I awoke in a fit of horror after having this dream. I had to write it down. I hope that others can enjoy it here.
I Dream of Alice:
Jim E. McNally

It is early morning, predawn. I wake up as I usually do with the urge to pee and head for the bathroom. I get there and find a teenage girl standing between the tub and the toilet. She has long wavy blond hair, and is dressed all in gray. The long skirt, hangs to just above her ankles. The bodice is framed with a square of white ribbon or lace. I don’t know who she is I have never seen her before. I ask her who she is and what she is doing in my bathroom.

She says, “I am Alice, they told me to be here.”

“Who told you to be in my bathroom?” I asked.

“Him,” She replied nodding behind me.

I turned my head the thing standing behind me was like something out of Buck Rogers. Tall, about seven feet tall of which at least a foot was neck. All that showed of the face was a triangle formed by the eyes and mouth, as the rest was covered by a cowl. The cowl made the top of the head appear flat and covered all but the front of the head and down to the shoulders. Leaving just the mouth nose and eyes uncovered. It wore a mantle on its shoulders from which draped a flowing red cape that brushed the floor and supported a stiff collar of the same color that stood up in a cone around its neck. It was covered in a purple robe from the shoulders to the floor. The cape and collar were royal red, and everything else was purple. What I could see of the face was Caucasian.

When it looked at me my legs gave out. They just stopped working and I fell to my face in front of it. I could not feel my legs, and could not put them in the position they were in if I tried. My heals were held to the back of my thighs. I am lying on my face, and trying to push myself up with my arms and another one of them almost the same only wearing a helmet over its cowl. It says, “Another male. I assume it is talking about my brother. The one in front of me says “Keep the young one, kill the old one and take the males.” At this point, the only ones in the house that I know of other then males are Alice, and my mother. I did not think. This thing had just given orders to kill mom. I rolled over and punched straight up between its legs. My fist landed, not on the balls I had expected as Alice had said him, but on a bare unprotected pussy. She let out a squeal that nearly shattered my eardrums, and collapsed. My legs were working again. (I guess when she passed out what ever control she had on me broke) I got up, grabbed Alice by the sleeve and drug her into my bed room. (The urge to piss long forgotten)

In my bedroom, I took my shotguns off the wall and loaded them. (The rifles are down stairs in a gun cabinet my grandfather made. The shot guns are too long to fit in it.)

While I was loading the guns, Alice looked out the window, “What are those things?” she asked.

I went to the window to see what she was looking at. There was a bunch of animals that looked like a cross between a Hyena and a mountain lion, of all different colors, some were red some blue some pink like a box of crayons.

Not having a clue what they were I simply said, “Trouble.”

I took Grampy’s shotgun in one hand and Uncle Kiser’s in the other and told Alice to carry the other one. We went back toward the bathroom armed, she was gone. I hadn’t heard her move, but the woman was not there. I looked into Junior’s bed room he was on his bed sleeping. I did not want to make any more noise then I needed to so I didn’t try to wake him. We went down stairs and as we passed the gun cabinet I took the belt of shot gun shells off the top of it, and hung it over my shoulder. (The #4 shot I had in the guns is for small game, the belt has everything from bird shot to slugs on it. You never know what you will need when hunting.)

Mom was sleeping peacefully in her bed. Todd, was no where to be found. After a brief panic, I remembered he had gone over to Royce’s. (One of my other nephew’s) I looked around making sure there was no one else in the house and locked and bolted all the out side doors. (Never do that, we never have to. I must have been scared shitless.) I then went back up stairs to get dressed. The sun is just barely coming up over the hills as I look out the back window. So it is about 4:30 - 4:45.

I go into my room, Alice right along with me. I set the guns back on the rack except the one she is carrying. (I can not get dressed with a gun in each hand.) I start pulling clothes out and throwing them on the bed. With Alice watching every move I make. After I have gathered every thing into a pile I sit on the bed and put my socks on.

