times since my first time with Mom, and the first night over I confessed about Mom finding my computer diary. Initially he was pissed to the max, which I understood as incest was still illegal so I’d put him, Tanya and Bec at risk.

Once I’d had the chance to explain what had subsequently happened he relaxed, and he was very interested to hear about how I had raped Mom, and the way she blackmailed me into fulfilling her fantasies. “Shit Phil!” He exclaimed. “Don’t take this the wrong way but I always thought you were a really placid, easy-going guy. I can’t believe you actually raped your Mom with her fighting you every inch of the way, and then she tells you she wants you to keep doing it! That just blows me away buddy!”

I nodded in nervous agreement, as those of you who have read the “Mom Wants to be my Cum Bucket” series would know I had enjoyed some wild times at Rick’s place, but he was the man of the house despite being the same age as I was. I had feared my confession would result in him throwing me out and telling me not to darken his door ever again, so I was relieved I could put that fear to rest.

We finished our discussion with him giving me a friendly slap me on the back. “Well man, let me know if you ever want to bring your Mom over. It would be a wild night if you did!”

There was no doubt he was right, and I mentally filed that suggestion away for the future.

This brings me back to my relationship with Rick’s sister, Bec. I had been enjoying the delights of her firm, fourteen year old body for some time, but things had changed since she came over the day Mom suggested I skip school and rape her again. Bec was a highly sexual and seductive creature, both qualities I admired, but she had been feeling a little left out at home since Carole had appeared on the scene. I guess it was understandable, as Rick now had Tanya and Carole to take care of, and she was missing out as a result.

After her first time with Mom and I she was more than willing to spend more time with me, particularly as Dad was home and taking care of Mom’s needs, well most of them anyway! She had asked if she could stay over for the occasional weekend, and thankfully Mom had spoken to Dad about this and convinced him to allow Bec to sleep in my bed. While he was ok with Bec sleeping in the spare room, apparently he hadn’t been in favor of her sleeping with me, but Mom had told him Bec was taking birth-control pills and her mom Tanya had no problem with us being together. Mom said the clincher came when she reminded Dad he was my age when he started having sex, and he shouldn’t be a hypocrite now. Way to go Mom!!!

The more time I spent with Bec the more I found we had in common, and how much I enjoyed her company beyond the obvious “friends with benefits” aspect. We had similar tastes in music and movies, and often spent hours just talking about this and that after fucking each other senseless. We started hanging out at school, which had some of the guys ribbing me about Bec being jail-bait. I didn’t give a fuck because I knew they were masturbating over internet porn while Bec was showing me a great time!

After a mind-blowing sex session last weekend I asked her to be my girlfriend, and for a moment I thought she was going to cry! She showered me with butterfly kisses and squealed and bounced around my bedroom like an out-of-control pinball. I was wondering how long this would go on for when she finally came over, kissed me again and said she’d be delighted to be my girlfriend, and then immediately borrowed my computer to update her Facebook status! What can you say about teenage girls and their priorities? Her status at school took an immediate leap when her friends found out she was dating a boy two years older and she was soooo keen to show me her gratitude!

That gets the catch-ups out of the way so let’s get back to the present. While I was looking forward to Dad going away, it was also my birthday on Thursday and I was turning seventeen. As Dad was flying out that morning he said we should have a celebration dinner Wednesday night. Mom had talked to Bec’s mom Tanya, and arranged for her to stay over from Wednesday night right through to Sunday, so everything was looking good.

I had come up with quite a few ideas for my next session with Mom, and snuck into town and did some shopping at the adult store. Thankfully the guy behind the counter didn’t give me a hard time on this visit!

Wednesday finally rolled around and Bec and I caught the bus home from school. When we walked up the driveway I noticed Mom’s and Dad’s cars were parked outside, and when we walked in they were waiting for us. “Happy Birthday!” They greeted me, Mom giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and Dad shaking my hand and slapping me on the back. Mom popped the cork on a champagne bottle and poured four glasses, and they toasted the birthday boy. Mom seemed really excited and kept glancing at Dad. “Stand up honey.” She said. “We have a surprise for you but we have to blindfold you first. Do you think you can hang onto your glass when you can’t see?”

I gave her a smile, wondering what the hell my surprise was. “I think I can manage, Mom!” I assured her.

So I stood still while she covered my eyes with a scarf and knotted it behind my head. “No peeking!” She told me, and then spun me slowly a couple of times until I didn’t know which way was I was facing. She took my hand and led me forward, and I could hear Dad whispering to Bec but couldn’t make out what they were saying. We turned a few corners, I think to make sure I had no idea where I was, and then Mom told me to stop. I heard Bec gasp and Dad make a “shush” sound, and Mom spoke. “I’m going to take your blindfold off now honey, ready?”

Mom slid the blindfold up and I realized we were in the garage, and sitting there was a pristine, cherry-red 1985 Corvette convertible! I dropped my glass and it shattered on the concrete floor and I spun and looked dumb-founded at Mom and Dad, who were standing there with their arms around each other grinning broadly. “No way!” I shouted. “No f….ing way, this is mine? This is really mine???” I’m not ashamed to admit there were tears in my eyes, and more than a few!

