Kay and Sherri move in with me and we try to start our lives together.
Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 17 Drawing Book of Nightmares

In my last chapter, I had a run in with Kay’s second husband Joe. This ended with me having a big hunting knife sticking through my forearm. Kay rushed me to the hospital and luckily, there was no serious damage except for maybe my pride, as I knew how to defend off his attack.

Sheriff Steve came and talked to Kay then to me. I found out from him about Joe’s past. It seemed he liked to abuse women as well as turn them into his slave. Sheriff Steve warned me about taking matters into my own hands.

As I walked out to Kay and Sherri in the hospital, Sherrie came running up to me and after hugging my legs. She told me that she had drawn me a picture. I had seen her drawing in this book many times but never gave it a thought until she handed me the drawing.

The picture showed her mommy holding my hand then me holding Sherri’s hand. Sherri’s other hand was pointing to something. My eyes followed it across the paper. I just stood there looking at the paper. At the right side of the paper stood a strong likeness to the old wooden bench swing where I had once sat with Terri and Carrie when growing up together.

I squatted down to Sherri’s level as I asked, “Why did you draw this?”

Sherri replied as she pointed to different things in the picture, “That is mommy she is unhappy again.” “That is you John you’re always happy and that is me with you which makes me happy.”

“What about this swing here?” I asked pointing to it.

“That is where we take mommy to talk to her making her happy as well,” Sherri replied then skipped away from me.

I stood back up not knowing what to think. I was standing there looking at the drawing when Kay walked over. I was amazed at the details of her drawing. I showed her the drawing as I told her that Sherri could draw very well for a child her age.

We returned to Kay’s house where she had me lie down on the sofa. I fell asleep however; I awoke to hear Kay and her mom yelling. I did not know what it was about I just assumed it involved this Joe. Her mom told her she had better just tell me the truth.

“I can’t mom he will walk away,” Kay replied.

“What are you going to do when he finds out on his own?” Kay’s mom asked.

“The same thing I have always done runaway,” Kay replied.

I could not let Kay leave me. I thought the best way to do that was to get rid of Joe. That was my plan however Sheriff Steve happened upon my little party I had planned for Joe, However the Sheriff and I still got our man so to speak.

I asked Kay and Sherri to move into my house with me, Sherri would have to change schools but she was looking forward to it. The three of us where living a normal life other than Kay had some strange habits or just felt like men should use her. Kay always hinted to having real rough sex, wanting me to tie her up, spank her, which was OK as long as the spanking is sensual.

Please read my last chapter and the rest of them to catch up with my story. I will pick this chapter up where I had just picked Sherri up from her new school and we talked on the way home.

“I hope you did not mind that I told my new friends at school that you were my dad,” Sherri said as she looked away.

“That was just fine,” I replied smiling.

“Thanks daddy the kids at my other school would make fun of me sometimes because I did not have a dad,” Sherri said with unhappiness on her face.

“Well you have one now,” I replied smiling to her as we pulled up the street where we lived.

I pulled into our driveway and parked my truck. Sherri just sat there looking at me and she motioned me down to her with her finger. When my face was even with hers, she took her hands and she placed them onto each side of my face. Sherri gazed deeply into my eyes as she tilted her head side to side.

Sherri finally left my face go as she said, “Angel Carrie told me that I could trust you daddy.” “She told me you would never hurt my mommy, I am to give you my drawing book.” “You can keep it for as long as you like but throw it away when you were done with it,” “You can’t show it to mommy or she will feel bad,” as she opened the door to her side of the truck slipping out and closing the door.

I watched her as she skipped up to the house. I turned to her drawing book lying on the front seat of my truck. It was an aged looking book as if she had it for a long time. A cold chill ran through my body as my hand touched it.

I drew my hand from it as my mind took me back to the house where Carrie and I lived. The cold chill I was feeling now was the same as I had felt that day down on our dock as I worked on our boat. The same cold I felt in Carrie’s hand that same day as she lies on that table in the morgue with those lovely blue eyes closed never to open again.

The sky seemed to darken as the clouds blocked out the sun turning this sunny day into a dark overcast day. My hand trembled as I reached for the drawing book again. I hoped I was prepared for what I was about to see. I flipped the cover back on it.

The first drawing in the book showed three people. They were stick people so I figured this was when Sherri first started to draw in her book. The drawing was of mom, her dad and her. It seemed harmless enough as they all had smiles drawn on them. The first two or three pages were like this I took it as a normal happy family.

The next pages were not so happy. The mommy in the pictures was crying most of the time, the drawing of Sherri herself showed an unhappy face. I thought it strange that the dad figure was not in these pictures. When I turned the page, anger filled my body.

The drawing showed the man figure striking the mom figure across the face. The little girl in the drawing was cowering in the corner. The next pages showed pretty much the same only the mommy had a black eye then two black eyes.

The pages that followed brought sorrow to my heart as anger once again filled me. The pictures showed blood dripping from the mommies arm, one had her arm in a cast and yet another one where she was placing bloody towels into a paper bag. I knew then these drawing were showing me the abuse Kay had faced at the hands of her first husband.

I gather my emotions as I sat in my truck looking out the windshield. That explained those paper bags Kay carried with her but why did she carry them with me I meant her no harm. I realized then it was because that was just what she was used to doing and it became a habit. I flipped through the drawing book, as the next few drawings were the same only of different injuries.

I came to a drawing of a small puppy dog with the little girl beside it as well as her mom. The puppy dog had a big red x through it. I saw why on the next page. The man figure was holding a gun and there was a hole and blood squirting from that puppy. I closed the drawing book as tears filled my eyes.

That sweet little girl I have grown so fond of had witnessed that man shooting that dog. I thought how horrible that must have been for her as well as witnessing the abuse her mom had received. I flipped through more pages quickly as the abuse only got worst.

I came to a drawing of Sherri looking into a mirror with tears rolling down her face and despair drawn into her eyes. Above the mirror was written “Why me God?” Tears filled my eyes as I stared at the drawing for I had asked that same question once.

The tears I shed were not for me but for that sweet little innocent girl and the hell, she had endured. If I knew where that man in the drawings was I would show him my own brand of hell.

I flipped further ahead coming to a picture of her mom and her together hand in hand. The little girl had a smile but the mommy did not. This went on for some pages until the picture showed the little girl hugging her mommy with “I love you,” written across the top. I took this to have meant that she and mommy were together only and that Kay had finally divorced her first husband. There were also drawings of the little girl holding the hands of two women I was not for sure what that meant but at least everyone had a smile on their face. I also noticed how remarkable her drawing had become showing richer in detail than her other ones.

The next picture showed mommy and another man together but the drawing of the little girl was almost off the paper. I took that to mean she wanted no part of the new man in her mommy’s life. The next set of pictures showed the man laying flat on his back, the little girl standing behind a closed door and the mommy walking out the door.

I took that to mean Joe laying around while Kay went to work. The ones after that I was not for sure but it looked like the mommy was locking the little girl in behind the door. The next picture showed the little girl sitting in the corner of her room huddled in fear with her back to the door.

I turned the page to the next picture. A cold chill filled my body as I stared at the page. The page was pure black with a pair of red evil looking eyes in the center of the picture. It reminded me of those red eyes I had saw in the woods east of our house on the lake. They turned out to be the railroad crossing lights in my nightmare. I wondered what they meant to Sherri.

I got to thinking about the period to Sherri’s drawings. Those evil red eyes that frightened her had appeared to her around the same time my own nightmare of those red eyes in the woods had occurred. I moved on to her next drawing.

I wished I had killed Joe that night for he was beating at her door. Sherri had drawn herself in the corner. Her head buried into her knees. The words “Please someone end my nightmare,” written over her head. I pounded my fist against my dash.

I should have made that man suffer. I closed the drawing book as I had seen enough for now. I got out of my truck and I took the drawing book into my workshop where I locked it away. I regained my composure while in there as well.

I had not thought about the horrors Sherri must have faced. It never registered in my mind that if her mom was going through hell at the hands of these men she must have been too. Maybe it was just me but I could not understand what possesses some body to abuse a child. We all took a spanking as a child and for the most part, we had it coming. However, my mom and dad never made me bleed or shot my dog in front of me.

My thoughts then turned to Kay. How could she allow this to happen? I mean I do understand the psychological affects one person can hold over another. I also understood how a woman may have loved this man and hoped that things would change. However, to allow her daughter to see her taking the abuse from this man made no sense to me at all. For the first time since I had met Kay I suddenly felt like maybe, I did not know her as I thought I did.

I knew one thing for sure that sweet little girl Sherri. No one was going to mistreated her ever again and that included Kay. My mind was thinking crazy and filled with madness. If I had to, I would take Sherri away from Kay. If that meant kidnapping her to keep her safe, I would.