Alice sets the gun down and sits beside me. She puts her hand on my knee and looks into my eyes, and asks, “Before you put it away can I suck it?”

“I know exactly what she is asking, but it throws me, and I grunt, “Huh,” In reply.

“I know you don’t know me, Hell I don’t even know how I got here. He told me to be here and here I am. Thing is yours is the first real one I’ve seen. I may never get a chance to see one again, and if this is the only chance I’m going to get I got to take it. I don’t want to die a virgin,” She put her hand on my cock and it was hard instantly.

God how do you say no, she is no more than eighteen. I don’t know I didn’t ask. She is dressed in an out fit that went out of style in the sixties. Even then it was elementary school aged girls that wore it 1-3 grades. I didn’t know who she was where she came from or for that matter if she were even human. Yet she was sitting there stroking and admiring my cock like it was the most precious thing on earth. And who knows, this might be my last chance to get some.

With those animals prowling around out side we were not going anywhere too quickly. So I laid back and let her have her fun. “You can do what ever you want with it,” I told her.

“I want to suck it,” She said with a broad smile that showed me all her teeth. It was a beautiful human smile. I looked, damn straight I looked. If she was going to put my cock in that mouth I wanted to make sure she didn’t have fangs. That smile placed her at least 17. Straight even teeth with nicotine yellowing. She had been smoking for a couple of years.

She held my dick in one hand and my balls in the other as she leaned down and lapped around the head. She then closed her mouth over the tip of my cock and sucked gently while licking. She must have got a surge of precum, because she backed off and looked at me then back at my cock.

“That was quick,” she said smacking her lips, “It’s not as thick as I expected and not nearly as much.”

That statement knocked my guess at her age back down to thirteen or fourteen. If not less. With the media what it is, and schools teaching sex ED in the third grade, how can a girl get past ten without knowing about preseminal fluid.

“That’s not cum,” I told her.

“Not cum? It isn’t urine. It tastes different. That’s all that supposed to come out of a man’s cock, what is it?” She asked.

“It is precum, it is similar to pussy juice and serves the same purpose,” I told her.

She looked totally confused. “Pussy juice, what is pussy juice?” she asked. She really didn’t know.

“The fluid in your pussy,” I told her making her even more confused.

She let go of my cock and said, “I haven’t got a pussy, no pets; never even had I kitten,”

I have heard it said some where, “God gave man a brain and a penis, but only enough blood to use one of them at a time,” I don’t think there is a more truthful statement about the situation. That statement should have fired off warning flares raised red flags and set of sprinklers.

Innocent of mans ways, virginal is one thing, complete Lack of sexual culture is way too much. When dose a girl stop calling it a Pee Pee, and instead call it her pussy. Six maybe seven when she begins to interact with other girls.

I didn’t think about that at the time, I did think, she sure wasn’t brought up normal. My mind clicked to something closer to plausible, and her older style clothes and lack of Sex knowledge fit my interpretation of one local Culture. Amish.

“The girls I know call the outer portion of their sex organs their pussy. Because it’s cute furry and guys like to pet it,” I told her.

“Oh my vagina, vaginal fluid. Cleanses the internal sheath and regulates the Ph balance while providing lubrication for intercourse,” She said sounding like a text book, “This precum does that in a man?”
I nodded and smiled.

“Of coarse there would have to be something to neutralize the acidity of your urine, you use the same delivery system for both. Your little wigglers would be fried before they could leave the tube,” She smacked her lips again and said, “I want to taste some more of this precum then give the wigglers a chance to find my eggs,”

A text book education would have her saying sperm ova and penis. The Amish theory looks fairly good. My erection had softened a little while we talked, but was dripping with what she desired, and sprung right back to life at her touch.

Alice lapped up what had dribbled out then sipped at the head of my cock like it was a straw and poked at the pee hole with the tip of her tongue. She held what she gathered on her tongue then spread it around her mouth trying to analyze it. She then pointed at my cock and asked, “Have you ever?”

