Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.
Part I

Charlie and Janet had been married three years and they were a fun loving couple who enjoyed living life to its fullest. He was a successful business-to-business salesman for a local company and she was a loan closer for a large Texas regional bank. They purchased a home less than a year after they married in a suburb west of Dallas six miles from DFW International Airport. They were industrious and worked hard and played hard. They had more than enough money to satisfy their obligations along with money to spend for those things that interested them. Charlie had money when they were married.

Janet was a pretty, yet practical young wife, although she often thought of herself more as a girl than the desirable woman she had become. Men constantly ogled her and checked out her attractive face and intriguing figure, although she remained oblivious of their interests. She was twenty-six years old, but she still was often asked for her driver’s license when she stopped at the liquor store to buy a bottle of wine for dinner or carded when they went clubbing. She stood five feet six inches tall with strawberry blonde hair that she wore around her shoulders except when she ran at night. She had been on the track team in high school and she loved to run. Her measurements were 34C/25/36 and she weighed a hundred and twenty-four pounds. She had sparkling blue eyes that were bright, inquisitive and unintentionally sexy. Janet’s easy-going, almost sensual smile had grown out of an impish pixie like grin she’d had since a small girl. Her firm breasts rode high on her chest and her thick nipples, which were unusually sensitive, capped mocha colored aureoles. She was what her mother described as “long wasted” and her narrow waist widened above a delightful ass to curvaceous hips on her long, muscular legs.

Janet had not been easy or sexually promiscuous, experienced except for one noteworthy exception, when she had met her husband. However, judged her by her sensuous face and seductive figure most men thought she’d been around the block more than once. Something about her made her exude sexuality without a conscious effort on her part. That’s not to say she was totally innocent about sex. She had a unique talent for pleasing a guy, which she’d acquired as a freshman at Mesquite High School. She’d grown up in a lower middle class home, but her had parents preached ‘family values’ and she hadn’t been permitted to associate with those teenagers her parent’s considered to be fast or promiscuous. Her father worked nights for the evening newspaper and pitched on their softball team, told racist jokes and he was a bigot. Since her parents didn’t have money, Janet had worked summers while attending community college in Dallas and later in Austin when she’d attended the University of Texas.

When Janet was in the ninth grade she dated a senior linebacker on their state championship football team, one of the team captains. She had never been on a ‘car date’ before David and she had limited dating experience when he’d first asked her to go to a movie. In fact, no boy had ever touched her maturing young breasts before David. The first time she allowed him to take her bra off and he had sucked her nipples she’d become highly aroused and Janet was a very passionate girl. They dated most of his senior year and he tried every way possible to get into her panties. Eventually she became comfortable enough with him to let him play with her pussy and he’d managed to finger fuck her to orgasm on a number of occasions, but she didn’t let him fuck her. His crowning achievement had been to convince her to play with his large dick. She began to jack him off and then his continuous urging coupled with her natural curiosity led her to perform oral sex upon him. She’d been curious about guys and he helped her satisfy her curiosity. They made out when they had the chance and after she had sucked his dick the first couple of times she realized that a sense of empowerment came over her when she sucked a guy’s dick. She had control of him and she could tease him and lead him along and determine when he’d cum. She learned she loved sucking a hard dick and the power she felt when she had a guy’s dick in her mouth and she became exceptionally good it. She learned that ‘swallowing a guy’s cum was the icing on the cake for her’ as she told her husband years later. She had always been a ‘swallower’ and not a ‘spitter’ and guy's liked that.

Her senior year of high school she graduated tenth in her graduating class and by that time she’d sucked a lot of dicks and become a true professional, although she didn’t know it. At both her local community college and at UT Austin, she continued her unique avocation in this area. One night while at UT Janet had been at a club with several of her sorority sisters and she sucked off seven guys who were Kappa Sig’s. She had not even known four of them, but they waited in line for their turn with her and she had not disappointed them. Most guys found it more satisfying if a girl didn’t quit sucking their dicks as soon as they began cumming in her mouth. They liked to watch a girl who was eager to swallow their cum. She didn’t stop to think about it, but sucking guy’s cocks was probably why she hadn’t been fucked like her girlfriends. By the time she met Charlie she’d been to bed with only one guy and he hadn’t been concerned with her satisfaction so she was sexually untapped.

She loved to suck Charlie’s seven and a half inch dick and she’d told him, “His penis was the perfect size.” Janet had always been shy and a little self-conscious especially about feminine hygiene. So she had gone to great efforts to insure that she was always clean and without any odor that some girl’s had. The first time Charlie had gone down on her he learned she’d had the sweetest tasting pussy he’d ever eaten and he’d really enjoyed it. Not to mention that Janet could orgasm easily and repeatedly. Each orgasm she experienced insured that her next orgasm would be more both quicker to occur and more intense. Licking her clit drove her crazy and she preferred that it be licked ‘gently and very quickly’. Charlie loved oral sex with her and sometimes they would sixty-nine for hours. He made her orgasm repeatedly when he went down on her and he enjoyed listening to her moaning underneath him as she climaxed. He had great stamina and after she’d experienced eight or ten orgasms he would fuck her silly. However, while she enjoyed intercourse with him, she had never had an orgasm on his cock.

Charlie came home one evening in May and told her, “To get her bathing suit, he’d signed them up to take scuba lessons.” She was excited! He’d done this for their anniversary. She was very pleased with her husband’s thoughtfulness. She’d told him when they married, “She wanted to learn to scuba dive.” That evening they attended their first class at a dive shop in Carrolton, Texas. At the dive shop they filled out a bunch of forms and had their pictures taken before they purchased their masks, snorkels, fins and booties. Janet’s two-piece bathing suit wasn’t a bikini but her erect nipples and camel toe were glaringly apparent to every male in the class. They talked with the other students in their class after they completed their compulsory swim and then changed out of their wet bathing suits. Janet drew her normal amount of male attention. She never wore a bra except to work; she didn’t like them and didn’t need one. She’d put on a pair of shorts, which displayed her toned legs and a sleeveless blouse and combed her wet hair back out of her face into a ponytail. The best part about her blouse was the fact that her ripe breasts swung freely underneath it and with the angle cut and looseness under her arms every male in the class was provided with an excellent view of her ripe tits. They went to class two times a week, completed simple homework assignments and learned basic underwater skills in their swimming pool. The two instructors were attentive to this attractive young woman and eager to help her with any of her underwater exercises where she might need assistance. But, she was an excellent swimmer and a good student and she didn’t require any assistance much to their disappointment. Three weeks later, after an ‘open water’ weekend at Lake Travis, they were certified as Open Water Divers. In July they took an advanced class and were certified as Advanced Divers. They scheduled their first blue water diving trips for Mexico and Honduras the following September and October.

Charlie and Janet had a great sex life. He was ten years older than her and he’d always been a little obsessive-compulsive in his personality; he definitely was obsessive when it came to sex. He surprised her with lovemaking skills she knew nothing about. Since he was years older and had been married previously there wasn’t a lot about sex he didn’t know and he never failed to satisfy her sexual needs. He was only five feet ten inches tall and weighed one hundred and seventy pounds. However, he’d worked out all his life and he was very muscular. His blue eyes and brown hair, and knowing, confident look had drawn her to him much as he had attracted many other women. He’d attended a well-known private university in Dallas where he had earned two degrees along with academic honors. His engaging personality and sharp mind constantly captivated her intelligence, as well. They were happy with each other and she was grateful that she’d met him following his divorce from a previous marriage.
Charlie had been married to a girl named Linda who he’d married after he’d completed his enlistment in the army. Linda was a very attractive brunette who had graduated from the same school he’d attended six years earlier. She’d been a cheerleader and a Homecoming Queen and her measurements were 36D/23/36. She had a body like the proverbial brick shithouse and oozed sex appeal. They’d been married for seven years and Charlie had shared her with a few of his friends and he’d never had to encourage her to have sex with another man. He’d though they loved each other and loved sex and could separate one from the other. He’d enjoyed watching her climaxing on other men’s dicks at which point he’d fuck her, too. She loved sex and she’d enjoyed a couple of threesomes with Charlie. He especially enjoyed fucking her after a few of his friend’s had and her pussy was full of cum. He thought ‘sloppy seconds’ was an extremely interesting experience and they’d enjoyed it, but he’d had no interest in licking another man’s semen out of her. Linda became involved in an affair with a man with whom she worked and when Charlie found out they agreed upon a divorce. He had no regrets about his first marriage and Janet was certainly not Linda. He determined before they married that he wouldn’t share Janet with any other man. But as time went by he found out that old habits were sometimes difficult to overcome.
Charlie remembered the concupiscent thrills he’d enjoyed watching Linda fucking other men. He began to embellish those times and how exciting they had been. Then, he began to wonder what it would be like to share Janet with another man and sometimes when they made love he fantasized that it was not he, but another man making love to her. After fighting an internal battle within himself he finally succumbed to his past.
It was almost a year later when Charlie shocked Janet when he told her, “He wanted to share with her with another man.” They were sitting on the sofa in the living room watching a video and he’d put his arm around her and kissed her neck, looked into her eyes and said, “He wanted to watch her making love with another man.” He explained to her, “Since he was ten years older than her and ‘he’d been around’ and he thought it only fair.” Janet wasn’t ready for that and she didn’t know how to respond to him.
Janet quickly asked Charlie, “Do you want to be with another woman?” He responded, “Not at all, I’m talking about you Sweetheart, not me. You’ve only been with one other man besides me and fleetingly at that. I think if you have the opportunity to experiment with a few other men in a non-threatening environment, you’d enjoy it,” and he commented, self-deprecatingly, “I don’t know everything there is when it comes to sex, perhaps you’ll learn something you can teach me.” She thought he must have really thought this through because he told her, “She was extremely hot and it wasn’t her fault that she’d missed out on a lot of things growing up with her strict parents.” Then he said, “Personally, I think the more experience you have the better sex will be between us. I don’t want you to feel I don’t think it’s not great. I just think you might enjoy the opportunity. I love you and I know you love me and I’m secure in that. I think you can separate love and sex from each other.” In short, her husband surprised her more than he’d known. Janet replied, “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in that,” and then she paused a moment before she said, “At least right now, but I’ll think about it.”

In truth, she’d put him off. But, she couldn’t forget what they’d discussed or put it totally out of her mind. She thought about it from time to time and the more she thought about it, the more turned on she became. She’d have been the first to admit her sexual experiences had been severely limited; compared to Charlie that was an understatement. He’d come from an upper middle class background and with his good looks and persuasive personality he’d been with lots of women and he’d been married. Sometimes they made love for a couple of hours and he’d wear her out in bed. In truth, he wanted to watch his wife with another man, as he had with Linda, but she didn’t know that. Over the next six months Janet realized she’d become more interested in her husband’s proposal than she’d first realized. For the first time in her life she became conscious of other men checking her out. Several men had even caught her staring at them and had smiled at her. She’d blushed and Janet looked especially attractive when she blushed. Then, when they were out in public, Charlie began to call her attention to particular men and ask her if she found them to be attractive? Sometimes this subject was the sole topic of their conversation when they were in public together until Janet learned her husband would get off the subject when she agreed that a certain man was attractive and appealed to her.

