A young teenager discovers her father isn't the upstanding person she thought he was
"Bad Daddy" by Bigwayne

Tags: Young Characters, Incest, Coercion, Rape

This story is complete fiction, so if the above themes aren't your cup of tea, just move along and change the channel.


"But I don't know what I should do?", I said to my best friend of 8 years. "What in the hell am I going to do about it?" I repeated. The stress in my voice revealed how frantic I was over the heinous pictures I had just discovered on my own father's laptop computer just minutes before.

I was only 16, and far from being prepared for handling a tense situation such as this. Although, in hindsight, my calling my best friend, who was a year younger and just as inexperienced as I was, for advice on what I should do was not the sanest idea. This was a situation that called for counselors or the authorities to handle, yet I could reveal my plight to no one, save for Britney, my trusted friend.

"Look....", she explained to me, "....there's only 3 things you can do. You can either ignore it, report it, or confront him with it yourself and make him get rid of the shit before the cops or your Mom find out about it. Then where will your family be? Homeless.". Britney's words were sagely and true, even for her young age. I realized those were my only options available.

I was nearly sobbing, and it was difficult for me to speak clearly due to my panicked state. "Britney, you KNOW I c-can't turn him in for this. H-He's my father! I love him too m-much to ever say anything about those pictures to anyone else....b-besides you of course. But only because I know you would never tell anyone about this.". Our long standing relationship was as strong as any two real sisters out there, even though we were only neighbors.

"Then you're left with only 2 options. Either ignore it, or confront him about it."

I pondered the despairing options in my mind. Neither of them were very appealing to me. Either I would have to ignore the disturbing images of child pornography I had accidentally discovered while using dad's laptop for a weekend school project and let him go on collecting the vile smut, or confront him with the evidence and make him delete every last one of them before his deviant desires crippled our family's stable home life and security.

Although Dad had never acted upon his foul desires with either me or my younger 13 year old sister, he still needed to know that someone else now knows about it and it had to stop, regardless of his intentions. I mean, I saw pictures of all sorts of naked kids in that suspicious looking folder on his hard drive. Most of them were just pics of various nudist families playing outside and at the beach, but it did have a lot of shots of just the naked kids by themselves. It wouldn't have been so disturbing to me had there been some more adults in the images to offset the perversion curve, but most all of them showed naked kids under the age of 13! There were hundreds of them too. A lot of the shots were zoomed in on the groins of the children as well.

Those were bad enough. But when I got to the bottom of that folder, I also discovered a few perverse pics of adults having sex with kids!! The little girls were sucking on the penises of the men, and one really sick picture showed a man penetrating the anus of one little 10 year old boy. It's making me wonder just what kind of a pervert I've been living with my whole life.

I didn't tell Britney about the more illicit pics I saw in that illicit folder on his laptop, like the ones that zoomed in on their groins or the sexual ones. I just told her I had found some random nudist pics that happened to have some naked kids in the shots too, and I was seeking some information as to whether they were illegal or not. She believed that the police still considered the pictures illegal just for having naked kids in them, even if they weren't sexual.

"You're right.", I told Britney. "I've got to make him delete all of those nudist pics and scare him into not downloading them anymore. Once he knows I know about them, he'll probably stop doing it. Thanks for the advice, as well as the moral support, B. I don't know what I would do without a friend like you to help me through times like this. I really appreciate it."

"No problem, girl. Let me know how it all turns out.". I heard a click in my cordless phone as she hung up on her end.

Dad was still currently in the shower. I just sat there on my bed trying to come up with a simple but direct method to deal with my father. I figured the best way to handle it was to just come right out and tell him I found his child porn. That's what Dad would have done if he wanted to discuss something *I* had done, the direct approach.

While Dad was finishing his shower, I grabbed the laptop and headed downstairs to the kitchen, which was where I knew he would head to afterward. He always liked to have a cup of hot coffee after he took a shower. I headed downstairs and waited at the kitchen table for him with the laptop open and on.

Mom and my sister were gone to the store clear across town to get some groceries this morning, so this would make the perfect opportunity to confront him with the evidence while we were alone.

Dad came into the kitchen when he finished his shower, happily humming an old Eagles song. He was seeking a cup of the aromatic coffee that had permeated the still air throughout the house.

"Hi honey. Did you sleep well last night?" he queried in passing.

"Yeah, I suppose so." I replied casually. I looked up at him and started staring at him, watching every movement he made.

He saw the laptop sitting on the table when he entered the archway from the living room. His expression changed from his usual calm, self confident demeanor to one of suspicious curiosity when he saw me sitting there in my pajamas watching him so intently. My gaze followed him as he stepped over to the counter to get his cup of coffee, and stayed upon him as he walked over to the table and sat down across from me cradling the cup with both hands and sipping the hot brew carefully. His eyes studied my glare to try to ascertain my intentions.

He stood beside the table and asked "Did you finish that school project you needed the computer for?"

"Yeah, it's done." I replied.

I kept looking him in the eye as he sipped the hot coffee. He raised a curious eyebrow and asked "What are you looking at me so weirdly for?"

I sighed and said "Dad, we need to talk about something. I don't know how to start, so I'll just say it. I saw that file named 'CP' on your computer last night."

