I'm new to posting, so am not sure how to do this. As introduction goes the stroy takes place in a small farming comunity. A young couple seeking to fullfill their sexual fantasys before taking their marrage vows. Run into a minor set back that leads to a fullfillment they never expected.
Bonnie’s Fantasy - By Jim McNally- March 28, 2012

It was a little before midnight, I had just settled under the covers when the unwelcome tone of the telephone drew my attention. Muttering several curses I threw back the covers and stretched out to answer, “Hello”.

“Uncle, this is Billy, I’m down town at the bar.” My nephew’s voice answered.

“Shovel or shotgun?” I asked. Thinking he had gotten into a brawl and either needed backup or to clean up the leftovers.

“A ride” he replied. “I got a flat and my spare is over to Mum’s.”

“Give me a couple minutes to pull some clothes on and I’ll be right there” I told him.

About two minutes later I pulled my pickup in beside my nephew’s custom job that made my S-10 look even smaller than it is. Billy and his Fiancée, Bonnie sat on the tailgate waiting for my arrival.

“We didn’t even get into the bar.” Billy stated. He jumped down, turned and lifted the cute little brunette to the ground.

“Then you’re driving. Driving at night gives me a headache” I told him then opened the passenger door of my pickup. “It will be tight, Bonnie, you get in the middle.”

The yellow sundress that she wore curled up as Bonnie slid in, revealing that the dark tan on her legs extended to her hips. It made me wonder if there was a tan line.

“What ever you say Uncle, but it’s been a while since I played with a Tonka Truck” Billy said as he moved to the driver’s side. “Tonight’s fun is spoiled, sorry Baby” he stated as he slid in.

“I don’t know about that” Bonnie replied. She placed her hand on his thigh and caressed the smooth denim. “It’s just a flat tire; we go back to your folk’s place get the spare and fix it.” Her soft voice was a siren’s song.

“You’re right, can’t let a silly thing like a flat tire spoil the evening” Billy agreed and pulled out of the parking space.

“It is very nice of you, Mr. Mac, to come out and help us like this” Bonnie said.

“Call me Jim, Bonnie, or Uncle” I told her. “No problem.”

She patted my thigh and said, “Thank you, Uncle Jim” Bonnie left her hand on my thigh and squirmed uncomfortably beside me.

“Bon Bon, you keep wiggling like that I’m going to wreck the truck” Billy warned.

“Sorry Hun, I just can’t get comfortable on this hump” She replied. “Uncle Jim” she asked softly. I felt her hand slide to my crotch as she continued, “would you mind if I sat in your lap? We don’t want Bill driving us off the road” As she spoke she rubbed my crotch causing my package to expand beneath her hand.

“We defiantly wouldn’t want that” I replied.

Bonnie’s hand stroked the length of my stiffening shaft before she slid onto my lap. She squirmed around till her back was against the door. She then squirmed some more as she kicked her shoes off before placing her feet on the seat.

“Damn Bonnie if you wanted to give my Uncle a lap dance you should have asked him first” Billy joked.

“I’m trying to give you more room to drive lover boy” Bonnie replied. “Besides, I don’t thing Uncle Jim minds. Do you?” she asked. She rocked her hips, grinding her ass into my lap.

“I do not mind at all. Saves me trying to hide the hardon you’ve given me” I answered.

Bonnie looked at Billy with a sly smile on her face. When he glanced at her she spread her knees and looked toward me. She then focused her eyes on him continuing to rub her ass around on my lap. When Billy smiled and nodded, her face lit up with a smile.

Bonnie turned up the radio then straddled my lap. Putting a knee on either side of my hips forced her short dress up around her hips. The girl was wearing nothing under her dress. I watched her naked crotch as she pushed it back and forth over my cloth encased erection. Bonnie placed her hands on my shoulder and looked into my eyes as she began to dance. Swaying her hips to the beat of the music, Bonnie humped me to the rhythm of the radio.

Secretions from her naked pussy seeped through my pants coating my growing erection, building a promise I hoped was not just a tease. Bonnie’s eyes never left mine. I could tell by the way they dilated that she was getting as much as she was giving. I studied the oval face surrounded by dark brunette hair and gazed into her big brown eyes. The tension in my crotch grew as did our excitement levels. We panted in each others face while I watched her eyes glaze over.

Bonnie’s face took on a pained expression, “Kiss me” she panted.

I leaned up and gave her lips a short unsure bus.