Charlie continued to pressure her to fulfill his fantasy although he knew it was wrong. He took Janet to several adult bookstores not far from where they lived. She found that to be an eye opening experience for a sheltered young woman who’d grown up in a puritanical, bordering on strict, home environment. She saw other couples and even women in these bookstores and that had made her feel a little more comfortable. She was embarrassed and surprised as she looked at all the different sex toys along with a seemingly endless supply of videos and lubricants, whips, blindfolds, restraints and even women’s clothing. They looked through some of the videos and DVD’s and Charlie rented a half dozen of them. When they viewed them Janet couldn’t forget the things she’d seen, many of which excited her. After that visit, Charlie began to bring more videos home for her to watch from time to time.

Janet found these DVD's and tapes stimulating and she was naturally curious. She’d always been extremely passionate and she possessed a strong sex drive. Growing up, she began to masturbate in the sixth grade and she loved it. She masturbated in the bathtub every night, sometimes for over an hour. She had mixed emotions when he began to bring home different sex toys for her, but after she’d used a couple of them and experienced heated orgasms she changed her mind. She found she really liked several of them. Several nights a week Charlie set out her favorite vibrator, which was her Magic Wand, along with several dildos and the latest tapes and tells her, "To get naked." He told her, “Put on a robe if she felt more comfortable, at least, until he left. But, he wanted her to watch the tapes and experiment with her toys while he worked out.” He worked out at Gold’s Gym not far from their house four nights a week. He told her, “When I get home I want to make love and I’ll see you in an hour and a half.” When he returned they made love and since she was already primed and they had great sex.

She watched unbelievably well-endowed black men fucking very hot young white women. She watched a lot of interracial sex with black men, some of whom she found quite attractive. These beautiful white women would usually suck the black men’s dicks while they played with the women’s clits and engaged in what she’d call ‘foreplay’. Janet referred to these men’s dicks as ‘donkey dicks’ because they were huge. She had been surprised to see a large number of the women wearing wedding rings. She didn't know how these women could take dicks that large inside their vaginas. Some were as big as her arm. Janet wondered how a dick that big would feel inside her own vagina.

In some videos the women’s husbands were with them. They had to be married because of their wedding rings and she watched closely as the women often choked and gagged on the unbelievably large black cocks they were sucking. In many videos, she saw their husbands watching and masturbating at the same time. Their white dicks were much smaller than the black men’s dicks. In other videos, ‘husbands’ sucked the wife’s lover’s black cock before they fucked their wives. In some videos white husbands guided a black man’s oversized cock into the white woman’s pussy. In many videos, she watched husbands licking their wife’s pussy after a black man had filled it with his cum. They were actually eating the black men’s sperm out of their women! She was certain the women weren’t faking their orgasms; their curled toes and the look of sheer ecstasy upon their faces said it all. They had to be experiencing out of this world orgasms. She didn’t know how they could take dicks that size, but they sure seemed to be in heaven.

She also watched a lot of beautiful girls making out with other girls and she quickly became turned on. When she’d been thirteen she’d taken a bath with her cousin, Susan, and stroking each other in the bathtub had created strange, but wonderful feelings inside both of them. Then, she saw these girls pleasing each other and often they engaged in ‘sixty-nines’, her favorite number. Girls talking to other girls were soon kissing and making out with them even if one of them didn’t want to at first. The girls would be kissing and caressing each other before they began to run their hands over each other and then they took their clothes off. Soon their deep kissing evolved into sucking each other’s breasts and nipples and then they were fingering each other. Janet became especially excited when they began to lick each other’s clits and she’d turn her Magic Wand on ‘high’ and pretend she was one of them. For some reason, the idea of making love with another woman turned her on a great deal and she knew after her experience with Susan she’d like to have sex with another woman. She didn't share that with Charlie, but she would cum again and again. When Charlie got home from the gym they’d make love and it was always great.

She knew he was serious when he continued to bring up the idea of ‘sharing her’ with another man. He explained, “It would make sex better for both of them and he said it would turn both of them on”. One of the reasons she was thinking about it all the time now was because he brought the subject up so much, especially when they were making love and she was about to orgasm. He’d tell her to fantasize it was someone she’d met who she’d found particularly attractive or some man in one of the videos she’d watched that she liked and he was making her cum. He’d always been persuasive and he was beginning to sell her on his idea. She understood why he was such a good salesman.

Charlie began to buy her all kinds of La Mer makeup, which she knew was very expensive. He bought her lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, glitter and expensive perfumes. There were several different levels of Revlon lipstick that Revlon made. He always bought her the top of the line and she had a glass bowl on her granite makeup counter in the master bath filled with every lipstick Revlon made. He bought her sexy, quite revealing clothing; miniskirts, see-thru blouses, pantyhose, and even a large selection of dancewear and club wear. He even bought her several whips and a couple of pair of handcuffs, thumb cuffs, and a spreader bar and a few other bondage items. She was uncertain where that came from.

They had a cedar pergola on their patio in the backyard. One week, Charlie brought her a few BDSM videos and she watched them intently. She didn’t like pain but control over another person seemed interesting. The next night, he’d had her chain him to their pergola, naked. His back faced their patio door so he couldn’t look inside. She’d handcuffed his hands over his head and placed a spreader bar between his ankles and chained them to cedar six by six timbers. She put a ball-gag in his mouth that she tied behind his head. At that point Janet felt an internal sensation of power radiate through her. Her husband was at her mercy and she liked the feeling of power she held over him. She whipped him like his Mistress had once done, maybe even a little harder. He was tough and she wanted to see him flinch, but he didn’t. They’d agreed in advance after she ‘disciplined’ him she’d shut the patio door and leave him chained outside, naked. She’d go inside and watch either BDSM videos again or some interracial videos. He’d brought several videos home where a white couple entertained ‘a black bull’ whatever that was. Once she’d watched the videos while using her toys she’d come outside and have him lick her pussy and then they’d make love.

She didn’t feel like watching any videos, at least not that night. She was in control of her husband that evening and she enjoyed it. After she’d ‘disciplined’ him she smiled at him and went inside and took all her clothes off. She touched up her makeup and went back outside, naked herself, ‘to check on him’. She smiled inwardly as she saw his eyes widen appreciatively when he looked at her. Her sensuous face, luscious breasts capped by mocha colored aureoles and oversized nipples tapering to her narrow waist, pink pussy and tight ass was too much. She smiled at him, and shook her head, ‘No”, before she lay down on their chase lounge in front of him. She smiled suggestively and spread her long legs wide apart as her hands traveled over her body. She sucked on her fingers and rubbed her saliva around one nipple and then the other nipple, which grew even more erect. She sucked on the fingers of her right hand before it dipped between her thighs to her pussy and she began stroking her clit. She sucked her fingers again and her fingers began to move faster over her clit. She sucked on her fingers again and now they moved more rapidly over her clit and she closed her eyes as she moved her fingers even faster over her clit. Then she licked the fingers of her left hand and while she masturbated herself with her right hand she began to fuck her pussy with the fingers of her left hand. Charlie’s cock stood straight out from his body pointing toward their fence, which separated their house from their neighbors. Now, his young wife supported herself only on her shoulders and heels while her hand furiously rubbed her swollen clit. The veins in her neck and in her forehead stood out as she began to uncontrollably fuck her tight ass upwards again and again on the fingers of her left hand that she buried in her pussy. Janet was cumming, violently cumming.

She fell back upon the lounge, but she kept her fingers inside her pussy. In less than a minute she licked her fingers and then she resumed moving them rapidly over her swollen clit. From time to time, she’d pause and lick her fingers and then resume masturbating. Within five minutes she was cumming on her fingers again only much more intensely this time. Then, she fell back onto the chaise lounge, breathing heavily. She rested a minute and then resumed the abuse of her almost pea sized clit. Slower, faster, slower, faster, Janet teased her clit and her husband, not necessarily in that order. This went on for about fifteen minutes until only shoulders and heels supported her again as her body arced off the couch. Fingers flew over her clit and then her she began fucking upwards on those fingers once again as she exploded in another massive orgasm. She fell back upon the chaise lounge and rested for a few minutes and then she opened her eyes and smiled lewdly at her husband as she removed her fingers from her pussy and put them in her mouth and sucked on them, tasting herself.

Janet walked over to her husband and took his stiff dick and said, “Looks like you have a problem.” She began to jack him off and he struggled, he wanted to fuck her. She looked up at him and shook her head, “No” and smiled as she jacked him off faster and faster. She lowered her head and took only the very tip of his throbbing cock into her mouth and sucked him hard before she resumed jacking him off. After twenty minutes she felt his hard dick grow larger and harder and she squeezed it hard and smiled at him. She continued jacking him off, only much faster, and within a few minutes his dick erupted, spewing thick spurts of semen into the night toward the fence that separated their yard from their neighbors. She continued jacking him off until he stopped cumming. That was the last time he suggested any discipline or bondage games to her.

Part II

They began to go to swinging singles clubs essentially ‘meat markets’ that’s what she’d called them in Austin. They went every weekend and most of the girls were hot, if not a little cheap, and the guys were buff or horny or both. She began to notice that different men were checking her out. Charlie had bought her sexy tops, short skirts and several complete outfits of revealing clothing. She’d never had anything like this in her sheltered life. They went shopping together and she found some clothing at Kohl’s and Dillards that she liked. She discovered if she looked in the Juniors Department for something teenage girls wore, it often would be quite sexy on her. He told her to put her make up on a lot heavier than she ordinarily would have. She never wore a bra except to work and he knew he wasn’t the only guy who enjoyed looking at her breasts and erect nipples. He made a point of telling her not to wear one anyway. He wanted her to show off her assets and he secretly wanted to make her look like a whore. He didn’t understand why, but for some reason the thought excited him. Janet had been excited, too. She’d never done anything like this before and she found it exciting.

Janet was a dancing fool and she began to look forwards to going out every weekend. They’d explored different clubs and Charlie was always looking for a club ‘hotter’ than the ones where they’d been. He looked for clubs where a large number of single men hung out that were popular. He reasoned that type of club drew good-looking women and his wife was a very good-looking woman. They were at a club one weekend when she wanted to dance to a particular song and he said, “Sure.” They walked onto the dance floor and she learned very quickly that her husband didn’t know how to dance, at all. He thought he did, but he really didn’t. She tried to teach him and he tried hard to learn, but it was as if he had two left feet.

However, they continued to go clubbing every weekend. One evening he’d gone to the men’s room when the disc jockey happened to play one of her favorite songs. She wanted to dance badly when this good-looking guy saw her sitting by herself and asked her to dance. She smiled her normally sensuous smile at him and said, “I’d love to dance with you.” She was having so much fun dancing with him that when Charlie returned to their table and she wasn’t there he thought she’d gone to the ladies room. He finally spotted her during a slow song when she smiled and waved at him. His dick hardened immediately when he saw an attractive man holding her against him. When the guy brought her back to their table she introduced him to her husband. On the way home he told her that he’d been surprised at how aroused he’d become watching her dancing.