A couple of months back Dad had asked me if I wanted anything special for my birthday, and I’d jokingly told him I’d settle for a cool car. “I suppose you’d like a Ferrari?” He’d replied in a half-sarcastic tone.

“No thanks Dad, but I appreciate the offer!” I’d replied, being a typical teenage smartass. “I’d be happy with a nice Corvette. I love the shape of the mid ‘80s models, they are one cool ride!”

I was sure we were just shooting the breeze and he was hoping I’d want a new laptop or cell phone or something, so I was just having some fun thinking nothing would come of it. But here it was sitting in our garage!

I looked at Mom and Dad and realized this was way too much. I mean, we weren’t poor or anything, but we weren’t rolling in money taking overseas trips every year either. “I love you guys and this is so great, but I can’t take this. It must have cost a bomb!”

Dad smiled and gripped me on the shoulder. “You know we’ve always been careful with our money Phil. And it’s been a great year for the company and I’ve picked up a couple of solid bonuses, so please accept the car and enjoy it. To be honest I’d been looking for a while, and this guy had just restored it and ran into some serious financial trouble so you wouldn’t believe what I paid for it, but it was a gold-plated bargain!”

Mom spoke to Dad. “Do you think we should let him go for a drive honey, or should we make him clean up this broken glass first?” She laughed.

Dad threw the keys to me. “Take your girl for a ride son, but please be careful. It’s only got the small-block engine, but it’s still pretty fast! Maybe aim to get back in an hour for dinner, ok?”

I didn’t think I could speak so I just grinned and nodded, and Bec was in the passenger seat before I could open my door. I started the engine and listened to the V8 purr for a while, then I clicked the shifter into reverse and backed out very carefully before heading down the street. We cruised around aimlessly for a while with the sun streaming down and the wind in our hair. I was taking it real easy as the last thing I wanted to do was have a first day fender-bender, and Bec was playing with stereo until she found some pumping music. She sat back in the seat and gave me a huge smile as she lazily rested her hand on my thigh, stroking softly up and down.

“Your folks are so cool baby!” She squealed. “And how hot is this car?”

“I just can’t believe this baby! This is simply awesome!!!” I replied.

She slid her hand up my leg and lightly brushed over my cock, giving me one of her teasing, seductive smiles. “If you drive me to school tomorrow my friends are gonna die! I’d be so grateful I’d let you do anything you want this weekend!”

I knew how to play this game, as Bec was smart enough to realize there was no way I’d want to catch the bus and leave my car in the garage. I glanced at her thoughtfully. “Gee Bec, I’m not sure. I mean, it’s a really tempting offer, but I’d be sooo pissed if someone scratched it!” I teased.

She rubbed my crotch a little harder. “Baby when I said anything, I meant ANYTHING! You Dad goes away tomorrow and I’m staying until Sunday, so that gives you five days to use me anyway you want!”

I decided I’d probably teased her enough so I gave her a smile. “Seeing as you put it that way, I think that’s a compromise I can live with!”

She clapped her hands and squealed, and leaned over to kiss my cheek. “You are the best honey. Starting tonight you’re going to know how grateful I am!”

We cruised past a couple of Bec’s friends from school and she reached over to tap the horn, waving as we went by. Not wanting to spoil Mom’s dinner we decided to head back, finally easing gently into the garage. Mom and Dad were sipping champagne when we walked in, and I went over and gave Dad a bear-hug and kissed Mom. “You guys are the best! Thank you sooo much, that is just so cool!”

We sat down to dinner and Mom had excelled herself to the point we were stuffed when we finished. Dad told us about his search for the car, and I felt kind of sorry for the previous owner but he was desperate for cash and it was a case of his loss was our gain. He also told us about his trip tomorrow and how he had been working on a major deal for some time, and was hoping to close it over the next few days. He laughed and said he’d probably buy Mom a new car if it came off, but Mom just teased me and told him she’d borrow mine. I must have had a WTF expression on my face, as everyone had a good laugh at that suggestion except me!

We talked for some time until Mom stood to clear the table but I told her to stop. “Bec and I will clean up here Mom, you might want to go help Dad pack or something, as he’s going to be away for a while!”

Mom and Dad thanked us and exchanged knowing smiles, holding hands as they headed for their room. Bec and I started clearing the table and she gave me a kiss. “That was a nice thing to do baby. Let your Mom go and fuck your Dad silly before he flies out tomorrow!”

I laughed at her direct way of putting things. “That’s the least I could do honey. At least he’ll have a smile on his face when he gets up at five am!”

When we had everything cleaned up and put away it was time to take my girlfriend to bed. Bec suggested we shower together so went to the bathroom and took our time washing and caressing each other. We toweled each other dry and went to my room, and Bec had me lay face-down on the bed. I could hear her moving around the room lighting candles, and then the soft fragrance from a burning incense stick wafted across my nostrils. She clicked off the light and the room was bathed in a flickering glow, and I felt her small hands work some scented massage oil start onto my shoulders.