I was not a very happy man as I walked from my workshop. I wanted to confront Kay and ask her why she put her daughter through so much hell. Just for the love of men who abused them both. However, I had someone more important on my mind. That being Sherri and just what was her frame of mind. I wondered what demons she had locked up inside of her yet to come out. However, Sherri seemed like a normal 10-year-old girl. I walked slowly into the house.

“There you are John, go wash up dinner is almost done,” Kay said to me as I entered.

I did not reply as I walked down the hallway to our bedroom and I cleaned up in our bathroom. When I left, I went to Sherri’s room she was not in her room. I looked around I think I was looking for some signs of stress or something but her room was spotless just like it always has been.

Kay yelled that dinner was on so I went into the kitchen. I sat down at the table as I looked down to Sherri. She had her head down looking at her plate. She did not look up to me once while we were eating.

“You two are awfully quiet tonight,” Kay said.

“I am just tired mommy,” Sherri replied never looking to me.

“I have a job site on my mind that is giving us some problems that is all,” I replied.

Kay looked to me and I knew I had not looked away in time. I saw the reaction on her face. Kay knew there was something else on my mind. Kay hung her head down just as Sherri was.

“Did you tell your mom about Friday night?” I asked Sherri.

She finally smiled as she said, “Mommy John I mean daddy is taking me and my new friends skating Friday night,” looking to Kay.

Kay looked to me as she asked, “Does that mean I get a girls night out?”

I smiled as I replied, “As long as you home by let say 9:30,” giving a little laugh just to make it sound good.

The three of us finished dinner and Kay told us to run along she would clean up the dishes. Sherri ran to her room and I went into the living room. However, I was soon walking down the hall to her room. I knocked on her door asking her if I could come into her room.

Sherri opened the door smiling as she said, “Daddy, you don’t have to knock I have nothing to hid from you.”

I walked over and I sat on the bed as she closed the door. I asked her to sit with me on the bed. I rubbed my hand through her blonde hair as I stared into her deep blue eyes.

“Sherri I have to ask you about…,” was all I got from my mouth.

Sherri pressed her finger to my lips as she said, “I am alright it is mommy who we have to fix.”

I picked her up and sat her on my lap as I replied, “Sherri I am sorry you had to see what your mom has been through and I have yet to see what other things you have witnessed.” “I just need to know that you are OK,” as I stroked her hair.

Sherri got right up into my face and she peered deeply into my eyes for a few seconds then said, “You fixed me that first day I met you when you fixed my skate.” “No one had ever fixed them before you,” Sherri added.

“What do you mean before?” I asked.

“Mommies first man,” Sherri said.

“Your dad right,” I replied.

“NO HE WAS NOT MY DADDY you are,” Sherri yelled.

“Yes sweetie I know,” I replied smiling at her.

“Not him, not that bad man, Joe or any other man mommy ever saw could fix my skates,” Sherri said. “That was until you came along,” she added smiling at me.

“So there was nothing wrong with your skates other than you took it apart?” I asked.

Sherri replied, “Yes, because my true daddy would know how to put them back together.” Sherri smiled as she added, “Just like you will fix mommy.”

“I hope so, I truly hope so,” I said as I hugged her.

“Angel Carrie told me that if anyone could you could,” Sherri whispered into my ear.

I broke our hug as I said, “Sherri about angel Carrie,” was all I got out before she pressed her finger against my lips.

“You will need angel Carrie when you look deeper into my drawing book and then I will tell you.” “OK daddy, please,” Sherri said smiling at me.

“OK my little princess,” I replied as I gave her a hug.

“Let’s go see what mommy is doing,” Sherri, said taking my hand.

We walked out into the front room just as Kay walked out of the kitchen and she asked, “Now what are you two up too?”

I looked down to Sherri and she looked up to me then we turned to Kay as we both replied, “Nothing mommy,” in unison.

I sat down with Kay on the sofa as Sherri went running back to her room. I had just taken Kay into my arms when Sherri returned and lay down on the floor in front of us. I saw she had a brand new drawing book.

“What happened to your other book?” Kay asked her.

“I threw it away as I do not need it anymore,” She replied before going back to doing what ever she was doing in that new book.

Kay got up; she turned some music on, and the three of us sat there until it was Sherri’s bedtime. Kay took her back and tucked her into bed when it was time. I started to go with them but Sherri told me that mommy would tuck her in tonight.

Kay came walking back with a page from Sherri’s new book. She walked over to the fireplace and she stared at my medals. Kay turned back to me with a strange look on her face. She walked over as she handed me the drawing.

I looked at the drawing it was of my medals in the case hanging on the fireplace. The drawing showed every little detail to those medals. There were four medals that hung in that case and four medals on the paper. Sherri had written above each of them. The first one had “For Honor,” written above it. The second one had “For Bravery,” written above it. The third had “For Sacrifice,” written above it. The fourth had “For Understanding,” written above it.

“Now what do you think that girl meant by that?” Kay asked.

I wrapped my arm around her shoulder pulling her against me as I replied, “Maybe that I would understand anything you would like to tell me,” as I smiled to her.

Kay turned quickly away for me and looking down to the floor she replied, “I can’t John I am just not ready.”

Kay left her head looking down to the floor. I raised it back up and toward me with my hand. I could see the water filling her eyes as I looked into them. I wanted to ask her why in the hell she could not tell me for I already knew. However, I did not.

Instead, I said, “Kay someday when you are ready I will be here to listen and to help.” “I removed one demon from you and I can remove the rest,” as I moved my lips to hers.

Kay stopped my lips as she asked, “John, What were you going to do to Joe?”

Kay was staring deeply into my eyes, I had no choice but to tell her the truth; I replied, “Kill him and with god as my witness the next time I will.”

Kay turned from me then turned back to me as she asked, “Does that makes you a good man instead of a bad man?”

“What am I suppose to do just stand by and watch some man bloody you up or break your arm?” “Or maybe just stand by as he takes his anger out on Sherri as you just watched,” I asked very angrily as my mind went to the drawing book of Sherrie’s.

Kay’s hand came squarely across my face. It had rather surprised the hell out me when I felt her hand slap me as it landed across my face. I rubbed at my face as I just looked at her.

“JOHN, don’t you ever take that tone of voice with me ever again.” “Don’t you ever question my love for my daughter?” “If you ever do I swear I will walk out that door and you will never see me or Sherri again,” Kay said loudly before she ran back to our bedroom.

I sat there sitting on the sofa thinking smooth fucking move dumb ass. I also realized that maybe just maybe for the first time in her life Kay had taken a stand against some one. I was only sorry that I was the man she did it too.

I realized then that I could not handle Kay’s problem as if it was like my own Vietnam horrors or some of the other veterans I had dealt with. As with us, you had to use strong and angry words to most of us just to reach us let alone get us to understand. I sat there for about fifteen minutes wondering how to handle Kay. I looked up to see Sherri standing in front of me staring at me.

“Sherri, what are you doing up?” I asked.

“I just wanted to give you this,” Sherri replied as she threw her arms around my neck hugging me tightly. “Remember daddy don’t give up and always follow your heart,” she whispered into my ear.

Sherri kissed me on my cheek then she ran back to her bedroom. I sat there more confused than ever now. I did know that I was not going to give up on Kay that was for sure. I just had to find someway of getting through to her. I sat there thinking so hard my head started to hurt. I saw a small flash out of the corner of my eye.

I looked to it. My eyes focused on the ring on the frame branches of the sign. “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you,” I said silently to myself as the ring sparkled again. What was Carrie trying to tell me if it was she at all? I looked around the room and I saw my business card laying on the coffee table I picked it up it read, "C&J Construction we can rebuild any of your dreams."

The light bulb lit up in my head. I remembered when Carrie was studying for one of her tests in Psychology I happened to have read some of her notes. One of them read like this. In order to heal from psychological and emotional trauma, you must face and resolve the unbearable feelings and memories you have long avoided. Otherwise, they will return repeatedly, unbidden and uncontrollable.

Trauma treatment and healing would have to involve the following. One must first process the trauma-related memories and feelings. I had the drawing book now if I could only get Kay to talk about her feelings. One may have to discharge pent-up “fight-or-flight” energy. I rubbed the side of my face as I thought about that one as she had taken the first step. They have to learn how to regulate strong emotions. I thought that might have to do with her crying after we had made love. One must rebuild the ability to trust other people. In Kay’s case, it was to trust me.