He suggested that since he didn’t know how to dance and she loved it as much as she did that she could dance with other men. She agreed with him, since she loved to dance. She replied, “She wouldn’t argue with that. He knew how much she enjoyed dancing.” But, when she tried to find other men to dance with her, she didn’t have any luck. She even asked a few guys on her own and Charlie realized how deflating that it must have been to her ego when one guy told her, “Later.” He was determined to find a way where she could dance with other men. He couldn’t understand it. His wife may not have been gorgeous, but she was extremely good looking.

She thought about their situation and said, “The night that man asked me to dance I was sitting by myself; you weren’t with me.” When we walk into a club together, no one will ask me to dance. The following weekend they were on their way to a club that was rumored to be a ‘hot club’ when Charlie had an idea. He suggested to her that he drop her off at the club’s entrance and she go in by herself. After he’d parked their car, he’d come into the club and buy a drink and just watch. She told him, “If I’m dancing with a guy and having a good time I don’t want you to come up to us and bother me.” He replied, “You know I wouldn’t do that. I want to watch you having a good time with other men who know how to dance because you enjoy it so much. I like watching you, anyway. I’ll buy a drink or two and chill while watching you and other couples dancing.” He gave her twenty dollars to buy a couple drinks and dropped her off at entrance to the club and told her to, “Have fun.”

She was wearing a short gold skirt, which ended about four inches above her knees that evening and it looked sexy on her tanned legs. With her tan she didn’t wear hose and she didn’t need them. She wasn’t wearing panties, either. Charlie had argued with her for six weeks before she caved and finally agreed not to wear any. She wore an especially revealing beige knit top. He’d bought her two identical tops in Mexico that she’d liked and both of them had recognized how hot she looked wearing them. Her top was loose at the bottom and ended above her waist, which left some of her slim tanned stomach exposed. It buttoned down the front and the knitting was in small squares, which you could easily see through. He suggested she leave the top three buttons unbuttoned, which left half of her delicious breasts exposed. Without a bra her large mocha colored aureoles and thick nipples were visible, but they’d reasoned most nightclubs were a little dark, anyway. Besides, she’d observed many women wearing equally provocative clothing.

As soon as she entered the club a good looking man asked her to join him and his companion at their table. She was checking her coat when they invited her to sit with them. She saw that the club was crowded and she’d have to wait for a table if she didn’t, so she accepted his invitation. The music was loud and eclectic and she liked the club’s atmosphere. It reminded her of a club where she’d danced in Austin. She’d already had a double Long Island Tea at home so she was already a little loose. The men asked her what she was drinking and when she told them they asked the waitress to bring her another Long Island Tea. One man asked her to dance and led her out onto the dance floor. He was a pretty good dancer and she was having more fun dancing with him than she’d had in a long time.

His friend interrupted them shortly and announced, “It was his turn to dance with her.” So she danced with him for a while and she enjoyed being with him, too. She’d didn’t see Charlie, but she wasn’t concerned. He’d be there watching out for her as he always did. Janet was having fun and Charlie had found a table and he was happy. He’d been pissed off when as attractive a woman as his wife was no men had asked her to dance. Watching her it seemed to him that she was beginning to really get wound up and she seemed to enjoy all the male attention she was getting. Those guys were fawning all over her, he thought to himself. Why shouldn’t they? She was one of the hottest women in the club.

The two men she had met had given Janet’s ego a big boost although she didn’t realize it at the time. Soon, she was dancing with the first guy again and as he held her against him she felt his erection brush against her abdomen through the sheer material of her skirt. She didn’t realize that her pussy was wet, but that could have been the alcohol. The club was crowded and Janet was hot, almost perspiring. When they sat down she finished the drink she’d been drinking. When their waitress walked by their table one of the men ordered another round of drinks. Janet felt really good since she had a serious buzz going. She didn’t hear the man tell their waitress, “She wants a double,” referring to Janet. She didn’t pay any attention to the younger of the two men when his leg pressed against her own. And, when she didn’t move her leg the man placed his hand upon her thigh, but she didn’t stop him. Instead, she’d smiled at him. These guys were just cutting loose and having a good time.

The first guy went to the bathroom and in a little while came back with another man whom he introduced to Janet. He’d brought her another Long Island Tea. She told him laughingly, “She couldn’t drink anymore. She already had a buzz going,” but she enjoyed all of their attention and took it anyway. She walked onto the dance floor with Shawn, his friend. Shawn’s hand was on her waist under her top as he led her to a corner of the dance floor. He was a lot better looking than either of the men with whom she’d been dancing. Shawn had what her girlfriend, Rita, who always got her in trouble with her folks, called ‘bedroom eyes.’ Of course, Rita should know, she had gone to bed with enough men. Shawn held her close to him and she felt his big dick rubbing intimately against her stomach, almost against her pussy, through the thin fabric of her gold skirt. He was a little bit forward, she thought, but she liked the way it felt against her. She knew she had turned him on and that made her feel good. His continued contact began to affect her, but she maintained her contact with him, anyway. Without realizing it, she was becoming sexually aroused, herself. Shawn’s hand held her against him and casually caressed and cupped her ass from time to time. She had a great ass so she enjoyed it when his hand cupped her ass cheeks and she just smiled although she probably should have told him, “No.” She had not had much to eat before they left home and the alcohol was beginning to get to her.

She must have had three Long Island Teas, she thought or had it been four, not counting what she’d had at home? Well, it didn’t matter. What was important was that she was having more fun than she’d had in a long time. They were dancing to a slow song in a secluded corner of the crowded club away from the main dance floor. Shawn’s hand was gently caressing her neck when his other hand, which had been at her waist moved up under her loose top. Before she could say, “don’t,” his hand began squeezing and kneading her sensitive breasts, teasing her thick, sensitive nipples, which were already erect. She knew she got into trouble when she let a guy do that, but it had been too long since she’d been with anyone besides her husband. She thought he couldn’t see them, anyway, not where they were dancing. Shawn pinched and twisted her sensitive nipples and he heard her moan softly somewhere deep in her throat.

Shawn concentrated on Janet’s turgid nipples, teasing them between his thumbs and forefingers. He heard her breathing increase and she moved slightly away from him to allow his hands greater freedom of movement. He looked into her sensuous face and knew she wanted him to continue. He felt her body against his and he knew his hands were turning her on. In less than a minute she placed her hands on top of his as if to say, “That’s nice, don’t stop.” His dick hardened in his pants even more and he smiled suggestively at the hot young woman dancing in front of him. Janet watched Shawn casually unbutton the two remaining buttons of her short top. Her top was now completely open, hanging loosely from her shoulders. “Damn,” he thought to himself, this was his lucky night. “She is fucking ravishing and she wants it badly, I’m going to fuck her brains out!” Her ripe breasts capped by mocha colored aureoles and thick nipples were inches from his face. She moved closer to him and put her arms around his neck before placing her right on the back of his head and arching her back towards him. She had lifted her breasts and offered them to him! He lowered his face to her chest and his mouth closed upon the thick nipple of her right breast sucking on it long and hard and he felt it swell and grow rigid in his mouth before he moved to her other breast. His mouth and tongue passionately sucked each of her sensitive nipples, first one and then the other and then they were all over her swollen breasts. Janet’s head rolled backwards, her eyes closed and mouth open, as she ground her hips shamelessly against Shawn’s swollen dick to the music’s primeval beat.

She knew she should be ashamed, but she loved having her nipples sucked. Damn, she thought to herself, I’ve missed this so much. It was bizarre, but she enjoyed his mouth, lips, tongue, and teeth on her breasts. She knew she should stop him but she didn’t want to. It felt so good and it had been way too long since a different man had done this to her. She’d missed feeling the way she felt at this moment she thought and besides, her husband wanted her to enjoy it. She’d forgotten how much she liked men. She wasn’t aware she’d lost all track of time or that she’d been with these men for over three hours.

Charlie was pleased; he enjoyed watching his wife, when he could see her. He realized he had never lost his voyeuristic tendencies and he didn’t care. She finally broke away from Shawn’s embrace and smiled at him sensuously as she buttoned her top or tried to before she told him she needed to sit down. When he walked her back to their table her legs were shaking so much he had to help steady her. She sat down briefly and thanked all of the men who’d bought her drinks and who she’d danced with during the evening. Shawn tried to get her to leave with him but she smiled and said, “No.” They asked for her telephone number and she gave them a fake number, which they’d find out was phony as soon as they tried to call her.

She looked around and saw her husband and walked a little unsteadily over to where he sat. He noticed she was perspiring. Rivulets of sweat ran between her breasts and down her cheeks. Her face was flushed and he could see she was really buzzed. Only one button of her top had been re-buttoned and it barely held her skimpy top on. He loved her to wear that sexy top, which accentuated the contour of her ripe breasts. She didn’t tell him that Shawn had sucked her aching nipples or how hot he’d made her or how much she’d enjoyed grinding her pussy against a strange dick for a change. She’d teased him shamelessly. He’d thought he was going to fuck her. Her pussy needed to be fucked, badly, but Charlie would take care of that.

He took his wife’s hand and placed it discreetly on his hard cock. Janet slurred to him, “Every man in this club including my husband has a hard dick.” They were sitting in a booth while he finished his drink and he had his hand on her thigh. He put his hand under her short skirt on her labia and then he put three fingers inside her slick pussy. She smiled at him and whispered, “Yeah, they made me wet. I need to be fucked so take me home and fuck me.” They both knew she’d enjoyed being with the men and that turned Charlie on. They got their coats and left the club. He told her how hot she looked dancing as they drove home. When they got home he told her once again, “You really looked hot dancing with them, especially with the last guy. All three of them wanted to fuck you.” Janet grinned. She smiled sensually at him and said, “I know, one of them even told me he did and I almost wanted him too” She didn’t share anything else with him about Shawn. She’d really enjoyed the way he’d sucked her nipples so passionately.

When they made love that evening and he went down on her, he told her, “I want you to think about those guys. I want you to fantasize that the third guy you danced with is licking your pussy, not me. When you cum I want you to think about Shawn and his hard dick. I want you to pretend he’s making you cum. Then, I want you to imagine that all three of them fucked you and then you sucked each of their dicks so you could make them hard so they could fuck you again. Fantasize that one of them is fucking you doggy style while you’re sucking each of his friends off. When he cums inside you his friend takes his place… You are cumming on their dicks and your pussy is leaking their cum all over your ass and onto the bed.” Every time she came that evening, she came violently and her orgasms were unusually intense while she thought about the stranger who’d sucked her tits and what her husband had said. This was the first time she’d fantasized about fucking other men while her husband was making love to her, but it wouldn’t be the last. At the time, she didn’t understand why it excited her the way it did.