His eyes got really big at that point. He sat his cup down on the table and sat down across from me at the table. He started fidgeting uneasily in his chair.

Cradling his cup of coffee with nervous, twitchy hands, he stammered "I....I don't know what you mean. Those are all business files for work. If you're done with it, I need my computer back now." He was really anxious to have it back, so he reached across the table to get it away from me. But I moved it out of his reach before his hands got to it.

I said in an authoritative sounding tone "Daddy, I *saw* what was in that folder. I figured out the password and opened it. I saw all the pictures of naked little kids having sex with grown ups."

His face started sweating and his hands were shaking. Irritated, he said "Look young lady, I don't know what you THOUGHT you saw, but there's nothing like that on there at all . Now give me my computer back this instant. You don't have any business being in my private files anyway!". He reached for it again, but I kept it away from him.

When he got up from his chair to get the laptop back from me, I said "Wait Daddy. I know what I saw. There were pictures of kids younger than me having sex with grown ups. I know what the pictures are. They're child pornography!"

He shushed me with his finger vertically in front of his lips and said "SHHH! Keep your voice down. Do you want the whole neighborhood to hear you? Give me that!". He got the laptop from me and started to leave the room, then hesitantly turned around and looked down at me nervously. "W-What are you going to do about this?". His eyes were pitiful and scared.

I gave him my most caring face and said "I'm not going to tell anyone about it, Daddy. But you have to erase it from your computer. I don't want you to go to jail." My eyes started watering from the fear that he might get into bad trouble if the police discovered the illegal content he possessed.

He walked over to the other side of the table next to where I was sitting and sat the computer down on the kitchen table. He looked really scared and ashamed. He held out his arms, so I stood up. With teary eyes, I wrapped my arms around his waist, laid my ear against his chest, and squeezed him tightly. His arms snaked around my slender waist and pulled me tighter against his front.

He said "Thank you for loving and protecting me, baby. I promise I will. I-I don't know why I kept them. It was wrong. I'm so sorry. I was stupid for having them out where someone could find them.". We stood and hugged for a couple of minutes.

He let me go and sat back down at the table, opening the laptop after he was seated. Curious, I stood right behind him and watched as he looked through the C: drive and located the "CP" folder I had found. He dragged it over to the recycle bin, but didn't empty it. Then he started going through more encrypted folders buried deeper in the system. One was marked "KDS". He dragged that one into the Recycle Bin too. Then a third folder marked "nudists" was put into the bin. Then another.

I grew concerned about the extent of dad's collection. I asked "Uhm, how much of it have you got on here?"

"It's not what you think, baby. I was just curious. W-Will you go get me a fresh cup of coffee, please?". I suppose the errand was to keep me from seeing how many more folders he actually had on there. He was busily working and clicking the mouse behind me while I was fetching him some coffee.

I pulled up a chair right beside him and watched him put more cryptically named illicit files into the Recycle Bin. He still didn't try to delete them yet, though. I figured he was going to do one massive dump when he was finished.

One folder he clicked on, as he dragged it across to the recycle bin, his finger raised up off of the laptop's cursor pad, which caused it to drop back down onto the window where it came from. When he tried to move it to the recycle bin again, he fumbled and his finger accidentally tapped the cursor pad twice, making the folder open. This one wasn't a compressed RAR file that had to be extracted and opened to see the contents. It was just a regular unsecured folder marked "Family". I couldn't help but see what was in it when it opened. It was full of JPG images and videos. Images I wasn't really expecting nor mentally prepared to see.

The thumbnailed images were of him and Mom on their bed, both completely naked. That wasn't the shocking part. I knew he and Mom took pictures like this of each other all the time to turn each other on. The shocking part was seeing my little sister on the bed sitting up between them just as nude as they were, waving to the camera. She was leaned over toward Mom sucking on a breast that Mom was holding up and feeding to her. My sister's left hand was reaching over into Dad's lap grasping his erect dick, and her right hand was doing the waving. Dad's right hand was down on my sister's thigh right up against her crotch with his pinky sort of up in her slit between her spread open legs.

In the few seconds the folder was open while Dad fumbled to get the cursor up on the X in the corner to close it again, I saw another picture showing him and Mom taking turns kissing my sister on the lips open mouthed. Further down on the open folder I saw my sister's mouth wrapped around the head of his hard dick while Mom held it still for her, and one next to it showing both of their mouths kissing the head of his dick at the same time.

I saw even worse toward the bottom of the folder. My sister was straddled naked over top of Dad's groin in a squatting position leaning her body back against Dad's hands on her back. His dick was inside of her butthole a few inches stretching it way open. As he braced my sister's body up for her, Mom had her face down between my sister's legs and you could see her sticking her tongue into my sister's slit licking on it. The last picture I saw was of Mom and my sister close to the camera, and they had their mouths open and what looked like melted white icing in their mouths covering their extended tongues. From the deviant content of the images I quickly figured out what the slimy goo inside their mouths was, and I sickeningly realized that it was not icing. It was my father's incestuous sperm floating in their gaping mouths.

I jumped up startled, leaning my body back against the wall behind me as Dad finally got the folder closed. He started babbling about "It's not as bad as you think, baby" and "Nobody was hurt". He arose from his chair to walk over to where I was. He laid both of his hands on my shoulders and said "Honey, don't be so upset." trying to calm me down.

