When his daughter's friend tells him she's been licked by her dog, a man starts down a path that has a tragic ending
This is a very nasty story. Pay close attention to the tags, if you don't like that sort of thing, stay away.

I'd gotten home from work early, and decided to take a shower. I'd been out in the field all day inspecting a job site, and I was hot, sweaty, and dusty. The shower felt good, and I even took the opportunity to engage in a little self-abuse. My wife was off visiting her mother for a couple of weeks, leaving me at home with our fifteen-year-old daughter, Kelli. Which was basically like being alone, because Kelli spent most of her time at the mall with her friends. She might show up for dinner if she was hungry enough.

I stepped out of the shower and was just about to reach for a towel when I came face-to-face with Kelli's friend Becky. Becky looked panic-stricken, not sure what to do about being confronted by a naked middle-aged man. Her mouth was hanging open, trying to find something to say, while her eyes struggled to stay on mine, but kept drifting lower. I was pretty sure I was blushing. It was a good thing I'd just blown a load in the shower, having a hard-on would have made it even more embarrassing.

I finally managed to spit out, "Becky, I'm sorry, I didn't know anybody else was in the house or I would have locked the door." I honestly hadn't thought about it. By now I'd managed to get a towel around me, so Becky could at least look at me without being distracted.

"God, Mr. Anderson, I didn't know you were home. We just stopped by to use the bathroom on our way to the mall." She looked down at her feet. "Please don't tell anybody I saw you like that."

Becky was the brainy girl of Kelli's bunch of friends, and she looked the part, pretty much the stereotype of the smart girl - dirty blonde hair that was usually wadded up in a butterfly clip on top of her head, wire-rimmed glasses shielding gray eyes, no makeup on a face that was pretty but nothing special, average body. Not the kind of girl you'd look at twice walking down the street.

"Uh, why would I tell anybody that I exposed myself to an underage girl, even if it was accidental? Don't worry, your secret is safe with me."

"Thanks." Becky smiled nervously and backed out of the bathroom. I closed the door, locking it this time, and turned my attention back to my dick, which had decided to get hard again. Surprise.

It was about 7:00 the next night when there was a knock on the door. I wasn't expecting anyone, and Kelli was at the movies with her posse of friends, so I was curious about who it might be. I certainly wasn't expecting to see Becky there.

"Hi Mr. Anderson, can I come in?"

"Uh, I guess. What's up? Why aren't you at the movie with the rest of the crew?" I was puzzled, and maybe a little concerned.

"I told them I had a headache and didn't feel like going. I wanted to talk to you about what happened yesterday."

Uh oh. This was probably not going to be good. I led Becky to the living room, and we sat down at opposite ends of the couch.

"So, what about yesterday?" Becky seemed nervous. I know I was, but I think I was doing a good job of hiding it.

"I. I. Uh." After the false starts, the words poured out of Becky, like she'd been holding them in and finally couldn't any more. "I was wondering if I could see it again, I've never seen one before, I'm not pretty or sexy or anything like the other girls and I don't have a boyfriend, and it was the first time I've ever seen one, and I thought maybe I could see it again and get a better look this time." She stopped and took a deep breath, looking at me expectantly. I wasn't exactly sure what to say first.

"Becky, you'll have a boyfriend soon enough, you're plenty pretty, so don't worry about that. And if I let you see it again, I could go to jail for a long time. It's one thing to have it happen by accident, but if I show it to you on purpose I'll have no excuses." I didn't tell her that my cock had other ideas, was trying to crawl out of my pants all by itself.

"Mr. Anderson, you don't have to try to tell me I'm pretty. I know I'm just plain and none of the guys are interested in me. But what if I told you something about myself that's really bad? It's so bad that I'd never say anything about you to make sure you never told anybody about me. Then would you let me see it again?"

I wasn't quite sure how to respond, and just sat there kind of stupidly. Becky decided to take matters into her own hands.

"Okay, I'll just tell you, and you can decide if it's bad enough that I'll do anything to keep you from telling anybody else. One day last month I was sunbathing out in the back yard, naked. I do that sometimes when my parents aren't home, nobody can see, and it feels good to not have anything on. So I was laying there by the pool, and our dog came up and started licking my face." I had a sudden sickening feeling about where this was going to wind up. "He licks my face a lot, so I didn't think anything about it, but then he started licking other places. He was like licking my belly and even my boobs a little, and it kind of tickled, but it felt good, too. And then he licked me down there. I thought I was going to pass out it felt so good! And I know it's icky, and I know I shouldn't have let him keep doing it, but I did. The only thing that's ever touched me there is a dog. That's how pathetic my life is. Now you know my deepest, darkest secret, so will you let me see it again?"

I couldn't very well tell her that listening to her talk about being molested by the family pet had made my cock even harder than it already was. Disgusting as it may be, the thought rushing through my head at that point was "Damn, I'd sure like to watch that!" Fat chance of that ever happening. It was pretty obvious it was a one time thing that Becky was really embarrassed about, and I was actually a little touched that she wanted to see my dick badly enough to tell me about it.

I was actually a little surprised about my reaction to the whole thing. I'd never considered myself a pervert. Sure, I like a few things that are a little kinky, but I've never been into underage girls, or incest, or pain, or, well, bestiality. But here I was, fantasizing over a fifteen-year-old being licked by her dog.

"Well, you have to promise that you'll never tell anybody, ever, about it. And just for a minute or so, okay?"

"Yeah, that's fine, I just want to get a good look at it this time."

Against my better judgment I unbuckled and unzipped and pushed down my pants and boxers so Becky could get the good look she wanted. The expression on her face said she might be getting a little more than she expected.

"God, it's all hard this time!" Of course she knew the difference between a hard dick and a limp one. These days you have to assume anyone over the age of ten has seen at least some porn on the Internet. Not like when I was a kid and you had to work to find it.

"That's because I didn't just finish jerking off in the shower this time." I gave her a wicked grin.

"You do that?" She seemed genuinely surprised. I laughed.

"All guys do that, whether they'll admit it or not."

"So, do you walk around with it all hard like that unless you just did something with it?" I couldn't tell if Becky was playing with me or not. Normally I'd have run like hell from a situation where I wasn't in complete control, but I was beginning to feel comfortable around her, and I decided to see where it would lead.

"No, being around a sexy woman is what makes it like this." Becky turned as bright a red as I've ever seen on a human being. She clearly wasn't used to having anybody tell her she was sexy. That in itself just made me hornier.

Becky stared down, at her knees, maybe her shoes, and mumbled, "Can I... touch it?"

"Sure, if you want to." It must have been something in her shyness, her embarrassment, that caused me to say that. It certainly didn't come from any functioning part of my brain.

Becky reached over and awkwardly wrapped her fingers around my shaft. I moaned a little, and she looked at me, apparently wondering if she was doing it right. I guided her hand a little, showing her how to stroke it. It felt good. She giggled nervously.

"Uh, some girls that I know say guys really like to put it in girl's mouths. Do you like that?" I still couldn't quite make up my mind if Becky was really as innocent as she acted, or if she was putting on a show for me.

"Yeah, I do, a lot. Do you want to put it in your mouth?"

She nodded. "Uh huh. But I don't know what to do."

"Just lick a little, then put it in your mouth and suck on it, like a popsicle." Damn, couldn't I come up with a better line than that old one? It didn't really matter, though. Becky leaned over and started licking up and down my cock. After the first lick she looked like she wasn't too sure she'd made a good decision, but after a couple more tongue strokes she seemed to get into it. I was definitely into it. I was discovering that there's something about a young girl who's willing but not experienced that's a real turn-on, even for a man who doesn't think he's into jailbait.

After a minute or so she looked up at me and asked, "Is that enough? Should I put it in my mouth now?"

"Yeah, baby, that would be great." She repositioned herself a little so she reach my dick with her mouth, and slipped her lips over the head. "Mmmm, that feels great, baby." She started bobbing her head up and down on my cock, taking in a little more with each stroke. I leaned back and purred. She was tentative, and obviously had never done this before. She also wasn't going to get my whole cock into her mouth without some help. I'm no John Holmes, but I'm well over six feet tall, and have a cock that matches my body size. I had to fight down the urge to grab Becky's head and force myself farther into her mouth. In the end though, I just relaxed and let the little teenager sloppily blow me, and that was just fine. Her mouth was warm and wet and soft around my cock, and I was enjoying this as much as I had anything in a long time. My balls started to rumble, and I was just about to warn Becky that I was going to cum when I did exactly that, blowing a stream of semen into her mouth. I could feel Becky jerk as she felt it shoot into her mouth, but she didn't pull back, she kept her mouth on my dick and started swallowing furiously, managing to gulp down just about all of it. When she was done, she popped up off my dick gasping for breath.

"You okay, baby?" I was grinning at her - she was still trying to catch her breath and her eyes were bugged out like one of those drawings of "aliens."

"Yeah, I. I just thought. I was going to. Choke." When she stopped talking her breathing started to even out.

"Sorry, I was going to warn you I was ready to cum, but it hit me before I could say anything. Sure you're all right?"

