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Magic and sex
The Pendant

Chapter One

Bobby found the box at the bottom of the pond we swim in. He had to dive down several times to work it free but finally swam to shore with it. We (Mike, Jake, Bobby, and I) sat there looking at it. It was wood bound with iron straps and it looked old. The lid wouldn’t open and Jake picked up a rock and started pounding until the side caved in.

I know it was dumb. It might have been valuable and there were better ways to open it. But we were teenagers and brute force usually was the first thing to come into our minds.

There was a locket inside the box. Not a shiny locket with jewels. It was dull metal with geometric markings on it. Bobby said that if it was pretty he might have given it to a girl. If he had a girl we responded. Jake thought maybe we could sell it but none of us thought it looked valuable.

Mike finally took it and put it over his neck. There was a blurry shimmering effect and suddenly Mike was gone and there was a topless girl standing where he had been. We all stared, dumbstruck. Mike saw our expressions, looked down at “herself”, shrieked in a girls voice, and tore the locked off his head. She shimmered again, like heat off a road in the summer, and there was Mike again.

Mike threw down the pendant and started running. Bobby and Jake waited a few seconds and then took off after Mike. I reached down, picked up the Pendant, and put it in my pocket. Then I ran to catch up with the others. They caught up with Mike in front of his house and were asking him if he was OK. He was totally freaked and explained how when he looked down his body had been a girl’s. He didn’t want anything to do with the pendant and said it must be black magic.

We finally got him to admit that he felt OK now. Whatever had happened had lasted only as long as he wore the pendant. Jake kidded Mike that he had nice tits and Mike got mad and made us all swear to never tell anyone what had happened. Seeing how mad he was we all agreed.

After that we all went our separate directions and I went home. I thought about what had happened as I walked home. I had the pendant and it hadn’t done any permanent harm to Mike. It wouldn’t hurt to try it out. My parents were not due home until dinner time so I had several hours of privacy.

I went into the bathroom and locked the door. I removed the shorts I had worn to swim in the lake and felt the weight of the pendant. I held the chain and wondered what it would feel like. There was a full length mirror on the inside of the bathroom door. I stared at my reflection as I lifted the chain over my head and felt the necklace against my chest.

There was that same ripple in the air around me and suddenly I was staring at a nude teenage girl. Her hair was the same color and style as mine both on my head and between my legs. She had some resemblance to a cousin of mine. Maybe his is what I would have looked like if I had been a girl.

I wondered if this was just some kind of illusion. The rack on my chest felt real. I could feel their weight. I brought my hands up to feel them and decided that it this was an illusion then it included touching as well as sight. I had my first chance to feel up some tits and I went to it, examining their feel and finally playing with the nipples. The nipples got hard and stuck out and I found they were a lot more sensitive than I was used to. I kept rubbing them and finally pulled one up far enough that I could tease it with the tip of my tongue.

I was getting really turned on and it felt strange because I didn’t have an erection to go with it. I let go of my boobs and ran my hands down my sides to my hips. Damn I was hot. I ran the fingers of my right hand over my mound. It felt strange but good. There was no penis there and I had to reassure myself that it would come back as soon as I took off the pendant. I was really tempted to rip the pendant off that instant to make sure my guy would still be there but I was too turned on to stop.

Sitting on the rug I ran my hands over those feminine legs. I spread them and stared down at the first live naked pussy I had ever seen. I explored finding that I needed to be gentle. I pushed a finger inside the hole at the bottom and that felt strange. Not at all like a finger in the ass.

I may have looked like a girl but I still had a boy's attitude. Instead of thinking of reasons not to have sex I was ready to go for it right now.

I decided to be the first man to find out if a female orgasm was better than the male. I started rubbing my pussy with my right hand and tweaking nipples with my left. Soon I was so turned on I had to lay back with my knees bent. My pussy was wet and I used that to lubricate my clit and soon was focused on just that perfect little button. I felt the same getting close feeling but when the orgasm hit it was different. With no penis to spurt I wasn’t focused down there but instead felt it all through my body.

I decided it was different, not better, just different. I continued to lightly caress my pussy as I enjoyed the afterglow. The next thing I knew I was rubbing more purposely and the feeling was starting again and more quickly this time. This was certainly different from the shoot once and be done cums I had as a male.

My second cum was stronger and I was going to have to say it was better. I didn’t stop there but continued to make myself cum until finally my clit was sore from the rubbing and my back was aching from the floor.

I went ahead and took a shower with the pendant still on. It was a fantasy come true to be washing a girl’s body. As I rinsed off I thought that the pendant could have been better. If it had made a separate copy of me then we could have fucked instead of just jilling off.

After drying off I removed the pendant. When the shimmering cleared there was my old male body staring back at me in the mirror. It seemed both familiar and very plain compared to the hot female body I had been wearing a minute before. Grabbing my penis I was sorry it hadn’t gotten in on the action.

If someone else wore the pendant would I fuck them? Knowing they were really male. Remembering how hot I had looked I decided I probably would. And if I was wearing the pendant would I fuck a guy? I tried to rationalize to myself that I would be female when I did it so it would be OK. Right?

For now I stashed the pendant in my best hiding place right next to my porn. I would have to think on how it could be used. I would definitely being jilling off again with it. That was the sexiest thing I had ever done.

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"Dude, that's Jamie." he replied, with a wicked gleam in his eye.

I thanked him, and made my way over there.I sat down inside of her personal space. Then, she gave me a big hug, thinking I was someone else. I looked at her, with suprise written over my face.

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"I'ts okay, beautiful," I answered with a wink. "Can I get another hug?" I asked.

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Very nice. Both your stories are very good and don't know which one you should add to next.

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oh the WONDERFUL possibilities

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