I was crying, looking up at his face in disbelief. Not only was it Dad, but Mom was involved in the child porn as well. I said loudly "H-How could you two do that to her? She's only 13!!"

Dad said "We didn't do anything to her she didn't want done. We didn't force her to do it. She likes doing it with us."

My mind was reeling, trying to comprehend his unbelievable words and make some sense of it all. My tears slowed down from the shock and he wiped them away with his thumb.

He put his hands behind my head and pulled my face against his chest to console me. "It's all right, baby. It'll be alright." he said in a very soothing and reassuring tone. He stroked my hair with the fingers of one hand, and put his other hand around my waist. "Remember, you promised earlier you weren't going to tell anyone about the pictures. I'm going to hold you to your word. You wouldn't want me or your mother to get into trouble now, would you? They would lock us both up and put you two in separate foster homes. So I wouldn't get any ideas of telling anyone about us and your sister."

It was then that I realized his hands were no longer on my hair and my waist. They were both gradually easing their way down behind me to the top of the terry cloth shorts I was wearing. When Dad got to the stretchy waist band, his hands both slipped down past the elastic of my shorts and panties. He softly caressed my ass cheeks underneath the fabric.

When I tried to wriggle away from his groping hands, he grabbed my ass more firmly and pulled my body tightly against his own.

"I know you'll be a good girl for Daddy because you don't want anything to happen to us or your sister, do you? I didn't think so. I'd sure hate for her to have to go to foster care and be separated from her loving family at so young of an age."

I stood there terrified staring up at Dad's horny glare, disbelieving what my own father has just said to me. His words echoed in my head as one hand came around to the front of my panties and one finger pressed it's way up into my slit and rubbed around on my moist clit. Dad started kissing me on the cheeks and forehead and lips. His tongue pushed past my lips and licked around on my closed teeth. I didn't open my mouth for him. My tears started dripping down my cheeks again though.

He pulled one hand out of my panties and untied his pajama bottoms. When they hit the floor, his boxers soon followed. I could feel the head of his stiffening dick touching me on my bellybutton through my shirt. His other hand came off of my butt and put the thumb into the top hem of my shorts and panties, as did his other thumb on the opposite side. I tried to clench my thighs together but it didn't do any good. He lowered his hands and down came my shorts and panties in unison while he kept kissing my face and lips against my will.

He stopped kissing me for a moment and looked me over. My hand was in front of my pussy to give me some sense of modesty. He got a paper towel from the wooden roll stand on the table and wiped away all the tears from my cheeks, but I was still sniffling. I couldn't look him in the eye anymore. I just stood there against the wall naked from the waist down and stared at the laptop on the table or the tile floor as he talked to me again.

"Honey, calm down. As long as you play ball, you'll never have to worry about anything happening to our loving family."

I was numbed by his vile actions. I didn't know whether to attempt an escape or just stand there mindlessly. What he was doing to me still hadn't fully sunk in yet.

He stood in front of me pressing his groin firmly against mine to hold me in place and took off his pajama top as well. He tossed it to the floor on top of his other discarded clothes and kicked them all to the side. Dad reached down and moved my hands over to the sides of my thighs to get an unobstructed view of my pussy. I was scared to death to do anything against it with thoughts of my little sister in a foster home running through my mind.

"Oh, that's a gorgeous pussy you have, baby." he said staring down at my exposed groin. Dad reached down to the hem of my shirt and gently pulled up on it to remove it. He pulled it up to my underarms, then pulled it over top of my head and down off of my limp arms. My shirt joined the other clothing in the floor. I wasn't wearing a bra at the time either. I wish now I had put one on this morning. Even though it too would have been discarded from my body by Dad just like my shirt and shorts had been, it would have at least given me a few more moments of coverage and modesty had I put one on.

Dad stood there naked and looked me over again. His long dick was fully erect now and standing straight out from his naked body. When I tried to sheepishly cover myself again with my arms again, he just repositioned them down to my sides so he could see my whole body. "Oh my, baby. Your body is amazing. Don't try to cover it up. I want to see all of it. And look, you shave your pussy. Now it looks like your sister's pussy. It's hard to believe I could make a daughter this hott looking."

While holding his hands on my bare shoulders Dad eased up behind me and pressed his hard dick below the crack of my ass, pushing the shaft through the small gap at the very top of my thighs until the head stuck out about 2 inches in front of me. His hands started rubbing and massaging all over my nude body in the front. As he rubbed around on my breasts and pubic area, he was kissing me on the sides of my neck and sucking on my earlobes. I just stood here in fear and panic, weeping softly and flinching from his hands whenever they touched upon my body.

Dad whispered in my ear "I wonder just how many boys have had their dick up inside this sweet pussy of yours?". Dad's hand grabbed the head of his dick and pulled the hard, straight shaft up into my slit a little deeper to accentuate his question. "I'll bet you've been fucked already, haven't you my dear? With a cherry body like this, it just has to have been fucked already. Too bad. I wanted to be the first one like I was with your little sister. I took her cherry, you know. ", he said sinisterly. "I took your mother's sweet tasting cherry when we got married, and I also popped your little sister's tight cherry, too, with your mom watching us. And your sister begged me to do it."