"Uh huh. It was kinda neat. It's pretty salty, though."

I chuckled at her. "Yeah, you're not the first girl who's said that. Hey, you got me off, do you want to get something out of this, too." The thought of fondling her tight little pussy was really beginning to appeal to me.

"Like what? What do you mean?" Again, I wasn't sure if any of her innocence was an act, but by now I didn't really care.

"I thought maybe you'd like to have me lick you. Down there." I used her term. Her eyes lit up.

"You mean like Ike? He's our dog." I was glad she clarified that.

"Well, yeah, pretty much I guess. Then you can decide which one of us is better." I gave her a big smile to go with that and she giggled.

"Okay. I guess I've got to take off my clothes, then, right?" She licked her lips. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but it was one of the most seductive things I've ever seen.

"Yep. Or your pants at least." She giggled again.

"I got to see you naked, I should let you see me like that." She stood up, and slowly stripped off her t-shirt, jeans, bra, and panties. She was looking embarrassed again, blushing a little, but not nearly the way she did when I made the "sexy woman" remark. She was looking down at the floor, but didn't try to cover herself up. She might sunbathe naked, but she clearly wasn't used to being bare in front of a man.

I stepped over to her, lifted her face, and kissed her, waiting for her to open her mouth and invite my tongue in rather than trying to force it. When she did I let my hands start to roam over her body - shoulders, arms, breasts, belly, lower back, ass. I didn't touch her "down there." I could hear her purring, moaning slightly at my touch, felt her tremble slightly. When I decided she was ready I picked her up and sat her down on the couch, her hips resting on the edge. I fell to my knees in front of her, pushed her legs apart slightly, and lowered my face between them. Her body was tense, jerked a little when my tongue touched her slit. I licked. She gasped.

"Mmmm, god that feels good!" She flopped her legs open completely and let me push my mouth tighter against her slit. I just licked up and down for a few seconds, then used my fingers to spread her lips slightly and slipped my tongue inside her.

"Ahhh!" This time she jerked hard. I figured it was probably the first time she'd been licked inside, the dog likely just licked along the outside unless she opened herself for him. She tasted incredible, sweet and musky at the same time, and I spread her open wider and buried my tongue in her, pressing my lips tightly against her. As I tongue-fucked her, I could feel her hips moving against me, hear her moans. Her breathing was getting shallow and ragged, and I was pretty sure she was close to an orgasm. I moved my mouth up, fastened my lips on her clit, and slipped one finger into her pussy. Her body went rigid, then rippled like a wave breaking on the beach.

"God YES! Ohhhhh!" She grabbed my head in her hands, holding it against her crotch, and panted like a dog. After a few seconds, her muscles relaxed, she let go of my head and let out a huge sigh. "Wow!"

I raised up, looked at her face. It was radiant, the only word I have for the expression on her face is bliss. I'm sure it was the first time she'd ever cum.

"Liked that, huh?" I'm sure I had an incredibly stupid-looking grin on my face.

"MmmHmm." She was leaning back on the couch, looking like she never wanted to move again. I suddenly looked at my watch.

"Hey, girl, Kelli'll be getting back from the movie pretty soon, so you better get moving. Don't want her finding us like this." I almost giggled. She did.

"Okay, but can we do it again some time?" Becky was starting to put her clothes back on, and I decided I better do the same.

"Oh yeah, we just have to be careful about where and when, so nobody finds out."

"Maybe you can come over to my house. Nobody ever comes there." She was grinning, but there was an undertone of sadness, too. I'd always thought she was more or less the fifth wheel in Kelli's group of friends. Looked like maybe I was right. And her wanting me to go to her house was working right into the disgusting plan I had bubbling up through my mind.

"Hold on a sec." I scribbled my email and cell number on a scrap of paper, handed it to Becky. "Now you can let me know what's a good time to come over."

She quickly put my number into her phone, called it so I'd have hers, then grinned, nodded, and headed out the door.

I didn't hear from Becky for several days, during which time I had several dreams about her sucking my cock, some of them accompanied by images of her dog licking her at the same time. Well, some of them were dreams, some were just out-and-out fantasies that I conjured up to help out with my jerk-off sessions. My wife was still out of town after all. I was beginning to think that she'd decided we'd done as much as she was interested in, when I got a text.

"tnt, 7, prnts gone" My assumption was that she meant I should go to her house tonight at 7:00, because her parents would be gone. That was fine, with just one little problem.

"ok, address?" I had no idea where she lived.

She shot the address back to me. Good, it was far enough out of our neighborhood that no one would recognize my car.

Kelli bounced in just long enough to have dinner, then headed out to do whatever it is she does when she's out of the house. It wasn't bothering her a bit that her mother was gone, Andrea was the one who was likely to ask where she was going or what she was going to do. I tended to keep my mouth shut. I remembered quite well what being a teenager was like, and figured if Kelli got into any trouble she'd let us know. Otherwise she could take care of herself. Yeah, right, just like Becky could.

Since Kelli was gone I didn't have to make any excuses about where I was headed. Didn't matter, I had to do work things quite a bit at night, so my being out of the house wouldn't be unusual at all. I got to Becky's house right at 7:00, and she opened the door as I was walking up the steps. She must have been waiting for me, that was a good sign.

Becky grinned as I walked into the house, then blushed and looked down at her shoes. "Are we going to do what we did before?" She was cute when she blushed.

"We can do anything you want, Becky." I had a few things in mind. She looked back up at me, took my hand.

"Okay. My parents won't be back until after 11:00."

She led me down the hallway to her bedroom. I imagine it was pretty typical for a teenage girl's room, not much different from Kelli's with the posters of singers and actors, and the dolls and such that she'd outgrown but couldn't bear to throw away. For that matter, it wasn't that different from my sister's room when we were that age, except for the laptop sitting on the desk.

Becky positioned me with my back to the edge of the bed, and quickly unfastened my belt and pants, pulling them down to expose my dick, which was hardening fast. I took her hands in mine to keep her from doing anything else quite yet.

"Slow down, honey, why don't we get naked first?"

She giggled. "Uh, yeah, that's a good idea!"

We made short work of stripping off each other's clothes, and I looked up and down her body. I'd seen it before, but this time I took my time, had a good look at the small tits, the narrow hips, the flat belly. Becky licked her lips, pushed me back so I was sitting on the bed, and dropped to her knees, bending forward at the waist to bring her face toward my cock. It was pretty obvious she'd had a fine time with me before, and was looking forward to more. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock, making me groan. Over her back I saw a dog trot into the room. It had to be Ike. He was a big one, a mix of probably Great Dane with something like a Weimaraner by the look of him. He knew what he wanted - he moved up behind Becky and started licking between her legs.

"Ike, no, not now!" Becky glared back at the dog, who didn't seem to pay any attention. I decided that my assumption that Ike's licking Becky had been a one-time thing might be inaccurate. Becky looked up at me, licking her lips again, a question on her face.

"It's okay if you want him to." She actually looked relieved, like she was afraid I was going to tell her I wanted her to lose the dog. I didn't say anything about the almost indescribable affect that watching Ike lick her had on my dick. Or the fact that I was having to rethink whether or not I was a disgusting pervert.

Becky bent down again, gave my cock another couple of licks. Then Ike moved, fast. So fast that neither Becky or I could react until it was too late. He scrambled forward, over Becky's back, front legs hooking around her belly, back legs moving up to hers. I saw Ike thrust with his hips, and Becky's eyes got big. The dog made another thrust, and Becky yelped, not an out-and-out scream, but enough to show that she was in pain. She clutched at my thighs, and I took her hands in mine, more to protect myself than to comfort her. I looked towards Becky's bare ass, and it was obvious that Ike had gotten his cock inside Becky's pussy. The girl had just been deflowered by her pet. I watched the dog humping Becky, then looked down at her face again, saw a mixture of shock and lust. She was beginning to moan, and her fingernails were digging into my hands. Becky squealed again, and Ike whimpered, and I knew that the dog had shoved his knot into the teenager's pussy. Becky gasped, and I was sure that Ike was cumming inside her.

"God, oh fuck, uhn, uhn, uhn." I could feel Becky's body tremble, and knew she was getting off. It wasn't an earth-shattering orgasm, but she was cumming. Ike had finished shooting into her, and was waiting for his knot to go down. Becky was squirming, trying to get away from him.

"Wait, baby. Wait until he pulls out, you could both get hurt." She buried her face in my thighs, breathing heavily. I couldn't tell if she was sobbing or not.

After a few minutes, Ike backed away and pranced over to a corner, started licking himself. Becky looked up at me, that old embarrassed expression on her face again. It was replaced by wide-eyed shock when she noticed my dick standing at attention in front of her face.

"God, I didn't do what I was supposed to!" I laughed at her, then stroked her hair gently so she wouldn't think I was making fun of her.

"That's okay, I understand if you don't want to after what just happened." Even if I was practically in pain my cock was so hard after watching her get fucked by her dog.

"No, really, I want to. I just - you don't think I'm terrible for letting Ike do that, do you?"