They continued going to swinging singles clubs and Charlie dropped her off at the club’s entrance and she went in by herself. They decided that was the reason why other men had not asked her to dance. She danced with lots of different men now. Her parents never permitted her to go out with ‘fast guys’ growing up, but she danced with them every weekend. She was surprised to find she enjoyed being with them. She knew her libido was being constantly stimulated as a result of what she’d been exposed to and she was only human. Janet thought about her husband’s discussion of ‘sharing her’. While she wasn’t to the point of granting her husband his request, she’d been leaning that way for a long time, now. She’d thought about it so much now that she thought of little else. She thought perhaps she was trying to psych herself into taking that step. She had no problem with a caress here and there and even a little kiss or two with a man she liked. Charlie had been right; things were sure hot in bed for them afterwards.

Part III

She’d recently read an article in Cosmopolitan about the reason a woman’s sexual desire for her husband diminishes over time. The article went on to state that it was absolutely normal for a wife to experience a very real increase in her sexual desire for other men. Janet knew her sexual desires were increasing and would continue to increase. Evidence clearly suggested that a married woman was instinctively inclined to seek a variety of sexual partners while a man’s sexual drive was easily manipulated and a single partner could satisfy him. The article went on to explain that men can get nearly the same level of satisfaction from masturbating as they do by completing a sexual act with a woman while this wasn’t true in the case of women. Further, a man would do anything for his wife responding to the hint of male competition, real or imagined. A wife could literally write the rules for her marriage, which would satisfy both her and her husband and permit her to enjoy multiple sexual partners. Bringing another man or men into their marriage allowed the wife to alter her husband’s behavior even while she enjoyed her sexual liaisons. Janet became convinced after reading that article and solidified her decision; she wanted to enjoy sex with other men. That was only normal for a healthy woman and it was irrelevant if she happened to be married or single. Now she was trying to formulate the best time, place and rationale to explain ‘why she’d changed her mind and explain she wanted to do as he’d suggested’ several months earlier.

Janet began to experiment with her makeup; lipsticks, foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara and eye liner and her hair as she looked for new ways to enhance her appearance while she thought more and more about the men she liked and wanted, ‘to broaden her horizons with’. Enhance her appearance? She was looking for different ways to appear more seductive. Most men looking her over seemed to indicate by their reaction to her that she was already seductive enough. She enjoyed watching porn now and was really interested in trying some of the things she’d seen. She was eager to get going. She’d started out tentatively enough but now she didn’t think twice about ‘accidentally’ touching a guy’s dick. She felt like a kid in a candy shop. She could look at the candy and there were so many choices and they were all hers. Several men had unzipped their slacks and placed her hand on their hard dicks and she’d played with them. She knew that left both of them wanting more, but she’d had fun. She discussed a little of this with Charlie but not in detail or the number of men she’d done this with. On the other side of that coin she’d let most guys she liked play with her breasts and several nights when she really liked a guy, she’d let him play with her pussy. One memorable evening when she’d had a little too much to drink she danced with two guys at the same time and they took turns finger fucking her until one of them made her cum. After she’d climaxed with him the other guy wouldn’t be content until he had made her orgasm, too. She liked these guys; they were always cutting up and having fun. She danced with them every time she ran into them.

Charlie began to wash and clean the master bath for Janet every weekend, now. What she found to be of interest was that when he performed this little task of his he would be naked? Several times she noticed he’d had an erection. It seemed to her that his activity he performed for her turned him on sexually. He changed the bulbs in her vanity lights to blue or red from white above her granite makeup counter, which he’d polished. He washed her counter sinks along with her bathtub and filled it with bubble bath. He lit candles and sprayed incense throughout the room and he turned some sensuous music on for her to listen to as she bathed and applied her makeup. He even ironed several of her skirts and blouses when asked. He began to leave a copy of the latest Playgirl magazine on the side of the tub for her. The atmosphere he created was pleasurably sensual. He’d make her a Long Island Tea or whatever drink she wanted to enjoy while she took her bath and shaved her pussy. She had surprised him several months earlier by shaving her pussy and he loved her new ‘baby look’. Janet preferred her bathroom door be closed when she took a bath and said, “She got cold if the door was left open”. She didn’t hear him one evening when he was bringing a drink to her. He quietly entered the bathroom and stopped abruptly and quickly backed out of the room. She was holding the Playgirl magazine he’d left by the side of her tub in her left hand looking at a picture of some stud’s large dick while furiously masturbating with her right hand. Fortunately she didn’t see him and embarrassed, he’d quickly exited her bathroom.

One evening they were at Kempis’s, a club located in the basement of the Hotel Continental. Janet had been dancing with a man she’d met while Charlie watched approvingly from across the dance floor. He saw her place her hand flirtatiously on the guy’s shoulder and whisper into his ear seductively. “She’s becoming a real prick tease,” he laughed to himself. She saw him walking in the direction of the men’s room. She was hot from dancing so much and wanted to order a drink. She began to walk off the dance floor. When she walked by a table at the edge of the dance floor a handsome black man wearing a white turtle necked sweater stood up. He smiled at her and she smiled sensuously back at him and he took her arm and led her back onto the dance floor. He told her his name was Kevin and he asked her, “Where she’d been all his life?” She couldn’t help but laugh at that old line. Still, it was funny. Somehow she felt drawn toward this black man and he made her want to reach out to him to find out what it was about him that made her feel this way. She found him tempting and seductive at the same time. She couldn’t say what it was, but he’d stirred something deep within her.

Charlie looked in Janet’s direction and noticed that she was dancing with a good-looking black man. She was laughing and he was smiling at her as he held her body closely against him. They looked great dancing together and it was apparent she enjoyed being with him. He didn’t know why he’d turned her on as much as he had but the way she clung to him made his dick hard just watching them. They looked extremely hot together. He was a little over six feet tall, solidly built, good-looking with brown eyes and sexy. He wondered if he liked feeling her soft, curvaceous body pressed against his sleek muscular body as he held her against him as much as it looked like she enjoyed it? He had no doubt that the man knew his wife was naked under her cocktail dress. He didn’t know, but he’d have been willing to bet the way she was acting, that her pussy was gushing.

When they danced to a couple of slow songs Janet felt his oversized hardon pressing against her abdomen. If Charlie had not been totally focused on Janet he would not have noticed her hand move between their bodies towards the man’s crotch. He’d almost missed it but her hand stayed in that position while she danced with him. He could tell she was touching him. But, she seemed to be asking him something, too. He wondered to himself, what’s she doing? He didn’t have any idea, but he wondered if the guy had a big dick. He’d heard black men had big dicks, but he didn’t know one personally. Janet looked like she was discussing something with him. What were they talking about?

He realized the black stud must have really turned his wife on. Was it the interracial videos she’d watched or the sex toys he’d purchased for her that she used all the time now? Perhaps it was a combination. Maybe it was the sexy club wear she knew she looked so fucking hot in or maybe it was dancing with all those good looking men who wanted to fuck her that had made her so horny. Maybe it was just the guy she was dancing with. She looked hotter this evening than he’d ever seen her. He knew he’d done everything he could to encourage her. Was it possible that she was going to surprise him tonight?

On the dance floor Janet whispered into Kevin’s ear, “I want you to come over to my house so I can make you feel good.” She wanted to suck his dick and she wanted to swallow his cum. She wasn’t surprised she invited him, she told herself. She needed to suck a strange dick tonight. Kevin asked her if she was by herself and she told him, she was married and she had come here with her husband. She explained; her husband enjoyed watching her with another man. She couldn’t believe she was telling a stranger this, let alone a black man. Kevin explained that he’d brought a friend with him and that posed a potential problem and then he excused himself to go to the men’s room.

Charlie walked up to Janet and asked her what was going on? She told him, “She’d invited Kevin over to their house, and she was going to suck his dick.”

She knew he’d been pleased when he quickly asked her, “Is he coming over?”

About that time Kevin returned from the men’s room. He wanted to talk to Janet again, just the two of them. Charlie replied, “No, Janet invited you over and she wants you to come over to our house. We’re leaving, but she’d like to have you visit her.”

It was December and Dallas can be deceptively cold in the wintertime. They went to get their coats, which they’d checked when they came in. He told Janet, “You invited Kevin over and there wasn’t any reason to discuss it further. He’ll come if he wants to come.” They walked out into the cold, wintry night. The north wind was brutal and Janet was glad her coat was warm because an Arctic cold front had blown in from Canada and she was naked under her cocktail dress. They were walking towards their car when out of nowhere Kevin appeared by Janet’s side. Charlie saw him and smiled as Kevin put his arm around Janet.

They had parked two blocks away and the wind was blowing hard. Janet thought to herself, I’m glad Kevin is here with us. Every ten yards or so Kevin would take her into his arms and kiss her as his hands slipped under her warm coat and squeezed her swollen breasts, teasing her hard sensitive nipples before wandering between her legs. Her lips were so wet and Kevin felt her desire. He didn’t just want this incredibly beautiful white woman to suck his dick; he wanted to fuck her in front of her husband in a way he never had and fill her hungry pussy with his potent seed. He wanted her husband to see his precious little white wife blackened by his huge black dick.

Charlie was ahead of Janet and Kevin and he was in a hurry to get to their SUV. He wanted to get to the damned car and start its powerful engine and warm up the Yukon. The north wind was brutal. Kevin pulled Janet to him once more and his lips were on hers. She opened her mouth accepting his tongue, which entered her mouth and took ownership of her moth as he played with her tongue. She tried to capture his tongue with her lips and she almost bit it as pleasure radiated through her pussy. Two of his muscular black fingers slipped inside her sticky pussy, followed by a third, and a thumb began expertly massaging her clit. She couldn’t believe it; but Kevin was turning her on even further while she was freezing her shapely little ass off and she hated cold weather.

Charlie got to their Yukon, unlocked the doors and turned the engine on. Kevin and Janet got in on the passenger’s side and he moronically commented, “It’s colder than a well digger’s butt in the Klondike, tonight.” Nobody bothered to pay any attention to him and he just as well might not have been there.

Janet cuddled Kevin’s muscular black body against hers and his white cashmere sweater felt warm against the thin material of her cocktail dress. Her hand was on his huge hardon and she quickly began to unbutton his slacks and unzip them as she released his throbbing black cock. She’d never sucked a black cock before, but she’d fantasized about sucking one while using her toys. This was her first time she thought to herself, smiling. A look of disbelief crossed her face when she first saw it. He was so big she couldn’t believe it. It couldn’t be real! She’d always told Charlie, “His cock was perfect,” but it wouldn’t be fair to compare her husband to Kevin because there was no comparison. She was astonished.

This was the biggest penis she’d ever seen. It looked like those she’d seen in the interracial videos she’d watched at home. It was both unusually long and extremely thick and she especially loved the blunt shape of its head, which gave it a menacing look. It was covered with veins; one especially thick one ran down the front of it. She briefly thought to herself; that would rub a girl’s clit, nicely. His thick black cock slapped against his stomach and when she tried to put her hand around it, her fingertips didn’t touch. He was so hard. Her mouth watered the same way your mouth waters when you’re hungry and you smell a delightful odor on a warm stovetop. The difference being she wasn’t hungry; her mouth was watering for this oversized penis. She gasped as experienced black fingers found her wet pussy again and separated her lips before resuming their assault upon clit. She moaned and said, “Ahh that feels good.”