I didn't reply to his accusation. I just stood there tense and motionless, crying and sobbing as he fondled me so vilely in the middle of the kitchen. I wanted to run, or to scream, or anything. I didn't want to just stand there and take it as my father viciously molested me. My little sister's future welfare was the only thing stopping me from bolting out of the kitchen and seeking help. Not even the window over the sink or the curtains were open so that some passerby might see in and stop my father.

He reiterated his earlier claim "Yeah, I took your mother's sweet tasting cherry when we got married, and I also popped your little sister's tight cherry, too. And they both begged me to do it.", as if to brag about his virgin conquests.

Dad started hunching his hard cock between my thighs as he held it up against my slit in the front with his hand, making it rub against my clit and the vaginal opening. He said to me "I can feel the heat of your sweet pussy on my dick, baby. It won't take me very long at all to cumm when I do finally get my dick up inside you. I can tell that already. Your sister has a very hott pussy too, and she knows how to use it very well. Me and your mother have shown her how."

Dad's hunching motions quickened. "I want you to imagine your baby sister with my big dick up inside her tight, little pussy, fucking your Dad like a horny little slut. Man, her pussy feels so good rubbing on my dick. It just wraps itself around my cock like it was her hand. like the idea of me fucking your sister?", he asked.

Again I did not speak to him. My anger at his betrayal of my love for him as our father and protector made me weep that much more with every word he spoke.

Dad waited a few seconds to see if I would reply. When I didn't, he remarked "I guess you're a little upset with me right now to say anything. But what I said is true. When I get my dick up inside of her pussy and start fucking her hard like this...", his hips thrusting hard 4 times between my thighs to accentuate his statement, "'s difficult to keep from filling up her womb to the top with my daddy seed. Which I have done to her many, many times before I might add. And your mother too. It's fun to watch your mother and your little sister eat my cumm out of each other's pussies after I cumm hard in them. Just like a couple of perverted lesbians."

I was irate at how degrading he was talking about my mom and sister. And he could tell how upset his descriptions of them were making me too.

He said "Oh, I've heard your mother and sister both say they'd love to get ahold of you. Me and your mother both used to play with your pussy and butthole when you were a baby, but you were probably too young to remember. We'd take turns licking on your little baby pussy and fingering your tight butthole. And before your teeth started coming in, I would let you suck on my dick for me. A little honey spread on the head of my dick and you were willing to do anything to it."

"And your mother was the same way. She'd put peanut butter on her clit and pussy and you would suck and lick on it for her too until she cummed on your face."

I was devastated, even more so now, knowing my own mother had even used me in the past as an unwitting sex toy. It was bad enough that HE had done it to me, but Mom was as perverted and sick as he was. The pictures I had seen on his laptop proved Mom was just as depraved as he was.

My tears streamed steadily down my face and the front of my naked body, making me shiver from the coolness as the air evaporated them from my chilly skin.

Dad said "Mmmmmm, the outside of your pussy sure does feel good. I think it's about time that we find out just how good it feels on the INSIDE now."

With that, he grabbed my hand firmly and led me back over to the kitchen table. He sat back down in the chair and pulled me down to sit right on his lap. He spread my legs as I sat down and made his dick protrude in front of my pussy between my slender thighs. He moved it around so it would rub against my clit and vaginal opening under the labia lips.

Dad said "I want to show you something baby that you may find.... informative."

He pressed his finger down on the cursor pad and opened another different folder on the laptop screen marked "famvds". In it were about 20 videos. When the thumbnails appeared showing the very first frame of each video, I saw they were all videos taken in their bedroom. The smaller details weren't clearly visible, but I could tell there were naked people on the bed.

Dad put the cursor on one video and tapped the cursor pad to start it playing. The video appeared and filled the entire screen. It showed Mom and my sister laying on the bed completly naked with their legs spread wide open. My Dad was holding the camera and filming them both. I heard Dad say on the video "Go ahead you two and start. The camera's on."

Mom and my sister, who looked no older than 11 in the video, smiled up at him and began. They started out leaning over to each other french kissing on the bed. Then Mom tugged on my sister's arm and had her straddle Mom's legs so she could sit in Mom's lap facing her. They leaned in and started kissing each other vigorously again. Both of them were using their tongues to probe inside the other's mouth.

I didn't really want to watch my sister getting sexually abused by the people whom I thought were our loving and devoted parents. But after awhile my curiosity won out and I peeked at the screen with watery eyes. Dad was massaging one of his hands on my breast, while his other hand was rubbing his middle finger against my clit below. The other fingers of that hand were rubbing the shaft of his hard dick against the outer lips of my pussy. From the wet noise I could hear coming from my groin, my pussy was either lubricating itself just from the sensation of being massaged, even though I didn't like what I was seeing on the computer, or my tears had run down to my groin and made it wet . He was kissing on my neck and sucking on my earlobe as well as we watched the video play.

On the laptop I saw Mom put both of her hands down on my sister's little butt cheeks, spreading them apart to show my father and the camera her wrinkled little butthole and puffy gash. My sister was jutting out her small round ass for the camera as she squeezed Mom's breasts in her small hands, making Mom moan a little. Dad was heard off-camera making a spitting noise. The spit flew and landed right on my sister's asshole and ran down onto her pussy lips. He spit a few more times, then rubbed his fingertips around in the slime to spread it all over my sister's butthole and pussy.