Her arms wrapped around my neck “No, damn you, kiss me.” Bonnie pressed her mouth to mine and took possession of it. As our tongues met for the first time her pussy pounded against my bulge, her arms constricted around my head, her torso pressed tight against my chest and she convulsed in orgasm.

I had sat idle during her dance, accepting what she was doing as a tease for her Fiancé. A man can only endure so much. A woman cumming on my lap approaches my breaking point. As Bonnie shivered in the after glow, I explored the young body being held so tightly against me. She is small, no more than five foot tall, not skinny, but not fiat either, what I call full figured. Plump where it should be but no extra. Her ass is round and well muscled. Her tits are firm and fit her body. Not being a breast man, I think I only notice when their not there, but her ass is magnificent.
I caressed those globes, learning their every detail with my hands. When my fingers entered the crease between her butt cheeks Bonnie ground her pelvis into my excruciatingly firm package, and pulled away from our kiss.

“You did not cum for me you naughty boy” she purred.

“Not yet” I smiled.

Bonnie reached down between us and began unbuttoning my pants. “We will just have to do something about that now wont we” she stated.

I felt the truck roll to a stop, and Billy stated, “I’ll fetch the spare and be right back.”

Bonnie slid to the floor between my legs. A very tight spot, anyone any bigger would not have managed it. As she pulled my pants down she looked up at my face. She must have seen the concern.

“Its alright, were playing out a fantasy” She said and took my now naked cock into her hand. “I have been dreaming of making it with two men at once. That is why we were headed to the bar so near closing time.”

“You were going to pick up some stranger to fuck” I said in disbelief.

“Come on, Big Jim, and now I know why they call you Big Jim” Bonny said and started stroking my shaft. “In this burg there are no strangers. Billy and I were going to see who was there and pick up some one I’ve had the hots for or maybe an ex I can stand to screw with.”

The truck bounced, letting us know that Billy had found the spare tire.
A moment later he was sliding into the driver’s seat. “Yeah it’s cool Uncle. Unless you want to back out. I know it’s got to feel a little weird.”

With one hand fondling my balls and the other stroking my cock, Bonnie pouted up at me, “I don’t think this will fit in my ass but I’ll let you try. You can cum in my mouth or in my pussy while Billy fills my shitter, if it won’t go in my ass.”

My cock jerked in her hand at her statement. My seaman spurted into her hair and across her face. Bonnie continued to squeeze my balls and pump my shaft directing each spurt at her lovely face. When I stopped cumming, she gently kissed the head of my cock and sipped the last drop of seaman into her mouth.

“Now you can think straight” Bonnie stated. She then climbed back into my lap, pushed my cock against her pussy and closed her legs trapping it there. She then started scraping my cum off her face with her finger and sucking it into her mouth.

“You expect me to think while you’re doing that?” I asked.

Bonnie smiled around her finger and squeezed her thighs tightly together. With that kind of stimulation, I did not have a chance of going soft. She continued to rhythmically squeeze my cock while she cleaned her face and ate the cum.

“Can’t blame a girl for trying to influence the decision in her favor” Bonnie husked.

“Then how about a repeat of that lap dance?” I asked.

“Gotcha” Bonnie said barely audibly with a smile. Looking lustfully into eyes she placed her hands on my shoulders and straddled me. Her hips rocked rubbing her moist crotch teasingly over the head of my turgid member. “Do this for me, Big Jim, and every time you want a lap dance I will arrange one for you” She offered. Her right hand left my shoulder and caressed my chest. Bonne arched her back putting her head almost into the windshield and pressing her quim against my stomach. I could feel her hot juices coating my belly as she gyrated herself against me. When she leaned forward and once again put her hands on my shoulders my cock was nestled in the crack of her ass.

Bonnie looked me in the eyes and flexed her butt cheeks. She began to post, fucking my cock between her butt cheeks. “You can fuck me in the ass. Imagine what it would feel like to have your big hard cock shoved up my tight little asshole.” She teased.

Those sweet dirty talking lips were only inches from mine, not quite but almost begging me to fuck her ass. I closed the gap and pressed my lips against Bonnie’s mouth. It wasn’t rape this time but it was just as passionate as our first kiss. With her arms locked around my head, her hips rose and fell fucking me with her clinched buttocks.

Bonnie broke our kiss, once again captured my eyes with hers and spoke in a breathless voice, “My asshole is much tighter then this” she emphasized by flexing her buttocks. “You can fuck my ass while Billy fucks my cunt” she breathed sexily. “All you have to do is say you will.”

