A kid transfers into a new school and is in for several suprises...
Ch. 1
The rush, the pleasure was almost too much to bear. He let out a cry of wonder and shock, elation coursing through his veins, filling every nerve, every fiber with a need for more. He couldn’t hold still, thrashing, trying to maintain that state of sheer pleasure. There was something each time that he found, something new that he had never experienced, or noticed before, making each time better. And then the pleasure blossomed. It had been unbearable before, yet now, he had gone over the edge. Like the many times before, the sheer pleasure of sex was almost too much for him to handle.

Loins bucking wildly, shuddering with the rest of his body, it subsided. He collapsed, sighing in relief. It was over.

Adrian had endured his climax, almost politely. There was no point in saying she had gotten no satisfaction out of it – actions speak louder than words, and if this was the type of boyfriend he was going to be, she didn’t want him. She wanted someone who cared for her, someone who put her needs on their goal list, not just their own.

She broke off their relationship gently. The relationship had lasted several months. Some say you know a person by their kiss, but she found this to be untrue, at least for men. She had found that guys would do anything for sex. Even change their personality when they’re around you. She just wanted to find someone who truly cared for her, not just put on a show. And she knew that she would know who it was, after the first fuck.

The following weeks were difficult. It was weird not having a boyfriend with her, not having someone to weigh on your every desire. She was so used to having Tom there, it was almost like something was missing. But she had to go on with her life. What would it look like if she came crawling back to him, after she had dumped him? Well, she supposed there was nothing she could do about it; she would just have to endure it until she got another boyfriend.

While it’s not like she hadn’t been asked by other guys to go out with them on dates, they just didn’t feel right. Some she was comfortable being friends with, but her personality just wasn’t…compatible.

The rest of the term rolled by, uneventful. Final exams were soon upon everyone, so no one had time for extra curricular sextivities, or even dating, and she was caught up in studying anyways.

As she studied, she heard “mind if I sit with you?” Adrian looked up to see a gorgeous person she’d never seen before. Tall, dark, and handsome would describe him. “Hi, I’m Steve. I’ve just transferred here from my old high school. They said I was too stupid to go there…”

“I’m Adrian. Nice to meet you. What was you’re old high school?”

“St. Pauls.”

“I heard there was a big fiasco there about a the head coach of the basketball team getting fired, and.... Wait…are you Steve Riordan? Their star basketball player?”

“What would you say if I said yes?”

“I’d say, sure sit down.”

“If I said no?”

“I’d say sit down anyways.”

“Well, since what I say doesn’t really matter, I’ll tell the truth. Yes, I am Steve Riordan.”

He took a seat on the plastic picnic table, next to Adrian, smiling all the while. She thought, “wow, he chose to sit next to me over all the other girls in the school…or is it just I was the first girl, that he saw…well, I should probably make the best of it.”

“So I heard you transferred because you liked our basketball team.”

“Yeah. My old school’s basketball couch got fired because he supposedly hired a bunch of strippers to come to a celebration party. I couldn’t go, so I actually don’t know if it’s true. But since he and half the team got the boot, the program was cancelled, and this was the closest place with a good basketball team that I could go to.”

“Well…do you have to take any exams?”

“Just one. Our first semester finishes early in comparison to yours.”

“So what exam do you have to take?”

“A physical…I’d better study up…”

“How are you gonna study for…Oh shut up.” Adrian punched him lightly on the shoulder as he started laughing. She had decided that it would be better to seem to fall for his ‘trick.’ “Lemme guess…you’re also going to study for a blood test too.”

“I might have to…my grades aren’t all that great, since I plan on being a basketball player.”

And so the conversation progressed. When it was time for her exam, Adrian bid farewell, and blew him a goodbye kiss. Still in a bit of a shock, she wound up being a few minutes late.


“Aw man, she’s so hot. Yeah I would. No, I’m not drunk, or high. She’s just that hot. This isn’t like that other time, Matt. Yeah, Whatever.” Steve was so busy talking on the phone with his best friend from St. Pauls, he hardly noticed he had an audience. As soon as he hung up, one of the crowd asked “Hey, you talking about Adrian?”

“Yeah. What about it.”

“Don’t touch her, or I’ll have my buddies here gut you like a pig.”

“What, you goin out with her or somethin?”

“No, but she's not for you, asshole, so if you touch her you’re dead.”

“Yeah, whatever. No rules about me just bein friends wit her, is there?”

“No, but if I hear you make any kinda move on her, I’ll kill you. Got it?”

“Yeah. But if she makes a move on me….”