I nodded and told her, “I don’t think any boy can withstand the temptation to taste it. How can you ask a girl to do something you haven’t tried yourself?”

“True that, once I found out there was something to do with it besides pee. For the longest time I thought they were talking about pee when they mentioned licking a girl’s juices,” She told me, “What I’m getting at is there is really no flavor yet there is something about it I like. I was wondering as you’re the only one I can ask, if you have found it that way. I am wanting more,”

“Not with my own,” I told her, but after tasting a girl’s vaginal fluids I sometimes want to drink the girl dry.”

“Oh,” She said with a blush, I hadn’t thought of that. You are male I am female. I find your fluids tasty and am being selfish by not offering to share mine with you. She stood up and lifted her skirt. The panties she had on were, not quite as unsexy as bloomers, solid white cotton briefs, as dated as the dress she wore. At that moment however they were the sexiest underwear I had ever seen.

I asked her if she would allow me to take them off for her, and she replied sure if I wanted. I wanted, I wanted to rip her panties off throw her legs over my shoulders and feast on what had to be the sweetest bush that God ever created. The way she acted, it had to be a naturally grown garden. With minimal hygienic maintenance.

God forgive me, but I knelt at her feet prepared to worship his grandest creation. I put my fingers under the waist band and felt her stomach trembling I looked up to tell her there was nothing to fear, and felt my own body trembling with the excitement of what we were doing. I could not see her face through the gray linen of her skirt as she was holding it up in front of her. I thought it best to remove her panties and continue before she changed her mind. I pulled them down to her knees and had her sit on the bed so I could take them off. Normally I would have teased her and myself by inching them down and kissing and licking her as I removed them, but I did not think she would be able to stand much longer the way she was quivering now.
Her socks were of the same brilliant white cotton as her panties. Fresh out of the package white. Her shoes black leather with a buckled strap around her ankle.

I looked into her eyes as I held the gusseted crotch of Alice’s panties to my nose and inhaled her scent. She wrinkled her nose and I smiled before tossing the garment on top of my pile of clothes.

“How do you want to do this?” I asked.

She laid back and spread her legs in response. Accepting the invitation I slid into position and kissed her lips. Moist and warm and sweet. I pressed my tongue between them. Experiencing that thrill of pleasure you only get the first time you spread a woman’s vulva. Her juice coated my tongue I let it soak collecting her nectar. With my hands I explored her bush. Some men prefer their women shaved others like a manicured pubic thatch. Each girl is different. How she presents her muffin is part of her personality.

Alice’s pubes are a little darker then the sun bleached hair on her head, thick for a blond, and curly. Pulled straight, one of her pubic hairs is about four inches long. Her scent grew stronger as my fingers toyed with her curls. I moved my tongue down her vulva to the source of the fresh seepage. Soft moans escaped her mouth as my tongue probed the mouth of her vagina. The first thing I noticed was the lack of a hymen. Her orifice was virgin tight around my tongue, and the lack of a maiden head does not say a girl has had intercourse. I suspect that very few girls manage to get to their first actual sexual encounter Virgo intactica. Bicycles and see-saws have broken more cherries then boyfriends will ever encounter. Alice’s vagina pulsed and squeezed extruding more of her viscous fluid. Not sweet not tart, the flavor of fresh sea water only thicker.

Her flavor excited me. The more I sucked from her the more I craved. Unlike Alice, I knew how to provoke her tight little cunny into making more for me. While my tongue continued to probe I moved my fingers into her slit seeking her clitoris. My efforts were immediately rewarded, ambrosia flooded my mouth, and squeals of delight caressed my ears. I looked up at the gray barrier of her skirt, and felt cheated. The taste and sounds of her pleasure enticing as they are fall far short of fulfillment without the visual stimulant of her face masked in the agony of desire.

Alice was panting when I slid onto the bed beside her. On the verge I suspect of her first Orgasm. Her hands were tangled in her long blond hair as she looked up at me. She quickly untangled them and sat up saying, “Why did you stop? You said a girl’s vaginal fluid made you want to suck her dry, I am wetter than I have ever been.”