I do not know If it was from the strain of keeping her ass clinched around my cock, or from the passion of wanting this three way, Bonnie’s eyes were wider then I have ever seen them. “Okay, I’ll do it if it is what the both of you really want” I told her.

“Thank-you” Bonnie sighed. She sat back on her haunches relieved. When she did she relaxed her grip on my cock. Released from the grip of her buttocks, my member slid forward. Already nestled in her crease, my cock slid smoothly into the open flower of her moist vulva. Bonnie gasped and her eyes grew even wider in surprise as her downward movement impaled her on my rampant cock.

Bonnie’s face lost all expression. She sat staring blankly at me with my cock sheathed firmly in her hot moist vagina. As if this unexpected turn of events was more then she could cope with. Her eyes slowly closed as if she were shutting down. A smile formed on Bonnie’s face. When she opened her eyes they glowed with lust.

“Well it was going to get in there at some time tonight” Bonnie stated. Her hips began to grind in slow circles working her clit against my pubic bone. “Looks like Billy is going to have to settle for sloppy seconds.”

Billy broke out laughing. He pounded the dash board with his hand trying to stop. “Oh God, Oh my God that was just brilliant, I wish I had a camera. I thought you had been fucking him for the past five miles. Then the expression on your face when you backed down on him, It was fucking priceless.”

“I promised that you would be first” she said contritely, continuing to grind herself against me.

Still giggling Billy said, “With some bum we picked up at the bar, damned if I want to follow some asshole I don’t even know. I thought you were fucking Uncle Jimmy to get him to agree and didn’t call you on it. I sure as hell ain’t going to argue when your face tells me providence or an act of god stuffed his cock up your cunt.”

“I love you Billy” Bonnie cried. Then she purred, “My pussy is falling in love with Big Jim.”

Bonnie continued to rotate her hips around my post. Her warm slick cunt felt wonderful wrapped as it was around my shaft. Her movement did little for me besides encourage my rutting instinct to grow. My hips began to move of their own accord. Pushing up against her then dropping back down, I gained only a fraction of an inch of movement inside her hot moist cavity, as she lifted with me then rode back down with my thrusts. She is so small I could have lifted her with my hands and forced my needs upon her, but this was her show.

Bonnie leaned over me wrapping her arms around my neck. Expecting a kiss I moved my mouth toward hers. She however laid her head on my shoulder and began pumping her hips in short fast strokes up and down on my shaft, her breath panting in my ear.

She sucked on my ear lobe then whispered so only I could hear, “Only a couple minutes before we get back to the bar, so I’m going to have to make this fast or neither of us will get off. But I’m going to want to take this pony for a long slow ride later Uncle.” Bonnie then licked the outer shell of my ear sending a chill down my spine before she kissed and licked her way across my chin to my mouth.

Her young hips moved at a pace I could not hope to match. It was clear that her exertions were having the desired effect. Bonnie’s eyes dilated as her breaths quickened. Her arms wrapped in a strangle hold around my neck as she achieved her peak. Pressing down on me she embedded my cock as deeply as possible in herself. Her vaginal muscles convulsed. Orgasmic spasms spread throughout her body. Bonnie’s teeth locked onto my lower lip as she was swept away in sweet agony.

When she released my lip from her teeth, I saw a trickle of blood running down her chin. Bonnie once again laid her head on my shoulder and began rocking her hips working her pussy up and down my cock. “You have to cum Uncle. You have to cum for me before we get to the bar” she cooed into my ear. “Cum in my hot wet cunt Uncle, I want it. I need your cum in me.”

Bonnie’s cunt was hot and wet, and unbelievably tight. Her hips pistoned like a jackhammer fucking my cock. She worked her inner muscles to milk the cum out of my balls. When she bit my shoulder and slammed down on me once more in orgasm, I erupted into her. Jet after jet I white washed her internal walls.

When my senses returned I realized the truck was not moving and panicked. There were no street lights and Beautiful Bonnie was still perched on my lap with her head nestled on my shoulder and my cock embedded deep in her cunt.

Looking over at Billy, “Where are we?” I asked.

“At the Y, I pulled off the main drag onto your street, to give you a little more time” Billy answered.

“It’s after midnight; we could’ve screwed in the middle of Main Street and not drawn any attention” I replied.

