hi my name is abishek i am 18 years old . This is my first sex story Here i want to express my sex experiences with my mom and sisters feel it and rate it
I am a guy of six packed body. I studied my school days in boys school so i have a little shy with girls.I had a sister namely 'DEEPA'.She was 21 years old.
My mom is nearly 42,but she is looking so beautiful and my neighbours lasted for hobby is to study porn stories from my favourite and seeing videos of mom,brother,sister seduction porn at favourote video is Sonia RED HOT SUPREME.At one day evening my mom went to a movie.Me and my sister left in home. I silently entered my room and started watching porn videos from i already noticed my sister boobs whwn she was in bath . it is nearly 36 sized heavenly boobs.
Likewise i was thinking my sister boobs i started masturbation.My hands gone up and down on my cock.I closed partially my eyes of getting pleasure . Suddenly my sister entered the room and she get shocked,but her eyes is full on my 7 inched cock addicted her.She slowly came near me and told me to play the porn video.I played it,seeing that see forgot herslf.sHe Hold my cock in her hands and offered me a blowjob.
Then I slowly removed her trousers and tops. she wore red coloured panty and black coloured bra it invites me to smell it . i am in great eager to remove it. she removed them and gave it to me to smell. WHAT A odour tat was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I kissed her strawberry lips for a long and i smelled her shaved armpit.It smelled like a rose. oh mom what a girl did you gave birth i thought.finally she removed her panty and sucked my cock hard. after that i fingered her wet,hot pussy. my sister moaned loudly as "aaaahaaaah,hhhhmmmmmm,hhhhmmmmmm. at that time my mom returned and saw our god damn thing.
I bowed my head of my mom watched this. But she came near me touched my cock and told nicely 'i also knows about incest sex expereiences, and we should addicted to it.because it is nice and allowed by upcoming generation.She also told that she get jealously whenever i went date with my girlfriend 'joan'. I understood that she wants sex. Suddenly she became un covered..My mom 's bouncing boobs made me astonished.....What a beautiful boobs that was...!!!!!!!!!!!
My mom said us she was a sex teacher teaches us how to have pretty,long sex?She made my sister to sat on my thighs.our both thighs rubbed and we gotup with mood. I feeled so much glad to see my cock near my sister's pussy. then my mom hold my cock and gave me a blowjob. with a small smile sister replied mom"you are the best technician in sex". i kissed my sister breasts infront of my face. i tasted it for a long her big boobs immersed me into it.
her breast odour made my mouth to eat it. her filthy breats made me happy.Then my mom Ordered me with a kiss to insert my cock into my sisters pussy. i inserted it and made sex in doggie style . my mom masturbates herself seeing us.


my cock rushed into the wet pussy of my sister and she moaned loudly. my mom kissed her lips ansd adviced her to control the pleasure.My cock played an in or out game in her pussy
and her pussy released the wet liquid.
then me and my mom fucked for a long. that was a wonderfull evening.

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2014-06-30 07:51:34
This story sucked

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2013-09-03 06:44:27
I will keep sucking cock I love dick call me if u want me to to suck ur com I CA take more than 12in down my throat I swallow a good load

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2013-09-03 06:43:54
I will keep sucking cock I love dick call me if u want me to to suck ur com I CA take more than 12in down my throat I swallow a good load

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2013-07-06 03:21:46
wht a shit story was not worth reading

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2012-04-20 19:20:42
Man u can't write worth shit. But is was a good story. I laughted at all the mistakes and belive me u had a lot. So u can guess I laughted a lot.

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