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got from a guy named J. Boswell he is a great writer and i am posting these stories on his behalf

Chapter One
The Cottage

Last year, I was recruited by a large international company based in
London. The package that they offered me was too good to turn down, and
one of the most pleasant perquisites was a working tour of the resorts it
owned and managed. My wife, Sondra, was thrilled at the prospect and we
lined up her parents to watch the kids for the five week trip.
Sondra and I have been married for fourteen years, and have three
kids, Jessica (12), Todd (9), and Mike (6). We are both 34 and fight the
battle against aging, with Sondra winning in spectacular fashion. At 5'4"
Sondra carries a hard, firm body with beautiful legs, a tight ass, slim
waist and absolutely marvelous, large, high, round breasts on a perfect 108
pound frame. Always the perfect "lady," bordering on "prim and proper," I
was looking forward to seeing her in the tiny bikinis and revealing one-
piece bathing suits she had purchased for our trip. I had especially
enjoyed closely examining the results of her major "bikini-wax" treatment,
that left only a short, narrow "Mohawk" of auburn hair around her pink
The first leg of our tour took us to the Caribbean for stops on
several islands. Our first accommodation was in a beautiful beach cottage,
with all the luxuries one could ask for. My duties were light, consisting
of being introduced to the management staff and attending a few business
meetings, and Sondra spent her free time sunning and shopping.
On the third day, I returned to the cottage to find Sondra putting on
quite an erotic show for four college guys, 18 or 19 years old, who were on
Spring Break and staying at the cottage next to ours. I had entered the
house from the front (which was the second story in the back) and, as I
walked out on to the deck, the sight before me froze me in my tracks. To
my utter surprise and disbelief, my normally prudish wife was lying on the
chaise lounge, sunbathing in the nude. Even more erotic, was the fact that
from my high vantage point, I could see four boys avidly staring through
the separating fence at my wife's lush charms. What I didn't know, but
soon found out, was that Sondra was aware of her audience. I faded back
out of obvious sight to watch.
Soon, Sondra sat up in the chaise, facing the boys, and began to
smooth suntan lotion on her naked body. She glistened in the sun from the
oil, and I watched her slowly rub the stuff all over her large breasts and
hard nipples, down over her flat stomach and on to and between her thighs.
Over the next hour, Sondra turned several times, making sure her audience
saw all of her, and once more rubbed her chest with the lucky oil.
My cock had been rock hard for the hour, and now I started to lightly
caress it. I think it was only peer pressure keeping the boys from doing
the same.
Finally, Sondra stood and stretched, and then turned her back to the
boys and bent at the waist to pick up her towel, giving them the perfect
shot of her pussy and anus. She walked over to the outside shower and
began the most sensuous shower imaginable, lathering up her magnificent
body and caressing her nipples and cunt.
As she dried herself, I zipped up in time to meet her as she entered
the cottage. She was surprised to see me home and immediately looked
guilty. I took her into my arms and told her I had enjoyed her performance
on the patio. She blushed and looked down. The lump was obvious in my
"Justin, will you please fuck me? Right now?"
We fucked there, on the floor, with Sondra getting lost in her intense
orgasm, and me blowing the biggest wad of cum I had ever shot into her hot,
wet cunt.
Afterwards, both of us soaking in the hottub, Sondra apologized for
exposing herself to the boys and told me how ashamed she was. I asked her
if she was really ashamed, or just embarrassed because I had caught her.
She coyly admitted that the latter was true and went on to admit that,
other than actually making love with me, she had never been more sexually
excited in her life. I told her the sight of her naked and fondling
herself in front of other men had made me as hot as I had ever been, and I
enjoyed watching her finally beginning to let go of her strong inhibitions.
And then I said the crucial words that changed our marriage, "Besides,
Dear, we're on vacation, and what happens on vacation doesn't count when
you get back to the `real world.'"