Mom stuck her middle finger into her own mouth to put spit on it as well, then returned it to my sister's butt. She slowly pressed the end of her wet finger against my sister's butthole and it disappeared inside her rectum. My sister said "EEEEE!" at first when it went in, then relaxed and just moaned "Mmmmmm" as Mom worked the finger in and out of her butthole.

Dad set the camera down on the nightstand to get the view from the side. He appeared on camera and stood up on the bed facing the camera. He put his hard dick in front of Mom's and my sister's faces, and they both started sucking and licking on it for him willingly.

Dad in the real world whispered into my ear "Now does that look like me and your mother forced her to suck my dick?".

I didn't answer him. My mind was too much in shock.

He continued. "Your sister loves to suck my dick all the time. Look how hungry she is for it.".

I looked and sure enough, Dad was seen to be feeding the head of his dick into each of their willing, licking mouths.

"She's been having sex with me and your mother ever since she was about 8 or 9. Look at her. Watch her and your mother feast upon my dick."

On camera. Dad said to them "That's right, my little sluts. Suck Daddy's dick for him, baby. I'm going to come so hard for you both.".

As my Mom and sisiter shared his dick between them, Mom's hand was probing my sister's butthole swiftly. Sister moaned in pleasure to Mom's anal invasion. "Uhnnnnn...Uhnnnn...Uhnnnn..." and sucked in her cheeks harder on Dad's stiff member.

My sister was hunching her narrow hips to the movement of Mom's finger probing inside of her rectum. Her lips were sucking hard on Dad's hard dick for him. Mom was heard to say to Dad on the video "Our little horny girl sure is hungry for it today, isn't she dear?".

Video Dad replied "She always is, dear. She always is, just like her mother.". With that, Dad pulled his dick from my sister's mouth and pressed it against Mom's puckered lips.

I watched as Mom opened her mouth wide. Dad slid his dick inside her mouth nearly all the way until she made a feigned gag reflex. He grabbed her head and started hunching his groin into her mouth as if he were fucking her face. My sister had her tongue stuck way out and was licking Dad's dick where it entered Mom's mouth. Mom was still pushing her finger in and out of my sister's butt. My sister put one of her hands down between her own slender legs and started playing with her own pink pussy as she licked on Dad's dick. When she wasn't licking on Dad, sister's mouth was busy sucking on one of the large breasts Mom was holding up to her with her free hand and feeding to my sister.

Reality Dad whispered again "I can feel your pussy getting really wet now from watching them suck me off. I think you're ready now.".

Dad slid me forward and pressed the head of his dick against my vagina. He leaned me forward a bit, then pulled my hips backward againsh his lap. His dick went up inside my wet pussy quickly, and I yelled out since I had never done anything more sexual than using a Sharpie marker in my pussy. I grabbed the edge of the kitchen table and shouted "AAANNGGHHNNN!" from the sudden intrusion into my pussy. He slid my hips around until my juices lubed it enough, and the entire 9 inches of his stiff cock disappeared up inside my virgin womb.

"Ahhh, your sweet pussy DOES feel really good on my dick, baby. I think you may be a virgin after all. I felt your maiden head pop as I went inside. As wet as you are, it looks like you enjoy it up inside there, too."

He leaned me back against his chest and started rubbing around on my pussy lips with both hands where his dick went inside me.

"Oh god, baby! Your pussy is so tight. You've got me really hard from looking at your terrific body. You know you like me fucking you. I can feel your pussy getting wetter and wetter inside.". His hands were pressing in on my lower belly as if to feel his dick inside of my uterus through the skin.

I was too dumbfounded to really react to his advances. I could feel his dick up inside my pussy, but it was like I was in a dream. I couldn't even feel the pain of his devirgination anymore. When Dad stood up and leaned me over onto the kitchen table, I just laid there on my belly numb to him as he fucked my pussy fast and hard.

My head was turned in the direction of the laptop, and my watery eyes watched as my Mom lay down on the bed with my little sister on top of her, spreading apart sister's ass cheeks for my Dad. He stuck his dick up into my sister's tight pussy an began fucking her like he was doing to me. My sister just moaned in ecstacy as Dad shoved as much of his dick up into her as he could, then pulled it all the way back out of her, then thrust it back into her pussy, over and over.

Video Dad said to my sister "You like it when daddy fucks your little pussy?"

My sister replied "Oh yeah Daddy! Fuck me good and hard!". I had never heard my sister say the F word before. "I love your dick up in my pussy, Daddy!", she exclaimed to him. "Uhnnn...Uhnnn...Uhnnn...." she groaned over and over with each thrust into her small childs womb. She began moaning and rubbing her own clit with her hand. "Look M-Mommy... Uhnnn... look at Daddy fuck me in my pussy!". Her and Mom started french kissing each other with their extended tongues as I watched Dad pound her pussy hard with his groin.

In mid fuck, Daddy pulled out of my pussy, knelt down behind me, and started licking my pussy and outer butthole, slurping his tongue around on them noisily with his drippy saliva. "Seeing your little sister masturbate makes me hungry for a taste of your sweet pussy, baby!".