She was glad they’d brought the Yukon instead of her Thunderbird. She eagerly lowered her head and took the blunt head of his black cock into her mouth. She felt like a pig with an apple in its mouth as her lips formed a large oval around it. He was uncircumcised and she had to peel the skin away from its head to suck him the way she felt he would like. She ran her tongue around and around his head, concentrating on that special little spot directly under his cockhead that she knew was so sensitive. She took several more inches into her mouth firmly convinced that quality was better than quantity. Her head bobbed back and forth as she began to drool all over his dick. Then, Kevin slowly fed her several more inches and she tried hard not to choke, she really did. She loved sucking hard dicks, but she’d never been with a guy who had a cock like Kevin’s and this excited her, making her want it even more. Her tongue circled his huge cock again and again and she could feel him growing bigger in her mouth. Kevin’s other hand was on her breasts and he had a nipple in his fingers, roughly squeezing it and then reducing the pressure, before he squeezed it again. Normally, she told Charlie to ‘be gentle’, but she was surprised she liked Kevin’s roughness. She’d completely forgotten about Charlie. Well, he’d have to fend for himself, tonight.

She choked for the first time as Kevin fed her more of his cock and when it hit the back of her throat her eyes watered, but she was like a dog with a bone. She pulled away from him gasping. “Your cock is so big! My hand can’t go around it.”…She was cut off in mid-sentence as Kevin’s dick struck the back of her throat again. She quickly swallowed him and concentrated on breath control. She had missed sucking a hard dick more than she’d realized and she wanted to make Kevin cum. Each time she took his dick into the back of her throat she made a deep gasping sound as she gagged on his enormous penis. She’d never sucked a dick like his before and she was more excited than at any time she could remember. She didn’t care about anything but his dick.

Kevin knew how to satisfy a woman even under these unusual conditions because within five minutes she moaned in surprise, “Aaaaagh, I’m cumming!” She was slobbering all over his dick and apparently getting nowhere. He had not come in her mouth like most of the white guys she’d sucked. He had amazing staying power.

She asked Kevin, “Why haven’t you cum, am I doing something wrong?” Kevin replied, “No, Baby, you’re doing it right.”

She’d taken her coat off when they got into the Yukon. By this time the temperature in the SUV was becoming too hot and all of the darkened windows had fogged over from the inside. Kevin reached behind her neck and unhooked the back of her black cocktail dress. Without thinking Janet wiggled out of it and slipped it over her head. She proudly sat in front of Kevin naked as the day she was born. He smiled seductively at her as he took in her sensuous body. Kevin instantly liked her large mocha colored aureoles and thick nipples. He immediately pulled his white turtle necked sweater over his head and then quickly slipped out of his slacks and shorts. Now Kevin was naked, too and Janet saw he had a beautifully muscled body. Her seat was pushed back as far as it would go and since Charlie had removed the middle seat, it allowed the seat to be tilted until she was in a supine position under Kevin. This had been a great benefit to them when they went on trips and she’d even slept on it in Colorado this past summer. She moved her hand behind Kevin’s head and pulled him down to her tits and his mouth and tongue began teasing her sensitive nipples as she moaned deeply in the back of her throat while both of her hands held and squeezed his huge dick. “So good, he’s so good,” she thought to herself. He lifted his head and kissed her passionately and whispered into her mouth, “You want some black meat inside your little white pussy, don’t you? If I give you what I have for you, Baby, you’re not going to be happy with any more white dick. You won’t want anything but black dick after tonight.”

He was rhythmically rubbing her clit as she softly moaned softly and he kissed her again. She opened her mouth and he pushed his pink tongue inside hers and she eagerly caught it and sucked on it hard. Her whole body was trembling as Kevin sucked one nipple and then the other one before his head was between her thighs and he was licking and then sucking her swollen clit while two muscular fingers fucked in and out of her as he worked hard to stretch her pink pussy. Kevin mimicked what she’d told him earlier, “I want to eat your pussy and make you feel good, too.”

She smiled at Kevin and opened her legs wider as he knelt on the floorboard in front of her. “Thank goodness they’d brought the roomy Yukon”! She thought to herself. Kevin moved his head between her thighs and his mouth attached itself to her pussy. She cried out in pleasure as Kevin’s tongue began to lick and suck her. Her hands held the back of his shaved head against her as he licked her to an intense orgasm. She cried out loudly as she climaxed in his mouth. “So good, so good,” she thought again. Kevin didn’t stop and she was becoming increasingly sensitive as he licked her to a second and then a third orgasm.

She felt her pussy become even juicier as her pussy flowed with liquid pleasure under Kevin’s tongue as it gently probed the opening of her swollen pussy. Her belly was gyrating like a belly dancers. Her whole body was moving under Kevin’s tongue as he skillfully teased her and made her clitoris sing and as he flicked it gently along its swollen head he made it tense up with pleasure. She lifted her hips up against his tongue as she feverishly fucked his face. She was grinding her hips in rhythm with Kevin’s tongue when her body began to shake violently and she moaned. Then she cried out, “Oh…Yeah …Kevin…I’m …going to cum baby yeah…cumming! AAAAAAAA!” She couldn’t take any more of that; she was tingling all over and in another world. She thought to herself, “Charlie is great at eating my pussy but Kevin is just as good, maybe better.”

Janet’s body was shaking so hard that Kevin had to hold her down on the seat or she would have fallen off. He moved up and began sucking her nipples again and then he kissed her. “Why don’t you take my cock in your hands, Janet?” “I want you to see the contrast in color with your white hand around my black cock. I want you to watch how you stimulate me. Watch how my big black cock responds to your touch. And then take it in your sweet mouth, darling. This time I want you to think about how each swollen vein that you feel will bring pleasure to you when it’s inside you…”

She lifted her mouth to Kevin and kissed his open mouth and she pushed her tongue into his mouth and he gently sucked on it. She lifted her mouth away from his and whispered, “You make me so hot.”

She wrapped her left hand around Kevin’s huge cock and she couldn’t even take all of him into her hand. She was comparing the contrast in color while his hand was playing with her pussy again when she noticed her wedding ring. It was like a reality check and she looked over at Charlie. His dick was as hard as she’d ever seen it as he jacked off watching them. Kevin had seen Charlie jacking off, too. He could never understand what these white men saw in jerking off instead of fucking their woman’s pussy. There was just no comparison between your hand and a tight white cunt like Janet had. But he really didn’t care; he’d fuck her good for her husband.

She looked back at Kevin’s huge dick and it was almost as if she’d been hypnotized. She took it into her mouth and felt the thick veins running through it standing out as she twirled her tongue over them. She took as much of him as she could into her mouth and there was still five inches she couldn’t get into her mouth. She reached down and lifted his heavy balls. His testicles were heavy and the size of Ping-Pong balls, she thought to herself.

Kevin pulled her head up and licked her lips and then he placed his mouth on hers at the same time he placed the head of his cock between her labia and gently moved the blunt head from the top near her clit, taking care to directly rub her clit for several minutes, and back down mixing her juices with his pre-cum all over the head of his cock. She looked down and saw his huge cockhead glistening with their juices.

She raised her legs and bent them back making her knees come close to her swollen tits and she placed her hands under her knees to hold them up. Kevin pushed forward putting pressure on her labia’s lips as he continued teasing the opening to her pussy. His head was a foot above hers as he said, “Janet watch as I put my big black dick inside your little pink pussy and fuck you like a woman like you needs to be fucked.”

Janet’s tummy gyrated and her breathing increased as she looked down and watched the blunt head of his huge black cock began to enter her hungry pussy. She moaned, his cock was so big and so thick and her pussy was so small. She leaned towards Kevin and whispered, “Gently,” but he pushed forward slowly, pulled out a little and then pushed forward again. She felt her pussy giving way to his big black cock and she was softly panting as he kissed her open mouth. He had about six inches inside her now and he kissed her again and his tongue was deep inside her mouth and she was sucking on it and then he pushed a couple inches deeper inside her. She was lifting her body upwards towards him at the same time he slammed downwards and the remaining four inches banged against her cervix. She screamed…“OHHHHHHHHHHHH!” and she came long and hard, as her cunt gave way.

Once Kevin bottomed out inside Janet’s pussy he felt the walls of her tight cunt holding him like a vice. She was so small and tight that he had to move slowly even if he had wanted to fuck her hard and fast, he knew that would have been difficult. He wanted Janet to really enjoy the fucking he was about to give her so that she would come back to him again and again for him to fuck her. He knew if he gave her something she’d never had before she’d make Charlie bring her back to him as often as he’d see her. She was the most beautiful white women he’d ever been with and he knew if he satisfied her beyond her wildest dreams he would make her want his cock as much as and perhaps a good deal more than her husbands. That is what made all of this as hot for him as it did for a white couple.

Kevin was fucking Janet like she’d never been fucked before in her life. He was still kissing her as he rotated his eleven-inch cock around inside her pussy, which held him like a glove. She looked up into Kevin’s eyes with a look of lust and need. Kevin smiled at her and thought it was because she had a husband who didn’t take care of her properly. But now she was going to be fucked and fucked properly by a big black cock. Kevin worked her good, pumping her with different speeds and depths as he moved his huge cock in and out of her body at different angles. Janet had never felt anything close to the way Kevin was fucking her. After all, she only had Charlie to use as a comparison. And Charlie wasn’t anywhere near as good as Kevin.

There were times when only the big blunt head of Kevin’s dick remained inside her pussy. Then he buried his dick fully inside her and she cried out as he pushed the air from her lungs. She put her hands around his back and hooked her ankles around his legs. The sounds coming from her pussy would have embarrassed her if his donkey dick inside her didn’t feel so incredibly good. She tilted her head so she could look down and watch his huge black cock disappearing inside her with each thrust. She loved his enormous cock moving in and out of her as her pussy tried to hold him inside her. It felt better than anything she’d ever felt before in her life. She could feel an orgasm building, Kevin’s head felt so huge inside her; she could feel the distinct ridge of the head of his cock and the thick veins on his shaft that she’d felt in her mouth when she’d sucked his cock, earlier.

Janet moaned and moaned as Kevin fucked her and fucked her and fucked her. She began to roll her head from side to side as he picked up speed now and Janet felt her orgasm starting to build somewhere deep within her and within seconds she screamed out loud. “Oh My Gosh…Oh Kevin…Oh My Gosh…Yeah…Baby…Oh Kevin…Fuck me…” Her body trembled as she came and Kevin continued fucking her, only faster. He pounded her so hard that her body shook every time his body slapped against hers. She could feel the blunt head of his huge cock bang into her uterus with each thrust and she knew he was in her deeper than any man had ever been or probably would ever be.

Kevin knocked the wind out of her every time he slammed his body into hers and she looked up at his face and saw the strain on it as he tried hard to keep from cumming. She smiled sensuously as she looked into his eyes and told him; “Do it baby! Cum in me! Fill my pussy with your cum. She wanted it badly. She wanted Kevin to cum inside her pussy. Using those words for the first time with another man, a black man gave her a thrill. She loved being nasty and bad.