I smiled. "No, baby, you should do whatever makes you feel good."

She smiled back at me, then lowered her face to my cock and gave it a couple of long, slow licks before taking it into her mouth. I knew it wasn't going to take long for me to blow my load, so I took her head in my hands and pumped into her mouth a little this time, instead of just letting her bob her head on it. I wasn't rough, didn't make her deep throat it, or anything like that, but I got an inch or so more into her mouth this time. By now I'd pretty much given up on my long-standing conviction that I wasn't some kind of disgusting pervert, and decided I'd get Becky ready for something more in the future. I only lasted a couple of minutes before I shot my cum into Becky's mouth. She gulped it down eagerly again, and I leaned back, breathing heavily.

"Mr. Anderson, I'm all sweaty, and so are you. Do you want to take a shower together and clean up?"

Do I? Shit! I looked at the clock to make sure we had time, then nodded slowly. Becky took my hand and led me to the shower. We climbed in, started the water, and began washing each other. I used a shower attachment to force water into Becky's pussy, wash the dog's semen out of her. She closed her eyes and chewed on her lower lip, shuddering, as the water flushed her. Then she looked at me, at my cock, which was seriously hard again, then down at her feet.

"Mr. Anderson, I want you to do me like Ike did." I wanted to. Really. But...

"Becky, we can't. I can't take a chance of getting you pregnant." Pretty lame. The only reason you won't fuck your daughter's fifteen-year-old friend is you're afraid you'll knock her up.

"Please. I really want it." For the first time, she sounded like a teenage girl, and I was reminded of how young she was, and how this shouldn't be happening. But I really wanted it, too. And maybe there was a way.

"I can't do you like Ike did. You might get pregnant. But maybe I can do something else."

I pulled her close against me, so my hard cock was pressed against her belly. I slid my hand down her back, slid a finger between her ass cheeks, let the tip come to rest against her anus. She shivered a little, looked up at me with a puzzled expression on her face.

"I could put it in there. You can't get pregnant that way. And use my fingers down there where Ike did you."

She hesitated a bit, but then nodded her head. "Okay, I just want you to do me. I want to feel it inside me."

I turned her around so her back was to me, had her brace herself against the wall of the shower with her hands, spread her legs apart. I soaped up my dick so it was good and slick, spread her ass cheeks a far apart as I could, and pressed the head of my cock against her sphincter. She moaned slightly, then gasped when I slipped the head inside her. I know I should have been slow and gentle, but by then I couldn't. I bucked my hips forward, holding her waist so she wouldn't move, and buried my cock in her ass, my balls slapping against her pussy.

"Mmmmm, god, yessssss! Oooohhhh!" I expected her to scream, or at least say that it hurt. Instead she loved it. I pulled back, rammed into her again, and this time she shoved her ass back at me to help me get all the way into her. I leaned over her back, curled one arm around her waist, and slipped my hand between her legs. I finger-fucked her pussy, rubbing her clit, while I fucked her in the ass. With my other hand I rubbed her belly, squeezed her tits, even reached up and slipped my fingers around her throat, choking her ever so lightly. No matter what I did, she seemed to be into it. She was making all sorts of noises, moans, gasps, squeals. I don't I'd ever felt anything better around my cock than her tight, hot little ass. And I was coming to the realization that this little girl who was just beginning to learn about sex was already as sick and depraved as I could ever be.

Becky's breathing was getting ragged now, and her body was starting to shake. I decided to help her along, and pinched her clit.

"Uhn uhn, yeah, OOOOHHHH!" Becky came, letting out a cross between a wail and a moan. She was still cumming a few seconds later when my balls exploded, blasting shot after shot of semen into the little girl's bowels. She shuddered with each pulse of my cock, and rested her head against the wall of the shower, too spent to hold herself up. By the time I got done cumming in her ass, I had to support her. After a few seconds she leaned back against me as my limp dick slipped out of her ass.

"Mr. Anderson, that was wonderful." She was still breathing heavily. I held her tightly.

"I'd have to agree with that." But I needed to piss. Right now. I whispered into Becky's ear, "I have to pee. I want you to drink it." I was taking a big chance, but she hadn't shied away from anything else. She seemed to instinctively know what to do. She turned around, sank to her knees in front of me, and opened her mouth. I relaxed and let a stream of piss pour over her, into her mouth, on her face, in her hair, across her tits. Becky gulped down as much as she could get in her mouth. When I was mostly done, and the piss was down to a trickle, she slipped her lips around my cock to drink down the last of it. She had a big grin on her face when she finished.

She rinsed off one last time, and we shut down the shower, climbed out and dried each other off. It was late enough that I needed to get going before her parents got home. Neither one of us said much more, but we gave each other a big hug and kiss as I was leaving. It was pretty obvious we were going to want to see more of each other.

I got home before Kelli did. In fact, she was late enough that even I got a little worried. Although that may have been as much from the realization that there were guys like me out there as from what time it was. I'd always figured I was one of the good guys, and if I could get roped into something like I'd done with Becky as easily as I did, what about all the other assholes out there. I sure wouldn't want Kelli hanging around with somebody like me.

When she finally bounced in I had a good look at what she was wearing for the first time in quite a while. And I wasn't particularly happy about it. She was wearing a strapless peasant blouse that looked like it was going to fall off her boobs any second, and a pair of seriously short cut-offs. I swear, I could see the bottoms of her ass cheeks hanging out. I didn't say anything then, it was late, and I wasn't in the mood to start anything, but I was definitely going to have to have a talk with my daughter. Soon.

The next day, which was Saturday, I got a call from Andrea. Her mother wanted her to stay for an extra week or so. Andrea was helping her go through the house, decide what she could live without. Andrea's father had died a couple of years before, and her mother had never sorted through his things to figure out what she wanted to hang on to. Now that she had Andrea there to help, she figured it was a good time to get it done.

"So, do you think you and the brat can get along without me that long?"

"I think we can muddle through somehow. I miss you, though."

"I miss you, too. I'll expect a really warm welcome when I finally get home." Andrea was possibly the horniest woman I'd ever met. She was ready any time, any place. Which was another reason I should probably be worried about Kelli. Andrea had never liked anything kinky, though, she just liked to fuck a lot. I'd never really thought about that before, but now that I'd found out just how nasty a little girl like Becky could get, I wondered how satisfied I'd be with just plain old sex.

Andrea referring to Kelli as "the brat" was nothing unusual, by the way. She knew that Kelli was spoiled rotten, mostly through my efforts. When Kelli had been young, Andrea worked in an office, while I had a consulting firm and did most of my work from home, so I was the one who was there with Kelli most of the time. And I pretty much let her so whatever she wanted, just like I did now. I was always so busy with my consulting jobs that I couldn't be bothered to be much of a father.

Now Andrea was home most of the time, since I was making enough that she didn't have to work. She was trying to make up for some of my years of letting Kelli go unsupervised, but it wasn't working very well.

I'd wanted her there when I confronted Kelli about the way she was dressing, but it looked like I was going to have to do it alone. And it looked like I was going to have to do it soon. Just after I hung up the phone, Kelli came prancing by wearing the same cut-off she'd had on the night before, but this time with a cut-down tank top that barely covered her breasts, either on top or bottom.

So, stone hypocrite, or worried father who finally realizes what kind of trouble his daughter could get into? You call it, I have no idea which I am right now.

"You don't really think you're going out in public dressed like that, do you?"

"Duh, yeah. I dress like this all the time, Daddy. Haven't you noticed?" She gave me a nasty smirk and a wink that made me worry more than any outfit she could wear. As I watched her flounce out the door, ass swinging, boobs bouncing, I realized for the first time that my daughter was seriously hot. And if a mousy little thing like Becky could find somebody to do the things we'd done, how easy would it be for a stone fox like Kelli?

The doorbell rang about twenty minutes after Kelli left. Since I wasn't expecting anybody, I looked out the peephole before I opened the door. It was Becky. That was a surprise. I opened up and got her inside quickly, didn't want any of the neighbors seeing her there.

"What are you doing here?" I was more than a little nervous about getting a visit from her at home.

"Jeez, I thought you'd be glad to see me." She looked crushed, like she might start crying any minute.

"Well, I didn't expect it. And we have to be careful about anybody seeing us together." I was having trouble concentrating on what I was saying. I kept thinking about the things we'd already done together.

"Do you think I'm stupid? Kelli called and asked me to go out with her and some other girls, so I knew you'd be alone. I thought we could do it. Just the two of us, no Ike." She smiled. "And I want you to put it there, where Ike did. In my pussy." She had a funny expression on her face, like she'd never said that word before.

"But we talked about that. We can't take a chance on you getting pregnant."

"I don't care. We'll worry about that if it happens. I want you to put your cock in my pussy and fuck me and cum inside me." She sounded like she was reciting something she'd read in a porno story, trying to sound grown-up. But the look on her face was sheer lust. I'm sure it matched mine. She stepped over to me and looped her arms around my neck, stretched up to kiss me. I pulled her close and ran my hands over her as our mouths met.