One of the things I loved about Bec was her willingness to take things slow when the mood was right. Sometimes she was a pure, sexual animal, determined to give and take pleasure in a frenzy of lust. Other times she could be slow and sensual, preferring to gradually build to the crescendo we both knew we would reach at some point. Tonight it was the second option, and she tenderly worked on my shoulders and back as she gradually moved down my body. When she arrived at my lower back she carefully skirted around my ass and massaged down my thighs and legs until she reached my feet. She journeyed back up my legs and started massaging my butt cheeks before easing my legs wide apart. She paused for a fresh handful of oil before ever so gently probing my puckered sphincter with her greasy fingers. I felt a probing digit slip past my rosebud as she bent down beside me. “Is this good honey? Do you get off when I finger your tight little ass?” She whispered.

“You know it babe! So fucking good!” I groaned.

A second finger joined in, probing deeper into me. “I’m going to be such a hot little slut for you babe!” She continued, fucking my mind as she worked on my body. “Anything you want is fine with me honey. I want you to use all my holes over the next few days; you can have my cunt, my ass and my mouth anytime and anyplace you want! You can fill me with cum, piss, or anything else you want to put in me, ok?”

She was turning me to jello and all I could do was nod and groan. My sphincter had given up the fight and was comfortably loose, which must have suited Bec as I felt her spread my butt cheeks before her tongue slid in to replace her probing fingers. Her movements were slow and thorough, probing all around and as deep as she could reach with her face wedged firmly in my ass crack. My cock was rapidly growing and I moved slightly to give it room to expand, feeling the precum coated head slide across my chest. Without losing oral contact Bec slid one hand under my chest, using finger pressure to have me lift slightly until she could wrap her tiny hand around my shaft, before getting to back cleaning my cavity. Between her mouth and her hand I was getting too close, too fast, and I had to warn her to slow down a little. She came up for a breath and giggled at me. “We can’t have you wasting a hot load by blowing it onto the sheets baby!”

The next thing I knew she was sliding something cool into my ass, and I felt the familiar stretching sensation as the bulb of a butt plug eased past my clenching muscle. “We’re going to take a leaf out of Rick’s book, baby. You have to wear this bad-boy for twenty four hours, and you can only take it out if you have to shit, then it goes straight back in, ok?” I was putty in her hands, and she rolled me over onto my back.

She knelt on the bed, straddling me. “Does my man have a preference for which of my tight, wet holes I bury his fuck-stick deep into?”

“If you really are my slut then you’ll shove it into your tight little shitter!” I growled.

She started rubbing my cock head up and down her slit to add her oozing lubricant to mine. “Good choice baby! If my man wants his cock in my shitter, then that’s what he’ll get!”

Satisfied that I was ready, she slid my cock back and lined it up with her puckered sphincter. I watched her slide down until my slippery cock-head eased past her gripping muscle, and then she eased down in one fluid movement until her ass cheeks were resting on my thighs. “Oh…my….. fucking….God, that feels so good baby!” She squealed. “I’m so stuffed! You feel even bigger than normal!!!”

I didn’t know if it was me or her, but her shit-hole was squeezing my shaft like a tight, slick vice. Heat radiated into my body from hers, and I wasn’t going to be able to take too much more of this amazing sensation. “You need to fuck me now honey.” I said simply. “You need to take my cock and squeeze it tight until I pump my cum deep in your ass!”

She gave me a dreamy smile. “I think I can do that babe.” She started to move, slowly at first but gradually picking up speed. A tiny grunt slipped past her lips every time she thrust down to take my full length, and she squealed as her first cum rippled through her tiny body and she pumped her cum over my chest. As her pace increased her orgasms became more frequent until my stomach was coated in sweet-smelling feminine juices.

My balls were boiling and I couldn’t hold back any longer. “You’re about to get a cum-bath you hot little cunt!”

“Give it to me stud! Fill my cock-fucking shitter!!!” She squealed. I gave her everything I had, and she came with me as I pumped spurt after spurt of thick, greasy cum deep in her clenching hole. I could feel my juices sliding past my cock and coating my tight balls and still I kept cumming. FUCK!!! I thought I was never going to stop!!! I was having trouble breathing, trying to suck oxygen into my lungs as I finally finished dumping my load, and she slumped on my chest with her tight hole clenching and releasing on my fuck-stick.

She was breathing as hard as I was as we slowly came back down. I gently stroked her hair. “You are an amazing woman Bec. That was so incredible I can’t put into words how good that felt!”

“It was pretty intense, wasn’t it?” She breathed heavily. “But I’m not quite done with you yet!”

She slid slowly off my cock and moved unsteadily until she was squatting over my face. “It’s time for dessert lover!” She hissed, as she lowered her freshly fucked ass down onto my mouth. One good turn deserves another, so I willingly thrust my tongue past her gaping hole and started passionately cleaning my own fuck-juices. Her scent and taste overwhelmed my senses, and I was completely involved in sucking her clean when I felt her body move and she leaned forward to take my greasy cock in her mouth. We engaged in a loving sixty-nine until we were both completely clean, and Bec eased free and lay beside me. “You are so hot baby! I don’t there are too many men prepared to suck their own cum from a woman’s ass!”

That had us both laughing until we nearly fell off the bed, and we held each other as we drifted off to sleep.

I woke the next morning to some strange sensations emanating from just below my waist, and my eyes blinked open and focused on the top of Bec’s head as she bobbed up and down on my cock. It had to be every man’s dream to wake up with a hot woman taking his cock deep in her mouth, I know it was mine! I stroked her hair and she moved slowly around to face me, ensuring my shaft didn’t slide past her moist lips. She took hold of me shaft and gave me a beaming smile. “Good morning lover, sleep well?”