“Your vagina is now properly prepared for coitus,” I told her, “I want to remove your dress before we continue.”

Alice reached behind her self and did something that caused the bodice of her dress to fall forward. She bent her legs and pushed herself back letting the sleeves fall off her arms. She then kicked her legs causing the dress to fall to the floor leaving her naked except for her shoes and socks.

I looked at her in astonishment. She giggled, “Putting it on takes a lot more time. This,” She said cupping her boobs, “Is what you wanted to see. Not my dress lying on the floor.” She got on her knees and pushed her chest out, “If you let me taste some more of your precum, I will let you taste these.”

I put my hand over her right boob, a perfect fit. As I squeezed her breast her eyes rolled up. She took my free hand and placed it on her left breast. She sighed with pleasure as I worked my hands over both. “My mouth feels funny,” She said. “Like it did when I looked at your cock. It wants to suck your cock again.”

“Maybe this will help,” I told her as I pressed my mouth to hers. She moaned as my tongue slid into her mouth and caressed hers. I explored her mouth then she eagerly explored mine. While our hands explored each others body. When our kiss ended, her hands were gently stroking my leaking cock. Her blue eyes were wide and her voice quivered with her building excitement as she spoke.

“Mommy’s kiss to make it better was never like that. Now my stomach feels funny too. I thought the feeling was supposed to be in my vagina, not my mouth and tummy,” She said innocently. Alice Then slid down on her belly and took my penis into her mouth.

How can I describe the way Alice sucked my cock? It was not a blow job. She did not do it for my pleasure at all. Though the pleasure I received was exquisite. Nor was there a need to bring me to erection my cock was as hard as it has ever been already. Alice needed to satisfy a hunger within herself.

With my cock in her mouth, Alice eagerly swabbed its length with her tongue collecting the pre-ejaculate fluid that she so desperately craved. The sensation of her tongue bathing my cock of coarse sent fresh fluids into her starving mouth. I had thought earlier as I sampled the heavenly flavor of Alice’s Cowper’s fluid that she did not know how to cause the generation of more secretions. I now knew it was an instinctive process. She happily swallowed and sucked for more as her tongue caressed my glands signaling the increased production of the fluid which now flowed freely to prepare the way for the sperm that would quickly follow. Some girls don’t like it if you cum in their mouth, those that do, like to be warned before you do. I told Alice I was about to cum.

The girl took her mouth off my cock and looked up with glassy eyes and said, “Huh, what, oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be selfish,”

“That is fine, you were enjoying yourself, and believe me I was enjoying it too. I am very close to orgasm,” I replied.

“Really she grinned and licked her lips. If the main coarse is better than the appetizer, it might over load my taste buds. Still its not polite to eat while your host is fasting.” She then giggled and squirmed up my body like a snake her eyes leaving mine only when she bent to lick and suck on my nipples when her face reached my chest. The scent of my sex was heavy on her breath when she laid fully over my body her nose against mine. Her thighs clasped around my cock the heat of her body preventing the excitement she had built up from diminishing.

“I want to kiss you,” She informed me, almost doing so as she spoke, “Then I will turn and lay over you so that you can feast on my fluid as I ingest yours,” Alice then licked my lips before she continued. “The taste of yours has had the desired effect on my reproductive system. I think I am now producing enough to satisfy you.” Alice then kissed me. Not the innocent exploring kiss we had shared earlier, she devoured my mouth painting my teeth and tongue with hers as her body squirmed on top of me, her hands holding my head from moving as she possessed my mouth. When she released my head and unsealed her lips from mine the pupils of her eyes had dilated completely concealing the blue of her eyes. Her chest heaved pushing her breasts against me with her every breath. With out another word she spun around and pressed her dripping sex against my face. As her thick pubes brushed my chin I felt the moist heat of her breath wash over my balls as she once again engulfed my cock into her mouth.