Kevin was close now and knew he would cum soon. He pushed as deep into Janet’s body as he could get his cock and heard the air come out of her lungs again. Her tits bounced and rocked back and forth as she held his large strong arms with her hands. Kevin looked into her beautiful face and could see the lust in her eyes.
“Cum in me,” she said. Cum inside my pussy Kevin. “Cum inside my pussy Kevin. Cum in me baby! Cum in my pussy. Fill me Kevin. Let my husband jack off—you cum in my pussy!”

Janet hissed for him to fuck her and cum inside her. Kevin smiled at her as he felt his balls tighten and finally he arched his back and let out a loud groan as he thrust his cock deep into her cunt until the head slammed into her uterus and he groaned as she felt his cock become harder and thicker deep inside her pussy and he held it there as began to pump shot after shot of his fertile seed deep into her pink cunt. “Oh, Baby…Here it comes. Take it…” Moments later she felt his hot seed splashing against her uterus as Kevin’s semen bathed her womb with his hot cum. Janet had never felt a man cum inside her like that before in her life and it excited her. Kevin kept her legs pinned back and he continued fucking her. His eyes were closed and he smiled in pure pleasure. His huge cock was as hard as it had been before he came and she was in a state of ecstasy as she felt the convulsions somewhere deep within her. She knew that she was going to cum again on his huge dick. She couldn’t help it. She came violently as her pussy milked his enormous penis. She watched Kevin’s face as he let out another cry. “Oh…Baby…here it comes again…inside your sweet pussy…” She felt the second wave of his cum shooting deep inside her pussy. Kevin was shaking as he emptied his second load inside her pussy. She came at the same time and her entire body quivered as she came. “Ohh…Yeah…That’s it…that’s it…Kevin”…She felt…his… hot…cum. splashing against her uterus.

Then Kevin began to fuck her as hard as he could. His cum inside her vagina and coating his penis allowed him to fuck her easily now since she was slick with his semen. Janet had felt the wetness of his cum as he pumped it into her and she cried out in her lust. She arched her back and wrapped her arms and legs tightly around Kevin’s body as she rode under him hanging onto him as she began screaming at the top of her voice. “Oh yes! Fuck Kevin, your cum is so hot and it’s filling me. Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh baby! Yes! Yes!”

They were both bouncing off the car seat and Janet shook her head from side to side as her eyes rolled back in her head. Kevin held her by her ankles and began to fuck her again. He knew he would last twice as long this time and he would make Janet’s little pussy red and sore and he’d given her multiple orgasms in front of her husband. Yes, she would come back, she loved it and she would want more of his dick as he skewered her again and again. He pulled out of her until only the blunt head was inside her pussy and then he drove forwards and she received the remaining ten inches of his eleven-inch cock. He did this three times and she was moaning as she began cumming on his black cock again. She couldn’t help it and she knew it as she begged him to stop as she thought she wanted him fucking his black cock into her forever. “Kevin, you’ll have to stop my body can’t take anymore,” she implored. In the very next moment she said, “Oh fuck me, fuck me! I’m cumming again!”

Janet was exhausted when Kevin finally lifted his body off of hers. She looked over at Charlie and he shot a load of sperm across the front seat hitting her in her left thigh. He smiled and said, “Sorry sweetheart that was the hottest thing he’d ever seen in my life. He’d cum three times.” She looked at the console between the front seats and it was cover with his cum. She looked at the console and then at husband disgustedly; that was repulsive.

She didn’t even bother to put her dress on as Kevin’s cum slowly leaked out of widely stretched pussy. She just slipped her coat back on and they talked to Kevin briefly as they drove him to his car. Before he got out he kissed he and their tongues were in each other’s mouths. She felt another stirring between her thighs. He asked her for her telephone number and she took her business card out of her purse and wrote her cell number on the back for him. They didn’t know it that night, but their evening with Kevin would reshape their marriage and their lives in the future.

Part IV

They were both lost in their thoughts that Saturday night as Charlie hurriedly drove home. He told her, “How proud of her he was and how fantastic their evening had been.” He went on, “When they got home he was going to lick Kevin’s cum out of her pussy.” Her body was still quivering from the fantastic sex she had enjoyed and every nerve in her body seemed to be palpitating. Kevin was a total stranger and he’d given her what she’d wanted and needed all her life. Janet loved every bit of her experience with him and she didn’t want it to end. She clamped her thighs tightly against each other even as her rock hard nipples pressed against the warm lining of her expensive coat. Her feelings were rapidly changing; they had changed. She knew she wanted a big black cock, maybe several big black cocks inside her pussy, but she didn’t say anything to Charlie.

Charlie pulled the Yukon into their driveway and unlocked the front door before opening her car door. It was bitterly cold outside and she couldn’t wait to get inside. He shut the front door behind them and drew her to him and kissed her passionately. They went straight into the bedroom and Charlie pulled her coat off as she lay back upon their bed and he fastened his mouth to her pussy as he began to lick and suck Kevin’s semen out of her. He didn’t even bother to get out of his clothing as he positioned her upon his face so the semen in her pussy would drain into his mouth. He skillfully teased her enlarged clit and her orgasms were intense as she thought of Kevin. This time he didn’t have to tell her to fantasize about someone other than him. She couldn’t forget upon the intensely pleasurable feelings she’d enjoyed cumming on Kevin’s oversized black cock.

Charlie and Janet had continued to hone their scuba diving skills and now they were Divemasters. They left for Mexico on Sunday morning, the following day, on a diving vacation they had planned months earlier. They were going to Cozumel, one of the premier diving destinations in the world. They had enjoyed staying at La Ceiba, an historic Mexican hotel on the Caribbean next to the international pier until it became a timeshare resort. Today they were across the street at Casa del Mar, which is a nice resort quite similar to La Ceiba. In Mexico they enjoyed two tank dives in the morning and a one-tank dive in the afternoon or they lay out on the beach. Most of the time they preferred to do the latter. The thoughts of Kevin were still predominant in both of their minds, Janet thought. She knew they sure were in hers. She was shocked at how much she’d enjoyed having sex with him in spite of the fact that she’d told her husband, “It would never happen.”

On Monday morning they dived Palancar Caves, a fantastic dive site at the southern end of the island that goes to one hundred and thirty feet, the maximum depth for recreational divers. The Palancar caves are particularly interesting. They’d seen spotted eagle rays, a huge grouper along with other large pelagic animals, giant barracudas, moray eels, yellow tails and schools of sergeant majors looking for food. There had been several reefs teeming with lobsters that ranged between three and four feet in length. In short, they had a fantastic dive.

Diving always makes you hungry and they were having lunch at Ernesto’s, one of their favorite eating spots in Cozumel, when Janet looked at Charlie and said, “Sweetheart, from now on whenever we have sex, you’ll swallow your cum. If we’re in a “69” when you cum I’ll save your semen for you in my mouth. Then, after you’ve made me cum, I’ll kiss you and deposit your semen in your mouth and you’ll swallow it. If we’re fucking and you cum inside me, you’ll lay on the bed and I’ll sit on your face or straddle your face and you’ll open your mouth and suck and lick your cum out of my pussy. In the unlikely event I’m with another man and I suck him off or he cums inside me the same rules apply. There will be no exceptions. Do you understand?”

Poor Charlie was at such a loss! She knew she’d caught him off guard! Here they’d been married over five years and after one night of her being fucked by another man, who both of us had loved, she’d just told him from this point going forward he’d eat his cum or any other man’s cum for that matter that she had sex with. He was at a loss for words. She had to repeat herself followed by, “Understand?” He looked at her in surprise and shifted his position in his chair. She immediately spotted the huge bulge in the crotch of his jean as he managed to weakly reply, “Yes.” She was surprised both at his erection and at how quickly he’d acquiesced to her demand. It didn’t brains to see he’d become sexually excited by what she’d said. Still, she’d expected more of a fight out of him. She had been prepared to push it because she knew she would win. She understood their marriage had changed forever as a result of her one off with Kevin. She felt a sense of empowerment as a sexual being in some way she didn’t fully understand, at least, not quite yet. She felt a profound sense of her sexuality along with a sense of freedom and liberation that she didn’t understand, either. She was at a loss as to what this ‘liberation’ entailed, but even then she knew going forward she’d exercise the dominant role within their marriage. She loved her husband dearly and she knew he loved her and they were totally happy. But, they’d decided to take things to the next level and she loved the way it had turned out and how she felt. She had a sense of self-confidence and sexual liberation, which she’d never had before. She understood she was free to enjoy sex with other men and her husband would agree with her new lifestyle. He didn’t have a choice.

Charlie had a confused look on his face as he looked at her and asked, “Why should I swallow my cum?” She smiled at him and replied as if explaining something to a child, “Because, Sweetheart, I told you that you would. That should be enough of an explanation for you after the other night. You’re a cum slut and you’ve always wanted to swallow your cum, you just didn’t know it. I’ve decided I want you to swallow your cum and that should be good enough for you. You’ve been on my case about watching me with other men for several years. Now, I want a little something back. You are going to swallow more cum than you’ve ever dreamed of swallowing.” Since he’d never dreamed of swallowing his cum he still had a confused look on his handsome face.

They were in Cozumel for two weeks and before they flew home and Charlie had swallowed his cum every night. And he’d eagerly eaten his cum out of Janet’s pussy on five separate occasions. She watched him as he kissed her that first night, almost reluctantly, as she’d flooded his mouth with his warm semen. She smiled at him approvingly as he swallowed it and even licked up a drop on his lower lip until their last evening when he waited patiently as she drooled a long string of his semen into his open mouth.

One evening Charlie was on his knees on the bed and she was below him on her knees on top of a couple of pillows. She was sucking his swollen penis and his hands were on her shoulders in front of his hips. She casually took his right hand and placed it around his throbbing penis. He didn’t lose a second and immediately began jacking off while she looked at him and smiled in encouragement. She watched him pumping his penis feverishly and when he was about to come she took only the tip of him into her mouth as if she was sucking through a straw. She drained his thick warm semen into her mouth. He pulled her up and said, “That was wonderful!” She put her arms around his neck and kissed him filling his mouth with his hot cum, which he swallowed, eagerly. He’d been such a good boy and she was proud of him! Soon that would be normal for him and he would look forward for his ‘reward’ after he’s come.

Charlie couldn’t quit talking about Kevin and he continued to ask her, “How much she’d enjoyed her experience with him?” Janet was honest with him and told him the truth, “Darling, it was the most exciting and fulfilling sexual experience in my entire life. I never imagined sex with a man could be so fantastic or so satisfying. You shouldn’t feel bad because Kevin is different along with being much bigger than you. It’s only normal that he can stimulate me in ways that you never could.”

Of course, he quickly asked her, “Was Kevin better than me?”

Again, she was totally honest, “Sweetheart, I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. He was so much bigger, not to mention a lot thicker than you are and he’s an exciting lover.” She continued, “He touched nerves inside of me that I didn’t know I had and you’ll never reach. Yes, yes, yes. Kevin is better than you are, he’s much better. He’s different than you are; he’s huge and he makes my pussy go crazy.” She had enjoyed being dominated by him and she found him to be everything any woman would want. He made her feel like a whore and she enjoyed feeling like a whore with him because somehow that was very exciting.