That night, after dinner, Sondra and I were cruising the main shopping
and nightclub strip and went into a beer joint advertising a wet T-shirt
contest to draw in all the college guys on break.
The place was packed and too loud to talk, and the emcee was working
the crowd, trying to get the girls up on stage and into t-shirts. When he
spotted Sondra, all cleavage in her halter-top, he brought the spotlight on
her and began coercing her to join in the festivities and "show the boys
what a real woman looked like." The crowd was behind him one hundred
percent, and it was obvious he wasn't going to take "no" for an answer.
Sondra looked across the table at me and I could see the excitement
sparkling in her beautiful green eyes and I nodded.
Sondra and nine college coeds disappeared into the back and reappeared
wearing thin, white, cotton t-shirts. Their nipples were easily visible
through the thin material. They paraded across the tiny stage and Sondra
looked spectacular in the t-shirt, short denim skirt and high heels,
holding her own against the younger girls.
Finally, to the roaring approval of the crowd, the wetting began and
the women might as well have been naked from the waist up. There were good
bodies, and then there were great bodies, and the contest was obviously
between Sondra and two other girls. I watched the mother of my children
strutting up and down the bar, jiggling her breasts at the crowd, showing
them off in the now-transparent shirt.
To my surprise, one and then more of the girls stripped off their wet
shirts and bounced their naked tits in the faces of their appreciative
audience. Not to be outdone, Sondra ripped the wet cotton off her chest
and proudly displayed her wonderful breasts to the young crowd.
Unfortunately, Sondra lost out to a co-ed with even bigger tits and a
better tan. As the winner was being crowned, the guys helped the women
down from the bar and there were a lot of free feels going on. The band
started up again, and I watched in amazement as my wife joined a few of the
other girls and danced topless among the throng of horny guys! Being the
"old lady" of the crowd certainly didn't affect her popularity as I watched
the men jostle each other to get next to her.
She disappeared into the gyrating crowd and after about an hour,
reappeared at my table. She was still naked from the waist up, out of
breath, and the finger marks on her breasts were obvious. She was smiling
a huge grin.
"Justin, you have to get me out of here, NOW! Because I want to fuck
and pretty soon, it won't matter to me with whom!"
I took off my outer shirt and she casually put her arms in it, but
didn't button it. We then headed out the door and back to our cottage. We
had gone only a few feet down the street when Sondra stopped and looked
into my eyes.
"I'll never make it back home. Follow me!"
We stepped into a dark alley between two buildings. Sondra bent over
to lean on a trashcan and hiked her tight skirt up over her hips. Her
white panties looked like they were glowing in the dark.
I opened my zipper and pulled out my hard cock. I was more than ready
to fuck this hot piece of ass before me.
"Now, Justin! Fuck me! Either rip my panties off or fuck me right
through them! I need a cock inside me, now!"
Turned on by the spontaneity and raw sexuality of the moment, I
roughly clawed my fingers into the soft material and ripped them open for
my attack. Sondra moaned, and then moaned again, as I buried my prick up
to my balls into her hot cunt on the first stroke. The act was no more
than rutting -- two hot creatures throwing themselves at and into each
other because they couldn't take another breath until their mating was
When I came, it was an explosion. I could feel my cum squirt out of
my cock in long, powerful spurts. My knees weakened, my breathing was
ragged, my fingers and toes were cramping into tight curls.
Sondra stood up and looked at me. She ripped off the remaining
strands of her panties and wiped my cock clean. She smiled as she reached
her hand under her skirt and brought her wet fingers to her mouth. She
tasted our juices.
"That wasn't bad, stranger. Are you in town long?"

The next morning, after I returned from my meeting, Sondra told me to
go up into the loft because she was going to test me to see if I meant what
I said about vacations the day before.
She then called the boys in the nextdoor cottage and asked if one of
them could bring over the room service menu, as she had lost ours. When
the doorbell rang, she slipped on her short, white satin robe, through
which her hard nipples were clearly visible.
To Sondra's obvious surprise, three boys stood at the door when she
opened it. She invited the three clean-cut, handsome boys in and thanked
them for the menu. One of the boys remarked about it being a great idea to
have a hottub in the livingroom, and that their cottage didn't have one at
Sondra smiled and invited the boys to use the Jacuzzi with her. The
boys thanked her and said that they would be right back in their trunks,
but Sondra opened the sash of her robe and let it fall to the floor, saying
that the hottub was made to be enjoyed naked.
The boys quickly fumbled out of their clothes, keeping their eyes
locked on Sondra's naked body as she slipped into the swirling water.
When all four were in the water, Sondra asked if any of them would
like their back rubbed. In brash reply, the most brazen of the three boys
reached over and filled his hands with my wife's round tits. Sondra
immediately filled her hand with the nearest hard cock, and the guy with
his hands all over her tits stood up, with his erection only inches from
Sondra's lips. My normally inhibited wife sucked the young guy's cock into
her mouth, until her nose nestled in his wet pubic hair.
As she sucked, she jerked on one of the kids' cocks, and the third had
his mouth attached to one of her tits. The kid in her mouth started
humping her face and Sondra ignored the other two as she coaxed his hot
spunk out of his cock with her mouth and hands, swallowing every drop.
One after the other, I watched my wife suck off all three of the boys,
until she had drained each of them of their cum, without spilling a drop,
and then she stood and announced that it was her turn.
All four of them splashed out of the tub and laid on the cushions.
One of the boys buried his face between Sondra's invitingly spread legs and
she moaned with pleasure as his tongue began its exploration of her clit
and cunt. Each of the other two kids began fondling and sucking her
breasts and nipples, loudly slurping my wife's wet flesh into their hungry
All too soon, Sondra began her long-awaited orgasm in almost violent
fashion. Her body humped and writhed but the boys held on to her with
their mouths and Sondra went crashing from one orgasm to another. Finally,
when she could catch her breath and speak, she thanked the boys for the fun
and warned them to leave, "before my husband comes home!"
As soon as the front door closed, I was downstairs and standing over
my wife with my raging erection in my hand. Sondra begged me to fuck her,
to fill her aching pussy with my cock, and I was only too happy to comply.
I rammed into her with all my strength and we fucked with animal ferocity
until our bodies, slick with sweat, shuddered and clasped together in
orgasm. We fucked again before falling asleep for the afternoon.

Continued in Chapter Two,

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She was suppose to let the boys fuck her and load her pussy with cum, them say her husband was due any second and gave him a creampie that would keep him horny wanting more and more making her a twnty-five cent whore around the college boys.

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