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A heart warming tale of a young boy who finds himself in a lot of trouble and needs a hero to "cum" and save him!
Welcome to part 12 of “Help!”.


Back at Danny’s house, everything was great as Danny turned the cold silver key, locking his front door as Jake made himself comfortable on the soft, black, leather sofa. Jake had been to Danny’s house hundreds of times in the past, of course he had, they were best friends, but this time, it was different. It felt special. It was the first time he had been there since they had become more than just friends. He couldn’t stop smiling. He was elated with their newly evolved relationship.

“Hey, I got this new movie the other day and I haven’t seen it yet, you wanna watch it? If we get bored we can always turn it off.” Danny asked.

“Sure, why not, the night is young” Jake replied. “What’s it about?”

“I’m not really sure if I’m honest, it was a gift” Danny answered, turning the DVD case in his hands to read the deion on the back. “It’s basically a romantic comedy,” he laughed, “it’s about a couple called Jay and Mary who find their relationship in trouble when Jay thinks he is falling in love with Mary’s gay best friend Joshua. Sound’s fun.”

“Yeah, I agree, put it on”.

“I’ll tell you what,” Danny suggested, “you put the movie on and I’ll go get us some snacks”.

“Sounds good to me” Jake responded, giggling before he winked suggestively saying “what kind of snacks?” in a seductive tone.

“It’s so sexy when you do that” Danny murmured looking back at Jake across the living room as he stood in the doorway, which leads to the kitchen.

“Do what?”

Danny paused, blushing before shyly answering, “never mind” with a cute smile.


The DVD case clicked as Jake closed it just before he headed back to the sofa. As he sat back down, his senses were aroused as the sweet smell of delicious pop corn wafted into the living room through the open kitchen door. The smell took him back to when he and Danny were just small children. He had so many great memories of sitting exactly where he was sat right now, watching movies, playing video games, board games and generally having fun with his best friend. They would always have snacks, usually brought to them by jakes mum. Pop corn was both of their favourites. Jake was taken by surprise as Danny sat down next to him making the sofa move slightly.

“What are you thinking about babe?” Danny asked, placing the bowl of warm sticky pop corn on the cushion between them.

“Hmmm, I was just thinking about the great things we used to do when we were kids you know?” Jake replied, smiling at the way Danny used the word `babe`.

“Yeah we had a lot of fun times” Danny agreed looking into Jake’s cool blue eyes.

Jake smiled, acknowledging the loving eye contact. They gazed into each other’s eyes for what seemed like a week, the world with all of its troubles seemingly disappearing as they lost themselves in the special moment. They finally came back into the real world when Jake said, “anyway, are we gonna watch this movie or not?”

“Yeah put it on”. Danny replied turning his attention to the screen.

Jake pressed play on the remote control and the movie started to play. The movie was very romantic and very funny too and both boys were really enjoying it but really, they’re concentration was mainly on each other. They couldn’t help but take their eyes off of the movie every few minutes or so to check each other out. Of course they both knew that the other was checking them out, and they didn’t mind, knowing that the other was enjoying the attention just as much as they were. The pop corn bowl was getting emptied quickly and they had to reach right to the bottom to get to it. As it got to the last few pieces of pop corn, they’re hands met it the bowl and they turned to look at each other grinning like idiots, both thinking how cheesy the moment was. This time though, instead of turning their attention back to the movie, they kept looking at each other. Danny watched Jake’s bright blue eyes light up as they scrolled up and down his body, and Danny’s did the same thing, checking out Jake’s hot torso through his tight blue t-shirt.

Danny looked back up at Jake’s attractive face, contemplating how unbelievably good looking he was. Jake noticed him looking at his face and looked lustfully into Danny’s big, beautiful brown eyes. He saw desire. The atmosphere was getting steamy as the intense eye contact seemed to go on forever. Keeping his eyes locked on his lover’s, Danny leaned towards Jake, stopping just before his rosy red lips were about to meet Jake’s plump pink ones. Jake completed the movement, locking his lips onto Danny’s, breaking the lustful eye contact when his eye lids closed tightly allowing him to concentrate only on the passionate kiss.