She tasted good, and I wanted to kiss her for a long time, but we both needed more than that. I picked her up and carried her into my bedroom. Set her on her feet next to the bed, and began undressing her. When she was naked, she quickly did the same for me. I kissed her again, lightly, then picked her up and laid her down on the bed, spread her legs. Her face was a mask of lust by now.

"You sure you want this?"

"God, yes, fuck me! Right now!"

I climbed up on top of her on the bed, positioned my cock against her opening, and rammed myself into her in one shot. God, her cunt was as tight as her ass!

"Mmmm, do it hard, please!" She didn't need to say it twice. I started slamming myself into her as hard and deep as I could. I knew I was taking a big chance with this girl, that I could get myself into more trouble than I could ever get out of. But the danger just made it better, and now, knowing that I could make her pregnant added an extra layer to it.

Becky wrapped her legs around my hips, pulling me tighter against her. I braced myself up with my arms and looked down at Becky's face. Her mouth was open, taking in gasping breaths, her eyes hooded. As I fucked the little teenager my mind was racing. Things flashed through my head that hadn't been there in years, thoughts and fantasies I'd had when I was a teenager, that I thought I'd gotten rid of forever. I was wondering just how far I could go with this little girl.

"Mr. Anderson, yes! GOD YES!!" Becky's body shuddered, stiffened, shook again, her head rolling from side to side on the bed, eyes closed. I could feel her pussy pulsing around my cock. I shoved into her as hard as I could as I felt my cum surge out into her cunt, trying to get as close to her womb as I could. I wanted to flood it with my semen, wanted to make her pregnant.

I finished cumming inside Becky and collapsed on top of her. We lay there for half a minute or so, breathing heavily. Then Becky whispered in my ear.

"Do you have to pee again?"

"Uh huh."

"Do it in me." I didn't think. Not about what I was doing, or who was under me, or the mess I'd be making. I just let my bladder relax and pissed right into Becky's hot, wet little cunt, letting my piss mix with my cum and her juices. Becky purred, a satisfied kitten.

"Mr. Anderson, I want to do everything with you."

"That's good, Becky, 'cause I want to do everything with you, too." Although I'm having trouble now figuring out how much is left. Besides those old thoughts. The ones I don't want to have.

Becky purred again. "Is it okay if I still do things with Ike, though? Will you get mad? 'Cause we can't be together all the time, and I still like the things that he does to me, too."

"Don't worry, honey, you can do anything you want with Ike. In fact, I want to do some more things with you with Ike there, too."

"Goodie!" That reminded me of just how young she was. And what I could be getting myself in for.

Kelli got in late again, and we had another go-round about how she was dressed and how late she was staying up. I was too tired to really lay down the law, and she made it clear that she wasn't likely to listen to me, anyway. I was starting to wish that Andrea would get home. Except that would put a major crimp in my extra-curricular activities with Becky.

I was hoping I'd get a message from Becky on Sunday, or that she'd just show up at my door again, but nothing happened. Kelli spent the day out of the house, as usual, doing God knows what. So I just watched some ball games, and jacked off to a little porn when I got too horny. Nothing unusual there, but I did notice that I was going for a different kind of porn vid than I would normally hit. I wanted stuff that was kinky, with animals, or pissing. Violent stuff, too. And incest. Yeah, the old urges were coming back. And that wasn't a good thing.

Monday was a typical pain in the ass at work. I was so busy I didn't even have a chance to think about Becky, or the problems with Kelli, which was actually nice for a change. And when I got home I was too beat to worry about anything but eating dinner and getting some sleep. Kelli was nowhere to be seen, and I hadn't had any messages from Becky. Oh well, maybe she'd decided she could get something besides a dirty old man.

On Tuesday, about Noon, there was a major power outage downtown. One of the main stations had something serious go wrong, and the electric company had no idea how long it was going to take to fix. The boss didn't have much choice but to send everybody home. We couldn't work with no electricity, everything depended on the computers and the Internet. Hell, we could barely even see in the building, it had those dark windows that were supposed to be modern.

I was no sooner in the door at home than I heard sounds coming from the back of the house, where the bedrooms are. The kind of sounds no father of a fifteen-year-old girl wants to hear. I walked back toward Kelli's room, being careful not to make any noise. She hadn't even bothered to close the door, and when I got there I froze for a few seconds.

There she was, on her back, naked, legs spread. There was a guy on top of her, pumping his dick in an out of her. From the way Kelli's hips were moving against him, she had plenty of experience at this. Probably more than the guy in fact. He was grunting, she was moaning.

"Yeah Jason, fuck me!"

That finally snapped me out of my catatonic state. "What the fuck!"

The guy, Jason I guess, jumped up off of Kelli, with an expression on his face that said he was afraid he was about to die, while Kelli squealed, "Daddy, what are you doing home?"

I had a quick look at Jason. Older than Kelli, but not by too much, probably eighteen or so. Typical skinny teenage guy. Wearing a condom. At least she was smart enough to make him do that. I didn't even have to tell him to get lost. He was in such a hurry to get out of there that I thought he was going to run out into the street naked. As he hustled out of the room, I turned my attention to my daughter. She didn't even have the decency to try to cover herself up. She was standing in front of me with a nasty smirk on her face.

"You little slut, you're grounded. Until you're eighteen." She just winked at me, and looked down at my crotch.

"What's wrong, Daddy, you jealous because Jason was getting this instead of you?" Her hand went between her legs to touch her pussy.

I slapped her, hard enough to make her head snap to the side. I'd never hit a woman before. Hell, I'd never hit a man before. She looked back at me. She still had the smirk on her face, but there was something else. Something like the lust I'd seen on Becky's face when she'd asked me to put my cock in her pussy. And her hand was still between her legs.

"Oh, can you only get it up for poor little dweebs that have to get their cherry popped by a dog? Can't handle a hottie like me?"

I lost it, totally and absolutely. I grabbed Kelli's wrist, jerked her over to me, and slammed my other fist into her belly. She gasped for breath, then whimpered when I punched her again. She tried to push me away, but I brushed her hand off easily. I reached up, took hold of her throat, squeezed. No more smirk on her face now, just fear. I could feel her trembling.

"We'll see who can handle what, you fuckin' whore." I could barely recognize my own voice. I used my grip on Kelli's throat to force her down onto her bed, then stepped back to strip off my clothes. I watched her to make sure she didn't try to get up, to get away, but she just lay there, stricken, staring at my cock, which was as hard as I could ever remember it being. As soon as I was naked I climbed up on the bed, forcing Kelli's legs apart. I set the tip of my cock against the opening of Kelli's pussy.

She whined, "Daddy, no, don't!" I put my hand back on her throat.

"Shut up, slut!" I bucked my hips forward and slid into her pussy. She was still wet from her session with Jason, and I buried my cock in her and started pumping. I swear, I could feel her cunt clutching at me, her hips pumping against me, as I rammed her.

I already mentioned that what I did with Becky caused me to think about things I hadn't thought about in years. But now, with Kelli, I was having thoughts that I'd forced so far down I'd forgotten that I'd ever even had them. Dark, evil things that were starting to bubble to the surface now as I raped my daughter. Nasty, violent thoughts that no decent, or even sane, man would ever have.

Reality slowly forced it's way into my mind alongside the swirling fantasies. Kelli's cunt gripping my cunt, her fingers digging into my shoulders. My hands on her tits, pinching, twisting, my mouth sucking her throat, biting, like I was trying to draw blood. Finally, her voice in my ear, moaning, pleading.

"Daddy, please, fuck me harder, make me cum! Hit me again! Choke me!" I raised myself up over her, looked down into her face. It was twisted, eyes closed. She bit her lip, then just let her mouth hang open. I put one hand on her throat, leaned on her, forcing down into the mattress. Balled my other hand into a fist, slammed it into her midsection again. Kelli's body went crazy, thrashing on the bed. Her hips crushed themselves against me, her pussy spasming around my cock. I saw the color drain from her face, jerked my hand away from her throat with a sudden realization of how close she was to passing out, or worse.

Kelli gasped, dragging in a couple of huge ragged breaths, then screamed out, "FUCK!! YESSSS!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!" Her body was still vibrating under me, and I realized that she was still cumming. I held her shoulders down as I pumped my cock into her.

"I'm gonna shoot my cum right into your tight little cunt, slut. What do you think about that?"

"Yes. Daddy. Cum. Inside me. Please." She was still struggling for breath. My balls twitched, and the first shot of my cum poured into Kelli. She purred like a satisfied kitten. I thought I was never going to stop pumping cum into her. I could feel it seeping out of her pussy around my cock. I looked down at Kelli, saw the bruises on her throat, her tits, her belly, that I'd left with my hands and my teeth. She smiled up at me.

"God, Daddy, I thought I'd never find somebody who'd give me what I need. And no more complaining about how I dress, right? Especially when Mom's not around." She had me. But she didn't know her father as well as she thought she did. Or how much like him she was.

I'd have been happy to spend the rest of the day and night in bed with Kelli, but she had other plans with her friends. I wondered aloud if any of them were guys. She giggled.