On the video, Mom crawled out from under my sister's naked body, turned 180 degrees, and slid underneath my sister into a 69 with her, putting her face right underneath my sister's hairless pussy. Dad's dick was still firmly wedged up inside the girl. The next time Dad pulled out of my sister's pussy, Mom quickly grabbed the end of his dick and aimed it right down into her mouth. Dad was now fucking Mom in her mouth, with my little sister's ass right in between them.

My sister leaned forward on my Mom belly, put her head between my mom's spread legs, and started licking her pussy for her. And the times when my Dad resumed fucking my sister, Mom was slurping on my sister's clit and my Dad's dick as it went inside her pussy.

My Dad looked up from my ass and said "This is where the video gets a little kinky, baby.", then resumed eating my pussy.

My sister was on top of my Mom and she started squirming around as Mom sucked on her clit bump. My sister suddenly blurted out "Oh Mommy, you two are squishing me. Now I-I gotta go really bad!"

Mom, not wanting to stop, said to her "Let it out, baby. I'll take care of it.".

Mom locked her mouth against my sister's slit and started swallowing. I could tell she was drinking my sister's nasty piss! You could see the stream of pee going into Mom's mouth as she backed away to catch her breath once through her nose. When my sister was empty and Mom had swallowed it all, Dad resumed his fucking on my sister's pussy and Mom's mouth. Mom returned her licking tongue to my sister's immature slit and happily lapped at her puffy gash.

Real Dad raised back up behind me and returned his hard dick back inside my pussy again, fucking me as quickly as he had done before.

"You didn't even know how kinky we are, did you baby?" he asked. I didn't respond to him this time either. "That's okay. You'll get used to our nasty ways, honey. You'll learn to like playing with piss like your mother and sister do. You should see how we act towards each other in the bathroom."

His hips pulled the dick from my pussy. I could hear him spitting onto my butthole and felt his saliva run down onto my sore pussy. His hand guided the end of his dick onto the outer wrinkled skin of my asshole, where he rubbed it around in the seeping saliva all over it.

Dad slowly pushed forward and worked the head of his dick inside my colon, and with the application of a few more well aimed spits on my crack, Dad pushed his dick up into my unwilling ass. I was grimmacing and groaning from the newfound pain in my stretched butthole. Dad worked his dick back and forth, and gradually my sphincter lubed enough from the spit to let him fuck it steadily.

Just about then Mom and my sister returned. They came through the front door and Mom said "Where is everyone?"

Dad shouted to them "We're in the kitchen.". He didn't attempt to conceal what we were doing. He just kept right on assaulting my sore butthole.

Dad handed me a nearby paper towel and said to me "Go ahead and dry your tears before they come in here. And just go along with whatever I say. Your sister's welfare and lifestyle depends on it."

I understood his threat completely.

I somehow managed to work up the strength to grab the paper towel and weakly wipe off my face before they entered the kitchen.

My sister came into the kitchen first. She was a little surprised to see Dad fucking me in the ass, but didn't seem shocked by the act itself. In fact, she got a very wide hungry grin across her face and stared right into my eyes. Her tongue slid out just a bit and she moistened her lips as she looked at Dad's hard cock going in and out of my helpless posterior.

Mom appeared in the kitchen soon after, confused at seeing me laying on the table with reddish teary eyes allowing Dad to penetrate my ass.

"I think the stores raise their prices when it gets close to the first of the month. They know exactly when people get....". She stopped in mid sentence when she realized we were having sex.

"Uhm, w-what's going on, dear?" she asked Dad in a concerned voice.

My little sister said in delight "Daddy is fucking her in the butt. Mommy!".

My sister immediately sat the bags of food in her hands down onto the floor where she stood and stripped off all of her own clothing, tossing it onto the pile of clothes Dad had taken off of me and him. She walked over next to us by the table and began rubbing my bare naked ass cheeks with her hands, caressing and squeezing them softly and lovingly.

Dad paused his hunching motions for a moment, looked over at Mom and said "She found our little videos on my computer and decided she too wanted to join in with out little family group. Isn't that right, honey?" he asked looking down at me in front of him with his long dick buried up inside of my sore, reddened asshole.

I wanted to run away from him and all of them and tell someone, but I remembered what he had said about breaking up our family. My sister still had 5 years to go before she would be an adult and could move out. I had to think about her future.

Mom, although concerned because my eyes were a bit red from my past crying, acted like his being inside my rectum was nothing out of the ordinary. She said to my Dad "Dear, it doesn't look like she's enjoying it too well. You might ought to take it out of her."

Dad quickly replied before I could agree with her and protest "Oh no, she loves it. Remember the first time I fucked her sister in the butt and pussy? She shed a few tears too, but she got used to it after awhile. You like our sex, don't you baby?". His hand was squeezing my ass cheek very firmly, almost to the point of making a bruise on my hip.

Fearful a negative response would put my sister's livelihood in jeopardy, I lied and told her "I-I like it, M-Mom. It feels g-good."

My sister chimed in excitedly "I KNOW I like it when you fuck me, Daddy!"

Damn! Why did she have to be so willing to participate with them??

Mom looked into my eyes to see how compliant I was. I feigned a half hearted grin up at her to convince her I was a willing partner in this disgusting, perverted, incestuous swaree.