I had my work cut for me but then again I had the medals I thought as I picked up the drawing Sherri had done tonight. The first one “For Honor” I knew I had honor after all I had served my country proudly and would do so again. The second one “For Bravery” I did not even have to think about that one. The third one “For Sacrifice” I thought of Carrie and Melissa taken from me. The fourth one “For Understanding” I thought long and hard on that one because I did not understand Kay at all however, I knew someone who did. That being Cathy her girlfriend.

“John, are you coming to bed,” Kay said.

I looked to the hallway and there stood Kay. I had to do a double take as I saw her. She was standing there dressed to thrill. Once again her hair was nicely done up, she had make up on which I did not think she even needed. Her lips shined with a deep red look making them plumper than they were. She had on a red and black sexy outfit that had garters attached to them. Her lovely legs encased in a pair of black nylons with red high heels. I always was a sucker for women in a sexy outfit. My cock grew hard the instant I saw her standing there. The same way it used to during my swinging days with Carrie when she or other women would dress to thrill. I just sat there staring at her.

Kay walked over to me making sure I saw those tits bouncing and swaying as she made her way to me. Kay stood in front of me and she turned around bending over sticking that lovely bare ass right into my face. I once again just sat there. Kay turned to me and she looked down at me as I sat there.

Kay ran her hand to the side of my face as she said, “John, I am sorry about earlier and now I want to make it up to you,” with seduction in her voice.

She placed both of her hand on my face as she lowered her to mine. Kay stared deeply into my eyes. Kay smiled as she said, “I can see that you want me John.”

I sat there for a few seconds before I replied, “Yes Kay I want you but did you also see that I need you in my eyes.” I did not care at the time if she had or not. Because when she was staring into my eyes, I was staring into hers. Kay only saw my want in my eyes where as I saw the need in hers.

I saw the need she had for me to understand her ways of thinking. I finally saw her way of thinking as I had many other nights during our lovemaking. I had not thought about it until tonight. Kay felt that she owned me sex because I had yelled at her.

I kissed her lightly on her forehead as I said, “Go wait for me in the bedroom Kay,” “I will be in after I lock up and turn the lights off.”

I was not for sure but I believed that when Kay had suffered abuse at the hand of those men she would try to win their love if you could call it that by having sex. I turned the last light out as I saw the ring sparkle one more time as it hung on the sign above the fireplace. I sure in the hell hoped my heart was telling me to have sex and not just my hard throbbing cock.

I peeked into Sherri’s room where I found her sound asleep with a smile on her face. That little girl amazed me how one so young could have been so brave to the face the hells she had at such a young age. Sherri may have only been ten however; she was much older on the inside. I walked over and I bent down giving her a kiss on her cheek.

“Sleep well my princess and have no fears for I know an angel who walks with us and she is here and always near,” I whispered into her ear.

I went into our bedroom Kay was standing by the bed waiting for me. I walked over to the bed and I started to undress. Kay stopped me as she came to me.

“Let me undress you John,” Kay seductively said.

Kay pulled my shirt from my jeans. I leaned down so she could pull it over my head. Kay tossed it to the floor as her hands roamed across my chest. Kay kissed at my Pecs and she used her tongue on my nipples. Kay kissed her way around to the X scar at the side of my chest. I jerked away just a little bit only because sometimes that area can be very ticklish especially if a tongue is running near it.

“Did I hurt you?” Kay asked. She did not give me time to answer before she said, “I was bad John you need to slap my face,” as she took a hold of my hand.

I pulled my hand from her as I replied, “Stop it Kay please just stop it,” as I took her hand again kissing it. “Go get undressed and come back to bed,” I added as I walked away from her.

Kay ran into the bathroom closing the door behind her. I sat down on the bed and I finished undressing myself. It was weird as Kay was undressing me I buried my face into her hair as I always do. I do it because I want to smell her scent just that alone brings me much joy. However, tonight it was not Kay’s scent that I smelled it was that other woman she becomes. The woman giving me sex was trying to make up with me, trying to regain my love. My love that she thought she had taken away when she stuck my face.

I wanted the real Kay next to me in bed. I wanted the one who fought back when I questioned her love for her daughter Sherri. The Kay who had went to the cemetery with me. I knew that woman dwelled inside of her just as I knew a monster lived deep within my own soul. She was the one I had fallen in love with not this other woman she had become.

I crawled up into the bed putting my pillows up against the wall. I sat up in bed waiting for Kay to return. It seemed it took her longer to undress than it did to dress. I watched the bathroom door slowly open and Kay walked toward the bed. I saw that her hair was not so nice anymore. She wore a cute little white robe that covered most of her body except her lovely thighs and legs. Kay neared the bed and I opened my arms. Kay slipped her robe off and she slipped into my arms. I wrapped them around her pulling her tightly against me as she lays her head to my chest.

“Close your eyes Kay and empty that pretty little mind of your,” I whispered into her ear. I pulled my head back from her ear to see that she had indeed closed her eyes.

I whispered into her ear again, “I am waiting for you my love at our happy place,” as I closed my eyes as well. “You walk in and you tell me to just hold you,” “I take you into my arms holding you tight until the sunlight enlighten us both.”

I kiss at the top of her head as I said, “You told me someday I want to see this happy place where we are to meet angel Carrie however for now here in your arms will always be my happy place.”

I rubbed at her hair as I added, “It’s a lovely place up on the lake which you saw and agreed but for now my happy place is here with you in my arms and angel Carrie in my heart where she belongs.”

Kay pulled her head from my chest staring up into my eyes as I stare down into hers. I knew she was reading my eyes. I wait a little bit before I said, “I know what you just saw.” “You saw the trusting eyes of a man who loves me like no other can.” “I see myself in his eyes as my heart tells me he is trustworthy, cute and brave this man here.”

Kay brought her finger to my lips as she said, “My heart tells me to tell this man the truth; for his heart has always been open and true.” “I love you John,” “I willfully open my heart and my soul to you because my eyes have seen the truth that you love me and you need me as much as I need you.”

“I love you too Kay simply because it is you,” I replied before my lips touched hers giving her a gentle and loving kiss.

Kay broke our kiss as she said, “John, I am sorry about tonight,” “Not for striking your face because that you had coming.” “I am sorry for thinking I could regain your love by having sex with you,” “Please forgive me as I am just used to behaving like that because of the way other men in my life treated me.” Kay’s hand rubbed at the side of my face as she adds, “I keep forgetting that you are not like those men,” as she removes her hand and looks away.

I pull her face back to mine as I replied, “I am a man just like any other man, I have hopes and dreams that I want and need to fulfill.” “But they all would be pointless without you and Sherri by my side.” “I shook my demons from my soul many moons ago and like most men there is a monster that lives in my soul, I only keep him there to protect the ones I love as I know what it feels like to lose those we loved.”

“John, you are not a monster,” Kay said as she rubbed her hand against my face. “I will tell you what a monster is really like,” Kay added as she lies against my chest.

Kay told me about the life she had with her first husband. How she thought and hoped he would change. How everything was going great that was until Sherri came along. It seemed her husband was jealous of Sherri because she got all the love from Kay.

“I got used to the verbal abuse so he went to hitting me,” Kay said. “I put up with it hoping it would stop as he told me it would,” “I took most of the abuse as he never touched Sherri,” “He just ignored her as if she did not exist,” “One day she found an small puppy outside it made her smile so I told her she could keep it.”

Kay stopped to wipe her tears then she added, “That man I thought I loved shot that little puppy as Sherri looked on.”

Kay looked at me as she started to cry wildly and said, “John, I just stood there I could have done something but instead I did nothing.”

I wrapped my arms around Kay pulling her tight against me as I said, “Close your eyes Kay go to our happy place,” as I rubbed at her back. “That’s enough for tonight as we will release those demons but a few each night,” I added as I just held her tight.

Kay fell asleep in my arms just as she did the first night I spent with her. The woman I had in my arms next to me in bed was the woman I had fallen in love with. I lay my face to her hair, as I smell her scent. This was Kay not that other woman. I close my eyes and I join her in her dreams.

The next morning I awake to Kay and Sherri standing beside my bed. Their hands are full with my breakfast in bed. Kay told us she would be right back as she forgot something.

Sherri crawled up onto the bed throwing her arms around me as she said, “Thank you daddy mommy told me she was sorry for just doing nothing,” before she skipped out of my room.

I had to think for a second but then I knew she was talking about that puppy. I added it to the list in the back of my mind. I knew that some day soon that sweet little girl would have a brand new puppy.

Kay came into the room, she kissed me deeply, and with passion then she said, “It’s a wonderful day John all thanks to you.”

The rest of that week, I tried to keep up a good appearance around Kay and Sherri. However, I was still at odds with myself over Kay. I needed to know why she had not done anything when that asshole shot Sherri’s puppy. I was going to go to my workshop and look into the drawing book some more but I did not too as I already had one issue to deal with. I did not hide my anger or disgust all that well because midweek Kay confronted me.

