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Love waits....but lust doesn't
I sat there fingering my ring, trying to think but couldn't stay focused. I had taken the oath. True love waits.

Love waits. Lust doesn't. Those were my thoughts.

I wasn't sure I believed that Adam and Eve were thrown into a mystical garden and conned by a serpent. No, I was much too logical for that.

But here I was agreeing to wait until I was married to give myself to my husband. The perfect gift.

In essence a gift should be new. Who wanted a used gift? That's what the youth pastor had said tonight. That made sense. But why would you give someone a key to a car they didn't know how to start?


This brought me out of my thoughts and back into reality. There stood Daniel. We were in the same class at Clairmont High. He was Valedictorian and captain of the debate team. He sounds boring but if you could see him, you would thank his mama and daddy for creating this perfect boy.

His eyes were cornflower blue, his hair, dark, like mine. My eyes were green, though. Exotic, some said. Some people called me "Ana Mae" but they meant "anime." I had exaggerated and cartoonish eyes. I thought "exotic" was just a nice way of saying I looked weird.

"Daniel...hi," I stammered.

"Are you going to the spring dance?"

"No, my parents won't let me."

"Too bad," Daniel concluded.


My parents were crazy. They were the reason I had taken this oath of celibacy until I was married. I wasn't allowed to do anything unless it involved them or church. Sex was no part of that.

Daniel had walked away.

I mentally kicked myself for being stupid. I never had anything clever to say.

Later at home, I asked my mom if I could go to the spring dance with Daniel. I thought she was going to hemorrhage. It was Daniel. Debate king. Voted most likely to succeed. What was her fucking problem?

Fuck her. I was tired of her rules. I had never done drugs, never smoked, never drank, never even kissed a boy....or girl, for that matter. I was teased in school all of the time.

Look at "Anime!" they would taunt. "Hey, Anime, does your mommy still dress you?"

Pretty fucking much. She wouldn't let me pick out my own clothes. They had to be "mother-approved."

I was going to bed.

Late at night was when the fun began. I always locked my door for privacy, even though they forbade it. I would look at myself in the full length mirror and slide my skirt off and then my panties and remove my shirt and bra. Staring at myself naked, I liked what I saw. The dressed version of me was just plain and dull but when my clothes came off, my skin came alive. My eyes looked sly and cunning instead of big and awkward. My hair would partically cover one eye and cascade down my back in tendrils. My breasts that were hidden under my baggy clothes now stood perky and plump at the same time. I slowly touched them, fondled them, felt my nipples harden beneath my inexperienced hands. The ring of chastity grazed my left nipple and it sent shivers down into the tender flesh between my legs.

I turned sideways to look at my ass. It had grown rounder and protruded prominently. I arched my back and my tits stood out in contrast to my backside. I watched my reflection as I took my right hand and ran it down my side and gently rubbed the outside of my pussy, which was becoming engorged. I wanted to see myself. I wanted to see my pussy. I sat down on the floor.

Tilting the mirror downward I could get a better look. The tiny hairs that were virtually invisible stood just enough so that the folicles were standing at attention on my breasts. The dark circles that surrounded my nipples were about the size of a nickel and puckered from my touch. I spread my legs.

I got as close as I could to the mirror and took both hands and rubbed the shaved outside of my pussy. My mom would freak out if she knew I was shaving "down there." She would wonder why I needed to groom myself. Was I having sex? Was I sinning?

My middle finger grazed my clit. It looked shiny as a pearl and it was so sensitive. That was my hot spot. Goose bumps formed all over my body. I stretched myself open to look inside. The inside pink was glistening from the juices I was creating by just touching myself. I dipped a finger inside.

I was stretching myself with two fingers. It hurt a bit but it felt too good to stop. I needed something to fuck myself with. I looked around. All I could find was my round hairbrush. I grabbed it and my heart was beating faster because I had never went this far with myself. I imagined Daniel touching me with his hands and I let myself drift away. My eyes closed, I imagined Daniel putting his fingers inside me, crooking his finger like he was beckoning me. I imagined his lips on mine and then I wondered how it would feel if Daniel would kiss my pussy lips. I felt myself start to cream.

I opened my eyes so I could guide the rounded tip of my hairbrush handle inside myself. Leaning back on one hand I spread my legs wide as I could and raised my little opening towards the ceiling as I pushed the tip of the brush in. The tip was tiny so it slid in effortlessly. The brush widened after that. I gradually pushed the tip higher and higher inside me, I could hear my juices start to squish around the rubber that ensconced the handle. In and out, I played with myself.

I had never brought myself this far, never felt the feelings I was feeling. Never "came."

Tonight I would.

When I finally felt the explosion I had read so much about, liquid came out of me so quickly and my legs shook so much that I couldn't keep myself from moaning out loud. And I didn't give one fuck who heard.

Gasping for breath, I laid down in the floor.

Holy shit.

I slept like a new woman that night, pleased with myself. I had dreams that woke me in the middle of the night making my little cunt throb and beg for more. Morning came soon enough and I got up and went to school.

I walked in with a new confidence. Funny how liberating it was to rebel against the values I had been taught and to actually discover a new freedom.

First period was gym. Daniel was in my gym class and our gym teacher didn't really care what we did as long as we showed up. Neither of us were interested in anything athletic so we talked or studied together, sometimes talking about church because we had the same youth pastor, his older brother.

