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as with part 1 for J. Boswell

Chapter Two
The Hotel

The next day, we caught a short island-hopping flight to our next
port-of-call. It was the opposite of our little cottage. This time, we
were staying at a very posh, high-rise resort hotel.
After checking out the view from our room, which overlooked the huge
pool, Sondra unpacked, stripped and donned only her bikini bottoms and went
out onto the balcony. She stretched, letting the sun warm her skin, and
I'm sure more than a few people at the pool had an opportunity to observe
that she has a magnificent set of tits. I stepped out on to the balcony
with her, just as the man from the next suite did. He introduced himself
to us and offered us a beer. His name was Brian and when he returned he
couldn't take his eyes off Sondra's chest as we talked.
After a few minutes, Brian's wife, Janet, joined us on the balcony.
She was wearing a conservative one-piece bathing suit and her mouth
literally fell open when she saw Sondra. She regained her composure and
emphatically informed us that, as far as she knew, it wasn't a topless
Each couple sat at their own table on the balcony, separated only by a
low, thin railing, and continued talking. As Brian and Janet watched,
Sondra began to apply her suntan lotion. She squeezed it onto her hands
and rubbed it on her arms, legs, stomach, and finally on her breasts. She
was watching the expressions on the faces of our new neighbors, as she
applied it to her bare tits and ran her oily fingers over her nipples until
they were hard and sticking straight out. Janet pulled Brian out of his
chair and said they had to get ready for lunch. We waved good-bye and
Brian smiled and said he hoped he'd see us again, soon; but we didn't see
him or Janet again. We think they either left or had their room changed.
Coming in from the balcony, Sondra asked me if the scene had excited
me. I answered her by pulling her down onto the bed and making love.
Both at the pool and on the beach, no one was topless, so over the
next few days, Sondra learned how to wear her suits to her best advantage.
She would tie it very loosely so in the surf or when she dove into the pool
it would occasionally, "accidentally" fall off. When she was sunning
herself, she would take it off completely as she laid on her stomach, but
would often prop herself up on her elbows. Sondra went to the pool area
alone while I enjoyed watching from the balcony. She became quite popular
and every time she arrived on the scene, she drew a crowd of lookers.
Finally, on the morning of our last full day on that island, as she
lay topless on a towel not far from the balcony, a man sat down next to
her, hoping for a better view. Sondra started trying to put some oil on
her back when the guy asked if he could help her. Sondra raised herself up
on her elbows, letting the sides of her breast become exposed, and then
handed him her oil. He started on her back and legs and then proceeded to
her shoulders and sides. I could see his hands brushing the sides of my
wife's hanging tits, and she didn't flinch. Instead, Sondra raised up even
more and leaned on her left side, placing her right hand behind her. In
that pose, she was giving him (and me) a perfect, up-close view of her
naked breasts.
Sondra smiled up at the stranger, "I think you missed a spot or two."
She stayed in that position as he blatantly stared and continued to
oil her shoulder. She looked down at her chest and asked him to put some
oil in his hand. He did, and Sondra cupped his hand on her breast,
smearing the oil into her skin.
He then took her nipple between his finger and thumb and squeezed it.
I could hear Sondra gasp, and then she smiled at him and rolled over onto
her back, exposing both breasts. In a second, the guy was feeling her
slippery tits with both hands. I could tell Sondra was getting really
excited, but other people began arriving in the area and Sondra turned back
onto her stomach.
I decided to join them. Sondra introduced me to Bill. He was about
45, still well-built, graying and ruggedly handsome, a corporate bigwig and
on vacation with his wife, who was on a shopping excursion for the day.
All three of us sat around talking the morning away as Sondra repeatedly,
teasingly exposed herself.
Around noon, I invited Bill to join us in our suite for lunch. Sondra
was all for the idea, and off we went. Once in the suite, Sondra said she
wanted to shower off some of the suntan lotion while I made drinks and
ordered roomservice. After the food arrived, Sondra rejoined us, combing
her wet hair and wearing only a short towel wrapped around her waist. Both
Bill and I commented on how lovely she looked and on the nice, even tan she
