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My version of the hunger games.
It was cold day in District 12. All the boys and girls in District 12 were in the squre for the Reaping.

When the Capitol woman arrived she wore a large ammount of make up and her clothses were very strange.

"Hello everyone welcome to the 74th Reaping for The Hunger Games. I am Effie Trincket, I will be drawing the

names for the tributes. Naturally ladies first." As I watched her hand swirl around that bowl and then she

drew a name. "Primrose Everdeen." I heard a screm then i heard "I volounteer! I volounteer as tribute!" That

voice I knew that voice it was Katniss Everdeen. The capitol woman had her brought on the platform then she

spoke again. "Now for the boy." my heart raced and my pulse accelerated. "And our other tribute is... Peeta

Mellark." I lost all feeling and before I knew it I was on stage shaking Katniss's hand.

After we were picked we boarded a train headed to the Capitol. When we got on we both spoke to Effie and she

went to find Haymitch once he arrived he said one thing to us be fore passing out. " OK find a source of

water and get supplies, did I mention surnive?" After that the three of us went to the dinning car and ate a

silent dinner. I finally spoke up and said good night. "Well Im going to bed . Night Katniss." "Night." I

heard her door shut and i fell into a light sleep.

I woke up to use the bathroom when i heard a moaning then a name so I put my ear to the door and heard my

name. "Ohhh shit Peeeta! Oh fuck Peeeta,I'm cuuuming!" Then silence. I heard the lock click and it opened

before I could get away the door opened and there stood Katniss Everdeen, stark naked and soaking wet and

blushing."What the fuck are you doing huh? Spying on me? Well what are you doing?" She barked "I-uh I was uh

going to the bathroom." I said in a low tone. "Yeaaa, right. So do You like my body?" "Y-yea." Well do you

want Me and my body?" "Yes I do." " Ok then be my toy." "Your toy?" Then as if to signify her dominece she

hit me in the gut. "Anymore questions? Toy." I said nothing. "Good. Now I'll be back stay here."As she

walked away I noticed her sexy legs, her nice hips her tight butt and as she turned around i noticed her

firm C-cups. Then she dissapeared.

I stood there for about two minutes then I heard her. "Peeta Mellark get your ass in here now." asserting

her seriousness. When I entered her room I had to pick my jaw off the floor. There stood Katniss still naked

and beckoning me to her. "strip and sit on the bed,now." Pointing to her bed. As I striped I noticed my dick

was exteramly hard and as soon as I sat down she engulfed my dick with her tits. "Holy shit where did you

learn this stuff?"I asked. "Some of the girls at school talik about it and well I decided to expiriment."

she said sluttily.

"Ohh shit Katniss!"

"Don't even think about cumming yet. Got me?"

"Ok I'll try not to."

Just as I was about to cum she released my dick, pushed onto the bed and said. "I'm gonna fuck you and you

can't cum untill I do ok?" I was to mezmerized by her beauty to say anything. As she mounted me she let out

a soft moan. "Damn you Katniss your one hot woman" I said pleasure filling my voice. "Oh shit your so big!

Awwww shiit!" She cried out in pleasure. " Ugh I'm gonna cum Katniss!"Then as if something exploded in

Katniss's body she came and instinctivly I came as well. After laying there for a few minutes Katniss fell

asleep and I went to my room and slept only to be awoken by Effie and her goimg on about a big day. "Some

people are trying to sleep ya know!" I screamed down the car. "Thank you!" katniss loudly replies. "Well

hurry were only an hour from the Capitol, and you aren't even awake. This unbarrable." Then Effie storms


I bump into Katniss in the hallwayand I notice she is smilling for the first time ever since the reaping.

"Well aren't you looking happy today Katniss." "Well last night was pretty hot huh toy?" "Don't call me that

out of the bedroom." "Ok thats understandable, but if you try any thing dumb I,ll hit you in the dick got

it?" "Hey katniss was uh l-last night your f-firs t-time?" I choked out. "Yes it was so that means i took

your virginity and you took mine, sounds like a fair trade right peeta?" "Hell yea!" I exclaimed with glee.

"Hey you two hurry up breakfast is ready and you need to get dressed! Effie hollered up the hallway.

"Coming" We both said in unison, and we headed to the dinning car and sat dow with Effie and a surprisingly

sober Haymitch. "Well how did you sleep Peeta?" Asked Haymitch "Good and you Haymitch?" "eh." "What about

you Katniniss ?" Effie asked her. "Fine." She gave me a devilish smile.

Once we arrived at the Capitol our stylists surrounded us and engulfed us and we were seperated. I got

Portia and Katniss got Cinna. My stylist orderd me shaved,waxed,showered,and my hair dressed. "Oh my you

look much better!" portia exclaimed. "I haven't felt this clean in ever." Taking pride in my new image and

looking at every little detail."Tonights your and her show so you need to look fabulous. For now you'll go

to your room at the capitol building then we'll come get you and fit yor costumes." portia explained. "Oh ok

well I'm gonna go find Haymitch,Effie,and Katniss. See you guys after the show." Part two coming soon!

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2015-02-20 21:16:26
That was the best story i have ever read. Trust me I've read heaps and yours was by far the best. Please write many more. Please please please

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2015-02-20 21:14:50
That was the best story i have ever read. Trust me I've read heaps and yours was by far the best. Please write many more. Please please please

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2013-09-03 06:20:31
meh, it was alright. just too fast moving

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2013-07-12 12:10:06
Hurry up with part 2!

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2013-04-15 19:10:04
Yeah.....not to be rude but i think the whole story was a little rushed and there wasn't much detail. plus, i think Katniss was kind of bipolar one minute she was upset peeta was spying on her the next she was all happy asking him to be her toy

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