"Don't worry, Daddy. Now that I know how you'll do me, I don't want any other guy's dicks. But I can't live on just sex. Oh, and I'll make sure I let Becky know that I won't be home until late. That way maybe you won't be too bored."

I was definitely going to have to find out how she knew about Becky and me. And Ike.

I had to wait a while, but eventually the doorbell rang. I let Becky in, admiring her short skirt and peasant blouse. I wished that Ike could be there. But I'd just have to make do. First things first, though.

"Becky, did you tell Kelli about us? About you and Ike?" I was trying to be as stern as possible, but it was difficult when just having Becky near me was making my cock stiffen. She looked down at her feet, with that innocent expression on her face again. I still hadn't figured out for sure whether it was an act or not.

"She... she told me about how she had all these fantasies about sex, about being hurt, and how what she really wanted was to have you be the one who hurt her, so I started telling her about my secrets, about Ike and what he does to me, and about this older guy I've been with and... I guess I must have like let something out, because she figured out that you were the one I was talking about. And now she knows about us and about Ike, and I'm so embarrassed." Becky looked up at me, her eyes suddenly wide, staring. "Oh my god, you did it with her, didn't you? She told you what she knew and you did it with Kelli!"

I hesitated for a minute before I said anything. I wasn't sure exactly how to handle things. And I wasn't sure how Becky was going to react to whatever I said. Finally, I had to say something. Put my hand under her chin and lifter her face so she was looking straight into my eyes.

"Yeah. I did. I didn't just do it with her, either. I raped her. I threw her down on the bed and beat her and choked her and raped her. And she loved every minute of it." Becky was breathing heavily. Her faced showed the combination of lust and fear I'd seen from her before.

"God, that is so hot." She licked her lips. "Do you still want me after you had her?"

"Yeah, baby. I want you more than ever. Right now." I picked her up and carried her into my bedroom. I didn't waste any time, just stripped her clothes off as quickly as I could, followed by my own. I got her up on the bed, and positioned her so that she was lying across the bed, with her head hanging off the bed on the side towards me. It was the perfect position for her throat to be wide open. I pushed my cock between her lips and forced it as far into her throat as I could. Pulled back until her lips were wrapped around the head, then slammed back into her throat again. Started pumping into her, hard and fast, the way I would into her cunt. Reached down with my hands and clawed at her lower belly, her pussy, her clit.

I didn't know if she could breathe, didn't care. I did know that her body was writhing, her throat spasming around the head of my cock. I dug my fingers into her, not caring how rough I got, took her clit between my thumb and finger, twisted it. She stiffened, then thrashed on the bed like she was having convulsions. My cock slipped even deeper into her throat, and I felt my balls tighten. My cum spurted into throat, spewing straight down into her stomach. I was shaking by the time I got done and pulled my cock out of her mouth. Becky immediately started sucking in huge gasps of air, trembling on the bed. Her eyes were open, but rolled back in her head. I let her get a few breaths.

"You okay, baby?"

"Oh. Fuck. Dude. That was. So awesome!" Still trying to catch her breath, she had a huge grin on her face. She waited a few more seconds to let her body calm down, then the words tumbled out. "God, I read things about being choked, wanted it, almost passed out, shit I want you to fuck me and choke me with your hands. I want to choke a girl while I fuck her." She stopped, face red, looked away.

"Hey, I know you fuck your dog. Why should I worry about you fucking another girl?"

She looked back at me. "It's not just any other girl. I want to fuck Kelli, and choke her. Make her pass out. Maybe more than that."

I turned her face to my cock. "See what you've done to me now." I was hard as a rock. I didn't tell her I'd been thinking the same thing about my slutty little daughter. I spun her around on the bed so her legs were hanging over instead of her head and shoved my cock into her. I forced her knees up to her shoulders and fucked her hard and nasty, the way you'd fuck some cheap little whore you picked up on the street. And I choked her, putting my hand around her throat, squeezing, forcing her head back on the bed. I didn't let up until her eyes rolled back in her head and her face started to turn white. Then I let go just long enough for her to stay conscious, then started choking again.

The little pervert loved every minute of it. She came three times before I finally shot my load into her, making sure I was buried all the way inside so my sperm would have the shortest path to her womb. Worried about making her pregnant? Not anymore. I wanted to now. I looked at her face as I came inside her, eyes closed, mouth open trying to suck in air, my hand still on her throat. Her body was jerking under me. Just as my last shot pumped into her, I felt her go limp. I pulled my hand away, slapped her face, hard. Her eyes popped open, her body shuddered as she tried to gasp in air again. This time it took her longer to recover. And then she didn't say anything for a while, just looked at me, with an expression I couldn't quite place. I thought maybe I'd finally gone too far. But there was no such thing with Becky.

I should have been shocked by what she said next, but I wasn't. I had to admit that we were both disgusting, demented, sick beyond anything a normal person could imagine.

"Please don't kill me until I have your baby."

"I'm not going to kill you, baby. You're too much fun." Even as I spoke, I wasn't sure if it was true or not.

The rest of the week was a mess. Work was an incredible hassle, I wound up doing extra time every day until the end of the week, which meant I didn't have any time for any extra-curricular activities. I did, unfortunately, have plenty of time to think.

First about Andrea. She'd be coming home on Saturday, finally, and I wasn't sure how I was going to handle having her back. Like I said before, horny as she was, she'd never been into anything kinky. I'd always been able to submerge whatever wild ideas I had and be happy with her, but now, after the things I'd done with Becky and Kelli, I wasn't sure I'd still be able to even face just straight sex with my wife. Not to mention what I was going to have to do to make sure she didn't find out what had been going on. And, shit, I was going to have to find ways to get away from her to be with Becky. And find some way to sneak around with Kelli, too. Because now that I'd found an outlet for all those old fantasies, there was no way I was going to stuff them back into the box.

In fact, I wanted to find out just exactly how far I could take the two little fifteen-year-olds. Just how badly could I beat my daughter before she screamed for me stop? Was she enough of a masochist that I could make her cum just from the pain, with no sex involved? Not that I necessarily wanted to do that, now that I'd had my cock in her I wanted it there again. And a lot. As for Becky, just how far could we push each other? Would I reach a point where I didn't let go of her throat when she passed out? Would she ask me not to let go? How much of what Becky'd said about Kelli was just talk, and how much was her real nature? I'd known a woman, a long time ago, who actually had a death wish, who referred to death as the ultimate orgasm. I'd run away from her then, afraid to face what she wanted, what I wanted to do. This time I wasn't running.

When Andrea got home on Saturday, the first thing she wanted to do was crawl into bed with me. Kelli was out running around (surprise), so we didn't have anything to keep us from doing what we wanted. Or what she wanted. Me on top, hump hump hump, shoot my load into her. Well, it wasn't as boring as I make it sound, but it couldn't compare with what I'd been having while she was away. And I honestly don't think Andrea noticed that I wasn't into it. She got off, and seriously, it wasn't all that different from the last few years.

I'd always been the adventurous one when it came to sex. Even when we were young and just trying to get to know each other, and ourselves, Andrea had never wanted much more than good old missionary position fucking. Oh, she'd been willing to try a few things once or twice to see what she thought, but none of them seemed to do anything for her. After a while I just stopped trying to get her interested in anything new. I made up for the lack of variety in my sex life by letting my imagination run wild. Until what was popping into my mind started to scare even me. Then I buried it as deeply as I could, forced myself to be content with what I got from Andrea. Now, though, it was loose again, thanks to Becky and Kelli. This time I don't think I can stop it.

Andrea was as horny as usual. Every night from the time she got back through Wednesday we fucked. She always seemed to be satisfied. As for me, well, I needed something more. And was willing to admit it to myself now. After our session on Wednesday night, I got a reprieve.

"Oh, shoot, I almost forgot. This weekend is my time with Caroline." Caroline has been Andrea's best friend since they were in junior high. They spend a couple of weekends a year off at a cabin, just the two of them. Sometimes I wonder if they're secretly lesbian lovers and that's why Andrea never wants anything out of the ordinary in bed. "Maybe I should just cancel this time, since I've been gone so much lately."

Shit no! "No, you go ahead. It'll be good for you after spending all that time with your mother."

"Won't you miss me, though? I just got home."

"Of course I'll miss you, but you're giving me plenty to look forward to." I actually managed to give her a wicked grin. Maybe I should have been an actor.

Andrea was planning to leave after dinner on Friday. Kelli actually ate with us, then took off, although I had a sneaking suspicion she'd be back after she was sure her mother was gone. I didn't believe her for a minute when she said she didn't want any other cocks after she'd had mine, but I was pretty sure she was telling the truth about not being able to get the kind of violence she wanted anywhere else. I had something planned for her tonight.

After Andrea left I spent about half an hour getting things ready in the bedroom and, sure enough, about fifteen minutes after that, in flounced my slutty little daughter. She was wearing that tank top again, the one that barely went past her tits, and a tight mini-skirt. My dick was hard as soon as I saw her, although it was going to have to wait a while. I had other things in mind first. It was hard to believe I'd only fucked her once.