“John, is something wrong? Kay asked. “You have not been yourself all week long,” Kay added.

“Just a problem with the company that is all,” I replied.

Kay came over to me and she asked, “Is it anything I could help you with?”

“NO, I don’t think you would understand,” I replied not thinking at all.

“I understand John that I am not smart enough,” Kay said as she ran from me in tears.

It seemed like ever time I got Kay to take two steps out of her shell. I went and said something or did something to move her back three steps. I sat down onto the sofa and as I was thinking, the taste of metal came into my mouth. I almost wished Carrie had not stopped me that night in the hotel as I sucked on the barrel of that 45. However, I shook it from my mind.

Neither Cathy nor Rod had been at college all week. However, I just figured the two of them had gone somewhere or maybe Rod had some tournaments to go too. I knew I would see Cathy Friday night when she went out with Kay.

I had told Sherri to get the addresses where her friends lived and we would pick them up one by one. I wanted to introduce myself to their parents. Because if a man was taking my daughter and I did not know him, I sure in the hell would want to know just who was taking my daughter. I also thought I could pass out a few business cards as well.

Friday came and around 4 pm, Sherri and I kissed her mom and told her to have fun with Cathy as they were going out together. Sherri and I made our rounds picking up her friends. All the parents thought that it was thoughtful of me to come in and introduce myself. Two out of the three already knew me from when Carrie and I were together.

I must have looked whether out of place as I walked into the roller rink with four little girls in tow. Because I had some people staring at me, maybe because being 6’2” I towered over all of those girls as we walked into the rink.

We all skated, then ate pizza together then skated some more. I was up getting us our pizza and when I came back to our table I over heard the other girls telling Sherri that she sure had a fun dad. Sherri had the biggest smile and those deep blues eyes sparkled when I sat the pizza down on the table.

Sherri motioned for me to come down to her level, which I did and she said, “I love you daddy,” as she wrapped her arms around me.

I would have told her that I love her too. However, my feet went out from under me with those skates on and I fell to my butt once more. They all started laughing and I joined them laughing as I crawled to my chair at the table. I believe they spent more time picking me up off the floor. However, I had not laughed so hard in a very long time than I did that night.

The night ended to fast and soon it was time for us all to leave. We dropped each of the girls off and we walked them to their front door. All the girls told me that they had a great time. We dropped the last girl off and we headed for home.

It was only a little after ten p.m. Sherri asked me if she could stay up and watch T.V. with me. I told her that would be fine. Sherri cuddled up next to me on the sofa and within the hour, she had fallen asleep. I carried her back to her bedroom and placed her in her bed.

“Thank you princess for a wonderful time tonight,” I said before I kissed her forehead.

I walked back out into the living room and over to the fireplace. I picked up the picture of Carrie. She was pregnant in the photo. I rubbed my hand at her belly in the picture thinking how fun it would have been to do that with Melissa and Carrie. I felt warmness and peace fill my body as I rubbed my fingers over the photo.

I turned T.V. off and put some music on the stereo. I pulled a few fishing magazines out of the rack. I sat back down onto the sofa reading as I waited for Kay to get home.

Just a little before two o’clock in the morning I heard laughing at the back door. I got up from the sofa to see Kay stumbling across the floor with Cathy holding her up. Kay was drunk as a skunk. I helped her over to the sofa. I noticed a few things about Kay as I did.

One she was highly intoxicated, two she had dressed rather sexy for her evening out with Cathy. Kay’s lovely tits were riding high out of the shirt she had on with a push up bra. The third thing was the fucking jeans that she had worn.

It looked liked they had poured that lovely tight ass into them. I bet I could have bounced a quarter off it as we used to in the army on our bunks. I could not help myself as my hand grabbed a hunk of her lovely butt in those tight jeans as I sat her down onto the sofa.

“AHH grab my fucking ass John,” Kay said drunkenly. “I love you John and I think Cathy does too,” “She wants you and you can have her if you want,” she added almost falling off the sofa as she looked to Cathy. “Show her those big hands, John,” “Better yet my love show her that big cock,” Kay said as her head went back into the sofa.

“Kay,” I replied shaking my head back and forth, as I looked to Cathy.

“She is a little drunk John,” Cathy said blushing.

I turned to Kay who was out, I told Cathy to stick around, as I wanted to talk to her. She told me OK and that she wanted to talk to me as well. I picked Kay up and I took her into our bedroom. I placed her in bed giving her a kiss on her fore head. Kay managed an “I love you before she cuddled the pillow and was back to sleep.

I returned to the living room and to Cathy who was sitting on the sofa. I stopped as I entered the room. I guess I never really checked Cathy out before until now. It might have been because I was used to seeing her in school clothes and not dressed as she was tonight.

“Would you like a glass of wine?” I asked as I looked at her.

Cathy was about 5’ 1” she had long blonde hair that hung just past her shoulders. She wore glasses that covered her green eyes and she had a lovely smile. My eyes went down to the top she had worn tonight. Her ample tits overflowed from her top. I would say that they were around the same size as Kay’s tits. Cathy had on a skirt and my eyes fell to it. Cathy had lovely short legs on her and as I stared at her legs, I was thinking about her lovely stocky thighs.

“I would love a glass, John,” Cathy replied as she opened her legs spreading them wide apart showing her hairless pussy with a nice set of lips hanging down.

I hope my mouth did not drop open. When Cathy had opened her legs, I saw that she did not have any panties on under her skirt. I may have stared a bit too long. I looked up to her face and saw that Cathy was smiling at me. I hurried into the kitchen where I got us some wine.

I returned and I handed Cathy her glass. She brushed her hand against mine as she took it. Now I had other women do the same thing to me when I was tending bar at “Carrie’s Place.” I knew Cathy had just flirted with me. I sat down next to her.

“I wanted to talk to you about Kay,” I said to Cathy.

Cathy looked at me as she took a big sip of her wine then she replied, “I want to talk about you,” as she sat her glass down.

Cathy turned to me and she threw her arms around my neck. That girl climbed right up into my lap straddling me. Cathy’s was rubbing her big tits into my chest as her lovely big thighs rubbed against my thighs as she climbed on to me. I felt her rubbing her bare pussy into my hardening cock in my jeans. Cathy started to kiss me deeply on my lips as she rubbed her pussy down onto my cock in my jeans.

I just sat there fighting the urge to kiss her back. Cathy tried to slip her tongue into my mouth. However, I would not open my mouth. Cathy removed her arms from me and she drew back from me as she tilted her head looking at me with a bewildered look on her face.

“Cathy, it is not that you are not beautiful or anything because you are very lovely and sexy,” I said as I smiled to her. “I just can’t even if Kay did say it was OK,” “Now if it was under different circumstances like her not being drunk then maybe,” I added.

Cathy climbed from my lap. She stood in front of me bending over giving me a lovely view of her tits I might add. Cathy looked into my face as she took my hand into hers.

“I told Kay there was no reason to test you,” smiling at me. “I keep telling that woman she is going to drive you away,” Cathy added standing back up letting go of my hand as well.

“So Kay set this up as a test for me,” I asked.

“Well partly, well mostly,” Cathy replied smiling. She added, “Kay had told me how you make love and I sort of told her I wish someone would do that to me.” “Kay told me that she would share you with me and that you would enjoy it especially because you would see us having fun as well.” “All men love to see that Kay told me.”

“You two having fun,” I said.

“Kay never told you about us?” Cathy asked.

“No, she never has,” I replied.

Cathy grabbed her wine and she sat back down next to as she said, “Then I have a story to tell you.”

Cathy went on to say. When Kay left her first husband, she moved in with me, as I was already divorced. I asked Cathy why she had gotten divorced. She said that her husband took to drinking very bad and one night he tried to hit her. Cathy said he missed but she did not miss him with the lamp she used to hit him over his head. She told me she filed for divorce within a few days.

“Finally a sensible move from someone,” I said smiling to her.

Kay and Sherri moved in with me after she divorced her first husband. A couple of weeks later we both got to feeling a little horny. Well one thing led to another and we ended up in bed together. It was just her and I until she met Joe. I used to watch Sherri when they went out together. I only ever met him when he would pick her up. Kay had told me all about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her first husband.

“That bastard shooting that puppy in front of Sherri makes my blood boil,” I said angrily.

“How did you know about that?” Cathy asked with wonder.

“Kay is finally starting to talk about it,” I replied. “Cathy if I tell you something you have to promise me you will never tell Kay,” I added.

Cathy shook her head OK. I told her about the drawing book of Sherri’s and the horrors that girl had witnessed. Cathy told me that she knew Sherri loved to draw as she used to all the time when she stayed at her house. However, her drawings then were of happy stuff.

