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Sister trouble

He pushed harder before giving up to get some soap, I was disappointed until I saw he was coating my long, thick cock in it, I smiled and turned once more, bending over and pressing my body against the shower wall, this time, he pushed and gained a little entry, it felt so much better than the vibrator he uses on me, I pushed myself backwards, deeper onto his cock, letting out a load cry as he roughly forced it in until I felt his balls slapping against my ass, it was the best time in the world, until the door opened and my sister stood there, gaping like a fish.
Both me and Mark just stood there, his cock still in my ass, the only thing I could say was “Don’t tell mum”.
My sister just simply closed the door, Mark forgot all about fucking my ass and quickly took his cock out and washed himself of and got out, I got out about a minute after him, still recovering from the shock of my sister walking in on us.
After me and mark got dried and dressed we went out into the hall, where Sarah was standing, arms crossed.
“Um…..sis, please…don’t tell mum” I pleaded, because I only had underwear on when I went into the bathroom, I was standing in a towel, I could feel my face getting hot under her gaze.
“I cannot believe it, here I thought that you to were just good friends, and then I find you doing…..that” she said, the scorn in her voice was enough to burn.
It was Mark who spoke this time “You had better not tell anyone”
“Or what, you will go and fuck in the shower again?” she shot back
“No, but a certain video of a certain sister on her bedroom floor might just find its way round to…well everyone” he said with a smile, I could see Sarah’s face go pale; she knew what he was talking about.
“What? What are you talking about? You….you filmed me?” she said to me.
I nodded, seeing what Mark was getting at, Sarah sunk to the floor, her mouth once again hanging open like a fishes.
“And what’s more, if you don’t come into Steve’s room with us right now, that video might just get out” Mark said, I now realized, he wanted to bang my sister, and he was blackmailing her into it.
“What! That’s…that’s just….” Mark looked at her and went and retrieved my laptop and played the video.
“Wouldn’t want this to get out, wouldn’t you?” he said, grinning wider than ever, I could see through his pants that he was getting an erection.
“Ok, ok, but if that video gets out I will tell everyone about you two” she said, getting up and following me and Mark into my room.
Mark put her onto my bed roughly, it was obvious that he wanted her, I just sat in my desk chair and watched as mark told her to take of all her clothes, she hesitated until Mark nodded towards my laptop, she reluctantly began taking of her top, her large, full tits bouncing as it slid over the top of them, this put Mark over the edge, he tore of his pants, underwear with them, his cock already hard, Sarah’s eyes widened at the size of Mark, she wasn’t expecting someone that is only fourteen and a half to have such a big cock.
Mark stepped towards her, beckoning to his dick, she looked up to him before reaching a hand out and grasping it gently, slowly beginning to jerk it, mark looked over to me and called.
“Are you going to come over here or sit there and watch?” he said, it only took me a second before I stood and walked over to them, my sister started to say something as I took of the towel and underwear.
“But…but he’s my brother” she said, her eyes wide.
“So, it’s no less weird then the fact that we are guys and doing it” he said
“But...” she sighs as she realises she has been beaten as I start stroking the length of my cock, Mark presses his cock against her lips, she cautiously parts them but Mark has other ideas then being gentle with her, as soon as the head of his cock entered her mouth he shoved, sending his cock right into her throat, his hairless balls slapping against her chin, she tried to say something but his cock was blocking her tongue from moving to shape the words into anything but random noises.
I didn’t know what to do while Sarah was sucking on Mark, so I stood there, slowly jerking my cock at the sight of Marks cock pumping in and out of my sister’s mouth, after a few moments of thinking, I had an idea.
“Mark, move her further onto the bed” I told him, he did so obediently, I moved behind her and pulled her onto all fours, Mark still pumping his cock down her throat, when she had got onto her hands and knees, I bent down, taking a deep breath of my sisters scent, it was the best smell I have ever experienced, even better than the smell of Marks cock, I swallowed then reached out my tongue, gently making contact with her moistening pussy, I found she was actually a lot smaller than I thought, so I used my fingers to pry her dripping cunt open, the insides where warm and wet, my fingers quickly becoming covered in her juices.
It took me a moment to realise that my sister was getting turned on by both Marks and my attentions, I began to lick her, softly at first, but after a while the strokes of my tongue became faster and more vigorous, the taste of her sweet pussy filled my mouth and overwhelmed me, unable to hold off much longer, I knelt behind her, grasping my cock with one hand and spreading her pussy with the other, I moved forwards, gently rubbing her wet cunt with the end of my hard cock, letting her juices flow out and onto my cock, making it slippery and wet, I eased it into her, feeling her pussy tightening as my cock entered Sarah’s beautiful, wet hole.
