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Kitty returns to the cotswolds
Part Four

Kitty returns to the cotswolds.

Kitty sat for a moment as cum ran down her face and neck, fresh sticky cum recently wanked into her hair by the eight young men who had screwed her in the past hour, the function room was now bathed in bright neon light showing which of the industrial quality carpet squares were soiled with cum and needed a quick change, and which leather couches and polished coffee tables needed a quick wipe over before the ten o'clock session

"How do you feel?" Miss Lloyd asked as she locked the function room where Kitty lay

"Fucked, totally fucked!" Kitty replied.

"The women are worse," Miss Lloyd warned.

"Oh yes the make you lick pussy and then," she said.

"And then what?" Kitty asked.

"Pee on you!" Miss Lloyd said.

"Gosh!" Kitty said.

"Have you ever had sex with a women?" Miss Lloyd asked.

"Oh no," Kitty replied, "No, I like boys."

"But girls have more stamina," Miss Lloyd suggested, as she collected Kitty's discarded clothing and a stray sock on of the men had left behind "And it's my break."

"Oh!" Kitty said thoughtfully, "I see."

"Do you?" Miss Lloyd asked as she began to undo the buttons down the front of the long white dress she wore.

"Of course, you need to cum too," Kitty smiled.

Miss Lloyd pushed her panties down to her knees revealing a freshly waxed pussy.

"It's the least I can do," Kitty said, "When you have been so kind to me."

"Call me mistress," Miss Lloyd whispered.

"Then turn the lights down," Kitty suggested, "Or turn the CCTV off."

"Ah," Miss Lloyd said awkwardly.

"Oh my god you're filming!" Kitty gasped.

"Sorry," Miss Lloyd apologised.

Kitty grabbed her red dress and threw it on, "I need a shower!" she demanded and Miss Lloyd buttoned up her dress again and unlocked the door to let Kitty out, "Can I use your shower? Kitty asked.

"Yes," Miss Lloyd agreed.

"Will you wash my hair?" Kitty asked.

"Oh, yes, why?" Miss Lloyd asked, "Come through," she added and she led the way to the changing room and through to her office beyond with its examination chair and in the corner the private shower room Miss Lloyd used.

"Lock the door," Kitty said as she slipped off the red dress, "Where were we."

"Oh," Miss Lloyd said, "That was for the camera."

"So lets rehearse," Kitty suggested.

Miss Lloyd self consciously removed her white dress to stand in her black panties and bra with her midle tightly constrained with a black lace up corset, her breasts stood out firmly as only silicon can and only the thickening around her waist and lines on her face gave away that she was nearer forty than thirty.

"Pants," Kitty said as she settled down to lie on the tiled area under the shower.

Miss Lloyd kicked her black knickers aside.

"Are you going to pee on me?" Kitty asked.

"Yes," Miss Lloyd said nervously.

"Just as long as I know," Kitty said, "So how do I do this?"

"Just lick me," Miss Lloyd suggested, "I'm sure you can work it out."

Rain was falling as Kitty left Raymond's through the back door, a Taxi was waiting and on an impulse she ordered the driver to take her to her father's Cotswold home, the drive leered, "That's a couple of hundred pounds, you good for it?" he asked.

"I'm an account customer," she snapped as she pulled her ID from her handbag and showed him, "I charge two thousand an hour," she added.

"Jeez, well I hope you're worth it," the driver replied.

"Just shut up and drive," Kitty insisted and she flopped back in the seat and just dozed.

The Taxi whispered westwards along the M40 before turning south on the A429 for her fathers Cotswold house, Kitty advised the driver as to the best route and they arrived at the house around 11 p.m.

Kitty was surprised to see her mother's distinctive BMW parked in the drive.

Kitty signed the drivers 'Chit' and took her case and walked around to the kitchen door, it was open so Kitty stepped inside "Daddy?" she called.

"Kitty, is that you?" he asked.

"Yes Daddy," she replied.

"Catherine!" her mother exclaimed, "What the hell did you think you were doing!"

"I did a Availability for Work Auction for Daddy," she said, "And got a job in a sex village!"

"You idiot!" her mother squealed, "What on earth did you do that for, didn't you think for one second about Jasmine and me?"

"Frankly Mummy," Kitty said, "I didn't give you a moment's thought," she explained, "Why?"

"Because Marco threw me out you selfish little bitch!" Kitty's mother retorted.

"And Jasmine?" Kitty asked about her 'sister.'

"Yes, she's upstairs crying her eyes out, I think we should live here for a while," Kitty's mother suggested.

"Look," Lord Barchester exclaimed, "That's all well and good but Adriana we have been divorced for."

"Separated Charles, separated," Kitty's mother explained.

"I expect Daddy wants some time alone with his mistress!" Kitty observed.

"You haven't heard then, Jade doesn't want anything to do with me," he said, "After your shenanigans."

"Look, it was your bloody idea!" Kitty said pointedly.

"Not working in a damned brothel wasn't!" he replied.

"And if I hadn't?" she snapped, "You would have lost your job!"