She finally said "Okay then, if you say so. But did you have to fuck her in the kitchen? Someone might see you doing it.".

Dad replied "It couldn't be helped, dear. Once she saw the videos of us having sex, she couldn't control herself and wanted me to fuck her right then. Isn't that right, you horny girl?"

Dad pinched me on the ass to remind me of his threats.

I sheepishly uttered in a pained groan "Y-Yeah."

Mom started putting up the 8 bags of groceries she and my sister had brought in with them very calmly as if seeing her two daughters fully naked and wanting sex with their father was as normal as us doing our homework.

My sister reached her hand down underneath my belly. I felt her small fingers explore the outer folds of my creaming pussy. She slid her fingers up into my slit and rubbed my clit bump back and forth with quick repetative motions. Even though Dad's rape was far from arousing, sister's actions made my pussy involuntarily pulsate and moisten the more she did it. My juices were dribbling down my bare thighs whether I wanted them to or not.

When she was done frigging my swollen clitoris, she moved her hand to my dripping vaginal opening. Her small fingers slid up into it easily and felt around against the moist fleshy walls inside.

As she fingered my pussy, Dad leaned down and french kissed her deeply with his long tongue. She reciprocated and began feeding her own tongue into his mouth and gnashing it against his.

"Daddy,", she said, "...her pussy is so wet. She likes being fucked in the butt a lot like I do. Look at how wet she is."

Once or twice my sister would pull her drippy fingers from my twat and offer them up to his mouth. Dad sucked upon them greedily until all of my juices were removed. Then she would return the digits to my unwilling pussy and repeat the despicable act.

By now my whole body was numb to everything. My Dad was fucking my ass hard, but I couldn't feel it. I couldn't even feel my sister's fingers inside my pussy anymore. My poor mind was giving me some relief from my forced rape. If my pussy orgasmed involuntarily, I didn't feel it. I've heard about some rape victims cumming even though they were being raped. My anger and feeling of hopelessness masked any of those sensations from registering with my brain. I probably had climaxed though because my sister had no problem sliding her fingers up inside my pussy.

When he finally came I was overwhelmingly relieved. He pulled his dick out of my butt and spermed all over the small of my back. My little sister quickly leaned over and slurped up the entire puddle of sperm into her mouth for him, licking up any remaining drops.

"I just love the taste of your cumm, Daddy. SLUUUURP!" she said so obediently from years of coersion.

Mom tossed Dad a box of wet wipes so he could clean the specks of feces from his dick. Then he turned his attention to my reamed ass and pussy with some more of the wipes, cleaning me off completely as well.

He said "Baby, you did really good for your first time. I'm proud of you.". He wiped off my crack and my shaved pussy for me like he was changing a diaper. "I can see us all having a lot of fun from now on. Perhaps we'll have us a big ol' orgy tonight to celebrate your joining us.". He kissed me on my lower back pretendng to be the good, caring father.

"You'd better go take a shower honey so you'll be refreshed and clean for our orgy tonight." he said to me, more as an order than a suggestion. I welcomed the shower right then though after what he had done to me so brutally.

When he was done cleaning my groin, I limply rose to my feet and silently staggered up the stairs to the bathroom to wash off as much of his aroma and fluids from my body as I could. My unwitting sister took up residence in the spot where I had just been lying on the table. She bent over onto it, displaying her firm, little ass up at Dad eagerly.

"My turn now, Daddy!", I heard her chime behind me as I limply placed one foot onto the ascending staircase and paused a moment. "I want you to fuck me in my butt too!" Soon afterward I could hear the table creaking from Dad's hunching motions on top of her small body. She squealed out "Oh yeah, Daddy, faster....faster.....Uhnnnnnn" in delight.

My heart sank from my sister's ingrained willingness for the sex. She was only 13 and had been doing it with them for years before now. She didn't know any better. How was I going to ever convince her that what she was doing was wrong, that incest was wrong? She liked to do it so much. Seeing her participate with them during sex on those videos Dad had was sickening to me, but it was obviously fun for her in her own mind. There was no hesitation in her actions. She WANTED to participate in sex with them.

If I could ever convince her that we needed to get away from Mom and Dad, would she corroborate my accusations, or would she stay silent and not back me up on it for fear of our parents getting into trouble with the authorities? I suspected that she would probably not be cooperative or willing in the least if I were ever report our parents for their dastardly behavior. Her eagerness to replace me downstairs for anal sex from Dad showed me that.

As I eavesdropped on my little sister and our parents before going upstairs, I heard Mom asking Dad how he talked me into leting him fuck me. He lied and said "She didn't need much convincing at all once she saw the videos of us three having sex. I guess she's got the ravenous libido of her mother and little sister."

My sister spoke up and said "Yeah Daddy, I like to fuck you and Mommy."

Mom said "Well, I'm finally glad to have it all out in the open now. I didn't like us having to keep it a secret from her all these years. Just think, dear, how sexy it's going to be to film her and her sister doing each other. Eating each other's pussies, licking your dick at the same time, eating my pussy while her sister eats her out at the same time. Oooooohh, I'm getting horny just thinking about it, dear."

Dad said "Well, hurry up and put away the groceries and we'll get you up here on the table too. I'd love to watch you two girls on top of each other while I fuck you in the ass!"