Billy chuckled then he said, “Pull up your pants so we can go get my truck.”

“Gotta love a man with stamina” Bonnie sighed. “I know you shot in me. I felt it squirting. Don’t that thing ever go down?”

I pulled her up off of my shaft, saying, “Not so long as it has something hot and wet wrapped around it. When that hot and wet is something as lovely as you it won’t even droop.”

“Braggart” Billy taunted. “Put that thing away. I want to go get my truck.”

“Give him a minute Luv” Bonnie told him. Sliding out of my lap she sidled up next to Billy. “What’s this?” she asked, rubbing her hand through a wet stain just below his stiffness. “Billy likes watching his Bon Bon playing with another man.” She kissed him and rubbed her hand over his cock while I stuffed my priapic member into my pants. There was no way it was going down while Bonnie continued to act and smell the way she did.

Bonnie stayed in my pickup while Billy and I wrestled with the tires. In a matter of minutes we had it back on all fours.

“You’re sure about this?” I asked my nephew as we wiped our hands on some rags from his tool box.

“Much more than I was” Billy stated. “I want her to have her fantasy, but I wasn’t sure about performing with some other guy in the bed.”

“I can sure understand that.” I told him. “I can back-out if you want. I will take the blame so you’re covered.”

“That would only get her pissed at you, and we would be back at the bar tomorrow-night” Billy replied. “I would much rather share Bonnie with some one I know, trust, and love. Then some fool from a bar.” Billy put his hand on my shoulder. “This way she gets to live out her fantasy, and gets it out of her system, and I know that you will protect our dignity.”

“Then there is only one more question; your place or mine? Mine is closer” I stated.

“And you have a queen sized bed. Perfect” Billy replied.

Bonnie had gone to sleep while we changed the tire, so we left her in my pickup for the short drive home. As soon as I turned off the engine she was wide awake.

“We had planned on the motel, but this is much better” Bonnie squealed with delight.

Billy scooped her into his arms and carried her inside. “You’ve cum half a dozen times, and my balls are hurting” I heard him tell her as he strode through the house.

He sat her down on my bed and Bonnie immediately attacked Billy’s belt buckle. As the girl unbuttoned his trousers, Billy pulled her dress up. She reluctantly released his jeans to raise her arms over her head allowing him to pull her dress off her. For the first time, I saw how beautiful she actually was.

I dropped my pants, kicked off my shoes and pulled my shirt off while Bonnie undressed her Fiancé. Before I slid behind Bonnie I grabbed a tube of lubricant out of the night stand. I kissed and nibbled her neck while Billy fought with his boots. Reaching around her I fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples while licking and nibbling her ears.

When Billy finally managed to join us on the bed Bonnie had him lay down and knelt beside him. “Get my ass ready while I suck his cock” she told me.

“Billy picked up the tube I had laid on the bed and read the label. “Anal-Eaze, is there something I should know Uncle?” He asked.

“Yes, if your partner desires anal sex, you should know how to prepare her for it properly” I replied. A visible shiver ran over Bonnie as I took the tube of lubricant from Billy.

He laid down and the girl took his cock into her mouth. Bonnie sucked him deep. Moans of desire escaped her throat putting a halt to any further discussion.

Removing the protective cap, I squeezed the tube to lubricate the applicator, then put the tip of the applicator to Bonnie’s cute little asshole. Her cheeks clinched together squeezing on the tube. I swatted her butt cheek and was rewarded by a deep moan from Bonnie.

“None of that young lady. You promised me a shot at this tight little hole. Now relax and let me grease it up or it will hurt when I try to fuck your ass” I told her.

Bonnie moaned around Billy’s cock once more and pushed her ass up higher for me. I pushed the tip through her sphincter and squeezed. Just like a Preparation H tube, the Anal-Eaze tip is designed to spread evenly around the inside of the sphincter providing the best coverage. Pulling it back out I wiped the gel from the tip squeezing a little more to lubricate my fingers before replacing the cap.

Now came the fun part. Holding her cheeks spread with one hand I pressed the tip of my finger against her rosebud. As expected Bonnie clinched up. I slapped her butt and heard a gargled moan as Billy ejaculated into her mouth. Her cheeks unclenched however and I replaced my finger on her anus. I rubbed the greased digit around her ring, putting gentle pressure on it as I teased her opening. Bonnie finished swallowing my nephews load before speaking.