“She is very good at it and I still have her drawings at home, but I did not know she had seen the abuse her mom suffered,” Cathy said. “Kay always tried to make sure that he took his anger out on her instead of Sherri,” Cathy added.

“Maybe you could tell me why she did nothing when he shot that puppy in front of Sherri?” I asked.

“John that poor woman was scared for her daughter’s life,” Cathy replied.

“I know you may not understand John but you were not there to protect Kay or Sherri during that time.” “Think about it John you know how much Kay loves her daughter and if you wanted to get Kay under your control who better to use against her than Sherri.” “That disgusting man had threatened to bring harm to Sherri if she ever did anything,” Cathy said explaining it to me.

“Damn it I have been such a fool,” “I had never thought about that,” I replied. “I was filled with to much anger to see that side of the story,” I added as I looked away from Cathy.

Cathy turned my face back to her as she asked, “John, you had a look on your face just then as you turned from me is something troubling you?”

“A few days ago Kay asked me what I was going to do to Joe that night I went to his house so I told her the truth; I was going to kill him,” I replied to Cathy. “Kay had asked me then if that made me a good man instead of a bad man.” “Maybe I am a bad man,” I added.

“John, you were never a bad man,” Cathy replied smiling.

“Thanks Cathy I guess I need to be told that from time to time,” I said smiling back at her.

“Maybe an foolish brave man for taking the law into his own hands, which I do understand what motivated you to do that,” Cathy said as she looked up to my medals above the fireplace.

I looked up to the sign on the fireplace and then back to Cathy as I replied, “Yeah I have been known to do foolish things,” smiling at her.

“John you have to understand that some men are just plain evil and they can control women whether it is with fear, threats or just pure hate,” Cathy said. She patted my hand as she added, “I know when you were over in Vietnam you had to see the handy work of evil men up close as that happens in wars.” “John, Kay may not have been in a war but she was in a struggle just to survive like you were in during Vietnam.”

I smiled at her as I replied, “You sound so much like Carrie when you talk like that.”

“I had some practice with psychology dealing with my brother when he returned home, just not enough,” Cathy replied as tears flowed freely down her cheeks.

I wrapped my arms around her pulling her into my chest as I whispered, “Let yourself cry knowing each tear is a note of love rising to the heavens,” into her ear.

I held Cathy for a few minutes in my arms. I was comforting her as her brother had committed suicide shortly after he returned from Vietnam, as he could no longer face the horrors and his fear. Neither of us said anything after I had whispered that into her ear. Cathy finally broke our hug. I took a tissue and I wiped the tears from her eyes.

Cathy looked into my face as she said, “Kay is right John, you are unlike any man I ever met,” “No one has ever said something sweet like that to me before,” “Thank you, John,” as she kissed me on my cheek.

We sat up and talked some more about Kay. We also drank a whole bottle of wine doing it. I could tell Cathy was getting tired as it was after four in the morning.

“You know I can not let you drive home,” I said to her.

I stood up holding out my hand. Cathy took my hand as I added, “You sleep with Kay and I will sleep out here,” as I walked her back to our bedroom.

Cathy gave me a big long hug at the door before she said, “Kay sure is lucky to have you as her man.”

I shook my head no as I replied, “I am the lucky one.”

Cathy closed the door behind her and I returned to the sofa. I lie there thinking about what Cathy had told me. I understood most of what she meant especially the idea of her and Kay having fun together. I closed my eyes as I thought how wonderful that could be.

“DADDY, wake up,” I heard Sherri yelling as she shook me on the sofa.

I awoke and I sat up onto the sofa pulling her up next to be as I asked, “What is it princess?”

“Are you and mommy fighting?” Sherri asked hanging her head down.

“NO, Princess Cathy spend the night and I left her sleep with mommy,” I said still half asleep.

“OH I see,” Sherri replied smiling and laughing as she looked back to the bedroom.

I think Sherri may have seen the fun Kay and Cathy had before. I was not for sure but from the laugh and the smile, she had on her face. I was almost sure she had.

“Let’s get some breakfast,” I said to her taking her by the hand as we went into the kitchen.

“How would you like to go to work with daddy today princess?” I asked.

“Can I daddy?” Sherri asked smiling from ear to ear.

About that time Kay came walking into the kitchen and asked, “Now what are you two up too?”

I turned to see her and Cathy standing there. They both were in little white robes. I stared for a few seconds at them both. I turned back to cooking our eggs and bacon. I smiled as I thought; they both were dressed when I had left them. I felt my cock start to stir in my pants. I turned my thoughts back to cooking in a hurry.

“Daddy is taking me to work with him,” Sherri yelled out as she ran to her mom.

“OH I see,” Kay replied holding her head.

I smiled at her handing her a cup of coffee as I said, “Rough night,” smiling to her.

Kay took her coffee then she sat it on the table and she came to me wrapping her arms around me pulling me down as she whispered into my ear, “Thank you for being true,” as she hugged me. “We both will see that you are reward for your action,” Kay added as she broke our hug smiling.

Cathy came walking over to the table smiling at me before her and Kay sat down at the table with Sherri. I gave a cup of coffee to Cathy who smiled and winked at me. I just smiled back before returning to the stove. I served eggs, bacon and toast to start their day. We all sat there eating and talking.

“Sherri, go get dressed as we have to get to work,” I said to her and watched as she ran toward her bedroom.

I kissed Kay and patted Cathy on the head as I asked, “You two did not leave anything lying about that I should not know about did you?

“JOHN,” They both replied in unison as I walked away.

I went into the bedroom and I changed into my work clothes. I could not help myself as I checked our bed. I found two small wet spots still damp to my touch. Women I said to myself as I walked out of the bedroom into the kitchen.

“You girls get the stuff ready for the BBQ and tell Rod there is beer down stairs in the refrigerator when he gets here,” I said as I ushered Sherri out the door toward the truck.

“Rod will not be joining us John,” Kay replied walking to me at the door. “They broke up a couple days ago,” Kay added sadly.

“I did not know,” I said as I walked to my truck.

Sherri and I drove off to work. We drove to a small landscaping project that would involve two men from my company, Sherri and me. She helped me dig holes to plant some trees, shrubs and she helped me plant flowers. All of us gave her rides in the wheelbarrow, which I believed we enjoyed as much as Sherri did. We finished the landscaping project at around 1:30 in the afternoon.

My men came over to the truck to see us off. One of them looked into the window and said, “We all will be working for you some day boss lady.”

Sherri smiled to them then to me as she replied, “I would like to be that someday.”

I drove home with a smile on my face. Sherri was sitting next to me with a smile as well as a dirty face. That girl was not afraid to work or to get dirty she showed me that day. I had taken her to work with me for one reason. I wanted to observe her. I wanted to see if I got the feeling that she had any inner demons hiding in her. To me she seemed to be just a normal ten-year-old girl who was just mature for her age possibly, due to what she had been through at her age. I drove thinking about how she appeared to be demon free and I hoped she stayed that way.

“DADDY STOP,” Sherri yelled.

I slammed on my brakes just in time as a dog ran out in front of my truck. I had not been paying attention while I was driving. Sherri gave me a harsh look and shook her head at me. I turned up a different road and Sherri gave me a look. However, before she could tell me that was not the way home. I told her we had one more stop to make before going home. I drove up by the lake to a family I knew that ran a kennel up there. I took Sherri by the hand, they walked us around showing us around, and the dogs they had.

There was a small puppy a chocolate lab Sherri seen it and asked, “Can I have that one daddy?”

Sherri held that puppy as we drove home. Her mom was probably going to shoot me but I figured I would risk it. That puppy was licking her face as we pulled into our driveway.

“What are you going to name your dog?” I asked Sherri.

“Why Coco a course,” Sherri replied handing me the dog. “Here you tell mommy,” she added as she jumped from the truck.

I held the puppy up to my face and I looked into his eyes as I said, “You might be sharing your doghouse with me,” as that cute little puppy licked across my face.

I walked in through the kitchen door with the dog behind my back. Kay and Cathy were sitting at the kitchen table. Sherri was standing beside her mom. Kay looked to her then to me.

“I know that look the one you both have on your faces,” Kay said. “Now what have you two went and done?” Kay asked looking to me.

I pulled the puppy from my back as I said, “Nothing but this dog he followed us home.” I smiled to her as I asked, “Mommy can we keep him?”

Kay smiled to me then turned to Sherri as she said, “Go get your dog from daddy they both are your responsibility.”

“Thanks mommy,” Sherri said giving her a kiss and a hug before she took the dog and went outside to play.