“I’ll kill you faster.”


As he left the room, he decided he really didn’t like the hockey team here all that much. Rounding the corner, he heard a sound. While it seemed to be muffled, it was still audible. Following the sound, he approached a room. Peeking in, just barely managing to see between the poster hung up on the window on the other side, he made out to people, going at it.

The room was kind of in the middle of now-where, and seeing that there was nobody even remotely close, since most of the kids had left to take their exams, he suspected the occupants of the room weren’t expected to be discovered. Looking closer, he saw a balding professor (he could tell by the attire), fucking this hot senior. She had her back on the table, legs on his shoulders, as he slid in and out of her pussy. His arms were stoking her thighs, as he muttered. At first, Steve couldn’t make out what the professor was saying, but from the response of the girl, he figured it out.

“So you want an A on this exam, do you?”

“Yes, Yes, Oh Yes” came the response.

“Well then, are you gonna be a good girl or a bad one.”

“Uhmm…Depends on what you like. Do you want me to be bad, Uhh, as in naughty, or good, like an…Uhh…angel.”

“As long as you’re my fuck toy, you’ll do fine.”

“Uh…god, your soooo good professor…uh…don’t stop.”

“I ain’t gonna stop fuckin you, you fuck hole. I think you enjoy this as much as I do, don’t you.”

“Oh yes, UGHHH, Yes, yes I do.”

“Well then, I think it’s time for you to take some punishment.”

The professor pulled out, his cock glistening with pussy juice. The size actually surprised Steve…but then again, he didn’t try to check to see how big professors’ cocks are. “Flip over.” She did, moving quite fast for one who had been taking that monster up her. The professor leaned over, spread her butt cheeks, giving Steve a nice view of a firm, tan ass, and spat on the student’s asshole. He slid his dick into her pussy for a moment, to get more lube on it, and slid it into her asshole. “Oh, that feels so good.” First his head went in, as he pushed it slowly. But as a third of it disappeared into the students shitpipe, he couldn’t take it anymore. He shoved the rest of it in, earning a squawk, part surprise, part protest, and part pleasure.

Steve couldn’t take it anymore. His own tool was as hard as a rock, pushing up his pants and underwear. It was a good thing he wore baggy clothing, otherwise his erection would have been a lot more evident, and embarrassing. He left, and had not gone far enough for his erection to subside, before he bumped into Adrian.

“Hey. I think I just failed that exam…I just couldn’t stop thinking about you while I was in there.”

“Oh…Um…I gotta use the bathroom” he said, whispering the last statement.

“Why?” she asked, reaching down and grabbing package. “See something in room 304.” Shit, he thought, she knew. “I was watching you for a while. It’s no secret to the students what goes on in that room. He’s the HARDEST professor.” She broke off giggling. Composing herself, she finished “…so girls who get him go to him for extra help, hoping to boost their grade. Plus, the word goes around on the size of his tool.”

“Have you ever had him?” Just the thought of Adrian with the professor stirred him.

“It would appear that me having him as a teacher turns you on.” Shit, he forgot she had his stuff in her hand. “Sadly enough, I’ve never had him so I’ve had no reason to go talk to him…” Seeing the disappointment on Steve’s face, she quickly added “but I have gone and watched him. Hehe, this one time, he had this poor girl…Shit, here comes the principle…”

From that reaction, Steve guessed that the principle wasn’t too liked around the school. “What exactly are you two doing now?” the principle asked.

Adrian was the first to react, although badly. “Uh, we were, uh.”

“Adrian was giving me a tour of the school, since I’m new here.” Adrian let out a big sigh.

“And does every tour you give include getting this up close and personal, Adrian?”

“Uh…” Not knowing what to say, she glanced quickly at Steve, hoping he could come up with a suitable answer. Then it came to her, like a sack of bricks hitting her on the head. “I was checking what type of shirt he was wearing. Christmas is around the corner, and I need to get something for my little brother. I saw his shirt, and since he didn’t know what kind it was offhand, he offered to let me read the tag. Which is what I was about to do.” Steve gave her an appraising look.

“Indeed…Excuse me, I have a meeting to attend to.” With that the principle walked off, seemingly satisfied with the answers.

Sharing a look of relief, Steve thought it was time to ask about the hockey player. “Hey, umm, Adrian. A certain hockey player told me that you were his.”

“Oh, you must mean Tom. He’s the captain, and an ex.”

“Well, he threatened to kill me if I made any kind of move on you, or if you made any kinda move on me.”

