this is just a fantasy i have that i think yall will like and im not exactly an A grammar student
ok so my parents were going over to an s/m party (and yes that's true they do that but i don't mind) so i was home alone well not completely mom still didn't trust me home alone for more then an hour or two so she got a babysitter her name was Kristy she had nice tits she was 15 same age as me blonde with nice well toned thighs and an ass so firm i thought id never get in there but you'll hear about that later so when she got here they left but they left there toy box in there closet we sat for about an hour and a half then i made my move i said "how many times have you had sex" she was caught off guard but then replied "truthfully never" and i said "me neither do you think we should give it a go?" she said "i don't know" then i told her about my moms toy box and then she said ok so i started towards her and she puckered up we made out a little then i grabbed her tit she moaned a little as i rubbed and played with her nipple's then we started to get undressed her tits were amazing as she grabbed my already rock hard cock i rubbed her pussy nice and slow then i asked her if she would blow me and she got right to work she started slow and only a little then after she got more comfortable with it i started to push her head down a little and she didn't care she gagged a little but she kept going her mouth was so warm and wet with saliva it felt amazing after a few minutes i said "im coming" but she didn't pull away so i came load after load down here throat as i removed my cock a little bit of cum dribbled from here lower lip onto her perfect soft tits i said "wanna take this to my moms room and she nodded" when we entered i closed the door and told her things might get rough and she just nodded i went to the closet and pulled out moms toy box as i removed the top she said "wow your moms got quite a lot of stuff in there" i nodded in agreement then pulled out a ball gag some rope a pair of cuffs and a collar with a leash i told her our safe word but she never used it i ordered her tight little ass over to me and she crawled across the bed i put on the collar cuffed her and told her to get on her knees this time i didn't wait i shoved my whole cock in her mouth with one thrust tears swelled in her eyes a bit but she didn't cry she just sat there letting me face fuck her and boy did i thrust after thrust i gagged her and she seemed to be really into it i pulled out before i cam and slowly jerked off and said "do you want my hot cum all over you bitch" she looked at me with soft lovely eyes and said "yes please" so i did and from her mouth to her stomach i covered her in cum i ordered her to the bed and then i tied her hands and legs to the headboards and stuffed the ball gag in her mouth still dripping with cum i placed the leash on her and said "do you want me nice and deep in you" she nodded then moaned as i fingered her pussy and then when she was nice and wet i grabbed a hold of the leash and started fucking her pulling on the leash as i thrusted myself again and again into her warm wet pussy after awhile of that i pulled out and came all over here stomach because i didn't know if she was on the pill and i didn't have a condom on (i know risky but since she was a virgin i thought i didn't need one) i then removed the ball gag and got here into a doggy style position and i said "do you want some anal bitch" she was so out of breath she just nodded and between heavy breaths muttered out "yes please go for it" (i told you you'd hear more about that) it took some lube and fingering but i finally got it up her tight ass and she yelled as if i was slicing off her leg then she moaned out loud as i started pumping her good i fucked her liked that for what seemed like 10 hours but it was really only ten minutes and as i said "im gonna cum in you Kristy" she couldn't speak but she nodded extremely fast and as i came we both collapsed sweaty and feeling dirty we decided to take a shower (we had a little fun in there too but you'll have to wait till part 2) we put the toys back where i got them and we just sat watching TV and talking about our time together when mom and dad came home they asked if there was any trouble and we told them we just watched some movies as Kristy left she turned to me and said "id love to sit for you guys again sometime(wink)" and that's just a fantasy Ive had in my mind and yes i am only 15 and a virgin but don't comment like im twisted or anything cause i know im twisted and i like it lol so comment good or bad


2013-01-11 10:03:35
it was ok but needs a little more work then it will be something i would read a million times by the way awesome story


2012-04-15 17:06:39
ur right i do need to space more

anonymous readerReport

2012-04-15 07:29:47
Hey could use some work, spaceing would be nice. Also slow it down don't rush into things take it step by step. P.s if you think your twristed you've never meet me.


2012-04-15 03:06:18
jsut wanna say didnt think my story would get so many views 3000 and counting keep on reading and ill keep writing thanks


2012-04-14 21:59:35
thanx for the advice i will make sure to be more descriptive and i here you man but i only kinda like bdsm i like the bondage the whole master slave thing and ball gags but whips cat of nine tails and the other pain related stuff not so much :/

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