“So are you ready to start on our project?” I asked Kay.

“Yes, but is it OK if Cathy helps too?” Kay asked smiling.

“OK, but you two can’t work in those robes,” I replied.

The girls stood up together and they both dropped the robes from there bodies. I was expecting to see them standing there in their birthday suits. However, they both had on one-piece swimsuits. Both were black and both were very low cut. Their black suits took my mind back to the one Brenda used to wear when I was but a boy.

I stood there lost in my daydream. I felt my cock growing and pushing out my work pants. I was soon standing there with a full boner as I checked Kay and Cathy out in their swimsuits. Two pairs of tits, round with a valley between them. The girls lovely thighs showed as the suits rode high on their thighs.

I smiled when I looked to those chunky thighs of Cathy’s. I smiled even more when I looked to the crotch area of Kay’s. There was just a hint of her pussy hair sticking from the sides. I checked out both sets of camel toe as I looked at their crotches.

“From the looks of that I believe he approves of our suits, Cathy,” Kay said as she pointed to the tent in my pants.

The girls were giggling about it as I replied, “Hey I can’t help it when I see two ladies as lovely and sexy as you two,” smiling at them.

The three of us went outside and I placed my arm over their shoulders as the three of us walked outback. I walked them over to Sherri and told them to play with her and Coco while I got some nails and some tools.

I went into my workshop and I unlock my toolbox. My eyes fell onto the drawing book. I wanted to pick it up and look through it but I knew I dared not. Instead I tossed it up to my workbench as I did the wind blew the pages open to a drawing that caught my eyes.

It was Sherri lying in her bed and I was tucking her into bed. She was smiling and I was smiling. I looked up to the left corner of the page and there looking down at us both was a drawing of Carrie’s face. The details in her face were remarkable. I knew Sherri had seen a photo of her in my truck. However, to remember such details for the time she had seen the photo.

There beside Carrie's face was a smaller version of the same face with some details slightly changed. I took that to be Melissa’s face beside Carrie’s face. They both were smiling down at us from above. Written across the top of the page, “The angels watch as daddy tucks me into bed.”

I removed that from the drawing book carefully and I pinned it on the wall above my workbench. I thought as I did, if only all the drawings were as sweet and loving as that one in this book as I placed it into another drawn and locked it away. I pulled myself together giving one more look to the drawing before I grabbed the tools and some nails.

The girls were all playing with Coco as I walked down to the wood. I started to lay the pieces out I would need for the frame. I marked them and went to cutting them to size. I had the pieces all cut out that I was going to need.

“John, we all want to help,” Kay said.

I turned to see Kay, Cathy and Sherri standing there with Coco in her arms. They were all smiling at me. I took some of the wood and I placed them into a small square, which was just high enough that Coco could not climb over it. I told Sherri to put her dog into his playpen, which she did.

The four of us went to work building the frame for the porch swing. The first one fell over as I touched it causing us all to laugh. We regrouped and we got it right the second time around. I hung the swing from it and I stepped back from it. It looked just like the one from when I was a boy.

“Ladies first,” I said as I placed Kay onto the swing.

Then I placed Sherri next to her. I took Cathy by her hand as I told her to get on there as well. I stood beside them on the outside of the frame just as I used to when Carrie and Terri would sit as we talked.

“You will have to tell us your story out here one night,” Kay said.

“That would add to it,” Cathy added smiling.

Sherri looked to her mom then to Cathy then to me as she asked, “What story daddy?”

I squatted down to her level as I replied, “Some day princess I will share it with you but right now I am hungry,” as I picked her up from the swing.

When I did, Coco started to bark as loud as a puppy could. I took Sherri over to him. I bent her over still in my arms to get him and he stopped his barking.

“Coco, that’s just my daddy,” Sherri said to him as she held him in my face.

Coco started to lick wildly at my face as I replied, “Good Coco, a fine watch dog you are going to make,” as I started toward the house.

“Carrie would love that swing daddy as I know she loved the one you two shared before,” Sherri whispered into my ear as I carried her.

I just smiled at her as I had grown a custom to her telling me little stuff like that. I knew not where she had heard them from or if she was just making them up as she went along. All I knew was that I had a warm peaceful feeling about myself each time she did.

A car pulled into our driveway and I saw it was Kay’s mom whose name was Beth. She had a man with her I saw as well. I put Sherri down and she ran to her. Kay and Cathy came running up to me as well. I watched those lovely big tits dancing and swinging as they did. As they got to me, I held out both my arms stopping them.

“You ladies may want to tuck those away,” I said pointing to the exposed tits that had fallen out as they ran up to me.

They both just smiled and tucked their girls away as Kay replied, “They just wanted to come out and play,” “Which we will later as Sherri is spending the night with grandma,” as they walked away.

I got the BBQ going as Beth introduced me to her man. His name was Tom; he told me he knew my friend Sheriff Steve. I breathed a sign of relief as he told me that as I knew my daughter would be safe.

We all sat down and ate then I helped Sherri pack a little over night bag. I told her if she wanted anything to call. I told her if she could not sleep there to call me I would come get her. I told her she did not have to go if she did not want too.

Sherri finally motioned me down to her size and she placed her finger to my lips as she said, “This gives you some time to continue to fix mommy,” “I will be OK with grandma,” “Cathy is here to help you as well, mommy is always happy when she is around.”

Sherri threw her arms around me as she added, “Thanks for Coco daddy,” “I will love him as much as I do you,” before she went skipping from her room.

I looked up to see Cathy standing there as she said, “I see you must have gotten something in your eye again, John,” as she brushed my tears away.

The three of us walked them out to the car. We all waved bye as Sherri and Coco looked out from the back. Sherri was waving his little paw to us as they drove away.

I turned to Kay and Cathy as I said, “Damn shame we don’t have a hot tub,” as I smiled at them.

“Yeah like at Carrie’s Place,” Cathy replied.

My heart stopped beating as I heard her words. I looked at her as she smiled to me. I heard Kay ask her what she had said. Like at Larry’s place Cathy told her then smiled back to me. I believe Cathy may know more about me than she had let me know.

“We could all shower together,” Kay said.

“Sounds like a plan to me but ladies not responsible for my actions if you drop the soap,” I replied grinning from ear to ear.

The three of us ran into the house into our bedroom. The girls started to slip there swimsuits off as I slipped my shirt over my head. I stopped undressing as I looked to them both. I looked directly at Kay and into her eyes.

“Kay, are you sure about this?” I asked.

“Yes John, I think of Cathy as you do Carrie,” Kay replied with a smile of her face and sparkle in those lovely blue eyes of hers.

I stood there just gazing into her eyes. I wondered why they sparkled so bright and yet could grow so dark. When her fears took over her those eyes looked black as night. I realized then that could become a problem for me if I left her eyes turn black as the night.

I felt Kay’s hand rubbing at my face as she asked, “John, why do you stare?”

I smiled as I replied, “Just thinking how lovely your eyes look tonight,” “As lovely as the first time I saw them across the room,” “I wanted you then.” I paused before I added, “I want you now and need you more than back then.”

“Kay, your man is so romantic,” Cathy said as she took Kay into her arms.

Kay wrapped her arms around Cathy as they kissed deeply. They shared a long gentle loving kiss as I watched them. Kay would brush her hand through Cathy’s long blonde hair from time to time. Their breasts rubbed together as they kissed. I watched their nipples become hard with excitement as they did. From the way they kissed, I would say that they had been lovers for a long time.

My mind drifted back to Terri and Carrie. Kay and Cathy reminded me of those two as they stood there kissing. I thought of them more when Kay gentle suckled on one of Cathy’s breasts. Cathy smiled to me as Kay did. Cathy had a set of green eyes almost like jade. I remembered that a girl named Cathy had once joined Carrie and me one night at “Carrie’s Place.” However, I knew it was not her.

I slipped my pants off as Cathy just stared. Those green jade eyes seemed to glow as she looked to my hard throbbing dick. Cathy kissed Kay one more time deep and with passion before she whispered something into Kay’s ear.

Kay turned to me as she said, “He is a very handsome man,” smiling at me.

My face turned bright red as I smiled then looked away as Cathy added, “A modest man he is as well,” as she brought herself and Kay over to me.

The girls stood on each side of me at my front. Their hands ran over my chest, their hands felt at my Pecs then at my arms. Their hand went back to my chest as they lightly ran their fingertips across my skin. One was tracing the scar at the side of my chest as the other one’s finger slipped along the holes beside that scar.

Kay looked to Cathy as she said, “He was a very brave man this man here.”

Cathy smiled to her as she replied, “He sure was,” as she smiled to me she added, “And he has proven that he still is this man of yours.”

