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After special tutoring from their mom, the kids try it on their own
This is my third story.

Remember: Your ratings decide weather I make a part 3 or not!

Layla is a prostitute. Her kids now know what sex is, what it is about and how to do it thanks to that one special Saturday when they were taught how to fuck the opposite sex the right way. About a month later, they are sitting home on a Saturday afternoon with nothing to do the whole weekend.

“Man am I bored”, Greg was sitting on the couch while watching TV as he was complaining.

“Hey, do you want to go up into our room and, well, you know...”

“Sure thing, sis” They both went into their room in somewhat of a rush. Leaving their mother in the kitchen. She was just sitting there, drinking a cup of soda and, for once, not thinking about her humongous 36DD breasts and how many men would kill for them right now. Then the phone rang.


“Layla? Oh hi, is me, Jody” The voice on the other end of the phone belonged to her high school friend who had kept in touch with her.

“Wow! I haven’t heard you in a while. How are ‘ya?”

“Fine, fine. My husband, Bill, is doing great And so are the kids. How are yours?”

“Fine as well. But just so bored.”

“Hey, are you doing anything tomorrow?”

“No. Why?”

“Well maybe we can visit you. I don’t think the kids have seen each other in a long time.”

“Alright, we will see you then”


In high school, Jody really cared about Layla because she knew the situation she was in. While she was in collage, she would call once a week to see what was going on. Layla hasn’t heard Jody’s voice for six months, so she was really excited (and in case you haven’t noticed, unlike most moms, she isn’t much pf a talker on the phone).

Sunday brought promising weather. Layla and both of her kids went out to the park and to the mall to see a movie. Jody was coming at five o’clock, so they had the whole day to themselves. After seeing Shark Tale, they headed home.

Jody came on time with her husband Bill. He was about 5' 8" with blonde hair. She also brought her kids: Mandy and Aaron. Both were blonde and Mandy was a year older than Aaron at age 12. They sat and talked for about ten minutes, then they let the kids go up into Greg and Jennifer’s room.

After watching TV for a while, they became bored.

“I am so bored. Sorry our house is SO boring.”

“Don’t be. Me and my brother find your house to be very interesting.” Soon Jennifer came up with an idea.

“Hey Greg, why don’t we...Owwwww!” Greg stomped on her foot before she could say anything else. He took her aside.

“C’mon sis, you know mom told us not to tell anyone-”

“-Tell anyone what?” Aaron and his big sister couldn’t help over hearing what was going on.

“Nothing. Nothing.”

“Tell us? Or are you both...CHICKEN!?” Greg couldn’t turn down that.

“Ok fine.” For the next 20 minutes, Greg and his sister told Mandy and her brother about sex. What it was, how to do it and what it felt like.

“I would have never guessed!” They were both astonished. But Mandy was curious.
“So, what’s it like?” She walked closer to Greg, reaching for his crotch. But he stepped back just in time.

“Ummmmmm,” He was shocked at her reaction to all of this. She reached for it a second time. He couldn’t avoid this. She could now feel his already hardening cock. It made her pussy tingle in delight. She came closer and started to take off her shirt, reveling a cute pink bra. She then unstrapped that and took Greg’s hand to fell her unusually big AA breasts. It felt like nothing she had ever felt before. She then leaned in to kiss him, while he kissed her back. Meanwhile, Aaron and Jennifer stared.

“Wow” Aaron couldn’t help it. He reached down to grab his crotch in pleasure he never thought was possible. Jennifer noticed this instantly.

“Aaron, don’t be shy, I won’t bite.” She came close and stuck her hands down his pants. He almost exploded with feeling. He then just took off his pants and underwear and Jennifer started to suck his 4' dick. To Aaron, it was pure heaven. She stripped her shirt and started to massage her tits. She took in more of his long rod with each vacuum-like suck she made.

Mandy took off her pants and showed-off her pink panties. This made Greg even harder. He bent down, stripped Mandy of her undergarments, and gently began to lick and suck on her clit. He then came to her clitoris, but he didn’t know that. He softly bit it, which sent shockwaves of pleasure exploding through Mandy’s body. She immediately came, spraying him with in the face at least a pint of her feminine juices. “Mandy couldn’t help screaming out “Oh fuck yes!” She felt as if her body was being ripped apart by pleasure.

Mandy then undid Greg’s pants and underwear. She admired the monstrosity of his cock for their size. She then took it into her mouth and started to blow him. Greg then looked at Aaron and gave him a high-five. They were both feeling the pleasure of their adolescent lives.

After the sucking and blowing had taken place, Jennifer took of her pants and both girls guided their lovers cocks to the tip of their cunts. Not wanting to hurt their partners, Greg and Aaron gently started fucking. Going faster and faster with each thrust.

“So, then she turns around and says ‘that is my grandmother ring!’”

“No way” Jody was stunned. Her husband was watching a football game and was half asleep from the overtime he put in last night.

“And guess who-” Layla was cut off.

“Oh fuck yes!”

Both Jody and Layla exchanged glances, woke up Jody’s husband, and headed upstairs.

Greg was leaving Mandy panting and gasping for air because her pussy was filled to the brim. On the other hand, Aaron had to take a “breather”, because she tired him out. Finally, Greg’s balls tightened, he felt like he was being lifted up into heaven, and he came inside of Mandy, hoping she wouldn’t become pregnant. The same thing happened to Jennifer and Aaron a couple of minutes later.

Both boys were lying there with their lovers resting on their chests, feeling great and refreshed. They were just about to get dressed when The door swung open with a loud “bang!” and in came Layla, Jody and Bill. They were stunned at what they saw.

To Be Continued...

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