She gave me her most smart-ass look. "Aww, poor Daddy. Had to fuck Mom all week." She licked her lips. "Bet you need something else tonight, huh?"

"Damn right, you little slut!" I was on her before she could move. Grabbed her by the hair, tight so she couldn't get away. Fished in my pocket, brought out the small knife I carry there, popped it open. It's not a big one, the blade's not quite three inches long, less than an inch wide. But I keep it razor-sharp. Now I pressed the point against Kelli's throat, just below her adam's apple, looked into her eyes. "We're both going to get what we need tonight." I'd seen the look on her face before. On Becky, when she talked about me killing her.

I pulled her by the hair along the hallway down to my bedroom, dragged her inside. She gasped as she saw the ropes that I'd rigged on the bed. She was already breathing heavily. I jerked her over so she was standing directly in front of me, laid the blade of the knife against her chest, then pulled it down hard, slitting the tank top off her, leaving her tits bare. She sucked in her breath, her eyes wide. I put the point of the knife against her throat again, began to slowly drag it down, like I'd do with my tongue. Over her chest, between her tits. I circled each of them, then dragged the point of the knife up the underside of her left tit, up to the nipple. I pushed lightly, not quite enough to break the skin, but enough for her to feel it.

"Oh, fuck, Daddy!" It was barely a whisper, but plenty to let me know that my little girl was willing to be as disgusting as I was. Down again with the knife, the point of the blade scraping across her belly. I could see the muscles of her belly ripple as she felt the steel. When I reached her belly button I poked the tip into her again, twisting it this time. She didn't say anything, just moaned softly. Her knees tried to buckle, but I held her up by her hair. By now the look on her face was beyond anything I can describe.

I put the blade of the knife flat against her belly, just below her navel, let it slide down under the waist band of her skirt. One hard jerk and the skirt split open enough to fall off her hips. The blade slipped inside her panties, cut them off. I could feel and see her moving her hips against the blade, trying to feel more of it against her skin.

Now it was time to get serious. I pulled Kelli over to the bed, threw her down, and tied her up so she was stretched out on the bed. Her hands over her head, together tied to the headboard. Her legs spread apart, one ankle strapped to each of the posts on the footboard. I didn't try to be gentle when I pulled the ropes against her skin, either. Kelli was practically panting now, her face a twisted mask. I brought the blade up to her face, let her look at it.

"Open your mouth, slut." She did, and stuck her tongue out without even being told. I held the tip of the blade against her tongue, let her lick it. She drew her tongue back, taking the blade with it, tasting the hard, cold steel. Her eyes were closed now, her body calm. I could do anything I wanted with her. I slipped the knife out of her mouth, being careful not to cut her, not that she would have minded. I shifted to her right tit, pressed the tip against her nipple, harder than I had before, hard enough to drive the hard little bud down into her tit.

"AAAHHH, yes, please Daddy!" Kelli's body went stiff, then seemed to vibrate. I turned the knife just a little, then pulled it away, moved to a spot on her belly just below her belly button. I held the point against her skin, pressed just hard enough to see the tip split the skin. "UUHH God!" Kelli's abdomen jerked up off the bed, forcing a quarter inch of the tip of the knife into her. She squealed and flopped back down on the bed as a few drops of blood oozed from her belly. Her body twitched.

"Daddy, are you going to fuck me with it?" It was almost a plea.

"Not yet, baby, I can only do that once, and I'm not ready to lose you yet. But we're not done." I was so far gone that neither my daughter's question nor my answer surprised me a bit.

I moved lower still. Kelli squirmed as I spread her pussy lips with my fingers, teased her clit out of its hood. I brought the point of the knife between her legs.

"I thought you weren't ready to fuck me with that yet." Even now, ready to go crazy with lust, she was still a smart ass.

"I'm not. You need to be teased a little more."

"I'm tired of teasing. I want more."

"You'll get it. Be patient." Yeah, asking a fifteen year old girl to be patient is like asking a turtle to move fast. But she didn't have any choice. She was the one tied up.

I slid the tip of the knife up against Kelli's clit, flicked it up, using it like a tongue again. She gasped, twisted on the bed. I forced her hips to be still, flicked the knife over her clit again, then dug the point in. Just a little, just enough for her to feel it. She thrashed, moaned, grunted like an animal. Time for the last little tease. I spread her cunt lips again, as wide as I could with one hand. Moved the tip of the knife between her lips. Kelli was straining up with her head, trying to see what I was doing.

"Try not to jerk. You might hurt yourself." Like the little pain slut would care. But a slip here could be bad. I moved about an inch of the blade inside her gaping pussy, let her lips close around it. I could see her biting her lip, straining not to slam her hips out against it, take it all into her. I slowly slid the blade back out, being as careful as I could. No blood on the blade, but that didn't mean I hadn't cut her. Kelli let out an explosive breath, sucked in air.

"Again, please, deeper!"

"All right, but this is the end of this for today. We've got other things to do." I spread her pussy open again, slipped the blade in, another half inch or so this time. Let it sit there for a few more seconds than the first time, then backed it out again. I set the knife aside, repositioned myself so I was kneeling over Kelli. She was shaking, her lips trembling. Tears had leaked out of her eyes. She looked up at me, pleading. I stroked her hair gently.

"Don't worry, baby, I won't let you down." I drew back my arm, curled my fingers into a fist and slammed it into Kelli's midsection, just below her navel.

"God, Daddy, yes, that's so good!" I punched her again and again in the belly, hard as I could, then reached around and drove my fist into her side, between her hip and rib cage. Then I stood up, took off my belt, and began beating her with it, slamming the leather against her tits, shoulders, throat, whipping her thighs, then beating her pussy and clit.

"Harder, Daddy, I'm gonna cum!" I slashed back and forth against her crotch with the belt, and Kelli's body stiffened, then thrashed on the bed. "Uh uh uh, fuck YES!" I kept whipping her while she came, heard noises coming from her that I didn't think were human. I thought she was never going to stop, but finally her body shuddered, then went almost limp. I looked down at her, eyes almost closed, welts covering her body, breathing shallowly. She was barely conscious. That didn't matter. I'd held back as long as I could to give Kelli what she needed, but now I was ready. I stripped out of my clothes, undid the ropes around her ankles, climbed onto the bed on top of her, and raped my daughter again. And it was rape, no matter how much she wanted it. She was in no condition to consent to anything.

I found my belt, looped it around her neck, pulled it just tight enough so it was snug against her skin. I forced her legs apart, shoved her knees up to her shoulders, pinned them there with my arms. I started fucking her, hard and deep.

"Yes, Daddy, hard the way I like it." Her voice was a soft rasp. I was surprised she could even say anything, but she managed to smile up at me. I pulled the belt tighter around her throat, watched her lay her head back, close her eyes. I couldn't believe I didn't shoot my load as soon as my cock sank into her hot little cunt, but I actually managed to fuck her for quite a while. While I was hammering her pussy with my cock I was hitting her, biting, scratching, pulling the belt tight to choke her. All the things I'd done the first time, but a little more. Kelli's body seemed to constantly be orgasming, but I couldn't really tell what was her cumming and which part was her body reacting to being choked and beaten. Although with my daughter there's not that much difference. She didn't say anything, probably couldn't, but made soft mewling and moaning noises the whole time. I choked her too hard, or too long, and she passed out the way Becky had. I slapped her to bring her around. She finally got out some intelligible words.

"God, Daddy, it's sooo good!" I choked her again, being more careful to see how close she was to losing consciousness. But every time I let up, Kelly managed to croak out, "No, Daddy, please don't stop."

As I felt myself getting ready to cum, I lost track of how tight I had the belt. I jerked on it reflexively as my balls started pumping my cum into my daughter's cunt. I held it tight as shot after shot of semen poured into her. She jerked wildly under me, then stiffened and relaxed. I didn't even notice until I finished cumming and let go of the belt. I looked down at Kelli and saw that her face had started to turn blue. Oh shit, oh shit. A quick check, though, told me that she was still breathing. I decided to just let her sleep for a while. I undid the ropes around her wrists, and curled up on the bed next to her. As I drifted off to sleep myself, I realized I was going to have to be more careful.

I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that Kelli wasn't in bed any more. I also realized I needed to piss. Like right now. When I walked in to the bathroom, Kelli was on the pot.

"Hi, Daddy, I had to pee. You too?"

"Yeah." She opened her legs on the toilet. I can take a hint, walked over and started pissing between them into the bowl. I'm sure she was getting some spray, but she didn't seem to care. "How are you?" She gave me a puzzled look, then a light came on.

"You mean about passing out? Wow! That was so cool! Everything you did was so cool. I didn't think I could cum that much or that hard. But next time you've got to do more with the knife. And one more thing." She looked serious. "When you get me pregnant I want to have a girl. So you'll always have somebody to do things with, no matter what happens."