Kay touched her hand to Cathy’s face as she said, “I share my man with you only because I know your heart and his heart be true.” “I want nothing in return from either of you,” “For I know not if my heart is to be true,” “I have only begun to listen to my heart to soon to know if it be true.”

Kay paused then looked to me then to Cathy and said, “Someday I will share my heart with you two but for now all I can offer is him to you,” Kay looked to me as she added, “And her to you.”

Cathy smiled to her as she replied, “I see this man has wore off on you.”

“Kay, I do not kn…,” was all I got out as she placed her finger to my lips.

“Say nothing John just kiss her and hold her tight,” Kay said as she pushed Cathy and me together.

Cathy wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me down. I wrapped my arms just above her waist. I know not whose lips trembled more as they met hers or mine. We shared a long gentle kiss as our lips met. Cathy’s lips had a taste all their own as I rolled my lips on hers. I felt her tongue against my lips; I opened my mouth to take her tongue where as last night I did not.

Kay used her hands to rub lovingly at our backs. We broke our kiss as we opened our arms so that we may taste Kay’s lips as well as our own. The girl’s spare hands went to my dick. They pulled and jerked on him as we all kissed.

Kay looked to Cathy then to me as she said, “I am sorry you two but I have to piss.”

Cathy and I busted up laughing as Kay did her little pp dance. I took Kay by her hand as I replied, “OK, but I want to watch.”

“John, that is disgusting but I will let you watch,” Kay said with a smile.

I took Kay into our bathroom there in our bedroom. I sat her on the toilet as I got down on my knees. Cathy followed us and she stood behind me with her tits hanging down on my shoulders. I pulled Kay’s legs apart just as her pussy squirted out liquid gold in color as it rose from between her legs.

I watched as she gave a little push and rose from the seat. Kay’s pussy left go a wild torrent that splashed all the way to my face. She turned a little making her pee splash against Cathy’s tits up on my shoulder.

“Ahhh,” I heard Cathy moan, as I felt something wet.

Kay was pissing into my face as Cathy pissed all over my back. The girls pissed all over me then they just dribbled their last drop. Cathy leaned forward kissing at my lips licking Kay’s pee from my lips. My cock was dancing as I stood back up it came close to hitting Kay in her nose. She wrapped her hand around my cock.

“JOHN, DON’T YOU DARE GO,” “I am into giving not receiving,” Kay said as she pointed my dick away from her face.

I heard Cathy scramble into the shower as she said, “I am into both,” smiling as she said so.

Kay stood up, she walked me over, and she told me to let it go. My cock shot pee out like a fire hose and Kay guided the flow. My clear hot liquid splashed her tits. Kay shot it at her pussy lips as Cathy lifted a leg into the air. It seemed liked I pissed forever as Kay sprayed Cathy with my dick hose. Kay shook the last drop from my dick as we joined Cathy in the shower.

One of the girls turned the shower on as we all kissed as the water cascaded down onto us. The shower was small with three up in that stall. When ever one of us turned or moved you were touching cock, boobs or butt. I let out a little yell when one of the girls placed a finger where it did not belong.

This got us to laughing all so hard that was until that water turned from warm to cold then the laughing came to a fast halt. The girls make it out of the shower first letting me take most of that blast and damn it was cold. They ran from the bathroom as I climbed out.

I looked around at the bathroom as I yelled, “Ladies, I am not cleaning this mess.”

I grabbed a towel and dried myself off. I hung it up nicely then pulled it to the floor before I turned out the light and shut the door tight. I turned to see the girls already cuddling in the bed. I walked over and they separated allowing me to climb between them as I got up onto the bed.

“GIRLS, you got the sheets all wet from being in the shower,” I said as I shook my head.

“I am sure they are going to get a lot wetter,” Kay replied as I saw her head disappear under the covers.

Cathy lay partly on my chest looking into my eyes as she said, “She gets you first, then me, and then you get us both,” before her lips went to mine.

I moaned slightly into her mouth as I felt Kay taking my cock into her mouth. Cathy’s tongue danced wildly in my mouth as Kay’s mouth danced on my cock. We kissed for a while then Cathy threw the covers back exposing Kay as she sucked at my cock. Cathy spun up putting her ass up toward my head.

Cathy scooted back and her pussy went against my face. I shot my tongue out to her pussy lips. I lapped at each of them as I did. I placed both my hands up around her ass. I pulled her tasty wet pussy tighter against my mouth.

“Here have a taste of his pre-cum,” I heard Kay say.

I felt Cathy’s mouth engulfing my cock. She sucked at it hard just once. She pulled her mouth off it as I felt her tongue licking across the head of my cock. I soon felt Kay’s tongue joining hers as they both licked at my pre-cum oozing from my cock.

“AHHhhh,” I moaned as I pulled my mouth from Cathy’s pussy.

I pulled Cathy’s butt cheeks apart making her asshole wink at me as I did. I kissed and licked at her butt cheeks. I ran my tongue around her cute little asshole before I lapped at it.

“Ohh Kay he is licking at my butt,” Cathy moaned out.

Kay sucked my cock back into her mouth. She ran her mouth up and down the whole length of my cock. Kay pulled her mouth from my cock as she wrapped her hand around it. She pumped at my cock with her hand.

“I got to fuck his cock my pussy is on fire,” Kay said.

Cathy slipped from my face as Kay climbed onto top of me. Kay leaned down kissing at my face. I felt Cathy’s hand on my cock as she rubbed it against Kay’s pussy. Kay moaned into my mouth as she slipped her pussy down onto my cock. We kissed as she rode on my cock.

“Play with my tits John,” Kay said as she leaned up hanging those perfect tits into my face.

I ran my hands over both of her tits. I teased her nipples with my fingers making them harder than they were. Kay started to bounce wildly up and down onto my cock. I watched her face as her eyes rolled up into her head.

“AHhhhh I am going to squirt,” Kay yelled out.

I felt a tongue lapping at my balls. I knew it had to be Cathy. She traced my balls with her tongue then she used it to split them apart. I squeezed both of Kay’s tits together bringing both her nipples close to each other. I used my tongue on them.

“AHhhh JOHN, I love you,” Kay screamed as I felt her juices flowing.

Kay’s pussy sucked at my cock as she coated it with her juices. I felt her juices running down to my balls. Cathy licked at it as it did. Cathy sucked one of my balls into her mouth.

“AHhhh shit going to cum,” I yelled.

I felt my balls trying to pull upward but Cathy had one of them in her mouth. Kay slammed her pussy fully down around my cock she was grinding her pussy into it as my cock throbbed. It twitched once then cum boiled up through my cock blowing into her pussy wet with her own juices. I pulled Kay’s face down to me as I kissed at her telling her that I loved her.

Cathy pulled my cock from Kay’s pussy as she took it into her mouth. She hungrily sucked at my cock before she started to lick at the mixture of Kay’s and my juices all over my cock. Cathy licked my cock completely clean, as it grew soft in your mouth. Kay and I were kissing as she did.

“MMmmmm you two were made for each other as your juices are heavenly when they mix,” Cathy said as she left go on my cock.

Kay rolled off me out of breath. She lay on one side as Cathy crawled up to my other side. I slipped my arms around their shoulders pulling them against me. I was smiling thinking about how enjoyable that just was when I thought about something.

I turned to Kay as I said, “You know I never asked you if you were on birth control.”

Kay got up onto one elbow as she rubbed her hand at my chest. I could see from the look in her eyes that I may have asked the wrong question. I looked waiting for the blackness to fill her eyes. Kay looked down to her hand, which was doing something on my chest. She looked back into my eyes as I looked into hers. I saw only her lovely blue eyes sparkling.

“No John I am not on birth control as I can never have babies again,” Kay said as she stared into my eyes.

I stared back into hers eyes as I replied, “You just wrote I love you across my chest,” “I love you too,” as I smiled at her.

Kay smiled back as she said, “I did just write that I did not think you would even notice.” “But did you hear me about not being able to have babies?” She asked.

“I heard and I am sure you will tell me about it when you are ready,” I replied.

“Do you see Cathy?” Kay asked her. “How he makes it so hard for me not to love him,” “The harder I try not too the harder he makes it for me,” Kay added as she slipped from the bed crying as she ran for the bathroom.

I lie there as I turned to Cathy as I asked, “Is that a happy cry or did I just screw up again?”

I believe it is a happy cry however I will go check on her,” Cathy replied as she climbed over me. Cathy stopped when she was on top of me and she added, “John, god broke the mold after he made you,” before she went into the bathroom with Kay.

I lie there lost in my own thoughts. Those two reminded me almost too much of Terri and Carrie that it frightened me as I lie there. It was almost as if I was reliving my life again. I also thought how I could not bear to face it if it ended the same. I thought to what Cathy had said about god breaking the mold. I was thinking aloud he probably did as he had screwed me up so bad he never wanted to create another monster like me.