As I was penetrating Sarah’s pussy, I looked up to where Mark was just in time to see him pull out and shoot a load onto her face and over her shoulder, his hot cum splattering on her back, he look up at me and smiled.
“Hey Steve, do you think we could take her somewhere where it won’t matter if we make a mess?” he asked, it took me a few seconds to realize what he wanted.
“The shed” dad had turned the shed into my own area, where me and my friends could hang out, I was perfect for what I thought he wanted to do.
I pulled out of her, my cock sliding easily now it was coated in her fluids, both me and Mark stood over her, our cocks slick and wanting more, after a moment of us taking in Sarah’s naked skin Mark pulled on his underwear and shorts, I followed his lead and did the same while Sarah just got back into her underwear, I wet patch quickly spreading between her legs, this seemed to amuse Mark as he ran his fingers over it as he past her on the way out.
We made our way out of the house and to the shed, I was hoping that Mark would do what I was thinking when I had an idea, I told the other two to go into the shed but not to get started without me as I raced back inside and up to my room, grabbing my camera and turning to dash back outside and down to the shed.
When I stepped through the door, I found Mark gently stroking himself and Sarah on her knees in front of him; Sarah turned and saw I had a camera.
“What, no, I don’t want to be….” Before she could finish her sentence Mark had shoved his cock in her mouth, I set up the camera so it had a good view of the coming fun, I switched it onto recoding mode and pressed play.
Mark took his cock out of her mouth and told her to lean back and open her mouth, he really seemed to like doing this to people, I thought, as a stream of steamy, delicious piss flew from the tip of his cock and into Sarah’s face and waiting mouth, it took her a second to snap her mouth shut and try to move away, but I darted forward and held her, forcing her to take all of it.
I released her, letting her fall to the floor, her body wet with Marks urine, she looked utterly humiliated, but still so hopelessly hot, but Mark wasn’t done spilling his fluids on her, I looked to him, seeing his hand running up and down the length of his cock, I stepped forward, encouraged by Mark, and started stroking my own cock, looking down at my sisters frame, it was strange, just a few months ago, I thought that something like this would be unthinkable, but now, It turned me on to no end.
Both Mark and i chatted casually as we jerked ourselves off, Sarah still on the ground but now playing with her pussy a bit to, it was like we weren’t doing anything even slightly sexual until I felt the pressure begin to well up inside me.
“I…I’m cumming!” I said as I blew what was left of my load onto my sisters bouncing tits, Mark following me with his own stream of sticky fluids, landing on her lower chest and hand, we both just stood there, panting, cum dribbling down oh softening lengths of cock, looking down on Sarah as she rubbed herself as fast as she could, her free hand massaging our cum into her skin.
Even though Marks cock was soft, he still wanted to continue on, he got onto his hands and knees in front of Sarah, exploring the depths of her wet slit with his fingers and tongue, his hot, tight little ass waving in the air, just begging for something to be done to it, I looked down to my now limp cock, hoping it would spring up for another go but to no avail, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t have fun like mark was.
I got onto my knees behind mark and sucked on a few fingers, getting them nice and slippery before pushing the first into his tight hole, I heard him gasp from its unexpected entry and felt him contract on my finger but quickly loosen, allowing room for a second to penetrate him, I began to finger fuck Marks ass gently, gaining speed as he got hotter and hotter.
I heard a moan and a inaudible sentence from my sister as she came to climax, both hands squeezing her tits and she came all over Mark’s face, her hot, fresh cum dripping down his face as he got up, I came in close to Mark, some of Sarah’s sweet fluids dripping onto my chest, I used my free hand to wipe some of the cum from his face with my fingers, licking it off.
From where we were, Mark and me were so close that our soft cocks were rubbing together when I felt something push between us and a hot feeling envelope my dripping cock, I looked down to see Sarah with both Mark’s and my cocks in her mouth, we just let her suck on us for a while until we got up, I went over to the camera and turned it off while mark pulled on some underwear.
Exhausted from our fun, we both sat on the floor, still trying to catch our breath when Sarah, still completely naked stood up.
“My turn” she said, we were slightly confused as to what she wanted but we were eager to do whatever, she told us to lay down while she stood pretty much on top of us and loosed a stream of her own sweet piss onto us, it spattered all over Mark’s face and my chest, running over our bodies like a waterfall, flowing onto the floor and forming pools.
After Sarah had finished she helped us clean the mess we had made and led us back to the shower, because it was a large shower we all got in and rinsed the last of each other’s fluids of our bodies, it was during the shower that the thought struck me, I had just fucked my sister.

stay tuned, part four coming soon, hope you enjoy young boys on a school camp, have fun
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