That made me wonder if she'd been talking to Becky about me and what had been going on. I was even more suspicious after what happened next. Kelli motioned me to stop peeing so she could get up. She did, then dropped to her knees in front of me, whispered huskily, "Finish it here," and took my cock into her mouth. I was in no position to argue, so I let the rest of my piss shoot down her throat. She gulped it down, then started sucking my cock hard, moving one hand to my balls to massage them. When I started to get hard, which didn't take long, she let my cock slide back into her throat. She only came up for air once, long enough to say, "I want to see what it's like to choke on your dick." Yeah, she'd been talking to Becky all right.

Once my cock was completely hard, I took Kelli's hair in both my hands and started face-fucking her, shoving my cock as far down her throat as I could get it. Her lips were sliding all the way to the base of my cock, and her nose was buried in my pubic hair. I'd do three or so long strokes into her throat, then pull her face against me and hold it there, feeling her throat gagging around the head of my cock. Looking down I could see that Kelli was pinching and twisting her nipples to add to the pain of my pulling her hair. This time I couldn't hold out too long. Within a couple of minutes I was holding Kelli's face against my belly while my cum spurted down her throat. As soon as I finished I dragged her to her feet by her hair. She was gasping for breath, which seemed to be her usual situation when I was around. I pulled her close and kissed her, hard and deep, while I ran my nails up and down her sides and back, scratching her, feeling her tremble in my arms. I realized it was the first time we'd kissed like that.

When we broke apart, Kelli asked, "Mom won't be home until Sunday night, right?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"I was thinking it's about time that you had Becky and me at the same time." She giggled. I hadn't heard her do that in a long time.

"Okay, but in that case, we better get some sleep, 'cause it's going to be a long day. And I fully intend to make Ike part of the fun." She winked at me. She obviously knew who Ike was.

I don't know about Kelli, but my own sleep was deep, but not very restful. It was one nasty dream after another, filled with young girls, toys, knives. There was choking, beating, cutting; all the things I'd done lately with Kelli and Becky, and some extras that I hadn't got around to. Yet. And then there was the face that kept popping up. The face I hadn't seen in years. The one who'd really started all of my issues with sex. My sister, Katy.

From the time I started masturbating, at the age of twelve, Katy, who was ten at the time, was the girl I pictured when I closed my eyes while I was stroking my cock. The girl I wanted to shove that cock into. The girl I wanted to hear whimpering under me as I fucked her, no raped her, hit her, hurt her. I wanted her body, and I wanted to punish her for being the goody-goody who never did anything wrong, never got into trouble, never caused our parents to talk about how disappointed they were in her.

And I could never do anything about it, never give Katy the slightest idea of what I wanted. Because she was a straight-laced little prig, and if I ever so much as looked at her like I wanted her, she would have told my parents, and probably the police. So that's where I learned to keep my feelings and urges under wraps. Which I've been able to do, with occasional slips, until; well, until I ran into a couple of really nasty teenagers. My feelings about Katy were also the root of my incest craving, along with associating sex with violence.

I hadn't seen Katy in years. After she finished high school she went away to college, and never came back. I always figured that she knew what I wanted, even if I never gave her any reason to tell anybody about it. When she showed up in my dreams that night it was as a high school girl. Just about Kelli's age. And I was startled by how much the vision of my sister looked like my daughter.

The next morning Kelli and I grabbed some quick breakfast, then Kelli called Becky to see if she could get together with us. It was our lucky day. Becky's parents were gone for the weekend, so she was on her own. Her parents would never have suspected what their shy little girl would be up to.

Before we left, though, I dug around in my den and found a box that hadn't been opened in years. Inside was a strap-on that had belonged to one of my girlfriends in college. She was a bi girl, pretty wild. It was just before I met Andrea, and the last time I'd let myself go sexually until my mind snapped a couple of weeks ago. She'd left me to go find herself in Europe, and forgot the strapon. It was one of those things that just sort of stuck around, and I'd forgotten about it myself until the dreams the night before had shaken something loose. Kelli asked me what was in the box, and I just told her it was a surprise.

Becky opened the door, but didn't say anything. She looked a little embarrassed, was doing the looking down at her shoes thing again. I'd decided that her shyness was real, not an act. Although I wasn't sure why she was acting that way this time. She led us into her bedroom. Kelli stepped over to Becky, wrapped her arms around her, and gave her a kiss. Becky squirmed, like she was trying to get away.

"It's okay, Becks, I've been with girls before." Kelli actually looked and sounded like she was trying to reassure Becky, not be her usual smart-ass self.

"Yeah, but I haven't." Looking down at her shoes again.

"Hey, I can't be any worse than your dog." Kelli was smiling, but Becky looked crestfallen. She tried to turn away.

"Please don't make fun of me." She looked like she was ready to cry.

"I'm not, sorry. I thought you wanted me." Apparently these two had been talking behind my back. Kellie turned Becky's face to hers.

"I do, but..."

"But nothing." Kelli pressed her lips against Becky's, and it was like a floodgate opened. The two of them were kissing, running their hands over each other, clawing at each other's clothes, trying to see which could strip the other more quickly. Before long the two of them were both naked, and Kelli had Becky laid out on the bed, her face buried between Becky's legs as she knelt on the floor. I could hear Becky's familiar moans as Kelli ate her. For now I was content to watch the girls, while I slowly stripped off my own clothes so I'd be ready to join the fun later. Somebody, or rather something, beat me to it. Ike came trotting into the bedroom, no doubt responding to the smell and sound of his mistress. But this time it was a different girl he found with her ass sticking up in the air.

I didn't say anything, and Becky had her head back on the bed, eyes closed, and didn't even know what was going on. Ike moved as fast and decisively as he had the day he'd deflowered Becky. He was up on Kelli before she realized anything was happening. Kelli's head jerked up and she looked around wildly when she felt Ike on her.

"Daddy, get him off!"

I chuckled. "Not a chance, honey. You've always been a bitch, now he's going to prove it." I noticed that she wasn't making much of an effort to shake him off herself.

Ike thrust a couple of times, then Kelli squealed, letting me know that he'd driven his cock home. I could see her eyes getting that wild look, and noticed that the big mutt's claws were digging in where he had his legs wrapped around her. She was getting the pain she needed, and I could see her starting to thrust back at the dog as he pumped her. A gasp from Kelli said that his knot was inside her. And then shy, quiet little Becky took Kelli's hair in her hands, forced my daughter's face between her legs again, and almost growled, "Eat me, damn it!"

So there I was, naked by now, and hard as a rock of course. I don't mind masturbating, but if there are other options available, I'll take them. I climbed up on the bed next to Becky, turned her head to the side so it was facing me, and pressed my cock against her lips. She opened up and started sucking me, while I watched the show. Ike was going to town in Kelli's pussy, and by the way my daughter was snacking down on Becky's cunt, she wasn't kidding about having been with girls before. As for Becky, having Kelli's face between her legs was making her moan, and the vibrations in her mouth and throat were doing wonders for my dick. As if I needed an extra help with what I was getting to watch. It didn't take long before I was ready to shoot. I pumped my cum into Becky's mouth and, as usual, she gulped it down like it was delicacy. A few seconds later her own body went rigid. She jerked Kelli's face even tighter against her crotch and moaned as her orgasm made her shake.

Becky finally let go of Kelli's head and she looked up, wild-eyed. I could see deep red scratches on her sides from Ike's claws, and I was sure she had them on her belly, too. I hadn't noticed them before when the dog had fucked Becky, but they must have been there. Then I saw Kellli holding Ike's paw in her hand, dragging it over her skin, making him hurt her.

"I'm gonna cum, fuck!" Kelli's back arched, she slumped forward against the side of the bed. Ike whimpered, rose up into the air, his claws came down on Kelli's back, raking across her, leaving more nasty scratches. His humping was furious now, and I knew his cum was flooding my daughter's cunt. He finished, and I held both the dog and Kelli steady for a minute until his knot could go down and slip out of her. Ike slunk away to lick himself and whatever else dogs do after sex.

Kelli gave me a lopsided grin. "That was pretty cool."

"Yeah, but you don't think we're finished, do you?"

"Sure hope not!"

"Good, 'cause it's time for the surprise I brought." I reached for the box, opened it, and brought out the strap-on. Both girls' eyes got really big. Becky found her tongue first, surprising me again.

"Do I get to fuck Kelli with it?" She was practically panting. Guess having her pussy eaten by a girl had taken care of any of her reservations.

"Yeah, if you want to. I don't think Kelli'll mind."

"No, but I might want to use it, too. Maybe on you, Daddy." That one startled me a little. I hadn't thought about that. I wasn't sure how I felt about it. I just grinned.

"First things first. Come on Becky, let's get this thing on you." I helped Becky with the strap-on. It was a serious instrument, not one of those little harnesses that won't even hold the dildo steady. This on had a leather harness and was set up so the wearer could fuck just like she was a man. And it was set up so that it would rub against the clit of the woman wearing it to give her some stimulation. Becky had said she wanted to fuck Kelli and choke her. I was curious to see how far she'd go. I didn't have to wait long to find out.

