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Painting mums horny friend
Painting mums friends house.

I was home from uni for the holiday and mum had found me sum odd jobs round the town to earn some money like garden work etc. Then one morning she told me Jan, one of her friends needed her bedroom painted. Now Jan lives outer town a bit so mum said I’d have to stay the night. Now since I was about 13, I had a strange crush on her even though she is bout 10 years older than my mum and slightly over weight i've always been turn on by her revealing clothes.

We pack up and drive over to her place after a cup of coffee mum leaves and I notice, even with Jan reaching 60 and her body getting out of shape she still makes me hard. Once my mum left she lead me to her room showed me the paint and slipped into the ensuite to get changed into her bathing costume for a swim. She half shut the door I notice via mirror her taking her top, I tried to look a way but found myself watching her change making me hard. I start to move her furniture to the centre of the room. She walked out saying she’ll be in the pool if I want her. I move her bedside cabinet and the draw opens revealing a small dildo. This is all too much so I go into the ensuite to wank off then I see her white panties on the floor I pick them up to find they are wet I smell them. The smell of women juice. I sit down a jerk off smelling her panites. I then sneak out and look out the window to see if she is still in the pool. I watch her dive naked into the pool. I paint the first coat then slip into my togs and walkout casual to the pool on see her swimming naked I pretend to act surprised as I listen to her to preteen she forgot I was here. Feeling my cock beginning to swell from watch her naked body I dive in hope the water will stop it. She swam over a whispered did you like my panties then? As she reached down and grabbed my hard shaft. I tried to say no but she continued with cos I watch you masturbate with my panties, made me wet have a feel. I stayed still not quite sure of what to expect. Well you to know where my cunt is don’t you? She said. I replied yes. Good slip a finger in then. I slipped a finger in noticing how tight she was and how warm she was. She removes my togs as she starts to kiss me. Then she stops, “Now you have a choice” she said “either you continue to paint my house and then when your mother turns up ill tell her about my panties or you can be my fuck slave?”

As I slipped a second finger inside her I told her option two please. Good she replied my cunt needs a good fucking. She then led me to her spare room where she lay down on the bed. Now lick my pussy slave she ordered. A lay down between her legs a slowly parted her lips with my tongue. Instantly I could taste that she had already cum today as I keep lick her warm hole. She rolled on to all fours and told me to fuck her doggy, now hearing a women telling you to fuck her doggy turns me on but when she’s been your fantasy for years it makes you fucking hard. I slip my hard shaft into her wet pussy gently. Im not a virgin so fuck my cunt hard slave she yelled at me so I started to fuck her hard. I reached round and started to feel her saggy tits as she began to moan. As I started to feel my cum beginning to rise I started to pull out releasing I was not wearing a condom. She then told me im 62 years old you won’t get me pregnant so keep fucking me slave. Finally she came clamping her tight 62year old pussy hard on my cock forcing me into my first orgasm. She then ordered me to clean her up before retiring to the pool. I painted the final coat on the bedroom and put the furniture back as she lay sunbathing naked. As I finished making her bed up, I hear “Salve get down her now”. I go to the pool and as what do you want master? She tells me to rub sunscreen on to her. I gentle rub her naked body with the cream as I hear her start to moan. She then tells me to stop and wait in the pool. I dive into the pool as I watch her run up stairs. She returns and hops into the pool and grabs my shaft and starts to kiss me. I play with her saggy breast before running my hand down to her pussy where I find her dildo. She tells me to play with her ass instead, I start to run my finger round her tight arse hole as she reach down to my hand and force my finger into her anal. Then she tells me to fuck her arse hard. I turn her round and push her against the pool edge and slip my hard shaft inside her tight arse. She begins to moan as I slid in and out of her tight hole. I then pull her dildo out and slid my cock into her tight cant and the dildo into her arse. She then stops and tells me to wait there. She returns from the house with a collar. She puts the collar on me and walks me into the house where she tells me to sit and lick her pussy as she tells me “You’re my fuck slave if I want you cock in my cunt I tell you if I want your come in my ass it tell, if I want my friend fucked I tell, if you don’t obey me I will punish you” with that she grab my head holding it against her cunt as she started to piss into my mouth. Once she finishes she then tells me her friends daughter is coming round who she said is a bi who is also one of my sex slaves who needs to be punished. I hear a knock at the door Jan returns with a girl bout a year or two younger than me who has red hair and is rather chubby, named Erin. As she enters she whisper to Jan something the Jan laughs don’t worry he wont mind if you’re you’re on the rag. With this Erin turns bright red. Jan the introduce us to each other we go to shake hands but Jan goes kiss don’t worry you’ll be very friendly by tomorrow. We kiss and I notice how sweaty she is. Erin then asked Jan if she could have a quick shower as she came from the gym. Jan goes no and strip off. As Erin strips Jan asks if she has her tampon in. She goes yeah I do can I just go up to the toilet to remove it. Jan goes don’t bother just stand there then she tells me to pull it out and drag it up her body and place in her mouth. So I walk up to Erin and reach down too grab the string, and then Jan yells with your mouth. I squat down and grab the string with my mouth smelling her sweaty pussy as I slowly pull the tampon out and drag it up her fat belly between her big tits and just over her mouth. Jan then tells Erin “im punishing you for not licking my arse last week so open your mouth hun” she opens up and I lower the bloody tampon on to her tongue. Jan then tells me to stand up and pee in to her mouth. So I do and she lets it flow over her mouth and down her throat and face. Then she tells me to kiss Erin, I follow her order not wanting to be punished any more. We kiss with the piss and tampon in her mouth. Jan then pulls the tampon from our mouths and tells us to swallow up. She then says were been punished now, now its time to play. Jan sits down on a chair and spreads her legs and says “here doggy come her” with this Erin gets on all fours and walks over to Jan and starts to lick Jan pussy. Jan then tells me to fuck Erin’s pussy while fingering her arse. As I slip my cock into her tight bloody pussy as I slip my finger into her arse feeling that it is very tight, as I slipped it in I must have made a facial expression because Jan goes yeah her arse is virgin and I’ve been waiting for a male slave to take it from her. I keep fucking her tight pussy and fingering her arse Jan then tells me to give Erin my finger to suck so I remove it from her arse and she started to suck on it as I feel her pussy clamp hard round my shaft. Jan then tell Erin to suck my cock till I cum. She pulls off my cock and turns round as I see my cock is covered with her juice and blood. As she take my shaft in her mouth I start to feel my cum rising up my shaft. Jan tells me to hold Erin’s head on to my shaft and don’t let go to she says to. I hold her head against my groin as she sucks hard on my shaft as I started to cum I hear her gagging as Jan reminds me to hold her head then she says release. I release her head as she vomits on my shaft. Jan then tells Erin to clean up her mess. I start to feel sick as I watch her lick her vomit off my shaft. Once she finishes Jan tells me to fuck her arse but to cum one the on the asshole. I start to fuck her as Jan fingers Erin’s bloody pussy watching these to play and fucking her tight anal I start to feel the cum rise again. I pull out and blow my load on her tight asshole. Then Jan tells me to have a rest and watch. She then tells Erin to clean up her ass. Erin walks round and slowly begins to lick the come off Jan then Jan say put your tongue in. Erin lifts her head and Jan goes ok stop now. Jan walks off and returns with handcuffs and all dressed up. She handcuffs Erin and my ankles together and tells us she’ll be back in an hour or so. I get up and go watch TV with Erin following me. An hour or so later Jan returns and strips she uncuffs us and gets on all fours and tells Erin as to start licking, As Erin opens Jan’s ass check and I see her ass is full of cum. Obediently Erin begins to lick her arse even put her tongue. Jan tells me to take Erin’s Anal cherry. I ask Jan if there’s any lube around and she says Erin’s cunt will do. I slip my cock into her pussy before gently slipping the head of my shaft into her ass. I drive the rest in hard and start to fuck her as she finishes up Jan’s ass cream pie, Jan then tells me to pull my shaft out and let her suck it clean. I pull my shaft out noticing it is covered in shit and blood. Erin then starts to suck it as Jan pushes her head down onto my shaft so she’s deep throating my cock. I then blow my load and hear her start gagging as Jan just pushes her head against me harder. She releases just in time for Erin to vomit on my shaft again. Jan tells her to begin lick as Erin does obediently.