“That’s Tom for you. He thinks he owns me. He felt that way all through our relationship. But since I’ve recently broke up with him, I think he still thinks he owns me. You know, maybe I should prove that I’m not just his anymore…” She gave Steve a look that almost made him shrink back.

“Well…It’s fine with me. If I die though, just make sure I get a good funeral.”


They headed into some of the fuck places that Adrian knew about. The most secluded one was a room under the music building. The basement at one point had been a hang out for some of the kids, so there was furniture there. A couch so ancient that it’s cushions became dust when it touched sat in one corner of the room. There was a table, and 3 chairs around it. A fourth lay on the ground, one if it’s legs snapped. A newer couch, looking more used because it lacked dust, was just around the corner, out of sight of the entrance.

Adrian grabbed Steve’s shirt collar, and started kissing him. Steve felt her tongue searching his mouth, although what exactly she was searching for seemed to elude her, as the kiss went on for some time.

As they kissed, however, she let his hands roam his body, as she started to undress him. She managed to pull away from him long enough to pull his hooded sweatshirt over his head, and began undoing the buttons on her blouse. As the first few came undone, Steve could start to see a sexy black bra, holding in two of the nicest breasts he had ever seen. He moved his hands, a little nervous, to her breasts. Seeing this she exclaimed
“What, never touched a girl’s rack before?”

“No, just not a rack as nice as this.” She reached back and unhooked her bra. Hearing the click, she saw Steve looking, anxious. She held the back together just long enough for his anxiety to build, before releasing, letting her bra fall to the ground. Steve’s hands were immediately on them, caressing them in soft strokes. To put on a show, Adrian tossed her head back and performed a moan, which she could see got him quite excited.

“Uhhh…that feels good.” As he continued fondle her breasts, she managed to get him to pull away from her long enough to get his undershirt off, exposing his muscular body. He had fine chiseled features. She felt his chest first, then moved down to his stomach, feeling the muscles. Then she went even lower, unbuttoning his shorts and pulling down his boxers. She saw he was well hung, and was pretty excited about having sex with him. It was partially erect now.

Adrian’s breasts were the best tits he’d ever felt. They were silky smooth, and firm. And they were just the right size: they weren’t too big, like some of the girls that he had dated before, but they weren’t tiny either. As he felt his pants slide down his leg, and her hands start to grip his piece, he leaned forward, and started kissing and softly suckling her breasts in his mouth. She moaned in reply, one hand going to the back of his head, pressing it up against herself, while the other hand staying on his cock.

After a short period, he started trailing kisses down her stomach. He wanted to see her cunt, probably dripping with juice now. He kept one hand fondling her breasts, as he reached with the other and unbuttoned her pants. He used his teeth, however, to pull down the zipper.

She heard the zipper go, and felt his breath against her now wet pussy. It gave her shivers, thinking about it. The hand that had been on his head had since gone back to his cock when he started kissing her stomach. He was fully erect now, and was a hefty 9 inches long. She took her hands off of it to help Steve in his struggle to remove her panties.

Her pants were at her feet on the floor, and her panties were now exposed. They were jet black, but Steve could still see the pussy juice soaking the crotch. He wanted to see her cunt, to taste it and the juices it held. In his excitement, however, he couldn’t seem to get his fingers under the waistband. Adrian came to the rescue, however, pulling them off, revealing her beautiful pussy.

She was a natural brunette, her bush giving her hair color away to him. He could see that she still was slightly tanned, because she had a bathing suit line. While stroking her pussy, he wondered why her breasts weren’t not tanned (they were tanned, just like the rest of her body)….

She felt his fingers caressing her private place. The circled her clit, exciting it. She was surprised at how quickly her own body responded to him. Then she felt as he slid two fingers up her pussy. Moving them up into her, then pulling out a little, with his knuckles bumping her clit, he started to hand fuck her. She let out a couple soft sighs, which turned into moans when he put three fingers up her. Finger fucking wasn’t knew to her, but this time it felt better, somehow. She quickly climaxed, and came all over his fingers, moistening them with pussy juice. She immediately grabbed his hand and licked her own fluids off of his hand. The feeling of the inside of his mouth, made his cock jerk in her hands.

When she had finished, she told him to lie on the couch. It was his turn. She sucked his fingers clean first, before taking his head into her mouth. She could barely fit it in! Boy was this going to be a fun fuck!

