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Alice and her friend Sydney get kidnapped and raped by horses and men.
Chapter 1

Alice's point of view

I am at school waiting for my friend Sydney. She should have been out here 20 minutes ago. She is probably having sex or giving a blow job with some man- whore.

Then I see it. A slight movement in the trees. And my world goes black.

I awaken tied to a bed laying on my back naked and my pussy wide open. There is a strap around my waist holding me this way, a strap on my neck, a set of handcuffs holding my hands above my head.

There is also straps holding my ankles to the posts on the bed. I recognize this type of bed from tv. It can go up, down side to side and tilt upwards and downwards.

I look over to my left the direction I am facing and see Sydney. She is also tied up the same way except her bed is tilting upwards and there is a horse on the end. It's cock is hanging out inches from her pussy. I see a strange man. Hello darling little Alice how nice of you to join us. I am avery. Your abducter. He says

He comes over to me and places a small bullet on my clot and turns on. I moan as its vibrations pleasure me. I see Sydney and her bed keeps rising up to the horse cock. I look up over my own bed and see another horse. It's cock further from my pusdy than hers.

Then. Sydney's bed is raised so high it meets the horses cock. Sydney screams noo don't don't put it in. The head slips in and Sydney passes out. Avery takes the horse cock out and moves the horse back into a stable. He moves to me. Maybe you'll be stronger he says and raises my bed. I can feel the cock on my pussy lips. I start squirming but Avery holds me down.

The the horse makes small humping movements. Soon half the cock is in. Ugh ugh I moan softly. I see more men around. There are a crowd cheering the horse on.

Soon I start moaning louder as I feel my organism approach. I try squirming closer to the cock. Uhh Uhh I moan again. Avery comes over and unstraps me. He knows I won't leave. I slide down the bed closer to the cock until I feel it's balls. I cannot start thrusting myself since the horse is let go too and it bucks up and starts making long hard fast thrusts. Ohhhhh ohhhhh I moan as I hit organism and have body spasms.

The horse cock grows and I feel more cum. Soo much it pours out of my pussy. He cums for at least 3 minutes until a few men move the horse out of the way. All the men are naked and holding their cocks.

Now men wait. He says and he picks me up and moves me to a large silver hoop hanging from the ceiling. He straps my wrists to the top and my ankles spread to the bottom.

2 men walk towards me. One at my pussy and the other at my anus. The man at my pussy pushes in and starts really fast. The guy at my anus does the same. I feel that stuffed feeling you get after turkey dinner. Except I'm full of cock.

Then both men blow their loads. I notice Sydney wake up. Avery takes the strap on her. He unties her and lays her so that her ass is in the air. I hear each slap of the strap against her ass. Its sound wanders the room.

Sydney I cry out. She looks at me and crys out Alice. She is strapped again and again the strap wanders the room. You will not speak unless needed slut he tells her

Then he comes to me as the men pull out and leave. Now you dear Alice were wonderful.

Slut he commands. Lick Alice's pussy clean. Sydney seems reluctant at first so Avery kicks her. You passed out and did not obey so you will be punished slut. Alice is the great girl here not you now go on and lick it clean.

She licks it clean and it tickles so I make slight moans at first then drawn out to long loud moans near the end.

The next morning

I awaken in the passenger seat of a car. Ah my porn star has awakened avery says. Sydney is in the back seat.

What do you mean porn star I ask him

Tonight you will participate in a porn movie. You will be with 3 guys. They will know what to do but your part is uned. Just go with what happens. He tells me

At the set. A night club

I follow 3 guys to the almost vacant dance floor. Everyone else is getting drinks. I am wearing a revealing skirt that is only 7 inches long and A cleavage showing tank top. The guys start grinding against me. Then one of them suggests getting a room.

This is one of the fuck clubs I can tell. On the sides of the dance floor are doors to fuck rooms. I am lead into one. As soon as we get in I am pressed against the wall as one forcefully kisses me. The other 2 remove all their clothes. One cock is about 8 inches and the other 9.

The guy kissing me steps back and undresses while the other 2 come to me and undress me.

I kneel down and reach for a random cock. I slip my tongue over it licking it like a lollipop. Then I take it all in my mouth and deep throat it while the guy face fucks me.

He is hard as rock when he pulls out of my mouth and shoves me to the bed on my side. He lays next to me and slips his cock in my pussy. Another guy comes behind me and shoves his dick in my anys and the third in my mouth. I suck it long and hard this time.

All 4 of us cum at the same time. I am in ecstasy. Its feels awesome.

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