She was pleasantly surprised that instead of her husband becoming hurt or angry, her responses made his dick hard again. Then the questions or interrogation would always continue somewhat along these lines, “Would you like to fuck him again?”

Her response their entire trip had been the same. “Yes, Yes. You know I want to fuck him again. But, the next time I fuck him I want it to be in my own bed” and not in the suburban.”

He then asked, “Will you fuck him again?”

She replied, “Sweetheart, I’m not going to sneak around behind your back, if that’s what you mean. But, you turned me on to other men and I’ll fuck him anytime he wants me, with or without your approval.”

She could tell Charlie was still a little uncertain, but at the same time his dick was so hard she knew he wouldn’t be able to tell her, ‘No’. It was blatantly apparent he wanted the same thing. A stiff dick always tells the truth and she knew if she was patient with him, he’d be begging her to fuck Kevin again, which she was going to do whether he begged her to or not. If things worked out for everyone involved she’d be fucking Kevin on a regular basis. She realized that her pussy was soaked. She’d tried to quit thinking about Kevin. Every time she thought about him her pussy would be dripping.

Most of the time Charlie wouldn’t let her stop thinking until their conversation finally ended when Charlie asked her, “If she thought Kevin would forget her?”

Her response was always the same, “No.”

Finally he’d ask her, “If she intended on calling Kevin when they got home?”

Her response was always the same, “What do you think? Of course I am going to call him.”

She knew Charlie understood he’d encouraged and pleaded with her to have sex with other men so he could indulge his fantasy of watching her enjoying sex with someone besides him and now unanticipated consequences had occurred, which he’d not planned on. She was interested in finding out other black men were like Kevin. But, not until she’d had a lot more of Kevin, first. In Mexico, she masturbated two or three times in the shower thinking about Kevin and her pussy was wet most of the time. She didn’t realize it but in the back of her mind she’d begun to crave sex with all well-endowed black men like Kevin. After she’d had sex with him that night she could hardly walk she’d been so sore, but she hadn’t told Charlie. But now her pussy was literally hungry for him.

All good things come to an end and on Sunday morning they had to go to the airport for their return flight to Dallas. Packing wet dive gear is always a hassle so they had stopped diving on Saturday to give their dive skins and wet suits time to dry out and to make certain it was safe for them to fly. On Sunday the humid Cozumel temperature was tolerable, not comfortable, but tolerable. They went through Mexican customs with their boarding passes and waited for their flight back home. It was too early to talk and they wished they were still in bed. Finally, their flight landed and taxied up to their gate. Ground crews refueled the aircraft and after a short wait they were allowed to board. The pilot taxied down the runway and they climbed to a cruising altitude of thirty-four thousand feet. They adjusted their seats and closed their eyes and each of them was lost in his individual thoughts. In a short while the blue water of the Gulf of Mexico was visible underneath their aircraft along with tufts of fluffy white clouds. Occasionally small ocean vessels and oil drilling platforms could be seen far below, as well. In a little more than three hours they had landed at DFW International Airport and gone through United States customs with their luggage. After briefly talking to the customs official on duty they took their luggage to an elevator and went downstairs. They exited the American Airlines terminal and hailed a cab that took them home.

Part V

Charlie spent the next few hours washing out their scuba gear and putting up their sea bags while Janet began washing their wetsuits and dive skins along with their clothes and then she put up her toiletries. Charlie had washed off their regulators in Mexico but he inspected them again before he hung them up and he put up their save a dive kit. He took the memory chip out of their camera to Sam’s and waited for their pictures to be developed. Janet made a shopping list for her trip to Sam’s and Kroger, which she’d make in the morning.

Charlie took Janet to lunch at Chili’s and they had burgers, French fries and iced tea. They avoided mentioning Kevin, but he was at the forefront of their minds, especially Janet’s. Charlie stopped for gas on the way home and while pumping the gas he looked at Janet sitting in their car. He loved her and he couldn’t help but think about the way her dress clung to her curves and hugged her fine body. At one hundred twenty-four pounds and five foot six inches tall with a figure of 34C/23/35 and perfect breasts toned by her four-times-a week workouts at the YMCA, any man would want to possess her. He loved her beautiful breasts capped by large mocha colored aureoles and unusually thick and sensitive nipples, an impossibly thin waist balanced atop curvaceous hips, a knockout pair of thighs, and a tight ass. The strength of those thighs as they squeezed together still amazed him, especially when they constricted around you during those breathtaking moments when her orgasm peaked.

He asked Janet about Kevin several times and each time they’d discussed him she couldn’t help but notice he’d become sexually excited. His erection was a dead giveaway. It told her that no matter what he said to her the thought of Kevin and her together again excited him so much that he couldn’t control himself. His hard dick told her that he was as eager as she was for her to be with Kevin again. Both of them knew they wanted to do it again. So once they got back from lunch and had finished putting up the suitcases Janet asked him if she could call Kevin and Charlie immediately responded, “Yes.” He asked her if he could be on the extension upstairs and she told him she wanted to talk to Kevin privately. She didn’t want him eavesdropping on their extension. If he planned on ‘listening in’ like that she wouldn’t call him at all. Secretly, she desperately wanted to call him; her pussy was so wet. Charlie told her, “He agreed, he didn’t want to interfere with her privacy. She should talk to him alone and enjoy her privacy.” He told her he was going to cut the back yard anyway and when he was doing that she could call him and talk to him alone.

But, he’d been prepared for her response. He’d stopped at Radio Shack when he went to Sam’s and purchased a device that attached to the RJ 31X telephone jack at the wall underneath their bed upstairs. The device was voice-activated and connected to a tape recorder, which picked up and recorded all calls that were made or received from their telephone and recorded the conversation of both parties. When Janet did call Kevin she could see Charlie in their backyard and she’d think her conversation was just ‘between them’. But, Charlie knew he could replay their conversation and pick up everything that had been said.