“Good morning yourself, and yes thanks. I slept like a baby!” I replied.

“Then I’m sure you’ve recovered from last night and have a nice, hot load for me?” She teased as she released my cock and slid down the bed until her head was hanging down toward the floor. “I feel like hot cream for breakfast, and I want it hard and fast! Why don’t you come down here and slide that monster deep in my throat!”

Now that was an offer I wasn’t going to refuse, so I moved the end of the bed and looked down her ripe young body as I firmly stroked my cock. She smiled and then opened her mouth wide, and I eased my shaft past her lips until I nudged the back of her throat. With her headed tilted back the angle was perfect for some serious deep-throating, and I felt her lips close around the base of my shaft and her tongue massage my fuck stick. One of her hands slid down her body and started dreamily stroking her glistening gash as her mouth worked on me, and I gradually increased the pace until I had a steady rhythm going. I would have loved to face-fuck her for hours, but we still had to get down to breakfast and then off to school, so I just let the fantastic feelings course through my body with no attempt to hold back. My cock was oozing plenty of pre cum and I looked down to see a long, viscous string ooze from her lips and drip down on her eyelid. She kept her eyes open as she gazed up at me. “Here comes your cream honey!” I warned her. “I hope you’re ready!”

She could only moan around my twitching shaft as my balls started pumping, and I thrust firmly into her as my thick cream washed deep into her hot throat. I could see her swallowing furiously as she worked to keep up with my first cum of the day, and I kept pumping until my spent cock finally started to soften. I slowly eased free from her oral embrace, smearing my spent cock slowly across her face as she licked her lips. “Oh baby, that was one creamy special delivery!” She whispered.

I leant down and kissed her coated lips, tasting my salty juice in the process. “You can wake me like that anytime you hot slut!” I replied, taking her hand and helping her to her feet. “But if you want a ride to school we’d better get ready, otherwise I’ll be begging Carole in the office for a couple of late passes.”

We had a quick shower and went down to the kitchen, where Mom had breakfast waiting for us. “Happy Birthday honey!” She smiled as we walked in. “I don’t need to ask what you two have been doing this morning, but I was starting to think I’d have to come up and bust in on you. Now you’d better eat breakfast and get going, otherwise we’re all going to be late!”

“Ok Mom. Did Dad get away ok, and did you give him a nice send off last night?” I enquired.

She blushed just a little. “I think you could say yes to both honey!”

We finished breakfast and kissed Mom goodbye, and she pressed firmly against me as she gave me a hug. “See you tonight stud.” She whispered in my ear. “You might have to put your plans for tonight back a day, as Bec has convinced me the girls are in charge tonight. The Birthday Boy is in for a surprise or two!” She turned away from me and lifted her short skirt as she bent forward, showing her pink thong and the base of a butt plug nestled in deep in her tight ass. “I’ve been told to wear this all day.” She said with a smile. “Something to think about while you’re at school!”

I had forgotten I was still had my plug firmly in place, tonight was going to be interesting for sure! Bec and I hopped in the Corvette and headed to school, wishing we could be going somewhere else as it was such a perfect day. We pulled up in the carpark and kids came from everywhere to have a good look at my new toy. Rick was walking by when he realized who was driving and he walked over with a huge smile. “Sweet ride Phil! Your folks win the lottery or something?”

“No man. Can you believe this is my birthday present? I’m still struggling to believe its real!” I laughed in reply.

“You deserve it buddy! It’s very, very cool. Take me for a ride sometime?” He asked.

“Count on it Rick!” I assured him.

I looked over to see Bec talking to a couple of her girlfriends, a study of teenage casual-cool. I could see she was lapping up the attention and why not, you’re only young once! I was happy for her, and pleased that simply driving her to school had allowed her to score some “cool” points with her friends. She told me later they wanted to know if they could go for a ride, until she suggested they have a good look because the car only had two seats. I hadn’t thought about that aspect but it was another nice bonus, no room for freeloaders! I closed the roof, made sure I locked the car and headed in to class.

I knew the day would drag by slowly, and the butt plug nestled in my ass was a constant reminder of the action to come tonight. My thoughts regularly wandered as I wondered what the girls had in store for me, and cock would stiffen as my imagination explored the possibilities, but finally the bell rang and I grabbed my bag and headed for the car. I had just folded the roof back when Bec slid into the passenger seat, kissed me lovingly and suggested we head for home. I tried to persuade her to give me an idea what she and Mom had planned, but she just gave me a teasing, seductive smile and told me to concentrate on driving.

I eased the car into the garage and was surprised to see Mom’s car was already parked there; it looked as though we were getting an early start! We went inside and found Mom sitting back on the couch with three glasses of wine waiting on the coffee table. She kissed Bec and I and we sat back and sipped our wine as we chatted about our day. Mom gave us a sexy smile as she leaned back and squirmed on the couch. “My ass has been on fire all day.” She giggled. “Wearing the plug has been amazing, I just feel so fucking hot! I kept moving around on my chair trying to push it deeper, the girls in the office must have wondered what I was doing!”