“Mmmmmm” Danny moaned as Jake massaged his tongue with his own.

This was by far the best kiss they had shared so far. This time, the atmosphere was perfect. They were both completely comfortable with each other which meant that they could enjoy every second. The outside world disappeared again as they floated away into their own paradise. The kiss got hotter and hotter, only breaking for a second at a time when they needed air. Their tongues danced together in lustful passion. Their hot lips locked together, massaging, caressing, taking them to new heights, melting into the moist softness of the love locked moment.

They edged closer to each other on the sofa, never breaking the kiss, the movie still playing in the background. Danny opened his eyes to see Jake already staring scintillatingly into his soul. They passionate kiss got even hotter when their eyes locked as well as their lips. It was like they moulded into one when their warm hard bodies touched and intertwined with each other. Their hands found their way onto each other and began exploring, roaming over each other’s firm, hot bodies. Jake was very careful not to hurt his lover, remembering not to go anywhere near the broken arm which rested motionless at Danny’s side. Danny noticed Jake’s attention being distracted, knowing straight away what was causing the distraction. Jake knew though that Danny wasn’t going to let it get in the way when Danny’s right hand (the non-broken one) found its way to Jake’s crotch. When it got there, Danny found that Jake’s cock was rock hard and throbbing against his trousers. Still maintaining the passionate kiss and lustful eye contact, Jake winked when Danny felt his cock. Danny shuddered. He loved it when Jake winked at him, and now he knew that when Jake questioned him earlier, he must have known exactly what he was talking about. Jake knew that Danny was talking about the winking, he just wanted to hear Danny say it. Danny gently broke the kiss, rubbing his nose against Jake’s.

“Fucking tease” Danny whispered.

“Hmhmmmm” Jake giggled sexily, looking down at Danny’s crotch to examine the bulging tent in his trousers.

Danny placed his right hand firmly on Jake’s hard chest. Jake’s eyes looked back up sharply to Danny’s hungry brown orbs. He pushed Jake down, his head now resting on the arm of the sofa.

“What are you gonna do now?” purred Jake’s deep sexy voice.

Danny didn’t answer. Instead he lowered himself down and pecked Jake lightly on the lips, then his neck. He placed his hand under Jake’s t-shirt, feeling his tight abs. He pushed his hand upwards towards his mid-torso and up towards his hard, smooth chest, unveiling the gorgeous sculpted body as the t-shirt was pushed upward. Jake reached down and grabbed the bottom of his top, wrenching it up over his head leaving him led topless on the sofa. Danny wasted no time getting to work on the stunning piece of art which lay before him, immediately circling Jake’s hardening nipples with his wet tongue.

“Oh yeah!” Jake moaned enjoying the feeling.

“You like that baby?” Danny asked quickly.

“Yeeeaaaaaahhh!” came the reply.

“How about this?” Danny asked before biting down gently on Jake’s left nipple causing Jake’s body to jump and shudder.

“Ah!” he flinched, “oh god, do that again!”.

Danny complied, nibbling gently once more on his left love lump. Jake felt waves of ecstasy flow through him as the sharp pain faded into pure bliss. Danny flicked his tongue over the nipple one last time before kissing it, then, slowly, kissing his way down Jake’s hot, beating chest down to the top of his perfect abs. Each kiss was laced with love and lust as he made his way flirtatiously down to his navel, which he kissed before diving into it with his tongue. This made Jake squirm. His cock was now so hard, he thought his trousers were going to rip under the immense force.

“And you said I was a tease” Jake managed to say through his heavy breath.

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed, reality returning unexpectedly and uninvited. They both froze, looking each other coldly in the eyes, panic written on their faces!

“!” came a voice. “What the hell is going on in here?”.



Thanks for reading part 12. :). Part 13 is `cumming` soon ;-)

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2012-06-20 01:23:38
em gai nhât xinh đit

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hey guyz.that wuz so fckn @wshum.i wanna hearmore


2012-04-23 19:48:58
Haha, thank you very much hunny ;)

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Thats was great. No, as a matter of fact, you are a tease. (:

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