Jan then tells me it’s time to thank Erin by eating her out, not to annoy Jan I start licking Erin’s bleeding cunt starting to feel sick with the scent of her on the rag and all sweaty, then Jan tells me to lick her ass which I do but the smell was really getting to me. Then Erin farts and I sit up feeling really sick Jan goes is her stench making you sick and I nod then she well inform her bout that throw up on her. With this I vomit over her tits and pussy. Erin is then told to go and have a shower u smelly bitch. Jan then walks over to me and starts to fuck me I give her a good fucking before her pussy clamped down on my cock and I fill her with cum as Erin turns up fresh from the shower. Jan tells me to go and have a shower as Erin starts licking Jan’s pussy. I return to the kitchen after my shower where Jan then cuffs me to Erin so Im behind her and leads us to the spare room and tells us she wants me to have made Erin’s arse loose my morning. We lie down on the bed and Jan turns light off and leaves. Erin then goes well I don’t want to be punished again so start fucking. I start pounding her dry ass. Then Jan puts her head in and goes “ If her ass is to dry make her try to shit as it will lube her up” with that Erin say she’ll clean me up after and I feel her starting to shit on my dick as I fuck her tight shit hole. I hear her begin to cum as I keep fucking her. By the morning we had had about 6 fucks and she was getting looser. Jan walks in and uncuffs us. She tells Erin to suck my cock clean. After this Jan slips a few fingers into Erin’s ass and goes well its getting loose lets have brekkie. We all had nice breakfast sitting round naked then we have a group fuck before Erin leaves. Then Mum arrives and I say my goodbyes to Jan.

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2015-06-02 05:54:19
The throw up , shit , and tampon made my dick soft

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2013-11-11 21:43:50
i would love it if jan was my moms friend.


2008-11-23 20:24:40
Had to give up reading. Couldn't take the mispellings, bad English, etc.

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2008-07-06 13:59:43
if you like this stuff DON'T READ IT DICK HEADS!


2008-03-25 21:15:35
omg! i love the tampon part. mmmmmmmm yummy

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