Bec and I exchanged smiles at the mental picture of Mom trying to work as she squirmed on her chair. “I really get off on the feeling of being so completely stuffed!” Bec replied with a sexy smile. “Did you cum Vicki?”

“I must have cum three or four times.” She acknowledged. “Though the worst was when I hit a pot-hole in the car. I came so hard my thighs were drenched!”

That had us all laughing heartily until Bec decided it was time to get the party started. “Well honey, Vicki and I have to go and get ready.” She said to me. “Do you want to hang here or have a shower or something?”

“I’ll have a shower and then wait for you’re here, ok?” I replied.

“That’s fine lover, see you soon!” Bec replied as she took Mom’s hand and led her away.

I headed for the bathroom and took a long hot shower, allowing the steaming water to cascade over my body. I could have stood there for hours enjoying the soothing flow, but my cock was letting me know it had other things in mind so I reluctantly turned off the taps and toweled dry. I figured clothes were a waste of time so I headed back to the den naked, and waited expectantly for my sexy vixens to return. I was into my second glass of wine when they arrived, and let me tell you it was worth the wait! Bec was dressed like a slutty schoolgirl, with a very short plaid skirt that only just concealed her feminine treasures, a sheer white blouse knotted just below her perky tits, white ankle socks and black buckle-up shoes. She had her hair in pig tails and had even painted some freckles on her face. Her makeup was in complete contrast, with smoldering eye shadow and lashes, and bright red lip gloss. If it weren’t for her proud breasts and rock-hard nipples I’d swear she was only ten or eleven, and she even had a Chupa Chup in her mouth!

Mom had gone in a completely different direction, with a black and red bustier that supported her breasts and placed her pierced nipples on proud display. Black fishnet stockings led me down to her slender legs to a pair of gloss black stilettos, but not before I noticed she was wearing a wicked black strap-on cock. Someone was going to be on the receiving end of some serious fucking, and my cock was oozing pre-cum in the hope that I’d be the lucky one!

Mom gave me a smoking smile. “How do you like your presents, baby?” She hissed. “Does the birthday boy approve of our new outfits?”

“Oh yeah Vicki!” I enthused. “You sluts look sen-fucking-sational!”

Mom led Bec over and pushed her back on the couch until she was sitting beside me. “Look at this evil little schoolgirl will you?” Mom encouraged. “She’s not satisfied unless she has all her tight little holes plugged with all kinds of filthy sex toys. I never seen such slutty behavior in such a young girl, she’s got a huge butt plug shoved in shitter, and a lollipop in her mouth and she’s complaining her pussy is empty. Honey, would you please check and see if her little cunt is wet?”

Bec gave me an evil smile and lifted her short skirt, wantonly displaying her smooth pussy. I could see her juices glistening on her slit, but gave her a couple of slow finger strokes anyway. Her eyes closed momentarily when I slipped a finger inside her warm, moist fuck-hole. “I think she’s wet enough Vicki.” I replied.

Mom slipped back into the kitchen and came back, handing me a pair of Ben-Wa balls. They were made out of some kind of metal with a chrome finish and joined with a thin nylon cord, and as I held them I could feel the inner weights moving around inside the outer casing. “Get them nice and greasy honey, and then jam them into this little slut’s cunt!” Mom instructed.

I slid the first ball up and down Bec’s juicy slit before easing it inside, and then slipped the second ball past her labia, using it to push the first ball deep inside her. Bec groaned in acknowledgment. “Oh, that feels so good baby. Now all my fuck-holes are nicely stuffed!”

Bec’s role-play as a slutty schoolgirl was doing my head in with lust and I was ready for anything, or so I thought until Mom spoke up! “Ok honey.” She said to me. “Now that we’ve taken care of this naughty little girl, you’re next. Come into the kitchen with us, we’ve decided that if we have keep our pussies shaved then your cock and balls are going to get the same treatment!”

Say what? Did I just hear right? I gave Mom a questioning look, but all she did was wink at me and beckoned to us to follow her into the kitchen. When we walked in I saw the table had been cleared and she patted the surface, so I hopped up. She placed a cushion down and I lay back as she picked up the shaving foam from the bench. “Bec honey, it’s going to be easier to shave Phil if his cock is nice and hard. Would like to take care of that for me?” Mom asked in a sweet voice.

Bec smiled and slid the Chupa Chup from her mouth. “I’d be delighted Vicki!” She replied, and engulfed my cock with her warm mouth. Now this was completely unnecessary as my cock was so hard it was verging on painful, but having Bec’s lips locked around my fuck stick was something I was not going to refuse regardless of the justification.

Bec finally released me and nodded to Mom, who squirted a large blob of foam into her hand and started massaging it around my balls and glistening shaft. Now I had never shaved myself there or had anyone do it for me, but I lay back and closed my eyes and hoped like crazy that she knew what she was doing. A razor cut on my cock was not something I’d enjoy, but allowing Mom to shave me was a major turn-on just the same! I felt the razor glide over my skin of my ball sac, and fought the temptation to hold my breath. Warm breath played on my chest and I opened my eyes to see Bec’s mouth close over my nipple, licking and sucking it to distract me from what was happening lower down. Mom was now carefully running the razor up and down my shaft, moving slowly around it as my pubic hair disappeared.