“I am trying to relax Uncle, but you have the biggest cock I have ever seen and the thought of it going in there scares me a little” Bonnie confessed.

“Just fingers to start with, Bon Bon. I will take it nice and slow. If your uncomfortable let me know and I will stop” I told her.

Bonnie sighed then said, “Okay, Uncle, I trust you.”

“If I lick her pussy it should help her relax while you stretch her ass” Billy offered. “I will slip under her and eat her out.”

“You sure about that Bill?” Bonnie asked. “You know Uncle fucked me in the truck, his cum is still up there.”

“You just swallowed mine. It can’t be all that bad” Billy replied. “I have licked you out after fucking you before. I don’t see as it’s much different. I’m not going to suck it out of his cock.”

“If your sure I would love to have you eat your Uncles cum out of me” Bonnie told him. “Kind of turns me on. Kiss me then turn around and I’ll kneel over you.”

The young lovers shifted around. I toyed with Bonnie’s asshole while Billy licked and fingered her to orgasm. When she came she relaxed enough for me to slip a second finger up her butt and soon had my finger sliding easily in and out of her ass.

“I think your asshole is ready” I told her.

Bonnie stiffened for a moment then turned to look at me over her shoulder. “I want Billy’s cock in me when you try to fuck my ass” She said. As she had worked his member back to full erection while he licked her pussy he was more then up for the task.

“Yeah that is the way she described her fantasy. I am lying on the bed, and she is riding my cock when a man steps up behind her and fucks her in the ass” Billy said from between Bonnie’s legs.

“Someone? Someone rapes your ass while your fucking?” I asked.

“Yeah” Bonnie replied as she straddled her boyfriend. “It makes me so hot I can squirt when I’m diddling over that one.”

I watched them fuck for a moment then I went to my closet and grabbed a hand full of neckties. If Bonnie wanted to be raped then I was going to do it right. I could hear Bonnie’s juices squelching as she posted on Billy’s cock. A puddle was already forming beneath them when I took her arms and pulled them behind her back.

“Don’t turn around. Don’t scream” I told Bonnie As I bound her wrists.

Bonnie whimpered as if in terror as I tied one of my neckties over her eyes. I then made a knot in the middle of a tie and pushed it into her mouth. The poor dear was trembling when I pushed her down on top of Billy so that I could access her ass. I put my hands on her ass to spread her butt cheeks and found that she was not just trembling. Bonnie was cumming.

Holding her cheeks apart, I put my cock head to her opening and pushed. Bonnie’s pucker sucked at the tip of my cock as she climaxed, allowing me to push into her. Bonnie tried to scream, but the gag prevented most of it. Her anus clinched around my cock head then relaxed. I pressed slowly inward I was hurting her but letting her get use to the pressure as I eased through her tight opening. When I felt her anus snap over the head of my cock I stopped.

Bonnie was thrashing her head back and forth. Tossing her long dark hair from side to side, but she did not try to pull away. I leaned over her back and said, “The worst is over.” She stopped thrashing and lay still on top of Billy.

After a few moments, Bonnie pushed back, taking an inch of my shaft into her ass. She stopped and pulled away till the head of my cock pressed on the inside of her sphincter. Slowly she pressed back again fucking herself on my cock. I let her take her time. Clinching my teeth to hold back. Bonnie was groaning around her gag as each backward thrust impaled her deeper on my shaft. When she felt my pubic hair brush her butt cheeks she stopped moving.

It was only when she stopped that I realized I could feel Billy’s cock pulsing against mine. Bonnie was stuffed full from both sides. Pulling down she filled herself with Billy‘s cock. Pushing up she took my cock into her ass. Slowly her rhythm built. Billy and I let her fuck us without moving as she found her tempo.

When we were sure she had her pace we began to meet her thrusts. Fucking into her as she thrust at us. Soon we were working like a well oiled derrick. Having cum twice already I knew I would have no trouble out lasting our little nymph. Bonnie had already proven to be multi-orgasmic and she was in midst of living out her favorite fantasy. Billy had cum down her throat not too long ago so I assumed he would be able to stay with her.

I wasn’t wrong, but was not expecting what took place either. With my cock buried deep in her bowels, Bonnie convulsed. Her sphincter clinched tightly around the base of my shaft and she thrust herself down on Billy. Trapped in her spasming asshole by my cock I was pulled off balance to fall helplessly on her back. My weight drove Bonnie harder down on Billy.