Alice had not understated the condition of her sex. Her delicious juice coated the entire region. Was it enough to satisfy, no, as its very nature was to intensify the hunger and craving for it, the more I consumed the more I wanted. But she supplied, Her vulva now swelled with blood and spread open in her sexual excitement, gave me full access to the flooded crevasse. Her clitoris now engorged, protruded from its hood nearly an inch and as big around as one of my fingers. As I lapped at her little cock it brought my own back to my attention. I wondered if Alice had intentionally distracted me with her sex, to prolong my orgasm allowing her to feed on my cock longer.

Lapping her clit caused Alice to moan around my cock increasing the pleasure she was giving me. I had to force myself to ignore the sensations which wasn’t easy and return to lapping up the now increased flow of fluid she fed me. The effort succeeded and I was soon suckling at her vagina like a contented infant at its mother’s teat. I don’t know how long we continued like that in blissful ignorance of our surroundings. We continued to sup on each other until harsh reality forced it self upon us.

“Will one of you come down and tend to these animals? Their going crazy wanting to go out,” Mom’s voice raised through the floor.

Pulled from my blissful feeding I yelled back, “Just a minute.”

“I’ll get them,” My brother’s voice sounded through the wall.

Having completely forgot about the strange animals prowling around the streets I returned my attention to Alice’s delightfully aromatic cleft. Knowing now that my family was up and awake I focused my attention on her distended clit, wanting to experience her orgasm before we were once again interrupted. This in turn enhanced her performance on my member from the gentle nursing to erotic moaning and invigorated sucking that quickly had me on the verge of orgasm once more.

Wanting to bring her off as quickly as possible, I held her clit with my lips and lashed it with my tongue as fast as I could wiggle it. Alice clamped her thighs around my head and screamed as her hips bucked. Her juices sprayed up my nose and in my eyes coating my face as my mouth was not positioned to capture her orgasmic offering.

Alice’s mouth however had clamped tightly around my cock. In her ecstasy she sucked spasmodically encouraging my release. My cock pulsed in response. Alice instinctively swallowed, and continued to suck until her orgasm ebbed and I was spent.

I would have remained contentedly lapping the soft warm thighs and juicy mound that surrounded my face, had Junior’s voice not penetrated my euphoric haven.

“Jimmy, Jimmy, you had better get down here,” He called.

Alice reluctantly released my cock from her mouth and slid off me, “I guess we will have to wait to introduce your sperm to my egg,” she sighed as she reached for her dress.

“Sounds that way,” I told her. Then I dressed myself as quickly as possible. After strapping the ammo belt around my waist I once again took the shot guns from the wall. Alice put a box of shells into the pocket of her skirt and retrieved the other shot gun before following me down stairs.

Junior was at the foot of the stairs loading our hunting rifles. He looked up and said, “You saw them,” as he noticed the guns I carried. He then said, “I thought you were watching a porno. When did you sneak her in?” As he saw the girl behind me, “One of those things is in the shed. That’s why the dogs are going foolish. Mom’s on the phone with Loretta.”

“What are they? Where did they come from?” I asked not expecting an answer.

“Your guess is as good as mine, there’s nothing on the TV, and I can’t get anything but dead air on the radio,” My brother told me.

Alice put her arm possessively in mine as we stepped off the stairs. She was trembling again, not this time from sexual excitement. She did not say a word as I stepped in front of Junior to look out the front door. One of the large animals lay at the foot of the cement steps. Its yellow furred head resting on its front paws.
“There is one out here,” I said backing away from the door, “The .22 will make less noise, but I don’t know if it will take it out.”

“Don’t want to shoot unless we have to. Not till we find out what the hell is going on. I was going to call the game warden after I saw that thing in the back shed. The phone rang before I got to it, Red calling to check on mom. Said Everett called from his truck telling her the giant green dog wouldn’t let him in the house. He’s been out drinking so she thought it was the booze making him see things till she went to the door and saw it herself. Dialed 911 and got no answer.”