I heard my sister get all excited. "Yaaaay! Mommy is gonna eat me out and get fucked!". My heart sank when I heard her yearning for sex with those vile bastards.

My legs were weak but I finally managed to climb the stairs. Reaching the top, I walked over to the door of the bathroom and meekly opened it. Stepping inside the bathtub, I moved the handle of the shower faucet until it was a soothing 100 degrees. It still wouldn't help me get over the reality of being violated, raped, and betrayed by both of my parents though, and what they had forced my little sister to do with...and to....them all these years.

If the time came though and I ever got fed up enough to want to leave home, I would ask and insist that my sister go with me. Then we would tell the authorities about the rapes and coersion by Dad and Mom.

But if she were to decide to remain, I....I don't think I would have the heart to destroy the only life she has ever known. If I tell the cops about the incest, they're just going to arrest our parents and place my sister and me in foster care. They'd never release her to me because of my age. That would surely scar her psyche far worse than sexual acts that she was a willing partner in, wouldn't it?

My mind was racing as I tried to weigh the pros and the cons in my mind. Take her with me and explain to her how what Mom and Dad did to us was illegal and immoral, leaving her with some normal life marring psychosis from the revelation and ensuing public scandal. Or let her stay and keep being used as a sexual plaything by our parents for another 5-6 years until she can legally move out on her own when her mind is more matured to handle the shock, then report them for the crime.

Or just leave home myself and not say anything to anyone so my sister can have a somewhat steady and normal, albeit deranged and perverted, home life. If she just hadn't been so goddamned willing and eager to do it with them, my choice would be clear.

I dare not reveal to my friend Britney, whom I had already told about finding some questionable pornography on Dad's computer, anything about my parent's collusion to coerce my sister into their sick sex games. As it was at the moment, her only known fact was that my Dad was a bit of a perv for having some nudist pics on his laptop. If she ever heard about the underage incest that was being committed on my sister, or on me for that matter, she would immediately call the cops on them. No, I can never tell her it was child porn and illegal incest. Never.

Or maybe that would be my way out. Let Britney tell the authorities on my parents. Then my sister couldn't put the blame on me for ruining our lives. But still her mental state would be scarred for the rest of her life from the backlash and ensuing media frienzy. I want her to come out of this deplorable situation as unscathed as humanly possible.

No, I couldn't do that either. Any intervention by the authorities would most certainly warp her fragile developing mind. Losing her parents, and most likely being separated from me and living in foster care until she was old enough to be on her own, was something I didn't want to subject her to. Hell, I was older than her and it's even overwhelming to me. She'd never recover from it at her young impressionable age.

Our current situation, no matter how deplorable and desperate it was, seemed to be her best bet for now. Other than using her as their sexual plaything at so young of an age, our parents hadn't really physically or emotionally harmed her yet. She seemed to like the sex a bit too much in my opinion, but she was happy and content thus far. It was fun to her. No more different than if we were all going out to the beach or playing tag together. Her young initiation into their sexual practices had conditioned my sister to accept sex as a part of family life.

Then I started thinking about what Dad and Mom had said in the kitchen. Dad expressed his plan to include me in a free for all orgy with them tonight. And I had overheard Mom say she was looking forward to a ladies-only three way. I had no desire at all to have sex with any of them. The idea of seeing my father naked again was unsettling to say the least after he raped me, let alone being nude in front of all of them and being forced to perform the same sexual acts upon them as they were planning to do on me. For a virgin who had never even seen a real penis before up close, the idea of forced sex was reprehensible to me already. The incest factor added to it made it doubly so..

Dad was expecting me to willingly and obligingly let him put his dick into any hole he chose on me, and also let Mom and my sister have their way with me in some sort of bizarre lez-fest. Plus he expected me to act as if I *wanted* to join in with them to boot. I was able to halfway zone out and go numb downstairs when Dad raped me on the table because I didn't have to look directly at him as he did it to me. I didn't know if I could keep up the charade and hold my tongue once I went into their bedroom and everyone got naked to begin having sex.

But what could I do? The only two real choices I had were to either blow the whistle on my parents for raping and manipulating their kids into a secret deviant incestuous lifestyle and destroying all of our stable livelihoods in a cataclysmic media frienzy. Or to give in to my Dad's implied threat and act like I was a willing participant, for mine and my sister's sake, to preserve some sort of normalcy in our home life. My sister hadn't been in any real physical harm so far. And her emotional state was naively happy and content.

I knew what I had to do. My sister's well being came first and foremost. She had to be protected from any backlash that would surely befall her if I were to report our parents for their misconduct. I would have to cast aside any apprehensions I still had and play my part as the dutiful daughter. Until me and my little sister could improve our living situation, I....I would have to join in with their sick incest, even if it meant acting like a lesbian with my own sister and mother, and having sex with a man I truly despised for raping me so heartlessly and taking away my innocence. My sister and her mental stability was what was most important. More important than even my own dignity. I had to be strong for the both of us. We had no other family to turn to.

I just squatted down in the corner of the shower naked and placed my hands across my chest on opposite shoulders as the warm water cascaded down from the shower head all over my chilly skin. With my head down, I wept at the futility of mine and my sister's dire situation while we still lived under our parent's roof.


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