Sensations were coming at me from all directions and I was having trouble processing them as Bec sucked my other nipple to hardness. In the meantime Mom softly tapped the inside of my thighs as a signal that I should spread my legs, and I felt the cool application of another hand full of shaving cream around my sphincter. Mom gripped the butt plug and gently eased it free of my clenching hole, leaving me with a strange empty feeling as the razor went to work until the area around my shitter and back up to my scrotum was as smooth as her pussy. I kept my breathing steady until I felt a moist washcloth wiping the remaining foam away, and then her tongue was gliding over my freshly shaven skin.

The sensation was amazing! I have no idea why, but I could feel every nerve ending tingling as her tongue bathed me. She coated my cock and my balls with saliva and then worked lower down until she eased past my gaping sphincter and thrust her tongue deep inside my shitter. I was in heaven, at least until I felt a biting sting on my nipple and realized Bec had found my nipple clips and was using them to good effect. A second sting shot through my nerves from the other nipple, and I watched her use the link chain to drag my nipples up away from my chest. I groaned from deep in my throat as I fought the overwhelming urge to pump a bucket of cum all over my chest.

Mom must have realized I was close, as she stood and smiled down at me. “Honey, your cock looks so red and angry! Do you need to cum baby?”

I couldn’t speak, so I just smiled weakly and nodded. She gripped the strap-on as though it was her own cock, and lined the head up with my gaping hole. “Do you want Mom to fuck you honey?” She hissed to me as she slid the head inside. “Do you want your sweet mother to shove her hard cock deep in your shit-hole and fuck you until you blow? Is that what you want your mother to do to you?”

“Yes, yes, FUCKING YES!!!” I shouted, completely overcome with fuck-lust. “Stick that thing in my shitter and fuck me with it you filthy cunt! Just DO IT!”

“Ok baby!” She soothed. “Seeing as you ask so nicely I’ll fuck your tight little ass!” No sooner had she finished speaking when she rammed deep into me with one forceful thrust. While my sphincter was nice and loose from wearing the plug all day, the extra length of the strap-on pushed the walls of my shit-hole apart as the full length invaded my hole. My cock was drooling pre-cum that was pooling on my stomach and running down both sides of my body and onto the table.

Bec’s small hand closed around my shaft and she started jacking me with long strokes, smearing even more pre-cum over the head of my angry fuck-stick. Her lips brushed over my ear and she whispered to me. “Give me a cum bath baby. Paint my face with your hot thick juice, lover!” She lay her head on my chest with her face inches from my twitching shaft so I could feel her hot breath on my cock.

Mom was thrusting hard and deep, and I was sure she was into the role-reversal from when I had raped her. I knew I couldn’t hold out any longer and gave up trying to postpone the inevitable. “I’m cumming you fucking cunts! Get ready Bec because you’re going to get that cum-bath right…..about …..NOW!!!”

My cum burst free, hitting Bec’s face so hard I could actually hear it splatter all over her skin. Gush after gush pumped hard and fast as she jacked my pulsing shaft, milking every possible drop from my twitching balls. My eyes were clenched shut as I felt Mom still pounding hard and cum running from Bec’s face and dribbling onto my skin. Mom finally slowed up and then stopped, sliding free from my ravaged shitter.

I felt something drip on my face and opened my eyes to see my sweet girlfriend’s face above mine, pools of cum covering her skin and long strings of fuck-juice falling down over me. I reached up and brought her face down to mine, tasting my juices as I kissed her deeply. Mom joined in and started licking up the excess with long swipes of her pointed tongue. “God, I love the taste of cum.” She moaned. “I could drink it all day!”

Bec couldn’t resist a comment of her own. “I don’t know Vicki; I think it’s the best moisturizer I’ve ever used! How are your balls honey?” She giggled to me. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a cum-bath like that before!”

Mom looked down at me. “So honey, was that the best birthday fuck you’ve ever had?”

“No….fucking….question!” I managed to groan. “Has anyone seen my balls, ‘cause I don’t where they’ve gone!”

“Aw shucks!” Bec smiled. “Does that mean you’re out of action for the rest of the night? And I was so looking forward to a good fucking later! Looks like you and I will have to play with each other Vicki!”

Mom laughed. “If you eat my pussy the way you did last time, then that’s fine with me!”

We realized we were starving and from my perspective the chance to recover was a great idea, so I collapsed into a chair while Mom and Bec got dinner underway. When I felt my legs were capable of supporting my body I moved unsteadily into the den and topped up our wine glasses. I handed them around and put my arms around Bec and Mom, kissing each of them lovingly. “You two are simply amazing! That was such a fantastic fuck, thank you so much!”

“You just rest up stud.” Mom suggested with a smile. “The night is young and you need to get your strength, and something else, up!”

Dinner was sensational and I was starving, helping myself to seconds and feeling the energy starting to flow back into my body. I smiled as we talked, thinking about how strange we would have appeared to an outside observer. We were sitting at the dinner table like a normal family, except that I was naked with my spent cock hanging between my legs, Bec was dressed like a slutty schoolgirl and looking extremely disheveled with dry, crusty cum on her face, and Mom was sitting there like a high-class hooker, complete with a black rubber cock nestled between her legs. I also realized how lucky I was to have these two sexy, willing ladies prepared to do anything I wanted and more! The way they were prepared to wear my cum like a badge of honor really turned me on, and I was thankful I didn’t have to deal with princess-bitches that didn’t want their makeup ruined by a cum-bath.

