this is the other part of my fantasy with the babysitter kristy it actually is in the shower and leads into the sequel so enjoy
ok so after mine and kristys fun together we hopped into the shower but we were still fired up so we decided to have a little fun she slowly jerked me off while i sucked on and played with her tits then i lathered her up real godd with the soap and gave her a little smack on her perfect little ass then she 'accidentally' dropped the soap so i rammed my cock right in her still slightly tight pussy pumping in and out slowly she moaned a little and as she played with her tits and ass i started to pump harder the nice cool water running over us was great her skin looked so smooth and shiny and i grabbed her shoulders as i pulled out and to my surprise she quickly turned around and dropped to her knees to suck me off she must really like the taste of a cum covered got because she took every load i gave her after that we washed of played with each other a little more then got dressed and as the end of part one says we sat watching TV talking about our time together and then she left then lucky for me another s/m party came up and i called up Kristy but that's a story for another time ;) hope you enjoyed it sorry it was so short but the sequels on its way ill be posting a new story every Saturday just so my regular readers can be anticipating that sorry for the long space at the end but it says the story's too short so i had too make a lot of characters


2012-04-15 02:18:27
i know it seems more like a narrative because its leading up to the next babysitter story that i jsut posted

anonymous readerReport

2012-04-15 01:39:04
Horrible. Seams more like a naritive not a story.


2012-04-14 21:57:02
thanx for the advice i will


2012-04-14 20:52:23
I look forward to hearing more about christy. also make her start calling you Master

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