The inside of her mouth was warm and wet. He could only look at her, as she jacked off his cock while sucking it. He had received blowjobs before, but comparing them to this one was like comparing candles to the sun. Maybe it was because she was so hot…

As he was growing more and more excited, Adrian decided to try something new. She had never actually tried to deep throat a cock before. This was one hell of a cock to attempt it on, but she managed to get 5 inches of him into her throat. She let him fuck her throat for a while, before pulling off for a breath of air. It seemed to be new to him too, as he looked up in surprise, moaning harder than he had before.

“Stop. I wanna fuck you.” Steve pulled out a condom out of his jacket pocket. “I never go anywhere without a couple of these…although I contemplated bringing them today…” he handed it to her, and she unrolled it over his cock, making him shudder. She then straddled him, and descended upon his piece. The head penetrated her labia, and went into her sex. It was already spreading her pussy a little, so she decided to take it slow. She had been aroused by sucking him off, so her juices were abundant, easily lubricating the condom. As she enveloped three inches, again, she felt her walls stretch, and waited a bit to let the discomfort pass. Like a person getting ready to jump into cold water, she tested him first. As she slid more in, she stopped several times to let her pussy stretch just a little more.

Steve felt like he was in heaven. It was the warmest pussy he’d ever been in. It was pretty tight too, as he could feel her every move. He looked down to see how much of his cock she had left to swallow up her pussy, and realized it was only another inch. So he thrusted his hips upward, sending that last inch in. He heard her shout “Oh god, its in. That feels so fucking good. She then began to gyrate her hips slowly over his cock. And then, leaning forward to place her hands on his shoulders, she began to fuck him.

Her hips went up and down, and Steve felt his cock penetrate her repeatedly, sending pleasure to both of them. While he had to admit, sex without the condom would have been better, he had no idea who else she’d fucked before. But it still felt good. His hips started moving with her bounces, making the thrusts longer and harder. The pleasure slowly building, slowly gaining power over his body. Looking up, he saw she was thoroughly enjoying the fuck, as she started moaning uncontrollably. Breathless, she could only manage to whisper “Oh yes, Oh baby…just like that…” And then she cried out “Ohh…HARDER…Yeah….you like that pussy?…You like fuckin that tight pussy of mine?…Huh?” And with that cry her pussy constricted as she climaxed, sending him into one as well. It was all consuming, as both of their bodies were racked with pleasure, stimulating every nerve. After he had squirted his load into the condom, she gently lowered herself until she had her head upon his chest, sighing with the feeling of fulfillment.

Ch. 2

Adrian lifter her head from his chest after a little bit, and looked into his eyes. She still felt full even as his cock softened. The condom must be absolutely soaked on both sides, she thought, since he came into the inside, while she had cum all over the outside. She gently slid off of him, and as she did, it felt like she now was missing something.

Steve got dressed first, and headed outside. When he got there, Tom and his crew was waiting for him. “What the FUCK did I tell you, Steve. I FUCKING told you to STAY AWAY FROM HER.”

“Hey, she made the move on me, buddy.” With that comment, Tom swung his fist at Steve’s face. Not having enough time to react, he caught the fist full in the face. His body turn to his right, and as he let his face swing around, he balled his left hand, and punched Tom hard across his face. Tom wasn’t expecting this, so he fell to the ground from the blow. By the time Steve’s head had stopped and started to look back, he was grabbed by Tom’s minions, and held in check against the wall. Tom got up, and wiped his mouth, looking for blood. Not finding any, he looked Steve in the eye, and punched him hard in the stomach.

Steve had seen it coming, so he had tightened his stomach muscles. The blow still knocked the wind from his lungs. Tom then reached into his jacket, and pulled out some rope. He told his friends to hold Steve’s hands, as he tied them. Then the moved him to a railing, and fixed him there. “Now, your gonna hear me and my pals fuck that bitch in there. If you make any noise, we’ll hear it. So while we’re in there, if you stay nice and quiet, we might even let you go afterwards.” Steve nodded. While the position he was in wasn’t uncomfortable, it wasn’t comfortable either. And he had to endure as he heard the sounds of his new friend, whom he thought he might love, get raped by these thugs.

As Adrian finished dressing, she was deep in thought, so she didn’t hear the scuffle outside. “Maybe Steve IS the one for me.” She whispered out loud. When she heard the door shut, she called out Steve’s name, but to her dismay, she saw Tom leading a pack of 4 other boys. “What the fuck do you want Tom. I told you, our relationship is over.”

“Well, Adrian, let me and my friends give you a good bye present.” Looking into Tom’s eyes, she was now scared. She knew he could be brutal. He stepped close to her, and slapped her hard across the face. Adrian let out a groan, as she fell back onto the couch. Tom told her to take her blouse off, or he’d do it for her, forcefully. She complied, considering she wanted to have something to wear when he was finished. A couple of the other boys whilstled as they saw her bra.