“JOHN, you are not a monster,” Kay and Cathy said in unison.

Apparently, I had not been thinking but talking aloud when I thought about that. The girls climbed back into bed with me. They lay one on each side of me. They laid their heads onto my shoulder as they played with my chest again.

Kay got up on one elbow as she looked down into my face she said, “It was a happy cry John,” as she smiled to me. “John, I want you to do me a favor,” Kay added as her hand stroked at my face.

I was looking at her when she said, “I want you to make sweet love to Cathy just how you did to me our first night,” “I want her to feel the happiness and the joy you must have given to Carrie as well as you have given to me.”

I started to reply but she pressed her finger to my lips as she said, “Please John, please for me.”

I shook my head yes, as I slipped from the bed. I grabbed Cathy’s ankles as I pulled her to the edge of the bed swinging her legs out from the bed. I placed her foot into my hand. I knead at it as if it was a loaf of bread. I did one then her other foot.

“AHhhh,” Cathy moaned as Kay held her.

I licked at the sole of her foot. I kissed the top of her foot as I worked my lips to her toes. I kissed and licked at each of her small pretty toes. I sucked each of her toes individually starting at her little toe working my way to her big toe. I slowly worked my tongue up her leg stopping to kiss and lick at spots on my way up her leg.

“OH Kay thank you,” Cathy cooed out.

I worked my tongue up over her knee to those lovely plump thighs. I kissed my way up then back down them. I dragged my tongue up her thigh then turned my tongue to the inside of her thigh as I dragged it back down her thigh. I teasingly ran my tongue in little circles around the very inside of her thigh.

“OH John,” Cathy moaned out as her hands went to my head.

When my tongue had reached the upper part of her thigh, I moved my tongue across to her hairless pussy. I kissed each of her pussy lips tasting her sweetness from her pussy lips. I split her lovely pussy lips with my tongue. I heard sucking and slurping as I did. I looked up from between her legs to see that Cathy was sucking and kissing on Kay’s breasts.

Kay smiled to me as she blew me a kiss. I worked my tongue to the inside of Cathy’s other thigh. I ran it down in little circles down her thigh. I did the same to her thigh, legs, toes and the sole of her foot. My cock was hard and throbbing as I worked my hands up Cathy’s short lovely legs.

I squeezed my hands into her thighs as I pushed them up into the air. Cathy’s legs spread apart as I did. I started to lap wildly at her pussy with my tongue. Her tasty juices were already flowing as I pushed my tongue between her pussy lips. I buried my tongue deeply into her pussy as she ran her hands through my hair.

“AHhh I am going to orgasm,” Cathy yelled out.

When I heard that, I removed my tongue from her pussy. I stuck two of my fingers gently up into her lovely tight hole. My fingers instantly found her rough spot up inside her. I rubbed at it lightly increasing my pressure on it. I saw her clit swell and I sucked it into my mouth as I curled my fingers up inside her pussy. The tips of my fingers rubbed into her spot. I sucked harder at her clit as I felt her thighs start to shake.

“Oh fuck OH Fuck,” Cathy screamed out.

A huge wet orgasm washed through her body. Cathy shook wildly on the bed with Kay holding her and kissing her. Cathy’s pussy left go with a little drip then a blast of her juices shot from her pussy. It caught me squarely in my face. I removed my fingers as I rubbed my face into her warm squirting pussy. I finally felt her pushing at my head; I knew she had enough of that.

I moved up between legs gently pushing her back up the bed as I placed her short legs up onto my shoulders. I felt Kay reaching down and placing my cock to the entrance of her pussy. Kay rubbed the head of my cock teasingly against her pussy. I started to pump forward as she did.

“AHhhh,” Cathy moaned out as the head of my cock entered into her pussy.

I started just to fuck Cathy with the head of my cock. She was soon pushing her pussy toward my cock as I did. I slipped more of my cock into her with each stroke forward. I finally had my cock sliding fully in and out of her pussy. Kay and her kissed and played with each other’s tits as I worked my cock in and out of her.

My sweat was starting to pour form my body as I worked up to a steady deep pace fucking Cathy. I watched her tits roll in circles just as I had Kay and Carrie so many times. I closed my eyes as I felt my ball start to pull upward.

OH Fuck Kay he is going to make me squirt again,” Cathy yelled out.

I just kept pumping my cock in and out of her. I felt my cock twitch then throb as I buried it deep into her pussy. Cum was filling her full as I licked at her foot beside my mouth. I held my cock still in her as I pumped out the last few drops. I eased her legs from my shoulder as my cock slipped from her pussy.

One long continuous pussy fart followed from her pussy as my cock slipped out. I smiled as it did and I looked down to see Cathy’s pussy belch out a load of cum as it farted again. I could not help myself as I started to laugh loudly. I heard the girls laughing as well with me.

Cathy rose from her back as she wrapped her arms around my neck she hugged me tightly as she whispered into my ear, “Thank you John I will never forget this night.”

Cathy broke our hug and I saw she had tears running down her cheeks as she hugged Kay and said, “Thank you Kay for sharing this special wonderful man with me,” as she lightly sobbed onto Kay’s shoulder.

Kay rubbed her hand at the side of my face as she replied, “He is a special and wonderful man,” smiling at me as tears filled her eyes.

I had to leave the room claiming I had to pee or I would have joined their happy cry with one of my own. I jumped into the shower as well. I returned to find the girls laying there a spot between them. I climbed up between them and they lay their heads to my chest as I wrapped my arms around them both. The girls soon feel asleep lying just like that. I closed my eyes and drifted into a deep sleep.

I know not how long I was asleep until the nightmare came out. It started super fast with just images flashing through my mind. I heard my brother telling me I would go blind from jacking off to his dirty magazines. I was having fun with Terri in the woods; at least I thought it was she, as I could not see her face. Then my brother was lying in his casket and he had no face. I was at the neighborhood lake I knew it had to be Terri and Carrie standing there but when they turned to face me, they had no face.

I was finally at the lake at Carrie’s and mine happy place. I looked and there stood Carrie at the lake's edge with her back to me. I saw Carrie’s long blonde hair blowing gently in the night’s breeze. I saw that her arms folded in front of her as she looked out over the water. I looked as well and watched the moon dance across the water. My ears heard the gentle crashing of the waves against the shoreline. I looked up into the night sky filled with stars, to many for me to count.

Suddenly Vietnam flashed through my dream faster than ever before. I ended up back at the lake with Carrie still standing there. It had been a longtime that I had dreamed of her and me at our happy place. I just stared at her from the back as that long blonde hair blew gently and freely in the breeze.

“Carrie, I am here,” I cried out.

Carrie turned to me with no eyes, no nose, no lips; my lovely Carrie was faceless like everyone else in my nightmare. I screamed “NO” as loud as I could repeatedly. I shot straight up into bed.

“JOHN, wake up,” Cathy said on one side.

“JOHN PLEASE WAKE UP,” Kay screamed on my other side.

I just stared blankly across the room as I felt sweat pouring from every pore on my body. I was drenched in my own sweat. I turned slowly to Kay, as I was afraid to look. I was afraid that her face would be gone as well if I dared to look.

“John, are you alright,” Kay asked softly in a calming way.

I saw she had a face and I turned to Cathy to see she had one too as I replied, “You two go back to sleep must have been something I ate.”

“John, are you sure you are alright your sweating and your cold as ice,” Kay said as she rubbed her hand on my upper arm.

I climbed from the bed telling them both I was OK. I was going to get some water and I would rejoin them soon. I pushed both their worried looking heads back down to their pillows as I grabbed and slipped on my robe.

I grabbed me a beer instead and sat down onto the sofa. I sipped then chugged that whole bottle of beer. I got up and got another and then another one yet. I had about six beers before I told myself that was enough. I sat down onto the sofa with my head down between my knees.

What was that damn nightmare all about? Why did no one have a face? Why had not angel Carrie protected me tonight? What had I ever done to anyone that I must suffer? “WHY ME GOD,” I asked?

I looked to the sign above the fireplace that read “Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you.”

I buried my face into my hands as I silently said, “Please someone end this nightmare?”

This will end Chapter 17.

It was rather long, as a lot had taken place. Please accept my apologies for the length. For I have lived a rather complicated life. As always, let me know if you like it and a new chapter will be out soon. I normal would end with a brief saying to my fellow vets however, this is for the women if any are reading my stories.

Do not wait for someone to end your nightmares pick up the phone and call 911 while you are still able too. No one deserves abuse and there are no excuses for abuse.
Sgt. J

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