was getting. Bill didn't act embarrassed or surprised at seeing Sondra
topless, so who was I to make a fuss over it?
During lunch, neither Bill nor I could take our eyes of my wife's
luscious tits. Once, when I stood to make us more drinks, I could not
resist bending down in front of Sondra and sucking one of her delicious
nipples into my mouth, right in front of our new friend! Bill laughed and
said that must be dessert.
Sondra just smiled a big grin and said, "Maybe."
We were out of ice, so I told the two of them that I would be right
back. I left the door slightly ajar, so I could sneak a look before re-
When I returned with the ice, I peeked in to see Bill bent over Sondra
and sucking on a nipple, exactly as I had done a few minutes before.
Sondra was feeling his cock beneath his swimtrunks with her right hand as
her left hand cupped her breast for his hungry mouth.
Bill reach down and dropped his trunks, exposing his large erection.
He held it in front of him, eye-level with Sondra. Sondra grabbed it with
her left hand and stroked it, and then lightly touched it with her tongue.
She wet her lips and then slid the head of his cock into her mouth. She
kept stroking the length of it with her hand, guiding as much of it as she
could into her slurping mouth, while at the same time, playing with his
balls with her other hand. Bill put his hands on each side of her head and
pulled her back and forth on his prick, fucking her mouth.
Sondra started to speed up and I could tell Bill was getting ready to
shoot his load. Sondra grabbed his cock in both of her hands and squeezed
as he erupted into her mouth. She continued sucking as his flood of cum
dripped down her chin and on to her tits. He let her continue until his
cock was limp, and then he pulled his trunks up and kissed her on the
I then made some noise as I re-entered the room, telling them I had to
go up three floors to find the ice. Bill stepped over to the bar to make a
drink, and as he did, I bent down to kiss Sondra and lifted a drop of
Bill's cum from her tit on my finger. Sondra smiled and sucked my sticky
finger into her mouth.
The afternoon progressed and the drinking continued and the flirting
became more obvious. I dug out the camera and said I wanted to get a
picture of Sondra and Bill. Sondra immediately sat on Bill's lap, letting
her towel fall to the floor as she did. After a couple of poses, things
started to really loosen up and I continued taking pictures as Bill's hands
covered Sondra's breasts, and Sondra cupped her tits up to Bill's mouth,
until, finally, Sondra said she wanted everyone naked for some "porno"
As Sondra was sucking my cock for one picture, I couldn't hold back
any longer, and Bill snapped off a couple as I filled my wife's mouth with
my hot cum. Right after that, Bill mounted Sondra doggie-style and I
snapped away as he plowed away in my wife's pussy. The three of us took
pictures in every imaginable position until we were out of film and the
suite was strewn with the polaroids.
Bill called his wife, telling her he found an all-night poker game,
and by the time we had finished roomservice dinner, we were exhausted and
fell asleep. I woke up at 1:00 a.m. to the sounds of moaning and groaning,
and found Bill and Sondra fucking their brains out next to me in the bed.
I waited until they were through and then took my turn for sloppy seconds
in my wife's cunt.
Sondra and I were still in bed the next morning while Bill showered
and dressed to leave. When he was ready, Sondra called him over to the bed
for a good-bye kiss, and then had him stand at the side of the bed as she
leaned over me and gave him a good-bye blow-job, too!
As I showered, I thought about the amazing events of the last few
days. Sondra had been a virgin when we had married, and though one spouse
can never know all there is to know about the other, I would swear that
Sondra had never been unfaithful to me. Now, after just a few days away, I
had shared her with the college boys, a whole bar full of kids and,
finally, another man. I did feel little pangs of jealousy - at the other
men, but even more at Sondra's totally wanton and uninhibited behavior -
but, even stronger were my feelings of excitement and arousal. I had never
felt more alive and sexually stimulated than the last few days, and I was
anxious to see what else could happen over the next two weeks.
I emerged from the shower with an iron-hard erection. I walked into
the bedroom and, as if on cue, Sondra bent over the luggage as she packed
them and wiggled her ass at me in a most lascivious manner. Another pair
of panties was ripped and torn open in my assault.

Continued in Chapter Three,
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