I told Junior how I had found Alice in the bathroom and about the long necked woman that had vanished after I punched her in the cunt. He told me that he would think I was fucked in the head if he hadn’t seen the creatures. When he looked at Alice she pressed herself closer to me as if he frightened her.

“We will worry about your playmate when we have time. Right now we have to do something about the animals guarding the doors,” Junior said. “I’m going to tell mom so that we don’t scare her to death, you open the window and see if you can get a bead on that one by the front door. The twelve gauge should take its head off at that range.”

I opened the living room window, It slides open horizontally the screen is busted out in the corner where the cat uses it to go in and out. I sat the barrel of Grampy’s old shotgun through the hole and lined up the creature’s head. When it looked up at me I pulled the trigger. Alice screamed as the explosion echoed through the house. My ears rang from the concussion. The face of the animal vanished and red blood splattered the yard as its body thrashed in the spasms of its violent death. I pulled the gun back in the window and ejected the spent shell reloaded the chamber and closed the window and locked it. Alice stood silently, her face as white as a sheet, staring at me.

She followed mechanically when I went into the kitchen. Junior was looking through the window of the shed door. He said the creature out there had not even flinched at the gun shot. Our dogs had run into mom’s bed room whimpering at the recoil. I told him to unlock the door and back away. Passing him Kaiser’s shot gun as I went to the door.

“If it gets by me finish it,” I told him. I opened the door put the muzzle of the gun to the back of its head and fired all in the same motion. Closed the door and chambered the last shell in the magazine. Popped the spent clip out of the gun and passed it to Alice. She took it and reloaded it while I slid the second clip into place. I then looked out the window of the door to see the animal laying in a pool of its own blood. “Thank God, their not bullet proof what ever they are,” I said then relocked the door.

I then set the shotgun on the table, and took the .22. I told my brother to stand behind me with the shot gun just in case the smaller rifle failed to drop the creature, but I didn’t want to shoot holes in my pickup if not necessary, as it was sitting just outside the side entrance. There was no creature at the main entrance to the house when I opened the door. Only a deathly silence filled the air.

“I don’t know,” I said in answer to the unasked question was there one here before? Then leaving the door open I went back for the deer rifle. Its larger caliber and magazine making it more comforting a weapon to carry then the squirrel gun.

I did not know that was why I had to go out. A quick circuit of the property this end of the road is empty except for us. Since Mirada’s house burned this spring, and Aunt Sissy is visiting her son in Germany. There is no neighbors to worry about. If those creatures had left these animals to guard my house, they could still be around, and there had been dozens of the animals in the street this morning.

When I told them what I was planning Junior said he would go with me. I vetoed that Idea not wanting to leave the women alone. All three of them said that it was a bad idea to go out alone, not knowing if there were anymore of those creatures about. I shook my head trying to clear it. Knowing they were right but unwilling to leave Alice alone with mother, and scared to death that those women would return to carry out their threat if we left mother unprotected. I looked at the open door then back at my brother before deciding.

“I told Junior earlier why I can’t leave you alone Mum. He can explain it to you while Alice and I check the grounds,” I told them.

Alice swallowed audibly and mom just nodded. Junior said, “Be careful we don’t know how far we can trust her, I’m going to call down and see if things are the same in Stacyville. We haven’t heard from Christine or Denise yet either.”

“You do that, and anyone you can think of in town that might have some idea. Bishop’s or Jerry’s,” I said as I went outside.