Bec was sitting beside me, and I felt her hand slide up my leg until it was resting on my thigh with her fingers tracing lazy circles on my skin. She looked across at Mom as she took a sip of wine. “You know Vicki, we may have worn this poor man out for tonight. Any thoughts on how we can try and get him interested in us?”

This was interesting tactic, with Bec speaking about me as though I wasn’t in the room, and it was clear she was expanding her ability to fuck my mind as thoroughly as she fucked my body. Mom stood and unclipped the strap-on, placing it on the bench as she slipped a finger through each of the gold rings that pierced her labia, and stretched her pussy open to our gaze. “I can think of a few things honey.” She replied. “My clit got a nice massage when I fucked Phil’s ass and I’m nicely juiced up as you can probably see, so perhaps we could let him watch while you fist fuck me, or we could do each other at the same time. I don’t know about you, but my cunt could use a thorough stretching!”

My cock gave a noticeable twitch at that erotic suggestion, but that was before they continued their lewd discussion. Bec’s hand left my thigh and she pushed her chair back and spread her legs wide apart. She gripped the nylon cord protruding from her pussy and slowly started to pull, looking at me to ensure I was paying attention. Her labia stretched outward as the first ball came into view and popped free, allowing her juicy flesh to spring back. Then the second ball slipped free with another nice stretch. She picked up the bottle from the table and poured the remaining wine into her glass, but it was what she did next that really got my attention. She studied the bottle for a second, before putting both hands around the base and slowly inserting the neck into her glistening fuck-hole!

“Mmmmm, that’s cold but kind of nice!” She hissed as the neck slid easily into her cunt. “And I like the way it stretches my pussy the further it goes in. Sorry Vicki, what were you saying?”

Mom was sliding her fingers up and down her greasy slit and paying close attention to Bec’s hot self-pleasuring. Bec slid the bottle in a little further as Mom continued. “Well honey, I had a couple of glasses of wine and sometime soon I need to pee. Maybe we should take this stud up to the bathroom and have a round of piss showers. I haven’t had a nice piss bath for weeks and I’m sure I have enough to share around!”

By this time my cock was back to its normal teenage state, meaning it was fully hard and oozing pre-cum from the tip. The entire neck of the bottle had disappeared into Bec’s tiny cunt and her gash was visibly stretched as she attempted to slide the glass body deeper. I was slowly stroking my shaft in anticipation of what would happen next when Bec responded. “A piss bath would be nice!” She said in a matter-of-fact tone. “I don’t know if I’ve ever tried to piss with a plug in my shitter but I think we should try it. The only problem is it would wash away all my pre-cum, so someone would have to help me get juiced up again, especially if you’re planning on sliding your whole fist into my hot little fuck-hole!”

“I’m sure that won’t be a problem honey!” Mom laughed.

Their lewd discussion had made me realize that my bladder was getting uncomfortably full, and it was obvious to all of us they had succeeded in bringing my cock back to life. “Ok you sluts, that’s enough!” I chimed in. “We’re off to the bathroom where I understand the weather forecast is for rain, and lots of it!”

Bec reluctantly slid the greasy bottle from her glistening pussy and placed it carefully on the table, before taking my cock in her hand and leading us to the bathroom. She stepped into the bath with Mom and they knelt down, both looking at me expectantly. “I think we both need a long, hot shower baby.” Bec suggested, almost pleading. “Hose us down honey!”

I stepped into the bath and smiled at them, aimed my cock at their faces and let my golden piss flow. My stream erupted from my slit and I played it across both of them, saturating their hair, faces and bodies in seconds as golden rivers ran down and pooled in the bottom of the tub, before flowing down the drain. Bec’s white blouse was completely see-through and clinging to her breasts, her aroused nipples straining against the saturated fabric. Mom was in a similar state and her fingers were working steadily as she massaged her rigid clit, and her eyes closed for a second as she moaned through her first cum and added a gush of her juice to my mine.

When I ran dry Bec stood, and used her piercing rings to hold herself wide open as I knelt beside Mom. A few initial spurts ran down her legs until she released her bladder fully and drenched us with her salty stream. In seconds I was as wet as my wanton women and I moved my face closer, opening my mouth and allowing her to fill it before I swallowed her nectar. When I sensed she was almost done I swiped her slit with my tongue, savoring the mixed tastes of piss and pre-cum. I flicked the tip of my tongue across her clit and she shuddered violently, rewarding me with a mouthful of sweet cum.

Bec was done, and in a dreamlike state as she changed places with Mom for our final round of golden games. Like Bec, Mom used her piercings to hold herself open, and she also struggled initially to release her bladder with the plug still buried deep in her shitter. A few spurts dribbled free before she overcame the internal pressure and relaxed enough to release her flow. Mom mustn’t have emptied her bladder for a while, because once she started she just kept on going. Her golden juice rained over us, ran down our slick bodies, and pooled in the tub so quickly the drain struggled to keep up! As I had with Bec, I accepted several mouthfuls which I swallowed thirstily before I gave her saturated clit a loving tongue massage. I was delighted when she sprayed a huge burst of greasy cum over my waiting lips as her flow slowed to trickle, and finally stopped.

