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Virgin Farm part 1
Authors note: this was written one night before I went to sleep, it contains no hard-core action as it is only a lead up to the next part, please feel free to point out any errors I have made as it will help me with my writing, also vote for this piece and comment for part two, hope you enjoy it =) XOXO

It was my first summer out on my uncles farm, just me, my uncle and my cousin Sarah, she was fifteen, same as me, with a slim figure and breasts just the right size for her, but most of all, she had a face from a doll, not those plastic cheap ones little girls buy, one of the beautiful porcelain dolls that your mother never let you touch, her hair was always in a ponytail reaching halfway down her back, I never saw it down, she always said that she didn’t like having it down around people, one of her strange things I thought, I was on the slimmer side of athletic, I had no fat on me, no matter how hard I tried, and I looked like I had no muscle as well, but that theory was disproven during sports class when I outran and outkicked the biggest, strongest guy there.
I saw little of Sarah through the weekdays because my uncle kept both of us busy fixing fence, tending to the animals and other mindless chores which gave both of us time to think, and me being a teenage boy with raging hormones, I began to think about things I really shouldn’t, most of the time it was just daydreaming about the girls at my school, but it always ended up in the same spot, Sarah in a short white nighty that barley covered her and was so fitting it might as well be a bodysuit, it was an image I got from when I came into her room without knocking to say goodnight, she wasn’t doing anything but I had an imagination on me, we had always gotten on well, we would joke and mess around, she was in no way a frilly girly tea party girl, she grew up in jeans and flannelette shirts with gumboots, me on the other hand came from a city and was used to baggy clothing or my school uniform, collared shirt, tie, blazer, pants in winter, shorts in summer, the normal private school gear.
It was about a week into my stay, I had three weeks there so I was in no hurry to get anything done so I was daydreaming about Sarah and other girls, but I came back to Sarah once more, laying on her back propped up by her elbows, she was in that white nighty again, the daydream was particularly vivid and it gave me a raging hard-on, just as I lowered my head down to get a view underneath her nighty I was snapped out of my dreaming by a beautiful, melodic but high voice.
“Oi, stop standing about, dads been calling you for the past five minutes, lunch is ready” I turned and there, hands on hips with her head on a slight angle was Sarah, in tight jeans I was surprised that they hadn’t torn, then I realised, I was wearing my favourite skinny jeans, I wore them a fair bit because they were so comfortable, but with my hard-on they were slightly uncomfortable in their tightness, Sarah must have realised this because, I saw, her cheeks had a slight red tinge to them, the same tinge she got when she was embarrassed.
“Oh…er….yeah, um sorry, I’m on my way” I turned quickly and leant the rake I was using up against a nearby tree and adjusted my T-shirt, thank god it was a bit too long, to hide my hard-on, when I was satisfied I turned back and jogged to catch up with her as she had begun walking up the hill towards the house, though I was unsure whether to reassure her about my hard-on so I did what I always did and kept quiet.
After a minute of awkward silence, Sarah initiated some light conversation, just harmless banter about recent news and things like that which put me at ease, though I thought I saw her glance sideways and down to my crotch once or twice, which made me smile slightly, it was sunny so I was happy to tune out and watch the world pass me by and listen to Sarah’s chattering and the birds chirping.
Before I knew it, we were at the house, my uncle standing on the little balcony at the top of the stairs holding two plates with sandwiches for us, we took them and thanked him and then we all ate together, it was rather pleasant and I would have been happy to keep the moment going if I didn’t know what was in store for me later.
After we had finished, we took our plates into the sink, rinsed them and put them into the dishwasher, I had gotten into the habit from home where my mum always said “if you have dirty dishes, rinse them and stack them in the dishwasher, don’t make my life harder than it already is”.
“can you to go and check the fence by the river, I think the neighbours cows have broken it again” said my uncle as he walked into the kitchen, it was a very small kitchen and my boner still hadn’t gone down, it was partially my own fault for continuing to fantasize but hey, who can blame me, my uncle was in no way a small man and he had to push us up towards the wall, not noticing of course, to get to the sink, it would have been fine if Sarah was against the wall, but no, fate had other plans, I was against the wall when Sarah, who is about the same height as me, backed into me, through both our tight pants, my boner pressed into her perfectly firm ass, I heard her gasp lightly enough to not be noticeable to anyone not listening for it, but just enough for me to hear it, I couldn’t see her face but I bet it would be bright red, as was mine, it was one thing to get the occasional petty feel up from girls at school who were too scared to go any further, but to have my own cousins ass grinding on my hard meat felt entirely different, I shouldn’t have enjoyed it but, and I am ashamed to admit it, I was still a virgin, though the chicks at school did feel me up, as I said, they didn’t go any further, they didn’t even undo their blouse a few buttons.
I felt Sarah slip out from in front of me and make for the back door, I followed to do as my uncle asked and check the fence line, I didn’t intend to go any further with her for the risk of our friendship.
Just before we reached the door, Sarah stopped and turned, stepping out of my way, she called to her father “can we go swimming in the river?” she yelled out, her father replied with a short all right and we went to our respective rooms to get towels and bathers, we put them into a bag, I noticed she had gotten a fairly small blue bikini, and began to make our way down the hill toward where the fence line and river met, though there was one difference from before when we were coming up Sarah was dead silent and still slightly red, I thought nothing of it and continued downwards.
It took us a good ten minutes to get to the river, we found that the neighbours cow had indeed broken the fence again so Sarah quickly fixed it up, though she caught my attention when she bent down in those tight jeans to pick up the fencing rail, I blushed and, knowing I couldn’t do much to help, set down the bag with our bathers and sat next to it, hardly watching Sarah but daydreaming about her doing the exact same thing but in her bikini.
I had lain down with my head on the bag and closed my eyes, allowing my imagination to take a hold until the bag was tugged from beneath my head and I heard a mischievous giggling, I opened one eye, slightly blinded by the sun to see Sarah bent over me with her long ponytail over her shoulder, I could have sworn she was an angel because the sun was behind her.
“Get your bathers on lazy ass” she giggled as she took them out and threw them to me, I expected her to walk to the nearby bushes to change but she made no move to go away, I started over to them when she called out from behind me.
“Oi, where do you think you are going?” I thought it would have been obvious but I turned and told her I was going to the bushes.
“oh come on, what are you now, self-conscious, I’m getting changed right here, why aren’t you” I didn’t think she was serious until she began pull off her top, I just stood there stunned as it came up over the top of her bra, it was modest at least, but still, this was the first girl I had seen like this, outside porn of course, and it made me embarrassed more than anything.
She gave me a look when her top was off and on the ground and I took it as a hint so I began taking of my own tank top, though I was cautious at first, then it occurred to me, after all this time I might actually get laid, then I though wait with my own cousin.
When my vision cleared from my shirt, I found Sarah had taken of her bra and let those perfectly round breasts free, I gaped until she looked up and raised her eyebrow.
“What’s the matter, never seen a girl without her top on before?” at this I went even more red and she came back “Wait what… haven’t” at this, she just started laughing, I blushed and we resumed getting undressed, though I took glances every opportunity I could because she was, In all ways, totally sexy, when hers and my jeans had come down and of, we stood in our underwear, she was glancing towards my now apparent massive hard member, which was at its full length of seven inches, I blushed and took out my bathers and pulled them on, suddenly very embarrassed, when I had gotten my bathers on I turned around, knowing that she would have to take of her panties to get her bikini on properly, it was all fair in my eyes.
After a minute, she told me I could turn around, she was in me bikini, thank god, I didn’t think I could last much longer with tearing of both our clothes and bending her over, though the thought sickened me, we walked down to the water’s edge and stood there, I thought she was going to say something to clear the awkwardness, but no, that’s not the way my cousin does things, she pushed me in, at the last moment, I grabbed her arm and pulled her in to, the water was refreshingly cool on a hot day but it still came as a shock, when we had both surfaced, we wrestled and splashed for a good ten minutes, all the while a felt slight brushes against my cock and in return, lightly touched and occasionally squeezed her numerous body parts, when we were both tiring, we wrestled our way towards the shore, she pushed me and I land on my back, though I grabbed hold of….wait….her bikini top, I felt it let go and come of in my hand as I landed on my back, moments later she landed on top of me, softly though, with her breasts pressed against my chest, I could feel how hard her nipples were and it only increased my feeling of lust as, probably accidentally, she rubbed her bikini clad pussy against my shorts.
After staring into her eyes for a few moments, she lowered her head and kissed me, it was so unexpected that I tried to stop it at first but after realising how excellent it felt, I gave in, parting my lips, I felt her tongue gently push my lips apart, for a few moments, our tongues danced around each other’s, both of us curious but cautious.
She broke the kiss after a few more seconds and rolled of me, apologising all the way, she stood and tried to cover herself so I handed back her top, looking sheepish.
“We can’t tell anyone, ever, it would be the end of both of us” she said.
“No, I won’t tell a soul” I said, trying to reassure her, I closed the ground between us and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her into a hug.
“But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it” I whispered into her ear.
At that she pushed away, she smiled nervously and said “maybe later” though I knew she couldn’t wait, she also said we should get going up to the farm house otherwise her father might get worried, I agreed and we headed of, but not before a gave her breast a little squeeze from behind