"Suck my cock." Becky forced Kelli to her knees in front of her, and shoved the dildo into her face. Kelli took into her mouth, started sucking like it was a real one. Becky grabbed her by the hair, jerked her head back, slapped her face. "Suck it better!" Becky had been telling the truth when she'd said that Kelli had told her about all of her fantasies. And I could hardly believe the change in Becky. She kept her hold on Kelli's hair, pulled Kelli's face against her belly, and drove the dildo into her mouth until it must have been gagging her. She rammed the dildo into Kelli's mouth a few times, then pulled her to her feet by her hair.

"Get on the bed, I want to fuck you now." Kelli did as she was told. The expressions on both their faces were raw lust. Kelli spread her legs and Becky positioned herself over Kelli, moving the dildo to the opening of her cunt. Kelli reached down, positioned the head of the dildo in the right spot, and Becky forced it into her. Both girls squealed as Becky started fucking Kelli. And then Becky showed she'd been paying attention to what Kelli liked.

I watched in awe as Becky tortured my daughter. She squeezed and twisted Kelli's tits, pinched her nipples. She slapped her face and spanked her ass. She lowered her mouth to Kelli's throat, sucked, bit, then moved to her chest and tits. Either Becky bit harder than I did, or her teeth were sharper, because I saw drops of blood on Kelli's throat and tits.

"Yes, fuck me, hurt me! Do it harder!" Kelli thrashed on the bed, moaning. I couldn't take any more. My cock was ready to explode. I moved up behind Becky, put my hands on her hips to stop her thrusts for a second. She looked around at me, but didn't say anything. I spread her ass cheeks apart, pressed the tip of my cock against her sphincter, and plunged into her rectum. She groaned, started thrusting into Becky again. I pumped into Becky's ass in rhythm with her movements. I'd only done this once before, with Rochelle, the bi-girl who'd owned the strap-on.

I was about to tell Becky to choke Kelli, but I didn't need to. Becky's hands moved to my daughter's throat, closed around them. Kelli's body jerked and shuddered on the bed, and I knew she was cumming. Becky's grip on Kelli's throat tightened.

Becky moaned, "Yes, yes, cumming, cum in my ass!" Her body thrashed, but she kept her grip on Kelli. I grunted, felt the first shot of my cum race into Becky's ass, followed by so many more I lost count. I thought I'd never stop cumming. When I did, I saw that Becky still had what looked like a literal death-grip on Kelli's throat. I pulled her hands away, held them, saw Kelli's body shudder as she sucked in a ragged breath, then another. Her face was purple. This had been closer than when I'd choked her unconscious.

"No, let me, she wants it! And I want to do it!" Becky's face was wild with lust. I leaned over, whispered.

"Not now, not yet. There's more to do." Becky was struggling against me, the dildo still buried in my unconscious daughter's pussy.

"Promise?" She was breathing heavily, the thought of killing Kelli was as good for her as sex.

"Promise." Becky stopped fighting me, relaxed. We climbed off the bed, leaving Kelli there to recover. I led Becky into the bathroom to clean up, remembering the shy little girl of a couple of weeks ago. And wondered again how much had been real and how much was an act.

I wanted to fuck Becky while we waited for Kelli to come to, but my dick needed a break, so we just took a shower and talked a little bit. Turns out that Kelli had told Becky all of her dark sex fantasies, beyond even wanting to fuck her father and have him beat her senseless. She actually had a fantasy of dying during sex, being killed by a lover. It didn't surprise me, I'd thought that since the first time I'd fucked her. But I doubt that she'd counted on finding two people who were willing to do it for her.

But like I'd told Becky, there were more things to do yet. It took a while for Kelli to make it back to the land of the living. It really had been a near thing.

"Shit, that was incredible!" I shouldn't have been surprised that was the first thing out of Kelli's mouth when she finally woke up. "And I had the wildest dreams!"

"How do you feel? Ready for more?" I was going to give her more regardless, but it would be more fun if she was up for it.

"Fuck yeah!" She looked at me, then at Becky. "Did you bring the knife?"

I chuckled. "I always carry it in my pocket, silly. Does Becky know about it?"

"Becky knows about everything." The two of them gave each other a look that almost made me shudder. And that takes a lot. I dug the knife out of my pants, turned to Becky.

"We'll do this together, okay?" I wasn't exactly sure what "this" was.

She grinned. "Okay."

We stretched Kelli out on the bed. I took a good look at her tight little body. There were scratches all over from Ike's claws, bruises on her throat from Becky's choking her, not to mention the marks from Becky's teeth. Now it was time for the main event.

I put the point of the knife against Kelli's throat the way I had the first time we'd done this, again drew it along her skin, adding to the scratches that Ike had left. Becky watched, making sure she knew what to do. I showed her how to poke the skin, just enough barely break it. Becky took the knife, ran it along Kelli's tit, poked her nipple. Kelli hadn't said anything, but her breathing was getting ragged, and I could see the need building in her eyes as she chewed on her lip.

I took the knife back from Becky, moved to Kelli's spread legs, ran the point up and down her thighs. By now Kelli looked like she was about to lose her mind. I spread the lips of her pussy open, slid the blade inside, let her pussy close on it. Kelli moaned, and I could see that her pussy was pulsing around the blade. I drew it back slowly. At one point she gasped, and I knew the blade had nicked her inside.

"Daddy, I want you to fuck me in the ass while she does it." I realized I'd never put my cock in Kelli's ass. And this would probably be the last chance.

"Okay, baby." I handed the blade to Becky. "She wants all of it." There was a chair next to the bed. I sat down. Kelli stood in front of the chair with her back to me, sat down. I guided my cock to her anus, let her impale herself.

"Yes, Daddy, fuck me!" We began moving against each other as Kelli motioned Becky to come over with the knife. She walked over, knelt between Kelli's legs, which were draped over mine. Becky spread Kelli's pussy lips, slipped the tip of the knife into her. Becky looked like a wild animal circling for the kill. She pushed more of the knife into my little girl's cunt. "Fuck, Daddy, I can feel it in me. It hurts! Shit, it's so good!" I watched the handle of the knife disappear inside Kelli, all of it in her now, felt her body spasm as the blade sliced into her. She never stopped fucking me as I rammed my cock into her ass. I could see blood on Becky's fingers as she pulled her hand away.

As I fucked my dying daughter, I could feel her getting weaker. She doubled over at the waist as the pain caused her to curl around the knife. And that just drove the blade deeper into the walls of her bleeding pussy. Still, she couldn't get enough of the pain, or the sex.

"Daddy, please come in my ass! Becky, hit me!" She did, slapping her face several times. Kelli shuddered, I could feel her ass squeezing my cock, and my cum exploded out of me into her bowels. "Fuck yes, I'm cumming!" What should have been a scream was barely more than a whisper. Her legs stiffened, jerked her up off my cock, then she just crumpled to the floor. I saw blood seeping out of her pussy, pooling with my cum from her ass. I shuddered as I thought about what could have happened to me if the knife had bent the other direction. But it hadn't.

Becky looked down at Kelli's body, then up at me. She licked the blood off her fingers, then moved her mouth to my cock, started sucking it, not caring that it had spent the afternoon in her ass and Kelli's. I groaned as her lips and tongue teased me. It didn't take long for me to be hard as a rock again. I pulled her up off my cock. She smiled up at me.

"It made me cum. When I put the knife in her, and again when she died. Not as hard as when you fuck me, but it really did make me cum." Her smile was incredible. I couldn't believe she was so happy. I hoped Kelli was, too. I knew I should feel guilt, loss, sadness... something about my daughter, but I just couldn't. She'd gotten what she wanted, and what she deserved, too. She really had been a spoiled, nasty, little bitch.

Becky and I fucked like we were possessed. Cunt, ass, mouth, I slammed my cock into her as hard and deep as I could, and used my mouth and fingers on whatever didn't have my cock in it. As soon as I'd cum, Becky would suck me hard again. We didn't take a break, or even slow down. It was like we'd been given some kind of supernatural power. I came in her pussy twice and in her ass twice. I pissed on her, and in her, when I needed to. I couldn't tell you how many times Becky came. For a while it seemed like her body was constantly shaking from one long orgasm. After God knows how long, Becky slumped back on the bed, completely wasted. I untangled myself from her, whispered, "I'll be right back."

I found a knife in the kitchen, a slicer with an eight-inch blade. When I walked back into the bedroom Becky opened her eyes, gave me a puzzled look when she saw the knife. I stepped over to the bed. The knife sliced into Becky's left breast, down into her chest. She jerked up off the bed, her eyes open wide, startled. Then they went blank as her body slid off the bed to the floor.

"I'm sorry baby." I really was. Becky hadn't asked for any of this, not the way Kelli had. She didn't want to die, even though she'd known it might come to that. But when I'd seen the look on her face when she slipped the knife into Kelli's pussy, watched her lick my little girl's blood off her fingers, heard her talk about cumming while her friend died, I knew I couldn't let her loose on the world. And I couldn't leave her to the justice system. That would take care of me, once I finished here and called the police. But Becky would have gotten off, she was too young and innocent, would have been out when she was twenty-one. So I had to make sure she never got another chance to do what she'd done today. I bent down, gave each of the girls a final kiss, then went to look for a phone.


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Bookem danno, murder 1.

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