Daniel wore a ring, too, symbolizing his oath to wait until marriage. I planned on bringing that up today.

We always sat at the top of the bleachers and he was already there waiting on me to join him.

I ran up and sat down. He noticed a glimmer in my eyes.

"What's with you today?" he asked, laughing.

"What do you mean?" I asked, attempting to and hoping to succeed in flirting with him with my eyes.

"I don't know. You look....different. Happy."

Did I usually look sad?

I laughed casually.

How did I approach this?

"So, true love waits. What do you think about that?"

This caught him off guard and his face reddened.

"Well," he paused, "I didn't expect that."

We both laughed.

"I suppose it is just important to wait until you are married and in a commited relationship."

"I don't want to wait," I blurted.

His eyes shifted quickly.

"Hey. Daniel. We're not kids. We can talk about this."

"Yeah, ok."

Maybe I should ask him to come to my house after school. My parents wouldn't be home until later that night and who knows what I could convince him to do!

I asked him to come study French with me, he agreed.

The rest of the day just dragged on. I watched the clock each period and waited for the bell. Finally, the last bell rang and I walked outside to meet him. I didn't live far from the school so I walked to and from school.

Daniel had a last minute debate team meeting so he agreed to come over right after it was over.

I hurried home, showered and washed my hair. I put on a pair of cotton shorts with no panties underneath and a cotton shirt, no bra. I was about to dry my hair when I heard a knock at the door.

I ran to open it and Daniel came in, French book in hands.


We went into the kitchen, like we had a dozen times before. I could tell he was looking at me differently. Usually I was fully dressed. My dark nipples were hard and very visible beneath the thin cotton shirt that was stretched acrossed my tits. The soft fabric of the shorts were clinting to my ass and I felt his stare. I got moist thinking about it.

I turned around and he was closer than I realized and I brushed against his arm with my breasts, sending little electric waves through my nipples down to my pussy. Lust doesn't wait.

I took the books from his hands and leaned in to kiss him. He was stiff at first, unsure of what was happening. His hormones took over and he kissed me back. It was sloppy at first but we finally found a rhythm and our tongues danced around each other. I broke away and looked down. I could see his dick had gotten hard. I had never seen a guy's dick in person but I had seen pictures online and I wanted to touch him.

I softly placed my hand on his growing manhood and he didn't stop me. Our rings were just a lie placed on our finger at this point. I took off my ring, held it up, and laid it down on the table. He did the same.

I took his hand and we went into my room. My mirror was still tilted downward from last night and it reminded me of how good it felt to cum. I wondered if Daniel had ever played with himself. I'm sure he had but he had never talked about it.

We laid crossways on the bed, facing each other, kissing, touching. I put his hand down my shorts and his eyes were dilated so heavily I could barely see the blue in his eyes. The next thing I knew, we were undressed, our naked bodies rubbing against each other. I touched his naked cock. The bright pink head was soft and I wanted to put my mouth on it. I wasn't sure how to do it but I started to lick it, he moaned.

Our hands were roaming in places our minds had only been before.

"Daniel. I want to "do it."

I laid on my back and spread my legs open. Daniel looked at my feminine mound, covered in a sticky clear juice. He placed the head of his cock into the tiny opening of my pussy and slowly started inching his way deeper into me. He filled me and stretched me until it felt he was in my stomach.

My virginity was dissolving but not giving in easily. He was pushing hard into me and I could tell instinctively he wanted to pump me hard but he couldn't and wouldn't. I wanted to feel the pain because it hurt in a good way.

"Fuck me, Daniel."

And he did. Daniel's hips thrust inside me, he gasped and was moaning, my heart was pounding, my pussy was throbbing, I was on fire, my hips started to rise and fall with his movements. We were panting, I felt myself explode and Daniel felt the spasms of my exitement as I came all over his cock. As spasms took over me, I felt his dick throb with an explosion of hot liquid. I looked down as he removed his dick from me and our juices had mixed came out together.

We were sweating and panting in unison as I looked up and there stood my mom.

She screamed.

Daniel's eyes held shock, fear, and confusion as he scrambled to find his clothing. My mother had left the room. I helped him find his clothes and he ran out as I put my shorts and shirt back on and threw a robe on.

I sat in silence, scared of what I would say to my mom. Would she tell my dad? What's done is done, I thought.

Fuck. I couldn't even enjoy the aftermath of what just happened. It was surreal. I had sex. I wasn't a virgin. I got caught. Shit.

My mother came in, her eyes wet with tears.



The way she said my name, sounded urgent, almost secretive.

"Mom.. I can explain...."

"You don't understand," she said.

There was an awkward silence. I didn't know if I should apologize, explain, or just tell her to get out.


"What about him? It's not his fault! I wanted to do this! He didn't make me!" I yelled.

"No. I forbade you to date him. I told you no. He... He is your half-brother."

What the fuck? be continued

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what a great story. I have enjoyed it so far please keep writing them .

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Awesome story :) keep it up!!

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Awesome story :) keep it up!!

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Anonymous reader: I'm glad you could connect with this story better. I wanted to write something for the other audiences and try something that is out of my "style" and preference. Tell me your suggestion.... I have an idea of what will happen next but I would like your input. :)

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