This was only part one, the real action is in part two of Virgin Farm-boy so if you were unsatisfied with the lack of hard-core action, be patient, I am intending it to involve tons of different bits and pieces for people with the more obscure tastes, in the meantime, have fun and may women (or men) fall into your bed XOXO

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2013-07-29 21:04:10
have to agree not worth reading without PARAGRAPHS PARAGRAPHS PARAGRAPHS

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2012-07-04 20:54:39
Please forget part 2. You screwed up this part so bad that I will not read it anyway. LEARN TO SPELL!!! If you know anyone who has some grammatical and spelling ability, ask him or her to proof-read your stuff BEFORE inflicting it on the public.

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2012-06-19 21:27:11
What the fuck? You said the second part was coming out "in a couple days" you said that 2 fucking months ago!!!!

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2012-04-17 00:06:20
Off not of. I second the emotion of ending a sentence with a period, not a camma. Use the five senses. We want to feel, smell and taste everything. I mean everything. Great story line. Keep going.


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2012-04-16 20:30:24
Good story, but needs some work on the spelling/grammar front. Snowleopard makes a good point, and don't forget that it's a good idea to have someone else read your work before you post it. You're too close to the action, as it were, to notice little things like continuity errors, word choice, and tenses.

If you need someone to read over your stuff, just ask, most people are willing to help out. Again, it is an excellent start. Keep up the good work, and with practice, you can be one of this site's best writers.

- S. Daniels

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