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as in part 2 for J. Boswell

Chapter Three
The Driver

We stepped off the plane in Jamaica and the company rep was waiting
with our car. Because of work and social obligations with the large
company staff in Jamaica, Sondra and I had little time to misbehave.
Finally, we were finished, and at our host's suggestion, we asked the
chauffeur, Samuel, to come up to our room to arrange an island tour the
next day (our last full day on the island).
Samuel was a good-looking man, older than us, very black, with a trace
of gray at his temples, and that wonderful island accent. Sondra and I had
been drinking since lunch, and I offered Samuel one, which he accepted.
After talking about the different island sights and routes we could take,
Samuel asked to use the bathroom.
Sondra smiled at me and said, "Did you see the huge lump in Samuel's
I smiled back, "And I guess you plan to investigate further?"
Just then, Samuel returned and sat down. We talked a little more, and
then I said I was tired and would see Samuel in the morning. Sondra and
Samuel talked smalltalk for a while, as I laid in bed and listened through
the partially open door.
Finally, I heard Sondra ask, "Do many women come to the island for
more than a vacation?"
"Like what, Missus?"
"You know, like for excitement. Maybe something they couldn't get or
do at home."
"Well, I'll be very frank, Missus. An awful lot of white women come
down here to get laid by the natives."
Sondra laughed. "Why, Samuel? Is the myth about size true?"
"I can't talk for all, Missus, but for me, it is no myth."
By this time, I was out of the bed, peering into the room from behind
the door.
"Can I see for myself, Samuel?" Sondra asked.
Samuel stood and dropped his slacks. He wasn't wearing anything under
them and a large, black dick hung between his legs.
"You want to touch it, Missus?"
Sondra nodded and reached out with both hands. Both Sondra and I
watched as Samuel's cock grew and hardened in her hands. Sondra leaned
forward and sucked the head into her mouth.
"Oh, you good, Missus. Maybe you want to feel it inside your pussy?"
Sondra looked up at Samuel, "I think it's too big! I don't think I
"You can Missus. Let me try. I won't hurt you. You'll like it,
you'll see."
Sondra stood and stripped off her clothes and laid back on the sofa,
placing one foot over the back, and the other far out on the floor. Both
Samuel and I had a perfect view of her pink, wet pussy.
Then Samuel positioned himself at her cunt and began pushing his
erection into my wife.
"My god! You're so big! I can feel your thickness already, Samuel."
I watched as she took him inside her pussy a little at a time.
When it was all the way in, Samuel looked down at her, "You got it
all, now, Lady. I told you."
"Oh, it feels so good! Now fuck me with that thing! Fuck me hard,
Sondra rolled her head side to side as Samuel began to really fuck
her, shoving it in all the way and pulling it almost all the way out. She
was moaning and groaning in pleasure, and I wondered if she was actually
going to pass out. She wrapped her legs and arms around him as they fucked
themselves into a frenzy. I could hear his balls slap against my wife on
every stroke, and the contrast of her white skin against his black made me
shoot a load of cum against the door, without touching myself.
Samuel let out a groan and began to come. He shoved his cock in as
deeply as it would go. Sondra closed her eyes and told him to fill her
cunt with his hot cum. Samuel came for a long time, and when he did pull
his cock out of my wife's pussy, I could see his cum leaking out of it,
dripping onto the sofa.
"That was wonderful, Samuel."
"Yes, Missus, for me, too. But, I best go, now. I will be here
tomorrow morning for your tour. I thank you very much for this, Missus."
Sondra stayed on the sofa as Samuel dressed and let himself out. I
ripped open the door and stood over her.
"Hi, Darling. I'm all pooped out, but if you want some, help
It was all the invitation I needed. I knelt between Sondra's legs,
seeing Samuel's gooey cum covering her red pussylips, dripping down the
crack of her ass and spotting the sofa. I buried my cock up to my balls in
one sudden, swift thrust. Sondra grunted from my force, but she laid still
as I pounded into her, adding my cum to the sticky mess already between her
spread legs. When I was done, we kissed and helped each other into bed,
not hearing another thing until the alarm went off the next morning.
The next morning, Sondra wore a white strapless sundress with nothing
on under it. Samuel acted as though nothing had happened as he helped us
into the car and began the tour. As we took in the sights, I noticed
Sondra and Samuel playing eye games in the mirror. I could see Sondra's
hard nipples through her dress, and I was sure she was ready for a repeat
performance of last night.
After lunch, I pretended to fall asleep in the back seat of the car.
At one stop, Sondra got back into the car in the front seat with Samuel,
and I could tell her hands immediately went to work on his tool. Soon, her
head disappeared below the seat and I could hear her moaning and slurping.
Then, the car stopped and the doors opened and closed.
Chancing a look, I saw Samuel spreading a blanket in a small grassy
area. He then laid down on his back and his already hard cock stood
straight up. It really was a size!
Sondra lifted her dress and straddled Samuel's hips and slowly lowered
her cunt down on to his prick, moaning and grunting the whole time. Samuel
pulled her dress down off her tits and began pulling on her nipples as she
humped his cock. She was soon screaming in one orgasm after another and
collapsed on Samuel.
Sondra soon regained her composure and continued fucking Samuel until
he came, pumping his cum until I could see it running our of my wife's cunt
and down his dick.
After a few minutes, they reassembled themselves, Sondra got back into
the back seat and we returned to the hotel. I tipped Samuel lavishly when
he dropped us off at the airport the next morning.

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2016-03-09 22:32:00
This third story was way too short. It should have continued with Sondra and husband returning home only to find that wife got pregnant with big Samuel's baby.

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2013-06-27 21:10:36
Sondra was to try out other native cocks, as Samuels wasn't the biggest, baddest cock in town, and there were young boys that needed to loose their virginity in an American Slut, maybe some girls cold have helped. Be ambassedors of our Fucking CUNTry.

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No anal, no incest. Good story but shit tags

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And that is how you get aids

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Ok, so more than 90% of your tags are NOT in this story. BOOOO I'm giving you a very NEGATIVE rating!

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