There was still a little voice inside him holding him back. He felt he should have intervened and stopped Kevin, but instead he’d handed his wife over to him to be fucked and that was wrong! Janet was his sweet wife and she was innocent, even a little naive on occasion, at least, when it came to sex. He still felt that he could stop her at any time and not do it anymore and she’d forget about it. That little voice inside of him said, “She can’t possibly continue with Kevin. It won’t happen because she won’t let it and we won’t let it.” He smiled and made that resolution to himself. That voice had kept him going and he thought how he’d felt every step of the way. He thought about their nights where he had watched her ‘dancing’. He remembered the man at that club on Greenville who’d unbuttoned her top and played with her and sucked her tits. She’d gotten so hot and she’d enjoyed that. He’d even told her, “He wanted to fuck her.” How could any sane man resist the allure of a 26 year-old beauty primed and her pussy ripe for fucking? He’d encouraged her to ‘lighten up’ and she’d let guys play with her tits and she’d enjoyed it. She hadn’t stopped several men who had finger fucked her. She danced with two men one evening and both men had made her orgasm, one after the other. She had begun to enjoy and look forward to unexpected sexual encounters with other men and it had made sex between them more intense.
Then, she’d met Kevin that fateful night at Kempis’s, the night before they went diving in Mexico. The unexpected thrill he’d experienced watching her worshiping a black cock and surrendering to it, especially one like Kevin’s had been too powerful. Charlie had seen Kevin enable Janet to experience the joys of womanhood in ways he never had and he realized that his dick was hard again. He was thinking about his lovely young wife as he moved their patio furniture. He knew he couldn’t blame Janet for what had happened with Kevin. It had been his idea, not hers. The image of Kevin fucking her was overpowering. His wife loved him and he’d encouraged her to have sex with another man and she’d done exactly what he’d wanted. He’d watched her like any other husband eager to see his wife taken by another man, a superior black man. Of course, he hadn’t expected her to be fucked by a black man and he hadn’t anticipated her being fucked by a man who had a dick much bigger than any dick he’d ever seen. He hadn’t expected his young wife to enjoy it as much as she had.
Charlie filled up the lawnmower with gasoline as he thought about his lovely wife. She was an extremely passionate woman and she’d succumbed to Kevin. He’d introduced her to an intense sexual experience in a manner that neither of them had imagined possible. Janet had surrendered to her lusts and Kevin had fucked her savagely. She responded eagerly to his coarse lovemaking in a way she’d never responded to him. Neither Kevin nor Charlie understood how much she’d been blacked or the fact that after her night with him she’d never be the same. He did understand however, he’d opened the door for her and now he couldn’t shut it. She’d had the best fucking of her life, with the biggest black cock he’d ever seen.
Janet watched her husband outside as she thought about Kevin. She’d been unable to stop thinking about him since their first night together. She wanted his big black cock as often as she could get it and still stay married to her husband. She still loved him, no question about it, but she had an irresistible craving for sex with Kevin. She knew she didn’t want to go on without having his huge cock fucking her and she needed him to fuck her soon. She only hoped Charlie would agree with her or she wasn’t sure what she’d do. When they got home that evening after her experience with Kevin she’d reached out to him to assure him she loved him. He told her he still loved her too and reaffirmed how erotic she had looked with Kevin’s massive black cock buried inside her.
Janet saw her husband safely out of ears reach and went to get the piece of paper with Kevin’s telephone number that she had carefully hidden in one of her Harlequin romance novels. Her fingers were shaking so much she could hardly dial his number and her pussy was dripping wet. This would be the first time they talked since she fucked him.
The phone was ringing and on the third ring she heard a familiar voice say, “Hello”. Janet said, “Kevin, is that you?”
The first word Kevin said to her was, “More.”
Janet laughed excitedly and asked him, “How he had been?”
He replied, “Hungry for your white pussy”. She didn’t say anything, but her pussy was going crazy.
He asked her, “If she had fun diving in Mexico”?
She told him “Yes.”
He told her, “He’d missed fucking her and hearing her begging him to fill her with his cum.” He asked her, “Have you missed that, too?”
She replied, “Yes, I…uh…umm…Yes, every day. You know I have Kevin.”
He continued talking to her like that. She was glad she’d insisted on talking to Kevin alone and that Charlie was in the backyard and unable to hear them. She’d been washing clothes when he went outside and she was just wearing a tee shirt and a thin pair of panties since she’d thrown her jeans and blouse in with the rest of the clothes she was washing. Her right hand began rubbing her swollen clit thru her wet panties.
Kevin asked her, “How she’d enjoyed his dick rubbing against her pussy when they were dancing the night they first met each other?” And then he asked her, “How much she liked his big black dick?”
Her breathing increased markedly when he asked her, “If she liked his big black dick inside her more than she liked her husband’s little white dick?”
Janet wanted to say, “My husband’s dick isn’t little”, but she didn’t. She used to tell Charlie that his dick was perfect, just the right size, but after she been with Kevin she knew that simply wasn’t true. She had to have Kevin’s dick or she would die and that’s all there was to it.
Her pussy was dripping continuously and then he asked her, “If she was hot and did she want him to fuck her hot little pussy again?”
She almost groaned out loud and she exclaimed, “Oh Kevin, you know I want you to fuck me again. I mean I want to be with you like that”. She wanted his dick so bad that she was about to go crazy.
Kevin asked her, “Like what? Say it, Janet. Tell me exactly what you want.”
She hesitated a moment and then replied, “I want… I need your big black dick to fuck my hungry white pussy again, like you did at Kempi’s.”
Then he asked her, “Does your her husband wanted to watch me fuck you again, too?”
Janet’s throat was dry and when she spoke her voice was hoarse and all she said, “Yes, his dick gets real hard whenever we talk, I mean, when we talk about you and me. He asked me if you were better than he was. I told him you were bigger and much better, too.”
Kevin laughed crudely at her comment.
Then he asked her, “If she was going to suck his dick again and swallow his cum? Was she going to lick his balls and stick her tongue up his ass?”
When she heard his nasty words she blushed, but she knew that she would suck and lick his ball as much as he wanted her to and she would bury her tongue up his ass hole. What she said was, “Yes, I love sucking our dick.”
That’s when Kevin told her, “No, at least not yet. You already done, bitch. Now it’s your husband’s turn; it’s his turn.
Janet paused and she was confused, “His turn?” She said, “I don’t understand. What do you mean?”
Kevin quickly replied, “If you want my big black dick again, baby, your husband has to help you get it.” “This time, before I’ll fuck you Charlie has to suck my dick while you watch him. I want you to watch him take my dick in his mouth and lick and suck and choke on it. I want you to watch your husband when he gets excited and discover he get turned on with a black dick in his mouth. I hold his head and fuck his face until I get my nut off. Then I want you to watch your husband while he eagerly swallows my cum.”
Janet’s voice trembled as she said, “Kevin, he won’t do that, he’s not gay.”
Kevin replied, “It got nothing to do with that shit, baby, I know he’s not gay. He simply showing us that he understands who the man is, baby. He worships the dick that fucks his wife, now and he laughed obscenely. That is if you want my black dick fucking your pretty little white pussy, bitch.” Kevin knew that this couple would be no different than all the other white couples he’d been with although Janet was the prettiest white woman he’d ever fucked. He knew she’d pressure her husband and please her husband, sexually, until he finally caved in. They all did in time. Her husband would finally agree to suck his big black cock. He’d suck his dick in front of his wife like every other white husband had sucked his dick. His wife would watch his dick get hard sucking it just like the other husbands, and her she’d be shocked. Husbands would do that before he’d consented to fuck their wives, again.
Then, Kevin would demand that her husband sucked his dick every time he agreed to see her. Her husband would willingly suck his dick the next time he came over. He’d seen every white wife he’d been with watch her husband in disgust while he sucked his cock. Kevin was a good judge of character and he knew that wives lost respect for husband’s watching them sucking his big black cock. This solidified his relationship with the wife and made her want to please him even more. When he demanded their virgin asshole in addition to their mouth and pussy they had little fight left in them and surrendered all their holes to him. He idly wondered if Charlie would be a good cocksucker. He’d found couples more interesting and a lot safer if the husband was sucking his cock on a regular basis. Besides, it gives a wife a different view of her husband. Kevin said quietly, “So, little Janet bitch, you need to find a way to convince you husband.”
He asked her, “If she was going to open her thighs to him as she had and offer her pussy to him completely?” He told her, “He expected Charlie to help him fuck his wife from now on. After he’d sucked his dick until he was hard again he wanted him to hold his big black cock and guide it into her hungry little white pussy and then he’ll hold your legs over your head so I can give you all of my black cock.
Kevin asked her, “When she would teach Charlie to eat her pussy after he’d filled it full of my cum?”
He was surprised when Janet quickly replied, “He’ll eat your cum out of my pussy right now, Kevin.”
He told her what he wanted to do to her when he saw her again. He told her, “He was going to turn her into his personal little white whore.” That made her so hot she could barely hold the telephone and continue talking to him. Then he told her one last time, “He wasn’t bull shitting her; he expected her husband to satisfy him, too.”
He was surprised to hear Janet reply, “Charlie will suck your cock, Kevin.”
Her panties were soaked and her nipples were hard under her tee shirt and she was virtually unable to respond to any more of Kevin’s obscene questions when he’d told her, “He was going to turn her into his personal little white whore!” Her voice had become ragged and hoarse and her face and chest were flushed and tingling. She had been rubbing her clit through the thin fabric of panties as they had talked. When he told her that, she pulled them off entirely and slipped out of her tee shirt. She could hear the lawnmower at the other end of the yard as she leaned against the wall and slid down into a sitting position. She was sitting on the carpet, naked, with her legs spread widely apart. She cradled the phone between her neck and shoulder as she began roughly finger fucking her sticky pussy. She was cumming within a minute or two and when she climaxed it was intense and very loud. Kevin heard her moans and he laughed obscenely again and told her sex would be even better when he fucked her again. She needed to see him badly so they set up Saturday night for him to come over to their house.
When she hung up she quickly put her tee shirt and panties back on even though they reeked of sex. She needed Kevin’s donkey dick inside her, bad. It was scary and exciting at the same time. She needed his big beautiful black cock; she loved her husband and didn’t want to ruin their wonderful marriage. She knew he wasn’t certain about this but every time they discussed Kevin he’d get a huge erection and she knew he was uncontrollably excited and he wanted to watch her fucking Kevin. She decided to come on to him like the whore Kevin was going to make her for the next few days until he agreed to do whatever she wanted. She knew she could make him do whatever she wanted him to do.
Charlie came into the house and took a shower, but not until he’d secured the device under their bed and the tape recorder he’d purchased from Radio Shack, which had recorded Janet and Kevin’s telephone conversation. After he got out of the shower and dried off Janet was drying the clothes she’d washed.
He asked her about her conversation with Kevin and she said, “They didn’t talk but a minute and they didn’t discuss anything important, but she had invited him over Saturday evening. Kevin had agreed to come by after she’d given him directions.” She walked up to Charlie and kneeled in front of him and took his erect dick into her mouth and began to caress and lick his balls and then she sucked him hard, applying a great deal of suction. She spit on his dick and jacked his wet dick back and forth before she stuck the tip of her tongue in his piss hole. She easily took him all the way into her mouth until her nose was pressed against his pubic hair while she thought about sucking Kevin’s huge dick. She took him in her mouth and then she put her middle finger into her mouth and sucked on it before she stuck up his ass. He stiffened momentarily; Janet had never done this to him before. Her finger found his prostate gland and she began to massage it while she sucked his dick.
Charlie had never felt what he was feeling with his wife’s finger up his ass, but it felt very good. Then, she slipped two more fingers up his ass and now three of her fingers began to gently massage his prostate gland. His eyes rolled back in his head as he tried to adjust his body to the unexpected sensations. The feeling was deeper, and more intense than anything he’d ever felt in his entire life. Something deep inside him was beginning to build up and he was unable to describe it. He thought to himself that he loved this feeling, but he was at a loss at how to describe it. His wife had his cock in her mouth, but her fingers continued to massage his prostate gland and now she was touching him in a way that was driving him crazy. He tried hard not to cum, he didn’t want to cum too quickly, but he had no control over the timing of his orgasm. This was different than anything he had ever felt in his entire life. Her fingers were going to make him cum and he couldn’t do a damn thing to stop his pending orgasm. And, then it happened. He experienced the deepest orgasm he’d ever had in his entire life as Janet’s fingers fucked in and out of his ass hitting his prostate gland again and again and again while sucking his dripping cock in her hot mouth.
Charlie’s dick began jerking uncontrollably as he weakly grabbed his wife’s head to hold her mouth on his cock as it continued to spasm and he emptied his semen along with his prostatic fluids into his wife’s mouth. She milked his balls and sucked him until she’d emptied every drop of him into her mouth and then she slowly stood up, her eyes twinkling. Her lips were on his and her mouth opened at the same time he opened his mouth, which she filled with his thick semen that he eagerly swallowed. He knew she’d been right, “he was a ‘cum slut’.”
Janet went to the grocery store and he got the tape recorder and rewound the tape and pressed the ‘Play’ button. He heard Janet say, “Kevin”? Kevin’s first response had been, “More.”
Charlie heard Janet laugh a little self-consciously before she asked him, “How he’d been”? He asked her, “If she’d had fun diving”? She told him, “She had.” He told her, “He had missed fucking her and he asked her is she’d missed him”?
And his wife had responded, “He knew she did, every day.”
Then he was talking to her and he was saying a lot of nasty things. Charlie thought to himself, she didn’t say anything to about that to him. She told him, “They didn’t talk but a minute and had not discussed anything important.” Janet sounded like she was so excited she’d had difficulty answering him. Charlie was determined to tell Janet, “No. There would be no more Kevin and he couldn’t come over on Saturday evening until he heard Kevin tell her, “He wanted Charlie to suck his dick along with her,” and then Kevin had told her that he, “Wanted him to help him fuck her.”
He wasn’t any different than Janet because he had his hard dick out as he masturbated furiously thinking about sucking Kevin’s big black cock and swallowing his cum and eating his cum out of his wife. He was thinking of helping Kevin fuck his wife the coming Saturday night. He knew they were lost. Kevin was going to turn Janet into his personal white whore and he was going to help him, he was going to serve him, too.

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2015-04-07 20:59:20
My wife and have had an open marriage for the last couple years I travel a lot so she's knows it's okay to go out with other guys she's been seeing this one black guy for awhile .found out that she liked black cock so much she'd doing anything for him.not that I get my share strange pussy. So now when I'm out of town she lives with him fucking him and any black guy he tells her to fuck .getting videos of it all .it turns me on so fucking bad he films all the gang bangs of my wife fucking and sucking black cock .i can't wait to get back home from a trip to watch new video I get so fucking excited watching my wife being used and treated as a whore by dozens of black mans

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2015-03-13 14:19:30
I will be adding several chapters to this story which like all my stories has a lot of truth to it. Any husband, any man, is a fool to think he is the only man capable of satisfying his wife or girlfriend sexually and many men can satisfy her better than he (or I) am able to do. There are many reasons why this is true including situational and environmental issues. My stories are posted on Literotica, under "2small4her" and the one thing I like about Literotica is they don't allow morons posting asinine remarks. There is definitely a a difference in the maturity of the readers. However, I digress, I've seen other men make my wife orgasm after orgasm; for the immature readers this means, "I've seen her cum repeatedly" with other men and women.

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2014-04-06 10:58:42
I guess a nigger wrote this story cuz onl a nigger would brag about how great he was at fuckg a white woman but the only time a nigger would fuck a white woman is because no black woman would have him because he is so ugly like an ape LMAO

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vymBxh Really informative blog.Thanks Again. Great.

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When she tries black the wife satisfied in ways she never imagined. She don't leave her hubby cause that's he's a meal ticket and security. But lots of white women find a way to to get more big black cock because her husband be pitiful by comparison. A black man and a white woman both be oppressed by white men and they make passionate lovers. White women were made for black men and black men were made for white women, thats right.

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