Billy groaned and I felt his cock pulsate through the thin membrane that separated us. Bonnie’s ass continued to convulse milking my cock. I felt my balls draw up ready to fill her bowels. The tight ring of her sphincter prevented my release.

When he was finished pumping his load into her womb. Billy pulled my tie out of Bonnie’s mouth and kissed her. As they kissed I felt the tension pour out of her body beneath me. Her ass hole loosened its grip and my cock spasmed. The relief was so sudden it felt as if I was being pulled into her ass.

“Don’t take it out. Don’t’ take it out.” Bonnie pled. “Hold me and roll over so I’m on top of you but keep your cock in my ass.”

“You want be to untie your arms?” I asked as I complied with her wishes.

“Don’t you dare. Billy, pull me up so I’m sitting on his cock then face fuck me.” Bonnie ordered.

Billy helped her sit up. Bonnie found that she could not hold the sitting position with out help so she moved her legs under her for support ending up in the reverse of the position we were in in the pickup.

When she was settled she posted on my shaft a couple times then sighed, “Now Billy I want you to fuck my face hard. Rape my mouth.”

My nephew straddled my legs and took Bonnie’s head in his hands. Billy shoved her mouth down on his cock gagging Bonnie each time his cock entered her throat. Doing exactly as she requested Billy fucked her face hard. I don’t think Bonnie moved consciously on my cock. Each time my nephew pulled her head forward, her ass rose pulling off my cock an inch or two, then when he pushed her back she fell onto me again driving my cock deep into her bowels. In essence Billy was forcing her to fuck her ass on me.

With out any direct stimulation to her pussy or clit, Bonnie shuddered through several small orgasms while Billy raped her mouth. I was in no shape to climax again anytime soon so I just laid there and enjoyed the tight friction on my cock until Billy held her face tight to his pubes and emptied his wad down her throat.

Bonnie fell forward when Billy pulled his cock from her mouth, pulling free of my shaft. She babbled incoherently trying to roll herself over. Billy helped her to a sitting position.

“Put me back on it. I need it in me” Bonnie whined. “I’m so close it hurts I need it in my cunt. Billy, help me get him back in me.” She was almost crying with frustration.

My nephew held her as I guided my cock to her pussy as my head parted her lips he shoved her down forcing my cock into her. The force drove my cock into and through her cervix. Bonnie screamed out as the mouth of her womb closed around my shaft. She sat still hanging from my cock like a defeated victim.

“God that hurt” she finally said. “Do it again. Only this time say something nasty when you push me down” Bonnie said as she lifted herself up.

Billy put his hands on her shoulders, “Take my Uncle‘s cock you dirty slut” Billy yelled as he drove her down.

Bonnie screamed as her cervix once again closed over the head of my cock. Hot liquid poured out of her uterus, washed down my cock and gushed out of her splashing over my pubes and scrotum. Never having experienced anything like this, my nuts exploded emptying directly into her womb. I fell back exhausted with my cock fully embedded in her spasming cunt.

Bonnie fell forward over me. My cockhead pulled through her cervix causing her a little spasm of pain but otherwise she laid perfectly still on my chest. Ran my hand through her hair getting my fingers entangled and fell asleep.

I awoke to the music of Bonnie softly snoring against my chest. My hand still tangled in her lush hair. Neither of us had moved in our sleep. Not even enough to dislodge my cock from her pussy. Billy lay stretched out beside us.

No matter what time I go to sleep. I wake up with a full bladder. I gently shook Bonnie attempting to wake her. She woke to find her self still blind folded, tied and impaled on my cock.

“Oh my God” she screamed it wasn’t a dream.”

“Shh, shh,” I tried to quiet her as I pulled off the blind fold. “Billy is still asleep.”

“Oh fuck, God what are you doing to me?” Bonnie cried out before she finally opened her eyes. “Oh my God. Uncle, I was having the most delicious dream; why did you have to wake me up?” she purred while rubbing her face against my chest.

“I have to pee” I told her, “and with you laying on me I can’t get up.”

Bonnie smiled and wiggled her butt. “Is that a piss hardon filling my cunt?”

“That is what it’s called” I told her.

“If it wouldn’t mess up your bed I’d tell you to let it go right now” Bonnie giggled. She then groaned as she sat up forcing my cock deeper into her pussy. “You will have to steady me as I pull off you. With my arms tied I can’t balance.”

I reached up and held her shoulders and Bonnie leaned against them as she stood up pulling free of my erection. She groaned and almost fell back down. She would have had I not been holding her.