"I'm finished anyway," he said, "When the opposition gets going!"

"Really?" Kitty sneered, "When the leader's daughter is doing an outside engagement for a stag do in Pimlico as we speak, I think

"How the hell do you know?" he demanded.

"I arranged it," she admitted, "You would be amazed what the average druggie will do for a two thousand pounds."

"Catherine!" her mother snapped, "That's immoral."

"No mummy, getting the CCTV footage is immoral," Kitty replied, "Anyway I'm heading for bed!"

"Ah, Kitty, your mother is using your room," her father advised.

"Then she can un use it," Kitty replied.

"And where am I supposed to sleep?" her mother replied.

"With Daddy of course," Kitty replied, "And use a condom I don't want a baby sister."

"Catherine how dare you talk to me like that," her mother demanded.

"Oh grow up Mummy, the only difference between you and me is that I get paid," Kitty sneered, "You would be in seventh heaven screwing eight young boys like I did earlier."

"Catherine, how dare you, Charles tell her," Kittys mother demanded, "Charles!"

"Yes, all right Adriana," he replied, "Maybe you should show some respect Kitty?"

"Any special reason?" Kitty asked.

"Charles!" her mother cried.

"Well you did screw most of the Lords Polo team," he explained.

"And the grooms, and even the lorry driver," Kitty added.

"Gave me crabs," he admitted.

"I've got some lotion," Kitty offered, "If you need it."

"Oh no!" Kitty's mother demurred.

"Well I'm having my bed, you can sleep on the floor for all I care!" Kitty snapped and she stormed upstairs.

Kitty lay on her bed, looked at the ceiling closed her eyes and fell asleep.

She woke at three a.m. something was banging in the wind, she listened, it wasn't windy, "Daddy?" she asked, "Daddy?"

"Ohhhh," someone said.

"Oh bloody hell!" Kitty exclaimed as she realised the banging was coming from her fathers room.

"What's happening?" Jasmine asked as she sidled into Kitty's room.

"Daddy is screwing Mummy." Kitty explained.

"Oh shit," Jasmine sighed, "Marco will never take her back now!"

"So?" Kitty demanded.

"He promised to teach me to drive!" Jasmine sighed again.

"So pay for lessons," Kitty suggested.

"With what?" Jasmine asked.

"It can't be that expensive, I'll sub you." Kitty promised.

"I'd still like them to get back together," Jasmine admitted.

"With Marco," Kitty asked.

"Yes," Jasmine agreed.

"Well, I'd like Daddy and Mummy together."

"That's because he is your Daddy," Jasmine suggested, "I like living with Mummy and Marco."

"Go to bed Jas," Kitty suggested, "See what they say in the morning."

Jasmine slipped away and Kitty found her nightdress, undressed, slipped the nightdress on and slipped into bed and slept soundly until morning.

Morning found Kitty's parents arguing, Kitty could hear them through the bedroom wall, "You'll have to send her abroad," her mother was saying.

"Why, the damage is done," her father suggested.

"Well there isn't room for all of us!" her mother insisted.

Kitty got up and slipped her bathrobe on before sidling along to her father's bedroom and flinging the door open, her parents were sitting up in bed together glaring at each other.

"I heard you in the night," Kitty reminded them, "You seemed a lot friendlier then."

"He cums too soon Kitty," her mother said embarrassingly.

"Most men do Mummy, you just have to go for quantity not quality," Kitty said knowingly.

"You're not suggesting your mother joins your circus!" he snapped.

"God no she's far too old and wrinkled," Kitty said nonchalantly, "Any toast left?"

"I am not," her mother insisted, "Old!"

"Mummy twenty five is old in our business," Kitty explained, "I suppose I could get you some stag do's or something dim lighting."

"Save me paying your allowance," her father laughed.

"Is that really how little you think of me?" her mother asked.

"Yes," Kitty admitted, "Is there any coffee?" Kitty stepped back as her mother rose.

Her father cleared his throat and added, "Now Adriana calm down."

"She said I'm old." she protested.

"Well you are," Kitty's father agreed, "And wrinkled, randy as a tomcat I'll grant you but way past your sell by date."

"We'll see about that!" Kitty's mother snapped and she stormed from the room.

"Have we got rid of her?" Kitty asked.

"Lord I hope so," he replied, "Four times last night Kitty, four, I'm too old for all that I'm afraid."

Kitty slipped upstairs and rang Raymonds, "Hi, it's Kitty Edmonds, Lord Barchester's daughter, I have Lord Barchester's ex wife Adriana DeLaplata interested in doing a Celeb appearance," she said quietly.

Miss Fanshawe carefully wrote down the details, "So she's one of yours, you'll expect commission I suppose?" she asked.

"Absolutely," Kitty agreed.

Kitty slipped downstairs, "Mummy, Tim Raymond has offered you an audition if you are interested," she shouted as Adriana struggled with her bags.

"Did you arrange one for Jas as well?" she asked, "Or do you still have a speck of decency?"

"Oh!" Kitty thought, "Well she could use the money for driving lessons!" she suggested.

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