Alice followed me her head bobbing back and forth trying to look in all directions at once. I went around the front of the house first, to where I had shot that creature. It was black with flies and smelled like offal. There was no way it wasn’t dead. I kicked it, the flies flew off and the body collapsed to a dark puddle of ichor.
Alice pinched her nose with her fingers and looked like she was going to puke. There were no signs of anything else moving except for the flies so I led her around to the gate leading into the back yard. Alice followed quickly wanting to be clear of the sickly odor. There were oddly no sounds, not even a breeze rustling the leaves of the trees. I was very careful on the back porch, as I had forgotten until now about the back entrance into Todd’s room. If one of their guard animals had been stationed there, it would still be alive. I looked into the shed where I had shot the second creature. It too had dissolved into a puddle of goo. I told Alice to stay put there by the steps and walked to the other end of the porch. My heart was pounding as I leaned around the corner rifle at aimed at the foot of the door. There was nothing there but the pile of lawn furniture and pool supplies. I was uncertain if I should be relieved or not, to have found nothing. I turned around to see Alice petting Milo, one of mom’s cats. He stood on the porch rail arching his back and purring loudly. I was relieved to know I had not gone deaf.

“I found a pussy cat,” Alice said, “Or he found me, I’m not sure which.”

Seeing Milo reminded me that Sissy’s cats would need to be fed. So I went out to the side gate followed by Alice and her new friend. As we went by the bird feeder I heard a rustling in the tree above then the tap tap tap of a wood pecker. Things were starting to sound normal again. Aunt Sissy’s door was left unlocked, so I could get in to feed her cats, Murphy and Minnie. They came running out and Milo bumped heads with them in greeting. I sat the rifle down just long enough to open a can of food for them while Alice looked around the small two room house.

“It’s a lot like home, only we had a loft over the kitchen,” Alice said.

“It was built by the Amish over in Smyrna,” I told her, “Probably built yours too.”

She smiled and said, “We probably should hurry back to your place. Your mother and brother are going to be worried.”

“It’s ok, we don’t have to talk about where you’re from,” I told her. “Though your folks might be getting a little worried as well.”

Alice smiled and said, “Sweet of you to think about my folks, but their far away, and yours are the ones that may be in danger.”

I don’t know if it was what she said, as much as the way she said it that pushed my panic button, but I was across the yard and in the house before she could turn around. Saw that Mom was ok, and my brother was talking on the phone. I then turned around and ran back for my rifle and Alice she was just stepping out of Aunt Sissy’s house rifle in one hand shot gun in the other, with Milo rubbing against her feet.

“Fat lot of good it dose to run into the fire with your zipper open and your ass hanging out,” Alice said as she passed me the hunting rifle.

“Is that your way of saying don’t get caught with your pants down?” I asked.

Alice took hold of my arm and looked into my eyes, “The birds are singing, the breeze is blowing, your pussy is happy. He hasn’t come back, were safe for now. Let’s take one step at a time. We have reconnoitered the grounds, now we check what intelligence has been gathered.”

I put my arm across her shoulders and turned toward the house. Junior was standing on the steps with a shot gun. I told him everything seemed to be ok, and he lowered the weapon.

We went back into the kitchen Mom was sitting at the end of the table just hanging up the phone, “That was Royce. Elaine and her boyfriend are bringing Todd home. Nothing unusual going on over there. Their internet is down so they can’t play their online games,” Mom told us.

“Christine told me the same thing,” Junior said. “She also told me her Dr. told her if we need an ambulance or police, to use the local numbers. The 911 system crashed. She doesn’t know if it was a bug or hackers. She also said Denise and Bo had to take Aunt Addie for an appointment so we’re not going to hear from them for a while.”

“Did you call down to Bishop’s?” I asked.

“Yep, Erva said some kind of virus infected the server hubs all over the country. No one has taken credit for it as yet but word has it that 9-11 is being repeated. Blacking out the net is just the first step.

“The net shouldn’t have any effect on local radio if the D.J. knows how to turn on the transmitter,” I said and turned on the radio.

“Couldn’t get nothing but static earlier,” Junior said.

“You don’t have my touch. When it comes to tuning Little Brother,” I dialed the tuner to our local station and moved the aerial till it pointed at the right angle silencing the white noise. When I let go of the antenna and stepped back WHOU filled the room with Solid Gold. The music and news you want to hear.