“Oh God what a night, I’m going to be sore for at least a week” she said.

I sat up and helped her step down to the floor before getting off the bed myself. “You going to be okay while I go to the bathroom?” I asked.

“No, I’m going with you” she replied.

“Huh?” was all I could manage.

“This is my fantasy right? Bonnie asked.

“Well Yeah” I answered.

“You tied me up. You raped me in the ass and pussy while Billy raped my mouth. Now you have to finish humiliating me. Take me to the bathroom and use me as your toilet” Bonnie explained.

Bonnie walked very slowly as I led her to the bathroom. When I lifted the lid to the bowl and pushed her down on it a rush of liquid flowed from her ass. Her face went white for a moment then she looked up at me.

“Wow you really filled me up. I feel like I’m expelling an enema” she stated. “The tub would make less mess when you piss on me. I’m happy to do it here, but less mess to clean up there.”

“We will get to that. There is something else I have not done to you yet” I told her as I knelt in front of her and pushed her legs apart.

For the first time she fought me. “You’re not going to eat me. Not after I just took a shit” she stated flatly.

“That was my intentions, but I guess I can clean you up a bit first” I admitted. I then thought better of it. The girl wanted to be humiliated. I reached up and flushed the toilet. Then wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her forward.

As I pushed my face into her abused pussy she screamed again. “Stop. You said you were going to clean me up. At least wipe my ass you bastard.”

In response I lapped her clit. It stood erect and exposed between her engorged love lips. Bonnie groaned in agony and began crying. Her vulva were engorged and open. The aroma while not fresh arousal was what I expected after a night of sex. A well fucked satiated pussy lay spread open before me. Ignoring her sobs I continued cleaning our juices from her pussy and sucking all I could form her cunt. I didn’t want to bring her to orgasm just yet so when she started to push against me I stopped.

Pulling her off the toilet, I laid Bonnie over the side of the bathtub on her knees. She started to complain again but stopped when she saw me reaching for the toilet paper. I cleaned her ass as best I could with the paper, then used a warm soapy cloth to wash her pussy and ass.

Bonnie was purring with contentment as I administered to her well used nether region. Having thoroughly cleansed her backside, I inspected the damage I had caused. I found only bruising minor abrasion, fissures or tears were visible. Assured I had caused Bonnie no permanent physical damage, I went to work once more on her mental health.

I drove my tongue into her ass hole. Bonnie let out a loud moan. I am no fan of the taste of shit, but after seeing what it does to a girl when you tongue her ass its worth a little after taste. As this was exactly what Bonnie didn’t want, it was the perfect way to humiliate her. I tongue fucked her asshole and rubbed her clit. This is how I wanted her to cum for me. Being used the way I wanted, not as she wanted. Having left her on the verge it did not take long to push Bonnie over the edge.

As Bonnie rode out her orgasm, I pushed the head of my cock against her asshole and her spasming sphincter opened to let me in. Once the head of my cock was in her ass, I let loose with the stream of piss I had been holding. Bonnie let out a scream that echoed off the tiled walls and caused my ears to ring. I emptied about half my bladder into her ass, them I jerked my cock out of her and let the rest spray over her back and into her hair. Bonnie shook with convulsive sobs when I finished pissing on her.

I untied her hands and laid her in the tub. Urine instantly began pouring out of her, flowing in tiny streams from her ass, across the tub to the drain. Bonnie continued to sob as the stream stopped and I turned on the shower.

As I washed her from head to toe she responded to my caresses and began to smile. When I finished washing her she took the soap and cloth from me and began to wash my body. Kneeling to wash my legs brought her face level with my now deflated organ.

“So it does go down eventually” Bonnie said before giving it a light kiss. She finished bathing my lower half then stood and embraced me. Pulling my face to hers she kissed me long and deep. When she pulled back she said, “Thank-you Uncle. That was the best sex I have ever had.”

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2012-04-20 10:31:41
Pretty good, before it came to pissing. ^^

Just noticed one thing : "sipped the last drop of seaman into her mouth". It's "semen", dude : it's sperm you're talking about, not some marine officier. :D

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2012-04-19 18:23:54
Awesome! I loved it!! :)


2012-04-17 16:36:00
That was exceptional , off the hotness scale

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2012-04-15 20:57:02
Dang! Brilliant. Are there more Bonniies' out there!I want one too

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