I stood and dragged them both from the tub and lay them on the bath mat. My hormones were pumping and I wasn’t in the mood to fuck around. “Ok cunts!” I growled as I gripped my shaft. “You wanted my cock back in action and you’ve got your wish, I’m hot and ready to fuck! Now I’ve heard all this teasing bitch-talk about pussy licking and fist-fucking and I want to see some action, and I mean now! I want to see two cunts stretched to breaking point so get those tongues and fists to work!”

Mom gave me an evil smile as she and Bec maneuvered into a sixty-nine position. “No problem cunt-fucker. Why don’t you just sit back and watch the show?” She said before spreading Bec’s legs and feasting on her piss-coated pussy. Bec was already diving into Mom’s fuck-box and her mouth was working overtime to get her juices flowing freely.

Before long squelching liquid sounds filled the air, coupled with muffled moans from them both as their cunts started flowing freely. While Bec and Mom had a solid lip-lock on each other I could see their fingers at work as well, as each worked to stretch the other’s muscles in preparation for what was to come. Along with this the pungent smell of urine filled the air, and our senses were overwhelmed with every conceivable aspect of raw, uninhibited sexual pleasure.

Mom’s suggestion that I sit back and watch the show was thoughtful, but there was no way I was going to be a mere spectator to this session! I crouched down and gripped one of Mom’s nipples before ruthlessly squeezing it. I saw her wince in pain and heard a long, guttural moan but she never paused in working Bec’s pussy over. Then I shifted and gave Bec’s pert, hard nipple an identical squeeze with a similar reaction. She had four fingers in Mom’s cunt and her hand was covered in cum as she pushed in firmly. Mom paused for a second and took a deep breath. “That’s it honey! Shove your cunt-fucking fist in hard and deep. I don’t care if you rip my fuck–box apart, just do it now!!!” She screamed as she worked a fourth finger into Bec’s drooling gash.

Bec folded her thumb into her palm and rammed her fist home, obscenely stretching Mom’s cunt as it struggled to accommodate the thickness of Bec’s wrist. She was writhing uncontrollably as she came again and again, and yet she managed to retain enough composure to focus on her task, until she succeeded in slamming her own fist deep inside Bec’s fuck-hole. Bec wailed and moaned at the size of Mom’s clenched fist, and I swear I could hear her cum spatter hard against Mom’s probing fingers as she shuddered through her own climax. “You CUNT!!!!” Bec screamed at Mom. “You filthy, deviate, slut, cunt-fucking, WHORE!!!! You’re ripping me in two you sick bitch!!!”

Mom was lying half across Bec’s stomach as they went at each other like wild animals, each trying to fist-fuck the other into total submission, I’d never witnessed such a primal display in my life! I pushed down hard on Mom’s lower back and took a firm grip on her butt plug, wrenching it free from her gripping sphincter and throwing it across the room. Her legs were already spread and I lined up the head of my cock with her gaping shitter, sliding in until I felt the unbelievable pressure of Bec’s fist through the membrane of skin and muscle that separated her hand from my cock. I was not going to be denied and gradually slid in deeper and deeper into her shitter, and she slowly tilted her head until she was gazing up at me with pure fuck-lust in her gaze. “Is this what you want you sick fuck?” She shouted at me. “Is this how you want to use me?”

“Of course this is what I want, you cunt whore!” I hissed as I gave her an evil smile. “I get off using your holes for my filthy, perverted pleasure, so take my cock you slut! I don’t care whether you get off or not, because I’m going to be pumping your shit-hole full of cum any second!”

She smiled as she replied. “Do it!” She hissed back at me. “Violate my fucking ass, and then do it again and again!”

I was pounding her ruthlessly, struggling against the pressure of Bec’s fist as it stretched Mom’s cunt to the limit, and knowing I couldn’t hold out any longer. “Take it cunt!” I shouted. “Take my load deep in your shitter, you sick fuck-slut!!!” My cock felt as though it was on fire as my balls emptied a full load of cum in Mom’s clenching hole, and I felt the soothing flow of my own juices easing the friction burns on my cock-head. I kept on pumping until there was nothing left, and tremors rippled through my body as the pressure of my load pushed my softening shaft free and I dropped to the floor. I was spent, completely and totally spent.

I don’t know how many times Bec and Mom had cum, but they were as far gone as I was, and we all just lay on the floor as we struggled to catch our breath and bring our pulse rates back to somewhere around normal. There was no doubt I’d never had a more enjoyable fuck session in my life! We were soaked with piss, and Mom had Bec both had cum-trails oozing from their ravaged cunts, with my cum oozing freely from Mom’s gaping sphincter as well!

As we recovered we gradually moved over to each other, exchanging loving strokes and kisses and carefully cleaning each other with our mouths. I tasted the tangy pleasures of both cum-filled cunts, and sucked Mom’s shitter clean as a pair of unknown lips locked onto my spent cock and I felt a tongue gently cleanse me. By unspoken agreement we knew it had been an amazing evening but we had reached our limit, and Mom turned on the shower and we took turns washing each other until the room was misted with steam. We all headed to Mom’s room and welcomed the embrace of the cool sheets as we held each other and drifted off to sleep. Tomorrow was another day!

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