hey guys this is the second installment in my naughty babysitter series enjoy :)
ok so when we last left off kristy was coming over but she says she has a surprise this time. so i sat on the couch watching tv thinking what it could be did she learn something new or maybe she had a friend with her. about an hour after i called her a knock came from the door i rushed over my cock thinking faster then me already being partially erect i opened the door and i was right. there she was mary a 5"5 15 year old brunette with curvy hips soft supple breasts hidden by a plaid top tied in a knot. she had smooth skinny legs that were even nicer and more toned then kristys she looked so hot with her daisy dukes and shirt tied in a knot. then i saw kristy who was smokin too with a mini skirt so small i could almost see her panties with a pink top that really showed off her perky round tits. they came right in and we sat and told mary about what me and kristy did and she seemed excited, with a cheeky smile and a rather shall i say raunchy look in her eyes. we had already figured out that i was the master kristy was my slave but mary was new to our fun so we let her be a switch (a person who can be a Dom or sub) and then decide which she liked better. she decided to be a slave this time i told them the safe word and then we began i pulled out the the toy box and ordered my slaves to strip and they replied "yes master". i pulled out the same stuff from the first story some rope cuffs a couple gags collars and a leash i spread these items out on the table. "have fun with each other for the moment" i ordered and they obeyed as i undressed and sat on the couch with my already erect cock. kristy layed mary down and started kissing her on the mouth then the neck slowly making her way down her stomach. finally reaching her hot moist vagina which she gave quite a going over mary moaned a little with each lick seeing this i began to slowly stroke myself. after a few minutes mary jerked her legs up screaming with pleasure "kristy" i said "yes master" she answered "come give my dick a good sucking" i replied. she nodded and came over to me on her knees placing her head between my legs she began to lick at the tip of my already rock hard cock oozing with a bit of precum. after a few seconds of licking she took as much of my cock in her mouth as possible "oh yes nice and deep" i said. moaning a little seeing mary over on the other end of the couch i told her that kristy gave her pleasure and that she should return the favor. then on my command she got a five inch dildo from my moms toy box she returned and proceeded to kneel behind kristy. kristy was still shoving my boner down her throat and with one thrust she shoved as much of the toy as would go into kristys hot wet pussy. i felt her throat tremble as she tried to let out a moan of surprise and pleasure. as mary started to push the dildo in and out back and forth again and again. after a minute or two i felt my self getting ready to shoot my load "swallow every last drop bitch" i said to kristy who nodded slightly with my cock still in her mouth. then mary still pumping the dildo into kristys vagina hearing my exclamation of cumming she increased speed going faster and faster into kristys wonderful pussy. then i let out a great "agh" as i shot load after load of cum down kristys throat at the same time kristy orgazimed at the feeling of the dildo in her hot moist cunt. pulling my cock from kristys mouth i said "let mary share your experience" with that she walk over to mary ,throat and mouth filled with my juices and gave her the biggest french kiss ive ever seen. swapping the cum between their tongues slowly and passionately after they finished i had mary clean my cock with her mouth. she didn't miss a spot this was a sign that she wanted to really please her master i then got up walked to the table grabbed the collars cuffs and the leash's. i then proceeded to place them on my slaves leading them by their leash's into my mothers room (because her room was the only one with the right headboards for what i wanted to do) i ordered them to sit on the bed. they complied as i retrieved the rope and gags from the table i returned to find mary standing up. she had her collar off i was about to be furious with her and punish her for not obeying her master. but she told me the safe word and said she wanted to try being a Dom and i said ok but after this no switching mid play. she nodded and we informed kristy and then we began again but that's part two ;). btw i wont be publishing exclusively on saturdays ill be droppin storys periodically throughout the week

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howd u get a headache and how am i wasting my education

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I got a headache trying to read this! An education is a terrible thing to waste!

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I got a headache trying to read this! An education is a terrible thing to waste!


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