“Well boys, if you like that, wait ‘till you see her naked.” Turning back to her, “Now strip bitch.” Her hands shaking, she did, as slowly as possible. She hoped that Steve or someone would come to her rescue.

Tom grabbed her breasts and squeezed hard when her bra fell to the floor. While he had been a bit rough when he and Adrian had been going out, he seemed to be savage to Adrian right now. When her panties fell, finally, he reached down one hand and began to grope her. His touch was nothing like Steve’s. Steve had concentrated on giving her pleasure. Tom was concentrating on feeling her up, for his own. She gasped at his roughness, as he slid his fingers up and down. He was doing it brutally had now. Mistaking agony for lust, he asked her “You like that, Huh bitch.” When she opened her mouth to reply, he shoved his mouth over hers, giving her a rough kiss. Another boy had moved over, and was fondling her breasts from behind. She could feel a bulge in his pants against her bare ass. She groaned into the kiss, disgusted that her body was actually beginning to like this, since it was only natural.

Steve unbuttoned his pants, and let them and his boxers fall to the ground. His cock was smaller than Steve’s by quite a few inches. Deciding not to make him angry, however, Adrian decided not to say anything. Pulling away from the savage kiss, he said “I want you to suck it now, Bitch.” He grabbed her head and forced it downward, making her drop to her knees. He then forced his cock into her mouth, bucking his loins at the same time. This felt disgusting in comparison to the blowjob she gave Steve. But she sucked on it, hoping that he would be satisfied with it and leave afterwards. The other boy was taking his turn feeling her pussy. His fingers ran though her hair, as he felt her labia, she gasped as he drew his finger back, and started playing with her asshole. Seize the opportunity, Tom shoved his dick forward, and down her throat. She choked with surprise. While Tom’s cock wasn’t nearly as big as Steve’s was, she felt violated. It wasn’t so much as she couldn’t deep throat, because she could, it was that she didn’t want to.

When he finally pulled his cock out of her mouth, she sat panting, as the kid behind her finger fucked her ass. She was too breathless to say anything. She felt his finger violate her there. The rest of the group was having a good time too. The other boys were jacking off at this sight. One had already cum into his hand once, as Adrian had heard him cry out with delight. Tom lay down on the couch, and told her to straddle him. She reluctantly complied. He grabbed his cock and guided it into her. As it slid into her, she could only think about how full she had felt with Steve in her, and how puny this cock felt.

He began to bounce her, forcing her to fuck him. As he did this, the other boy who had been fingering her asshole and pussy, put one knee on the couch and one on the floor. Tom stopped bouncing her, and told her to endure it, or else he would make her very uncomfortable. The boy’s dick had been spit on, and he spit on her asshole too. He moved up to her, and invaded her, taking her anal virginity. He then began to insert his cock into her. While it was bigger than Tom’s, it wasn’t as big as Steve’s, Adrian thought.

As soon as it had been inserted, the two boys began to fuck her hard. She had never had anal sex, much less had two cocks at the same time. She felt stretched beyond belief. There was only a thin wall separating the two dicks, which were now moving quite rapidly, and to her dismay, she actually began to enjoy being fucked this way. She gasped at the simultaneous pleasure and pain, both enjoying it and revolted by it.

Another kid in the audience thought this was hot as he blew his load. Adrian, although horrified by the thought, came. The sensations were too much for her, as Tom and the other boy pounded away at both her ass and cunt. She never really came down completely from that first climax either.

She finally got Tom and the other kid to cum on her third climax, because her pussy and ass constricted on their cocks, causing them to loose their loads into her now churning insides. As they pulled out, she couldn’t help but wonder what that would’ve been like had Steve been one of them. As she got up, spunk came out of her butt and cunt, running down her leg. The other kids left, and she cleaned up, and got dressed again. She was upset that Steve hadn’t come to rescue her.

After she had dressed, and headed outside, she saw Steve, tied to the rail. She rushed over quickly, and ever so painfully crouched to untie his hands. They told each other what had happened. Of course, Adrian left out the details of how she came. But while telling him what had happened, she realized, that during that entire ordeal, she had constantly compared her violators to Steve, which was another sign that he was the one for her.

(Author's note:)
With enough positive feedback, there will probably be a Part III.


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hell yeah dude dont worry about thoughs old ass anal rapests that was a great story and you'v got 2 write part3

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