The DJ read out the local emergency numbers and asked that they only be called for an actual emergency. Emergency information was being broadcast through this and other local emergency stations. Again, the router hub for the local 911 and internet servers located on North Street received a massive power surge. It is unknown at this time what caused the power surge that started the fire. Technicians and local officials are working to set up a temporary hub to handle emergency services until it is in place. Emergency service is available through your local departments their numbers are to be found in the front of your phone books. He then read a list of local fire and ambulance services the Houlton police department, Aroostook Sheriff and other local services covered by 911. More news at the top of the hour.

As the radio went into a commercial Everett and Loretta came through the door. Everett looked at the guns on the table and joked, “I already married your sister you can put the shot gun away,”

“You had a giant green dog at your place this morning. There were a couple dozen of them around here. I only got two of them,” I told him.

“I only saw the one. When Red couldn’t get through to the Police, I called Tim’s home number. When he pulled into the yard the thing vanished. Vanished, beam me up Scotty style. It was there then it wasn’t.” Everett said. “Tim and Loretta took pictures of its paw prints. Then Red showed him pictures she had taken of it earlier which he loaded into his lap top. I won’t expect much of an investigation. We will all be written off with the rest of the whackos.”

“Never thought to take pictures,” Junior said. “And their bodies decomposed almost as soon as they stopped twitching.”

“What was this about two women threatening to kill Mom?” Loretta asked.

“When I woke up this morning there were two strange women, in the house,” I told her.

“Three,” Alice volunteered waving her hand.

“Three strangers in the house, Alice was hiding in the bathroom upstairs and the other two were searching the house. Why I don’t know,” I told them what had happened to my legs and how it had told its companion to, “Keep the young one kill the old one and take the males,” “I did the only thing I could think of to protect my family. I punched it in the crotch just as hard as I could. It passed out and I ran and got my shotgun. When I got back they had vanished.”

“What is your story?” Loretta asked Alice, “What were you doing in my mother’s house?”

“I can’t tell you much more than you already know about that. I was told to be there and that’s where I was. I was sleeping in my loft at home, I awoke to momma screaming in her room, some one hollered, “Keep the young ones and kill the old ones. Take the males to the ship and do what you will with the females. He appeared at the foot of my bed and told me it wasn’t safe for me there and I wasn’t there anymore. I was in the bathroom up stairs,” Alice told her story.

“I wouldn’t have believed in a giant green dog last night either,” Loretta said pushing her camera across the table to her mother. “After seeing that, I don’t know what to believe.”

I looked at Alice my heart melting at her woeful tale, “That thing I punched in the crotch was not a he. I hit a female.”

“Then obviously I made a mistake on the gender, or mistook the one you punched for the one that rescued me,” Alice stated. “I am here by an act of God. He told me to be here, and here I am. When the Devil who appears as and angel of God followed, you intervened as God knew you would. So I am safe here.”

“That is as logical as anything I can come up with to explain what has been going on today,” I stated. “Demon dogs, angels and devils, makes as much since as alien invaders. I need to lay down for a while. You’re here with mum, I’m going up stairs for a bit.”

I picked up two of the shot guns and Alice picked up the third. Junior said he would take care of the other two. As Alice and I headed for the stairs I heard my sister.

“What happened to the no sleeping together rule?” She asked.

“You were sixteen. He is Forty-nine. If God gave him a girlfriend I sure as hell am not going to say he can’t sleep with her.” Mom replied.

Smiling I led Alice to my/our bedroom. I unloaded two of the shotguns and slid the third under the mattress at the head of the bed. Alice reached behind her back to do her magical strip. I shook my head and told her, “Not yet,” I took a pillow and set it on the floor. Then I knelt and asked her to kneel with me. I put my hands on her shoulders and Alice placed hers on mine. We then bowed our heads and gave thanks to the Lord. After our prayer, Alice stood leaving her dress on the floor. I undressed and helped her with her shoes and socks before we slid under the covers.

I cuddled her to me and kissed her. She took my cock in her hand and softly said, “I think it is time to introduce your wigglers to my egg,”
Sept. 04, 2011

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